High Notes, Vol 6 No 1, February 04 2005

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From the Principal
Year 7 Parents
From Rowing
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From the Principal

Welcome to Term 1 2005
Welcome to new staff, students and their families. Welcome back to those who worked in our school community last year. I am looking forward to another year of strong academic results. We hope to move forward in ICT despite the lack of roll out hardware from DET. Our focus will be on equipping selected classrooms for WAN and AV access, with sound and data projection capacity. Our recent network collapse has become a costly problem that might set back the timeframe for implementation of our plans. Thank you to John Fittler and James Rudd who have put in a great deal of time to recover the network. The accident was a blow to morale at the start of the year. Thank you to all staff for your patience and understanding in the down time this week.

Staff Changes
All of us will have to adjust to the unprecedented number of staff changes that have occurred for the start of our academic year. Some continuity for students will be lost. On the other hand, fresh ideas and perspectives will enliven our professional culture.
Staff who retired last year: Marcia Shepherd (Head Teacher English), Max Jones (English Teacher), Jan Bryden (English Teacher) and Tony Hannon (History Teacher).
Staff who left us: Bronwyn Opferkuch (Nowra High), Michael Selway (North Sydney Boys), Sueann Plenkovich and Usha Pillai (Senior School Assistant at Blackwattle Secondary College).
Teachers on leave are: Glen Davies (HT Languages), Jenni May (Head Teacher Welfare), Sonya Gorney (Science Teacher), Julie Eggleton (English Teacher), Debra Gilmore (Music Teacher).
New appointments for 2005: Marina Trompetter is our new Head Teacher English (from North Sydney Boys), John Prorellis commences officially as Head Teacher Administration, Patricia O’Brien (from Dulwich Hill High) replaces Mr Selway, Mark Jones replaces Mr Hannon, Darren McQuillan replaces Ms Opferkuch and Mr Hannon is now a part time history teacher.
Teachers relieving this year include: Everett Coan (HT for Jenni May), Dorothy Matsos (HT for Glen Davies), Rachel Howland (for Max Jones), Belinda White (for Julie Eggleton), Tanu Arora (for Sonya Gorney), Susanna Lim (for Debra Gilmore), Brian Webb returns in science, Claire R----- and Sean Fonti will cover Jenni and Sueann’s classes in visual arts. Alain Albert will take Glen Davies' classes.

High Talent
Congratulations to the eighteen students from the 2004 HSC who were placed on the HSC All-round Achievers List for achieving the highest band in courses totalling 10 or more units:
Tanvir Ahmed, Ali Alsamail, James Chen, Nanshan Dong, Brian Elia, Bishoy Eskander, Ivan Guo, Sabbir Hamid, Varun Harish, Clement Lau, Terence Law, Chao Liu, Thomson Liu, Konstantin Molchanski, Oliver Pickles, Isaac Thangasamy, Daniel Wodak, Phillip Yang. Well done to Calvin Liu (Marketing), Konstantin Molchanski (Finance) and Kagan Sevinc (Business Information Technology), our 2005 UNSW Co-op Program Scholars.

Summer Sports Assembly
Our special guest, Mr Stephen Whitehead, former Boomers, Melbourne Tigers and Sydney Kings player, entertained the assembly with his theme of dedication and passion and where these attributes can lead you. He told of an encounter with his boyhood idol Magic Johnson and how his persistence led to obtaining an autograph. The captains of the various sports teams introduced their players via a seemingly mandatory ‘roast’. The crowd was amused, if not the victims. My address is reprinted below. School representative team members, coaches, managers, supporters, fundraisers, special guests, parents, staff and summer sports participants. Welcome to our summer sports assembly 2005. This morning we are gathered again to acknowledge and honour the teams in all summer sports. Our first and second grade teams compete in the AAGPS competition. All junior years contests are merely preludes to this major drama. GPS summer sports are: rowing, cricket, tennis, basketball and swimming. We honour rowing with a special assembly before the Head of the River. Sailing has a solid competition attracting Scots, Riverview, Grammar, High, Cranbrook and CAS teams to a series of races on Rose Bay. I welcome Mrs Boukatos to the role of MIC Sailing for 2005.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have dedicated themselves to preparing the teams that will be presented to you. Not to be forgotten are the coaches and managers of all the junior teams who help to build the skills necessary for GPS competition. Thank you for your efforts.

Thank you to Mr Ben Hayman for his Basketball Coordinator’s achievements, and for taking on the MIC role this year as well as coaching first grade. His commitment is already legendary. His impressive efforts will bear fruit in future years. Thank you to Vince Salomon, our long-serving coach who is guiding second grade with his usual skill.

Thank you to Laurie Heil for all he did in 2004 in his roles as Cricket Co-ordinator, MIC cricket and School Liaison Officer with Centennial Parklands management. Laurie, along with our groundsman Ben Ingle, with help from Sean Creer, turned the Fairland Pavilion into an impressive facility. Ben has improved the pitch at McKay 1 as much as he can within the constraints of the Green Options arrangement. Mark Retter and Chris Kourtesis trained and managed the first XI, while Kieran Lewis put in a good season with the seconds. Thank you to Peter Carroll for his expert assistance over several years with the first XI.

Mr Ockert did a sterling job in his first year as swimming MIC and looks set to build a bigger team this year, but we will miss the likes of Tom and Barry. My thanks in particular go to Mrs Tuthill, MIC tennis, Mr Boros, first grade manager, Mrs Neville, Mrs Klocker and the tennis committee for their huge support of our tennis team. What a team it was in 2004. GPS undefeated premiers, CHS champions and 3rd. in the Australian Schools championships behind two tennis schools! Under the watchful eye of our master coach Carl Nielsen, we are hoping for another great season ahead.

Turning to my theme for this summer sports assembly, I have discussed previously the psychosocial value of having competitive sport as a lifelong activity; the purposes of competitive sport; the personal development and educational values such engagement with competition instils in people; the psychology of team sports; and the value of training yourself to have a sports mind and a sports heart. Today I would like to turn to an overview of the conceptual model that describes well how natural abilities are influenced by catalysts during the developmental process of turning those abilities into systematically developed skills. Catalysts are things that facilitate change. Professor Francoys Gagné, an eminent Canadian psychologist, developed his differentiated model of giftedness and talent over several decades. His model makes sense of how some people turn into talented sportsmen and others with equal natural ability do not. He sees ‘talented sportsmen’ as those who perform in the top decile of the population. Many here fit that definition admirably.

Some people have enhanced sensorimotor abilities – acute senses like eyesight and a greater than usual endowment of strength, endurance, sharp reflexes, balance or hand-eye coordination. During informal and formal learning and practising of their chosen sport, certain catalysts affect sportsmen positively or negatively in their development. Think of Donald Bradman hitting a golf ball with a cricket stump up against a concrete water tank base. Of the four intrapersonal catalysts identified by Gagné, volition and self-management are particularly important. Physical problems might affect your performance – you might be set back by illness or injury. Your personality, your temperament, self-awareness or self esteem, might affect your performance, particularly under stress. Volition refers to your will-power, your effort, your capacity for persistence. Reflect on how Bradman must have persisted to master his famous skill. Most of us would have witnessed a marvellous example of volition in Lleyton Hewitt’s matches at the recent Australian Open. Self-management comprises the concentration, routines, work habits and scheduling needed to build skills systematically. Again, the punishing training of top tennis players and swimmers highlights this intrapersonal catalyst in its most positive manifestation – international sporting success. Performances are enhanced or inhibited by these intrapersonal catalysts.

I congratulate all the teams being introduced today. I urge other boys in the audience to follow their lead. Ramp up your volition as you prepare to compete. Be thoughtful about your self management techniques. Make your intrapersonal catalysts productive forces. Make yourselves and the school proud of the way you perform in the weeks ahead!
Dr K Jaggar
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Welcome to new students – Year 7 AND others!

For much more, go to http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/ the Communities Blog, which is this column – plus! Or you might look at the front page of the ESL and Communities site: http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/

With ESL being reduced to just one day a week in 2005, these sites are going to be even more important for you this year. In 2004, almost 500 SBHS students had been born overseas, and of these 110 had been in Australia for seven years or less. Inevitably, there are among our students some who will find, as time goes on, that their English language skills sometimes cause them to lose marks. If this happens to you, what can you do?

The first thing is to talk to your subject teachers if you find yourself having a problem in their subjects. I will have tested you by the end of Term 1 and will have a lot of information about your English language background. Your teacher may refer your problem to me, and together we may find an answer for you; or I may arrange to talk it over with you; or your teacher may point you to a section of the ESL/Communities Site where your problem is dealt with.

You may of course also talk to me directly, or email me, or use the web site guest book. However, remember I am only here part time.

So it really is important for you to explore the Communities and ESL website and get to know what is there. And keep coming back, because it is always changing and being updated.

Enjoy your time at Sydney High.

Since writing the above in Week 1 there have been a few updates: http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/index.blog?entry_id=616965 includes material for Year 11/12 English and Year 9 English; the very popular “Da Vinci Code” page http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/code.html has been revised .
Neil Whitfield
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Attention Year 7 Parents

A Welcome Party for new Year 7 parents is being organised for:

Thursday February 24 in the Great Hall between 6.00 and 8.00 pm.

Invitations to this function will be sent out to you shortly. Please mark this in your calendar as an important function.

RSVP by Wednesday 16th February 2005

Please complete the RSVP slip on the invitation and drop it into the box which will be located in the administration foyer.

We look forward to meeting you all.

Vera Dimitropoulos
Year 8 Parent Representative

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Work Experience:
• Voluntary
• available to Years 10, 11 and 12
• may be from 1 to 5 days
• Process for applying and gaining Work Experience
    1 See your Careers Adviser
    2. Complete the Career Voyage Guidance program
    3. Discuss your completed guidance program with your Careers Adviser
    4. Choose one of the careers from your program list
    5. Approach employers in this career domain
    6. When placement found collect all legally required documents from your Careers Adviser to give to employer
    7. Return legal document required by the school to the Careers Adviser
    8. Collect "on the job" legal forms for your placement and go to Work Experience
    9. Upon completion of Work Experience return required legal document to Careers Adviser, debrief and receive your Work Experience Certificate

You cannot go to Work Experience in:-
    • the last week of your school year
    • during school holidays
    • during or in place of school camps or other designated school activities
    • one week prior to or during exams and assessments
    • other periods of the school calendar deemed inappropriate
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From Rowing

The annual Shed Race was a great way to finish up the Term 4 rowing season on the Saturday before Christmas. Held as a handicap race in which the slower (younger) crews are given a start against the faster crews, the event always concludes with a flotilla of High boats surging down the Parramatta River. The race starts at the Ryde Bridge as younger crews desperately try to defend their position against the fast finishing senior VIIIs. The Year 9 1st Quad rowed with power and rhythm to pass the front markers and hold off the rest for a convincing win from the Year 8 1st Quad and the Year 10 1st VIII. The fastest crew was predictably the 1st VIII. The winning crew (Bowman – Robbie Chen, 2. Anton Komarov, 3. Danno O’Keefe, Stroke - David Vien, Coxswain – Sunny Rahman Coach – A.M. Gainford) also won this event last year as the Year 8 1st Quad. These boys needed no reminding of what the coveted prize was – a free lunch! Thanks to all the coaches and course marshals who patrol the river to make sure this spectacular and morale boosting event is incident free. Over the summer break our rowers trained very hard – particularly the senior A crews who had a selection camp (see Captain of Boats Report below) followed closely by a week of training on the beautiful upper Nepean River. Our thanks again go out to old boy Chris Watson who looks after the senior rower’s considerable catering needs over this final ‘holiday’ camp. Racing resumes this Saturday with the St Joseph’s College Regatta at Iron Cove. Come along and cheer our crews if you can. In the evening the Senior Boatshed Dinner will be held at Abbotsford commencing at 7 pm. Steve Tiedgen – for the Rowing Committee. From the Captain of Boats January13th saw the senior rowers out testing their fitness, strength and endurance. This was the day when our dedication to training and our spirit of never giving in would be laid open in the rowing selection for Years Eleven and Twelve.

We travelled out to the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC) in Penrith. Greeted with glassy water and a bevy of other GPS schools we had to quickly unload and assemble the single sculls and fours. The single sculling time trial partially determine the crews, and was raced over 1750 metres. Dom Grimm, myself, Mischa Steen and Attila Szabo gaining entry straight into the VIII. Josh Scharfegger’s place was also assured in the VIII, after making a good recovery from his recent surgery.

The next stage of selection was of ‘seat racing’ where crews race over and over again with constant changes between the crews to compare rowers. The competition was incredibly tight, with eight people racing for the three remaining seats in the VIII. The selection process involved roughly 24 kilometres of rowing in a short period. Races were conducted in a sweltering heat.

Back at our sheds, the crews were announced. The 1st VIII consists of Mischa Steen (Stroke), Josh Scharfegger, Attila Szabo, myself, Dom Grimm, Sam Gribble, Bryan Wrench, Sen Mitsuji (Bow) and Ilya Zak as coxswain. The 2nd VIII consists of Sandy Cunningham (Stroke), Olivier Delaruelle, Jeremy James, Alex Tiedgen, Quinton Yang, Dave Clayton, Will Clegg, James Tiedgen (Bow) with Tom Mittelheuser as coxswain. The 1st IV consists of Yaegan Doran (Stroke), Adam Farrow-Palmer, Jeremy Yuen, Tom Kaldor (Bow) and Romesh Abeysuria as coxswain. The 2nd IV consists of Doug Chang (Stroke), Jim Brown, Chong Shao and Blake Angell (Bow).

Over the holidays the crews have trained long and hard and as a result have progressed and improved considerably. We can enter the St Joseph’s Regatta this weekend with pride and confidence in our abilities and efforts.
Karl Kruszelnicki, Captain of Boats
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From Sailing

A Combined Schools Sailing Regatta is being held between the 12th and 16th April 2005 at Lake Macquarie. Any sailors who attend the school are welcome. You need previous sailing experience but you do not need to have sailed with the school as a sport. Any boys interested in sailing in the Combined Schools Regatta must contact Ms Boukatos as early as possible in order to arrange entry to the competition. Mary Boukatos

Attention all Parents Two cheques for $35 each were found at the end of last year for the payment of a Junior Polo Shirt . The cheques were in the name of N B Nguyen. If these cheques belong to you please contact the Main Office Sydney Boys High School. Thank you.
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SHOOTI N’ HOOPS The prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter – Issue #1 2005

FIRST GRADE Saturday 6th November – High VS Kings (Round 4).

High entered the first round of this year unsure of what to expect from the competition leaders, Newington, who had the services of star player J. Wang again, returning from injury. It was certain that much effort would be placed into the game, and that High would try its best to defeat Newington.

After a tough training schedule during the holidays and a friendly win over SCEGGS Redlands 72-57, High were ready to resume the season where they had left off, winning Scots for the last match of last season.

However, Newington came out hard and played extremely well, outclassing High in the early stages of the match. Newington scored at a very quick rate with J. Wang hitting three after three, despite good defence and teamwork from High. The battle continued for the first two quarters, with High scoring a few now and then, and Newington powering ahead.

By half time, the game was virtually over, with Newington leading by 40 points. Their remarkably well-drilled squad was just too good for High. Additional to their star played J Wand, they were more accurate, determined, taller, stronger and quicker.

However, High would not give up without a fight, and so fought back in the later stages of the game with good leadership skills from Captain Cameron Conway and skilful point guard Dustin Palana. Cameron tried hard in the key all game despite an obvious height disadvantage and Dustin controlled our offence well in spite of some excellent defence from Newington. It was a show of High spirit against the might of Newington.

Nonetheless, Newington was too good, running away with the game 110-36. The High boys were extremely disappointed with the result and promise a more competitive effort against Scots.
Francis Wong | 1st Grade player

SECOND GRADE Saturday 6th November – High VS Kings (Round 4).

After coming off a Scots win in Term 4, High Second Grade were looking to upset yet another GPS opponent, Newington, for the first match of the season. We were looking forward to continue our streak, and had the intention to win.

After a solid routine of vigorous preparation during the holidays, High Second grade were confident and not intimidated by the taller Newington side.

The first few minutes of the game saw a skilful and very fit Newington side power up, and start the game off by knocking off a few points. This was soon followed up by High, and solid performances from the team soon brought High closer to the Newington score, although due to many transition baskets early in the game, Newington held on to a solid point margin between High. This was carried on into the Second Quarter.

Gradually the game became a very tight battle, matching great teamwork with solid high forwards—well built Kenny Huang and Roger Burrell—grabbing many rebounds and utilizing these to their advantage.

However, the close-fought contest was not reflected in the scoreboard towards the end of the game, as many High members were failing to sink the ball, whereas the Newington side got basket after basket, being a stronger and taller team.

The final score ended up as 59-37 in Newington’s favour but full credit to the High Boys for sticking with them and maintaining a positive attitude and giving great effort to the game.
Raymond Huynh | 2nd Grade Captain
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