High Notes, Vol 5 No 40, December 09 2004

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From the Principal
Academic Achievement List
Raffle Winners
From the Library
Term Dates 2005/6
From Rowing
High Store - Holiday Hours
State of the Arts

From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our Chess team for their great victory in the National Schools Chess Competition. Ronald Yu, Ilia Zvedeniouk, Jason Cohn and Anthony Chau returned from Melbourne with a handsome perpetual trophy and a smaller one for the school. This is the first time that a High team has won this prestigious competition. Congratulations, boys! Also, Hilbert Chiu (2000) has won the University of Sydney Medal for History. Another name is to be added to our new honour board. Adam Pretty (1996) won his second Walkley Award for film photography.

Visual Arts Exhibition & P & C / Principal "Thank You" Reception
A good crowd of School Family members attended the opening night of the Visual Arts Exhibition and P&C / Principal "Thank You" reception. Some very interesting art works were on display. Mr Morris opened the exhibition and was followed by Dr Shane Brown, our new P & C President, who spoke about goodwill and moving forward together. Outgoing President, Mr Paul Girdler, made presentations on behalf of the P & C to long-serving parent members who were active on School Council, P & C Sub-committees and selection panels for local recruitment. Mr and Mrs Glass, Mr and Mrs Hoare and Mr and Mrs Harkins accepted gifts from Mr Girdler. Mrs Mittelheuser paid tribute to the work of Mr Girdler in his many roles over the last six years. His work in parking, rowing, rugby, the Outterside Centre working bees, the Canteen, the School Council, The Foundation and with Year Groups was highly valued by the parents, students and staff. Mrs Mittelheuser made a presentation to Mr Girdler on behalf of the P & C in appreciation for his fine efforts.

It was then time for the raffle draw. Mr John Goddard, GPS OBU representative, drew the winning tickets from the large compost bin kindly donated for the evening by Bunnings Warehouse. The first prize was won by a family in Yowie Bay. The rest of the prizes went to people from various suburbs in Sydney. The details of the raffle draw will be published in the newspaper and in High Notes.

Twilight Regatta
Last Friday evening, the traditional heavy traffic and changeable weather accompanied the twilight regatta at the Outterside Centre. Parents braved the wind and light showers to try their hands at rowing. The food was up to its high standard. The Rowing Committee did its usual efficient job. It was an enjoyable evening.

Academic Merit Lists
Students in Years 8 & 9 who have qualified for the Academic Merit List have their names published this week. My congratulations go to all the boys who have demonstrated their commitment to high order outcomes in their learning.

Pedestrian Safety
Again, an avoidable near tragedy occurred involving our students crossing busy roads. This time the incident happened adjacent to the pedestrian crossing on Cleveland Street. A boy was hit by a vehicle travelling on the bus lane. Boys are reminded that buses and taxis can use the bus lane. Please be careful and do not cross against the lights. In periods of heavy traffic, do not thread your way through the cars. Be patient and wait until you can see what is happening and that you have a green light to cross. Please stay within the marked lines on the road, indicating the boundaries of the pedestrian crossing.

School Certificate Test Results
The school performed up to its high standard overall in the School Certificate tests. The following table summarises the results. The important indicator is effect size- the performance difference between the school and the state in terms of their test score means (averages), calculated in standard deviation units. I have a benchmark in mind for our performance at 1.25 SD units. However, interpretation is problematic as the test results do not get adjusted to fit a normal curve distribution.
Dr K Jaggar

  School School State State School Effect
  Mean S.D. Mean S.D. v State Size
English 2003 85.67 5.18 72.71 11.28 12.96 1.15
2004 88.22 4.59 73.95 11.49 14.27 1.24
2003 91.76 4.31 71.93 11.21 19.83 1.77
2004 93.01 3.63 71.09 11.49 21.92 1.91
2003 87.09 4.28 74.32 9.19 12.77 1.39
2004 88.24 4.44 74.1 10.77 14.14 1.31
2003 83.62 7.17 69.13 12.97 14.49 1.12
2004 86.85 5.87 70.78 12.32 16.07 1.3
2003 87.06 6.12 70.5 11.25 16.56 1.47
2004 86.59 5.59 72.65 10.43 13.94 1.34

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The Communities Blog http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/ is the online version of this column, but much more. Recent entries include:

  • 5 December: Australia's favourite book.
  • 4 December: Science help - how to write up a Science experiment, leading to links on the language of Science and more.
  • 3 December: Twenty Muslim students from Sule College discussed a variety of religious issues with 20 Jewish students from Masada College and 20 Christian girls from the Catholic Kincoppal-Rose Bay. Interesting news item.
  • 1 December: Good News -- Hilbert Chiu (2000) wins University Medal for History at Sydney University
  • 30 November: Requests from Latin on transitive verbs, and Year 8 English on comics and representation help provided.

So it is worth checking, isn't it?

Incidentally, the Blog has no counter so I don't know who visits, but whenever someone goes to the rest of the site I do get some information on usage. In the past few weeks 30 to 40 a day have been visiting, about three times the average earlier in the year.
Neil Whitfield
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Academic Achievement List

Year 8 Semester 2 2004

Congratulations to the following boys in Year Eight whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 are recognised.

Points were awarded as follows for the best nine courses - High Distinction: 6, Distinction: 5, Credit: 3, Pass with Merit: 2, Pass: 1, with the qualifying total being 46.

Eric ANG
Michael BOCK
Tony CAI
William CHAN
Daniel CHIM
Matthew COUTTS
Yiming DENG
David FAN
Richard HUA
Kartik IYER
Remy JI
Albert KIM
Nathan KWOK
Sean LEE
Nathan LIEU
Simon LIU
George LO
Bernard LUNG
Peter LUU
Adrian NG
Harrison REID
Marco SUN
Lucian TAN
Andrew TANG
Simon TING
David VIEN
Simin YANG

Year 9 Semester 2 2004

Congratulations to the following boys in Year Nine whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 are recognised.

Points were awarded as follows - High Distinction: 6, Distinction: 5, Credit: 3, Pass with Merit: 2, Pass: 1, with the qualifying total being 40.

Jacky AU
Michael COUTTS
Edward DENG
Howard FAN
David HU
Frank JIN
Alexander LEE
Kevin LEE
Jeffrey LEUNG
Martin Han LIU
John LUU
Anthony MORRIS
Albert NG
Ji-Kwang PARK
Raymond ROCA
Matthew SIN
Steven SONG
Alan TAN
Jamie TAO
David TRAN
Nguyen TRAN
Raymond TRAN
Anthony WAN
Richard XU
Louis YANG
YAO Kelvin YU


Year 10 Semester 2 2004

Congratulations to the following boys in Year Ten whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 are recognised.

Points were awarded as follows: High Distinction: 6, Distinction: 5, Credit: 3, Pass with Merit: 2, Pass: 1, with the qualifying total being 40.

Faraz AMIN
Stephen BURKE
David CAO
Aaron CHAN
Robin CHEN
Benjamin CHOW
Steven GUO
Chung HO
Kevin HO
Anthony HUYNH
Naziful ISLAM
Kevin KIM
Kieran LEONG
Peter LIEU
Henry LIU
Richard LIU
Angelo LU
Kin Jing LY
Kevin MAK
Edward PHAM
Jack PHU
Chong SHAO
Sahir SYED
Christopher TO
Tanvir UDDIN
Francis WONG
Thomas WONG
Michael ZHOU

Applications for the Student Awards Scheme must be made to Mr Beringer by Wednesday 15th December
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Raffle Winners


The results of the School Raffle drawn on Tuesday night are as follows:

1st Prize
Supplied by JB HI FI Bondi Junction 106cm Plasma Screen T.V with Home Entertainment Surround Sound System valued at $8,000
WINNER: R Polisi - Yowie Bay

2nd Prize
Hand Carved African Artefact Mask Donated by Icon Gallery Cleveland Street, Surry Hills Valued at $300
WINNER: M Sandarousi - Condell Park

3rd Prize
Bed and Breakfast for 2 People One Night's Accommodation Donated by Park Lodge Hotel, Cleveland Street, Surry Hills Valued at $176
WINNER: Q Nguyen - Chester Hill

4th Prize
Iced Specialty Cake Donated by Unique Cakes, 341 Gardeners Rd, Rosebery. Valued at $60
WINNER: J Bancroft - Mortdale

5th Prize
Four Adult Movie Passes Donated by Dendy Theatre, 261 King Street, Newtown Valued at $54
WINNER: D Brunato - Randwick

Christopher Tang (Year 8)
won the $200 prize draw for those who sold a full book of tickets.


THANK YOU to everyone who sold tickets, bought tickets, took tickets to the streets with the stalls at the Shopping Centres and especially the admin staff for help with processing. These efforts have made the exercise a success enabling the amount of Ten Thousand Four Hundred Dollars to be added to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund to grow our target for building the New Library.
Valda Roser
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From The Library

  • The Library Fund
    Many thanks to the parents who chose to support the Library Fund this year.
  • Z’ours Committee
    Thanks to the Z’ours Committee for assisting Ms Cradock with the Trivia Quiz this Open Day. Thanks also for assisting with putting up new literature covers for Open Day. The Z’ours Committee has been a learning experience for me as well and it is to be hoped that we set clearer goals for next year and enthuse a lot of boys to enjoy reading or other activities in the Library.
  • The Premier’s Reading Challenge
    Our Primary Librarians are having trouble encouraging Year 6s to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge because there is no commitment from High Schools to support this activity. This is a great pity as many children only become competent and independent readers as they reach Year 6 or even Year 7. A suggestion was made to me today by a student in this regard – that we offer the Premier’s Reading Challenge or entering a Sydney Boys High based competition for Reading the Most Books in your Year and thereby reading any 20 books in one year from this Library as eligibility for the Award Scheme.
  • New carpet and new paint
    Some of you may remember that we got very excited about this last year. It may actually happen this time. Fingers crossed. The Education Department has been in measuring.
  • Raffle to raise funds for the new library
    Big thanks to everyone who supported this.
  • Library loans 2004
    I have just run off a report from the OASIS system which indicates how many loans were transacted by our staff up to yesterday. This was 24,143. This includes loaning library computers as well as books.
  • Huge thanks to our Student Librarians
    Our Library has continued to look really neat thanks to your tidy shelving. We are also very grateful for your cleaning of our books.. You are all big whizzs on the Circulation Desk as well.

Seniors Wanting Sydney Uni Library Card -- Extension Students:
I have just emailed Sydney Uni Library for more forms. They rang me right back and are faxing me extra forms now. If any of our student experience any difficulties at Fisher Library please ask to speak to Gail Prior. She said she will be delighted to help you. Full marks to them for a quick response.
Mrs Crothers
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Term Dates

Term Dates 2005
Term 1: Fri January 28 - Fri April 8 (Easter Sunday 27 March) (49 days)
Term 2: Tues April 26 - Fri July 1 (48 days)
Term 3: Mon July 18 - Fri September 23 (50 days)
Term 4: Mon Oct 10 - Wed Dec 21 (53 days)

Term Dates 2006
Term 1: Mon 30 January - Thur 13 April (Easter Sunday 16 April) (54 days)
Term 2: Mon 1 May - Fri 30 June (44 days)
Term 3: Mon 17 July - Fri 29 September (55 days)
Term 4: Mon 16 Oct - Thur 21 Dec (49 days)

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From Rowing

The Head of the Parramatta River is one of the ‘bookends’ of the school rowing season. It is an endurance event and a time trial over 5+ kms 'gently down the stream'. It is always a tough way to start the season and this year the blustery conditions made it even harder. All competing High crews finished in good form with the 2nd VIII probably our best performed crew, finishing in a time of 14 m 47s - only 17 seconds behind our 1st VIII.

Plenty of training camps and a host regatta in term 4 have kept everyone (rowers and parents) very busy. Thanks to all the parents, teachers, coaches, prefects and rowers who made the High Regatta such a success. In my absence, John Kaldor has written a report below.

The Twilight Regatta, held last Friday evening, was another successful social/sporting event with many parents taking to the oars for the first time. Thanks to all who donated their time and energy to this regular event on the rowing calendar – particularly committee members Selim Stamati, Catherine Erskine and Elizabeth Hurrell. Thanks also to Chris Watson and Everett Coan, who patrolled the river to make sure that parents had a chance to row without mishap.
Steve Tiedgen – for the Rowing Committee.

High Regatta 27 November 2004
Perfect, glassy water conditions greeted the small army of High rowing staff and parents who descended on Bayview Park at Hen and Chicken Bay last Saturday morning, to prepare to host the first GPS rowing regatta of the season. These events normally begin at the start of Term I, but with Easter falling early next year, an extra day of competition was scheduled before the long summer break. Soon after 7am, all was in readiness on the water and at the barbecue stand, and our crews were taking to the river for the short trip around from the sheds at Abbotsford Point to the starting line at the mouth of the bay.

The first races were for Year 8 quads, each made up of five current Year 7 boys who had been rowing for just a few short weeks. An anxious moment for new rowing parents, many of whom are wondering not so much what placing their boys will achieve in their inaugural race, as whether they will actually make it all the way to the finish line in front of the jetty. So as the first of the five novice crews started to come in, there was great pride all around as they demonstrated their newly acquired rowing skills, pushing themselves all the way to the line no matter where they were lying in the race order. Pride turned to jubilation as the Second Year 8 quad held out St Ignatius in a tight finish to take out third place, and then exploded into wild cheering when the First Year 8 Quad (Dimitropoulos, Belokopytov, Ridges, Ling; cox Desmond; coaches Prater and Coan) crossed in second place. A great start for our new rowers!

The senior crews then began their heats, competing for places in the finals to be held later in the morning. Although none of our three Fours made their finals, all rowed strongly, and showed great promise at this early stage of the season. Both the senior Eights made their finals, cruising comfortably into third place in their respective heats. The Year 9 Quads were next, followed by the Year 10 Eights, with a number of boys who were new converts to rowing this season making their racing debut. The First Year 9 Quad placed third in its race, and recorded the fourth fastest time across the eight schools contesting the event.

In the finals, the First Eight (Steen, James, Szabo, A Tiedgen, Grimm, Kruszelnicki, Mitsuji, Scharfegger, cox Zak; coaches Prater and Luscombe; substitute Delaruelle) looked extremely competitive at their first GPS outing, and finished strongly in fourth place, well within 5% of the winner’s time, despite stroke Josh Scharfegger being injured.

With the High Rowing Committee President interstate for the weekend, I had the privilege of wading out into the muddy shallows of the bay to present medallions to the winning senior crews. It was nice to see three different schools take the honours across the six races, suggesting that this season may not be as much of a Shoregone conclusion as most of last year’s events seemed to become.

Hosting a GPS regatta is a highlight of our rowing calendar, but it was good to have been able to fulfil this responsibility right at the start of the season. The event went off without a hitch, thanks to meticulous planning guided by long experience, and hard work on the day. Our rowing staff, led by Chris Watson, ran the race schedule with military precision, sending crews down the bay exactly on time. The food stalls, well complemented as usual by Rob Forsyth’s excellent coffee, were a great success, with over thirty parents from all year groups taking turns on the barbecue and selling cold drinks, burgers and some excellent home made cakes. By 2 pm many hands had made light work of the clean up, and we were heading home after a successful first day of GPS racing.
John Kaldor Vice President Sydney Boys High School Rowing Committee.
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High Store

Special Holiday opening times are as follows:
Monday January 24, 2005 10.00am to 3.00pm
Tuesday January 25, 2005 10.00am to 7.00pm
Friday January 28, 2005 10.00am to 4.00pm

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State of the Arts

Music Awards Dinner
Congratulations to these boys who were awarded the following prizes at the music Awards Dinner

Musician of the Year - Raj Kumar
Best Musician Year 10 - Francis Wong
Senior Commitment Trophy - Peter Gordon

Best Musician  
Training Concert Band Mishu Osiniski, Nevin Spoljaric
Junior Stage Band Calum Martin
Training String Orchestra  Kiril Mickovski
Guitar Ensemble  Ivan Cerecina
Vocal Ensemble  Lachlan Brown
Intermediate Concert Band Thomas Wilson
Intermediate Stage Band James Mackay, Muhamed Mehmedbasic
Senior Concert Band Alexander Vertoudakis
Senior Stage Band  Simon Chadwick
Symphony Orchestra Raj Kumar
Commitment Award  
Training Concert Band Christopher Evans
Junior Stage Band Lachlan Deacon, Roy Wong
Guitar Ensemble  Steven Zheng
Vocal Ensemble  Lawrence Png, Clement Chen
Intermediate Concert Band Jeremy Ireland, Phil Kurts
Intermediate Stage Band Jeremy Luscombe
Senior Concert Band Alexander Vertoudakis
Senior Stage Band  Simon Chadwick
Symphony Orchestra Alasdair Brown
String Quartet Julian Byrnes
Improvement Award  
Training Concert Band Timothy Burston
Junior Stage Band Shreyas Iyer, Nicholas Dimitropoulos
Guitar Ensemble  Sam Binns
Intermediate Concert Band Lawrence Boikov
Intermediate Stage Band Matthew Wong
Senior Concert Band Adrian Flores
Senior Stage Band  Michael Coutts
Symphony Orchestra David Fan

GPS Ensemble Award - Thomas Mittelheuser, Francis Wong, Chong Shao
Best Ensemble Section - Intermediate Concert Band Percussion Section

Congratulations to Kiril Mickoviski and Nathan Lieu of year 8 who performed on violin at the Art Show opening and Cocktail Party.