High Notes, Vol 5 No 9, March 26 2004

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Himalayan Report
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Year 7 Welcome Party
Desperately Seeking Old Tiles and Crockery
Sydney Boys High Cricket
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Peer Support Report
State of the Arts

From the Principal

SSET- an extended writing response at last!
After more than a decade of lobbying by Selective Schools Principals and following an intensive media campaign led by our own SBHS Placement Committee in 2001-2, the government has finally announced a twenty-minute extended writing task for the SSET this year. This is a definite move in the right direction. By making all applicants sit for all parts of the test, a fairer overall indication of ability will be obtained. There already exists a positive discrimination process in favour of LBOTE applicants who have not had English as their language of instruction for any length of time. It is managed very equitably by individual School Placement Committees on a case by case basis. Making the extended writing component worth one third of the English test mark is a good beginning, but it would be better if extended writing contributed an equal amount to the final test score as do the other components of the test.

Proving you can answer multiple choice test items does not indicate your potential in the round. Effective literacy and communication skills are critical to the productivity of workers in a large number of professions. The government's decision brings it in line with other ability tests, such as the SAT that have added writing components. Our SBHS Placement Committee suggested in its response to the selection procedures Discussion Paper that the writing component of the test should be 30 minutes and be a separate measure contributing 25% of the test score. Our recommendation was that the other sections should have a reduced number of test items so that the duration of the test would not have to be extended. Some people have concerns about a two hour and twenty minute test for eleven year olds. Also, test developers conceded that 30 or 35 questions could be made to discriminate as well as 40 questions do. Whether at two hours or two hours twenty minutes, the test objective ought to be to provide equal opportunity for mathematical computation and reasoning (mathematics and GAT sections) as well as English comprehension and literacy (English section) to be assessed. At least the breakthrough has been made. Students with precision, fluency and flair in writing will earn vital extra marks. Future pressure will no doubt be applied to even up the weightings of the test components, creating further benefits for the naturally literate.

Coaching Colleges and the SSET
The perceived need to enrol children in coaching colleges to enhance their chances of gaining entry into a selective school, discriminates against a balanced childhood. At High, we want boys who have been out playing cricket, basketball or soccer on the weekend. We are seeking boys who spend time getting involved in the life of their primary school. We much prefer boys to come to our school who have not been burnt out by up to four years of intensive coaching. If everyone decided to stop sending their kids to school for what amounts to an extra day per fortnight, then the perceived advantage obtained by coaching would also disappear and families could save their money for other things. The coaching market is driven by the search for a special advantage for a particular child. Nobody has a reasonable complaint about the useful remedial services provided by coaching colleges. Many children benefit from extra help at all levels of schooling. However, the purpose of the coaching in that context is to meet the expectations or academic standard of the educational institution attended by the individual. Coaching to beat a test is a different matter. Allegations abound about the lengths to which some operators will go to secure advantages for their students. Research on the benefits of coaching is inconclusive, but suggests that a 0.3 effect size could be expected in mathematics. This means up to 4 extra marks in the mathematics test. Test-wise habits of mind might produce a few more correct answers for coached candidates, due to applicant familiarity with the style of questions being set. In the context of the existing distribution of scores, those marks might just make the difference.

Coaching colleges need to be regulated. Colleges need to be stopped from coaching specifically for the SSET. Supposedly, there are 540 Coaching Colleges. The government could make them register as schools and only a few inspectors would be needed to make random visits to see what was being taught and sample the distribution of paperwork. Reputable colleges would not be unduly affected. To level the playing field even more, past test papers could be given to state primary schools so that teachers could take some time to make students aware of the testing process and the various kinds of test questions.

The SSET and Complementary Criteria
The most effective means of reducing the power of the Coaching Colleges is to provide an alternative. Another means of helping children to gain entry to a selective school could be to nurture their talent - in sports, performing or creative arts, leadership or citizenship. The strong suggestion of the SBHS Placement Committee over several years is that selective schools ought to be granted an option to reserve a class for candidates with acceptable test scores and significant claims for selective entry due to their talent development in other areas of endeavour. In terms of the sometimes low correlation between UAIs at the end of secondary school and the incoming SSET scores, success in multiple choice tests is only an indicator of an individual's potential. The most telling attributes for success are attitude and application. The Placement Committee believes that performance indicators are important to a selection process, because they can demonstrate attitude and application by individuals. For us, a score set at one standard deviation above the mean would be an adequate indication of potential. [That is, a mean of 60 + a standard deviation of 12 for each component multiplied by 3, or 216 global score.] Beyond that, we believe performance indicators could easily be applied for a reserved proportion of the candidature. Parents would then have a choice for their able children. They would feel reasonably confident of scoring well in the complementary criteria component of the placement process. Thus, instead of undergoing hours of expensive coaching to squeeze a few more test marks from themselves, candidates could have fun doing what they enjoy and still be likely to gain selection into one of the participating selective schools.

For its internal selection process, High has developed a template to assess achievements that are documented by applicants in their responses to segmented application form. On a 50 point scoring system, the academic quality of applicants in their school setting accounts for 20 points. The remaining 30 points are made up from authenticated evidence of achievements in the complementary criteria set out in the form. High proficiency in sports, musical theory and performance, debating/public speaking, leadership or citizenship can be acknowledged within the template. In the Sydney Morning Herald editorial (20/3/04) it was claimed that our criteria were not appropriate. "These criteria are so subjective - and may be so loaded towards the cricket team, for example - that they erode the very concept of academically selective schools. There can only be one basis for entry: academic merit measured on a standard test." We totally agree with the editor that all applicants need to meet an academic standard as determined by the test. We take issue with the subjectivity assertion. Recognised indicators abound. External assessment is the norm for academic competitions, music performance and athletics. It is not subjective to recognise that a person was one of three best debaters in a cohort of 90. To play representative sports describes a performance standard. To be the school captain tells assessors something objective. To have a grade 7 in violin means something. Our Placement Process to fill vacancies in Years 8-12 assesses a candidate in the round - just as we are accustomed to when applying for scholarships or jobs. The next stage is an interview and then a final ranking takes place. We defend our processes as comprehensive and equitable.

The editor of The Sydney Morning Herald may be aware that most selective schools increase their intake of students in Year 11. Placement Committees at selective schools use performance indicators to assess the merit of applications. Quite often, performance in a particular selective school indicates suitability for entry into another selective school, irrespective of the original SSET entrance score of the candidate. In practice, Placement Committees are doing a very professional and defensible job of assessing applicants for vacancies in selective schools, all that the Sydney Boys High Placement Committee is arguing for is the choice to reserve a limited number of places to apply similar processes in the selection of Year 7 students.

Summer sport - the last round
Sunny weather, a high tide and plenty of spectators on a windless morning, set the scene for the Riverview Gold Cup regatta last Saturday. In heat 3 of the men's open VIII, High finished fourth, but were only 3 boat lengths from the winner, in a race in which they were the only schoolboy crew. The 2nd Year 10 VIII had a similar result and distance from the winning crew. The 1st Year 10 VIII rowed strongly into 2nd Place by half a length, just pipping a fast finishing Newington. The fours were quite a bit off the pace with the exception of the 1st IV who put on a sustained effort to get second by a canvas. It was a morning of close racing, a feature of this historic invitational meet. At St. Joseph's the first grade basketball team was leading after the first half. In the second half the boys demonstrated that they have improved in two critical areas of the game- getting the ball into the opposition half and boxing out offensive players in the key. The boys continually frustrated the taller Joeys team, creating poor shot options and more than a few turnovers leading to successful fast breaks. The game got messy and quite physical towards the end of the 4th quarter as the boys got tired and nervous as the prospect of a long awaited win grew brighter. At last it was over and the team scored 81 points, hanging onto their half time margin to win by 12 points. I was particularly pleased that the boys could record a win. Ben Hayman has coached them with a great deal of skill, commitment and patience this season. He and the Year 11s in the team can carry forward some positives into next season. I hope all families of basketball players get behind the basketball committee as it gears up for a better season in 2005! At the St Joseph's sports fields, the doubles were well under way. Only needing a couple of points to secure the premiership, the boys started a little casually but held on and won the first two doubles comfortably, but lost the third match. Brian, Dejan and Tim had easy wins but Michael Hayes had to really play some top tennis to get over a very determined and consistent Joeys No 1. It was a great relief to have finally clinched the Championship in consecutive years. Congratulations to all the boys in the team, to Ron Boros who managed the team so well, to Carl Nielsen, coach and mentor, and particularly to the Tennis Committee, who do so much in fund raising and catering, led by MIC Ms Tuthill. Thank you to Mrs Neville, Mrs Hayes and the catering group who look after the boys so well at the matches and organise catering for the Tennis Dinners. Congratulations to Michael, Dejan and Brian who were selected in the combined GPS team.
Dr K Jaggar
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From Science

Results of Science Quiz No. 3 for 2004

Questions about Mars, blueberries and making snow were correctly answered this fortnight by Sriram Jeyaraman (9M), Kiril Mickovski (8T), Andrew Tang (8T), Jacob Cao (7T), Peter Luu (8S) and Bernard Fang (8T)

No answers this week - just the questions!
1. (a) What causes Mars to appear red?
(b) What are the "blueberries" that were discovered on Mars, and why are they significant?
(c) If there is life on Mars, in what form would it be, and where would it be found?
2.(a) Why is the N.S.W. government trying to make snow fall in the Snowy Mountains?
(b) How do they propose to do it, and why is it controversial?
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Himalayan Report

Last year a group of boys and Ms Plenkovich left Australia for Far North India. It was a harrowing yet uplifting journey complicated by the near-death experience of our trusted leader!

The trip had its highs and lows, in both senses. We saw breathtaking scenery of the Himalayan Mountain ranges, we enjoyed the local cuisine and the following gastrointestinal illnesses. We grew accustomed to life with 'the Chai Man' crashing into our rooms at dawn, bellowing "CHAI! CHAI!" offering Indian tea.

On the other side, we saw mutilated refugees, beggars and street people living in squalor. It was a shock for all when Ms Plenkovich developed a spinal abscess.

Ms Plenkovich is doing well and we hope to see her soon.

My highlight was the eight days on the trek. We saw the Sleeping Buddha range, Mt Everest and hundreds of 'stupas'. The 'fellowship' played cricket and soccer and raced billycarts with the locals. Another favourite was a yak ride up a steep mountain. One of our party were gored by the mighty, tea-cosy covered horns of a yak. The trip brought the team closer together, and was an epic journey of self discovery not involving Hollywood (or even Bollywood). Chai anyone?
Karl A Kruszelnicki
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From Debating

Dates for your diary:
Debating Supporters Group:
Important Meeting for debating parents: Tuesday April 6th 6.30pm in the Common Room.

Social Debates Term Two:
May 28th vs Trinity.
June 4th vs St Josephs.
June 11th vs Shore.
June 18th vs Newington.

Coaching times:
General Meeting every Tuesday lunchtime in Room 204. All debaters must attend.

Year Seven: every Wednesday after school in Room 207. 3.10 pm - 4.10 p.m.
Year Eight: every Wednesday morning in Room 207 at 8.00am.
Year Nine: every Tuesday morning in Room 403 at 8.00am.

State Trials.
We are hosting the NSW State Debating Trials this year.
There is a workshop on Tuesday March 30th at our school. 6.00pm-8.00pm $20 cash at door.

The Trials are open to debaters in Years 10, 11, and 12.
A three hour time slot will be allocated on Saturday 3rd April or Sunday 4th April.

All debaters are urged to attend.
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Year 7 Welcome Party

The 2004 Welcome Party for the Year 7 parents was a great success and was attended by over 160 people. Parents from all Year 7 classes attended.

It is fantastic to see so many enthusiastic new members of the school community. Once again WELCOME!

Everyone agreed that the evening was a great way to learn more about the school and to meet and get to know each other. (Guests also enjoyed an amusing visit by the school's possum!)

A big 'Thank You' to all the parents, the Principal, the P & C, the speakers, the staff, the Prefects and all other helpers of the night. Everyone's effort was greatly appreciated and made this evening a great success.

A special thank you to the Sailing Committee for the catering, to Mr Hannon for the video presentation and to the Band for the musical contribution.
Thank you once again!
The Year 8 Parent Group
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Desperately Seeking Old Tiles and Crockery

Year 11 Art students are producing a mosaic in the canteen courtyard inspired by the work of Gaudi.

Any generous offerings can be left at the main office or the Welfare Office as soon as possible
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Sydney Boys High Cricket

The CRICKET DINNER and PRESENTATION OF AWARDS is now just over one week away [Saturday, 3 April in the Great Hall] and Monday 29th March is the last day to submit your payments to the office. A reminder the cost is $25 for adults, $20 for players and students and it is BYO for the adults' liquid refreshments.

Dress for ALL PLAYERS IN SCHOOL UNIFORM. Starting time is 6-30 for 7-00pm. We need the help of five male and four female volunteers to assist in erecting tables and table decorations and settings. Please contact either Kate Friis or Sharon Prentice whose contact numbers are displayed on the sydneyboyscricket.info website if you can assist.

The High Teams saved their best form across the board for the last round of the GPS competitions and the Group 2 matches with most teams really fighting to finish the season with wins. Whilst the efforts were there our results did not reflect the spirit that was displayed by the majority of our teams, but the comments received from opposition coaches congratulated High teams on the toughness we had shown, in what they had thought would be easy wins.


In the Trophy match against St.Paul's (Northern Conference Premiers) the Year 8 High boys clinically annihilated the opposition in one of their best bowling performances all season. Batting first High scored 4 for 192 from their 32 overs with Matthew Fsadni (50 retired) scoring the fastest 50 of the season in just 21 minutes, Daniel Simpson (50 retired) as the batting anchor and Daniel Vijaykumar 21 being our main scorers. With a huge total of 41 sundries (wides, no- balls and byes being the 3rd top scorer!!) In reply St.Paul's had no answer to the fiery High attack with magnificent bowling performances from Matthew Coutts who took 3 wickets for 4 (4 overs), Daniel Simpson2 wickets for 2(4 overs), Kogulan Sriranjan 2 for 7 (4 overs), Daniel Vijaykumar 2 for 4 (4 overs) and Dominic Bowes 1 for 1 (1 over). Premiership medals were presented at the conclusion of the game to the High team as the Trans Harbour Year 8 Champions

FIRST XI - Day 2 saw Grammar (the competition leaders) continue to bat having been 13 without loss on Day 1 at stumps. In a tight game the High bowlers kept the pressure on Grammar throughout and at lunch the match was evenly poised with a result that could go either way. Grammar needed 53 runs and High needed 5 wickets as the match resumed post lunch and High struck quickly taking 3 wickets and at 8 for 127, Grammar needed 10 runs and we needed 2 wickets. Tension around the ground was enormous and mobile phones were running hot, as Grammar crept closer whilst High bowled 3 maiden overs looking for the elusive 2 wickets. Alas, the wickets didn't come and Grammar finished at 9 for 150 and had their biggest scare of the season. Wicket takers for High were Varun Harish 2 for 12 and Adrian Jeyendra 2 for 18. A great effort by the boys and congratulations on a fighting performance.

SECOND XI - Day 2and High took up the chase for Grammar's final score of 9 for 220, which was helped by an incredible total of 10 dropped catches during their innings. However after a shaky start from High losing 3 wickets a solid partnership developed between Gayan Vithanage and Rajeevan Yoganathan. At lunch High had accounted for just under half of the total and by tea we were 4 for 136 and there was an air of expectation around the ground. Then disaster struck with the loss of two quick wickets immediately after tea and the job was ahead of us to salvage a draw and with the pitch playing low at both ends we lost our last wicket 15 minutes prior to stumps with our total at 171. This performance was full of merit and given the improvement in our batting, plus application and ground fielding it was the catching on Day.1. that cost us this match. Well done to all for a gutsy fight to the end. Best performances with the bat came from Gayan with 71 which only included 2 fours, Rajeen (18) and Richie Cherian(14)

THIRD XI - High were given 18-20 overs to score 101 runs for a win and after 4 overs had 27 on the board and were going stongly.

COMPETITIVE "GENTLEMEN'S" FOURTH XI -Ended the season with 6 WINS from 10 Matches with 4 WINS from the 6 matches in this Term and a loss to Joeys in the second last over of the day. St. Josephs made 9 for 159 off 28.3 overs with Dominic Byrne taking 3 for 21, Adrian Pluis 3 for 17 and Mitchell Bowey 2 for 24. High batted and were all out for 156 in 29.2 overs. Tom Hoare top scored with 52 and Mitchell Bowey 49 in a 93 run partnership. Mitch took a "Classic" catch - caught and bowled and was man of the match. Our thanks to Dominic Bowes from the Under 14Bs who fielded for us for half the innings, well done Dom. In a bold and competitive challenge (with huge incentives on the result) the "Gentlemen" played the Second XI at Wednesday Sport and we can promise you an interesting report next week!!

TEAM 14As- In one of our more bizarre cricket results as High continued Day 2 of their match against Grammar and after being all out for 29 on Day 1 and the Opposition making 5 for 205, High batting again were all out for 93,. Grammar batted again for 103 and strangely or so it would seem from our reporter's editorial, High batted again for a total of 64, their third innings!!???. Our erstwhile reporter continued that Rommo Pandit and Blaise Prentice-Davidson took 2 wickets each and Matthew Coutts one wicket in Grammar's first innings. On Day 2 it is reported that Rommo Pandit scored 43 n.o. and 34, Radhesh Baskaran 23 and Michael Coutts 20 "in the day's play" as well as Radhesh taking 2 wickets and a direct hit run-outs, from Radhesh and Michael Coutts and Matthew Coutts figured in a third run-out. Blaise Prentice Davidson and Matthew Coutts were the main wicket takers. What an interesting day at the cricket !!

TEAM 14 Bs WINNERS in a cliffhanger finish. St Josephs batted first and were travelling well at 48 without loss of wickets and then the High bowling attack basted 10 Joeys out for 107. Kogulan Sriranjan took 3 for 28, Dominic Bowes 3 for 13 and Peranathan and Kandasamy taking one apiece supported with catches by Shreyas Iyer, Toby Rosengarten, Tikisci and Daniel Vijaykumar and run outs by Nicholas Lochner and Ryan Sutton.. High got their innings off to a good start putting 30 on the board from the first 5 overs and at drinks were 2 for 46 (after 16 overs). The fall of wickets being that of Shreyas Iyer who made 15 runs and Arun Kandasamy 2. Two quick wickets after drinks and High were in collapse mode until a partnership between Nicholas Lochner (9) and Daniel Vijaykumar (39) righted the ship only to lose 2 more quick wickets to be 6 for 92. Ryan Sutton and Ricky Ratanyake then dug in to keep us in the match and when the last over arrived High still needed 10 runs to win. However a wide was called and a run taken, a two was scored followed by another wide and we needed 5 to win. Ricky then hit a four and on the last ball of the day Ryan Sutton bolted from the non-strikers end to run a Bye, as the Joey's keeper gloved the ball and missed throwing down the stumps. The celebrations and "we beat Joey's" could be clearly heard around Sydney as the 14Bs posted their THIRD WIN for the season.

TEAM 13Cs WINNERS in another cliffhanger

St Joseph's batted first and made 8 for 130 off 30 overs, which far exceeded our season's best score. The best of our bowlers were Nakul Padnicker 2 for 8 and Stanley Chin 3 for 17 as well as Lachlan Brown, Avish Sharma, and Kent Nguyen each taking vital wickets. Beau Greenslade stood out as our most improved fieldsman on the day. Our opening stand 34 runs took the sting out of Joey's attack and allowing our top order to do the damage. Avish batted through the innings for his 50 n.o.including 5 fours. N Pednikar made 21 as an opener, Tasneen Choudhury 16 and Nicholas Dimitropoulos 15n.o. It was our second win in 7 matches and a great finish to the season as everyone has given their best.

TEAM 13 Cs - In their match against Kings on Sat 6th March only six boys turned up at the game which is unfair to the players who make the effort after confirming their selection on the notice board. However Kings "hired" us 3 players when we fielded in a great sporting gesture as well as allowing our batsmen to bat twice, which was appreciated by our players. High put together 8 wickets for 65 runs with Tasneem Choudhury scoring 29 n.o. and Lachlan Brown made 10, his highest score for the term. Tasneem also took 2 wickets for 33 runs. Kings replied with 2 for 75. Another improved performance by the mighty 13Cs in difficult circumstances on the day

Saturday 24th. APRIL for the Waratahs vs Brumbies at the Sydney Football Stadium. Game commences at 7-40pm. The report time is 5-00pm. Managers and Coaches of the First and Second XIs are advised that there needs to be strong representations by both of those teams due to the lack of attendance at our March parking day. We also need six adults at the parking and would appreciate some new volunteers instead of the same loyal few who give their time to help all in the cricket group. The funds raised are for the betterment of all teams in respect to support equipment, tours, the annual dinner and specialty coaching and funds are apportioned on a support basis to teams who contribute to fund-raising.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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1st Grade SBHS 9 St Josephs 3
2nd Grade SBHS 2 St Josephs 10

(with 3 very close 3-set matches which were a loss)

3rd Grade SBHS 1 St Josephs 5
4th Grade SBHS 0 St Josephs 6
5th Grade SBHS 0 St Josephs 6
6th Grade SBHS 0 St Josephs 6
16B SBHS 2 St Josephs 4
16C SBHS 0 St Josephs 6
16D SBHS 1 St Josephs 5
15A SBHS 0 St Josephs 6
15B SBHS St Josephs 6
15C SBHS 1 St Josephs 5


First Grade Tennis vs St. Joseph's
With little to play for this week for both teams, High entered this match as relaxed as physically possible. With us having secured the premiership and St. Joseph's the wooden spoon, there was not much at stake except perhaps pride. We certainly salvaged our own. St. Joseph's used an abundance of tactics aimed at distracting us, although as it turned out, it proved more a hindrance to their own performance.

Michael Hayes and Dejan Bodrozic had a shocking start together, losing the first set 6-0 (due to Michael turning up to the ground late and hence having to forfeit the first set). This was as close as St. Joseph's got to either Michael or Dejan, who comprehensively rolled them thereafter. Tim Neville and Brian Ly didn't put a foot wrong in an awesome display, while Peter Pereira and Ivan Cerecina gave the second set a tilt before going down. The singles were marred by St. Joseph's childish tactics. Brian's opponent stood on the service line to return his serve, and unsurprisingly this move was not successful. Tim's opposition number four tried to confuse him with unusual faces, and Peter's opponent hit 'moon balls' from the first ball.

Despite these aberrations we prevailed 9-3 and have secured back-to-back titles, an unprecedented feat in High tennis. With this year's team containing just two members from last year, we have done well to repeat our efforts from 2003. Michael Hayes has been named number one in Combined GPS, Dejan Bodrozic number two, and Brian Ly at eight (this is an injustice to Brian's ability). I would particularly like to highlight the efforts of Michael Hayes and Tim Neville, who have been High stalwarts for six years. Michael has played first grade since year seven, Combined GPS since year eight (number one in this team for three years), and led High to two premierships. Tim was involved in the two GPS titles, as well as countless CHS victories and the team which placed fifth at last year's nationals. They are both great tennis players, and also great people to be around. They have served the school with tremendous skill and sportsmanship and their shoes will be impossible to fill.
Other honourable mentions this year are Mr. Boros, who fulfilled his GPS dream after ten years waiting and did an excellent job throughout the season managing this mischievous group of people; to Dr. Jaggar who was steadfast in his support for tennis at High and attended matches every week; to Carl Nielsen, the team coach who has yielded positive results from this team; to the parents, who make it enjoyable to represent High at the highest level; and to Mrs. Tuthill, who has been tireless in her work for tennis for many years now. It's been a pleasure to report the great achievements of this team, and hopefully we will have reason to continue to report these wonderful High moments next year when we will aim to again re-write the record books and notch up a hat-trick of GPS titles.
Peter Pereira
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Soccer State Knockout Cup
March 16 2004

Sydney High 3 v 0 Kingsgrove North
Thomas Lung
Phillip Zhang 2

The season got off to a good start for Sydney High's first grade football team. Up against Kingsgrove North in the first round of the State Knockout Cup, High demonstrated a portion of the form that took them on a eight-match unbeaten run at the conclusion of last season, and which came so close to bringing the GPS Premiership back home.

The match started with a flurry of chances for High. First Ali Alsamail and then Thomas Lung fired just wide after some quick inter-passing. But the Kingsgrove defence was being gradually worn down by High's flowing game, until they finally broke down. A deep cross by debutant Phillip Zhang was turned back across the face of the goal by Thomas Lung and his cross-cum-shot was comically deflected into the net by Kingsgrove North's unfortunate goalkeeper. Kingsgrove, however, did stage a mini fight-back before the halftime break. Tim Neville, looking more than comfortable as stand-in first grade goalkeeper, pushed a shot onto the post, before diving well to his right to save the rebound. As far as defensive scares went, that was it.

The second half followed a similar pattern to the first, and Phillip Zhang turned inside and thundered a shot into the roof of the net off the crossbar. The pace of the game slowed considerably after that, and the scoring was topped off by a second from Phillip Zhang after he was played in by Ali Alsamail. All-in-all, it was a good day for High, especially for the first-grade debutants. While Phillip stole the headlines with his goal-scoring exploits, Simon Craddock looked calm and composed at sweeper. There were also good performances from the other debutants, Meng-Yu courageous at right midfield, and Dave Wang solid in the centre of midfield.

There were also encouraging performances from the old stalwarts, Kim Dickson and Amman Saxena who put in commanding performances, and Thomas Lung scored what will hopefully be the first of many goals from his striking position. High seem to have a good pool of players from which to base their assault on the 2004 GPS Premiership, and the season got off to an extremely good start at Kingsgrove.

Ali Alsamail 1st XI Captain (Elect)
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Rugby Committee Meeting Summary

The first meeting of the SBHS Rugby Committee for 2004 was held on 24/3/04.

The following is a summary of the meeting:

  • Attended: G. Stein, T. Hoare, S. Bolen, S. Creer, T. Hannon, J. Mittleheuser,
    P. Ericson, N. Archer, M. Livingston
  • Apologies: P. Girdler, L. Heil, J. O'Toole.
  • A warm welcome to all High rugby supporters, especially those who attended tonight's meeting.
  • New fridge/freezer installed at the Fairland Pavilion.
  • Late changes last year to our calendar have High v Trinity at Trinity on 1/5/04 and 15/5/04 planned as our Family BBQ day at McKay.
  • Students who help with four home game arrangements to be eligible for School Service credit.
  • Opening account balance $9410.00.
  • Junior rugby clinics to be cancelled. Money saved to go towards strength rebates for 14 years players. Cost of shoulder pads for 13 years to be investigated and possible co-payment arrangement.
  • Soccer on McKay 1. Discuss if soccer can be played between 10.15am-1.15pm.
  • Melba Studios may donate photos of C. Wing and C. Whittaker.
  • Extra parking days to be requested in next round of allocations.
  • Laurie Heil again offered his services to rugby.
  • Any student interested in being a rugby photographer for the season to see Mr Stein.
  • Parent volunteers are required for this year and 2005 including BBQ helpers, Luncheon co-ordinator and helpers, After-match function co-ordinator, canteen co-ordinator and helpers, Parking co-ordinator (2005) and Committee Treasurer (2005). All positions do not involve a great deal of work as these positions have been running for many years and have simple plans. Year 9 or 10 parents are ideal doing an apprenticeship this year with a year or two to keep things moving forward. All players benefit from your efforts and an enjoyable social network amongst the parents usually develops. This year we have four home games. If you are able to help out please contact Mr Stein at school on 93610027.
  • Canteen alternatives to be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Meeting conclude at 7.30pm.
  • Next meeting is on Wed. 28th April, 6pm in Room 901. Everyone is welcome to attend.

G. Stein,

Rugby schedule for 2004


Date Opposition Venue
1 May Trinity Grammar* Away
8 May Cranbrook McKay
12 May Hurlstone Ag. Away
15 May Family BBQ day* McKay
22 May TAS TAS
29 May St. Pius X Away

* Late changes to the calendar


Date Opposition Venue
5 June Kings McKay
12 June Scots Scots
19 June Joeys Joeys


24 July Riverview Riverview
31 July Newington Newington
7 August Shore McKay
14 August Grammar McKay

Other dates:
" Senior dinner 14/8/04
" Junior dinner 18/8/04
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Cross Country

GPS Competition
Sydney High had some very good and unexpected results throughout the GPS season. This year the GPS Championships were hosted by Newington College at Sydney Park. This was a new course and we had the opportunity to run there in the first carnival of the season. It was definitely tougher than any of the other GPS courses because the laps were very long and each contained three steep hills. It would be even harder at the Championships, which is always run at a faster pace than the other races.
Nadeeka Jayarathna was our only realistic chance of a good individual position in the Opens. In the first carnival he was 11th and also had a few top ten finishes later on including 4th place at the second last carnival, which High hosted. All his training seemed to have paid off and at the Championships Nadeeka seemed likely to finish in the top ten. However, he surprised everyone by remarkably finishing a close 2nd
High's next three runners were placed in the 50's. However, this is not bad considering the high level of competition in this age group.
The under 16s always had the most number of High runners and they were usually evenly spread out through the field. As a result, they had solid results in the teams competition, which is encouraging because most of the runners will be in the same age group next year.
At the Championships, Dale Sun was 20th and Attila Szabo 21st The best was Alan Trieu who was 15th However, it was Attila who was the most impressive throughout the season.
After a slow start in the first two carnivals, Andrew Reis made huge improvements and was consistently in the top ten and few times in the top five. He finished the season well with 6th place at the Championships.
It was also good to see High runners who finished further back in the field but participated every week.
CHS Competition
In the CHS competition, Sydney High had six competitors qualify for the NSW All Schools Cross Country Carnival (State Carnival), including the under 17 school team.
In the under 15s, Paul Watzlaff won at the Regional and finished 21st in the State Carnival, where he was hampered by an injured thumb. In the under 17s the best was Nadeeka Jayarathna who finished 19th. Also, Steven D'Souza was 64th and Sahan Dasanayaka 79th.
I also want to thank Mr Kesting and Mr Prorellis for their help with training on Wednesdays and at the GPS and CHS carnivals throughout the season.
Sahan Dasanayaka
Cross Country Captain

Sydney Boys High School
Annual Cross Country Carnival
Moore Park, Mount Steele
1.20 - 3.00 pm
Tuesday 6th April 2004
Mr Prorellis, Mr Kesting I/C

Student Information

Your son will be dismissed earlier than usual on Tuesday 6th April 2004


1.40 pm 17+ OPEN 3 km 3 Loops
1.55 pm 16 years 3 km 3 Loops
2.10 pm 15 years 3 km 3 Loops
2.25 pm 14 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.35 pm 13 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.45 pm 12 years 2 km 2 Loops

Get changed at lunch time
Stay in school grounds until 1.15 pm then move over to the venue when the bell rings
When your race is called go to the starting area whether you are running or not.
Non runners will stay in the starting area until directed to move by the Marshalls
At the finish you will be given a place ticket
If you are in the first 15 places you go to the first 15 table and have your name recorded
All runners to proceed with finish ticket to your house table
Tell the teacher your name and finishing position
After the race you will be dismissed by a teacher
Non runners will have names marked off at the end of the race
Non runners will be dismissed at the conclusion of their race if they have a note


Everyone attends
You must run in shoes

You must wear house colours to qualify for points
Stay on the course and follow directions from course marshals
Spectators must stay within 20m of Cleveland St and are not permitted on the course
Winning house determined by the lowest total of the first ten runners to finish
Award Scheme qualifying standard -compete & finish
Top ten runners will comprise the provisional school team to compete at the zone.
Only the first 15 places will be timed

Additional Info:
The School Cross Country is the first qualifying event
within the CHS Competition. The First 10 runners for each
age division will make up the school team for the Eastern Suburbs
Zone Carnival. The first 12 runners at the Zone Carnival
will compete at the Sydney East Regional Carnival and the first
10 runners from Regional Carnival go on to the NSW All Schools Carnival.

You are also invited to join the Sydney High GPS Cross Country Team. GPS Cross Country is a Winter Sport and three age divisions (U14, U16, Opens) compete on Saturday mornings. The season spans across terms 2 and 3 and involves 11 Saturday morning carnivals. All are welcome to join.
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Rowing Report

The 120th Riverview Gold Cup Regatta lived up to its reputation for spectacle, drama and controversy on the Lane Cove River last Saturday. One of the biggest crowds for years enjoyed a very warm sunny day and some great rowing - some of it by High crews.

Our 1st VIII and Year 10 1st VIII were both involved in exciting hard fought races that resulted in protests and lengthy deliberations by officials. The 1st VI gave Joeys a real scare, coming 2nd after challenging for the lead and easily accounting for Kings, Grammar and Redlands. In the junior ranks, the Year 8 1st Quad (mentioned last week) came 2nd in the B final as did the Year 9 2nd Quad. The unsung heroes of the Year 9 2nds (coached by Mr Gainford and Mr Coan) are Bow - Yun-Zhe Guo, 2 - Kevin Kim, 3 - Phillip Heo, Stroke - Andrew Pham, Cox - Richard Devapiriam. All junior crews finished off their season with honour and commitment. Next week they can relax and watch the seniors contest the big one.

The spectacle of this regatta takes many forms - Lane Cove full of spectator boats, the beautiful gardens of St Ignatius College, crews arriving for competition - one after the other from different and distant rowing 'villages'. Along the edge of the course spectators occupy unlikely positions while the path becomes a parade of mostly smiling faces - entire crews in rowing formation, coxswain at the back. There is some serious socializing among competitors and spectators alike. The High supporters' boat drifted rather majestically into this scene bedecked with sky blue and chocolate. Joeys must have known they were coming - this year they lashed three small ocean liners together.

Now for the drama and controversy.

The commentator made the point early in Heat 3 of the Gold Cup that only one school crew was prepared to take on the men that made up the Sydney Uni 1, Sydney and Drummoyne club VIII's. It was our boys who were right in it over the early stages. There was some wayward navigation by both Sydney and Sydney Uni (the NSW champions) just before the pole. Sydney High was impeded. When they straightened High was a couple of lengths back but gained on the leaders over the final stages to finish a close 4th - just a length behind Drummoyne. After a lengthy inquiry, Sydney was disqualified but not Sydney Uni. Shore won the final in the afternoon ahead of Sydney Uni and Drummoyne. It was an encouraging and gutsy row from our boys a week out from the Head of the River.

Our Year 10 1st VIII have had some very close duels with Newington all season. Both crews were drawn in the same heat. Coxswain Romesh Abeysuriya had steered a true course and the boys had put themselves a length in front of Newington with 500 to go. With Grammar out in front, Newington made a charge at High for 2nd place and a place in the finals. Across the line it was very close - our boys thought they had just lost 2nd place to their rivals. They hadn't. In the heat of the moment a curse was uttered. After another lengthy delay it was announced that High had been disqualified for improper language. One boy had cursed himself while another had used a swear word in mistakenly congratulating Newington. It was a very tough call.

On the positive side, the Year 10 boys learnt from the experience. They are great mates and there were no recriminations. They had been incorrectly identified as a crew that had been swearing early in the race and the injustice of it all was lost in the knowledge that they had finally beaten Newington.

This weekend brings us to the Head of the River - the premier event of GPS sport. The main event this year should be an exciting race. Our own 1st VIII have taken a couple of scalps this year and are easily capable of taking a couple more. The racing has been close all year. Shore would have to start as favourites. All boys, parents and supporters are urged to get along to SIRC at Penrith to cheer our senior crews. Everyone should experience the Head of the River at least once in their time at High. Races start at 10 am but it is best to be there before 9.30. Sydney High Rowing invites all members of the school community back to the Outterside Centre at the conclusion of the races for refreshments and speeches of praise and thanks. The next day, Sunday 28th, we will all be back for the Rowing Working Bee - come along and help if you can.

Good luck to all crews contesting the Head of the River and also to those involved in the CHS Championships back out at Penrith on Monday and Tuesday. Sydney High is the host school for the State CHS Championships this year.
Steve Tiedgen for the Rowing Committee.
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Peer Support Report

Year 10 students working as Peer Support Leaders have been doing a brilliant job ensuring Year 7 students quickly feel at home at Sydney Boys High School. Every time I have had an opportunity to observe groups in action I have bee impressed to find students on task. Year 10 students have to catch up on missed work while they fulfil this important role for the school and their dedication is commendable.

It is encouraging to see students able to demonstrate a caring and gentle concern for younger students through the Peer Support Program and through the Big Brother program. Thank you Year 10 for ensuring our youngest students make a smooth transition into High.

If Year 7 students or parents would like to make a particular commendation for the work done by particular Peer Support Leaders I would be very happy to receive this information.
J May
HT Welfare

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State of the Arts

Training Music Camp Concert
The Training Ensembles 2004 would like to invite you to their camp concert Sunday April 4th 2004 2.30pm Outterside Centre
Teviot Street Abbotsford

Any new student who still needs to pay for camp must see music on Monday.

Italy here we come. The first fundraising idea is up, up, and away

Marching Band all set for Anzac Day.
A reminder to all members that they will need a blazer and a white to wear on the Anzac Day march. The next rehearsal will be Wednesday period I.

Music and Rowing
The Performance Jazz Band will be playing for the rowing boys at the Head of the River Regatta on Saturday. Music would like to thank the boys for their time and support. The boys need to be at school by 7.40am with their instrument.

Music Committee. The music committee is still looking for members. If your son is in one of the music ensembles, then your assistance is needed. See the music staff if you would like to support your son.
Port Macquarie tour is almost full. Please hand in your form and deposit to the Music Office this week.
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