High Notes, Vol 6 No 21, July 29 2005

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The Rowing Committee Annual General Meeting has been moved from August 2 to August 16. Apologies for any confusion

From the Principal

Road Safety and Pedestrians
Every school day a local school Principal walks past our school gates on his way to work. He has written to me complaining about driver behaviour. He alleges that drivers who drop off their sons and exit from gates two or three, rarely look left once they decide to leave the school grounds. Consequently, pedestrians walking down Cleveland St. from Anzac Parade are ignored. Parents leaving the school in cars are urged to look to their left as well as to their right before emerging from school gates. Several near misses have been reported. Please take care!

Visual Arts Exhibition
Last Thursday I attended the official opening of Arts on Bourke, the Graphic Arts Club Surry Hills new premises. On display there were the works done last week in a workshop run by Tony Sowersby, the 2005 Bald Archy winner. He set up canvasses and art students from Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls did the artwork. The group also produced individual works of art that were displayed at the club too. The club was opened by Tanya Plibersek after a speech by Peter Garrett. Congratulations to Nic Hannan, James Morgan, Ramesh Nithiyendran, Rory Pearson, Felix Taafe and Mike Zhou for their high quality work, produced under severe time constraints. Well done too to Claire R----- who supervised the effort.

High Talent
Congratulations to Chris Budd (11) and Sanjiv Singarayar (12) who were selected in the combined GPS target rifle shooting team for 2005. Well done boys! Congratulations to Leo Gordon (7S) who will be representing NSW at the Beijing International Boys and Youth Friendship Tournament as a member of the U14s Baseball Team. Good luck, Leo!

Debating, Rifle Shooting and Fencing Assembly
Our special guest, Hilbert Chiu (2000), was a first grade debater and first grade rifle shooter, recently awarded a university medal in history. He spoke about the links between debating and curriculum. He averred that 'inquiry' and 'criticism' were key capabilities acquired by students in both areas. He critiqued the notion of 'usefulness' when choosing a tertiary pathway, suggesting that following one's talents was a better method for long term satisfaction. Finally, he exhorted the boys to indulge their curiosity, in academics and in life.

The text of my address is reprinted below:

'Distinguished guest, Hilbert Chiu, coaches, managers, teachers, parents and students, welcome to our annual celebration of debating, fencing and rifle shooting. Also, we are taking the opportunity this afternoon to honour publicly our volleyball team and our Student Representative Councillors, thereby demonstrating our ethos in action. We value participation. We pursue excellence. We honour leadership. We strive for and admire all round achievement and so seek opportunities to recognise it in our students.

'During the first three days of this week the annual GPS shoot was conducted at Hornsby. Given the tragic context of the sport in our school this year, the competitive participation of teams at this event was a triumph in itself. Mr Fittler's long running contribution to target rifle shooting at GPS, state, national and international level was commemorated by the firing of a single parting shot before the commencement of the final 1st grade competition on Wednesday. Our boys did not win this year, but given their limited opportunities to train, they were competitive and performed well, exhibiting true High spirit. John would have been proud of both first and second grade team members for their commitment, grit and skill.

'Without the tremendous efforts of old boy Nathan Scudder, the team would never have made it to the competition. His devotion to the task of registering shooters, sorting out administrative requirements and seeking a way forward for coaching, were heroic. Geoff Blinkhorne did a marvellous job as armourer, sorting out the rifles and their safe storage at two venues. Mrs Bronwen Gordon from the Rifle Shooting Committee was also a great contributor to the cause, giving up a great deal of her time to support the process. Our coaches, old boys Justin Hill and Daniel Comben, did a great job preparing the team at short notice and hindered by late personnel changes. Thank you also to Doug Fergusson, Sam Mason and Peter Wrigley for managing Wednesday shooting this term.

'I am determined to make every effort to keep the sport alive in our school. Any interested boys in years 7 or 8 should see Mr Mason about getting licensed during term 3 so that we can start a Thursday shooting program in Term 4. I am still seeking a MIC for the sport for next year. A revised model for operating the sport has been devised that reduces the workload for a new MIC, but energetic promotion within the school is vital for the health of rifle shooting. This is true about any of our many activities.

'Debating at High has grown even larger as a co-curricular activity this year, thanks mainly to the drive, enthusiasm and organisational ability of Ms Jocelyn Brewer. Her input has given great structure to the activity and expanded the number of competitions that High enters. Consequently, many more boys have had the opportunity to be trained and to represent their school in competitive debating. Thank you to the Debating committee and to our adviser Dr Joseph Suttie. The coaches have again managed to bring out the best in our boys and guide them well in competitions. Thank you to Mary Ann Cradock who accompanies debaters and public speakers to many of their contests.

'This year we have high hopes of maintaining our recent history of winning at least one state title each year. Our first grade team suffered a disputed loss to Sydney Girls in the Hume Barbour Regional Final but have taken the result on the chin and moved on, in true High style. We all hope they can carry on their really good form and bring home the Roat Shield for GPS debating. Our junior program is very strong. The East Side debating competition was a success. We hope the Premier's Debating Competition is more productive and more tightly managed this year. Good luck to all the GPS debating teams starting competition tonight.

'Fencing is a popular sport at High that has benefited from the two sports afternoon arrangements by allowing greater numbers of boys to access the sport. It is not to be seen as a Wednesday sport but as a serious Saturday competition sport where years of preparatory training are required. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs Matsos, fencing has run smoothly for several years. I would like to recognise her committed service to fencing. Thank you to Mrs Klocker and the Fencing Committee and Alwyn Wardle for their great work in administering and coaching fencing.

'In conclusion, I want to share with you the Zulu concept of Ubuntu. Ubuntu describes how African societies are spiritually founded, how they perceive personal worth. The expression can be described in English as 'a person is a person through other persons'. It is a salutary exercise to consider assessing yourself as a person by reference to your relationships with other people. Ubuntu evokes values of humanity, community and responsibility. At High we thrive on competition, personal success and recognition, but contemplation on Ubuntu could illuminate for us another alternative, selfless yardstick of achievement, in the form of assistance to others and quality efforts for a communal cause. In our team sports and co-curricular activities, perhaps less emphasis on ego involvement and more on Ubuntu might well improve overall individual and school outcomes.'

High v St Josephs
The biggest fixture of our winter is the Joeys Saturday. Our 13As drew 10-10 in a very good effort. The 15As performed well to go down fighting 0-22. It was only in the 16As and 1st grade where the scores blew out. Our boys acquitted themselves with great pride in their jerseys and in the school they represented. I received a very complimentary email from a Joeys Old Boy who was at the game. He was most impressed by our team's spirit, tenacity and sportsmanship. In football, the seconds were disjointed by personnel changes and couldn't get into a game that Joeys controlled from the opening whistle, and succumbed 0-3. In 1st grade the contest see-sawed with plenty of ball movement and many missed opportunities. Scrambling defence from both sides thwarted scoping chances. Joeys had slightly the better of play, pressuring High and forcing more corners. An inspired game from goalkeeper David Greenup saved the day. He saved at least five quality shots on goal. Neither side could put away what it set up and the 0-0 score line was a fair reflection of the game, but 3-3 would have been too.
Dr K Jaggar
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News From English

Despite this being only the second week of Term 3 the pace in English is already stepping up. For Year 12, the next few weeks leading into the Trial exams will, we hope, be marked by an increasing focus and effort on their part. To support them towards a confident performance in both the Advanced and Extension Courses we will provide an on-going program of revision tasks which can be collected from the English Staffroom at the beginning of each week throughout this term.

I am encouraging Year 12 to access this excellent opportunity to practise both course content and writing skills and receive additional individual feedback from their teachers.

Year 11 have now embarked on the final term of their Preliminary Course and to assist the boys in making an informed decision regarding Extension 1 and 2 Courses for Year 12 we will be presenting an English information evening on Tuesday 9 August 2005 starting at 7.00 p.m in the Great Hall. This will be an ideal opportunity for the boys and their parents to gain a better working knowledge of the HSC program of study in both the Advanced and Extension Courses. We look forward to seeing you!

Year 10 are currently in the process of completing a novel study commenced in the latter stage of Term 2 and will shortly start a new module of work focused on critiquing the documentary form. This will be followed by an introduction to satire which will take the boys through to the end of Term 3.

In Year 9 two units of work will be completed during this term. We will begin with an in-depth study of the Elizabethan world and Macbeth. The boys have already completed a research assignment on Elizabethan attitudes and values and we look forward to closely reading and understanding Macbeth in all its complexities. The 'Aussie' image will involve a study of a wide variety of text-types and resources. The boys will be challenged to think beyond stereotypes and generalizations of Australian culture.

Year 8 recently attended a performance of "Boy Overboard" at the Riverside Theatre. It was a great thrill to see one of our own Year 8 students, Johnny Liu, performing in a significant role in this production.

Finally Year 7 is to be congratulated on the quality and creativity of picture books which they have written and illustrated in response to a recently completed module of work
Marina Trompetter
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From the Library

The library had its act together for the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We had 5 copies hot off the shelves and another from a book seller. Students who had reserved them indeed got them. Happy reading Potter fans.

Premier's Reading Challenge
The 2005 Challenge has this term to go. Congratulations to all the students who have completed it already and to those boys who are nearly there. At the end of last term Year 7 students had borrowed an average of 17 books from our library by the end of Semester 1. Congratulations Year 7. The Premier's Reading Challenge seems to have made a very significant difference to our boys reading habits. Just finished checking the Year 8 stats to see if there was a significant difference between the two years and surprise, surprise Year 8 have borrowed an average of 18 books per semester. No significant difference between the two Premier's Reading Challenge younger students. You never know what to expect till you do the Math!!

Staff and students who need to be able to touch-type better - we now have Typequick installed on the Network with a 10 user licence for simultaneous use. Staff can access this program on their desktop computers.

From personal experience I would recommend anyone who has never learnt correct finger placement to try this out. 15 - 30 mins a day on this system and you will be typing 30 words a minute in 6-8 days (or sooner). It gives feedback and tests you constantly. A small amount of persistence pays off.

For students it is good to brag about your speed and accuracy - have a competition with your friends to see who can improve the most.

Many thanks to our generous parents who are supporting the Library's purchase of software for students via their donation to the Library Fund!

URGENT! URGENT! HELP! HELP! If any student or parent would like to perform their charitable deed for the year could they come and join me at Bunnings Mascot on this Saturday 12 noon - 4pm to barbeque sausages and sell them. The money raised goes to our NEW LIBRARY!!

Please contact Valda Roser (9773 7167 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to let us know it will not just be me on Saturday. Please let us know your phone number.
Mrs Crothers

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Year 7 Picnic

Here is an opportunity for the entire Year 7 family to meet and have some fun in the winter sunshine. Bring your own food and drink. Everyone welcome.

When: Sunday, July 31, 2005
From: 1pm to 3pm.
Where: Lachlan Reserve, Corner of Dickens Drive and Parkes Drive, Centennial Park.
Note: In case of rain, the picnic will be postponed. The P&C Year 7 Parents' Group
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From Athletics

Zone Athletics 2005
Last term Zone Athletics was held at the 'vintage' track at Eastgardens. It was the first outing of the High athletics team for 2005 with MIC Mr. Devlin and I was keen to see how runners, throwers, jumpers and… walkers would go.

With the Zone carnival not quite at the same high standard of the GPS carnivals with fewer competitors, physios, school tents, and hoards of coaches, there was still the need to have High athletes in every event. The team did not disappoint with a seemingly endless stream of brown and blue in every race. Needless to say that with such participation, High achieved many placings, and hopefully an indication of future results. Even with the gender restraint of only being able to compete in every second race I am sure that we were still able to beat most, if not all, schools on the points table (including SGHS). Congratulations to all the athletes who competed with many going through to regional to represent the zone.

With the GPS athletics season just around the corner from the winter sport season I hope that all athletes will remain fit and injury free. All are welcome and certainly encouraged to join the High athletics team to participate in the GPS athletics season. Athletes needing advice on how to get faster, fitter, and stronger for the upcoming season are free to ask Mr. Devlin or myself who will be happy to help out in giving you a training program to get you the best results.
Athletics Captain
Paul Watzlaff

High Athletics Training Timetable for 2005

Week 5     Date       Time session one & venue  Time session two & venue  
Monday     15/8/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Wednesday  17/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: McKay       3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday   18/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: McKay       3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday   20/8/2005  SGS Invitation Athletics - ES MARKS

Week 6
Monday     22/8/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS        
Wednesday  24/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday   25/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: McKay       3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday   27/8/2005  WC Invitation Athletics - ES MARKS

Week 7
Monday     29/8/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS    
Wednesday  31/8/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday    1/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: McKay       3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday    3/9/2005  TSC/SBH Invitation Athletics - ES MARKS

Week 8
Monday      5/9/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Wednesday   7/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday    8/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: McKay       3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday   10/9/2005  KGS Invitation Athletics - Narrabeen

Week 9
Monday     12/9/2005  4.00pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Wednesday  14/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Thursday   15/9/2005  1.30pm - 3pm: ES MARKS    3.30pm - 5pm: ES MARKS
Saturday   17/9/2005  GPS Finals - HOMEBUSH
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Rowing Committee General Meeting

The Sydney Boys High School Rowing Committee invites all Rowing Parents And Other Interested Parties To
The Annual General Meeting 2005
at 7.30 pm Tuesday August 2nd Tuesday August 16th in the Staff Common Room

All positions are declared vacant and are up for nomination and election. With a large group of Year 12 parents 'retiring' this year we will need many new faces on the committee in '06 Come along and be a part of the backroom team that will build upon the great success of our Rowers in 2005.
Steve Tiedgen
President 2005

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The Professor Harry Messel International Science School

I was privileged to be invited to attend the 33rd Professor Harry Messel International Science School held at the University of Sydney. ISS 05 offered not only a unique opportunity to be immersed into the world of science, but also a chance to be surrounded by students from all over the world including the UK, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the USA and New Zealand. Highlights included a Harbour Cruise and Talent Night which presented the weird and wonderful, the pick of the night being a pantomime from the British which involved guys in dresses (make-up, fishnet stockings etc). Of course, there is no neglecting the science side. The lectures where insightful and brilliant that involved a Dr Karl special. There was also the chance to see high-tech machinery up close, with the opportunity to operate a scanning electron microscope being the pick of the bunch. Another highlight was the University of Newcastle's Engineering challenge which involved teams of four working to solve problems, with the day climaxing in a dramatic bridge test. ISS was an awesome experience, the next one will run in 2007 and I definitely encourage all to apply.
Kevin Mak
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From Debating

GPS DEBATING Round 1- 22/07/05
The GPS Debating Season kicked off last Friday with six wins, six losses and one forfeit. A large number of teams debated without a 4th or silent speaker.

The First and Seconds were victorious against Joeys on the topic "that Australia should introduce a biometric database".

The 10As and 10Bs won. Many thanks to somewhat jetlagged Dominic Bowes who stepped up to the challenge of debating up a grade, having only arrived back in Australia from the Italy tour 48 hours earlier.

The previously undefeated 8As went down on the topic "that performance enhancing drugs in sport should be legalised at the Olympics". While the 8Bs and Cs managed to win both sides of their debate.

Unfortunately all three Year 7 teams were defeated on the topic "that we should ban all products tested on animals". They have become accustomed to one hour preparation debates as is the case with the Eastside Competition, which are generally much harder debates, however Joey's were very well prepared (they are a boarding school and the boys are in study groups each evening, giving them lots of opportunities to prepare together) and the teams realised the importance of research and provided examples to support their case.

Round 2 this week is at home against Kings. All students and their parents are invited to attend. Junior debates start at 7pm, the seniors start at 8pm.

All results can be found at http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating/results.shtml

The Debating Dinner is on Saturday September 3 at 6pm. An invitation and payment form is published in this volume of the High Notes [ed: see PDF edition] and copies can also be found at the website or collected from Ms Brewer.

Anyone who is not receiving emails about debating and would like to, please send an email with your name and year to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC - Debating

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Subject Choices 2006

A meeting will be held in the Great Hall at 7:00pm on Tuesday 9 August to provide information about English Extension 1 and Extension 2 for Year 12 2006.
The number of boys attempting Extension 1 and Extension 2 English will be restricted.
Ms Trompetter (Head Teacher English) will explain the requirements of the courses and indicate the criteria to be used in determining which boys will be able to attempt these courses.
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State of the Arts

Welcome back to term 3. The Italy tour was a huge success. We had full audiences and the concerts were great. We have a busy term now with GPS music, Cabaret Night, Year concerts and HSC music.

Italy Tour 2005
The boys have put their Italy pictures on the Web.
The Website is: www.picturetrail.com
Search: italytour and italytour2

Music takes no responsibility for the content of the pictures - they are from the boys.

GPS Music Festival
Congratulations to the successful musicians who were selected to participate in the GPS Music Festival. The list is on the music noticeboard. Rehearsals and the concert will be held at Newington College. The schedule is as follows:

Sunday 14 August
12.30 - 2.00    Rehearsal / Choir and Instrumental tutorials
2.00 - 2.45     Afternoon Tea (provided)
2.45 - 4.30     Full Rehearsals

Friday 2 September
4.30 - 6.15     Stage Band rehearsal / Concert Band rehearsal / All others tutorials
6.15 - 7.00     Dinner (provided)
7.00 - 8.30     Concert Band tutorials / All others full rehearsals
                Meeting to discuss Saturday details / final instructions
8.45            Pack up and go home

Saturday 3 September
12.00 - 1.00    Rehearsals
1.00 - 1.30     Gear moving / Hall set up
1.30 - 2.00     Break / Snack (provided)
2.00 - 5.00     Rehearsals in concert venue
5.00 - 5.45     Dinner (provided)
5.45 - 6.30     Concert prep
CONCERT (approx 2 hours at this stage)

Please note that snacks and dinners where stated are provided.

Percussion Jam with Synergy and Ian Cleworth
Sunday July 31st 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Newington College
Bookings 0419 483 238
Cost is only $5

Sydney Boys High Cabaret Night
Featuring the Sydney High Pops Orchestra, Concert Bands, and Stage Bands.

Put on your dancing shoes and sharp suits and get grooving!

Saturday August 6th 2005 7.00 pm Great Hall

Bring nibbles for the table, drinks and your dancing shoes!

I would like to purchase the following number tickets at a cost of $15.00 each.  
Tickets must be pre-purchased by August 1st.
____________(amount tickets)       $___________total cost.
Name ________________________________
Type of Payment:  Cheque___  Cash ___   B/Card___  M/Card ___  Visa___
Name on Card ________________________________ Expiry date _____/_____
Contact phone no. _____________________________
Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___  ___ ___ ___ ___  ___ ___ ___ ___  ___ ___ ___ ___
Amount $______________ Signature __________________________ 

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