High Notes, Vol 6 No 23, August 12 2005

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to James Barker who made the state team for cross-country to run at the nationals. In the UNSW 44th Schools Mathematics Competition (Junior Division) Anthony Morris was awarded equal second prize, a fine effort! Well done on prizes and certificates to Terry Ly and Jamie Tao. Richard Hua, Tom Yu and Andrew Tang were awarded certificates.

In the senior division, Vinh Pham earned fifth prize. Chen Yang gained a prize and certificate while Frank Cai, Aaron Chan, Richard Liu, Benjamin Nham and Senthil Thillainadesan were awarded certificates. High boys performed with distinction again in this prestigious competition.

GPS Heads Meeting
Dr Vallance hosted the GPS Heads meeting at Sydney Grammar School.

  1. Despite reservations from three member schools, it was decided that the two round, two term competition in basketball would remain. However, the Raschke Cup knockout would be discontinued. The future two round basketball competition will be played to decide the winner of the Raschke Cup.
  2. Discussion commenced on the concept of tenure for AAGPS executive. Delegates to AAGPS will be asked to obtain Heads' views on the matter before the next meeting.
  3. A sub-committee of the GPS Heads (Br Hough and K Jaggar ) is to seek a meeting with Soccer NSW to discuss: the attitude of club coaches towards students participating in school competitions; the access of Youth League players to GPS games via a compromise on match times for both competitions; and a mooted representative possibles v probables or like fixture to expose GPS players to assessment by Soccer NSW selectors.
  4. It was confirmed that under existing arrangements if two schools could not agree about the time for Association Football to be played, then the game would commence at 1315.
  5. Concerns were expressed by several Heads about the standard of refereeing in football and basketball games and the consequent arousal of passion among parents and, on occasion, coaches. All agreed that the Code of Conduct needed constant communication to school communities and firm action needed to be taken where breaches of the code occurred.
  6. The possible inclusion of AFL as a GPS sport was discussed at length and referred to a sub-committee to discuss with the General Manager of the Sydney Swans.

Trial HSC
Year 12 students are reminded that even though the Trial HSC has commenced, previous attendance and progress issues are still current if they remain unresolved on our files. Students with significant progress and/or attendance issues may yet be withdrawn from HSC courses. The Principal may still refuse to certify that the student has completed the course requirements. I wish all our boys the best for this important examination period.

English Information Evening
A gathering of more than 50 parents and boys were informed about the new delivery structures for senior English at High. The requirements for participation in various levels of courses were clarified and informative documents discussed outlining the program and assessment components of HSC Courses for 2006. Students who missed the session might find it profitable to find out exactly how English classes will be arranged and courses taught at High next year.

GPS v Newington
The 1st. XI had their best game of the season, despite the absence of two key players. They lifted to meet the standard set by the youth league player from Newington. Lapses of concentration cost them the match 2-3 after matching Newington for most of the game. I was heartened by the performance. The 1st XV team, soldiering on with half a dozen regulars missing, were outgunned by a Newington side that capitalised on the strength of their representative fullback's speed. Broken field running led to several tries and missed first up tackles made the Newington forwards look better than they really were. Our boys are undaunted and primed for a good last round showing against Scots, who are typically a big test for High sides. Good luck to all teams for Saturday!
Dr K Jaggar
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From English

Popular Fiction and the Quest for Freedom

Movies and TV programs begin (more or less) when people use their thoughts and fantasies to craft stories that are intended to bring a fictional world to life. But many of those thoughts and fantasies appear in these stories only in disguised form, since the creators are not themselves conscious of what they are expressing. Then, as audiences, we perceive what they put into the work, also mostly outside of awareness. Finally, through criticism - discussion, writing, etc - we become aware of what we were responding to in the work and how it fits in with our own personalities and minds.

The meanings that the creators put into these stories include representations of any or all of the following: mind, family, birth, society and culture, politics, myth and religion, and they also contain ideas on the course and purpose of life. But all of these domains of meaning are usually used to tell the same kind of story in which characters are depicted as growing into something or as breaking free from some kind of bondage. What the characters achieve through these experiences is maturity, authenticity, the ability to experience the richness and importance of life, fairness, or some other desired goal.

A great many stories, movies, TV, news, political speeches, advertisements, and so on, are based on the same set of ideas. All include the same themes that centre around our desire to evolve into whole selves and good societies, in the face of fears and desires, and obstacles that block our path. At that point, we will have achieved a kind of psychoanalysis of culture, as a disguised and undisguised expression of what is on our minds. Culture and our selves will then become more transparent.

What we discover after we have done this kind of analysis is that works of popular fiction and non fiction allow us to vicariously experience the kind of selves and societies we know should exist. Most notably, they offer us happy endings that are the sigh of the oppressed creature, giving us a moment - but only a moment - to experience the life and society we desire. But the experience is only temporary and only via the invented world of the story.

Nevertheless, through the magic of empathy and identification, these same stories do at least temporarily transform us, giving us a vision of other ways of being and making us more open and receptive to their ideas. As we begin to recognise that this is what they are doing, we begin to face a task. If what is on our minds is a desire to lead a fuller and more authentic life and to do so in a good society, then clearly this is an essential element of what our lives are about. Works of fiction aren't only efforts to experience this vicariously; they are also 'symbolic' models and guides for how we might approach our own lives. They are a 'game plan' for life and social action, which we create in disguised form, and perceive largely outside of awareness.

Our task then is to take what we experience vicariously and in fantasy, through fiction, and find ways to make it actual. We then go from being audiences who experience the story, to being critics who understand the story, to being people who act on what we know. The stories of fiction and non fiction thus contain within them the potential to be catalysts for human freedom. In the end, they tell us that we face a choice: we can endlessly pretend to change the world and ourselves in our stories, or we can genuinely change the world and ourselves. If we choose the latter path, we will then have new stories to tell and to learn from, and, although it may sound a little maudlin, our lives will then become more like the happy endings of popular culture.
English Faculty
(edited from) www.transparencynow.com
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Science News

After receiving an avalanche of complaints from anguished parents, the compiler of the fortnightly science quiz apologises for inadvertently forgetting to submit quiz number 7. Here is quiz number 8 which is again open to students and parents. (Closing date Tuesday week 5)

The topic this fortnight is "Little Boy and Fat Man"

  1. Explain the significance Little Boy and Fat Man.
  2. Compare their structure and means of operation. (A table may be useful)
  3. Assess the significance of their use on the world. (Briefly)
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Finally, after quite a saga correcting information that had not been entered at enrolment by many a person, specifically "date of first enrolment in an Australian school," we have lift-off! There were in fact 509 students for whom that information was "unknown" on the OASIS database. Fortunately I had surveyed almost everyone in the past two months and last year and could enable the school to supply the missing dates. In the past we did this silently by amending the return form, but this year, with the return being submitted online, we had to make OASIS and our in-house data match perfectly, which they now do.

We have 84% language background other than English, but very few students who fall into Phase 3 ESL, and none in Phases 1 and 2. On the other hand, my estimate is that about 20% of LBOTE students have issues related to what is called Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency, in other words who still need a degree of support and guidance to achieve their potential.

Unfortunately, only the minimal figures, Phase 3 and below, actually count for ESL staffing purposes.

"LBOTE" is defined as "a student from a language background other than English is one who speaks a language other than English in the home or whose parent(s)/guardian(s) speak a language other than English in the home" -- even if the language used in the home is generally English. We do have a large number of students who fit these criteria, and indeed quite a few where English is not the language usually used at home. We have 88 students who have been in Australia for seven years or less, fifteen of these having been here for three years or less.

Some relevant research findings from the USA:

  • Immigrants arriving at ages 8 to 12, with at least 2 years of L1 [first language] schooling in their home country, take 5 to 7 years to reach the level of average performance by native speakers on L2 [second language] standardized tests in reading, social studies, and science when they are schooled exclusively in the second language after arrival in the host country. Their performance may reach national norms in as little as 2 years in mathematics and language arts.
  • Young arrivals with no schooling in their first language in either their home country or the host country may take even longer to reach the level of average performance by native speakers on L2 standardized tests: possible as long as 7 to 10 years in reading, social studies, and science, or indeed, never.

See http://www.utpb.edu/courses/fall99/educ4329/handouts/Collier.html, one of many references here: http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/teach.html#ESL.

You will find much for mainstream teachers supporting second-language learners -- and that 20% of our LBOTE students I mentioned are still developing and refining their English language skills -- on that site. The issue will not go away, even if, as seems likely, the school has no ESL support next year.

Don't forget to visit http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/ my English and ESL Blog for items of interest on issues of cultural diversity, pedagogy, English Language and Literature and more. The name change to "Neil Whitfield's English and ESL Pages" from "Sydney Boys High English and ESL Pages" reflects the probability that in 2006 there will not be SBHS ESL as such, not to mention my own imminent moving on.
Neil Whitfield
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Fencing News

The Preliminary Rounds of the NSW Schools Fencing League started last Saturday at Newington College and the Grand Final will be held on Saturday, 17th of September.

The competition got off to a great start for the Y10 SBHS-Blue Team, our highest ranked team in the Senior Division B. Congratulations to Patrick Duffy, Amadeus Klocker and Yu Lin who convincingly defeated Barker-C 9:0, Newington-F 8:1 and NSBHS-C 7:2, with Amadeus remaining undefeated.

SBHS-Blue fenced without a Reserve and hence a very special thanks to Alexandro Lai for staying behind, in case one of them sustained an injury.

Congratulations too to the SBHS-White Team, who defeated St Aloysius-D and to the Minis-C team who won in a tight bout against SGS-Prep-B.

Just a reminder to all fencers, under the competition rules any fencer is allowed to 'fence up', but if you do fence in a higher team then you cannot go back to your home team for the remainder of the competition. Hence, before doing so, the impact on your own team ought to be considered.

The team order for SBHS is: Senior Division A: Gold and Green, Senior Division B: Blue, Black, Red and White and the Minis-A, Minis-B and Minis-C.

Please remember not only to check my handout, but also to check the website www.nswfencing.org.au for any late changes or withdrawals. Endeavour to arrive at the correct time so that your team does not have to forfeit any bouts.

Well done boys, and all the best to the teams fencing this Saturday.
Gabriele Klocker
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Volleyball Report #9

First Grade are currently State Champions, can they become GPS Champions as well? Turn up and support them this Saturday and help them get the double!

High are playing Grammar this weekend in the UTS gym.

Second grade start at 9:30 am and then immediately following this is the First Grade match.

Upcoming events

  1. Saturday 27 August 2005 - Volleyball Awards Luncheon will be held at Abbotsford on Saturday 27 August from 1 pm to 4 pm. Parents are encouraged to attend. $5 per head payable to Mr Kay or Mr Parker.
  2. Sunday 4 September - NSW Volleyball Schools Tournament 2 at Olympic Park. Cost $15 per player
  3. Saturday 24 September - Referee accreditation for 15A, 16A, 17s and First Grade.
  4. Sunday 5 December - Australian School Volleyball Championships until Friday 10 December.

Last Saturday saw High play Riverview at Iggies.

Second Grade Report
The High second grade team entered the match against an unimproved Riverview team. Upon stepping onto the court, High immediately took a streak of quick points with exceptional passing from Jordan and strong spikes from Sam. Some good serves from Gary ended the first set with High comfortably taking it 25 - 13.

Riverview quickly recovered after the first set forcing some errors on the High side early in the second. High responded aggressively with strong passing and hitting by Stephen and Balraj. We recovered our momentum and won the second set by a comfortable 25 - 14.

After some team discussion before the start of the third set, we were given an incentive if we took out the last set with Riverview getting less than 13 points. This fired up the team even more, producing more great hits from Ping and Henry. With some strong jump serves from Dizon and we quickly demolished Riverview 25-9, giving us yet another straight sets victory.

Next week we play Sydney Grammar for the premiership. We beat them in straight sets last time we met but we are not expecting an easy game.
George Shieh

First Grade Report
Lights, camera, action! First grade played a tremendous match against Riverview last Saturday while being starred under the bright spotlights and the on going camera; however none of the shots were at us. Nevertheless, the match was well played by both teams.

St Ignatius defended themselves hard whilst attacking a few balls at us every now and then.

However, High still managed to win the match with a 3 set - 0 victory: 25-8, 25-19, 25-10. The win, despite being 3-0, was rather costly. Our mighty "long stocking man" Karl has sprained his knee. Well done guys. Only Grammar stands ahead of us now.
Mike Zhou
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Word of Wisdom

You can't have everything; where would you put it?

If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then quit - no use being a damn fool about it.
W C Fields (1880-1946)

After all is said and done, much is said and little is done.

Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.

When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport; when a tiger wants to murder him, he calls it ferocity.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
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Missing Tablecloths

The Music Committee are missing ten tablecloths. If anyone knows where they are could you please contact the music department? Thanks.
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High Store

Father's Day is fast approaching. Don't forget Dad or Grandad on this special day.

The High Store has made a special purchase of Van Heusen business shirts for the low price of $20.

Be quick to grab the best designs!
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The season is nearly upon us and we need to move into top gear so we are competitive. Over 80 athletes have joined the team this year and I am hopeful that more will come to the invitational each week. Amendments to the Athletics program:

  • The WC Invitation Athletics Carnival on Saturday 27 August 2005 has been moved from ES Marks to Homebush Athletics Warm-up Track
  • Years 7 and 8 sport on Thursdays, we will meet and have roll call on Moore Park West not at McKay

All athletes need to buy the Athletics uniform:
Athletics Singlet - $27.50
Athletics Shorts - $22.50

The High Store has plenty in stock. High is hosting the Invitational Carnival with TSC on the 3rd September and we will need parents to help run the shot put, long jump and the high jump. Please let me know if you can help out as soon as possible. Good luck to all for the season.

Training this Monday at ES Marks.
Robert Devlin
MIC - Athletics

High Athletics Training Timetable for 2005

Week 5     Date       Time session one & venue  Time session two & venue  
Monday     15/8/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Wednesday  17/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: McKay       3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday   18/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: MPW         3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday   20/8/2005  SGS Invitation Athletics - ES MARKS

Week 6
Monday     22/8/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS        
Wednesday  24/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday   25/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: MPW         3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday   27/8/2005  WC Invitation Athletics - Homebush Athletics Warm-up Track

Week 7
Monday     29/8/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS    
Wednesday  31/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday    1/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: MPW         3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday    3/9/2005  TSC/SBH Invitation Athletics - ES MARKS

Week 8
Monday      5/9/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Wednesday   7/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday    8/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: MPW         3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday   10/9/2005  KGS Invitation Athletics - Narrabeen

Week 9
Monday     12/9/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Wednesday  14/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday   15/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: MPW         3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday   17/9/2005  GPS Finals - HOMEBUSH
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Parking Events

You are invited to lend your support by helping at the following Parking Events

Newcomers welcome! Award Scheme Points for students!

Please contact the relevant co-ordinator to offer your help.

Aug 05


Start Time



Parking Co-ordinator Contact Details

Sat 13

Roosters v Sharks - Telstra Premiership

7.30 pm


P & C

John Evans This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fri 19

Sydney FC - Pre-Season Competition - Final (TBC)




Katharine Deacon This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sat 20

Rabbitohs v Roosters - Telstra Premiership

7.30 pm



Ivan Jurisevic
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Sun 21

Swans v Kangaroos - Toyota Premiership

1.10 pm



Srian Abeysuriya This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sun 28

Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory - Hyundai A-League

5.00 pm


B' Ball

Kumi Abeysuriya This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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High Cricket Bulletin


Welcome to the first edition of the High Cricket Bulletin, the weekly source of all information pertinent to cricket at High. Included in the bulletin will be a mix of player profiles, tips for success on the field, match reports, and a weekly quiz where respondents will have the chance to exhibit their cricket knowledge.

The new season is approaching quickly, and when not pulling on your footy boots or preparing for those exams, sit down, watch The Ashes, and start thinking cricket. Our senior boys will have met by the time this goes to print, and will get under way in their intensive training program by the end of the month. Don't forget, if you're a junior but think you have what it takes to match it with the older boys, come along to the early sessions and see how you go. The coaches are always happy to see those wanting to test themselves.

This year the 1st XI is off to Melbourne for the Five Highs, a junior team will travel to Brisbane, and we host a visit from a junior Melbourne side.

Before competition starts in term IV, remember that the athletics program is highly recommended for High cricketers as fitness is an important part of all sports. The senior boys can expect plenty of fitness work in the pre-season, so athletics would be the perfect place to see just how much you improve.

As mentioned earlier, and seen below, a cricket quiz has been initiated this year. Every week a new question will be printed, becoming progressively harder as the season continues. Questions will be both general cricket knowledge, and school-specific cricket questions. All you need to do is email your response to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . All correct responses throughout the season will be tallied and an award made on presentation night. Anyone from the school is welcome to enter the competition. If you have any suggestions for types of questions, email them to the above address.

Be sure to check the High Cricket Bulletin every week for the most up to date information as we move closer to competition. Keep in touch also through the cricket website at www.sydneyboyscricket.info. Good luck in your preparation for season 2005/06, and go the Aussies at Old Trafford.

Quiz Question 1: When did High last win the 1st XI GPS Premiership?
Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Look here next week for the answer to the above question.
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Community Service Announcement

Some Kids Can't Live at Home with their Mum and Dad

Children need carers who can provide stability & can help them through the different & sometimes challenging stages of their lives.

You can be single, married, with or without children of your own, & from any cultural background. It is important that you have experience with children. DoCS staff will work closely with you & support you with ongoing training & allowances. There are many children in our area who are in need of a safe & secure home environment because they are unable to experience this in their own homes. This may be due to abuse, neglect or family breakdown.

The NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) is looking for people who can provide crisis, short term, respite or long term care for these kids.

We are especially looking for foster carers for children five years & older. We also need carers for siblings, so brothers & sisters can stay together.

Become a Foster Carer.
For more information please contact Rob, Mariam or Cheryl on 9245 1757
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From Music

GPS Music Festival Congratulations to the successful musicians who were selected to participate in the GPS Music Festival.

Amilbagna Khalil Concert Band 11M Flute
Brown Alasdair Orchestra 8M Violin 2nd
Carr Michael Percussion 7S Percussion
Chen Robert Percussion 9R Percussion
Cheung Brendan Orchestra 7M Cello
Cheung Ashley Orchestra 11M Cello
Chong Shao Choir 11E Voice
Chung Ho Concert Band 11R Clarinet 2nd
Dai Jun Concert Band 9T Clarinet 1st
David Shi Concert Band 9E Clarinet 3rd
Deacon Lachlan Concert Band 10M Euphonium
Farrow-Pal Adam Concert Band 11J Trumpet 1st
Flores Adrian Orchestra 11F Bassoon 1st
Hayes Nicholas Choir 9S Voice
Ho Anthony Concert Band 9T Tenor Sax
Iyer Sheyras Concert Band 9M Trombone 2nd
Jahja Christophe Orchestra 11S Viola
James Barker Choir 11R Voice
Jian Brian Orchestra 7E Violin 2nd
Joon Kwon Orchestra 11F Violin 2nd
Joshua Freiman Orchestra 10M Tuba
Kim Albert Concert Band 9M Clarinet 2nd
Kok Jason Orchestra 10R Bass Clarinet
Kwok Nathan Choir 9S Voice
Lachlan Brown Concert Band 8M Percussion
Latto Duncan Orchestra 7M Violin 2nd
Leung Jeffrey Orchestra 10E Violin 1st
Lieu Nathan Orchestra 9E Violin 2nd
Mackay James Concert Band 10T Alto Sax Ist
Martin Callum Concert Band 9M French Horn
Mehmedba Muhamed Orchestra 9S Double Bass
Michael Shen Concert Band 10E Alto Sax 2nd
Mickovski Kiril Orchestra 9E Violin 2nd
Nadkarki Ishan Concert Band 9S Tenor Sax
Phu Jack Orchestra 11J Violin 2nd
Png Lawrence Choir 8E Voice
Rahul Gokran Orchestra 10M Violin 2nd
Santoso Johan Concert Band 8M Tuba
Shaw Yeou-Kang Orchestra 11E Violin 1st
Siu Chapman Concert Band 10S Trombone 1st
Sun Marco Concert Band 9R Alto Sax 2nd
Sun Bill Orchestra 10E Viola
Sun Tom Orchestra 9F Violin 2nd
Thomas Ashwin Percussion 9R Percussion
William Nguyen Concert Band 9R Clarinet 3rd
Wilson Thomas Concert Band 8R Flute/Picc
Wong Matthew Concert Band 8E Bass Clarinet
Wong Francis Concert Band 11S Trombone 1st
Wong Wilson Orchestra 10S French Horn 2nd
Yeung Alex Orchestra 9R Violin 2nd

Rehearsal Schedule for GPS

Sunday 14 August
12.30 - 2.00    Rehearsal / Choir and Instrumental tutorials
2.00 - 2.45     Afternoon Tea (provided)
2.45 - 4.30     Full Rehearsals

Friday 2 September
4.30 - 6.15     Stage Band rehearsal / Concert Band rehearsal / 
                All others tutorials
6.15 - 7.00     Dinner (provided)
7.00 - 8.30     Concert Band tutorials / All others full rehearsals
                Meeting to discuss Saturday details / final instructions
8.45            Pick up and go home

Saturday 3 September
12.00 - 1.00    Rehearsals
1.00 - 1.30     Gear moving / Hall set up
1.30 - 2.00     Break / Snack (provided)
2.00 - 5.00     Rehearsals in concert venue
5.00 - 5.45     Dinner (provided)
5.45 - 6.30     Concert prep
CONCERT (approx 2 hours at this stage)

Please note that snacks and dinners where stated are provided.

Cabaret Night
Congratulations to all the boys who participated for a fabulous evening of Jazz. Thank you to the music committee for their help in decorating the hall and organising the evening. Any boy who still needs to pay their $5.00 for pizza can hand it in to the music office.

Coming Up
September 1st - Year 9, 10, 11 Performance.

This is the date in the diary for the Year 9 Concert. All Year 9s must attend. It is also open to seniors who wish to perform with an excellent ensemble. Music will be available from music closer to the date.

We have invited a guest band - the Lane Cove Community Band to spotlight for this concert. Lane Cove Community Band is a B - Grade band. They have won the State Championships many times. Their current conductor is Mr Phil Arnold.

The format of the evening will be mainly combined items and both bands will also present a selection of own choice pieces. All Years 7 and 8 band members are expected to attend with their parents to watch the performance. It is a free concert although tickets will be issued for numbers.
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The Bugle Call

News of the Sydney High Cadet Unit
Cadet Duke of Edinburgh Parade: The following cadets have been selected to perform in the Cadet Duke of Edinburgh Banner Parade:

Name            Init    Rank    ID      Instrument
Roser           P   WO2     21740   Clarinet
Wong            F       SSGT    21780   Trombone
Farrow-Palmer   A       SSGT    21658   Trumpet
Wong            M       SGT     21782   Trombone
Shu             T       SGT     21748   Trumpet
Wei             V       SGT     21774   Tenor Sax
Chong           A       CPL     21645   Clarinet
Ho              A       CPL     22076   Tenor Sax
Santoso         J       CDT     22454   Tuba
Lo              D       CDT     22341   Trumpet
Chan            Y       CDT     22267   Trumpet
Vincent         G       CDT     22508   Clarinet

Rehearsals will commence at Victoria Barracks at 0930h on 22 - 23 - 24 SEP 05.and conclude at 1330h. These rehearsals are very important for all bands personnel to attend for the total time. Rations are being arranged by RSM.

Please keep in mind that on 24 September 2005 the parade will conclude in the early evening. I am to be advised on all timings for this date.
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UNSW Co-op Program

Linking Leaders - "Discover the leader in YOU!"

"U Lead" Leadership Program

To graduate, a University of New South Wales Union "U Leader" must

a) Undertake 15 hours of community service
b) Attend at least 6 of these 8 leadership workshops (1.5 hours each):

* Thinking about Leadership
* Leadership Behaviours
* Personality and Leadership Style
* Effective Teamwork
* Effective Communication
* Leadership Communication
* Qualities of Leaders
* Conflict Resolution

"U Lead" is FREE!!!

  • Presentation of Certificates: UNSW Kensington Campus - 13 December
  • Don't miss out! Applications for "U Lead" close Friday, 9 September

Prestigious UNSW Co-op Scholarships & "U Lead"
$13,400 pa TAX FREE!!!

"We recognise that the UNSW Union's 'U Lead' program is an outstanding opportunity for students to extend their developing leadership skills and involvement in the community. Being part of this program will most certainly enhance the skills that we are looking for in our applicants."
Brooke Gillett Deputy Director UNSW Co-op Program

For more Co-op Program details, see your Careers Adviser or visit:


Who should apply?
All students in Years 10 and 11 are strongly encouraged to apply. You do not need to consider yourself a "leader" as there is no assumed knowledge for "U Lead" and there is no test you must pass.

We are looking for students who would like to develop confidence in leadership just as much as those who are already confident. Those selected will be a mix of students fitting into both of these categories.

Workshop Times and Application Process
"U Lead" will involve 20 students from Yr 10 and 20 from Yr 11. In both years there will be 10 SBHS students and 10 SGHS students. Yr 11 workshops - 3:30 - 7:00 pm, Friday, Weeks 1-4, Term 4. Yr 10 workshops - 3:30 - 7:00 pm, Friday, Weeks 5-8, Term 4. Workshops will run at SBHS in Room 103.

Interested students should lodge an Expression of Interest by stating in 100 words or less "Why do you want to learn about leadership?" Include your full name, school name and roll call class. Expressions of Interest should be brief and simple. Don't spend hours creating the perfect paragraph!

There are two possible ways to lodge your Expression of Interest: 1. Print it on an A4 paper sheet and deposit it with your Careers Adviser. 2. Email it as an attached Microsoft Word document. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Expressions of Interest must be lodged before 3:20 pm, Friday, 9 September. Good luck!

Linking Leaders  "On our year 12 muck-up day at SBHS, we raised thousands for charity. What we did was great but I look back and think how much more we could have contributed with skills developed through early leadership training. The vision for high school students to undertake leadership training has led to Linking Leaders, an initiative of SBHS proudly in partnership with UNSW Student Recruitment Office, UNSW Co-op Program and UNSW Union."
Mr. Hughee James
SBHS Captain '03
Linking Leaders Founder & UNSW Student (Arts/Law)

Postal Address: PO Box 797 Kingsford NSW 2032,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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