High Notes, Vol 6 No 12, May 13 2005

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From the Principal

Assessment and reporting standards
Each department has been asked to ensure that reporting and assessment protocols are followed during the mid-year reporting period.
1. Reporting of outcomes should be linked directly to defensible, transparent assessment tasks.
2. Defensible assessment tasks are linked directly to course descriptors, outcomes statements and teaching/ learning activities. Students will be notified well in advance of the nature and weighting of such tasks.
3. Defensible programming explicitly states important concepts, principles, skills and content in the units of work to be assessed by tasks.

High Talent
University of Sydney undergraduate scholarships for 2004. Outstanding Achievement (100 or 99.5 UAI) 0. Scholarship with Merit, Ivan Guo. Scholarship with Entry, Phillip Thai, Daniel Wodak. Forty students applied. 1600 applications were received. Faculty based scholarships are also awarded. Year 12 students are reminded that high UAIs are needed for university scholarships.

CHSSA sailing results from Belmont
The Joint Coal Board Trophy was retained. High placed 1-3 in the Pacer division. The title was won by Phillip Kurts and Anton Jurisevic. Simon Cradock was 3rd in the Laser radial rig and David Clayton 3rd in the Laser full rig. Well done to the sailing team.

New recruits show the way
I am very pleased with the turnout of new Year 11 students to Saturday sport this winter. Football (12), rugby (5), GPS cross country (3), volleyball (4), fencing (1). Good effort boys! Only one new recruit is not keeping to his promise of being involved in Saturday sport. If the rest of the school followed the great example set by our newcomers, we would have very large numbers indeed in all our sports competitions on weekends.

Attendance and progress letters
All teachers are issuing students with attendance (truancy) and progress (missed assigned tasks) letters. An accumulation of these letters will lead to negative consequences beginning with a parental interview and ending in a student's removal from a course of study. Students and their parents should be aware of the necessity to comply with verbal and written instructions about these letters to resolve issues appropriately. Unfortunately, a couple of students recently terminated their HSC enrolment at High, due to their inability to meet our requirements of attendance, progress and class work completion. Others have units about to be removed from their programs. Do not let this happen to you. Take class activities, full attendance and due diligence seriously!

High against ten different schools
The hard work of the secondary fixtures meeting is evidenced by the variety of schools High played against on Saturday - St Andrews, St Gregory's, Reddam, SCEGGS, Knox, St Patricks, Chevalier, Oxley, Riverview and St. Josephs. Our football teams found some form against St Andrews. The thirds are playing an entertaining brand of football and creating chances that are being taken. The 6-1 score line said it all. In second grade a tighter contest saw regular scorers Shuttleworth, Song and Karunaratne get on the board. The boys would be disappointed with their defensive lapse that resulted in a soft goal against them. The first grade team started in whirlwind fashion and played some constructive football. The St Andrews team gave us trouble in previous years and they showed themselves to be worthy opposition again. Despite running out of puff in the last ten minutes our boys held on for a reasonable win. Burack Akinci and Mischa Steen scored the goals.

Cross country season opener
At the High Invitational cross country meet in Centennial Park, hundreds of competitors lined up for each age group. It was a great day for a run. Great organisation from Messrs Prorellis and Kesting ensured the morning ran without a hitch. Our opens team turned out in large numbers and ran hard in a high standard field. Paul Watzlaff was carrying an injury and James Barker sustained an injury during the race but courageously completed the course. Solid runs from Edward Ovadia and David Grech set the team up for fourth place. Coming straight after our assessment period, the result was quite good. With intensive training and no injuries, our boys will show improved form next week.
Dr K Jaggar
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From Communities

In the two weeks since I last wrote here quite a lot has been added to the ESL and Communities web-log. Go there if you are interested in:

  • Boys education.
  • Or should that be "boys' education"? Punctuation dilemmas.
  • The Sydney Writers' Festival, and how it is affecting us.
  • A chance to have your story published.
  • Seeing exactly what has been the LOTE component of Sydney Boys High Year Sevens from 1997 to 2005.

Visit http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/ which now attracts a Google Page Rank of 5/10!
Neil Whitfield
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From the Library

"Keeping our boys reading"
Our present Year 7 boys are the best group of readers Mrs Crothers has seen for several years. This would appear to be thanks to the success of the Premier's Reading Program in Primary Schools where students were asked to read 20 books in a year. In at least 4 classes the response to "How many books did you read last year ?" was 50% had read 10 or more books. The challenge for our library will be to keep these boys enjoying their reading.

Holiday Loans
This year's Term 1 holiday loans outstripped last year's by 600 books.

Overall loans for 2005
Having the library open on Thursday afternoons has ensured that at this point of time Library loans are 2000 ahead of last year's figures.


This year the library is expanding its reading initiatives by:

  • Strongly supporting the Premier's Reading Challenge
    Parents of Year 7 students are urged to encourage their children to read 15 books from the Year 7/8 reading list and 5 other books of their own choice. (Alternatively students may enter the Sydney Boys High Reading Challenge and read 20 books of their choice from our Library). Our school is expecting all Year 7 boys to complete either of these challenges - of reading 20 books of their own choice this year.
  • Supporting the MS Readathon
    Year 7's Charity for 2005 Year 7 students may use the 20 books they are reading for one of the Challenges to meet the requirements for the MS Readathon.
  • Organising Year 7 Literacy Circles cost approx $500
    4 students share responses to a book they read in common. 4 x 8 books specially purchased
  • Organising Year 8 Reading Raps cost approx $1200
    4 students and a team leader share responses to a book they have in common. 4 x 16 books specially purchased
  • Involving Year 8 classes in judging the Children's Book of the Year Winners (Older Reader Category) cost approx $400
    Year 8 students read the contenders for the Children's Book of the Year for Older Readers and some students attend a night where primary and secondary students give their opinions of books nominated. Five copies each of the 6 nominations were purchased.

Mrs Crothers
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Developmental and Behavioural Patterns in Children and Adolescents

The School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) is conducting research to investigate how pubertal development affects the way children think and behave. The Department of Education has given approval for this research to be conducted in local schools including Sydney Boys High School. Participation in this study involves completing some game-type cognitive tests (eg vocabulary, memory, tracing mazes, reading names of colours written in different coloured ink), surveys about attitudes and behaviour, and a pubertal development survey. The school has arranged for UNSW researchers to administer the surveys in a 20-30 minute group session, and the cognitive tests in an individual 20-30 minute session during regular school hours. If your son would like to participate in this study with your approval, please ask your son to pick up an information sheet with consent form from the school office next week, and have him return the forms to the school office within a couple of days. As a show of appreciation for assisting UNSW with this research, your child will receive a free new release voucher from Randwick Block Buster and a voucher from Randwick Subway if he participates in this study.

Further enquires may be directed to Mr Beringer at the school.

This project has been approved by the ethics committees of both the School of Psychology of the University of New South Wales, and the NSW Department of Education.
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From the Rugby Master's desk

There have been several pairs of football boots donated to the school. If a player is without a pair of boots, he can come to the PE office and see if a pair fits. Similarly, if a player has out grown a pair of boots and they are in good condition he may like to donate them to the school.
G. Stein
MIC rugby

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GPS Cross Country

The GPS cross country season kicked off, so to speak, with our own High Invitation at Centennial Park opposite McKay. The cool overcast conditions created ideal conditions for running.

With runners having their first chance to size up the competition for the first time, or for some it was the sheer sizing up of the distance that lay ahead of them, there was a restless wait for the races to begin.

Sydney High boasted more than 40 runners in the Opens which took up a fair portion of the start line. There was hope in the team with more depth in the Opens than Sydney High has seen for a while. The race was started in helter skelter fashion as a 100+ field jockeyed for position coming into a turn straight off the start line. The pace did not settle but continued at a fast rate for the entire race. The finish line did not come soon enough for the exhausted High Boys. The results showed that cross country is no longer just treated as a warm up for soccer or rugby in the GPS but is taken seriously. The High team came in fourth behind Grammar, Newington, and Ignatius with many commendable results especially from James Barker who finished 21st after falling courtesy of the first corner. Hopefully the Open team will learn and come back stronger for the next meet.

A big thanks has to go out to all the parents and teachers that helped especially Mr Kesting and Mr Prorellis who coordinated the smooth running of the High Invitation.

Cross country is a good winter sport and anyone who is interested can still join, especially in the U14 and U16 where numbers are small. It is over and done with quick on Saturday mornings so come and talk to Mr Prorellis if you are interested.
Paul Watzlaff
Captain of Cross Country

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Weights Room

For the remainder of the term the weights room will be opening at lunchtime on Thursdays starting 11th May. During this time only seniors (Years 11 & 12) will be permitted to use the facility. If this trial period is successful, the gym opening times will be extended to include this time for the remainder of the year. So get in that extra strength session and watch your results grow.
Jason Tassell
Weights Room Strength Coach

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SBHS & SGHS Universities Evening

For Parents and Students in Years 10, 11 and 12

Great Hall
Sydney Boys High School
7pm - 9 pm Wednesday 8 June

University and Faculty Representatives from the following tertiary institutions will be present:

  • Australian National
  • University Macquarie
  • University University of New South Wales
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Technology, Sydney

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Year 10 Parents Meeting

Thankyou to all those who attended. A further meeting will be called later in the year. Anyone who would like to be emailed concerning future meetings, should send their address to Sharon Davidson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Year 9 Parent Group

The Year 9 Parent Group would you like your email address to be included in the Year 9 Parent Group list, so that you are kept up to date with discussions and events that relate to Year 9? If not already on the list, forward your details to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Barbara Taylor (on behalf of Yr 9 Parent Group)
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State of the Arts

Jazz Band Performance
When: Sunday May 15th From 9.30am - 11.00am
Where: Rosehill gardens Event Centre
Why: Education Expo
Dress: Music stand, Full performance uniform - white shirt and blazer
Bring: Instrument + Music Stand

Year 7, 8, 9 Concert/ Jazz Band performances
Excursion: Education Week Performance
Venue: Eastgardens Shopping Centre
Time/Date: Friday May 20th 2005 11.00am-12.00pm
Dress: Full School uniform no student will be permitted on the bus unless they have on the correct school uniform - school socks and shoes, blue shirt, tie, blazer Bring Instrument, Blazer

Winter Music Festival Thursday June 23rd 6.00pm
Featuring Year 10, 11 Jazz and Concert Band, Year 9 jazz Band, Choir, Symphony Orchestra, Year 7 Jazz and Concert Band, Guitar Ensembles and Junior String Orchestra

Italy Tour Band Rehearsals are held on Monday morning at 7.30am.
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Army Reserve Workshop & Concert

Sydney Boys High School Music Department Presents

On Tuesday 7th June the Concert Bands are invited to participate in a workshop with students from other local schools. This will be held in the SCEGGS (Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School) Great Hall (215 Forbes Street Darlinghurst, down St Peter's Street). The students will be workshopped on a combination of familiar and unfamiliar pieces. Major Frank Rugers will be conducting the workshop with assistance from other musicians in the Australian Army Reserve Band.
The students will be given a short break for dinner, where pizzas and drinks will be provided in the SCEGGS staff dining room.
At 6pm the concert will commence in the Great Hall. The very entertaining University of New South Wales Regimental Band will perform a concert featuring a variety of musical styles from Classical through to Jazz. Both instrumental and vocals will be featured and it is suitable for all ages. There is no charge for parents to attend the concert although a ticket is required for seating purposes.

Timings for the day will go as follows: there is a cost of $5 to pay for the pizza

4:00 - 5:15pm Workshop in the Great Hall
5:15 - 5:45pm Dinner in the Staff Dining Room (cost is $5.00)
6:00 - 7:30pm Concert in the Great Hall

I am confident that there is much the boys can learn from such an experience. It is so important for them to see a use for music after school, how to entertain an audience and the importance of good communication and visuals. It is also a chance for them to socialise with other musicians of similar ages and abilities.

Please return this slip to the Music Office by Monday 30th May

  My son will be attending the Workshop and Concert. Payment of $5.00 is included
  My son is unable to attend the Workshop and Concert
I would like ________ extra tickets for the Concert (no extra cost)
Student Name ______________________________  Roll ______
Instrument   ___________________________________________
Signed Parent/Guardian _________________________________

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