High Notes, Vol 6 No 10, April 29 2005

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From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 2
I trust staff and students had a relaxing break. Year 12 examinations commenced on Tuesday. We welcome back Jan Bryden who is replacing Geoff Gilligan until term 4. This week's enlarged edition of High Notes includes items due to be published in the last week of term 1. As the athletics and cross country carnivals were held that week I decided not to publish, in case the publication did not make it to most homes. Here are some of the events of the last week of a hectic term.

NSWCHSSA Rowing Championships
In perfect weather on a still Manning River on Saturday April 2 at Taree, High opened its campaign in the heats in the U-15 single scull, won by Cameron Reeves. Joel Livingston was second in his heat. Joshua Scharfegger won his heat of the Championship men's single scull, with Dominic Grimm 3rd in his heat. In the U-16 double scull heats High placed 3rd and 4th with a second in the U-17 double sculls. In the U-15 double sculls High crews won both heats. Blake Angell qualified in the U-17 single sculls. In the U-16 Danny Ng and Anton Komarov went on to the semi-finals. Cameron and Joel qualified for the final of the U-15 single scull.

Sunday was hot and sticky for the racers. The morning's program commenced with a leisurely row by our 1st and 2nd VIIIs, taking out the championship in the expected 1st and 2nd places. In the U-16 quad sculls Sydney Boys 1 won silver medals. Joel Livingston won a bronze in the U-15 single scull. Karl Kruszelnicki and Dominic Grimm won the championship pair final with Alex Tiedgen and Bryan Wrench picking up the bronze. In the championship single scull, Joshua Scharfegger won silver and Dominic Grimm bronze. It was quite a sight to see the first three places filled by High crews in the U15 quad sculls final. James Tiedgen and Sandy Cunningham won silver in U-17 double scull. In the championship quad sculls High won silver and bronze. In the U-17 quads High managed a 3rd. In the championship double scull Joshua and Mischa won gold medals and Sen and Olivier silver. Likewise in the U-15 double Ling and Nelson Ridges won from Na and Hui. In the championship men's four High crews won gold and silver.

It was a great performance to win 21 places in a state-wide contest. The organisation of our crews and logistics was excellent. We just need a more intensive sculling program so that boys are more versatile in their rowing skills and able to compete with other schools that specialise in sculling. My thanks to Con Barris, David Daish, Chris Watson, Mark Gainford and Everett Coan who were constantly engaged supporting the boys. Thank you to Brian Loundar for driving the big bus and to Tim Wilson for towing the trailer both ways. It was a very enjoyable visit to Taree.

Anzac Day Assembly 6/4/2005
The Anzac Day Assembly went well again this year even though the customary crowd of Old Boy supporters was not there. The boys spoke with great conviction and eloquence about the history of Gallipoli and the traditions of remembrance. My address is reprinted below:

"Distinguished guests, Major-General Jim Norrie, Lieutenant-Colonel Angus Bell, staff and students. Welcome to our annual Anzac Day Assembly. The purpose of this state sponsored ceremony is to honour those who have died in this country's wars or in international conflicts affecting our citizens. This is one of the most important educational events that is seen by governments as an opportunity to inculcate or reinforce values of patriotism and civic duty. Recently, nine values for Australian schooling were published by the Australian Government. Most of the nine are exemplified by the people and circumstances we recall and honour at this assembly. Today I want to remind you of three of these: freedom, integrity and responsibility. We see freedom in terms of enjoyment of the rights and privileges of Australian citizenship, without unnecessary interference or control by governments or interest groups. Freedom is also about standing up for the rights of others. Australians have a long history of putting themselves in harm's way for other people's causes. To have integrity is to act in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct, to ensure a consistency between words and deeds. What greater congruence between saying and doing could be exhibited by anyone compared to service personnel who give up the most precious thing they own - their lives - in the service of their country? To be responsible is to be accountable for one's own actions, to contribute to society and civic life, to resolve differences constructively and peacefully and to take care of the environment. One of the most important reasons for having this assembly, is to forcefully demonstrate to you all through reconstructing military events of the past, the ultimate futility of warfare as a policy option and to reinforce international responsibility as the foundation upon which to build resolution of disputes between nations.

"The thousands of Anzac Day ceremonies in schools around the country are exercises in nation building. Despite the fact that they can be held quite a while before the event or after it, these occasions are valued for their contribution to the establishment of Australian culture in school students, our future citizens and policy makers.

"Today it is tragically appropriate to broaden our contemplations about courage and self-sacrifice, about freedom, integrity and responsibility, not only in order to recall the lives and feats of the fallen in Australia's wars but also to acknowledge and admire the efforts of our serving armed services personnel on international duty on peace keeping missions or disaster relief operations and humanitarian aid reconstruction assignments. Just yesterday we witnessed the moving spectacle of flag-draped coffins being unloaded as nine casualties of an earthquake relief operation on Nias were brought home to their families. Two heads of state and military personnel from Indonesia and Australia were there to pay their respects and express their condolences to the bereaved.

"Individuals are sometimes forced to pay the greatest price for their commitment to Australia's sense of international responsibility. Whether on duty to help restore law and order in the Solomons or flying missions with our forces in Iraq, or on coalition peacekeeping duties, Australians are acting with integrity, defending freedom and showing responsibility - and dying for us in the process. This assembly and Anzac Day remembrance services to come are necessary annual events to make us pause and look at the big picture and be aware of what others are doing for our nation. We need to show our respect. We do acknowledge and admire their efforts. As a society we have compassion for others. Our huge national response to the Tsunami Appeal showed how generous and internationally oriented our society can be. We realise how fortunate we are. Australia is a leading nation in the region. We are relatively affluent. We see that our help is sorely needed. We have not forgotten cyclone Tracy and the Newcastle earthquake.

"We have a collective sense of the possible plight of people whose families, residences and livelihoods have been suddenly, violently and inexplicably taken away by the forces of nature. It is the innocence of their situation and the mystery of natural phenomena that strike a chord with us. We have the means to help and to make a difference.

"Australians have a right to be proud of their country and to celebrate the nation on Anzac Day. It is a most uncomplicated national commemoration of self-sacrifice and national service. Here in the Great Hall we keep a roll of honour publicly displayed for those from our school who gave their lives for this country. It is fitting that we place a wreath beneath their names each year, lest we forget what they did for us. Today's school ceremony should not be seen by any student as a substitute for participation in Anzac Day itself. High will be represented again by its marching band. I hope that you will get along to a local service in your community or support the march in various localities. We need to be proactive on our national days. Let all High boys try to exemplify the values of freedom, integrity and responsibility in their broadest interpretation. Let's try to be in thought and word what so many have been forced by history to prove by deed in personal sacrifice - Australian patriots. "

Cadets perform well
The following cadets supported the Sydney ANZAC DAY March by providing the banner party for the 2/1st Field Regiment Royal Australian Artillery Association -Warrant Officer Class Two Phillip ROSER, Staff Sergeant Adam FARROW-PALMER, Sergeant Tim SHU, Sergeant Chris BUDD, Sergeant Sriram SRIKUMAR, Sergeant Dinuka GUNASEKERA. Marching with the Sydney Boys High School Band, in cadet uniform, were, Sergeant Victor WEI - Drum Major, Corporal Anthony HO - School Banner. The turn out, presentation and bearing of the cadets was excellent and the School can be proud of its cadets' involvement in ANZAC DAY 2005. Assisting me in preparing the cadets for the march were 2LT Howey and CUO Will Clegg. 2LT Kathy Jackson was with the band. I must bring to your attention the particularly good work of the following members of the Unit: CUO Will CLEGG - great enthusiasm and leadership as a Cadet Under Officer, SGT Victor WEI - good leadership as Drum Major of the school Band.
[It is heartening to receive such high praise for our students' behaviour and attitude in this very public arena.]

Anzac Day Marching Band
All our boys looked proud and represented the school honourably at the Anzac Day March. I was very pleased to see that even at the end of a long march in quite hot conditions they carried themselves well and played expertly. Thank you particularly to Kathy Jackson for her preparation of the band. The occasion continues to attract very favourable publicity for our school and enhances our reputation as an institution interested in service.

Parking volunteers - a plea from a long-serving supporter
We need more help from parents and senior team members in many sports to raise sorely needed funds for GPS competitions. This email to football parents sums up the situation in the school eloquently.

"Football is the largest sport in the school and, we assume, requires the most funding to provide the infrastructure for the sheer numbers. We are privileged to play in the GPS competition as well as other pre-season comps. Being a member of the GPS is one of the advantages our selective school has over others in the State. Our boys have the benefit and experience of playing in one of the best State schoolboy challenges in all sports and debating. As we all know, the private education system has the funding to provide high-level training, coaches and scholarships to attract players. We operate somewhat differently and for all of us who have chosen this education for our sons, the differences are what we support. History shows us that bright boys are usually good at the many different ventures they participate in. However, we must give each boy the best chance to succeed in all aspects of Sydney High life. Your boys need you to help out. Football needs your backing to sustain High's involvement on the field at a standard that allows the boys to feel they are achieving a potential - you don't always have to win, but you have to feel you have a good chance. And besides, a win is not bad!

"We understand that most people find it difficult to attend parent meetings. We only expect that you participate through the football email network and put your hands up when needed. We must try to expand the network. Tell the parents of your son's team to send their email addresses to me. If each of us adds one email address, we have a better chance of making the parking days a success and not having to rely on the same 15 or so volunteers who always do it for the rest.

"I can honestly say, in my last year here, Sydney High is worth supporting. Each of us must take responsibility to continue the great tradition of parent involvement that has marked excellence at High over many decades. In the 21st century, a boy leaving school with a great academic record will do fine. A boy leaving school with a great academic record and an understanding that education means contributing for life can look forward to a happy, fulfilled future. Isn't that what we want for our boys? Please help out."
Mary Sinclair Acting Football Parking Coordinator

Athletics carnival a big success
Congratulations to all the competitors who made the athletics carnival held on April 7 and 8 such a success. Despite the obstacles to our organisation Mr Devlin and his team forged ahead to run an efficient carnival. The atmosphere was upbeat on both days. I was very impressed with the depth of participation in even the House relays, urged on by Mr Baldock. It showed that carnivals can be fun as well as highly competitive. This mood carried over to the cross country carnival on Friday afternoon. It too was run in great spirit. More boys seemed to be genuinely trying - perhaps due to our 1.6k run policy having been in place for a few years. Whatever the reason, I hope this trend of increased anticipation and enjoyment continues in future carnivals.

Weights Room
New Policy Due to the great success of Mr Tussell's administration of the weights room program, there is no longer any need to employ a rebate system to ensure completion of training regimes. Therefore, a flat fee of $35 per term will be levied for use of the supervised facility on a 'no pay, no stay' basis. I hope we eclipse the record of 120 regular users of the weights room set in term 1. Get involved boys and you will feel the benefits!
Dr K Jaggar
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Year 10 Parents Meeting

4th May 2005 at 6 p.m.
Staff Common Room

All Year 10 parents are invited to attend, meet other parents and exchange views
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From the High Store

The High Store will be open on Saturday April 30, 2005 from 8.00 am - 10.30 am. This is a trial arrangement for the benefit of working parents who are not able to attend the store during the week but of course all parents are encouraged to take advantage of Saturday trading.

To enable this arrangement to work, we need parents to ring and make an appointment with Michelle for the Saturday, by ringing 9331 7075. Obviously, if Michelle does not have enough people coming in on the trial days, it will not be worth continuing to have the store open on Saturdays.

This is a great opportunity to have your boys fitted for blazers and pick out other school clothing without the distraction of school activities or "play" with fellow students. Please also be reminded that all Sydney Boys High uniform is only to be purchased from the High Store.
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From the Library

Thanks Big thanks to the three ladies who have volunteered to pre read for our Year 8 Literacy Circles unit. We have weeded out several unsuitable books. Anyone else wishing to assist us to read or able to recommend a just published sure fire hit please let us know - Senior Students from our school included!!

Thanks to Deborah Street, Megan Morgan and Deborah Schilling

New to our Library
We have made a beginning on a "talking book" collection on CD ROM. We have 3 Anthony Horrowitz novels. (See the advertising on the Newspaper table). Parents or students taking a long drive for the coming holidays may like a story to while away some time. After all what we all like about reading is the story. Please come and borrow them and tell us whether the experience was worthwhile. We are still trying to figure that one out.

Sydney Boys High is entering the Premier's Reading Challenge by giving out entry forms to every Year 7 boy. .

Boys may have their challenge signed by the Librarian as long as they have borrowed a particular book from our Library and we have a record of this.

Books borrowed from elsewhere or bought by parents can be signed off by parents on the entry form.

SBHS new library reading for fun challenge
Sydney Boys High is so aware that boys who read are going to find essay writing and HSC exams so much easier that it is putting up its own Reading Challenge.

Any boy who reads 20 books for fun - fact or fiction - from Sydney Boys High Library this year (we will print out your reading records for the year) is welcome to enter our new library fundraiser for the huge price of $1. For this we will provide them with a beautiful certificate to commemorate a good reading effort.

Contenders are also eligible for the Reading Prize - for the student who reads the most books (for fun) from our library this year. .

Students who read a lot but read Non Fiction are advised to consult the (Non Fiction) "wide reading" lists on the Catalogue computers in the Library.
Mrs Crothers
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During the holidays an ex-student, Russell Ward, who is now in London, left a nice comment on the Communities and ESL Site guest book: "Thought I'd leave my sign having happened upon your very impressive site. You are certainly doing good things. I've enjoyed checking some of your links to literature as I maintain a keen interest in writing and reading you helped inspire, particularly poetry made in contemporary communities. Keep up the good work." ;

That led me to think about some of the people who have been to Sydney Boys High over the years. You may read the result on the Communities Blog at http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/index.blog?entry_id=1064120 There is an invitation there for some feedback: ". . .why not add an ex-student you think will inspire us. Use the COMMENT FACILITY at the foot of this entry."

On http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/705.html you can also find details of Year 7 2005 compared with Year 7 2004. One significant difference is this: Language Background Other Than English 2004 = 145, 2005 = 142, but 0-7 years in Australia 2004 = 36, 0-7 years in Australia 2005 = 21. There is also an overall improvement in scores on the grammar test administered to Year 7 2005 compared with Year 7 2004, even if the number of perfect scores was practically the same. However, in 2005 there were 127 students scoring 91% or more, while in 2004 the number was 113. No students in 2005 scored less than 81%, while in 2004 there were six.

Neil Whitfield
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From the Archives

In order to maintain a link between the schools curriculum, co-curricular activities and the Archives, could any relevant material eg. programmes for academic, sporting and cultural events plus any photographs etc, be placed in the Archives' pigeon hole, which is located outside the main office.

All relevant information will be collected, preserved and provide the Archive Resources with present and ongoing history of Sydney Boys High School activities.

Student Archivists may like to contribute by collecting some of this information for certain school events that they participate or are involved in.

As from Term 2, the Archives will be open on Monday only. Student Archivists are welcome.

Thank you.
Caroline White

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Weights Room

Thank You
Sydney Boys Weights Room renovation was proudly sponsored by:

  • TJ's Gym Mascot and its Members
  • The Boat House Restaurant, Blackwattle Bay

  • Ferry Road Glebe NSW 2037
    Tel: (02) 9518 9011
    Fax: (02) 9518 9098
    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Tue-Sun 12pm to 3pm, 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
  • Bunnings Warehouse Alexandria
  • A & P Joinery Botany
  • Mirrors supplied by Kingsford Smith Glass Rosebery
  • Carpet form Alex Bowen Carpets
  • Paint donated by:
    Australia's number One Boutique Paint Company
    895 Bourke Street, Waterloo NSW 2017
    Phone: 9698 5322
    Fax: 9699 5332
    Open: Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm Sat 9 am - 3 pm Sun closed

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On Saturday night, 2 April, one hundred and twenty parents and players were treated to an avenue of candlelight as they approached the entrance to the Great Hall to attend the Cricket Dinner and Presentation of Awards in the Great Hall. Then for the next two and half hours we were treated to a "cricketer's night" of presentations, wicket witticisms from the coaches and captains, good food and a visit from our resident possum.

John Bull, our MC for the evening kept the night's programme flowing as we drew door prizes, tackled Lozza's Trivia, raffled the Kingsgrove Sports Tsunami Walk bat (signed by some of the country's top cricketers) and said a fond farewell to our Year 12 cricketers who will not grace the fields next season. All with the resident possum's approval.

The Sports Master Ross Farrington represented the Principal Dr.Jaggar and congratulated the improved performance of the school cricket teams and encouraged additional support roles from parents for the coming season. An outline of the 2005 / 2006 season was presented by the MIC Cricket with the possible introduction of a 17A team to bridge the gap between junior to open teams, and of the pre-season camps that will be conducted.

The witticisms of the evening came from our four senior XIs as the "in-team and on-field" secrets were revealed unashamedly in some cases and to the mirth of those present. Including the resident possum who listened intently.

The finale of the evening was the presentation of the Cricket Pewter's to Damitha Fonseka, Nick Bull, Peshala Kariawasam, Rajeevan Yoganathan, Naeef Mostafa, Shaheen Kumar, Anuradha (Gayan) Vithanage, Shehan Karunaratne, Manusha Samaraweera, Suren Wickramasinghe and Nathan Frazi. And the resident possum approved from the side of the stage!!

Congratulations to Sharon Davidson (and Damien), the Dinner Coordinator who turned on a great night starting with the Great Hall layout that set the tone for the evening. Thanks also to Katharine Deacon, our retiring Parking Coordinator, who assisted in preparing the venue in company with our 1st and 2nd XI mums. Your efforts were greatly appreciated. Finally to "Groundhog", the resident possum who oversaw the night on behalf of the School.

I would like also to acknowledge the time and support provided by our team coaches, Mark Retter (1stXI), Kieran Lewis (2ndXI), Hugh Howey (3rd.XI), "Rao" (16A), Tom Bowes (15A) and Andrew Fuller (14A&B) whose efforts helped us achieve this step forward. I thank you all for your determined support for our teams.

To the Mum's and Dad's of the 1st and 2nd XIs on behalf of the boys in those teams, we owe a vote of thanks for their lunches and afternoon teas on match days. Your efforts have raised High to the top two lunch favourites voted by the GPS Umpires on the circuit. A testament to the standard you all produced.

I would also like to extend thanks to those who found the time to attend and assist, particularly the players.

Finally, my appreciation to the Cricket Committee, Chaired by John Bull, and to the parents who scored, provided transport and put up their hands to assist us on parking duties. Without your support we would not have achieved this season's results.

The Award winners on the night appear below and our congratulations on your Awards.

1st XI  
Batting Aggregate       Matthew FETHERSTON
Bowling Aggregate       Damitha FONSEKA
Players Player Award    Peshala KARIAWASAM

2nd XI  
Batting Aggregate       Suren WICKRAMASINGHE  
                        179 runs @ 19.89 Avge
Bowling Aggregate       Suren WICKRAMASINGHE    
                        18 wkts @ 20.78 Avge
Team Award              Gajaba MANAMPERI

3rd XI
Batting Aggregate       Anisul ISLAM
                        215 runs @ 30.7
Bowling Aggregate       Sayanathan PRABAKARAN
                        7 wkts @  20.30 Avge
Team Awards             Jiong ZHAO

4th XI
Batting Aggregate       Faraz AMIN   
                        126 runs @ 18.00 Avge
Bowling Aggregate       Arghya GUPTA  
                        18 wkts @  9.20 Avge
Team Award              James MORGAN

Batting Aggregate       Louis YANG
                        213 runs @ 35.50 Avge
Bowling Aggregate       Rommo PANDI
                        9 wkts @ 23.56 Avge
Team Award              Michael COUTTS

Batting Aggregate       Amalesh SUKUMAR
Bowling Aggregate       Edward CURRAN
Team Award              Lachlan DEACON

Batting Aggregate       Arunan  KANDASAMY
Bowling Aggregate       Michael COUTTS
Team Award              Shreyas IYER

Batting Aggregate       Kerrod McPHERSON 
                        240 runs @ 24.00 Avge
Bowling Aggregate       Nakul PEDNEKAR
Team Award              Alisdair BROWN

Batting Aggregate       Jeffrey CHEN
Bowling Aggregate       Lachlan BROWN
                        5 wkts @  24.40 Avge
Team Award              Matthew WONG

Batting Aggregate       Brian KELLY
Bowling Aggregate       Matthew FUNG
Team Award              Benjamin ENCEL

Batting Aggregate       Joshua NAIR
Bowling Aggregate       Nelson WANG
Team Award              Guoxi (Bill) WANG

All details of the Awards appear on the cricket website and during May the proposed pre-season programme will be posted on the site for your planning purposes. Future parking rosters will appear on the website.

I would encourage all cricketers to visit the website during the off-season as some changes are occurring in response to your suggestions and input.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Developmental and Behavioural Patterns in Children and Adolescents

The School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) is conducting research to investigate how pubertal development affects the way children think and behave. The Department of Education has given approval for this research to be conducted in local schools including Sydney Boys High School. Participation in this study involves completing some game-type cognitive tests (eg vocabulary, memory, tracing mazes, reading names of colours written in different coloured ink), surveys about attitudes and behaviour, and a pubertal development survey. The school has arranged for UNSW researchers to administer the surveys in a 20-30 minute group session, and the cognitive tests in an individual 20-30 minute session during regular school hours. If your son would like to participate in this study with your approval, please ask your son to pick up an information sheet with consent form from the school office next week, and have him return the forms to the school office within a couple of days. As a show of appreciation for assisting UNSW with this research, your child will receive a free new release voucher from Randwick Block Buster and a voucher from Randwick Subway if he participates in this study.

Further enquires may be directed to Mr Beringer at the school

This project has been approved by the ethics committees of both the School of Psychology of the University of New South Wales, and the NSW Department of Education.
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Mothers Day Chocolates

Lindt LINDOR CHOCOLATES (six chocolates in every box) will be available for boys to purchase as a gift for Mother, Mum, Mummy, Nanna and Grandma.

$4.00 buys one box
$12.00 for three boxes (tied with ribbon)

This project has the support of the Principal, Dr. Jaggar, the P&C and the School Representative Council. Funds raised will be directed towards the New Library Fund and current school projects.

Purchase your chocolates from one of the SRC sellers at school over the week of 2nd - 6th May. <<br /> Return to Index

2005 School Cross Country Team

CHS Competition Eastern Suburbs Zone 24th May 2005 Centennial Park

See Mr Prorellis for Info and Permission Note

No.     Age     Name    
1   12      Shadnman Ali     
2       12      Laurance Liu     
3       12      Brian Kelly      
4       12      Tim Molloy       
5       12      Ian Liu  
6       12      Vlad Boulavine   
7       12      Harry Vi         
8       12      Andy Chiem       
9       12      Brandon Cabanilla        
10      12      Daniel Luo       

1       13      Jeremy Ireland   
2       13      N Dimitropoulos  
3       13      Alasdair Brown   
4       13      Gregory Shargorodsky     
5       13      Stephen Yoon     
6       13      Neil Street      
7       13      Andrew Blomberg  
8       13      Timothy Siu      
9       13      Kieran Taylor    
10      13      Brerndan O'Rourke        

1       14      Cameron Reeves   
2       14      Edwin Montaya    
3       14      Roy Chen         
4       14      Patrick Locke    
5       14      Chris Evans      
6       14      Lucian Tan       
7       14      Mario Sun        
8       14      Stephen Dong     
9       14      Joel Livingston  
10      14      Lachlan Street   
1       15      Mitchell Kelly   
2       15      Quan Nguyen      
3       15      Joseph Lai       
4       15      Anthony Morris   
5       15      Johny Shih       
6       15      Alistar Taylor   
7       15      Daniel Campion   
8       15      David Vien       
9       15      David Kumagaya   
10      15      Daniel Okeefe    

1       16      Sandy Cunnigham  
2       16      Ali Amin         
3       16      Andrew Reis      
4       16      Eugene Stadnik   
5       16      Oswin Pereira    
6       16      Gajaba Mananperi         
7       16      Yuk Lin Leung    
8       16      James Tiedgen    
9       16      Jaffe Chiu       
10      16      David Hu         

1       17      James Barker     
2       17      Lewis d'Avignor  
3       17      Francis Wong     
4       17      Chong Shao       
5       17      Quentin Yang     
6       17      James Chan       
7       17      Dale Sun         
8       17      Andrew Wu        
9       17      Tom Kaldor       
10      17      Senthil Thillaindesan    

1       18      Edward Ovadia    
2       18      David Clayton    
3       18      David Gretch     
4       18      Jeremy James     
5       18      Shibu Mani       
6       18      Savva Dobrinsky  
7       18      Nick Bull        
8       18      David Yang       
9       18      Jue Xie  
10      18      Philip Tripp     
11      18      Paul Watzlaff    

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proudly presents
A Musical Comedy

Music by Charles Strousse
Book by Michael Stewart
Lyrics by Lee Adams

Director - Linda Lorenza
Musical Director - Peter Kraft
Choreographer - Virginia Ferris
Lighting Design - Chris Twyman

A cutting edge presentation of this classic hit musical, Bye Bye Birdie presented by The McDonald College, is a must see for any Ed Sullivan or Australian Idol wannabe.

Set in the 1950s America, a hysterical plot revolves around the gorgeous rock 'n roll superstar Conrad Birdie, his agent Albert Peterson and Rosie, Albert's long-time and long-suffering secretary and love interest. With the looming threat of Conrad being drafted to war, will the screaming girls from downtown Sweet Apple ever meet their rock hero? Will Conrad be drafted and ease the teenage angst of their boyfriends? Or will the thrill of the Sweet Apple residents appearing live on the Ed Sullivan Show become the real talk of the town?

A stunning production in the round with a great cast and band comprised of leading McDonald College students and complete with all the familiar dance hall sounds of the 50s, come and swoon, scream and jive with the residents of Sweet Apple and maybe you too will make it onto the Ed Sullivan Show!

Thursday 5 May 7.30pm
Friday 6 May 7.30pm
Saturday 7 May 2pm, 7.30pm

Tickets on sale now through Seymour Centre Box Office
Telephone: 9351 7940
$45 Adults
$40 Seniors/Pensioners
$25 Concession
$15 for Sydney Boys High students for Saturday 7 May 2pm performance