High Notes, Vol 5 No 7, March 12 2004

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From the Principal
Schools Expo
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Head of the River Buses
Gardening/Grounds Working Bee
Rowing Report
Sydney Boys High Cricket
State of the Arts
Soccer 2004

From the Principal

Driving students to school
Parents are asked not to drop off boys in the grounds of Sydney Girls High School at any time. We have Gate 1 and Gate 2 to enter our grounds. If these are blocked I suggest that parents drive up to Anzac Parade and enter the school via Gate 9 or Gate 10. Great congestion is being caused by inappropriate use by parents of driveways at both schools. I ask for your cooperation in matters of entering school grounds. Staff cars have been prevented from entering our grounds at times due to the blockages at the gates caused by parents' cars. Please drive well into the car park, near the rear of the gymnasium, before allowing your son to alight from your vehicle. Please proceed around the back of the gymnasium and exit through gate three. We really need everyone to cooperate on both sites so that the boys, girls and staff can get to work on time.

Contact Details
All students and their parents are asked to update their telephone contact details urgently. Mrs McGuinness has responsibility for contacting parents about attendance matters. Mrs Robson needs contact details for first aid or medical emergencies. From time to time other staff members have to contact parents or carers on progress matters. Effective communication relies upon accurate information.

Weekend Sport v King's
The weekend started with a Friday morning basketball game against
Menai High School in the Shell Cup. When I arrived at the gym the visitors had blasted away to a 15-2 lead only a few minutes into game time. Our slow start cost us any real chance of victory. The first grade team has shown a lot of fight in recent weeks and refuses to be intimidated by taller or faster opponents. The defensive play by High was very good to watch at times, but the Menai boys were just a bit too tall and they had higher shooting percentages, mostly due to their more effective offensive rebounds. In a tough, physical game our boys were unable to peg back the deficit, despite getting close enough to push for a win at times. Missed shots and turnovers killed off our challenge. Menai was a good side with several ball players. They should go well in the competition.
On Saturday morning a brooding sky and a moderate cross breeze made conditions very testing for our junior crews at the Sydney High Regatta at Hen and Chicken Bay. The crews were very punctual and the starter got them away promptly, despite the tendency for boats in station one to drift away towards the shore. Several of our crews showed they could row by holding their form until the finish line. However, we still have quite a bit of work to do to get most crews up to the standard required for GPS competition. Best happening of the morning for me was the egg and
bacon roll from the High Catering booth!
Back at High the basketball against King's produced some even contests. In first grade there was an exciting, physical encounter with plenty of fast breaks and fouls in the second half of the game after a slow, low scoring first quarter. In a game of fluctuating fortunes, the High team fought back to within three points of King's but again let a victory slip away with poor shooting averages and few offensive rebounds in the third quarter. Again, the score was an improvement at 68 points. Score 80 points in the next game boys and give yourselves a chance to win! Light rain at Da Silva's had not stopped our boys forcing a start of play in first grade tennis. With a match won, a set forfeited and a 5-0 lead in the second, any break in the weather would have allowed the team to earn extra vital points. Despite the objections of the King's team and much to the chagrin of the umpires, Mr Boros applied the rules and made everyone wait for a break in the weather. It was not to be but his determination demonstrates that winning premierships is a serious business and needs to be uncompromising. High gained another point on arch rivals Riverview.
Down at Woollahra Sailing Club four races in the Tri-Series had been completed. Crews were milling about in the clubhouse waiting for results to be posted. Technical problems meant that presentations were not made. We hope to have results this week. The cricket had a few overs during which our first XI made a few runs and lost some wickets. The heavy rain decided the issue - a draw.

HSC Stress
The stress of preparing for the HSC has been blamed for a large number of student deaths in NSW in recent years. Teachers, parents and students should be keenly sensitive to the symptoms of rising stress in Year 12 students. Bouts of depression around assessment time, extreme mood swings, changed sleeping or socialising patterns may indicate a build up of stress that an individual is finding hard to handle. The school runs study skills sessions, has had meditation classes and promotes time management strategies to help boys acquire the personal skills to combat the effects of rising levels of stress. Please refer any student you feel is at risk to his Year Adviser or to the School Counsellors.

Bus Licences
Staff members and parents are invited to upgrade their driving licences at the school's expense in return for some periodic driving services. We have frequent demands on the time of a few drivers to accommodate the increasing transportation needs of the school.

Can our students see properly?
Recent university research suggests that an alarming 40% of senior secondary students may be suffering from myopia, even though all of them would not necessarily require glasses. Are staff and parents fully aware of the signs of vision problems in students? Students asking to move to the front of the class or just moving closer contrary to their normal seating pattern, could be indicators. Complaints about the quality of teachers' handwriting on the blackboard might be a sign. We all need to be vigilant in detecting and reporting anything that appears to be getting in the way of student learning.

Professional Learning Policy
I am pleased to announce that DET has released its new Professional Learning Policy. More significantly for us, some $22k. has been deposited in our school account for professional learning for semester 1. There will be no immediate effects from this commitment by DET because the school has allocated more than $15k. annually to professional learning. However, significant sums of money will be able to be diverted to other school priorities because of this most welcome injection of funds. A Professional Learning Team will be established to manage the funds held in a tied grant to the school.

High Talent
Congratulations to our GPS relay team which broke through for a win at the GPS Swimming Carnival last Friday. Well done boys! Recent Old Boy, Costa Avgoustinos (2001), had great success at the recent Tropfest. He won third prize overall for his short film 'Yin', won the Sony Best Young Director Award and won the People's Choice category. Staff and students may remember
Costa's great cartoon 'Guy', which was screened at our Art show.
Dr K Jaggar
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Schools Expo

Staff and Parents please note: Help needed!
On Saturday 15th May and Sunday 16th May Sydney Boys High will be participating in a Schools Expo at Rosehill Gardens - Rosehill Racecourse.

The purpose of participating in the Expo is to provide any prospective parents and students an opportunity to compare Sydney Boys High School with other private and state schools and especially other selective schools. It is also a convenient venue for parents and students in the western and northern suburbs interested in seeing what Sydney Boys High has to offer.

There will be over 100 schools occupying booths in this Expo. All schools will be represented including Sydney Girls' High, Anglican, Adventist, Baptist, Boarding, Catholic, Christian, Grammar, High Schools, International Schools, Jewish, Montessori, Pre-schools, Public Schools, Primary Schools, Selective High Schools, Senior Colleges, Steiner, Uniting and more.

Mrs Crothers, who has taken on the position of "Marketing and Tours" for prospective parents and students, will need the assistance of two other interested members of staff to assist her to organise student displays and a 'show-bag' of handouts and to man the booth. Please give Mrs Crothers a ring if you like the idea of supporting and making suggestions in this SBHS promotion exercise.

Six students who are not involved in GPS Sport may wish to do some school service -three on Saturday and three on Sunday - telling prospective students and parents about their school. This would count towards School Service in the Student Awards Scheme. Interested students please give your names to Mrs Crothers in the Library.

Four parents who either were involved in Open Day or would like to contribute to this smaller school marketing exercise (two parents each day) are also really needed at the Expo. Could interested parents also please ring Mrs Crothers on 9361 6910?Your help will be much appreciated
Mrs Crothers
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From the Charities Committee

In March the students voted to elect their nominated charities for the year 2004. The three successful charities are:
Here for Life, a youth suicide prevention organisation, The Children's Hospital and The Spastic Centre.
Major fundraising activities for Sydney Boys High School community will focus on these three charities in 2004.

On Friday April 2nd, the students and staff will support the Here for Life organisation by holding a mufti day under their theme National Board Shorts Day. Students are encouraged to pay a gold coin at roll call to wear board shorts/mufti on that day. It is expected that all students will support this nominated charity.

In addition other worthwhile charity events that students and Sydney Boys High School community may wish to support will be advertised in the High Notes and in the Daily Notes. OXFAM Community Aid Abroad will hold it's annual Walk Against Want on Sunday 21st March 2004. The Walk will commence at 10am at Victoria Park and participants can chose to walk either 5 or 15km. For further information please call OXFAM coordinator on 8204 3906 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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From Communities

By the time this appears in High Notes, Year 7 should have their Language Power Test Grammar scores back. As you saw last time, most students achieved 90+%. It is quite a comprehensive test too. The writing samples collected with the tests are still being processed, not to get a 'mark' but to establish accurate ESL Scales readings where appropriate, and as samples of where the Year 7 students of 2004 were in their written English at the beginning of their time at Sydney Boys High.

I have just revised one of the more popular pages on the website: Writing, at http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/write.html You may also reach it from the front page by clicking either the WRITE or STUDY button on the left of the page. You can find help with basic language issues on this page, but also quite advanced sites on creative writing, factual or essay writing, and, of course, tips on how to study.

A more extended version of this column may be found at http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/week.html Year 9 students will find help there for their current Shakespeare study.
Neil Whitfield
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From English


1] The Sydney Morning Herald and Sydney Writer's Festival 2004 'write now' competition. Students in Years 7-9 are eligible to enter. Entry forms available from English department. Deadline April 30th 2004.

2] Write for fun Poetry Competition. First prize $1000 and an Xbox. Enter online at: www.write4fun.net.
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Head of the River Buses

Saturday 27 March 2004


Buses from School.
Leave from Anzac Parade gate at 8 am, and return to School after the Regatta. Tickets must be purchased in advance from School Office. $15 return fare.

Buses from Rowing Sheds
Leave from corner Teviot Avenue and Great North Road at 8 am and return to Sheds after Regatta. Limited seats, you must reserve your seat by phone 9327 7202. $15 return fare, pay on bus.
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Gardening/Grounds Working Bee

On SUNDAY MARCH 21 there will be a WORKING BEE in the CANTEEN AREA. There are two main jobs: Dig all the old plants out of the tired old bits of garden left there. Help the Year 11 boys to complete the placement of the logs in the amphitheatre.

Boys and/or their families are welcome to participate for whatever time they can spare between 9a.m. and 1.30p.m.

Please bring your own gloves, spades, saws, secateurs and other tools. If a couple of people can fit a wheelbarrow into their car, these would be very useful.

If we can get all this work done on the Sunday, then we will be ready to fix the surfaces, place the artwork and buy plants to complete these areas fairly quickly after that.

Participating students can put their hours towards the School Service Awards.

I shall look forward to seeing you there - families of new boys to the school are welcome to join us.
Marcia Shepherd.
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1st Grade SBHS 7 Kings 5
wash out after 2 sets won by SBHS

2nd Grade SBHS 6 Kings 6 - rain
3rd-6ths Doubles played -

3rds, 4ths, 5ths - Kings won 2 SBHS 1
16's, 15's, 14's no play due to rain

13A SBHS 0 Kings 6
13B SBHS 0 Kings 6
13C SBHS 2 Kings 6
13D SBHS 0 Kings 6

PROGRESSIVE POINT SCORE (to the end of Round 4)

First Grade Second Grade
SBHS 45 St Ignatius 43
St Ignatius 39 Newington 37
Scotts 30.5 Shore 35
Shore 30 Grammar 34.5
Grammar 30 Scots 29
Newington 26 St Joseph's 27
Kings 24.5 Kings 19
St Joseph's 14.4 SBHS 17

Term 1 Round 5
March 6, 2004

First Grade
St Josephs drew with Newington 6-6
St Ignatius drew with Scots 6-6
SBHS 7 King's 5
Shore drew with Grammar 6-6

Second Grade
St Josephs drew with Newington 6-6
St Ignatius drew with Scots 6-6
Grammar drew with Shore 6-6
King's drew with High 6-6

1st Grade Match Report March 6 2004 V Kings
It's not often that a match report is filed for a washout, though this particular match still had its fair share of excitement in the three hours it lasted. For High there was one motive: to get as many matches (and hence wins) under out belt before the heavy rain wiped out play. We ended up winning the only two available.

Michael Hayes and Brian Ly won comfortably, Peter Pereira and Ivan Cerecina won by default, Dejan Bodrozic and Tim Neville led 6-0, 5-1 when the umpire abandoned play, in a decision which sparked fireworks between the two teams. We wanted just one more game for the day, but Kings would not have a bar of it. Our manager Mr Boros told the opposition we were prepared to wait all day for the rain to pass. All six of us wanted to go home.

As it was our last home game this year, a curtain was drawn on an era. The organisational prowess of Mrs Neville and Mrs Hayes would disappear for good. This means no more of Mrs Neville's sandwiches, and no more of Mrs Hayes's muffins. However our disappointments, aside, we have to confront Grammar at Weigall this week in what promises to be a spirited clash. A massive win could almost clinch the premiership for us with one week to spare. This would be an excellent result. There are other possibilities too, but the good thing is that our future is in our hands. And that provides food for thought.
Peter Pereira
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Well it finally happened!!! Many of you may have heard of the "Miracle on 34th Street"; well dear friends last Friday evening I witnessed the 'Miracle on Stanmore Road'

Let me set the scene for you - many of you may remember the Sydney Boys High School Swimming Carnival and the GPS Invitational Relay and how we achieved the best result ever - second, to the Scots College. For many that may have been more than enough but not for Sydney High Boys! who once again have reinforced for me the one true constant in this crazy universe "there ain't nothin' a Sydney High Boy can't do if he puts his mind to it"

But I digress - back to the story!
Alright - second… by about half a pool length as I recall - but that wasn't the end of the story, in fact it was the beginning of the miracle! Since then that same event has been rerun three times. First, at the Grammar Carnival (the very first carnival of the season) where we had to duplicate the feat or concede it was a magnificent fluke. And by gum we did just that - second by a quarter of a pool length to the Scots unstoppable machine!
The second rerun was at the Scots Carnival where - as so often happens with GPS swimming, - we were without two critical team members. We finished a commendable eighth .

Was this the end of the dream???
But you forget we are talking about 'High' and High is the first syllable in 'Hydrology'. As someone once said.- the dream lives on!

And last Friday at the final rerun of the GPS Opens Medley Relay the dream was realised! They won it by a whisker and didn't the fans go wild ! Ladies and gentlemen I give you the GPS Open Medley Relay Team - Tom ("Miller the Killer"), Ellis ("Elvis the King") Andrew ("Reis Lightening") and Barry ("He Without a Nickname") and on your behalf say to the boys "Thank you all for giving so much to our school"
R.V. Ockert MIC Swimming
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Rowing Report

12th March

The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy for all associated with Sydney High rowing. The boys have reached a peak of hard training as we enter the final countdown to the Riverview Gold Cup and the Head of the River. Year 10 crews have travelled to Melbourne as guests of Melbourne High Rowing and have competed with great distinction in the Melbourne schools competition. We have hosted the Sydney High Junior Regatta on Hen and Chicken Bay and the Year 10 and Senior crews have contested the Sydney Rowing Club Regatta at Penrith.

The hours and effort involved in these activities are hard to calculate. The boys have become very experienced at rigging, de-rigging and transporting their boats in all conditions. The transport of boats to Melbourne was a particularly big undertaking and we are indebted to Mr David Daish and Mr Tim Wilson for giving up four days of their own time (and the use of Mr Wilson's vehicle) to not only deliver the boats to Melbourne, but then on to the National Aquatic Centre at Carrum on the outskirts of the city.

The Year 10 crews in Melbourne showed that they can match it with all but the very best in the southern city. Our 3rd VIII managed to win a heat and the Seconds and Firsts were well placed in all races. The boys seemed to have a great time and made some good friends among the Melbourne High boys. Thanks to all who travelled with the boys and made the trip a success - Mr Barris, Ms Opferkuch, Mr and Mrs Burrell and Kathy Jackson. Back in Sydney, the King's Regatta held over the same weekend revealed again that our senior crews are right on the standard this year. Our senior 1st VIII came 4th in their heat but were only 2.6s off the winning time. Our 1st and 2nd IVs again made finals with impressive performances.

Last weekend the competition was split again between the Regatta Centre at Penrith and Hen and Chicken Bay. It was our turn to host the Junior Regatta and even though it was a restricted program there was still the same amount of work involved in staging the races and keeping the spectators refreshed. Thanks to all parents and supporters who helped out - particularly those who started early and finished late. The regatta was a great success, not least because the rain held off until the program was completed. Once again our junior crews did all the right things in competition and with continued efforts the results will come. All junior crews started and rowed their races with skill and vigour.

The rain did not stay away from the Sydney Rowing Club regatta out at Penrith. This event is the last chance for all GPS crews to race alongside each other prior to the Head of the River. The 1st VIII came 7th in another close race (beating Newington) while the 2nd VIII had their best result to date with 6th place (beating Newington and Scots). The 2nd VIII are coached by Mark Prater and Dave Luscombe and consist of Bow - William Clegg, 2 - Ben Stamati, 3 - Ben Glass, 4 - Robbie Girdler, 5 - James Gerofi, 6 - Alan Dam, 7 - Olivier Delaruelle, Stroke - Andrew Jacques, Cox - Tom Hurrell.

This Saturday will be the last regatta of the season at Hen and Chicken as Newington host in advance of the magnificent Riverview Gold Cup the following Saturday.
Steve Tiedgen for the Rowing Committee
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Sydney Boys High Cricket

A frustrating end to a round that saw High in the First and Second XIs in winning positions before the rains came and put paid to our efforts. A disappointing turn of luck.

3rd XI Newington- 193 all out High- 101 all out
High started the day at 0-1 and the two openers Peter Gordon and Sayuru Kulupana got off to a solid start. Sayuru's bat became as good as firewood after a forward defensive shot split the bat horizontally. After the openers were dismissed, a very good partnership ensued between Vineeth George (21) and Vishan De Silva (32). Unfortunately, a couple of quick wickets fell and High were dismissed soon after. Haveesh Srinath also made a handy contribution of 15. The 3rd XI are looking forward to the game against Sydney Grammar this weekend as the last game of the season.

The "Competitive Gentlemen's Fourth XI" were most peeved also as they were determined to maintain their winning run at the expense of Kings, as well as having a score to settle from Term 4.

In other matches the 16Bs, 15Bs and 13Bs never got to bowl a ball in anger - as the rain settled in for the remainder of the day.

Full match reports for matches completed will appear in next week's High Notes.

PARKING: Sunday 14th March needs further support from parents. The First and Second XIs are responsible to provide five players from each team however we must have some adults to handle some aspects. Volunteers will be required between 4.30pm to 6.00pm. Please contact Mrs Sharon Prentice on 96605841 and register your availability

The Annual Cricket Dinner and Presentation will be held On Saturday 3rd April 2004 - 6.30pm for 7.00pm in the Great Hall. Cost is $20.00 for players/students and $25.00 for adults. Booking confirmation using the form below is required by 29th March. Form and Payment to be handed into the School Office.
Laurie Heil MIC Cricket

Saturday 3rd April, 2004

Player/Student Name: _________________________________________________

Roll Class: __________________

No. of Adults @ $25.00 per head ________________

No. of Students/Players @ $20.00 per head ________________

Payment enclosed: Cheque payable to Sydney Boys High School


Form and Payment to be returned to School Office by no later than 29th March 2004.
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State of the Arts

Marching Band Practice
As we are getting closer to the big day (April 25th), boys need to ensure they have their music memorised. The music needs to be put onto A5 size card and the boys need a music lyre. The next practice will be Tuesday morning at 9.00am. Instruments, music, lyre and a hat are needed for this. Special thanks to Drum Major Simon Chadwick for his help.

Head of the River
The Performance Jazz Band has been asked to perform at the Head of the River. These are the boys who will be performing. The music department would like to thank these boys for their time.
Any other jazz boys who would like to play should see music.

Alto Saxophone Dominic Bowes Tenor Saxophone Harry Song
Alto Saxophone Shahar Merom Tenor Saxophone Raymond Huynh
Alto Saxophone D'Arcy Blaxell Trombone Andrew Lim
Alto Saxophone Richard Xu Trombone Louis Yang
Alto Saxophone Jeremy Luscombe Trombone Chapman Siu
Baritone Saxophone James Mackay Trombone Zhi (george) Zu
Bass Muhamed Mehmedbasic Trombone Shreyas Iyer
Bass Joshua Freiman Trombone Lachlan Deacon
Drums Simon Chadwick Trumpet Aaron Shuttleworth
Drums Peter Lieu Trumpet Tim Shu
Drums Ashwin Thomas Trumpet Alex Vertoudakis
Guitar Michael Coutts Trumpet Robbie Alchin
Guitar Roy Wong Trumpet Wilson Wong
Guitar Ivan Cerecina Trumpet Calum Martin
Tenor Saxophone Victor Wei Trumpet Phil Kurts
Trumpet Timothy Siu

Italy 2005 we are looking for the following instruments to join the Italian Music Tour band. If you play one of these instruments see the music department for a nomination form. French Horn, Clarinet, Flute.
There will be a meeting on Wednesday March 24th at 7.30pm in Music Room 201 for all students and parents of the Italy Band. This will be to discuss fundraising, parking and rehearsals.

Training Music Camp2004
Training music camp is fast filling up. Forms need to be into the music staffroom this week.

Parents please note. The boys need your help to purchase and prepare their food. (All costs incurred will be reimbursed) please indicate on the camp form how you can assist at or before the camp.

Music Tour 2004
Port Macquarie Music Tour
The music department has organised a tour to Port Macquarie
for the Intermediate Concert Band, the Senior Concert Band and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. This tour will replace the music camp for this year. The ensembles will be involved in workshops, concerts and tutorials with schools in the areas. Students will still have sectionals and tutorials as well as the chance to perform with their chamber groups. The group size is limited to 96 due to the coaches. Positions will be on a first to pay although lack of attendance at all rehearsals and performances may see a position be declared vacant. Tour forms and further details are available from the music department.

Music Committee and Year 7 Parents
The music committee is looking for Year 7 parents to help out with fundraising and concerts. If you have any good ideas to raise money, or can spare a little time to help your son, please come to the music committee meeting on Wednesday March 24th at 7.00pm in music room 201. All parents of students in the music ensemble program including guitar, training ensembles and the choral groups are urged to attend this meeting. The committee raises money for music, instruments, percussion, helps to subsidise camps and workshops. If you are not available for the meeting but would like to help, please send your email details to the music office with your son. The next meeting of the music committee and year 7 music parents will be held on Wednesday march 24th at 7.00pm in music room 201. See you all there.
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Soccer 2004

It is important all players register as soon as possible so we can organise teams and coaches for next season including the fixture this term against Trinity on April 3rd. Please complete form below and place in envelope outside Visual Arts Staffroom. Parents are especially requested for their assistance.

Please complete this application and place it in the appropriate envelope outside the Visual Arts Staffroom

Name ____________________________________________________________Age_____________________

School Team played for___________________ Other teams played for_________________________________

Please circle Position: Keeper Defence Midfield Striker Preferred foot: Right Left


We would really like Parents to be involved in the management of teams as well as assisting in other areas please circle roles you would be willing to help with:

Coaching Parking Committee Saturday organisation ie:Nets, Team management transport.

Email contacts - Parents _______________________ Player ______________________

Player signature______________________________________________________________________________

Parent / Guardian signature____________________________________________________Date______/______/______
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