High Notes, Vol 6 No 24, August 19 2005

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From the Principal

Progress in Preliminary Courses
Students with unresolved progress issues need to be aware that the Principal makes a final determination about whether course requirements have been met on October 12. Students who have had two warning letters and a parental interview are at risk if their attendance or progress has not been satisfactory or if they have a non-serious attempt at a course paper during the Preliminary examinations. Appeals against unsatisfactory progress determinations will be submitted by Monday, October 17th and final determinations advised by Friday 21st October.

Students should be aware that it is my inclination to assign an 'N' award to any student, with two warning letters issued and a parental interview held, who has not shown dramatic improvement in attendance and progress since the last opportunity to redeem himself.

NB Year 12 students and their parents have been advised by letter about similar procedures in place prior to the award of an HSC course 'satisfactory performance'.

Interviews for Vacancies
Many interviews have occurred with prospective students for 2006. The volume and quality of the applications have been most pleasing. There is more awareness out there about our school and what it stands for. The process should be completed next week and the successful applicants notified of an offer of a place. Keep talking up our institution - word of mouth sells!

Electronic archiving
Ms Caroline White has kindly volunteered to act as our electronic archivist. Many of our important occasions have speeches or documents produced for them. Our new archives policy stipulates a number of documents that should be kept. Staff and students are encouraged to email Caroline with attachments to be stored electronically. Word files suitable for editing may be sent with suggestions re school area for storage. E.g Anzac Day Assembly, Summer Sport, Debating.

High v Scots
The Association Football season ended with a whimper as 1st. and 2nd grade stumbled to last place on the GPS table. For better success in 2006 we have to take stock of team communication and discipline. Our juniors are showing great promise. Hopefully, they can be inspired to work hard to reach the GPS standard now required. The underlying ability is there but performance on the park is what counts. The season ended with a bang for some junior rugby teams. Celebrations were in order for the 15As who scored their first points and their first win. Other juniors played strongly for respectable results. There is much that can be taken from junior rugby into the next season. First grade were outgunned by a Scots side that looked fragile at times but counter attacked via their full back to punish High for defensive lapses. Injuries and inexperience weakened our pack and Scots got well on top in the second half, laying the platform for what turned out to be a big win.

Boys in Years 10 and 11 have to face the prospect of continuing large defeats in GPS matches, so long as High does not have a first, second and third grade side in the competition. These boys are our rugby future. We need a decent third grade with boys willing to fill in with the seconds. We need a better second grade with boys willing to step up to first grade on demand. We need High seniors to agree collectively that we should have viable GPS rugby teams (i.e. 1st and 2nd) and to convince each other to make it happen. You have it in your power to start us back on the road to rugby recovery.

Tree Removal
Gum trees growing close to the tennis court fences were removed this week. The Centennial Park Senior Arborist gave permission for them to be removed. The extended tennis courts will have to be protected from tree roots continuing to grow under the concrete slab.

Retaining Wall
The foundations have been laid. The blocks are being laid. It should not be long before the wall is complete and we can tidy up the landscape. Bear with us until this is done and stay away from the area.
Dr K Jaggar
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From Science

Congratulations to Romesh Abeysuriya on being selected to represent Sydney East at the National Youth Science Forum next January at the University of Canberra.
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Science News

Results of Science Quiz no. 8
Thank you for the excellent answers from Aditya Hatle (8S) Nikita Slinko (7R) and Eugene Stadnik (10R).

The quiz included scientific questions and moral assessment of the use of "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" sixty years ago in Japan. Sample answers are shown on the window of lab 302.

Quiz number 9 will be posted next week
I Cox
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From Mathematics

The results of the Annual UNSW Maths Competition have been released.

Junior Division
Anthony Morris was placed 2nd. Terry Ly and Jamie Tao were two of the twenty Prize winners. Richard Hua, Yu Sun and Andrew Tang were among the 37 students who received a certificate.

Senior Division
Vinh Pham was placed 5th. Chen Yang received one of the sixteen prizes. Frank Cai, Aaron Chan, Richard Liu, Benjamin Nham and Senthil Thillainadesan were among the 40 certificate winners.
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Year 11 Parents

Year 12 parents were the first to organise a welcome for new families to the school. They didn't get a welcome themselves, so we thought it would be a nice gesture to give them a farewell and thank you. This will be on Friday evening, 11th November.

We need the following volunteers and equipment: Please help in any way you can.


  • 1 person to co-ordinate the drinks/bar - contact Antoinette: on 0425 203 179 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • 3 more people to serve drinks
  • Someone to purchase 10 bags of ice
  • Crates/eskies for drinks
  • 1 or 2 people to stock fridges on Thursday afternoon before the event.
  • 1 or 2 people to make non-alcoholic punch

Set up
Contact Valda Roser on 9773 7167 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • 3-4 people to help setting up on Friday afternoon
  • Donations of sprays of leaves for decoration
  • The loan of kerosene flares + kerosene (donation)

Contact Carolyn Penfold 9328 0519 (h) 9385 2250 (w) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Clean Up
Contact John Palmer: 9427 0586 or 0425 290 515

  • 3 or 4 people to help

Antoinette Farrow and Sue Levy
Year 11 parent representatives

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Year 9 Da Vinci Decathlon

On Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th August Sydney Boys High School competed in the Da Vinci Decathlon at Knox Grammar School. It is an academic interschool gala day run in the spirit of an Olympic decathlon. The students were asked to complete a set of challenging tasks in the following disciplines: mathematics, English, science, code breaking, engineering challenge, forensic sleuths, creative producers, art and poetry, games of strategy and General knowledge. The Year 9 and 10 teams were accompanied by Mr Moody and Mr Howey on Tuesday while the Year 7 and 8 teams competed on the Wednesday and were supervised by Mr Dolan and Ms Brewer.

Year 7                Year 8
Campbell Umbers       Thomas Nguyen
Puneet Baweja         Patrick Desmond
Alexander Saunders    Louis Appleton
John Wormell          Victor Lim
Declan McCrea-Steele  Yiming Cao
Tadeusz Davenport     Nevin Spoljaric
Lachlan Chant         Hugo Richards
                      Simon Hoang
Year 9                Year 10
Albert Kim            Raymond Roca
Sean Lee              Kelvin Yu
Richard Hua           David Kumagaya
Phil Wu               Martin Liu
Lucian Tan            Eugene Stadnik
Simon Liu             Steven Song
Nicholas Lochner      Jason Cohn (9)
David Fan             Stuart Sugito  (9)

It proved to be a very stimulating event for the all the students. The highlight was the silver medal achieved by the Year 9 team. Many thanks must go to Mr Dolan for his efforts in organising the teams and coordinating all the other aspects of our school's participation in the event. The following report by Richard Hua (Year 9 team) describes the various events in the Decathlon and the final announcement of results:

Greetings, fellow scholars! This Tuesday, a group of eight students from Year 9 Sydney High was deployed into the enemy territory of Knox Grammar School. This group, made up of some of the finest in our grade, consisted of Albert Kim, Simon Liu, Sean Lee, David Fan, Phil Wu, Lucian Tan, Nicholas Lochner and I, Richard Hua. We were to compete against an array of thirty-five other schools in the Da Vinci Decathlon, a series of ten academic events designed to test aptitude, cunning and wit.

As the clock struck nine, we were immediately plunged into a world of challenging and demanding tasks. The first of the tasks, a science event, where competitors were to design a space-craft suitable for collecting waste in space, was assigned to the very, very, very capable hands of Albert Kim and David Fan. These two boys set to work at once designing their machine, which was later marked as fourth-best out of the thirty-five presented. Meanwhile, Nick and Phil were working on the Engineering Challenge, a task in which students were to make a basket attached to a support to hold as many marbles as possible using only straws, string and paper. As it turned out, their supports appeared sturdy; however their basket was not able to hold the marbles. On the other side of the table, Simon and Sean were working through the Art and Poetry section where Simon wrote a poem on the given topic, 'perspectives' whilst Sean used his exceptional art skills to draw an accompanying representation. With Sean's breathtaking depiction of the 'Existence Express', an imaginary train of life and its perspective, and Simon's amazingly intellectual poem, it easily made it fifth. Finally, while these people were slaving away, Lucian and I were busy musing over the English Challenge. This section proved to be difficult and we had some problems towards the end. However, in the final result we came a decent fourteenth. With both a Latin component and a vocabulary component, our knowledge of Latin was of great use (does the word 'uxorious' sound familiar?).

After the hurdle of challenges we had leapt over, we had a much needed recess break. But as 10 minutes flew past, it was back to brain-muddling challenges for the team. Lucian, Sean and Simon left for the Creative Producers task, where they were asked to act out a commercial for 'Electric Submarine Windows'. They came out confident and happy, however their results said otherwise. At the same time, there was also the 'Forensic Sleuths' category, a detective style challenge in which almost everyone took part in. The puzzles ranged from solving a crime, to 'Spot the Difference', to geography. Later on we found out that we had come first in this subject, one of only two subjects that we had accomplished this in. Next, in the quiet corner of the table, David and I were presented with the Maths section (of course). This year, the Maths challenge was definitely much harder. Due to the level of difficulty, we were forced to work together, both solving problems the other could not. We even had to calculate 250 by hand! We managed to finish the whole section (Maths Enrichment came in handy). We came first in this area, and as I believe, with full marks. Last but not least, there was also the Games of Strategy section, the metaphorical bane of our team. The chess problems were worked on by the very, very, very capable Albert, Lucian, Lochner, Simon, and Phil. Although it seemed we had 'screwed up' Chess, Connect Four and Mastermind terribly, we came twenty-third in this.

After a lunch of juice and pizza, only two more tasks remained. Of these, one was an amazingly mind-numbingly difficult code-breaking task. The very, very, very capable Albert as well as Phil, David and I were immensely stumped. Out of the eight codes we cracked… well, four. These codes, to put it simply, were extremely difficult. The fact that we came fifteenth in this area proves this fact. Meanwhile, Simon, Lucian, Sean and Nick were working on the General Knowledge section in which they excelled, coming third.

After the session ended we had a much deserved Paddle Pop each, and the results were announced. By this time, we, the Sydney Boys High Team, had assumed that we had no hope of winning (as we had not seen our results yet) and were calmly enjoying a game of cards. Coming third in the competition, at 890 points was Normanhurst High. We applauded in disappointment that we would not be up. Holding our cards in our hands, half trying to win the card game, half listening to the 2nd place announcement (but of course, listening with all due respect), they announced, "Coming second with 910 points- Sydney Boys High School!" Quickly shoving our cards into our pockets, we received our medals in a shocked but overwhelmingly ecstatic state, and got our photos taken. David, who had put his all into the day, just could not wipe the huge grin off his face. Lastly, coming first was Pymble Ladies' College at a huge lead with 1000 points. Coincidentally, the winner of Year 10 was also PLC.

We, the Year 9 Sydney High Team, left Knox very proud and honoured, having triumphed against a great variety of schools, including Sydney Girls, who had proved themselves as contenders even last year, Year 10 Sydney High, Knox, Scots, MLC and the like. This great result was undoubtedly the product of great co-operation and a mastery of a wide variety of subjects with our combined respective talents, especially in Maths (1st), Forensic Sleuths (1st), General Knowledge (3rd), Science (4th) and Art and Poetry (5th). In true High spirit! Omnia victores eramus!

Year 77
1st MLC
2nd      PLC Sydney
3rd      The Illawarra Grammar School
7th      Sydney Boys High School
Year 8
1st Roseville College
2nd      Pymble Ladies' College
3rd      Sydney Girls' High School
8th      Sydney Boys High School
Year 9
1st Pymble Ladies' College
2nd      Sydney Boys High School
3rd      Normanhurst Boys' High School
Year 10
1st Pymble Ladies' College
2nd      Knox Grammar School (Blue Team)
3rd      Sydney Girls' High School
6th      Sydney Boys High School
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Rifle Shooting P&C Committee AGM

The date of the 2005 Annual General Meeting is 7pm Thursday 1st September in the Staff Common Room. The major business of the AGM is the tabling of an Annual Report and the election of Office Bearers to continue supporting the rifle shooters.

New nominees will be required as both the Secretary and President are standing down/moving on.

The AGM will be followed by a brief Meeting to discuss among other things, the proposed Summer programme for Years 7 and 8 boys.

If you have any questions please contact Bronwen Gordon ah 9665 4396 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Remember without the Volunteers there can be no Sport, so parents please come along and show your support.
Bronwen Gordon
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Sports Council Minutes 10 August 2005

Present: C Barris, M Boukatos, R Farrington, N Morris, B Hayman, M Kay, G Stein, L Heil, K Jaggar, J Beringer
Apologies: R Devlin, H Tuthill, J Prorellis

Allocation of Sports Budgets:
There was considerable discussion of the pros and cons to a proposal to allocate budgets using a formula similar to that used in allocating faculty budgets. The meeting recognised that some sports are more capital intensive and would be disadvantaged, whilst others with high participation rates are disproportionately more expensive to run and that this is not covered by a formula.

There was further discussion of a proposal to introduce capitation or registration fees or co-payments to address the shortfalls in some budgets resulting from increased operating costs - employment of outside coaches, the mandatory requirements of accessible medical support, increased charges for the use of playing fields, etc.

MICs were urged to promote amongst parents the tax-deductible funding opportunities available through the Australian Sports Foundation.

Dr Jaggar undertook to consult further with the school community on these proposals with a view to not effecting any change until the Winter season of 2006.

McKay Management Committee: L Heil reported on improvements taking place at the Fairland pavilion, and that there was considerable interest in hiring possibilities

Outterside Centre Management Committee: J Beringer reported that recarpeting and painting were currently under way and that there had been substantial progress in setting up to derive income through function bookings and a learn to row program for the public.

Head Teacher [Sport] 2006:
Dr Jaggar announced that the selection process for this position was about to begin and there was considerable discussion of possible inclusions in the role statement for this position which Dr Jaggar was currently finalising. That role statement would be available to all candidates.

MIC Shortage:
The Council recognised that this was an ongoing problem and the meeting expressed its support for the outsourcing of MIC positions where necessary, and encouraged suitably interested members of the school community to express interest in vacant MIC positions.

General Business:
Australian Sports Foundation revised guidelines were distributed, and changes to tax deductibility provisions were noted. Guest speaker for the Athletics Assembly on 12 September will be Danny Weidler [86]

Meeting closed at 7:50 pm
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Volleyball Report #10

First Grade:
State and GPS champions!
In a hard fought match, High's First Grade defeated Grammar in 5 sets.

Second Grade also finished the year undefeated, in a similarly hard fought match: High took a 1 set lead with a close score of 28 - 26. Grammar rebounded and then took the next two sets. This left High 2 - 1 down and having to win the next set to stay in the match.

To their credit, Second Grade never gave up and eventually took the next two sets.

Upcoming events

1. Saturday 27th August    - 2005 Volleyball Awards Luncheon will be held at Abbotsford on 
                             Saturday 27th August from 1 pm to 4 pm. Parents are encouraged 
                             to attend. $5 per head payable to Mr Kay.
2. Sunday 4th September    - NSW Volleyball Schools Tournament 2 at Olympic Park. 
                             Cost $15 per player
3. Saturday 24th September - Referee accreditation for 15A, 16A, 17s and First Grade.
4. Sunday 5th December     - Australian School Volleyball Championships in Melbourne until the
                             Friday 10th December.

Second Grade Report
This was the match, the final match of the season against the most challenging team in the competition; Grammar. 2nd grade had been training for this day throughout the term and proved through previous matches that our team was one not to be reckoned with. The match began like any other with High leading; spikes coming from our hitters were scoring while our serving was constantly proving a challenge to the opposition. However, as play continued we knew that this set wasn't going to be easy; the set was very close and the pressure was on; we came out victorious with strong hitting and tipping from our captain Sam and Jordan to win the set 28-26.

With confidence, High played the 2nd set but was struggling to respond with steady consistent hitting. Errors appeared in our game and Grammar took the set 25-16, it was now 1 set all to both teams. After some advice from our coach we played the 3rd set focused on getting a win. Even though with brilliance with the serve from Ed and great blocking from Henry we lost the 3rd set 25-21. It was now a must win situation. With High spirit within our desires to win we came blazing in the 4th set with a early lead. With Dizon's jump serves scoring points in the Grammar receiving and some down the middle hits from Henry and George we took the 4th set 25-17. We were now on the verge of winning and we were fired up on winning, with great team support and fantastic serving from Stephen we won the final set 15-7.

We're now the undefeated GPS premiers (aka GPS champions). This win was a great achievement to the team and was big payoff to the training sessions throughout the season, a big thanks goes to our coach Mr Parker and to the members of 2nd grade who made this season a victorious one and strengthened the name of SBHS Volleyball.
Weiping Lu

First Grade Report
Finally some sort of competition! Sydney High had a positive and confident mind set ready to be GPS Premiers, undefeated for the entire season. Yet the end of season game, strangely enough, turned out to be an unfamiliarly close one.

Our game could be best described as a rattlesnake. Steady at the beginning and shaky at the end. The 1st set saw High flying, winning it 10-25 with good setting from Fahmy and excellent spikes from Karl. Terry was on fire, literally, setting the balls ablaze with his outside hits. And then it was time for Alex to shine, with solid short serves, scoring the final points of the 2nd set.

To High's surprise, Grammar slowly crept their way up to snatch the 3rd set [25-21] from the sweaty hands of High even after losing the previous set 19-25. Grammar threw every thing at us in the 4th set but that didn't stop Dom from blocking 99.99% of their hits.

Determined to win the 4th set, there was great scrambling in the back courts with Bob showcasing his month's worth of pancake training to bedazzle the crowd. Even with perfect passes from Jamie, Grammar seemed to have infinite luck. Yaegan fired hit after hit only just missing the base line.

Undeterred, High decided Grammar had tasted enough of success - it was time to crush them. The 5th set showed that High still had hits left in our arsenal, and we blew Grammar away with a victorious set of 6-15. Grammar, unlike most of the other teams, provided us with a good challenge and spilled some blood on the court, seriously. Better luck next year guys!
Alex Le
[Editor's Note: Gracious in victory Alex?]

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Educational Access Schemes

This year students applying for Educational Access Scheme (EAS) for Universities in 2006 will need to download their booklets and applications forms from the website at www.uac.edu.au

The school counsellors have been sent only a small number of booklets for distribution now.

If you require a Statement of Support to be completed by a counsellor, your EAS form will need to be in to them with all required documentation by Monday 12 September.

The responsibility for sending the finalized application to UAC by 30 September 2005 rests with the individual student.
E.Harman and G.Maury
School Counsellors

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High Store

Father's Day is fast approaching. Don't forget Dad or Grandad on this special day.

The High Store has made a special purchase of Van Heusen business shirts for the low price of $20.

Be quick to grab the best designs!
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Words of Wisdom

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.
William James (1842-1910)

An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't.
Anatole France (1844-1924)

Only the educated are free.
Epictetus (55AD - 135AD)

It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.
Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Strive for excellence, not perfection.

A smile is the same in all languages.

The true measure of a man is the height of his ideals, the breadth of his sympathy, the depth of his convictions and the length of his patience.

You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.
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From the Rugby Master's Desk

The sound of the final whistle on Saturday brought a mixture of feelings including pride, sadness and satisfaction. Pride in the way our boys have conducted themselves both on and off the field throughout the season. There is always a touch of sadness with the departure of our 1st XV players, and parents, who have given so much to High rugby over many years. And finally satisfaction in seeing the 13Cs going through their pre-game warm up routine without the presence of their coaches.

To the players, get into the gym during the off-season and turn out next season stronger and faster than ever…and bring a friend with you. To our rugby parents thank you for your support. The parent committee is becoming more and more influential in the direction of High rugby. It is your opportunity to be an important part of the planning. Finally to our coaches, the progress you have made with our players has again been outstanding. You have developed hesitant first timers into confident rugby players, as well as giving our A teams the self belief that they can compete in this most prestigious GPS rugby competition.

To the people who agreed to support the TAD (Technical Aid to the Disabled) fund raiser of a dollar for each point scored by the 1st XV in the GPS, thank you. The final tally was 71 points. Cheques can be made out to TAD and passed on to me and I will include it with our school's donation to be sent off next week.

I hope everyone involved with High rugby this season has received something positive from their experience. I know I have. Enjoy the off-season and see you next season.

For those who enjoy statistics I have included our results for this year as well as a 2002 - 2005 season analysis having played in Year-based teams now for three years.
G. Stein
MIC - Rugby

SBHS Rugby Pre-Season Results 2005

Team Trin St. Greg's Hurl. Ag Chev/Oxley TAS Cran
1sts L



3rds  L
16B's L



(Ox 16A)



(Chev 15A)
(Ox 15A)
14A  W










(Ox 13A)
13C - - - D
(Chev 13B)


SBHS Rugby GPS Results 2005

Team Gram Shore River Joeys Kings New'tn Scots
1sts L22-45 L10-39 L7-67 L0-107 L19-43 L8-54 L7-60
16A   L0-12 L0-38 L0-45 L0-70 L0-32 L3-47 L5-32
3rds Nogame
L0-5(6ths) L3-36(6ths) L14-22(6ths) L0-14(6ths) W29-5(5ths) L0-17(6ths)
16B L0-22 L0-24(Cs) L0-14(Cs) L0-10(Es) L7-28(Cs) W17-5(Cs) L5-15(Cs)
15A   L0-10 L0-45 L0-50 L0-22 L0-24 L0-31 W41-0
15B   L10-17(16Cs) L0-55(Cs) L0-21(Cs) L7-15(Ds) L0-15(Cs) L0-35 L5-28(St G15)
15C L0-10 L0-54(Es) D15-15(Es) W29-0(Fs) L5-29(Es) W15-12 L3-14(Bs)
15D W52-0(15D/16D) L12-24(Gs) W12-7(Fs) W37-5(Wav E) L0-48(Fs) W22-14 L10-38(Cs)
14A   W17-7(15Bs) L15-32 L10-24 L0-25 L0-12 L15-17 W15-5
14B   L7-51(14As) L0-31(Cs) D5-5(Ds) L5-14(Ds) L0-17(Ds) W8-7(Cs) W55-0(Cs)
13A   W77-0(14Bs) L5-36 W10-5 D10-10 L5-32 L0-13 W15-0
13B L17-37(14Cs) L0-57(Cs) L0-56(Cs) W20-7(Es) L10-29(Cs) L10-17(Cs) W7-5(Ds)
13C - - - L15-27(Fs) L0-19(Es) L0-73(Ds) L5-37(Es)

Season Analysis 2002 - 2005

2002 Season's Results (Age - Based Teams)
Played      Won     Drew    Lost    Won > 30pts  Loss > 30pts
106     25      2       79 (74%)        3       26
2002 GPS Results (Age - Based Teams)
Played      Won     Drew    Lost    Won > 30pts  Loss > 30pts
63      6       0       57 (90%)        0       22
2003 Season's Results (Year - Based Teams)
Played      Won     Drew    Lost    Won > 30pts  Loss > 30pts
92      18      0       74 (80%)        4       23
2003 GPS Results (Year - Based Teams)
Played      Won     Drew    Lost    Won > 30pts  Loss > 30pts
63      8       5       50 (79%)        2       19

2004 Season's Results (Year - Based Teams)
Played      Won     Drew    Lost    Won > 30pts  Loss > 30pts
125     47      6       72 (58%)        7       22
2004 GPS Results (Year - Based Teams)
Played      Won     Drew    Lost    Won > 30pts  Loss > 30pts
80      23      3       54 (67%)        4       16
2005 Season's Results (Year - Based Teams)
Played      Won     Drew    Lost    Won > 30pts  Loss > 30pts
142     41      13      88 (61%)        13      32
2005 GPS Results (Year - Based Teams)
Played      Won     Drew    Lost    Won > 30pts  Loss > 30pts
87      18      8       61 (70%)        5       24
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Combined GPS Music Festival

Concert Saturday 3 September Newington College Centenary Hall 200 Stanmore Road, Stanmore 6.30pm

Newington College will host the Combined GPS Music Festival Concert in its Centenary Hall. The Concert will be the culmination of the two-day Combined GPS Music Festival. Ticket orders must be received by Friday 26 August on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please complete the form below and post with payment and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Music Department Or fax (credit card payment only) to: (02) 9569 0133 Newington College Stanmore NSW 2048


Name/s     _______________________  Student's Name ______________________
Address    ______________________________________________________________
Postcode __________
Phone: Home _________________  Work _________________ Fax ____________
Email ________________________________________________________________

Student's School  Sydney Boys High
TICKETS - Please indicate numbers of tickets required    
Adults ($20 per ticket)      ________
Concessions ($10 per ticket) ________
Children accompanied by an adult (free of charge)
Please charge $_______________ to my __ Bankcard __ MasterCard __ Visa
Card No.  ________ ________ ________ ________  Expiry Date ____/____
Cardholder's Name ____________________________________________________             
Signature ____________________________________________________________
PAYMENT BY CHEQUE (made payable to: Newington College) 
Please find enclosed cheque for $ _________________        

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Fundraising - Help Wanted

Boys gain points towards Awards Scheme

(Suit those living 10-15 minutes from Mascot Bunnings) This activity has full support of our Principal Dr. Kim Jaggar

Bunnings Warehouse Mascot is offering Sydney Boys High first option on fundraising barbeques cancelled at late notice by other groups. Community groups are usually allocated one Barbeque every 3 months.

This is an excellent way to increase our allocation, raise the school profile and gain funds from outside the school community.

A minimum profit of $1,000 can be expected from each BBQ.

Days BBQ's held:   Saturday or Sunday
Minimum Notice:   Thursday night i.e. 36 Hrs.
Hours of Operation:   8am till 4pm (Maximum)
Shift Hours:   2hrs (or more if available)

Profits can be shared between groups - e.g. 6 people from Fencing, 3 from Debating, 3 from Rowing - Profit would be allocated 50%, 25% and 25% respectively to the groups.

The school has a Kit of supplies and good connections with suppliers to be able to do the shopping at short notice.

Register your interest NOW
by Contacting Valda Rosa on 9361 6910, extension 144

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UNSW Co-op Program

Linking Leaders - "Discover the leader in YOU!"

"U Lead" Leadership Program

To graduate, a University of New South Wales Union "U Leader" must

a) Undertake 15 hours of community service
b) Attend at least 6 of these 8 leadership workshops (1.5 hours each):

* Thinking about Leadership
* Leadership Behaviours
* Personality and Leadership Style
* Effective Teamwork
* Effective Communication
* Leadership Communication
* Qualities of Leaders
* Conflict Resolution

"U Lead" is FREE!!!

  • Presentation of Certificates: UNSW Kensington Campus - 13 December
  • Don't miss out! Applications for "U Lead" close Friday, 9 September

Prestigious UNSW Co-op Scholarships & "U Lead"
$13,400 pa TAX FREE!!!

"We recognise that the UNSW Union's 'U Lead' program is an outstanding opportunity for students to extend their developing leadership skills and involvement in the community. Being part of this program will most certainly enhance the skills that we are looking for in our applicants."
Brooke Gillett Deputy Director UNSW Co-op Program

For more Co-op Program details, see your Careers Adviser or visit:


Who should apply?
All students in Years 10 and 11 are strongly encouraged to apply. You do not need to consider yourself a "leader" as there is no assumed knowledge for "U Lead" and there is no test you must pass.

We are looking for students who would like to develop confidence in leadership just as much as those who are already confident. Those selected will be a mix of students fitting into both of these categories.

Workshop Times and Application Process
"U Lead" will involve 20 students from Yr 10 and 20 from Yr 11. In both years there will be 10 SBHS students and 10 SGHS students. Yr 11 workshops - 3:30 - 7:00 pm, Friday, Weeks 1-4, Term 4. Yr 10 workshops - 3:30 - 7:00 pm, Friday, Weeks 5-8, Term 4. Workshops will run at SBHS in Room 103.

Interested students should lodge an Expression of Interest by stating in 100 words or less "Why do you want to learn about leadership?" Include your full name, school name and roll call class. Expressions of Interest should be brief and simple. Don't spend hours creating the perfect paragraph!

There are two possible ways to lodge your Expression of Interest: 1. Print it on an A4 paper sheet and deposit it with your Careers Adviser. 2. Email it as an attached Microsoft Word document. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Expressions of Interest must be lodged before 3:20 pm, Friday, 9 September. Good luck!

Linking Leaders  "On our year 12 muck-up day at SBHS, we raised thousands for charity. What we did was great but I look back and think how much more we could have contributed with skills developed through early leadership training. The vision for high school students to undertake leadership training has led to Linking Leaders, an initiative of SBHS proudly in partnership with UNSW Student Recruitment Office, UNSW Co-op Program and UNSW Union."
Mr. Hughee James
SBHS Captain '03
Linking Leaders Founder & UNSW Student (Arts/Law)

Postal Address: PO Box 797 Kingsford NSW 2032,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Fathers Day Fundraising: Elbon Coffee


Specialist Award Winning Coffee Roasters


Elbon Coffee uses 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Fresh Roasted to your requirements and delivered within 24 hrs. Smell and taste the difference.

All profits assist building our New Library and Performing Arts Space - 125th Anniversary Project, 2008

Return order form with payment before end of Lunch, Tuesday 30 August, 2005

First Delivery no later than Friday 2nd September - brought home by your son.

Order Form:

ABN 68402231296
6/402 New South Head Road, Double Bay 2028
Ph/Fax: (02) 93277058
Elbon special: medium to strong, smooth sweet finish 
Colombian    : strong dark roast with balanced flavour 
Please complete the following details:
Students Name:     _______________________________________
Class:             _______________________________________
Contact Number: _______________________________________
Total $:   _______________________________________
Please complete the order below:
Size       Product   Cost   Quantity  Please tick preferred option
                                   Beans    Plunger    Espresso
250g    Elbon     $8.50  [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]                   
500g    Elbon     $17    [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]                   
1kg     Elbon     $34    [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]                   
250g    Colombia  $8.75  [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]
500g    Colombia  $17.50 [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]                           
1kg     Colombia  $35    [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]

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