High Notes, Vol 5 No 37, November 19 2004

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From the Principal
Immunisation Program
State of the Arts
Open Day

From the Principal

Year 11 Reports
Parents and Year 11 boys are reminded that successful completion of the Preliminary Course has not been finalised until Clearance Forms have been signed off. Once this has happened students are officially in Year 12 and able to sit for the examinations for the first Year 12 assessment tasks, commencing on Monday, November 29. I have been patient with Year 11. Students were asked to collect their reports more than a week ago. Students who have not fulfilled requirements in terms of Clearance Forms an report collection can expect to find themselves withdrawn from the assessment task process until they comply with the school`s policy and processes.

Staff changes
Ms Usha Pillai, our Science Assistant, has accepted a position as Senior Assistant at Glebe. We welcome Ms Hong Huang to the position of School Assistant 5-day permanent, working as a Science Assistant. Hong has been with us for some time in a casual, part time capacity. Her appointment will become effective at the beginning of next year. Ms Narelle Rutland has resigned from her casual part time position as a School Assistant - Finance. I would like to thank Narelle for her great work during her four years with us. In particular, she provided great assistance to Gayl in the area of financial administration. Caroline White, our 2-day per week Archivist, accepted the position of School Assistant - Finance, 2-days per week, permanent. Her start date is next Monday. The school will benefit from the greater flexibility possible in Caroline carrying out both position responsibilities over four days.

Founders Day Committee
At the last School Council Meeting it was decided that a new approach to the Founders Day Assembly was needed. I believe that we ought to have a staff-student-parent committee to discuss Founders Day and to come up with a new format. Sydney Girls uses a theme-based approach to its celebration that gives a sense of purpose to the occasion. The Prefects Elect play roles in explicating the chosen theme. We may adopt the practice of students telling their ' stories` about why they are at the school. Old Boy guest speakers might be given a topic or decade or activity to focus on. Thus, Founders Day could be reconceptualised in various ways to fulfil its twin objectives: to celebrate our history related to our founding values and purposes and to induct our school Prefects as exemplars of these. I am calling for volunteers to be members of this little committee. It is not onerous. It has a single goal. Few meetings might be necessary. If you are interested in joining this small group, please call the school or email me.

Year 10 Expectations
Year 10 boys ought to be fully engaged at school right up until December 3. Next week normal lessons are scheduled except for the afternoon of Open/ Orientation Day. Many boys have Peer Mediation on Thursday and Friday. On Monday and Tuesday (29-30), Year 10 report interviews are scheduled. Boys have to complete their Clearance Forms prior to that date. On Thursday the mathematics placement examination is on. All teachers and students are expected to treat the last couple of weeks as 'business as usual`.

High Talent
Kelvin Yu (Year 9) was runner up in the National Legacy Public Speaking Competition. Congratulations, Kevin! Vinh Pham (Year 10) and Anthony Morris (Year 9) have been invited to Melbourne for the prestigious summer training school for elite mathematicians. Congratulations boys!

Volunteers and High
I have been asked to clarify my position on ' volunteerism` at High. I think it is self evident how fundamentally the administration of this school and the implementation of its programs rely on the participation of volunteers. 'Volunteerism` is a multifaceted construct when analysed at High. The differentiating feature of public education is the governance involvement that parents are afforded in their children`s schools. We have more opportunities than most state schools for parents and Old Boys to have a real say in how the school is governed. The great thing about the High community is the extent to which its members actually take up the opportunities offered. Volunteers have a big impact on school governance. In terms of implementation of programs, volunteers are vital to the running of all co-curricular activities. Their role is to assist professional staff to make the programs work. We have scores of volunteers acting as coaches, managers, trainers, tour guides, caterers, chaperones, concierges, chauffeurs and surrogate parents for our boys. Some volunteers are dedicated parents with a vested interest in the program through their son`s participation, some are given honoraria, some are paid by the hour at a discounted rate, some donate their time as a way of putting something back into the school. Many are ' hobbyists` who spend a lot of time doing things for the school as a hobby, not connected to their professional lives. Others act in various capacities to help make things happen. The ways in which volunteers support program implementation in the school are complex. The school is very dependent on volunteers for fund raising. Parking is the primary volunteer activity. Volunteers work in the Canteen and the High Store to generate income for the school. Significant funds are raised through barbecues, social events, dinners, catering for functions, raffles, chocolate drives and sales of products. Fund raising is a major function of volunteers. In each of these categories of 'volunteerism` there are different expectations, degrees of autonomy, varying responsibilities and levels of accountability. Ultimately, the Principal is responsible for financial management and program implementation.

Islamic Society Forum
The second Islamic Society of Sydney Boys High forum was held this week. Again a very good crowd was in attendance. Faraz Amin (Year 10) did a great job as the MC. After an introductory session on the pillars of Islamic society, the guest speaker delivered a passionate, very articulate and coherent explanation of the causes of international terrorism from an Islamic perspective. Members of the audience asked probing questions about the arguments presented. A major political and social issue of our times was confronted and discussed openly. It was an enjoyable event because the atmosphere was so tolerant and courteous. It is heartening to observe the mature demeanour that our boys can display and enlightening to witness their intellectual curiosity in action.
Dr K Jaggar
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Immunisation Program

Immunisation Program 2004
Year 7:     
Second dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough
Year 11:  
 Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough

The next round of vaccinations for these students will take place on Friday, 26 November when a team of specially trained registered nurses will be visiting the school.
After the boys have been vaccinated they will be given a Record of Vaccination to take home so that you can keep their immunisation records up to date.
During the next week parent information kits will be distributed to all boys in Year 11 and to boys in Year 7 who received the first dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine in June this year. If you would like your son to be vaccinated, please complete the Consent Form in this kit and return it to the collection box in the Main Office as soon as possible.

Boys in Year 7 who:

  1. missed out on the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine at the school in June, or
  2. received the first dose at school but missed out on the second dose (by not attending the clinic through illness or absence, can attend their local doctor for FREE Hepatitis B vaccine

Some translated material for parents about the program is available at www.health.nsw.gov.au

This is the final vaccination clinic for 2004

At this clinic

  •      Year 7 will receive their second Hepatitis B dose;
  •      Years 7 and 11 will be vaccinated against diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis [whooping cough];
  •      ANY boy from any year who has missed either meningococcal or diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis [whooping cough] will be vaccinated.

Additional information kits and consent forms are available from Mr Beringer
If you have any queries, please contact Mr Beringer.
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The blog is prospering: see neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/ and find out all sorts of things. Watch out for entries labelled HSC Help. For a very thorough approach to senior English work, also go to neilwhitfield.tripod.com/faq11.html

You may learn many other things from the blog. Were the moon landings a hoax? What connection is there between "algebra" and " algorithm" and what do they have to do with Islam? How can the State University of New York help you to write better essays at Sydney Boys High? Where can you find lots of ideas on English, Maths and Science from a top HSC student of 2003? What did Mark Twain say about the Melbourne Cup? How can you improve your spelling? What issues confront Korean students in Australia?
And that`s not all, as certain TV commercials used to say...
Neil Whitfield
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There will be an important Rugby Committee meeting held on November 24 [th] at 6pm in Room 901. The main topic for discussion and resolution will be the fundraising ability of the Committee and the distribution of those funds in 2005 and beyond. The funds raised by the Committee through the efforts of parents at the BBQ/canteen, parking and other activities, therefore it is important that the parents or their representatives have input into such decisions.

I look forward to seeing you on the 24 [th] of November at 6pm in Room 901.
G. Stein

MIC rugby

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November 11 [th] saw Sydney High Volleyball venture out to Olympic Park for the final Metro Schools Cup for the year. The last chance for our players to practise under tournament conditions for the upcoming National Schools Volleyball Championships in Melbourne.

High had three teams: U14`s, U16`s and the First Graders.

When all of the volleyball team arrived at the Olympic Park on Sunday morning, we all felt quite excited and wanted to get onto the court and play some volleyball. We didn`t get to play yet as we had to do duty (referee) for a match. Thomas Nguyen and Danny Lam were great referees during the match.

After a while, we had our first match against Moss Vale. A few good sets by Samuel Wan allowed Shorsan Zhang to deliver some solid spikes which earned us some quick and easy points. We won that set and so we played on to the next set. We didn`t end up finishing the match because of the lack of time so we tied the match. Our next opponent (Central Coast) didn` t come so we had an automatic win. We all felt quite happy.

After a few more duties for the team, we had a match against the NSW under 14`s team. We played very well in the first set. A funny incident happened during match point for us. We received the ball and Shorsan hit the ball which bounced off Daniel Shan`s very valuable head and into the opponent`s court. The other team was caught off guard by the unexpected return and lost control of the ball and we won the first set. In the following set, the other team started to lift their game and by doing was gaining an upper hand. The match ended up in a tie because of insufficient time.

In the next match we played Foster. Stanley He and Steven Ke`s great setting allowed me and Danny to attack the opponents effectively with downballs. Stephen Dong was a valuable player who astounded the other team by smashing some fabulous jump serves to the opponents. The match again was a tie because of insufficient time.

We all felt good at the end of the day because we came 3 [rd]. We had all improved a lot since the start of the year and we even got some compliments from other coaches at how much we had improved. Matthew Chan

Last Sunday our volleyball teams ventured out to Homebush to play in the NSW Metro Schools Cup hoping to defend our title. The team was somewhat inexperienced due to players missing. This forced the line up to be mixed with both yr 8s and yr 9s.

Our first match was against Foster. Their team was relatively short allowing our blockers, Weiping Lu and Danny Ng to dominate the game. We easily took the game in 2 straight sets.

The second match was up against an unknown team, Burwood Christian Brothers. Their star players were a pair of Korean twins that frustrated us with their spiking. What started out as a friendly match, turned into an ugly battle with both teams exchanging words and abuse across the net. The game was tight all the way and ended up in a draw as the match passed the time limit. Alex Le stood out with brilliant setting and serving and David Dizon proved valuable with his spiking and his cheering.

Our final pool match was against La Salle. We annihilated them in straight sets with explosive hitting from Warren and consistent sets by Johnny Shih.

With a quick Macca`s stop we moved into the semi finals placing 1 [st] in our pool. The match was played against Moss Vale. They proved little resistance. Jamie Tao stood out with heavy spiking and clean winners from all over the court. Zid Mancenido kept many points alive with great scrambling in the backcourt.

We moved through into the final with who else but Burwood Brothers standing between us and the trophy. With players returning from open matches we had a full strength team. We were out to teach them a lesson. However we lost the first set miserably due to some poor passing. We came out pumped in the 2 [nd] set hoping to force it to a decider. Sam Chhor played well with some nice spiking down the line and Alex Lee served and passed well throughout the set. We took out the 2 [nd] set and it was game on. In the last set (first to 15, win by 2) we were trailing 10 - 14 but some nice serving from Jamie brought it to 15-14 our way. We had one hand on the trophy. Unfortunately we got overexcited and they came back and eventually took the game 18-16 in the last set.

We settled for Runners up but were satisfied at the successful tournament. Hopefully we can take the good form into the upcoming Nationals.
Victor Nguyen J

The First Grad report will be in next week`s issue
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MEETING: A reminder that the last Cricket Sub-Committee Meeting for 2004 will be held in Room 901 in the gymnasium on Wednesday Next 24 [th].November at the earlier starting time of 5-30pm All members are asked to make an effort to attend. Agenda items will include the Five High`s Tour, Barberis Cup Melbourne trip and the visit by Brisbane Grammar School.

LEVEL.1.COACHING ACCREDITATION COURSE: The Principal Dr.K.Jaggar has approved the conduct of a Level.1. Coaching Accreditation Course to be conducted on Wednesday 15 [th]. and Thursday 16 [th].December under the Cricket NSW coaching programme. The course runs for 6 hrs each day, with Day 1 taken covering hands-on teaching drills, batting, bowling, throwing and wicket keeping skills. Day 2. continues with fault correction, spin bowling and each student presents a 10-15 practical presentation to the students on the course. The cost is $70-00 per person, which includes Coaching Manual and notes. Successful accreditation by those attending will see the Cricket Committee offer some remuneration rewards for those wishing to coach a junior team. Those attending must be 16 yrs of age and over, and the course is open to teachers, coaches of other sports, and parents. The course panel is a min of 16 to a maximum of 20 students. Nomination Forms will be available on the Cricket Website and further details will appear in High Notes.

FIRST XI - High batted first and were all out for 118 with Kings in reply scoring with 3 for 228 and M. Stubbs on 100n.o.in a fine century for King`s. Day 2 saw High` s 2nd.Innings build to a solid 7 for 174 avoiding the problems from our first innings, with Nick Bull scoring his maiden 50 in First Grade and carrying on to make a sound 72 and Matt Fetherston 23 provided the other major contribution. High finished with a lead of 64 when stumps were drawn on Day2.of the match with King`s recording a first innings victory.

SECOND.XI - All our for 124 in the First Innings, T. Razeen 26, D.Gunaratne 21 and N.Frazi 19 the major scorers and with Kings at 5 for 29 at stumps on Day.1. there was keen anticipation of a result in High`s favor at the commencement of play on Day 2. However wayward bowling and not sticking to the game plan resulted in a match winning 6 [th] wicket partnership of 105 saw Kings pass our score.. One pleasing aspect was the team stuck to the task and cleaned up the last 5 wickets for 19 runs.... ..a concerted attack all too late!! King`s all out for 151. High`s 2 [nd]. Innings started disastrously with the top order failing but some entertaining hitting from the tail saw us post a near impossible task of 76 runs from the remaining 6 overs of the day. High all-out for 102 and virtually avoiding an outright loss. This time Kings faced a more committed High attack and were 3 wickets for 42 at stumps, with King`s taking first innings points.

THIRD XI- High resumed on day 2 against King`s chasing a mammoth 342 for victory. The openers got off to a solid start with Jiong Zhao making a well compiled 27. He received good support from Dinuka Gunasekera who made 23. A further good partnership between Anisul Islam and Ben Nham lifted the score well over the 100. Anisul with a few lusty blows included in a deserved 58. At the end of the third hour High was still in with a chance with 2 wickets in hand to draw the match, but were finally all-out for 159 with 12 overs remaining. It was another good effort from the 3rds who should take much confidence into the next match.

16A`s (From our erstwhile reporter) Kings batting first were held to 22 runs off the first 10 overs by Matthew Coutts and Rommo Pandit but unfortunately after the next 22 overs piled on 177 runs to be 5 for 199 after 32 overs. Oswin Perera picking up 2 wickets. High then took the crease and were disappointing in their commitment to the job and finished at 8 for 113 after their 32 overs. The match was marred by sledging by the Kings slips fieldsmen, which detracted from a competitive match. Matthew Fsadni scored a solid 29n.o and Louis Yang made 21. A pattern has developed weekly where the opening bowling spells have been sold and then deteriorates as the innings progresses. Impatience and frustration with one another didn` t help the team plan or effort

14A`s. High made 9 for 80 from 23 overs with Matthew Wong scoring 25 and Kerrod McPherson 17 being the main contributors. King`s used their full quota of 32 overs and finished with 4 for 206. Best Bowling was Victor UNG 1 wicket for 10 (off 2 overs) and. Kerrod McPherson and Shane Brown took one catch each in the 4 wickets lost by King` s. A loss on the first innings by High.

14B`s Last Saturday faced the strong St. Joseph`s Under 14 team at St. Joseph`s and batting first were all out for 40 runs. Joey` s then took the crease and amassed 6 for 299 with a big hitting display on the small ground.

Best for High were Razeen AHMED in our Batting, Lachlan BROWN took the Bowling honours and Razeen also set the example in the field. We were outclassed but it was a great learning curve with Razeen lifting our sprits and showing the gritty High approach
Laurie Heil

MIC Cricket
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The prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter - Issue #5 & 6

Saturday 13 [th] November - High VS Joeys (Round 5).

High went into the game against St. Joseph`s with limited training due to the Yr. 10 camp and slightly apprehensive as Joeys had an extremely strong line-up. After coming last the previous season, Joeys had found a number of new players and their squad had drastically improved as was shown as they beat Scots, last season`s champions, by 65 points in the first round.

High started the game poorly as Joeys` J. Jones and L. Kirwan controlled the game and scored at will. J. Jones, Joeys 6`9" Captain was simply too tall under the ring, he set solid screens and dominated under the ring by camping in the key and waiting for the ball. L. Kirwan, Joeys` most recent import, a former representative player from the ISA has been said to be the most talented point guard so far seen in the competition. He did the damage early as fakes and lightning speed brought him many easy lay-ups. This lethal combination worked together extremely well and by half time High was looking at an unrecoverable deficit of over 30 points.

However, as High has shown this season, thanks to Hayman/High spirit they did not give in and once again High rallied to bring the margin back. Another great defensive effort by Tom Mainprize saw Jones score only 6 points in the 3rd quarter, excellent composure by point guard Dustin Palana saw him sink several threes and fantastic post moves by forward Victor Wei saw the margin brought to within 20 points.

Despite the minor fight back by High, Joeys regained control of the game in the 4th quarter when Jones scored easy points from offensive rebounds and Kirwan hit several late three pointers, the two finishing on 28 and 21 points respectively.

The final burst of points saw Joeys embarrass High 106-49, a point score that did not reflect the effort that the High boys put in.

The result, though an extremely disappointing one for High, had several encouraging signs as High played extremely well in phases and next week the return of guard Victor Domni will certainly boost High`s offensive capabilities.
Francis Wong
1 [st] Grade player

Saturday 13 [th] November - High VS Joeys (Round 5).


With High second grade having their first four games ending in very narrow losses, the boys were hungry for victory and came ready for a good match against Joeys.

The opening quarter showed just how hungry the boys were as they piled on a plethora of points and dominated the Joey boys with a half court trap. The boys putting in every bit of High spirit to end the first quarter in their favour 20-7.

The second quarter started off slowly as the Joey boys scored 7 unanswered points and closed the gap. Excellent plays from the High Boys saw dominant forwards Eugene Wong and Chris Tran get good solid baskets. The High boys held a constant lead of five points into the fourth quarter. Gradually Joey`s were able to beat High`s half court trap and consequently they were able to keep a three point lead, leading into the dying minutes of the game.

An inspirational three pointer from Harry Walker tied the game at 52 all, but a quick change in tactics from the Joey defence saw panic run through the High boys. Joeys were able to force High into consecutive turnovers to beat High by 6 points.

Another near victory was once again snatched away from the hands of the High boys, but from these close games we are learning much more and will be a dominant side by next term.
Raymond Huynh
2 [nd] Grade Captain

These results are a massive improvement on previous results against Kings and the previous two rounds. Keep up the good work boys! Thankyou to the biggest crowd I have ever seen at first grade basketball on the weekend vs Kings. There were at least 100 students plus drums and instruments which created a fantastic atmosphere. The basketball canteen was run exceptionally well by a large group of parents who gave up their Saturday to support the school and all funds will go back into the program. It is pleasing to see so much enthusiasm for school sport.
Please support first grade when they take on Scots at home on the 27 [th] of November.

(MIC Basketball/Coaching Development Co-ordinator/1 [st] Grade coach)

How did the other teams go on Saturday?

3rds vs St Josephs
After our nail-biting win against Kings at home last week, we were looking to repeat the dosage for Joey's at their home gym. With our new-found confidence and determination, we entered the court ready to play and showed it early, flattening the opposition to race out to a 18-6 lead at half time. This half was definitely an all Walter affair, dominating the court with great driving into the paint, scoring 8 points in quick succession. At half time our coach Dave Li stressed the importance of playing hard right to the final buzzer and not getting complacent.

However, this was not to be, as Joey's came home hard - scoring 12 points to our 6 in the second half. But we grit our teeth and held on to a tight lead in the final minutes with some good work in the forwards against a taller opposition by Philip Tripp and Will Xu. The work of James Chen and Keith Wong in both defence and offence added the impotence needed to get us over the line. All in all, it was a great game with a good High win, of 24-18, which was hard to come by in the basketball on the day. Now with two wins on the trot, hopefully we can take it to Shore this Saturday.
Philip Tripp (Captain)

15 A`s vs St Josephs
Last Saturday was a challenging game for the 15 A`s. Once again, with players absent (including Kartik Iyer, our star shooter) we started the game full of anxiety.

By half time, we were down by at least fifteen points and were yet to score. In an attempt to get back in the game, we switched to an effective zone defence, which Joeys had a lot trouble penetrating. Thomas Lindenback, a new addition to the team, brought us up to six points early in the second half with three magnificent drives. Our morale lifted, and then Keerth scored four points with two marvellous shots. Despite losing by more than twenty points, we were pleased with our effort and are determined to do better next time.
M. Bock (A Grade Captain)


M. FARHAT 12ppg (16A`s)
H. WALKER 18.5ppg (2nds)
R. JI 8ppg (15D`s)
M. POPESCU 8ppg (4ths)
C. CONWAY 22ppg (1sts)

Players of the week:
H. Walker: 16 PTS
L. Street: 10 PTS



Saturday 5 [th ] & 12 [th] November - High VS Kings & St. Josephs.


St Josephs

1st LOSS 78-57 C. CONWAY 28   1st LOSS 49-106 C.CONWAY 12, D.PALANA11
2nd LOSS 57-54 H. WALKER 19   2nd LOSS 62-56 H.WALKER 20
3rd WIN 34-27 J.CHEN 10, P. TRIPP 10   3rd WIN 24-18 W. HONG 8
4th WIN 28-26 M.POPESCU 8   4th LOSS 19-24 M. POPESCU 10
5th LOSS 27-18 A.FLORES, A.TRIEU 4   5th LOSS 20-16 J.SUN 4
6th WIN 25-20 J.PHU 8   6th LOSS 20-11 P.LU 4
7th WIN 20-17 (no scorer provided)   7th DRAW 18-18 J.KWON, M.OC 7
8th WIN 37-11 J.ZHOU 8   8th WIN 22-17 C. NGUYEN 6
16A LOSS 34-33 M. FARHAT 15   16A LOSS 39-27 M. FARHAT 9
16B WIN 20-19 S. CUI 6   16B LOSS 27-14 W. ZHANG 5
16C LOSS 18-26 J.WILSON 4   16C WIN 26-9 J. WILSON 7
16D WIN 32-28 R.XU 10   16D LOSS 19-21 R.XU 8
15A DNP (Kings error in venue)     15A LOSS 48-7 M.BOCK 4
15B DNP (Kings error in venue )     15B WIN 24-16 L.STREET 9
15C LOSS 21-17 D HUANG 8   15C LOSS 4-26 C.YANG 2
15D WIN 21-19 R.JI 8   15D WIN 21-14 R.JI 8
14A LOSS 14-24 J.WONG 4   14A LOSS 36-10 L.TENG 4
14B LOSS 13-18 S.DONG 5   14B LOSS 23-18 S.DONG 11
14C LOSS 16-79 B.YANG 8   14C LOSS 15-16 T.YU 8
14D LOSS 6-56 W. ANG 6   14D LOSS 23-14 W.ZHANG 6

NB: The absence of last week`s issue was due Mr Hayman being on camp. Sorry for any inconvenience.

All 'A` grade captains need to email their report from the game by Monday lunch to Mr Hayman. Any other team captain is also encouraged to write a report. Ask your coach for the email address.

Shootin` Hoops brought to you by
Bennett Wong (10M)
Thanks to Mr Hayman for the results.
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Networking - Go for courts Issue #2

Sat 13TH Nov - Joeys vs High (R4)
First Grade

The conditions at Hunters Hill were terrible, with a strong southerly blowing across the courts. This hindered the quality of the matches played, though it provided us with a good chance to show our ability to adapt to different weather patterns. The doubles combinations remained the same this week, and all three pairs showed signs of improvement. Dejan Bodrozic and Hung Neo made it four-from-four at 1, Brian Ly and Peter Pereira were workmanlike at 2, and Ivan Cerecina and David Cao won their first set together in a tight loss at 3.

With two doubles falling our way, we set out to knock off the three remaining matches required for victory quickly. Dejan and Brian were clinical at 1 and 2, Peter scored a straight-sets win at 3, and Hung steadied himself to win in three sets at 4. Ivan put up a good fight in the first set at 5, and David, having just returned from camp, lacked the rhythm necessary to win in the conditions.

The 9-3 victory mirrors our score against St. Josephs at the start of the year, and is a commendable result. There remain areas where we need some work, especially the return of serve and second serves. With Dejan and Brian in Bendigo next week, the team will have a different complexion for the fixture against Shore. However if we apply ourselves to the task and do the simple things right, we will produce a strong performance, which is more important than the result on the scorecard. Peter Pereira.

Second Grade
A nerve-racking cliff hanger this week as Sydney High 2nd Grade tennis clinched a victory from Joeys with the slimmest of margins (5-4).Hai and Hieu were unfortunate to lose 6-1,6-3 at the hands of a more drilled and alert no.1 Joeys pair while Marin and Paul played with consistency under a simple game plan to maintain their undefeated doubles record at no.2 (6-2, 6-2 win). At the no.3 doubles, Zini and Henry fought off a set deficit to snatch a sweet victory, 2-6, 6-3, 14-12 (super tie breaker). Having won two of the three doubles HIGH only needed to win their singles matches. However, this lead evaporated as Hai and Hieu` s consistent and powerful ground strokes were equally matched by their respective opponents. In spite of this, Zini and Martin restored HIGH`s lead producing accurate ground strokes and strategically placed serves to win in straight sets in their respective singles matches. Henry played some very smart tennis but was outmanoeuvred by a very solid opponent. With the score tied at 4-4 Paul felt the weight and pressure of producing a win in his singles match. Down 6-7 in the first set. HIGH 2ND Grade players and parents pulled Paul over the line, defeating his flashy opponent 6-7, 6-2, 6-4.
Matin Nquyen

3RDS- 6THS Is it too much praise too early? The performance against Joeys was poor on several counts. Students who have pledged to turn up must take responsibility to find out details of the Saturday`s. Congratulations to Daniel Thieviasingham and Kevin Mak who are moving up to the 2nds for the next 2 weeks.

Parklands Under 13`S Competition See Ms Tuthill for details. Great prizes including tickets to games, t-shirts and more! So if you are not 14 yrs up until January 2005 you are eligible. Entries close Friday 19th November. You can ring Parklands Tennis 96627521 for times and further information and registration. Registration with Tennis New South Wales is essential but Parklands can fix that also (cost of registration $9.00, which will cover all tournaments for 2005).Think about it a cheap way to improve your game

National Secondary School Competition
Dejan Bodrozic, Brian Ly, Michael Hayes & Tim Neville, GPS Champions & CHS Champions 2004,will be in Bendigo to compete in the National School Boys Championships next week! Good Luck Champs!

Other Results

16`s A`s
0 - 6
0 - 6
0 - 6
0 - 6
Chapman Siu 3-6
Victor Liu 3-6
Jeffrey/Michael 5- 6
Vassily/Eugine 4- 6


0 - 6
1 - 5
4 - 2
5 - 1
Jason 5- 6
Adrian 1 - 6
Albert Kim 6- 0
James Ip 6- 0


1 - 5
1 - 5
2 - 4
0 - 6
Victor Lim 4 - 6
Hau Neo 6 - 2
Jeremy & Kent 6- 1
Simon Hoang 6- 3


1 - 5
1 - 5
1 - 5
1- 5
Daniel Thieviasivgham 6 - 2
Thomas/Nelson Wong 6 - 1
Jerry Wang 6- 5
Nicholas Ng 3- 6

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State of the Arts

School Spectacular Reminder
The rehearsals for the school spectacular begin on Tuesday at 9.00am. Students need to bring lunch etc. you will need a black shirt and pants for the performance.

Instrument Service
Don`t forget that all school instruments need to be returned with the money for service. $66 for Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone $88 for French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, Oboe

Italy Music Tour.
The next instalment for the tour is due. Please send the payment of $1000 to:
PCI Overseas Tour Trust Account
PCI Schools Travel Consultancy Services
GPO Box 249 Adelaide SA 5001

Or bank deposit:
Westpac Banking Corporation, Hutt Street
Adelaide Overseas Trust Account No.

The contact number for Angas Travel for any enquiries is
Jacki Male on 1800 671 331

Music Awards Dinner Update
Tuesday is the last day for discount tickets. Your ticket includes a wonderful meal, including dessert and the Tutors` concert. This in the opportunity for the boys to sit back, relax and be entertained by their instrumental teachers. We have organised a variety of performances including strings, brass, wind and percussion.

A few reminders. This is a semi formal event the dress code for the boys is a collared shirt, trousers and good shoes. (ie no t-shirts, no jeans and no runners)

Remember. Students and parents need to be present at the dinner to be eligible for an award.

The Last Post
Thankyou to Wilson Wong, Alex Vertoudakis and Robbie Alchin for performing the Last Post at the Remembrance Day assembly last Thursday.

For your diary
Summer Student Soirees - All students are invited to perform in the instrumental soirees. Forms are available from music
December 1 [st]      Woodwind
December 7 [th]       String
December 8 [th]       Brass

Music Awards Dinner and Tutors Concert
Sunday December 5 [th].

This is the night for the boys and their parents.
Celebrate the achievements of our musicians, hear your music tutors perform in concert.

Best Musician 2004, Training Concert Band most improved, guitar ensemble commitment award, senior band best musician stage band commitment, intermediate band best musician. These are some of the awards that will be received at the annual music awards dinner. There are awards for every ensemble. Students must be in attendance at the dinner to be eligible for an award. All students involved in the music ensemble, and vocal program and their parents are expected to attend.

Sunday December 5 [th] Great Hall 6.00pm

BYO Alcohol, Dress semi-formal. Boys must wear a collar (no jeans or runners)
Please return this slip with your payment to the Music Staff before November 23 [rd] 2004.

I would like to purchase the following number of Music award Dinner tickets at a cost of $30.00 each. (students need to pay)
(early bird sales before 23/11/04 after that $35.00ea)

      ____________(amount tickets)      $___________total cost.

      Student name______________________________ Roll___________


      Type of Payment:      Cheque___      Cash ___ B/Card___       M/Card ___ Visa___

      Payable to Music Commitee

      Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___

      Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

      Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

      Please indicate the people you would like on your table (max 10)



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Thank You Bouquet

Thankyou to Tracy Tassell (Josh Yr7) who initiated and liaised with center management and trusty offsider Megan Morgan (James Yr 10) who gave their time to sell raffle tickets at the Eastlakes Shopping Centre last Saturday. These women have shown High Spirit and a belief in working towards a common goal, namely the new library and performing arts centre. Well done ladies.

Help Needed

Tomorrow 20 [th] November at 8.30 am Revesby Woolworths to sell raffle tickets, no experience necessary - all equipment supplied - just a couple hours of your time.
Please contact Valda Roser 9773 7167 tonight!

Important News For all

Please continue to seek support of those around you with the sale of your allocated tickets. All tickets sold are now pure profit and will determine the degree of success of the project. There are two weeks left to return your tickets and butts. If you have no intention of selling the tickets please return them immediately so as to assist with accounting as required by the Government.

Valda Roser
Fund Raising Co-ordinator

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Open Day

Displays and Activities
Ongoing throughout the day

Location Display/Activity

At Cleveland Street corner of Great Hall

Canteen Courtyard and Rooms 506/505

Languages video

SBH P&C display and raffle

High Store

Room 610

Room 502

Senior Learning Centre

Corridor between 212 -215

Room 214

Room 507

Room 105

Library Computers

The Great Hall

Corridor near 304


Room 106

Main Foyer

Canteen Courtyard


Room 604

Main Foyer

Main Foyer

Lab 302

Room 209

Room 205

The Flat

Roving Street Theatre

Tours depart conducted by Prefects
Allow 1/2 hour

The Multi Cultural Food Fair

Room 506

Main Courtyard

open for incoming Year 7 2005

Art and Architecture students at work

Design & Technology students at work

Art Displays including Major Works

Languages display

Calligraphy Workshop, Chinese Chess

Social Science display

Chess tournaments and challenges

Career Voyage, student works and ESL Initiatives

Music Performances

Student Welfare programs

Sailing display

Rowing activities [ergs] and display

Archives Display

Society of SBHS- Halal foods

Open for ice creams and drinks

CAD Demonstration

SRC video

School video

Science Display

English Display

History Display

Cadets Activities

Roman Slaves

Located around the school will be digital displays and video players demonstrating student` s digital videos, student interviews, student work, records of excursions and so much more.

Performances and Demonstrations

Time Event Location










Principal`s Welcome

Basketball demonstration

Soccer Training

Yr 7 History Lesson

Fencing display

Musicians performing - Intermediate & training stage band

Volleyball match

Science Debate

Open Day closes

Great Hall

The Gym

Moore Park

Room 202

Main Courtyard

Great Hall

The Gym

Lab 302