High Notes, Vol 5 No 8, March 19 2004

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From the Principal
Schools Expo
Meditation for Kids
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Sydney Boys High Cricket
Head of the River Buses
Rowing Report
Where does all the money go?
A Reminder to Parents
Cross Country
Fitness Assessment February 2004
P & C Minutes February General Meeting

From the Principal

Values education revisited
The Commonwealth government is spending money on pilot programs in values education. Dr. Nelson acknowledges that many schools are explicitly teaching values. High has had such a program for four years. Other schools embed values through a strong culture and high expectations. This cultural approach is a traditional feature of the way High tries to imbue values. Thus, our values are both 'taught and caught' by employing both the accepted tactics of acculturation. The values we try to inculcate and model occupy a full page of our Strategic Plan 2004-2006. It is up to the staff, student leaders, Old Boys and parents to model them for our junior students and new enrolments in Years 9-12.

High v Grammar
The 16s basketball at the gym proved to be a one-sided morning with Sydney Grammar winning all the games I saw. I was impressed by the well-drilled man to man defence employed by all teams from Grammar. Although the Grammar shooting was about as accurate as ours, their boys had many more shots thanks to their stealing of High possession and more determined rebounding. To enjoy future success I am convinced that our basketball teams need more training time. Players and coaches need time to work on a coordinated, whole-school approach to man to man defence. Players need to communicate with one another about which numbered player they are marking. Defenders need to help each other by switching opponents to mark. We need not to watch shooters, hoping the ball will go in. We need to have players willing to position themselves and to time their rebound attempts on every shot. Our teams need to be fitter to cover the fast breaks of the opposition. We need to have a plan for inbounding the ball against a man to man defence. Players should not turn their backs on the play and run into attacking positions. Help your team mates who are being double teamed when dribbling the ball up to half way. Put yourself in a position to take a pass. Mr Hayman has produced the manual. It is now up to coaches and players to put in the time to raise skill levels. A big crowd at College Street saw Grammar outlast High in a game of fluctuating fortunes. I was able to see only the last five minutes but the atmosphere was certainly full of hype for the home team. Again our boys defended well but did not score enough points to put themselves in contention. Twenty points a quarter are needed to have a realistic chance of victory.

At Weigal, the first rate bowlers of Grammar were pinning our boys down to just over a run an over. It was hard work, requiring patience and concentration against accurate off spin at one end and useful fast medium at the other. I was pleased with the way our boys went about the task against the leading team in the competition. Matthew Shiner and Sam Samarasinghe featured in useful partnerships as the score inched towards 100.

The Grammar team observed that no opposition team had lasted past tea at Weigall this year - a good sign that our boys had played quite well. Although the final score was modest at 137, a good fight back with the ball had Grammar 1-15 at close of play. Over the boundary at the tennis courts, the first two doubles went according to plan. Ivan and Peter put up a good struggle in the first set against a strong Grammar combination before going down in two sets. In the singles, Dejan Bodrozic was promoted to number 1 to give him a chance at GPS selection. He started well in the first set, winning it quite easily. The previously undefeated Grammar No1 staged a good recovery in the second set to win 6-1 as Dejan's serve / volley game went off the boil. In the third set Dejan engaged in more long rallies from the baseline and ran the Grammar boy around. The change of tactic paid off as he finally broke his opponent's serve in the game that mattered to win a close encounter two sets to one. Michael and Brian were untroubled in their matches, while Tim and Peter kept up their run of solid wins at five and six. Ivan was shut out at No 4 by a big server. The team tactics worked a treat, with High winning

Properties news
We have been informed that 600 square metres of replacement bitumen will soon be laid in the area outside the I A staff room, High Store and toilets. This area is in a state of disrepair. Given the high set up costs of laying bitumen, I committed the school to an extra 125 square metres of new roadway, to be laid at our expense. This roadway will join up with the bitumen exit at gate 2 beside the gym. Concrete steps leading to The Flat will be necessary in the area currently washed away. These unexpected and hence unbudgeted expenses will place a strain on our reserves this year. Nevertheless, the work is long overdue and we must take advantage of this cost effective opportunity to enhance the grounds. A good deal of carpet is to be laid, particularly in noisy corridors. Mr Beringer will be negotiating with the Department of Commerce and the contractors to get us the best possible deal from the allocated amount of carpet for our school. I hope these maintenance expenditures by DET will give our learning environment a lift.

Student Awards Scheme
Get involved and build cultural connections to the school. That's the clear message that comes from student participation in the Student Awards Scheme. The table below indicates how many awards have been made in the various categories during the last three years. Acceptance of school values can be seen through several indicators; this scheme's success is one of them.

Year Bronze Silver Gold Special Plaque Trophy Total
2003 104 109 81 36 5 12 347
2002 138 104 48 17 23 7 337
2001 142 41 27 21 8 5 244

You will notice that two-thirds of the awards during the last three years have been bronze or silver medallions. It seems that it is hard for boys to sustain their interest past Year 10. The scheme provides great benefits for those who continue to participate, apart from the awards and certificates. Scholarship interviewers and recruiting officers appreciate the evidence of sustained commitment that high level participation in the Student Awards Scheme provides. I urge all boys to get involved and qualify for at least one award during their time at High. Remember if you get 5 categories a year you can accumulate them towards an award.
Dr K Jaggar
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Schools Expo

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 May
Rosehill Gardens Racecourse
James Ruse Drive Rosehill

Big thanks to Ivan Jurisevic (father of Michael in year 7) for offering his expertise in the financial Expo business. Ivan has already donated about three hours of his valuable time discussing the interior display boards for the booth.
  • Thanks also to the following students Simon Liu , Sean Lee , Albert Kim , Brynley Pfull, David Vien, Joel Livingston, Johnny Lieu, Jason Phu, Michael Chen, Richard Xu, David Kumagaya, Raymond Roca, Amadeus Klocker, William Kwok, and Troy Polis for volunteering to assist with Schools Expo.
  • Six more groups of three friends each are needed to work on six more display boards. If you are thinking about a career in graphics or advertising here is your big chance!
  • The assistance on Saturday or Sunday of at least six more parents would be very welcome. Would anyone interested please contact Mrs Crothers in the school Library?
  • Thank you also to Marilyn Mittelheuser.

Mrs V Crothers
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Meditation for Kids

The physiological benefits of meditation have long been recognised, but several research studies worldwide have recently confirmed the powerful effects of this ancient practice. These studies show that regular meditation helps to reduce stress and boost the body's immune system along with a variety of other positive effects.

However the benefits of meditation are not exclusive to adults. With so much emphasis placed on academic learning, the pressures during childhood and teenage years can be tough. Regular exams, peer-group pressures, family conflicts and high expectations for success can all result in levels of stress and anxiety that can have a significant impact on a young person's life.
The authors of Teaching Meditation to Children, David Fontana and Ingrid Slack, two UK-based psychologists who specialise in working with children, believe that meditation is a natural and effective means of overcoming a wide variety of psychological and behavioural problems, such as anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression. "Meditation gives children a tool to control their own minds and their emotions and to better understand themselves," they say.

Other advocates of meditation for young people also believe that regular practice helps them to improve their concentration and memory, increase their awareness and alertness of mind, be more self confident and also be more relaxed.

One-day meditation course for children and teenagers aged 8 to 16 years are held at the Ashfield Primary School in Ashfield.. The next course will be held on Sunday 28th March. There is no charge for these courses. For more details, visit www.bhumi.dhamma.org or see Mr. Kesting in the Industrial Arts staffroom.
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2004 National Chinese Eisteddfod
Students in Years 7-12 are eligible to enter. Entry forms are available from Mrs Zhang at LOTE department
Deadline: Wednesday, March 24th 2004
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From Communities

I am happy that a number of senior students have been coming forward for help, or to ask questions of one kind or another. I would encourage more to do so. You can look for me in the staff room opposite Room 207 on Tuesdays and Fridays (check the timetable outside or on http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/tt.html) and
also, for the time being, on Wednesdays and Thursdays 9-12.

Year 11 and 12 make greater demands on a student's English Language; if you feel your English Language is costing you marks, then you should consult the teacher of the subject affected, which might not just be English, and/or see me. Do it soon while there is time to improve.

I have made the front page of the website conform to the school's colours and simplified it a little. I had hoped to reduce the number of navigation buttons on the left, but found they are in fact all needed. There's a lot on the site, and some of the buttons actually give alternative ways of accessing the page you are looking for. See http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/index.html

Don't forget the "model unit" on Images of Men, especially designed for Year 11, who do study this topic, and Year 12, who have done so. I decided, however, to allow access direct to the model essays themselves, if that is all you want to read. I would recommend going "the long way" though, as you then see the actual texts used in the essays, and also gain a lot more knowledge of the topic and of issues

involved in answering the question. "Short" or "long", it starts at http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/faq11.html
Neil Whitfield
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From Careers


Tax File Numbers for Senior Students who have applied are expected to arrive in a few weeks.
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1st Grade SBHS10 Grammar 2
2nd Grade SBHS 2 Grammar 10
3rd Grade SBHS 0 Grammar 6
4th Grade Draw
5th Grade SBHS 0 Grammar 6
6th Grade SBHS 0 Grammar 6
16A Draw
16B SBHS 2 Grammar 4
16C SHBS 5 Grammar 1
16D SBHS 5 Grammar 1
15A SBHS 1 Grammar 5
15B SBHS 2 Grammar 4
15C Draw
15D SBHS 2 Grammar 4
14A Draw
14B SBHS 1 Grammar 5
14C SBHS 1 Grammar 5
14D SBHS 0 Grammar 6
13A SBHS 0 Grammar 6
13B SBHS 2 Grammar 4
13C Draw
13D SBHS 4 Grammar 2

Progressive Point Score (to the end of Round 6)

SBHS 55 St Ignatius 54.5
St Ignatius 42 Newington 47
Shore 39.5 Grammar 44.5
Newington 35 Shore 37
Kings 34.5 St Joseph's 36
Scots 33.5 Scots 31
Grammar 32 Kings 23
St Joseph's 66.5 SBHS 15

1st Grade Tennis Report
With one hand already on the premiership, High set out to confirm our title deeds by defeating a very able Grammar side. We were presented with a glorious day for tennis, with warm, but light conditions at Weigall. The hard courts were playing slower than the Weigall wicket, causing havoc for all players. For the first time this season we played alongside a fellow first-grade side, in this case the 1st XI. And like our cricketing counterparts, we put the runs on the board.

The doubles yielded two wins from three. Dejan Bodrozic, debuting at number one, and Brian Ly, settled a score of their own when Dejan hit a flat forehand straight into Brian's head; this woke Brian up and the two went on to win together. Michael Hayes and Tim Neville barely raised a sweat in a comfortable win, and Peter Pereira and Ivan Cerecina went down fighting as the third pair. The singles were interesting contests. Dejan at the helm played in unfamiliar conditions. Having conceded five games this season, he found himself having to retreat from aggression, and did so with aplomb, coming through in three sets. Brian showed subliminal shot-making ability, in a 6-0, 6-2 annihilation of his opponent. Ivan was gracious in defeat. Michael and Peter both recorded 6-0, 6-3 victories, though their respective performances were parallels apart. Tim was cool as a cucumber, coming from behind in the second set before securing a richly-deserved 6-1, 6-4 win.

The 10-2 victory was another good team performance, and with one match to go against St Josephs', we have sealed the premiership. This does not mean we will take St Joseph's lightly; they may have a mortgage on the dreaded wooden spoon, but we have no intentions of letting them achieve a favourable result against the premiers-in-waiting. I would encourage all High supporters to make the effort to come to Hunters Hill this week to witness what will be a history-making feat. I can assure you that we will repay the faith. We'll be out to change yet again, the boundaries of GPS tennis.
Peter Pereira
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Sydney Boys High Cricket

The last GPS Round is under way for our Group 1 Teams which culminates on Saturday 20th March and we are off to a reasonable start in most competitions. Our Group 2 teams played their second last match for the season and it is interesting to note that we seemed to have saved our best performances to season's end.

Term 4 will see a vast improvement in the composition of teams whereby we will be able to grade all players prior to Term 3 holidays and on our return to school the rush of previous seasons will be eliminated. We will also be restructured in our coaching area where it is planned to introduce team training within our sports afternoons on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

FIRST XI In a workmanlike performance on a slow ground High put together a total of 137 runs against the Competition leaders Grammar off 82 overs. Best batting for High came from Sam Samarasinghe 36 runs, Matthew Shiner 33 and Matthew Featherstone 20. In reply at stumps Grammar was 1 for 15 off 13.3 overs which was a confirmation of the slowness of the ground, as well as some very tight bowling from High. The match is well balanced and High has every right to feel this one could be ours
SECOND XI No end of play report received. THIRD XI report appears separately to this report.

COMPETITIVE GENTLEMEN'S FOURTH XI continue on their winning way with a sound victory against Grammar Fourths. Who ended up with 6/122 off 30 overs. Dominic Byrne took 2 for 19 including a spectacular caught and bowled and Cameron Conway taking 2 for 15. High then batted and as usual set about the opposition bowlers and passed Grammar's score off just 21 overs finishing with 4 for 123. Tom Hoare and Cam Conway put together a 77 run partnership with Cam finishing with 49 N.O. and Tom 26 n.o. and Drew Hoare (23). This term the "gentlemen's XI" have won 4 from 5 matches (with one game rained off) and if they defeat Joey's who have not lost a game, they will become "unofficial premiers".

14 As -V- Newington. After celebrations of gaining First Innings points High went to bat in the 2nd Innings on a damp turf wicket to be all out for 74. Radnesh Baskaran made 15, Rommo Pandit 12 and Michael Coutts12.
Newington then began the chase and with the assistance of several unlucky decisions (from our point of view) Newington passed our score with 9 wickets down for 88. Rommo Pandit took 4 wickets for 22 (off 6 overs), Matthew Coutts 2 for 11 (off 3 overs) and Michael Coutts and Blaise Prentice-Davidson took one wicket apiece. High were a credit to their school in the manner in which they handled their defeat.

UNDER 14 B's -V- Kings High batting first made 9 for 117 (off 32 overs) with Kogulan Sriranjan 27 runs, Dominic Bowes 19 and Arunan Kandasamy 17. Kings the took the field and in a match that could have gone either way, was presented to Kings through some poor fielding and bowling performances throughout the team coupled with an extraordinary bowling change when we had Kings running out of overs Kings finished with 5 for 121 to take the points. Arunan Kandasamy completed a double by taking 2 for 9 (off 4 overs), Ryan Sutton1 for 13(off4) and Daniel Vijaykumar and Kogulan Sriranjan 1 wicket apiece. One that got away after a good batting performance.

YEAR 8 TRANS HARBOUR TEAM - City Conference Premiers. Congratulations.
The team Matthew Fsadni, Dominic Bowes, Matthew Coutts, Daniel Simpson, Kogulan Sriranjan, Varan Perananthan, Ishan Nadkarni, Nicholas Lochner, Toby Rosengarten, Ryan Sutton, Daniel Vijaykumar and David Chandrakumar (13th man and Reserve)

SCOREBOOKS: The scorebooks from all teams are required to be submitted to the PE Office by 1-00pm on Wednesday next 25th March 2004. I would ask all scorers if they could complete the batting and bowling statistics which is found in the back of the scorebook. Please ensure that SURNAMES are provided with given names to ensure that players are awarded the correct points for the Cricketer of the Year Awards. The accuracy of the statistics can affect a potential trophy winner in close points.

SUPPORT PERSONNEL. On behalf of the Cricket Committee I would like to thank all Team Managers, Team Scorers, Team Umpires, the parents who transported cricket kits regularly, the ladies who have regularly provided lunch and afternoon tea for the First and Seconds Home games, to the parents who took billets for the Melbourne High visit, those who doubled up for the Trans Harbour Competition and to our young coaches for their time at sport and on Saturday for and on behalf of all players my sincere thanks.

The CRICKET DINNER and PRESENTATION of AWARDS on Saturday 3rd.April 2004 from 6-30pm for 7-0pm to be held in the Great Hall is now only 14 days away !!! Don't forget that the closing date for bookings is the 29th.March. The cost is $25-00 for Adults and $20-00 for players and students. Parents are advised that they BYO liquid refreshments and the players will be catered for by the Cricket Committee DRESS FOR THE EVENING IS SCHOOL UNIFORM

Winter sports training commences next week on Wednesday and Thursday and I wish all cricketers success with their selected winter sport.
Laurie Heil

3rd XI Cricket Report
Having a disappointing season, plagued by injury, poor player commitment and various other drawbacks, High 3rd XI entered the last round against Grammar full of confidence with a few fresh new faces. Saturday not only saw the last round vs Grammar, but also the last match for two of High's most valued and experienced cricketers, Sayuru Kulupana and Havish Srinath (captain). Havish won the toss and elected to bowl on a damp, bowler-friendly pitch. It paid off with Havish snaring both openers early on, thanks to a screamer of a catch by Peter Gordon at 3rd slip, leaving Grammar 2 for 30-odd in the first 19 over session. However, as the pitch dried up so did the wickets as Grammar formed some solid partnerships, and at the second drinks break, Grammar were looking to build a strong total. The next 12 overs after drinks were to turn the game on its head. Havish and Sayuru were put back into the attack to bowl off their last overs of their High cricketing careers. In those 12 overs they snared 6 wickets to leave the Grammar line-up in tatters. Both managed to grab a wicket in their final overs, with Havish clean bowling their top scorer on his final delivery for Sydney High. Grammar all out for 125 (S.Kulupana 4-22, H.Srinath 4-31).
Manusha Samaraweera
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Head of the River Buses

Saturday 27 March 2004

Buses from School
Leave from Anzac Parade gate at 8 am, and return to School after Regatta.
Tickets must be purchased in advance from the School Office. $15 return fare.

Buses from Rowing Sheds
Leave from corner Teviot Avenue and Great North Road at 8 am and return to Sheds after Regatta.
Limited seats, you must reserve your seat by phone 9327 7202.
$15 return fare, pay on bus.
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Rowing Report

Last Saturday's Newington Regatta was held in mild conditions on Hen and Chicken Bay for all crews except the 1st VIII. The national championships were held on the same day at Nagambie in Victoria. As some GPS crews rightly fancied their chances for a national title, racing in the blue ribbon event was cancelled.

Our junior crews continue to present well in races but are finding it hard to press for the first two places in heats. This is not surprising when one considers that Shore appears to have pre-booked first place in all junior races this year. One of the crews giving it a real High School try are the Year 8 1st Quad. Expertly coached by Mr Gary McIvor, they are Bow - Daniel O'Keefe, 2 - Anton Komarov, 3 - Danny Ng, Stroke - David Vien, Cox - Sunny Rahman. Placing 3rd on Saturday, these boys train very hard and race through to the finish each week. They are improving all the time and are due for some luck. Maybe their time will come next week at the Gold Cup. In the seniors our IV's continue to show good form with the 1st VI coming 2nd in their heat.

The Riverview Gold Cup marks the end of the GPS racing season for Year 8 and Year 9 boys. Some of the boys will compete again at the CHS Championships in just over a fortnight. The Gold Cup is one of Sydney's oldest and finest sporting events. Staged on the Lane Cove River adjacent to the school grounds, it is a spectacle to enjoy regardless of any interest in rowing. Of course there is much to enjoy about the rowing. Events are held for all crews. The Gold Cup itself is up for grabs to senior crews from all ranks - clubs, schools, and universities. Winners in other age groups are presented with silver blades. The course itself is a quirky dogleg affair, which tests the skill coxswains. Our junior crews will probably have their best chances of success this season as they are drawn in seeded heats. Riverview are the best of hosts and there is plenty of parking in the school grounds.

Come along to the Gold Cup if you can. Our 1st VIII is drawn against Sydney Rowing Club, Sydney University and Scots in their
heat. Sydney Uni are the NSW champions but it could be a close race. With a Sydney High old boy in 2 of the other crews it will be a heat of some interest to High supporters. On the subject of High supporters, a group of Year 12 parents have decided to observe this year's race from the decks of a boat. Will they be able to match it with the small ocean liner that is decked out in Joey's colours each year? They won't care. May they have a great time and good luck to all our crews.
Steve Tiedgen for the Rowing Committee.
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Where does all the money go?

The P&C raises about $70,000 each year, and contributes these funds for School facilities and activities. We will set the P&C budget for 2004 at our next General Meeting on Wednesday, 24th March at 7:30 pm in the Common Room. Come and see where the money comes from and help decide where it goes!
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A Reminder to Parents

Please make sure your son has his name on ALL clothing and any other item he brings to school (especially the school caps) as too many students are losing their property and have no identification. Where possible mark items in large writing so they are easily identified. If your son has a locker please make sure your son makes use of it especially for valuable items.

Mrs McGuinness - Lost Property
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Cross Country

Sydney Boys High School
Annual Cross Country Carnival
Moore Park, Mount Steele
1.20 - 3.00 pm
Tuesday 6th April 2004
Mr Prorellis, Mr Kesting I/C

Student Information

Your son will be dismissed earlier than usual on Tuesday 6th April 2004


1.40 pm 17+ OPEN 3 km 3 Loops
1.55 pm 16 years 3 km 3 Loops
2.10 pm 15 years 3 km 3 Loops
2.25 pm 14 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.35 pm 13 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.45 pm 12 years 2 km 2 Loops

Get changed at lunch time
Stay in school grounds until 1.15 pm then move over to the venue when the bell rings
When your race is called go to the starting area whether you are running or not.
Non runners will stay in the starting area until directed to move by the Marshalls
At the finish you will be given a place ticket
If you are in the first 15 places you go to the first 15 table and have your name recorded
All runners to proceed with finish ticket to your house table
Tell the teacher your name and finishing position
After the race you will be dismissed by a teacher
Non runners will have names marked off at the end of the race
Non runners will be dismissed at the conclusion of their race if they have a note


Everyone attends
You must run in shoes

You must wear house colours to qualify for points
Stay on the course and follow directions from course marshals
Spectators must stay within 20m of Cleveland St and are not permitted on the course
Winning house determined by the lowest total of the first ten runners to finish
Award Scheme qualifying standard -compete & finish
Top ten runners will comprise the provisional school team to compete at the zone.
Only the first 15 places will be timed

Additional Info:
The School Cross Country is the first qualifying event
within the CHS Competition. The First 10 runners for each
age division will make up the school team for the Eastern Suburbs
Zone Carnival. The first 12 runners at the Zone Carnival
will compete at the Sydney East Regional Carnival and the first
10 runners from Regional Carnival go on to the NSW All Schools Carnival.

You are also invited to join the Sydney High GPS Cross Country Team. GPS Cross Country is a Winter Sport and three age divisions (U14, U16, Opens) compete on Saturday mornings. The season spans across terms 2 and 3 and involves 11 Saturday morning carnivals. All are welcome to join.
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Fitness Assessment February 2004

The PDHPE Department has again assessed the physical fitness levels of our junior students. The most important health-related test is the 1.6km run for cardiovascular endurance. Our standard Moore Park West course was used for the assessment.

For an assessment of 90% or better, required a student to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student. For an assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age. A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds.

There were some outstanding performances again this semester including Nicholas Dimitropoulos (7E) 6m.36s., Alasdair Brown (7M) 6m. 44s., Alistair Taylor (8.4)
6m. 20s., Aaron Shuttleworth (9.4) 5m. 55s. and Attila Szabo (10.6).5m. 11s.

Each student in Years 7-9 should have a copy of their assessment schedule and results for February 2004 in their PDHPE theory books. Parents are encouraged to review their son's results with them.

The following information was gathered during the February 2004 tests:

1.6km results for February 2004

Percentile band No. of students in each percentile band
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
90 - 99 2 8 15 28
80 - 89 3 4 9 15
70 - 79 1 7 12 15
60 - 69 3 17 10 21
50 - 59 7 7 14 11
40 - 49 8 21 13 17
30 - 39 18 30 37 21
20 - 29 21 26 27 16
10 - 19 48 33 24 11
0 - 9 57 23 15 19
Non-starters 13 2 4 6

Mean results for each year group, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

2/01 10/01 2/02 10/02 2/03 10/03 2/04
Year 10 41% 54% 53% 60% 65% 72% 58%
Year 9 32% 51% 44% 70% 45% 58% 47%
Year 8 39% 57% 44% 54% 41% 52% 38%
Year 7 24% 46% 32% 43% 31% 43% 26%

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P & C Minutes February General Meeting

Sydney Boys High School Parents' & Citizens' Association
Minutes of the February General Meeting
Wednesday 18th February 2004

Meeting Opened: 7:40 pm

Present: 65 participants as per Register

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Business Arising: The minutes from the P&C General Meeting of 19th November 2003 were distributed and accepted. Motion - Katherine Deacon, Second - Charles Ovadia.

As covered in the recent High Notes, Dr Jaggar has withdrawn his support for the proposal to share the Outterside Centre with Ascham.

The Foundation is seeking resolution of the sea wall claim with the State Transit Authority in April. They have requested the final $25,000 canteen repayment be remitted as soon as possible to assist with Foundation cash flow.

Principal's Report: Dr Jaggar presented a detailed analysis of the 2003 Higher School Certificate performance via Excel spreadsheet projection. 27 boys received a UAI of 99+, with 110 students at 90+. The overall UAI average was down a little on the previous year. Maths results were exceptional. English was again the weak link, with a Band 6 index of only 0.28 vs the State average. The decision for all English Extension 1 classes to study "Crime Fiction" contributed to the poor outcome. The UAI weightings for various subjects were compared and this information will be shared with senior classes as input for their subject choices.

Finance: Sue Polis advised that we currently have ~$17,000 in the bank, with a further $1000 in wine sales in hand.

Retrospective approval was granted for the emergency payment of $19,000 to the School at the end of 2003 as a contribution for ground works and storage areas. Motion - Jeffrey Tripp, Second - Antoinette Farrow

The P&C Budget for 2004 will be reviewed at the March General Meeting.

Canteen: Fabienne Ovadia presented a cheque for $15,000 being the profits from the final quarter of 2003. This brings the annual returns to $43,000, up from $32,000 in 2002. There is a need for more canteen volunteers, and this will be stressed at the Year 7 Reception on 18th March.

School Beanie: A design for a knit beanie was presented by the SRC for approval. The P&C authorised its inclusion as a winter uniform accessory (as per Council protocols) and will advise Michelle to source and stock in the High Store.

High Wine: There are only 17 dozen bottles of white wine remaining for sale. Get in quick!

Next P&C General Meeting: Wednesday 24th March 2004 at 7:30 pm in the Common Room.

Meeting Closed: 9:30 pm
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