High Notes, Vol 6 No 19, July 01 2005

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From the Principal

Parent Teacher Evening
Parents who do not manage to speak to teachers personally for whatever reason are encouraged to communicate with them by fax, telephone, voice mail or email. Our school extends an open invitation to parents to raise their concerns with members of staff through these media at any time during the year. Matters of pedagogy concerning numbers of students should be raised with the Head Teacher concerned

Uncollected reports
The reporting process has concluded. Thank you to all staff for their efforts this term. All boys should have their reports to discuss with their parents. I still have a handful in my office. Students who do not have a report will be asked to discuss their progress outside school hours.

Music Winter Festival
Congratulations to all involved in the winter festival last week. The attendance was encouraging; the sausage sizzle worked well; the music was lively and the performers enthusiastic. For future performances, members of the audience are asked not to walk in front of the musicians while they are playing, it distracts them. Persons needing to exit the hall should do so through the rear exit, not the exit to the cloisters. Good luck to all those performers who are off to Italy on Saturday. Let’s hope you have a wonderful time.

High Talent
Congratulations to Anthony Ho, who was singled out for special mention by Lt McGrath, OC Knox Cadet Unit, for his leadership during the annual camp at Singleton. High cadets operated as a unit within the Knox Cadets administration. CUO Clegg was highly commended for his preparatory training which made the unit so well prepared for the camp. Sydney East CHSSA representatives for state cross country running are: 13 years Jeremy Ireland, 17 years James Barker and Paul Watzlaff, 18 years Jeremy James and Edward Ovadia. Congratulations, boys!

Well done to Pat McDonnell for his performance as half back for GPS seconds and to Daniel Thomas as breakaway in CHS seconds. Daniel and Sen Mitsuji made shadow NSW representative teams in their sports.

Volleyball Victory
Even though it is rather late, I would like to recount my perspective of the inspiring performance of our first grade volleyball team in the CHS tournament last week, held at the Sports Halls, Olympic Park, Homebush. After a previous day of knockout games against strong teams and a gruelling semi final in the morning, the boys were hardened coming into the final against Westfields Sports High. After a competition involving 250 high schools, only two were left. Reliable serving and good double team blocking at the net by Karl K and Dominic G got High off to an early break. Good communication, setting and spiking helped the confidence of our team and they sealed the set 25-18. In the second set the star of the tournament, Westfields’ No 9, rallied his team with a series of unplayable jump serves. Westfields held onto their good lead to win 25-22. The third set was the turning point. Under extreme pressure and with a run of points coming against High, shrewd coach Mr Kay, put on three smaller defenders who returned serve well and halted the gathering Westfields momentum. Having seen off the big serve of No 9, our boys really lifted during some long rallies and won through 25-22. They followed up their advantage with a quick but crucial break in the fourth set. Westfields did not have the strength for another rally and surrendered 25-19. Our boys played above themselves to overcome a polished outfit with a really classy player. Their teamwork and mutual support were fundamental reasons for their win. Mr Kay’s savoir faire and dedication to this team over the last four years, combined with the determination and commitment to training of the boys, laid the foundations for what was a very significant sporting performance.

Fundraising Opportunity!
School Family groups can expect to make between $800 and $1000 on Saturday 30th July, by running the sausage sizzle at Bunnings Warehouse. Barbecue and gas are supplied. Prices and products are fixed. There are many customers 8am till 4pm. The school has what you need, including large tomato sauce dispensers. Grab this opportunity by contacting Valda Roser.

Volunteer Letter Writers Required
The School Council has approved a letter writing campaign to try to influence Members of Parliament to support our campaign for a new library to be financed by the state or Commonwealth or partly by both. You can write to your local MP (state or federal) using our pro forma letter or compose one of your own. I can let you know how many students from each electorate currently attend Sydney Boys, to lend weight to your personal appeal. We need the politicians to take an interest in us. With your help they may.

Structural Engineer Volunteer Required
To complete our application for Place of Public Entertainment registration, we need a certificate from a structural engineer to certify the load capacity of the stage in the hall. If anyone has a contact or the time to do this quick job, the school family will be grateful. Please contact me if you can help.

End of Term 2
Thank you to all staff for their efforts on behalf of the boys this term. Thank you to parents, friends and supporters of High who have given their time to help in various ways. Let us hope we can all move forward together again in term 3 to accelerate the implementation of our plans and programs.
Dr K Jaggar
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Volleyball Report #7

High wins 2005 Combined High Schools Knockout
High won the NSW CHS Volleyball Knockout defeating Westfields Sports High 3 sets to 1 in the State Final played last Thursday at Olympic Park. The team consisted of Yaegan Doran (captain), Bill Zhang, Fahmy Balgahom, Dominic Grimm, Karl Kruszelnicki, Robert Lu, Mike Zhou, Jamie Tao, Alex Le, Terry Ly and Victor Nguyen.

After winning the Regional Final against Marrickville, High came up against Balgowlah Boys. Mike hit many great spikes from position 4 helping High to a straight sets win. This placed High against Nowra in the quarter final.

High have played Nowra many times in past years. Their court coverage and spike reception is as good as any team in NSW and as expected it was very hard to find the floor on Nowra’s side of the net. Their big left handed spiker, Alex Gynes was proving hard to stop from position two. In response High moved their primary attack to quick balls through the middle. Karl and Dom were effective off Fahmy’s low sets and the match started to swing High’s way as they took the fourth set to level the match. Terry was starting to find his jump and some of his old form after a long lay off due to injury. He started on in the 5th and hit a string of winners from the outside to move High into the lead which they held to take the match.

The semi-final was against Airds High School. They were a strong and vocal team that attempted to challenge High in the many games that occur within a volleyball match but the experienced High unit were unflappable. Yaegan hit consistently through their blocks and Dom frustrated Airds with his middle defence. The universal position was shared between Bob and Jamie with both players passing excellently. The match swung back and forth with High eventually taking the match in another 5 setter.

The final was against Westfields. After losing the final to Westfields in 1999 this was going to be the chance to square the ledger.

The Westfields team was captained by Australia’s top schoolboy outside hitter, Geoff Skinner with a potent 100 km/h jump serve but they also had some inexperienced players. High would capitalise on Westfields’ imbalances.

Bill’s perceptive back court play helped High take the first set in relative comfort. Westfields stepped the pace up in the second set with Skinner bringing out the big jump serve. High was unable to find an answer and the match was squared. Going into the 3rd set at 1 set all both teams were grinding point for point when Mike used his face to receive a spike. This called for a substitution and on came Terry and Victor. The injection of the experienced U17s combination was enough to give High the 3rd set. In the 4th set the jump serve was again causing problems with Westfields winning a succession of rapid points. Specialist receiver Alex put his hand up to save the day. The substitution was successful and High achieved the “side out”. Several points later Karl roofed a huge Skinner spike and High were on a roll. Fahmy’s experience was evident as he consistently picked the best hitting option to make a “kill” and Westfields were unable to stop High from winning points. High went on to win the set and the match. The Combined High Schools Volleyball Shield will now be held by Sydney High for the next 12 months and can be viewed at the front office.
M Kay
(MIC Volleyball and Coach of the First Grade Team)

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Academic Merit Lists Semester 1

Congratulations to the following boys whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 1 are recognised.

Year 7 In students' subjects, points were awarded as follows - HD: 6, D: 5, C: 3, PM: 2, P: 1, with the qualifying total being 44.
Shadman ALI
Richard BI
Gareth CHAN
Justin CHAN
Oliver FIO
Matthew FONG
Anirban GHOSE
Enoch HUI
Jeffrey LAM
Ivan LI
Daniel LUO
Robert MA
Timothy MOLLOY
Joshua NAIR
Antony PAUL
Christopher TIN-LOI
Nelson WANG
Christopher WONG
Stephen YOON

Year 9 In students' subjects, points were awarded as follows - HD: 6, D: 5, C: 3, PM: 2, P: 1, with the qualifying total being 39.
Eric ANG
Daniel CHIM
Matthew COUTTS
Yiming DENG
Ping DU
David FAN
Danny FU
Richard HUA
Anthony HUYNH
Kartik IYER
Remy JI
Albert KIM
Nathan KWOK
Sean LEE
Nathan LIEU
Simon LIU
Nicholas LOCHNER
Bernard LUNG
Adrian NG
Harrison REID
Marco SUN
Lucian TAN
Andrew TANG
Simon TING
David VIEN
Jason WONG
Simin YANG

Year 10 In students' subjects, points were awarded as follows - HD: 6, D: 5, C: 3, PM: 2, P: 1, with the qualifying total being 39
Michael CHEN
Michael COUTTS
Edward DENG
Howard FAN
Jourdan HSIAO
David HU
Maximilian KELDOULIS
Clement LEE
Kevin LEE
Jeffrey LEUNG
Samson LOU
John LUU
Anthony MORRIS
Albert NG
Ji-Kwang PARK
Raymond ROCA
Michael SHEN
Matthew SIN
Steven SONG
Jamie TAO
Nguyen TRAN
Anthony WAN
Siyang WANG
Louis YANG
Richard YANG
Edward YAO
Kelvin YU

Year 11 Congratulations to the following boys in Year Eleven whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 1 are recognised. These students were placed in the top 50% of students in at least ten units of study at the Half-Yearly examinations
Rezwan ALI
Faraz AMIN
Stephen BURKE
David CAO
Aaron CHAN
Francis CHEUNG
Benjamin CHOW
Jason DIEP
Steven GUO
Kevin HO
Anthony HUYNH
Kevin KIM
Jongha LEE
Kieran LEONG
Peter LIEU
Kenny LIU
Richard LIU
Bernard LO
Angelo LU
Kevin MAK
Nicholas NG
Edward PHAM
Jack PHU
Mushfiq RAHMAN
Chong SHAO
Sahir SYED
Christopher TO
Tanvir UDDIN
Evans WANG
Eugene WONG
Nelson WONG
Thomas WONG
George ZHANG
Michael ZHOU
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Regional Sports

The Regional Cross Country carnival was held last week in perfect running conditions at Canterbury South Primary school. Although it may have been a little less organised and time-efficient than the GPS carnivals on Saturdays, the competition and distance that lay ahead of every runner was no less difficult.

With some great results from the Zone carnival, Sydney High was well represented at the regional carnival with many runners in all age groups, notably in the 16s and 17s. With competitors from high schools across South-East Sydney, from Bondi to the Shire, there were some quality runners in every age group that would embarrass even the best GPS runners.

However our good representation at Regional ensured that we got four representatives, two from both the U17s and the U18s+, to State All Schools to be held in Gosford next term. However the High teams in both these age groups both narrowly missed out in making it through to the next level. There were many other commendable results from all age groups. The runners that will be representing the region at state are: from the U17s, James Barker and myself and from the U18s+, Edward Ovadia and Jeremy James.

With the first half of the GPS cross country season over I look forward to the second half of the season. Hopefully, with some hard training, the High runners can improve on the first half of the season and strive to peak on GPS champs day.
Paul Watzlaff
Cross Country Captain

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From the Library

Premier's Reading Challenge/Sydney High Reading Challenge
In this last week we have had a number of challengers finishing both contests. Congratulations to Aditya Hatle 8S, Matthew Tang 8M and Weiang Zhang 8S.

Thanks to fabulous hard working office boys in the last week our Premier’s Reading Challenge books were identified and tagged with a red P on the spine. (They have also been ticked on the wall and a special booklet has been created for students to look for these books in the Library.)

HOLIDAYS COMING – BIG CHANCE TO READ so borrow, borrow, borrow!!

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD MAY NEED RE-ORDERING. Do this now and it will be here to begin the term. Pay the office/show library staff the receipt.

PARENT LETTERS TO YOUR LOCAL MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT NEEDED NOW – RE NEW LIBRARY. (Our Principal supports this campaign) I have just written personally to Bob Carr who is my local member for Parliament to ask for his intervention to increase the amount of funding allowed for joint capital works. Dr Jaggar has also written a letter as Principal of our school. At present the maximum amount allowed for joint funding projects is $350 000 for any $350 000 raised by private means. This would allow a library costing only $700,000. Any library built under this formula would be worse than the tiny, inadequate and outdated library we have now.

Would you please consider writing a letter to your local member of parliament as part of our school’s campaign to draw attention to the need to upgrade the amount allocated to joint funding projects? We regard Sydney Boys High as the school for all postcodes. So you can write to your local member or speak to him/her if you are on speaking terms. We will find it very difficult to obtain a decent library without using every source of funding at our disposal.
Mrs Crothers
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Da Vinci Decathlon At Knox Grammar School

This is an academic interschool gala day run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, with events of an academic nature. Schools enter teams of eight in years 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Students will participate in activities in the following disciplines;

Mathematics - emphasis on problem solving, number patterns and logic puzzles.
English - spelling, word origin, scrabble, definitions and writing.
Science - higher level scientific concepts and ability to apply them.
Code Breaking - deciphering several codes.
Engineering Challenge - a building task designed to test creativity and ingenuity.
Forensic Sleuths - dealing with maps, photographs and other evidence.
Creative Producers - developing and presenting a 30 second commercial to promote a particular product.
Art and Poetry - develop a poem plus a complementary work of art on a given theme. Games and Strategy - mastermind, chess and connect 4 General Knowledge - current affairs, entertainment, sport and trivia.

The tasks will be exciting and challenging with a particular emphasis placed on higher order thinking skills. Students will be highly stimulated by the day’s events. Schools should aim to select students who are able to complement each other in the various disciplines.

Sydney High will enter teams in each year group.

Lawson Centre
Knox Grammar School.
8.30 am - 3.15 pm

Years 9 + 10 Tue 9th August (Week 4 Term 3 )
Years 7 + 8 Wed 10th August (Week 4 Term 3 )

Interested students can obtain application forms from Mr Dolan (Social Science).
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Inter-school chess has finished for most teams this year with mixed results.

The Open team (Ronald Yu, Jason Cohn, Anthony Chau, Munir Alam) are currently 2nd behind Knox with three rounds left to play. The Senior A team (William Cao, Joe Banh, Taymur Mazid, Frederick Lee) finished 5th to Kogarah A in their division. In the intermediate divisions the A team (Caly Yang, Roy Wong, Simin Yang, Sean Lee) were 6th to Scots A and the B team (Simon Ting, Arunan Kandasamy, Alex Yeung, Simon Liu) 5th behind Grammar A.

The Junior A team (Steven Zheng, Declan McCrea-Steele, Timothy Yu, Charley Peng) are still hopeful of proceeding to the quarter-finals after finishing second to Newington by just half a point.
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Debating News

It has been a long few weeks of trials across each year group and, with such a large number of talented and enthusiastic students participating in debating this year, selections were very difficult. Coaches have been very impressed with the level of skill and confidence shown.

Selections for the 2005 Debating Season are now (finally) complete and I am pleased to announce the teams who will debate this season in The GPS Competition and the variety of other debating competitions in which we will participate this year.

Congratulations to all the boys who tried out, especially those who have made teams. We have a busy season ahead and I look forward to many successful debates and, hopefully, premierships! Thank you also to the coaches who have spent many hours conducting the selections and putting the teams together.

The Firsts are
1st Speaker: Gabriel McManus (captain)
2nd Speaker: Tom Kaldor
3rd Speaker: William Clegg
Team Advisor (CHS) and reserve (GPS): Dawei Qi

The Seconds are
1st Speaker: Faraz Amin
2nd Speaker: Romesh Abeysuriya
3rd Speaker: Sriram Srikumar

The Thirds are
1st Speaker: Philip Roser
2nd Speaker: Labib Rahman
3rd Speaker: James Morgan

A Team
Kelvin Yu Blaise
Michael Coutts 
Samson Lou 

B Team
Anthony Morris
Moussa Farhat
Raymond Roca
Tom Hurrell

B2 Team
Si-Yang Wang
Eugene Stadnik
Arthavan Surendran
Louis Yang

A Team 
Simon Lui
Dominic Bowes
Zid Mancideno 
Lucian Tan

B Team
Patrick Locke
Alistair Taylor
Jason Cohn

B2 Team
Albert Kim
Edwin Montoya-Zorilla
Muhammed Mehmedbasic

B3 Team
Richard Hui
Jun Dai 
Alex Shapilsky
Sean Lee

A Team 
Christopher Evans
Stephen Garafano
Beau Greenslade 

B Team
Thomas Nguyen
Christian Katsikaros 
Julian Byrnes

B2 Team
Edward Yu
Avish Sharma
Anton Jurisevic

B3 Team
Danny Lam
Razeen Ahmed 
Darren Nguyen

A Team
John Aclis
Anthony Paul
Max Phillis
Declan McCrea-Steele

B Team
Ariel Gabo
Ricky Cohn
Daniel Paperny
Justin Chan  

B2 Team
Juan Castillo
Puneet Baweja
Rafat Kamal
Rehan Sivasubramaniam 

B3 Team
Daniel Smith-Light
Leo Gordon
Brendan O’Rourke
Lachlan Chant 

There is no set formula for selections, as a good debater and a good debating team are made up of a number of factors all in unique combinations according to the different students. Teams were chosen with reference to a number of criteria, namely the way in which debates are judged - Matter (how well they could use their general knowledge to back up an argument), Method (how well they could structure their speeches) and Manner (the level of confidence they have actually presenting their speech). We also consider aspects of the student’s commitment, ability and reliability.

As much as possible teams will remain set for the rest of the season, so as to allow the teams to develop together and settle into working collaboratively. A GPS “A” team has been set for each level (and will debate every week), with a number of “B” teams being included which will rotate through the competition. These teams will also take part in The Premier’s Debating Challenge (PDC) and The University of Technology and Macquarie University Debating Tournaments.

Those boys who did not make the teams are encouraged to keep attending training sessions and to continue to develop their debating skills and general knowledge.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind boys about their conduct in training. With the large number of debaters, we have no time or patience for those who wish to be a disruption to coaching. Boys who create problems will be asked to leave the training sessions and not return. The boys who are in teams are not immune to this code of conduct.

The GPS Debating Handbook has been uploaded onto the website (thanks once again to Raymond Roca) and can be read at http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating/gps-guidelines.shtml.

The full season calendar is also on the website. The season’s results will be posted there as the weeks pass. Please check it out at http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating

The next meeting of the Debating Supporters Group (DSG) is on Tuesday August 9th at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room. All parents of debaters are encouraged to attend.

For any enquiries relating to debating you can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or with our new phone system you can leave messages for me by dialling the school phone number and calling extension 266. We will also have a voicemail-box at extension 399, where you will be able to ring in and listen to recorded information about the debating locations and times etc.
Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

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From Mathematics

Definitional Drift: Math Goes Postmodern
A baker knows when a loaf of bread is done, and a builder knows when a house is finished. Yogi Berra told us "it ain't over till it's over," which implies that at some point it is over. But in mathematics, things aren't so simple. Increasingly, mathematicians are confronting problems wherein it is not clear whether it will ever be over.

People are now claiming proofs for two of the most famous problems in mathematics — the Riemann Hypothesis and the Poincare Conjecture — yet it is far from easy to tell whether either claim is valid. In the first case, the purported proof is so long and the mathematics so obscure no one wants to spend the time checking through its hundreds of pages for fear they may be wasting their time. In the second case, a small army of experts has spent the last two years poring over the equations and still doesn't know whether they add up.

In popular conception, mathematics is the ultimate resolvable discipline, immune to the epistemological murkiness that so bedevils other fields of knowledge in this relativistic age. Yet Philip Davis, emeritus professor of mathematics at Brown University, has pointed out recently that mathematics also is "a multi-semiotic enterprise" prone to ambiguity and definitional drift.

Earlier this year, Davis gave a lecture to the mathematics department at the University of Southern California titled, "How Do We Know When a Problem Is Solved?" Often, he told the audience, we cannot tell, for "the formulation and solution of problems change throughout history, throughout our own lifetimes, and even through our re-readings of texts."

Part of the difficulty resides in the notion of what we mean by a solution, or as Davis put it: "What kind of answer will you accept?"

Take, for instance, the task of trying to determine whether a very large number is prime — that is, it cannot be split evenly into the product of any smaller components, except 1. (Six is the product of 2 by 3, so it is not prime; 7 has no smaller factors, so it is.) Determining primeness has huge practical consequences — prime numbers are widely used in computer security codes, for instance — yet when the number is large it can take an astronomical amount of computer time to determine its primeness unequivocally. Mathematicians have invented statistical methods that will give a probabilistic answer that will tell you, for instance, a given number is 99.99 percent certain to be prime. Is it a solution? Davis asked.

Other problems also can be addressed by brute computational force, but many mathematicians feel intrinsically uncomfortable with this approach. Said Davis: "It is certainly not seen as an aesthetic solution." A case in point is the four-color map theorem, which famously asserts that any map can be coloured with just four colours (no two adjoining sections may be the same colour).

The problem was first stated in 1853 and over the years a number of proofs have been given, all of which turned out to be wrong. In 1976, two mathematicians programmed a computer to exhaustively examine all the possible cases, determining that each case does indeed hold. Many mathematicians, however, have refused to accept this solution because it cannot be verified by hand. In 1996, another group came up with a different (more checkable) computer-assisted proof, and in December this new proof was verified by yet another program. Still, there are sceptics who hanker after a fully human proof.

Both the Poincare Conjecture (which seeks to explain the geometry of three-dimensional spheres) and the Riemann Hypothesis (which deals with prime numbers) are among seven leading problems chosen by the Clay Mathematics Institute for million-dollar prizes. The institute has its own rules for determining whether any one of these problems has been solved and hence whether the prize should be awarded. Critically, the decision is made by a committee, which, Davis said, "comes close to the assertion that mathematics is a socially constructed enterprise."

Another of the institute's million-dollar problems is to find solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations that describe the flow of fluids. Because these equations are involved in aerodynamic drag, they have immense importance to the aerospace and automotive industries.

Yacht designers must also wrestle with these legendarily difficult equations. Over lunch, Davis told a story about yacht racing. He had recently talked to an applied mathematician who helped design a yacht that won the America's Cup. This yachtsman couldn't have cared less if the Navier-Stokes equations were solved; what mattered to him was that, practically speaking, he could model the equations on his computer and predict how water would flow around his hull. "Proofs," Davis said, "are just one of the tools that mathematicians now use."

We may never fully solve the Navier-Stokes equations, but, according to Davis, it will not matter. Like so many other fields, mathematics is becoming less about some Platonic ideal of ultimate answers, and more a functional project of computational simulation and communal negotiation. Dare we say it: Math is becoming postmodern.
Margaret Wertheim is the "Quark Soup" science columnist for LA Weekly.
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High Notes Reminder

To receive a reminder that the latest edition of High Notes is available on the school's website, send your email address to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Your Son's Attendance Record

If you would like to have your son's attendance record sent to you on a daily or weekly basis, send your email address to

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please include your son's name and Roll Class and indicate how often you would like to receive the information (for example: each Monday and Thursday).
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From the Office

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by parent or guardian with the name date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

LEAVE - If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

The Principal must approve all leave applications.
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High Store

School beanies are available for purchase from the High Store - $20 only. Keep warm and be cool!!! .
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State of the Arts

Italy Music Tour 2005

Sydney-Rome-Assisi-Siena-Montecatini-Florence-Pisa-Venice-Rome-Sorrento-Kuala Lumpur-Sydney

The official Italy website is:

Next Term
Saturday August 6th 7.00pm - Cabaret Night
Thursday September 1st 6.00pm - Year 9 Performance Concert
Saturday September 3rd - GPS Music Festival Concert
Thursday September 8th 6.00pm - Year 8 Performance Concert
Monday September 12th 6.00pm - Year 7 Performance Concert

The year concerts will include all ensembles plus soloists. Boys are invited to apply to perform a solo.
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Sydney Boys High Cabaret Night

An Invitation

Featuring the Sydney High Pops Orchestra, Concert Bands, and Stage Bands.

Put on your dancing shoes and sharp suits and get grooving!

Saturday August 6th 2005 7.00pm Great Hall l

Bring you nibbles for the table, drinks and your dancing shoes! Organise tables of 10 or come as a single.

I would like to purchase the following number tickets at a cost of $10.00 each.

____________(amount tickets)       $___________total cost.
Name ________________________________
Type of Payment:   Cheque___       Cash ___ B/Card___      M/Card ___  Visa___
Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___
Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___
Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

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Sydney Boys High is now the proud owner of a Birko Filter Coffee Urn

Amounts from 12 cups to 100 cups of coffee can be produced.

The urn will be available to all interest groups, sub-committees, departments and individuals provided it is returned in the condition lent. .

Ideal for end of season Dinners, Suppers and Social Functions.

Contact the Main Office for details.

Thank You

Recently a group of dedicated women gave up their Sunday evening to provide supper at a theatrical presentation at UNSW.

Through their fine efforts and adaptability a sum of $435.00 has been raised for the P & C.

Thank you to
Megan Morgan
Raewyn Duffy
Carolyn Penfold
Barbara Taylor
Adele Bourke
Josie Hui
Cindy Su
Christina Chow
Katharine Deacon
Sue Levy
Canying Sun
Flora Fu
Vikki Angel
Ann Kurts
Helen Gabo

Your enthusiasm and hard work is very much appreciated.
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