High Notes, Vol 5 No 38, November 26 2004

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From the Principal
Remembrance Day
Extension 2 English
Open Day Thank you
Music Awards Dinner
Competition Results

From the Principal

Open Day / Orientation Day
Despite the fact that choices for selective schools had already been submitted on November 17, there was still a great crowd in attendance for our second Open / Orientation Day. There were quite a few displays, activities and food stalls. The tours were well organised and popular. Both the introductory meeting at 1230 and the assembly at 1550 drew hundreds of people to hear about what High has to offer. Thank you to Ms May and her team who were responsible for organising the day. Mrs Roser, Ms Walles, the LOTE staff, the cadets, the performance music ensembles, the School Assistants, the Prefects, the P & C volunteers, boys on roster at stands and the sports / activities volunteers – a large number of people made the day a success for both purposes. Thank you to everyone who helped. The days will have to be split next year to accommodate the new timing for Selective Schools entries. It is important that we get better at presenting an upbeat public face to potential students and their families. If we want to attract the right applicants, we have to display, demonstrate and promote what we stand for.

The Raffle - last weeks!
All families with raffle tickets still in their possession are urged to return them to the school as soon as possible. The draw will be held in the Great Hall on December 7 at 1915 when some lucky person will win a full home entertainment system, valued at $9,000. Help support our library appeal by trying your luck.

Attendance Data- Semester 1
Year SBHS Education Area State Diff
2001 94.6 90.5 90.0 4.1%
2002 93.8 89.2 89.4 4.6%
2003 95.6 90.9 90.4 4.7%
2004 96.2 90.3 90.1 5.9%
Compared to our local education area, attendance rates at High are improving. Our policy of Ms McGuinness contacting parents by telephone seems to be having some effects. Let us hope that more boys see perfect attendance as a virtue to be attained in 2005.

Year 11 Examinations
Year 11 examinations will occupy students next week. Again, all boys are reminded that they must complete their Clearance Forms and discuss their reports with the Principal prior to participating in these Year 12 assessment tasks. Persistent disobedience will result in non-compliant boys being refused entry to assessment tasks for Year 12, having failed to complete Year 11.

Please see my article on competition results at the end of the High Notes.
Dr K Jaggar
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The Blog (http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/) now has a facility for sorting/searching entries by topic: all topics; student help; HSC; teacher reference; teachers and parents; general/cultural. I hope you find this adds to its usefulness.

Last week’s ESLIN (ESL Information Network) meetings at Arncliffe (Tuesday) and Erskineville (Friday) proved most informative, with some excellent ideas on the language students need to gain more marks in Science and English especially. I have posted more about this on the Blog (“PEE for better essay-writing!”) and a related page on essay writing has already gone up. The best ideas on Science will appear soon.
Neil Whitfield
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Remembrance Day


The following is a copy of the Remembrance Day program and speech by Tom Kaldor

Thursday Service held on the Flat at 10.45am

Introduction - Damitha Fonseka
Readings -
        The Soldier – Jacob Stretton
        In Flanders Fields - Daniel Thomas
        Beach Burial – Philip Tripp
Address - Tom Kaldor
The Ode - Jeremy James
Last Post -
        Wilson Wong
        Robbie Alchin
        Alex Vertoudakis
Reveille -
        Wilson Wong
        Robbie Alchin
        Alex Vertoudakis

Remembrance Day Speech by Tom Kaldor

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month marks the signing of the Armistice, in1918, which signalled the end of the Great War. At this time, the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare.

War is the great divider of the world’s people, but also the great uniter – in that no-one on this planet has not been affected by war in some way or another. Whether it is through our grandfathers who fought in the Second World War, for any side, or through people living in the middle of any one of the dozens of smouldering or exploding conflicts in the developing world today: war concerns us all.

That is what makes this day so important. It is this great common link between us that compels us to remember and reflect on war.

Today is in no way a day to glorify war. It is a day to think about the meaning of war and its realities, and to realise that there is no prestige and there are no victories in war. It is a day to commemorate those who have been lost as we yet again fail to learn the lesson that has been taught countless times throughout history.

Between 1899 and 1973, over 100 000 Australians have died in conflicts starting with the Boer war, in which 606 Australians died, through to the Vietnam conflict, which claimed 520 Australian lives. The first and second world wars took 61 000 and 39 000 Australian lives respectively, huge numbers in our small population, especially when you think that they were mostly young men. But our losses are a drop in a vast ocean when looked at on a global scale.

The destruction that war has left over the years is dramatic and widespread. War has damaged all nations. Among all the countries of the world, deaths during the period of the first World War amounted to roughly 15 million, while those during the second World War reached an astonishing 55 million.

Australia has in fact been relatively fortunate in that conflict has rarely been brought to our own territory, and therefore our loss of life has been comparatively small. During World War II, for example, Germany lost well over 5 million people. More surprising and shocking still, 10 million Chinese died during this same period, of which a large majority were civilians.

More recently our experience with war has been with peace-keeping efforts, such as in East Timor, and more notably our contribution to the US-led WAR ON TERROR and the consequent invasion of Iraq. This experience of war has been very much an impersonal one for most Australians. Despite the fact that, since the Vietnam war, we have been able to watch world conflicts on TV, most of us are very ignorant of the realities of the Iraqi conflict. Few Australians have had a direct experience of the nation which was left after the USA declared the second Gulf War officially over last year. None of us deal with the sporadic acts of aggression that kids in Iraq do. And none of us live in a country with a shattered political order, a devastated economy and a society whose way of life has been uprooted.

If we are not directly involved in war, it is hard to realise its impact and its human costs. It is easy enough to go along with the decisions of our leaders and accept that they are right when we are not confronted each day with the ramifications of war as you would be if you lived in the Middle East, for example. But what we all need to do on this day of remembrance is attempt to reflect on war, and consider its costs, its losses and, ultimately, its futility. If we are unable to understand this basic lesson, history will continue to repeat itself and wars will rage on into the future.

Finally, in remembrance, we must reflect on those who have been forced to personally experience war’s costs and futility before us. It is these 100 000 Australians who have died, and many more who have served, and those billions who have been involved in war globally whose memory obliges us to consider the consequences of war. If we forget about these people we will never learn war’s lesson. Most of all, we do not do them honour and justice if we do not consider the harsh realities of war for ourselves, and use this reflection to prevent war.

Don’t let these millions of global deaths go in vain. They may have died in wars for one reason or another, as fighters or as civilians, but what unites them all is their common experience of the horror of conflict. This common experience ensures that every last one of these people would hope that no-one dies in the same way ever again, and that war is prevented.

We will remember them.
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Extension 2 English

Please note

Year 12 Extension 2 English students please note that The ASSESSMENT SCHEDULE published in the Assessment Booklet has been replaced by the schedule distributed in class.
Ms Walles
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Rugby Committee meeting summary

The fifth meeting of the SBHS Rugby Committee for 2004 was held on 25/8/04.
The following is a summary of the meeting:
  • Attended: G Stein, T Hoare, J Evans, S Creer, Paul Girdler, S Bolen, L Heil.
  • Apologies: J. Mittleheuser .
  • Submissions by Nerida Newbigin, Ted and Susie Hoare have ensured that the Home Game Operations Manual is well in hand and should be of great benefit to the new people taking on the various roles and responsibilities at McKay.
  • Committee Treasurer position is still vacant for 2005.
  • Treasurer’s report tabled. Committee account should be around $6000.00 after final expenses have been tallied. Full report to follow. Ted Hoare has offered his assistance to the new Treasurer at the start of the season next year.
  • Rugby expenses for 2005 may run up to $50,000.00 with the employment of a coaching coordinator. Extra fundraising will be required. Car wash, extra parking days and rugby raffle were options discussed.
  • Parents unfamiliar with rugby and “injuries” may need some education from rugby parents when they meet at other school occasions. New coaching coordinator may also provide information for parents concerning rugby and injuries.
  • It was suggested that boys going to TAS should take their school uniform to be worn during the afternoon 1st and 2nd XV games to show a strong school presence.
  • Laurie Heil thanked the Committee for his end of season appreciation gift.
  • A special Committee vote of thanks went Ted Hoare and Paul Girdler for their years of service to High rugby.
  • Meeting concluded at 7.10pm.
  • Next meeting is on Wednesday 30 March 2005, 6pm in Room 901. Everyone is welcome to attend.
G. Stein, MIC Rugby, SBHS

Rugby Committee meeting summary
An extraordinary meeting was held on 24/11/04 in Room 901 to discuss the financial situation of the Rugby Committee and rugby at SBHS in 2005 and beyond.
The following is a summary of the meeting:
  • Attended: G Stein, T Hoare, J Evans, S Creer, P Girdler, S Bolen, V Roser, T Hannon, J Mittleheuser, J Bull J Conway and P Eriksson.
  • G Stein reported on the recent financial history of rugby at High, the current situation and an estimate for 2005.
  • T Hoare gave a report on the financial activity of the Rugby Committee in 2004. The current balance being $5000 + $550 owing from Cricket for repairs to the fridge in Fairland Pavilion.
  • Several fundraising options were suggested and discussed including ASF donations for rugby development, a player levy, business/individual sponsorship, a raffle and sausage sizzles in local areas.
  • A Fund-raising sub-committee of Serdar Bolen, Joe Conway and Tony Hannon was formed with assistance from Paul Girdler, John Evans, Valda Roser and Paul Eriksson to explore the various options.
  • Serdar Bolen requested that his remuneration of $10K from the Rugby Committee begin immediately with $3K from the meeting, $1K at the end of January, $1K at the end of February with the balance due at the end of the rugby season 2005, if the Committee has the funds available. A motion was put to the meeting, voted on and accepted.
  • John Evans volunteered to write a letter to the P&C concerning the costs of hiring facilities.
  • Tony Hannon reported the 15 years trip to the Gold Coast in 2005 was well in hand with the boys very keen to go and currently selling chocolates to fund their trip.
  • Sean Creer announced his resignation from the Rugby Committee. Sean has been a tremendous worker for High rugby over many, many years, doing things behind the scenes that make the differences people notice. His announcement was met with sadness and regret by the meeting as well as appreciation for the service Sean has given High rugby.
  • The meeting closed at 7.40pm.
  • Next meeting is on Wednesday 30 March 2005, 6pm in Room 901. Everyone is welcome to attend.
2005 will be an important year for High rugby. I hope all the parents get behind the Rugby Committee, Serdar Bolen and our fund-raising efforts. If anyone missed the meeting and has any suggestions for Serdar and the fund-raising sub-committee, please get in touch with Serdar directly on 0414061345 or myself on 93610027 during school hours.
G Stein
MIC Rugby
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Open Day Thank you

Tuesday’s Open day and Orientation day ran smoothly thanks to the concerted efforts of many staff and students and parents. With approximately 200 families visiting throughout the day, Prefects, SRC and Year 7 Ambassadors were very busy conducting tours. Thankfully the rain cleared.

Thank you, Ms Walles, for organising the Orientation component of the day and to Mrs Roser who coordinated the P&C team. Thank you also to the P&C whose financial assistance ensured the fete stalls were available for the food fair.

Stay tuned: Next week there will be a photo spread.
Thanks again
J May
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The Sydney High Rowing Committee cordially invites all Sydney High students ,parents, teachers and supporters to the

Twilight Regatta

Friday 3rd December 5.30pm
at the Outterside Centre
Teviot Avenue Abbotsford

Mediterranean and Indian Foods
Free Harbour Cruises (self propelled)

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Last Saturday we experienced a mixed day for performances but have left ourselves with opportunities to knuckle down, concentrate and put into practice the work done at training to turn the existing states-of-play into victories.
Once again it is disappointing that Match reports were not submitted by teams to allow all who are interested in our teams’ progress to keep pace with results and individual performances and I look forward to a better response in Term 1 2005. For those who took the time, your reports appear herein.

FIRST XI - Shore batted first on the McKay wicket & put together a final total of 193. Damitha Fonseka taking 4 wickets for 52 runs. High commenced the chase for first innings points and disappointedly lost 2 early wickets to be 2 for 37 at stumps, needing 147 runs to win on the first innings with 8 wickets in hand. It promises to be an interesting Day 2 at McKay.

SECOND XI - Shore took the crease first and was reasonably well placed at lunch with 5 wickets down for 96 runs. In a team talk prior to the resumption of play its was decided that we would go all out and work towards getting the last 5 wickets for 30 runs…..and that was achieved. After a solid start High’s innings saw 2 quick wickets fall. They then steadied the ship and at 4 wickets for 78 were looking sound and within striking distance of reaching Shore’s score. A last over wicket was disappointing not only to the batsman but the team as it was the one wicket that we didn’t want to lose. We finished at 5 wickets for 82, leaving us 54 runs behind with 5 wickets in hand as we look forward to Day 2 at Shore

THIRD XI (Coach’s report) produced an effective day in the field with disciplined bowling and fielding efforts. The third hour saw many of Shore’s wickets falling with Vishan De Silva taking 3 wickets to put a dent in Shore's top order. Anik Sarkar also bowled well with good rhythm and took 4 wickets for 18. The fielding ably supported the bowling with good catching as Shore was bundled out for 156. At stumps, in reply, after an early collapse, High were 3 for 40 with our Captain Ravi Vadalic unbeaten on 29 runs having played aggressively against the Shore attack after our early losses. The game is in the balance but High should have the confidence after their solid batting display against King's last week

FOURTH XI - (Long Chen reporting) The 4th XI, as the most impressive team High has this season, had a resounding 6 wicket win over grade favourites Shore. High was on the back foot to start with the loss of the toss on a good wicket. However, with some excellent bowling and ground fielding, High took care of the beastie opposition batsmen. Faraz Amin taking 3 wickets for 24, Tanvir Uddin 2 wickets for 14 and Sriram Srikumar 1 wicket for 8, provided impressive returns in the bowling and Shore were all out for 113 in their 32 overs. High then took the crease and we had a great start with the bat and we knew we were dominating when 4 fielders were seen chasing the same ball. Stephen Burke and Naziful Islam put on a solid 50 run opening partnership while Faraz Amin and Martin Lunney guided High to victory with an unbeaten 35 run stand of which Faraz scored 28 and Martin 1 n.o.

14As - High won the toss and elected to bat and scoring was difficult against good class bowling. Darren Nguyen top scored with 21 in our 1st innings out of total of all out for 54. We took the field and couldn’t secure a breakthrough in the early part of their inning with the score moving to 78 before we got the first wicket. Shore went on to score 2 wickets declared for 179, leaving us 125 runs behind on the 1st innings. With one hour left before stumps High were sent in for their 2nd innings with survival being the order of the day, but Nakul Pednakur had other ideas as he bludgeoned 47 runs in 36 minutes with Shore frequently fetched the ball back from deep in the forest. At stumps, High were 2 wickets for 65, still 60 runs behind with Kerrod McPherson 11 n.o and Victor Ung still to score. Good luck to the team for Day 2 as we will need to dig deep to force Shore to bat again.

14Bs (our reporter Lachlan Brown) High made 43 which is our second best score this season, and our best without our favourite batsman Razeen Ahmed playing. No fours were scored in this match by either Shore or High batsmen. Shore was all out for 45 runs in their innings. In general I think that this was our best match this season and it seems that we are getting stronger as a team

PROPOSED CRICKET CAMP – for players in our Under 14, 15 and 16 teams, is being investigated at the moment for the last week of January prior to the resumption of Term 1 Cricket. A survey form will appear on our cricket website by Friday 26th Nov. for EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST.

LEVEL 1 COACHING ACCREDITATION. The Principal Dr K Jaggar has approved the conduct of a Level 1 Course to be held on Wed 14th and Thurs 15th December 2004. The course runs for 6 hours on each day. The cost is $70-00 including handbooks. Those attending must be 16 yrs of age and older. The COURSE NOMINATION FORM will be on the cricket Website by Friday (26th Nov) and can be downloaded. CLOSING DATE for nominations is THURS 8th DECEMBER. We require 16 nominations for Cricket NSW to sponsor the course. Students, teachers and parents may also nominate for the course. Details of payment appear on the nomination forms, which will also be distributed on Sat 27th November at our last day of GPS Competition for this Term
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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The prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter – Issue #7

Saturday 20th November – High VS Shore (Round 6).

As the competition ventured toward the end of the first half of the season, High were anxious to post their second win. Although Shore had upstaged Newington, the title favourites, in a previous round, High were set for an upset after a strong performance against Reddam during the week.
High came out of the blocks firing against a ‘rattled’ Shore side. The foundation of High’s good opening performance was excellent defence, especially on Shore’s captain, a GPS representative for 3 years, who hardly touched the ball. The fantastic defence, coupled with superb baskets from Captain Cameron Conway saw High lead at the end of the first quarter 16-12.

However, the second quarter was a complete reversal of the first as Shore introduced a number of tall players and were able to grasp many offensive rebounds for easy points. This caused High to lose composure and with Shore scoring many points, and limiting High to 6, Shore led 37-22 at the main break.

High started the third quarter with the same spirit as they had started the game, after listening to the coach, once again relying on outstanding defence to draw back the margin. Then, remarkable shooting from point guard Dustin saw him sink three huge 3 pointers to close the margin to just 6 points at 45-39.

Despite this comeback, Shore were able to use their bench effectively once again in the fourth quarter and pulled away to a 13 point lead. Seeing the widening margin, High put on their bench players for valuable first grade minutes and the score blew out to a large 77-45.
Even though this was a loss for High, it was encouraging to see High compete with Shore, currently coming second, especially in the first and third quarters where the better team could not be decided.

Francis Wong
1st Grade player

Wednesday 17th November – High VS Reddam (Friendly Match).

On Wednesday, High played a friendly match against Reddam House High School to familiarise themselves with the new line-up brought about by the return of Victor Domni.

A well-balanced performance and excellent shooting from Pat McDonnell, who top scored with 23 points, allowed High to dominate proceedings, while Reddam relied heavily on their tall North’s Bears representative player to keep within striking distance.

However, a late surge in the first half by Reddam saw the teams enter the half time break separated by only 4 points.

Nonetheless, High were just too good, and dominated the second half through excellent defence, limiting the rep. player to just 4 points. This enabled High to run away with the game, though Reddam staged a small comeback to make the score look a respectable 61-53. HIGH BASKETBALL DOMINATION!!
Francis Wong
1st Grade Player

How did the other teams go on Saturday?

15 As
The 15 As played brilliantly against SHORE last Saturday. George Lo sunk three excellent baskets in the first half with a variety of "hardcore" shots. By half time we were winning twelve to eleven and were looking at our first win.
Unfortunately, despite scoring another eleven points in the second half, our defence slowly crumbled allowing SHORE to continuously sink basket after basket. At full time we had lost by nine points. This is a marked improvement on previous results. We can see our potential.
M Bock (15A Grade Captain)

Last Saturday was a day of mixed emotions, when the 16s faced the ripper opponents Shore. With the Ds drawing, the Cs winning by a point and the Bs losing, it was looking like a winnable match for the As. With the As up to play, it was time to test the full might of the Shore team. They weren’t as big as last season but nonetheless it was a tight and demanding game. Able to pull away in the first few minutes by 7 points, the win looked promising. Starting with an unconventional man on man defence, they were finding it hard to break through, until the end of the half when they struggled back to trail by a point. Exploding into the second half we managed to again pull away with a 4 point lead. The crowd was wild, and the cheers were getting louder and louder. Fatigue kicked in and to our disappointment the better of the sides showed, as they stormed back to win the game by 5 points due to a weak defence and clumsy errors on our behalf. A good effort by all the boys on the day and it was disputable once more that the officials had a big part to play in our demise. These last two seasons we have gone from strength to strength. Good luck to all players next week - ready to beat Scots!
Moussa Farhat (16A Grade Captain)

All ‘A’ grade captains need to email their report from the game by Monday lunch to Mr Hayman. Any other team captain is also encouraged to write a report. Ask your coach for the email address.

Shootin’ Hoops brought to you by
Bennett Wong (10M)
Thanks to Mr Hayman for the results.
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Music Awards Dinner and Tutors Concert

Sunday December 5th.
This is the night for the boys and their parents. Celebrate the achievements of our musicians, hear your music tutors perform in concert.
Best Musician 2004, Training Concert Band most improved, guitar ensemble commitment award, senior band best musician stage band commitment, intermediate band best musician. These are some of the awards that will be received at the annual music awards dinner. There are awards for every ensemble.
Students must be in attendance at the dinner to be eligible for an award. All students involved in the music ensemble, and vocal program and their parents are expected to attend.
Sunday December 5th Great Hall 6.00pm
BYO dress is neat. (Boys must wear a shirt with collar; no jeans or sneakers)
Please return this slip with your payment to the Music Staff before November 23rd 2004.
I would like to purchase the following number of Music award Dinner tickets at a cost of $35.00 each. (Students need to pay)

____________(amount tickets) $___________total cost.

Student name______________________________ Roll___________


Type of Payment: Cheque___ Cash ___ B/Card___ M/Card ___ Visa___
Payable to music committee

Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___

Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

Please indicate the people you would like on your table (max 10)
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This is the LAST WEEKEND for you to sell your raffle tickets.
It is true that every dollar counts.
Every ticket sold now builds to the grand total.

Government regulations require ALL tickets be accounted for.
Please return all sold tickets with money and any unsold tickets by Thursday, 2nd December to give time for processing.

If you have sold tickets it is your responsibility to make sure they go into the draw.
PLEASE make a last push effort to make all the hard work worthwhile.
Thank you to all who have returned their tickets so far.
The prizes will be drawn in the Schools Great Hall at the Art Show and Cocktail Party on Tuesday, 7th December commencing 5.30pm
Draw time will be 7.15pm.
You could be the winner so come along and see for yourself.
Any enquiries to Valda Roser 9773 7167 Fund Raising Co-ordinator


The most precious gift anyone or any organization can receive is that of time.

Thank you to all who contributed to the very successful day on Tuesday.

From the “Tea and Tours” for the Old Boys in the Board Room at Noon through Open Day followed by Orientation Day and tidy up time the workers were outstanding.

Vicki Angell, Sue Levy, Barbara Taylor, Toni Lindebeck, Gabrielle Klocker Paul Girdler, Mary Sinclair, Bronwen Gordon, Marilyn Mittelheuser, Vera Dimitropoulos, Suze Greenslade and Karen Taylor.

A special mention of two fine young men, Jeremy James and Ian Kwok, who hosted the Old Boys over the afternoon including a leisurely tour of the school. What ambassadors they are.

Also to Steven, Year 9, who tied the balloons to the fence in the rain and the numerous boys who carried goods and blew up balloons.

2005 will see the need for a separate Open Day, date to be confirmed, and Orientation Day late in the year due to the change of date for the selective schools examination. It is not too early to consider what role you may like to take to build on the initiative of the 2004 committee.Competition Results
Each year we try to publish some historical data on how well the boys perform over time in national level tests. The mathematics results over a decade are most impressive, showing a high level of participation and a slowly increasing success rate in awards a credit level or higher.
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Competition Results

Australian Mathematics Competition for the Westpac Awards
SBHS Credits Dist.      High Prizes Medals Total entries % of year
entries     Dist.       awards  
898 243 518   31     88.2 1995
867 259 396 96 33     90.43 1996
861 248 392 118 33 1   91.87 1997
867 230 399 144 28     92.39 1998
890 261 411 116 37 2 514000 92.7 1999
853 225 405 134 35 2   93.67 2000
926 200 487 152 44 1   95.36 2001
941 231 493 143 33 1   95.64 2002
886 193 483 127 43 2 462000 95.49 2003
942 295 451 123 32 1   95.65 2004

The computer studies results indicate a growing participation rate. The awards percentage has remained high despite no formal computer studies classes in the school.

Australian Schools Computer Studies Competition

 SBHS Credits Dist. High Prizes Total % of year
entries     Dist. Medals entries awards  
98 25 47 16   42,000 89.8 1997
93 26 36 9   60,000 76.34 1998
132 40 60 13   51004 85.61 1999
193 68 83 8   60000 82.38 2000
557 199 171 40 35 78000 79.89 2001
659 241 214 49 2 102000 76.78 2002
692 269 253 47 4 105000 82.8 2003
735 277 265 40 5 124000 79.86 2004

The science results over the last nine years are very strong with award percentages in the high eighties.

Australian Schools Science Competition

SBHS Credits Dist. High Prizes Total % of Dist. year
entries     Dist.   entries awards or better  
879 280 344 50   425000 76.68 44.82 1996
883 300 371 52   443,000 81.88 47.9 1997
890 286 385 61   507,000 82.25 50.11 1998
895 332 347 59   437,047 82.46 45.36 1999
908 328 373 58   445,047 83.59 47.47 2000
836 296 352 82   450000 87.32 51.91 2001
923 337 383 107     89.6 53.09 2002
896 246 450 95   450,000 88.28 60.83 2003
936 269 450 73     84.62 55.88 2004

The English competition is a recent addition to the list. The award rate is very respectable, particularly given the historical bias towards mathematics and science at High.

Australian Schools English Competition

SBHS Credits Dist. High Prizes Total % of Dist. year
entries     Dist.   entries awards or better  
106 44 40 7   495980 85.85 44.34 2000
696 300 245 32   475000 82.9 39.8 2001
682 277 269 22   460000 83.28 42.67 2002
673 289 251 32     84.99 42.05 2003
709 335 238 20   425000 83.64 36.39 2004

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