High Notes, Vol 5 No 39, December 03 2004

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From the Principal
State of the Arts
From Volleyball
Academic Achievement List - Year 10

From the Principal

Academic Merit Lists
We are publishing the names of the boys who earned places on the Academic Merit Lists this semester. In years where accelerants are involved, points have been awarded according to their performances in the accelerated courses. The policy is to recognise the first 36 boys plus ties. Points are awarded on the basis of class or year awards- high distinction to pass. Boys whose names are on the list will have one category in the Award Scheme completed. As from 2005 boys who have straight ‘E’ for their effort grading will also be recognised on the Academic Merit List. Students in Year 11 need to claim eligibility on the list by reference to top 50% rank orders in 10 units. See Mr Beringer to support your claim.

The Library Raffle - drawn December 7
The long wait will soon be over for ticket holders in the Library Raffle. I urge all families with tickets to return the unsold books immediately so that the school can fulfil its legal obligations to account for all the raffle tickets it printed. I would like to thank Mrs Valda Roser and the Office Staff for all their work in making this inaugural raffle a success. At the ‘Thank You’ Reception and Visual Arts Show next Tuesday, the winners’ tickets will be drawn. The winners’ names will be published in High Notes, on the SBHS Website at sydneyboyshigh.com.

Report interviews
Report interviews are being held on various days next week. Years 11 and 12 have been done. Year 10 should be completed before the last day for Year 10 attendance. Year 7 will be interviewed early next week; Year 9 later in the week and Year 8 in the last full week. Boys are asked to be diligent in completing their Clearance Forms so that the process can run smoothly. I have discussed students of concern with the Year Advisers for 7, 10 and 11. Their problems frequently relate to time management or focus on task in class. These problems are readily addressed through the use of a diary, having a study routine and by applying self-discipline in the classroom. Very few of our underachievers have valid excuses for their lower than expected performances. The home – school partnership could raise their outcomes, with goodwill and good communication on both sides.

Financial rollover
Ms McLachlan and Ms Clarke successfully completed our financial rollover. Ms McLachlan and her staff were given a big tick by the auditor recently. However, the total receipts for 2004 of $2,203,168 exceeded payments by a mere $115.55. Thus the school’s financial reserves did not increase, despite our best efforts to budget for a surplus. Significant budget overruns in certain dissections caused us to barely break even on the year. On a brighter note, the SBHS Building Fund and the SBHS Library Fund have healthy balances. A financial platform has been laid for fund raising towards our major Library Project.

Program Managers’ Responsibilities
All program managers (and their committees where applicable) are accountable for monies allocated to their programs. For many different reasons, surpluses or deficits are created. The school’s policy is that surpluses get rolled over for the benefit of the prudent managers and deficits are made good in the following financial year by programs in deficit. The school cannot absorb the recurrent expenditure overruns by program managers. Where deficits have grown and committees request it, extra parking is allocated to managers and committees to assist in erasing the accrued deficits against their programs. Parking opportunities are allocated to fund recurrent expenditures first. Before we expand our programs or our coaching, we all have to take care of accumulated deficits. Otherwise, irresponsible financial managers will by default divert extra funds to their programs. All program managers have their budget allocations accessible on ‘p’ drive: finance 2005/ budget xls./ sport. They have all been asked to break up their predicted expenditures. They all have print outs (or can access them from Ms McLachlan) giving historical data. Money in sports administration is always in short supply. The spreadsheet shows how shortfalls can be financed – parking, ASF donations, co-payments, sponsorship or fundraising activities. Committees decide on the mix to suit their constituencies. Some programs have run into trouble with accumulated deficits. Ms McLachlan and I have agreed on a process by which programs can repay deficits over 3-4 years instead of one, thus allowing time to recover, get revenue raising measures in place and not degrade the quality of any one year’s program. Program managers are advised again to use committees and to plan budgets to eliminate deficits.

Budget 2005
We will soon be in a position to finalise budget allocations for Faculties and Co-curricular programs for 2005. I would like to thank the great Sydney High School community for the tremendous financial support given to our programs this year. Of equal significance is the uncalculated time commitment given by so many in a variety of ways. I believe we have made your money work hard for the good of the boys and that your time was spent profitably in supporting governance, planning and services.
Dr K Jaggar
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State of the Arts

School Spectacular
Marching Band 2004

Richie Xu, Peter Lieu, Patrick Chen, Robert Chen, Lachlan Deacon, Louis Yang, Francis Wong, Johan Santoso, Brynley Pfull, Reuben George, William Chan, Anton Jurisevic, Wilson Wong, Chapman Siu
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1. Write out in your best handwriting:—

‘O Mary, go and call the cattle home,
And call the cattle home,
And call the cattle home,
Across the sands o’ Dee.’
The western wind was wild and dank with foam,
And all alone went she.
The western tide crept up along the sand,
And o’er and o’er the sand,
And round and round the sand,
As far as eye could see.
The rolling mist came down and hid the land —
And never home came she.

2. Parse fully ‘And call the cattle home.’

3. Explain the meaning of o’ Dee, dank with foam, western tide, round and round the sand, the rolling mist.

4. Write out separately the simple sentences in the last two lines of the above passage and analyse them.

5. Write out what you consider to be the meaning of the above passage.

That is an English exam 1880s style. You will find a link to it on the Communities Blog at http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/. Things have changed since then. For the better? Well, consider whether the above involves any real critical thinking. NOTE: Question 4 is actually wrong. There are not two simple sentences in the last two lines of the poem; rather it is one compound sentence. See http://ceds.vu.edu.au/webbja/Sentences_complex_and_compound-complex1.htm
You can also find on the Blog a good method for lifting your marks in Senior Science. Mister Kaye has seen it and approves.
A famous Chinese Australian poet and critic will be visiting senior English classes next year. Best known for his poetry, he has also written fiction and criticism in both languages, and has translated over a dozen major Australian literary texts into Chinese. A living resource for Journeys, among other things. Who is he? Go to http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/index.blog?entry_id=535010.
Neil Whitfield
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From Volleyball

Volleyball Report 26th November
Saturday November 20th saw the majority of volleyballers and their parents assembling at the SHS boat sheds at Abbotsford for the annual Volleyball Awards BBQ.

On the agenda, after lunch, was the presentation of best and fairest awards, special awards and the ALL IMPORTANT announcement of who was to be Captain of Balls 2005!

Best & Fairest:
U14s - Stephen Dong
U15s - Warren Trac
U16s - Jamie Tao
3rd Grade - Vincent Ng
2nd Grade - Phillip Yang
1st Grade - Karl Kruszelnicki

Most Improved SHS Volleyball Player:
Daniel Shan (U14s)
Special Award for Service to SHS Volleyball:
Fahmy Balgahom

At a recent Volleyball committee meeting, it had been decided that the Captain of the First Grade team would also be the Captain of Balls. This person is the face of SHS Volleyball.
In 2004 this person was Yaegan Doran. With unanimous approval it was decided that he would again be the Captain of First Grade and therefore the SHS Captain of Balls for 2005!

This coming weekend sees the start of the National Schools Volleyball Championships in Melbourne.

As usual Mr Kay will be taking away some strong, experienced teams as well as some novitiates to the delights of Melbourne.

Coaches and players will be flying down on Sunday for the Opening Ceremony and then the competition starts first thing Monday.

The SHS contingent will be staying at their usual haunt: Richmond Hill Hotel
Richmond Hill Hotel is on Church St Richmond Hill ph 03 9428 6501

U14s: Daniel Shan, Stephen Dong, Steven Ke, Danny Lam, Thomas Nguyen, James Lee, Matthew Chan, Stanley He, Shorson Zhang & Ed Lu.
U16s: Jamie Tao, Victor Nguyen, Terry Ly, Sam Chhor, Jordan Luong, Alex Le, Alex Lee & Weiping Lu.
Opens: Yaegan Doran, Dominic Grimm, Karl Kruszelnicki, Robert Lu, Fahmy Balgahom, Bill Zhang & Nigel Panagopka
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Academic Achievement List

Year 10 Semester 2 2004
Congratulations to the following boys in Year Ten whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 are recognised.
Points were awarded as follows - High Distinction: 6, Distinction: 5, Credit: 3, Pass with Merit: 2, Pass: 1, with the qualifying total being 40.

Aaron CHAN
Robin CHEN
Benjamin CHOW
Steven GUO
Chung HO
Kevin HO
Anthony HUYNH
Naziful ISLAM
Kevin KIM
Kieran LEONG
Peter LIEU
Henry LIU
Richard LIU
Angelo LU
Kin Jing LY
Kevin MAK
Edward PHAM
Jack PHU
Chong SHAO
Sahir SYED
Christopher TO
Tanvir UDDIN
Francis WONG
Thomas WONG
Michael ZHOU

Student Awards Scheme claims must be made to Mr Beringer by Friday 10 December
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The prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter – Issue #8

Saturday 27th November – High VS Scots (Round 7).

High entered the last week of this year’s competition desperate for a win against title-holders, Scots.
Scots had a severely weakened team with state representative Kevin White out, but High had had limited preparation due to outside commitments.
High started the game extremely well with Captain Cameron Conway, who top scored with 20 points, scoring several transition baskets and some remarkably accurate shooting by Victor Domni, who scored 13 points.
However, good drives off screens and rebounding saw Scots claw their way back into the game and lead 20-19 at the first break.
High worked very hard throughout the second quarter and regained the lead through great hassling and rebounding. CJ was everywhere on the court defending players and diving on loose balls and forward Tom Mainprize worked tirelessly under the ring gathering boards. These efforts placed High in a dominant position at half time, 38-32.
The third quarter was the tightest of all, as it saw the lead exchange over three times. Scots employed an intimidating tactic where many unsportsmanlike actions were made off the ball, but High overcame this with patience and composure. Furthermore, Josh ‘Schni’ Kraindler made some good drives and Dale Sun was once again able to take a fantastic charge that proved to be a crucial point of the game.
High entered the fourth quarter with a slender lead, but controversial refereeing decisions resulted in the sending off of key forwards Tom Mainprize and Victor Wei, who had been rebounding well all game. However, great defence by Pat McDonnell on Scots’ key player ensured a low scoring quarter for them and a gigantic three by point guard Dustin Palana ensured a High win, 63-57.
Once again there was a large turnout for the game and the atmosphere was great. The High boys are extremely grateful for everyone’s support and hope that more people can come to future games.
Francis Wong
1st Grade player

Saturday 27th November – High VS Scots (Round 7).

After a tough loss against Shore, High 2nd grade were looking to claim there first victory against the Scots boys. Both teams were off to a slow start with Scots opening the scoring with a free throw with four minutes into the game, the High boys replied with a three pointer from the captain and soon the momentum propelled them into an enormous lead. High 2nd grade’s esoteric defensive presses worked well, which unsettled the opposition. Soon High were into a 16 point lead halfway through the second quarter with the Scots boys looking very shaken. The momentum gradually faded from High and soon two quick three pointers from the Scots boys closed the gap to 25-14 in High’s favour but High soon replied with a big three to close the first half 28-14. Looking destined to win the High boys somewhat slacked off and enabled Scots to close the gap and soon they were within 5 points and a comeback was looking very nasty for the home side. The closing stages of the game saw very tight play from both teams and after scoring just 10 points to Scots 21 we were able to hang onto victory to win the game 38-35. Excellent play was seen between the High guards as they pressured and hassled Scots into many turnovers enabling HIGH Second Grade to win there first second grade game in 4 years. Well done boys.
Raymond Huynh
2nd Grade Captain

How did the other teams go on Saturday?

Bang-bang-chika-bang-bang! That's how the game last Saturday was simplistically described as by Si Yang Cui. Well actually he’s been saying this meaningless phrase all week but nonetheless that’s how all the teams in the 16's performed-With a whole lot of bang! All players should be very proud of their achievements. The A's game was the nail biter. We confidently sprang onto the court ready to beat the Scots team - which over the last seasons we have comfortably beaten. From the marvellous shooting of both Si Yang to the powerful defence of Terry Ly, Alex Vulkanovski and Alex Vertudakis, our team seemed like it was unstoppable. With new plays in our heads and both Victor Nguyen and Jamie Tao as our driving force we managed to put a strong lead on the opponents within the first few minutes. Into the second half with Scots equal to us, we pulled out a variety of excellent passes and executed shots to put points on the board. With a lead of one point in the last minute, our team began to get butterflies but held out for the tormenting time frame, which saw missed free throws by the Scots team and a failed three-point attempt. Finally the buzzer went and we ecstatically won the game by one point. All this writer can say is good work guys and congratulations to first and second grade!
Moussa Farhat (16's Captain)

The 15 A’s once again played an excellent game on Saturday against Scots. With a score of 38-19 (loss), we saw a clear improvement to last years results. Once again our zone defence paid off, making it extremely difficult for the opposition to break through and score. It also enabled us to make a number of effective steals and blocks which we were able to combine with a few great shots and skilful drives.
By the end of the game we were pleased with the results, knowing we had given our all without giving up. Congratulations 15 As, what a great way to end the year!
Michael Bock (15’s Captain)

Today was a brilliant effort from the 14's, with a tight match between the A's and B's games. The A's were leading for the first
half by 5 points, although we were outscored in the second half, letting them take it by 8 points. We became tired in the hot weather and mainly because 3 players were injured or sick. Leonard top scored!!! The B's had another close game. As the last match of the season, overall it was a strong effort by the 14's. Next year we will be able to win our first game!! Thank you to our coach, Mrs. Ward and Mr. Lam, for teaching us to become basketball players!!! Thank you to the parents who took us to all those places and special thanks to Mrs. Tassell's organization of flowers and a card. Good Luck next year guys!!
Jeffrey Wong (14's Age Captain)

Saturday 27th November – High VS Scots (Round 7).
1st WIN 63-57 C.CONWAY 20, V.DOMNI 13
2nd WIN 38-35 H.WALKER 15, R.HUYNH 12
3rd LOSS 35-25 P.TRIPP 7
4th LOSS 25-30 H. CHUNG 9
5th WIN 23-17 W. ZHANG 8
6th WIN 38-23 J.PHU 14
7th Result Forfeited by players playing down
8th WIN 23-21 C. NGUYEN 6
16A WIN 28-27 V.NGUYEN 7
16B WIN 30-20 W.SHI 10
16C WIN 39-19 A.WANG 19
16D LOSS 16-18 W.SHEN 13
15A LOSS 38-19 G.LO 8
15B LOSS 66-15 K.LA 6
15C LOSS 34-28 K.WANG 10
15D LOSS 52-10 C.YANG 4
14A LOSS 24-32 L.TENG 6
14B LOSS 44-10 J.LI 4
14C LOSS 16-46 H.LEI 4
14D LOSS 30-38 T.TRAN 10

Mr Hayman’s Term 4, 2004 top scorers:
M. FARHAT 9ppg (16A’s)
H. WALKER 17ppg (2nds)
C. CONWAY 20.5ppg (1sts)
P.TRIPP 6ppg (3rds)
V.NGUYEN 7ppg (16A’s)

Player of the week
Dustin Palana - a who hit 2 big three pointers when asked to step up late in the fourth quarter to win 1st grade.
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The Advertiser
[See Page 7 of PDF version of this edition]

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Sydney Boys High Cricket

A quiet week for reports which signals we were not as successful as we had hoped for. However, several teams are showing marked improvements as we conclude GPS Competition for this year
FIRST XI. (Damitha Fonseka reports) The 1st.XI went down to Shore at Mckay Oval last Saturday by 25 runs failing to reach the target of 193 runs set by Shore the week before. Allowing ourselves to get tied down in patches with our batting, as well as giving away easy, but crucial runs when fielding, the boys did not show their true skill and determination on the field. The top run scorers in our chase were Damitha Fonseka 33 and Peshala Kariawasam with 22 runs. Our final score was all out for 169.We look now to achieve big things at Five Highs, as we head for Brisbane on Sunday. We’re confident that we will bring it together with determination and the skill we have to back it up
SECOND.XI. Day.2. Commenced with High on 5 wkts for 82 just 52 runs behind Shore with 5 wickets in hand. A blazing first over saw 14 runs hit off the Shore attack and we were quickly to 5 for 96 when the wheels fell off and we were bundled out for 106 leaving us 28 runs behind on the first innings. Shore batting a second time and chasing an outright win, declared at 6 wkts for 159 giving then an overall lead of 187 runs. High then took on the improbable task of scoring the runs in 22 overs, and at stumps were 4 wkts for 108 in a creditable batting performance. Shore being denied an outright and taking first innings points.
THIRD.XI. Day 2 and High commenced the day at 3 wkts for 40 chasing Shore’s all out for 156 runs on Day.1.and the game was in the balance. High’s captain Ravi Vidali, 29 n.o. to start the day continued his assault on Shore’s bowlers and in a great display of power and shots all around the ground went on to make High’s first Century for this season finishing on 111n.o. guiding us to 6 for201 and providing High with its second victory from 3 matches. Jiong Zhao with
25 batted consistently and the middle and lower order provided some handy contributions – Gary Ngo and Anik Sarkar (both 16 runs) to take us past the 200 mark. The Thirds are playing an exciting brand of cricket and their success should give them confidence for the remaining games next year. They have demonstrated a level of determination and application that has taken them to the next level of cricket, a lesson that several of our teams may follow.
16.A’s (abridged Rommo Pandit report) Shore won the toss and batted knowing we only had 9 to field the 10th turning up just after the start of play. In what was arguably a solid bowling performance, High was still punished for short attention and low concentration levels in the fields with up to 15 easy chances not taken. King’s finished 3 wkts declared for 220 in 51 overs, but we could have easily have had them out for a much lower total. Of the 3 wkts taken Oswin Perera took 2 and Rommo Pandit returned o for 6 off 6 overs. High then took the crease and at stumps on Day.1. were 1 wkt for 5 runs. Day2 saw High begin to bat with a confident attitude, which was soon dispelled as the team was all out for a total of 53 runs. Louis Yang making 13 and Michael Coutts 12 being the main scorers... High were sent in a second time and did not fare as well as the first innings being all out for 40 with Shore posting an outright victory by 127 runs. More awareness in the field and occupying the crease when batting would help this team become more competitive. As there are several talented players who are not performing to their potential
MIC’s observation: Was not this the team that considered the fielding, catching and centre wicket drills were boring and a waste of time during sport ? Perhaps now, the value of that time spent on basics each week would see less chances missed and greater team run totals.
15. A’s (abridged Dominic Bowes report) the team performed creditably in avoiding outright defeat and frustrating the Shore side. After High were all out for a disappointing 82 in their first innings and Shore making 4 for 201 on Day.1.they batted for a further hour on Day.2 making 5 for 296 with a lead of 216 runs.
Matthew Coutts bowled consistently and was the pick of the attack and taking 3 wkts for 47 from 14 overs.
With just on 3 hours remaining on Day.2. High had no alternative but to try to avoid outright defeat and bat out the time. Arunan Kandasamy and Shreyas Iyer were sent out to open the batting with 48 overs to be faced and two extremely fast bowling opponents. Both batted sensibly seeing off the new ball and then Arunan opened up scoring 35 off the next 7 overs to bring up his 50 just before drinks, whilst Shreyas maintained a rock like defence and held the innings together. Arunan then raced on and found himself in the nineties where he unfortunately was out for a dynamic 94 runs and the team on 1 for 110. By stumps High lost a further 2 wkts and were 4 wkts for 164 in reply to a frustrated Shore attack. Shreyas remained for 48 overs facing 126 deliveries for 23 runs without being dismissed and saved us.
14. B’s (Lachlan Brown reports) When the full team didn’t turn-up, High and Scots agreed to forgo the toss and send us in to bat. With Matthew Wong making 23 (in 2 innings), Jeffery Chen 23 (in 2 innings) with some batting twice to fill the XI, High smashed its way to 91.our highest score this term. Scots took the crease and in the 6th over by George Qin, the Scots opener was run out, their first dismissal at 62. Not giving up hope Lachlan Brown bowled Scots No.3, but in the next over despite another run out, Scots got that one run that decided the winner. Final Score High all out for 91, Scots 3 for 92. An exciting game as well as enjoyable and another great effort from this undermanned team

Cricket Camp
I am awaiting confirmation of the actual long weekend dates to celebrate Australia Day, to place details on the Website as well as a nomination form. The Camp is for junior and intermediate players and will be held over 3 days with 2 nights sleeping at the Outerside Centre. There will be a variety of skills sessions in all areas of the game and will prepare us for Term 1, GPS Competition. Don’t miss this opportunity, visit the Website soon
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket
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