High Notes, Vol 6 No 16, June 10 2005

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From the Principal

First Semester Reports
Parents should have received first semester reports from students in Years 12, 8 and 7. Most questions arising from these reports can be discussed with teachers at Parent Teacher night on June 30. Anything considered urgent can be addressed immediately by contacting the Year Adviser concerned.

Honouring Our Past
As a school we do not focus enough on honouring our past. Despite the continued efforts of Mr. Gainford and his volunteers on The Record Committee, publication of these historical records is well in arrears. The main problem is that students responsible for delivering match reports or season summaries, fail to deliver them, thus delaying the process of compiling the documents. Captains of teams and students responsible for group activities need to be more accountable. As part of the end of year Clearance Forms process, students responsible for reports for The Record will have a statement on their Clearance Form, detailing what commitments they have.

Eminent Old Boys Gallery
Thanks to the efforts of William Clegg,, Phillip Roser and others, the main corridor on the ground floor near the office has a new picture gallery. The pictures come from the Sir Frederick deer room and from the Archives Room. The policy is to display as much memorabilia as we can, in areas where students, parents and visitors might encounter them. We need more information about highly eminent Old Boys for inclusion in this gallery.

Recent High Achieving Old Boys Gallery
In the main foyer this gallery has evolved over the last decade without much organisation. It is planned to attach a timber railing to display the photographs properly and to avoid the wind problem that has brought down pictures in the past. It has been suggested that a set of protocols needs to be drawn up to guide decisions about who is eligible for the gallery.

GPS Second Grade Premiership gallery
Historically, the GPS sports competition has been contested in two grades. However, there has not been systematic recognition of second grade GPS performances. Caroline White, our Archivist, is researching second grade premiership records in all sports. It is my intention to commission an honour board for second grade premierships once all the relevant information is collected. It would be great if this project could be completed in time for our centenary of participation in GPS competition in 2006.

General Service Contributions
A reminder to parents that the school really needs your financial contribution to maintain its high standards of service delivery in academic and co-curricular pursuits. We are managing to compete with elite independent schools on less than one third of their budgets, including the contribution by the state government. We rely heavily on 90% compliance with payment of our general service contribution of $585. Please help us to keep our programs resourced!

Winter Sports Assembly
My speech on the occasion of the Winter Sports Assembly held on June 3, is reprinted below:

"Welcome to the 2005 winter sports assembly. We are here in the presence of parents, staff, coaches and students to honour those boys who have been selected to play in GPS teams for winter competition. On behalf of the school I extend a special welcome to our guest speaker this morning, Old Boy, Andrew Bennie, a football and cross-country representative. Our assembly is a week late this year, so our teams have faced GPS 2005 style competition already. The GPS competition in all sports is getting more professional in its operations. Recruitment of talent has become part of the sporting landscape. The standard of coaching has risen. The expectations of players are greater. The levels of fitness required have increased. In such an environment having strong motivation (or goal directed behaviour capacity) is essential for survival. Motivation has two dimensions. Positive motivation is an intrinsic force. It originates within an individual as a natural response to a desire to accomplish, to do things well. Positive motivation is optimistic; it responds to the potential benefits to be gained by a course of action. It nurtures visions of tasks completed and goals achieved. On the other hand, negative motivation is usually an extrinsic force. It originates outside the individual and is associated with sanctions or punishment. We comply with taxation deadlines and obey no parking signs because we are negatively motivated to avoid paying fines.

"Generally speaking, individuals feel empowered by positive motivation and disempowered by negative motivation. Sustained negative motivation (fear of failure or of being dropped from the team or personal criticism by coaches or team mates) can cause harmful levels of stress and lead to burn out or withdrawal from the activity. In a state of positive motivation an individual applies natural, low stress resources towards goal achievement. Positive motivation leads to higher performance in most cases.

"In sport, negative motivation can be transformed into positive motivation through consciously changed perceptions of the situation at hand. "Should" "must" or "cannot" are replaced by "will" "want to" and "can"- inspirations towards personal empowerment. As members of teams what can you do? How can you develop positive motivation? Well, you can take responsibility for your level of physical fitness. You can stick to a strength training program. You can play to the game plan. You can follow the coach's instructions. You can visualise yourself doing the job you have been assigned in the team. You can reduce or eliminate your actions which affect team performance. You can lead by example. You can resist the temptation to launch into a ruck from the side, or push someone in the back when challenging for the football, or give away a penalty by tackling late. Choose the highest percentage play. Pass the ball when you should. In volleyball, resist the temptation to spike the ball when it is already below the top of the net. Have a positive outlook on the rules of the game. Fashion your game around complying with them to the advantage of your team.

"Passion in sport is admirable and vital for heightened performance. However, it has to be channelled. It has to remain your servant and not become your master. No matter what the outcome of the contests ahead of you, each team member can manage his own motivation. He can make it positive. The way that he plays his game is what matters most. In the case of individuals, four lifelong beneficial qualities will be nurtured during the season if you remain positively motivated: resilience, task commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to grow in sport. Team success, no matter how it is assessed, will follow, if all the team members stay positively motivated and play with controlled passion. In the weeks of competition ahead, focus on what you can do and retain high levels of positive motivation.

"I congratulate all students who have been selected in GPS teams, first and second grade. I appreciate the effort you have made so far to reach this stage of preparation. We have teams in football, rugby, cross-country and volleyball. I leave you with the observation of Admiral Morrell: Morale is when your hands and feet keep on working when your head says it can't be done. With high morale our teams will achieve more than they think they can. Good luck to you all."

High v Shore at Northbridge
I was privileged to watch the junior football contests at the Bus Loop fields last Saturday. The 14As played well for their 3-0 victory. The 15A side showed evidence of good coaching. They played for each other and laid the ball back to a player in a better position often. They communicated well and put pressure on the opposition with well placed through balls. Their 2-0 victory was well fashioned. The 15Bs also played with a lot of purpose and were a credit to their coach, Old Boy David Kaldor. Their victory 2-0 demonstrated the skill and depth of 15s football at High this year.

At Northbridge, Shore's football program has improved markedly this season. A creative, fast and determined second grade put a lot of first half pressure on our defence. They created the bulk of the chances and deserved their 2-1 victory. The High boys rallied in the second half and put up a much better showing, but we have to learn to come out firing in these GPS games. The first half of the first grade game was remarkable for the number of shots at goal by Shore and the number of saves by David Greenup, our busy keeper. They were all over us, switching the play to the right at every opportunity and using their speed out wide. After the game the Shore MIC said she had counted 26 shots at goal by Shore during the contest. In the second half High came back strongly after two well constructed goals by Shore. In recent weeks scores have blown out when we have tried to play catch up football, but on Saturday there was more discipline. High scored twice to deny Shore a victory. Given the context of the game, it was a good result for us and we hope the boys can build some confidence from here on.

In the first grade rugby game, High was playing with a reorganised line up due to injuries to key players. The replacements did themselves and the school proud. High started the game as they have in recent weeks at a very fast pace with some useful pick and drive play. They turned pressure into points with a Cunningham penalty goal. The Shore backline had some serious pace in it and they used it to fashion a couple of good tries. Our boys fought back and were rewarded with a smart try by Mark Carroll, converted by Sandy Cunningham. At half time the score was 24-10 to Shore. The High boys really lifted in the second half. Great defence kept the Shore team scoreless for all but ten minutes of the half. Our boys tired at the end to let in two tries. Tom Mainprize maintained his good form this season, with hard defence and penetrating attack. The final score line did not reflect the match which was far from a walkover by Shore. It was a great effort from our boys, particularly in the circumstances.
Dr K Jaggar
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Address by Andrew Bennie - June 3 Winter Sports Assembly

"Good morning, before I begin I would like to acknowledge the Eora and Gadigal Peoples; the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land on which we are gathered today.

"Although I might not look out of place in a year 7 or 8 class, I did in fact, as Mr Farrington pointed out, leave this school in 1997 and work as a PDHPE teacher for two years. Regardless, I am really thrilled to have been chosen to come back and speak, at the Winter Sports Assembly. It's a privilege that is highly sought after by graduates of this school. So initially I would like to thank Mr Morris for signing me up as coach of the mighty 14A's soccer team, and for inviting me to speak, on this prestigious occasion. So, what am I going to speak about today? I'd like to talk a little about what I think being a student at Sydney Boys High is all about, what it meant to pull on the Sydney High Jersey, and what opportunities Sydney High provided to me, when I was at school.

"I believe this school is unique. Not ONLY is Sydney High the oldest government secondary school in Australia, but it is also one of the county's top selective high schools. Sydney High provides an enormously diverse range of opportunities to all students in sport, music, public speaking, drama and of course, school work.

"In relation to sport, we are the only school in NSW that gets to compete in the GPS, and CHS sporting competitions, throughout the entire year. For people like my twin brother and I, who were passionate about sport, conscientious students, although slightly mischievous, (as many of the teachers here today will recall), this school provided us with the most outstanding opportunity to excel in ALL aspects of life, not just sport. We were able to travel to many parts of Australia and on two occasions outside Australia throughout my school years, with a band tour to the USA and a cross country tour to Turkey. None of this would have been possible without support from the school, and in particular, my parents.

"So, the message I'm trying to convey, is that each and every one of you has been given an incredible opportunity to excel at this school. Make the most of your talents, whatever they are, enjoy yourself, and in your own way, contribute to the life of the school. Each and every one of you is responsible for this school and country's sporting, academic, and cultural future.

"So what did it mean to pull on the Sydney High Jersey? What did it mean, to go out into battle, each weekend, and fight, under the meritorious banner, of Sydney Boys High? Quite simply - it meant a lot to me! It meant competing with passion; it meant camaraderie; it meant uniting with team-mates, classmates and even staff, for that common goal of never giving in.

"I have several clear and enduring memories from my times as a competitor in winter sports. Yet the most inspiring moments throughout my sporting career, came from the all encompassing spirit of togetherness, from those who attended Sydney Boys High. Each year, we were written off as underdogs in EVERY competition. Yet the crest on our uniforms, conveniently placed above our hearts, represented the spirit with which we fought, and the passion with which we competed. I think the saying "hard work beats talent, when talent does not work hard", is a suitable representation of what it meant to compete for Sydney Boys High. Whilst the private schools seem to attract their talent with financial incentives, at High, we seek to develop the talent, that exists within the school, and work together, to defeat those we compete against.

"This winter, I urge you, to compete like champions - run past that extra person, dive for the loose ball, sprint up in attack and defence, and, never give up, regardless of the score. Take something from the recent results in the state of origin, where QLD came back from the jaws of defeat. Or more importantly, Liverpool's success in the Champions' League.

"Regardless of the final result, however, it is important to remember that every individual has the opportunity to experience success, even if it is not reflected in the final score. Way back in 1938, a brilliant English Athletics coach said that "the greatest enjoyment. . .to be had, win or lose, is when the athlete does his best."

"So, leave nothing left in the tank when you compete, and train yourself, to never relinquish the struggle, until it is over. Enjoy every moment that you're out there, and compete for the honour of your school, because unity amongst team-mates is the ultimate strength.

"THERE IS ONLY ONE, 2005, winter sports season. So, this winter, whether you've thrown on a sports uniform to compete, or you've pulled on your school uniform to support from the stands, wear the school's colours with pride, and walk around as though you're invincible. I encourage you to make the most of the opportunities that are being provided for you by this school, because as Mark Twain said, "Twenty years from now you, will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the things you did do."

"Go out there and compete this winter with a relentless will to succeed. Finish this season with no regrets, and, make sure, that you enjoyed, and are proud of what you have achieved, throughout your times at this school.

"Finally, ask yourself; are you glad to be a student, at one of the OLDEST, and MOST PRESTIGIOUS schools in the country? What will be the things that YOU REMEMBER and HOW do YOU want to be remembered, by those who follow in YOUR path? Boys, it is in YOUR hands. YOU hold the KEY. . .

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you and good luck "
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From the Rugby Master's Desk

At the recent Winter sports assembly I was impressed by the speech made by the guest speaker, Andrew Bennie, who hit all the right notes talking about sport at High. These occasions should be ones for celebrating the achievements of those students who have made sacrifices to achieve a goal, the goal of playing at the highest level available. I was similarly disappointed at some of the speeches and their negativity. Several speakers talked of the wins they had had and the losses they hadn't had, often taking a swipe at other High sports in the process. Surely we are on the same side regardless of the sport we play.

None of the speakers I referred to mentioned courage or commitment. The spectators that watched any of High's rugby games last Saturday against Shore, in particular the 1st XV match, saw the courage and commitment that makes everyone associated with High very proud. At the end of the 1st XV match a Shore parent came up to myself and coach Serdar Bolen and congratulated our boys on the way the handled themselves during the game, particularly in the in goal area after a try had been scored. She sits in the same place each week and hears some very distasteful language used by opponents in similar circumstances. She pointed out how well the leaders of the team handled the situation, calmly and effectively without resorting to hysterics or foul language. She mentioned our No 8 specifically. At High we pride ourselves on the development of leadership in young men. This leadership role fits very well with players such as Tom Mainprize and Ian Kwok. To paraphrase Al Pacino from "Any given Sunday", on any given Saturday someone will win and someone will lose but more importantly can you win or lose with class.

See you at McKay on the 18th of June for our matches against Riverview.
G. Stein
MIC Rugby

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GPS Code of Conduct

In response to a recent most unfortunate incident involving spectators at a rugby match, the Chair of the GPS Headmasters Standing Committee, Dr. Iles, has asked his colleagues to publicise the GPS Code of Behaviour in Sport. The section involving spectators is reproduced for your information.


  1. Parents are asked to make their presence and support as positive as possible.
  2. If your school is host, parents are asked to assume some responsibility for making visiting parents feel at home.
  3. When visiting another school, the host school's premises and rules - in matters of parking, tidiness, etc - should be respected. Adults are asked to note that, with the exception of family picnics in some circumstances, alcohol should not be consumed at GPS matches. If in doubt about such matters, visiting parents should check with an official of the host school.
  4. Parents should never seek, during or immediately after a match, to give advice to coaches, umpires/referees or to players.
  5. Barracking may be enthusiastic, should be positive rather than negative, avoiding excessive attention to the individual - even to praise him. A good example should be set by applauding skilful performance and play regardless of school.
  6. Parents can assist their son's fuller education by being sensible about the number and length of his sporting commitments. While these are regulated within the school context, parents should see that other, outside sporting involvement does not interfere unduly with academic study, religious activities, cultural and social life, as well as time spent with the family.

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From the PDHPE Department

Get Out and Get Active
The Commonwealth Government's Department of Health and Ageing recently published physical activity recommendations for 12 - 18 year olds. The two recommendations are:

  1. Doing at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day to keep healthy. Moderate activities like brisk walking, bike riding with friends, skateboarding and dancing. Vigorous activities made you "huff and puff" such as football, soccer, running, swimming laps or training for sport.
  2. Spend no more than two hours a day surfing the net, watching TV or playing video games, unless it is for educational purposes.

How do our students compare?
What can be done to improve the situation? Here are some ideas for getting active. . .

  • Choose a range of activities you like or think you might like to try.
  • Be active with your friends. You are more likely to keep active if it's fun and you have people to enjoy it with.
  • Walk more: to school, to visit friends, to shops, or other places in your neighbourhood.
  • Try to limit time spent watching TV, videos or DVDs, surfing the net or playing computer games, especially during the day and on weekends.
  • Take your dog or a neighbour's dog for a walk.
  • Try new challenges - skate, ride, surf, cycle or snorkel.
  • Be active with family members - in the yard and on family outings.
  • Encourage and support younger brothers and sisters to be active.
  • Try a new sport or go back to one you have played before.
  • Take a class to lean a new skill such as yoga, kick boxing, dancing or diving.
  • Check out the activities at your local recreation centre, clubs or youth centre.
  • Put on some music and dance.

And remember to always take precautions to avoid injury.

Get a boost by combining activity with healthy eating.
Healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with being active.

As a teenager, you are growing at a rapid rate. An eating pattern that contains a healthy variety of foods such as vegetables (including legumes i.e. peas, beans and lentils), fruit and cereals, and is low in fat, salt and sugar, will help you to be at your healthy best.

A healthy diet will make sure you have the energy, strength and good health to try new active challenges. If you combine healthy eating and physical activity, it will also help you maintain a healthy weight.

Great reasons to be active
Being active is good for you in so many ways. It can provide a huge range of fun experiences, make you feel good, improve your health, and is a great way to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. Some of the benefits of being active include:

  • It's a great way to have fun with friends and make new ones.
  • It's an opportunity for new skills and challenges.
  • It can boost your confidence.
  • It can improve your fitness.
  • It can make your bones and muscles stronger.
  • It can improve your posture.
  • It can help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • It improves the health of your heart.
  • It can help you relax.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It can help you maintain healthy growth and development.

For more information: www.healthyactive.gov.au
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Volleyball Report #4

Well High played against one of the private schools that has clearly been around for a while and very familiar with volleyball, seeing that they play in two different competitions CAS and GPS.

First Grade
It was a cold, cold morning when the Sydney High First grade volleyball team arrived at Grammar's gym, pumped and ready for a tough match.

This didn't occur. r.

High dominated from the word go, attacking hard and fast. Grammar didn't even have time to think, with Karl hitting quick through the middle, shredding their defence.

"Magic" Mike proved again he was a good addition to the team, hitting the outside with power and flair. The serving of the High boys was impeccable, with less than 5 errors the entire match.

It was a quick game, with High demolishing Grammar 3 sets to none. The Grammar match ended the first half of the GPS season, with High streaks ahead of the four opposition teams; Scots, Newington, St. Ignatius and Grammar.

We've played each team once, and so far are yet to lose a set. Serving has improved with each match, although the team is yet to serve a perfect match.

TThere are a couple of goals to be achieved in the second half of the season, including not missing a serve in an entire match, and keeping the opposition score to zero for a set.
Dominic Grimm

Second Grade
High Second grade entered the match pumped and ready to battle one of the best teams in the GPS, Sydney Grammar. The pre match warm up showed us that Grammar were a competitive team with skills rivalling that of ours.

We took an early lead with excellent outside hitting by Gary Lai and serving by Edward ong, however Grammar fought back and managed to drive the score to 14 all. We took the lead again with a quick succession of points that gave High some new founded confidence. Grammar caught up with 6 quick points and gave High a run for their money by losing the set only by 3 points, score 25-22.

ThThe second set provided some entertainment with the captain Sam Chhor setting the standard hammering spikes across the court. Strong passing and great blocking by Henry and George denied Grammars assault and brought the second set to a success at 25-19.

Strong Grammar attacks and a lack of communication on our part led to some quick points from Grammar, and it wasn't until we were told that we would have to do push ups if we missed any balls that we began to pass well and take the lead. Exceptional passing by Jordan and great spiking by Ping Lu enabled us to take the set 25-16.

Far from a walk over like previous weeks, this game was an important one in the season as it posed a challenge to what has been a fairly ordinary GPS season. Congratulations boys on another fine victory.
Balraj Hansra
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Are you the parent of a 5-16 year old?

Macquarie University is looking for 5-16 year old children and their mothers to be part of an exciting research project. We are investigating a range of factors that might be linked to childhood and adolescent anxiety disorders. Anxious as well as non-anxious children are welcome.

The research project involves completing a few questionnaires, speech tasks, and an interview. Mother and child will receive a total of $20.00 for their time and to assist in any travel expenses.

If you are interested in learning more about the project and your child has never received any treatment please contact Natalie Gar on 0404-618-685.
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P&C General Meeting

An invitation is extended to all P&C Sub-committee Chairs to attend the next General Meeting of the P&C to be held 15th June 2005, at 7.30pm in the Staff Common Room
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Sydney High School Foundation AGM

The Annual General Meeting of The Sydney High School Foundation Inc will be held on Tuesday 21 June 2005 commencing at 8.00 pm in the School Boardroom

For any enquiries please contact the Secretary at
PO Box 888
Strawberry Hills 2012
Phone enquiries 0427 070 569
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P & C Sub Committees, Parking Co-ordinators, Parent Year Group Representatives etc

Do you send SBHS-related emails to a list of contacts? If so, it is recommended that you include the following text at the end of your message :

You have received this email because you gave us your email address and indicated that you wished to be informed of Sydney Boys High School (relevant subcommittee) news. If you no longer wish to have your email address included in this email list, please reply to (relevant email address) and include the words REMOVE SBHS (relevant word) in the Subject heading.

Thank you
P&C Executive Committee

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Macquarie University Parent Liaison Program 2005

The Parent Liaison Program aims to give parents and families of Year 12 students information regarding study at Macquarie University.

Information evenings led by the Vice-Chancellor will be held at Macquarie University on Tuesday 28 June and Wednesday 27 July 2005 from 6.00pm - 7.30pm. These sessions will provide information on admissions, the UAI, transition to university from high school and HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP university loan schemes.

Bookings are essential. More information and booking forms are available at http://www.hscandbeyond.mq.edu.au/ or by phoning 02 9850 9446.
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SGHS Junior Dance

There will be a Disco for Years 7, 8 and 9 students in the School Hall, Sydney Girls High School on Monday, 20 June from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm. This function is for current students at Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls. No others will be permitted.

Staff from both schools and security will provide supervision.

At the conclusion of the dance boys are to be collected promptly at 10:00 pm from the SBHS Car Park (Cleveland Street).

Tickets will be on sale during the week prior to the dance. Details will be announced in the Daily Notices. .

Please contact Mr Beringer for further information.
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Canteen Price List

Opening Hours 8:30am - 1:40pm

8:30 to 9:00 a.m.
* a time to place lunch orders
* breakfast is available
It is to your advantage to pre-order lunches: it saves waiting in queues and ensures you get what you want.

Sandwiches and Rolls




Orders only:



cheese & salad

$ 2.20

$ 2.80

chicken & salad

$ 3.20

$ 3.80

corned beef & salad

$ 2.60

$ 3.40

curried egg & lettuce

$ 2.20

$ 2.50

egg & lettuce

$ 2.20

$ 2.50

egg & salad

$ 2.50

$ 3.00

ham & tomato

$ 2.40

$ 2.80

ham & salad

$ 2.60

$ 3.40

roast beef & salad

$ 3.00

$ 3.50

salmon & salad

$ 2.80

$ 3.50


$ 1.20

$ 1.50


Orders and over-counter sales:

buttered roll


$ 1.20

cheese & tomato

$ 1.50

$ 2.00

chicken & coleslaw

$ 2.80

$ 3.50

chicken & lettuce

$ 2.80

$ 3.50

corned beef & tomato

$ 2.40

$ 2.80



$ 2.80

roast beef & tomato

$ 2.50

$ 3.00


$ 2.00

$ 2.50

chicken or lamb yeeros wrap

$ 3.50


roast beef seeded mustard & lettuce

$ 2.50

$ 3.00

Available in brown/white bread; extras 20c.





Sushi -   chilli beef

           -    spicy beef

           -    kimchi tuna

           -    mayo tuna




$ 2.00

Cakes Muffins and Fruit

custard tart/apple slice


choc chip/anzac cookies

$ 0.80

lamington/finger bun/chelsea bun

$ 1.50


$ 2.50

vanilla slice/caramel slice


mud cake

$ 2.00

apple, orange, banana


fresh fruit salad

$ 1.60

Hot Food

Orders and over-counter sales:


chicken & corn roll

$ 1.30

chicken puff

$ 2.20

chilli pie

$ 2.80

garlic bread

$ l.30

lasagne/ravioli/spaghetti/hokkien noodles

$ 2.80

meat pie (sauce +20c extra)

$ 2.50

pizza pocket

$ 1.60

pizza rounda

$ 1.80

pizza slab

$ 2.20

potato pie

$ 2.80

sausage roll

$ 1.50

steak sandwich w/sauce

$ 2.50

sweet chilli chicken sub w/sauce

$ 3.50

hot chick/mayo roll

$ 3.50


300ml plain milk

$ 1.00

300ml flavoured milk

$ 1.50

600ml plain milk

$ 1.50

600ml flavoured milk

$ 2.00

mineral water

$ 1.40

Powerade TM

$ 2.20

400ml 100% orange juice with iron

$ 2.20

375 ml Coke/Fanta/Lift/Sprite TM

$ 1.50

600ml Coke/Fanta/Lift/SpriteTM

$ 2.00

Aroona-carbonated spring fruits water

$ 1.50

Berri - Long Life Juices

$ 1.50

Play - Flavoured Sportswater

$ 2.20

Sweets and icecreams/blocks over counter

Prices effective 31.01.2005 Minor price changes will occur as a direct result of increases by suppliers
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SBHS & SGHS P&C Associations

The SBHS & SGHS P&C Associations invite you to the 2005 Joint Meeting

The topic for the evening is Raising a Gifted Adolescent - Creating a Resilient Family

Guest Speaker: Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist

Andrew Fuller is the author of HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED AT SCHOOL, (Inyahead Press) RAISING REAL PEOPLE (ACER), FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING (ACER), WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER and BEATING BULLIES. Andrew has also co-authored a series of programs for the promotion of resilience and emotional intelligence used in over 2000 schools in Britain and Australia called THE HEART MASTERS. He is a Fellow of the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Learning and Educational Development at the University of Melbourne.

Wednesday 22 June at 7.30 pm
in the Campbell Hall
Sydney Girls High School

Come and hear Andrew Fuller's presentation which will be followed by question time and refreshments.  
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Minutes of the Meeting of the SBHS Sports Council

Minutes of the Meeting of the SBHS Sports Council  held 11 May 2005 at 5:30 pm
Present: N Morris, R Devlin, D Matsos, C Barris, G Stein, K Jaggar, J Beringer
Apologies: M Boukatos, L Heil, V Ockert, H Tuthill, B Hayman

Business arising from minutes
The Council resolved to write to Jason Tassell, congratulating him on the weights room operation.

Rifle Shooting MIC
Dr Jaggar to assume role until an alternative can be found.
The Council resolved unanimously: "That this meeting endorses the Principal's attempts to appoint an MIC Rifle Shooting and agrees that if these efforts are not successful, other steps be taken to ensure participation in the GPS shoot each year. If these efforts fail then Rifle Shooting at High will be discontinued."

Australian Sports Foundation
From 2006 the Year 7 orientation package will include a request for a $25 donation to the ASF.
It is essential that MICs submit their next 5-year plan reflecting restructures, etc.
The Council to consider the feasibility of including a project involving a major piece of equipment for use in a number of sports.

Budgets by Formula
MICs were urged to consult the budget worksheet at P:/Exec Notes/Budget and compare the calculation of faculty budgets with a proposal for similar calculations for sports budgets. Proposed budgets to be emailed to Dr Jaggar by end Term 2.

General Business
A number of fundraising possibilities was canvassed, including a golf day, auctions, etc. Dr Jaggar reported that he had written to the OBU conveying objections to a recent published derogatory comment concerning MICs in the last OBU Journal. A reply contained no retraction but undertook that there would be no further instances of such comments. Dr Jaggar undertook to circulate his letter to MICs and to submit it to the OBU Journal for publication.
The matter of providing physios at High venues was discussed. R Farrington undertook to research the possibility of employing an adequate number of trained personnel for future home games. G Stein reported that Rugby relied on parent doctors to assist in that sport.

The meeting closed at 8:05 pm.
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Music Winter Festival 2005

When June 23rd 2005 - concert begins at 6.30pm
Where Sydney Boys High Great Hall
Time Boys should remain after school to help set up, tune etc.
Dress The dress is full performance uniform which is a blazer, white shirt, school pants, tie, school socks and black shoes

There will be a BBQ selling sausages and drinks on sale from 5.00pm for the boys and parents. The cost is sausage in a roll $3.00, can of drink $2.00

I would like to purchase the following number tickets (number)
___ $12 Adult ___ $9 Concession ___ $25 Family Total cost $________
Student name _____________________________ Roll ___________
Ensemble    ______________________________ Instrument ___________
Type of Payment:   Cheque___       Cash ___ B/Card___      M/Card ___  Visa___
               (Payable to music committee)
Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___
Contact Number ________________________________________
Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___
Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

Important Italy update:
There is an important meeting for all Italy tour members and their parents on this Wednesday at 6.30pm in the great hall. All boys and parents are required sign a code of conduct form at this meeting. Mr Bigelow and Ms Miller who will be going on the tour will speak about the code of conduct and the expectations on the boys whilst away. It is mandatory that every tour member attends the meeting with a parent/guardian. Boys will also be receiving their tour uniform, bags and itinerary.
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Army Workshop and Concert

The boys who participated in the workshop and concert on Tuesday had a great time socialising and playing music with the SCEGGS girls. They workshopped a variety of pieces from 'O Come Va' to 'Verdi's Requiem'.

The combined band then worked on the Holst Suite for Band which the UNSWR band then performed for them in the concert.

The concert was a very entertaining one. Listening to a Brass Band concert on it's own does not sound like everyone's idea of a good time time but the UNSWR bad is certainly something different. They played every style from 'In the Mood' to 'Bossa Nova' (performed by band and two Tin whistles!!!) and where on earth did the piccolo come from in the middle of the Battle Hymn of the Republic!!

The highlight had to the cymbal duet - 'Thunderer March', played by the band and two Cossak dancers! But wait there's more- Hey Jude performed by the trombone quartet brought a tear to a few eyes. The finale of Waltzing Matilda ended the concert in a spectacular way with the full band.

I am sure that this concert inspired all the high boys who went and we can't wait to hear their sound at the Music Winter Festival.
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Senior Music Pocket

Music Pocket: (worn on the right-hand side pocket) an award of a special pocket may be made to senior pupils (Year 11 & 12) who have been involved in the Co-Curricular Instrumental Music Program and who have obtained a position in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Senior Stage Band, Symphony Orchestra or Senior Choral Ensemble.

Recipients must have a rehearsal attendance record of at least 80% per term, display a high level of commitment to their ensemble and performed at all school and community concerts while in the program. They must also show a commitment to both the GPS music program and the Arts Unit performances by attending performances and festivals where appropriate.

Eligibility to wear this pocket is to be determined by the Principal in consultation with the music staff. Note that this pocket does not confer the entitlement to wear edging braid.

There is a new student check list for each boy, to be kept in the music department. After each performance and at the end of each term, students should have their sheet signed off by the appropriate staff member. The sheets are kept in their year folders.
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GPS Music Festival

Nominations are now open for the 2005 GPS music festival.
This festival involves the best musicians from the GPS schools combining together to incorporate a Choir, Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble and Stage Band. Last year the works played included, Hindson's RPM, Dvorak New World, Sydney by Night, and the Handel's Hallelujah Chorus.

It is expected that all senior students will nominate to be a part of this festival. Year 12 students are welcome to participate.

Students will be selected for the ensembles based on standard and ensemble participation at school. The minimum standard to be eligible for the ensembles are AMEB 5th Grade. Instruments such as viola, cello, double bass, French horn, oboe and bassoon are always in demand.

All students in the ensemble program are encouraged to apply, there are five ensembles to fill and there will be a reserve list.

The top performers in the Symphony Orchestra last year were all from Sydney Boys High.

The festival dates are:
Sunday August 14th Rehearsal
Friday September 2nd Rehearsal
Saturday September 3rd Concert

Exact times to be confirmed All rehearsals and the performance are to be held at Newington College, Stanmore.

Please fill in the nomination form and return to the music office by Friday. 
Name ___________________________________ Roll _____________
Instrument _________________________________
____ Yes I would like to be considered for the 2005 GPS music festival. 
I understand that I must attend the two rehearsals and performance as stated above.
____ No I would not like to participate in the GPS music festival because
      (This helps us to plan future events.)
Signed ______________________________      Date _____________

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Trumpet for Sale

4 year old Jupiter 606ML Standard Trumpet in SUPERB condition Lacquered brass body, Hand lapped monel nickel plated silver pistons for accurate intonation and easy playabilty! =D 1st valve thumb hook, adjustable 3rd valve slide, .460" bore, 4.8" bell and a sturdy case included. RRP $899!!!


Inspection of trumpet can be organised.

Contact: Dylan Phone: 02 9876 7272 Mobile: 0412 336 605 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it