High Notes, Vol 5 No 36, November 12 2004

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From the Principal
Year 7 Parents
Deadline for articles in High Notes
Immunisation Program 2004
First XI Report
From Rowing
State of the Arts
Starlight Children's Foundation

From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our 4 [th] XI cricket team. This is what the father of one of their opponent team members wrote to me. "I was present at the SHS 4ths v SIC 5ths Cricket on Saturday 30 October and assisted with the SIC scoring and then umpired. My son played in the SIC team. May I commend you and the coach for this team. The boys played in a great spirit and although it was a close contest they were at all times cheerful and were prepared to acknowledge good performance by their opponents. This team is a credit to themselves and to the School." Francis Wong has won the scholarship for a 'China Experience Programme`. Ten candidates were selected among the whole country through open competition to participate in the program. The program is a four-week experience for students in Years 10 and 11, studying Chinese, to undertake studies at a Chinese school. Congratulations, Francis!

Theft, Vandalism and Surveillance
The library is a place for us all. I was saddened by Mr Fittler`s report that six computers in the library had been vandalised by students. Pushing mouse mats through the CD drive unit or removing the CD carriages altogether seem to me to be mindless acts of motiveless malignity. All that happens is that only 18 boys can access library computers instead of 24. Boys are punishing other boys by their actions. We can never move ahead rapidly with information and communication technology infrastructure while we are held back by time-wasting, expensive and unnecessary repairs and maintenance priorities. The school community has endorsed the policy that property damage is an offence that under certain circumstances is punishable by suspension as well as restitution. Parents and students should be aware of this policy and that the Library is under camera surveillance. Several boys have already been identified interfering with other people`s property, or stealing it from outside the library. Also, log-in histories can be traced to identify terminal users. Let`s work together to stop equipment vandals!

Sport and duty of care
The AAGPS Committee, as responsible administrators of our Saturday sport, have discussed safety and duty of care issues recently. For the time being, penalties for boys in sports requiring numbered T-shirts or singlets wearing incorrect gear will not be imposed. However, all MICs were exhorted to get their teams into proper uniform. All boys, particularly basketballers, should get proper numbers on their singlets from the High Store. In addition, the MICs of all sports will be required to produce 'duty of care` policies, to identify and address any issues connected with the conduct of their sports, to improve the safety framework protecting our players.

Year 12 Sign out
This week the HSC examinations conclude and the Year 12 boys start coming to collect their portfolios and references. We wish them good luck as they holiday or start part time work ahead of their results coming out by the last day of term.

Year 11 Reports
Year 11 reports are being discussed with boys now. Students need to complete their Clearance Forms in order to get their reports. Year 10 subject accelerants will have their reports issued after they return from camp.

Uniform at sport
All students are expected to wear correct sports uniform or PE gear when engaging in Wednesday or Thursday sports training. Teachers supervising groups at softball or basketball or cricket or tennis ought to refuse participation to boys who are not prepared to change into the correct attire for sport. Recidivists ought to be sent to sports detention rooms until they comply with the policy of the school.
Dr K Jaggar

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Year 7 Parents

The Annual General Meeting of the P&C Association will be held on Wednesday
17th November at 7.30pm in the Great Hall.

Lets make Year 7 parents stand out as a cohesive group and make a concerted effort to attend. There will be an election for a new P&C president on the night.

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Deadline for articles in High Notes

Wednesday 1.00pm.
Anything received after that time will have to go in the next edition.

Thankyou, Editor

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Immunisation Program 2004

Year 7: Second dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough
Year 11: Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough

The next round of vaccinations for these students will take place on Friday, 26 November when a team of specially trained registered nurses will be visiting the school.

After the boys have been vaccinated they will be given a Record of Vaccination to take home so that you can keep their immunisation records up to date.

During the next week parent information kits will be distributed to all boys in Year 11 and to boys in Year 7 who received the first dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine in June this year. If you would like your son to be vaccinated, please complete the Consent Form in this kit and return it to the collection box in the Main Office as soon as possible.

Boys in Year 7 who:

  1. missed out on the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine at the school in June, or
  2. received the first dose at school but missed out on the second dose (by not attending the clinic through illness or absence, can attend their local doctor for FREE Hepatitis B vaccine
Some translated material for parents about the program is available at www.health.nsw.gov.au

This is the final vaccination clinic for 2004

At this clinic:

  • Year 7 will receive their second Hepatitis B dose;
  • Years 7 and 11 will be vaccinated against diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis [whooping cough];
  • ANY boy from any year who has missed either meningococcal or diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis [whooping cough] will be vaccinated.

Additional information kits and consent forms are available from Mr Beringer
If you have any queries, please contact Mr Beringer.

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The second fitness assessment for 2004 has been completed by the junior students. The most important assessment is the 1.6km run for cardiovascular endurance.

An assessment of 90% or better required a student to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student. An assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age. A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds.

There were some outstanding performances again this semester including Nicholas Dimitropoulos (7M) 6m 18s, Alasdair Brown (7E) 6m 13s, Daniel Campion (8.6) 5m 54s, Alastair Taylor (8.4) 5m 39s, Aaron Shuttleworth (9.4) 5m 55s, Richard Xu (9.1) 5m 53s, Francis Wong (10.2) 5m 43s and Riet Rotherham (10.6) 5m 30s.
* Fastest time set by Paul Watzlaff of 5m 00s in 2003.

Each student in Years 7-9 should have a copy of the fitness assessment schedule including the results for February 2004 in their PDHPE theory books. Parents are encouraged to review their son`s 2004 results with them.

1.6km results for 2004:

Percentile band No. of students in each percentile band
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Feb Oct Feb Oct Feb Oct Feb Oct
90 - 99 2 11 8 22 15 21 28 39
80 - 89 3 6 4 21 9 11 15 19
70 - 79 1 10 7 10 12 12 15 11
60 - 69 3 11 17 19 10 18 21 19
50 - 59 7 11 7 18 14 14 11 10
40 - 49 8 21 21 22 13 14 17 12
30 - 39 18 21 30 13 37 18 21 16
20 - 29 21 29 26 26 27 24 16 13
10 - 19 48 37 33 16 24 28 11 12
0 - 9 57 12 23 9 15 12 19 15
Non-starters 13 11 2 4 4 8 6 15

Mean results for each year group, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

  Feb 01 Oct 01 Feb 02 Oct 02 Feb 03 Oct 03 Feb 04 Oct 04
Year 10 41% 54% 53% 60% 65% 72% 58% 63%
Year 9 32% 51% 59% 70% 45% 58% 47% 52%
Year 8 39% 57% 44% 54% 41% 52% 38% 57%
Year 7 24% 46% 32% 43% 31% 43% 26% 44%

G. Stein

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It is disappointing that team captains have not responded to my call for results at the end of each day's play either by phone, or by email, as only specific results are published in the newspapers of a weekend. There are many who are interested in the performance of our teams and High Notes is the publication that does that for the school community.. This week I have received only 4 reports, the 2 [nd].XI, Under 16As, 14As and 14Bs and although I endeavour to visit most teams on Saturdays, travelling between schools limits my opportunity to be in the general vicinity of several contests at day`s end, therefore I can only refer to progressive scores. The reports provided herein are as a result of phoning coaches who have provided me with short scores and comments.

As at this Saturday (13 [th] ) ALL captains are to provide either an Email or telephone the results to (02) 4276 1776 Telephone answering facility. This includes all senior teams, where I consider leadership should be an important element.

Last Saturday 7 students phoned in with sickness and a further 19 from various teams (7 from 1 team) failed to attend at their venue. Whilst sickness cannot be governed, the non attendance by the players concerned left 5 teams short and not only made it hard on those who are committed, but was embarrassing for the coaches and High in particular. To those players who showed some grit and played on against the odds I commend you all on a great effort. To those who did not attend, it is time to examine your commitment to sport at High.

FIRST XI - High batted first and were all out for 118 after losing 2 for 8 in the early overs. On a fairly flat and unresponsive pitch and a slow outfield at Kings, value for shots was negated and scoring was difficult. Matt Fetherston 31, Anuradha Vithanage 24 and Nick Bull with 18 runs were the main contributors for High`s innings. High then went into the field defending a meagre total and at stumps Kings were 1 for 90 with hopes for early wickets, a change of fortune with the bat and a hope for an unexpected result. Peshala Kariawasam took the only wicket to fall.

SECOND XI - Finished Day 1 on a positive note and a faint smell of a scalp. At home at McKay Oval, High batted first and were all out for 124 with Thariq Razeen making 26 runs, Dakshika Gunaratne 21 and Nathan Frazi 19 as our main run-scorers. High then took the field to do battle with King`s batting line-up and at stumps were 5 for 28 due to some slick fielding creating 2 run-outs and impressive bowling from Suren Wickramasinghe taking 2 wickets for 14 and Nathan Frazi finishing with 1 for 7. An exciting Day 2 is assured for players, officials and spectators and McKay Oval will be the place to be.

THIRD XI - spent Day 1 in the field whilst King's were impressive in being all out for 324 runs., put together from an opening stand of 160 and aided by a swashbuckling 62 by the No 9 batsman. However, not all went King's way with only 3 individual batsmen scoring 91, 55 and 62 runs respectively to register the bulk of their score.
The team stuck manfully to their day in the field with Anuranga Rajasekera taking a creditable 3 for 31. A big task in front of the Thirds on Day 2 but you can never predict the result in cricket until the last ball is bowled.

High 16As (Our reporter tells us!) batted first believing it was a 64 over Two Day match and were told at the 27 [th] over that it was a One Day fixture which caused a batting turmoil and loss of quick wickets. They were all out for 98 runs. Reuben George top scored with 38 not out, Rommo Pandit made 26 before being run out.
High then took the field and Kings passed our score in the 17 [th] over. Rommo Pandit taking 2 wickets and Adnan Husaini 1 wicket. 5 dropped catches in the field through lack of concentration as the batting team built momentum did not help our cause. A good learning curve for all us.

14As: Due to the rain, a change of pitch occurred and both teams were advised that they would play 2 ONE-day fixtures in lieu, as the same pitch was not available next week. High batting first put together a very creditable 6 for 157 from its 32 overs, with an inspiring innings from the team captain Kerrod McPherson who made 80 runs.
In reply Kings took advantage of our below strength bowling attack on the day and at the close of play, had scored 2 for 260, but one questions the value of this score; the remaining Kings batsmen being denied an innings which would have benefited their season start.

14Bs-suffered 4 players being absent and were 6 out for 12 runs in 13 overs. Kings showed no mercy and pressed on scoring 3 for 195 off 22 overs. My congratulations to Lachlan Brown (A/Capt), Bryant Apolinio, William Chan, Jeffery CHEN, Ben Tseng (who came from 15As to assist), Stanley He and Mark Lucchitti -the magnificent 7 who never gave up. An example for many players to follow

The next Cricket Sub-Committee Meeting, (the last for the year) will be held WEDNESDAY 24 [th] NOV. at 5:30pm in Room 901 in the Gymnasium.

Laurie Heil MIC Cricket

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First XI Report

1st XI cricket
High vs Grammar

The GPS season started nothing short of amazingly for the 1 [st] XI. Rain preventing play on the first day, the match was forced into a one-dayer the next week with 50 overs to be bowled per side. High won the toss and elected to bat first. The plan was to post a reasonable total on the ever-difficult McKay wicket and to back our bowling and fielding to bring it home.

Shaheen Kumar was bowled on the 1 [st] ball of the day. And so began our story. Out dashed Gayan with an ever-present enthusiasm and hunger for runs. With a brilliant flick off his pads for four on his first ball he was off the mark and looking dangerous. This look lasted one more ball before he was caught behind chasing a wide one and so entered Nicholas Bull (number 4) on the 4 [th] ball of the day.

Failing to build solid partnerships and choosing right shots, the High batting line up posted a mere 91 against last year`s premiers. Nick Bull was the backbone of the innings, grinding out a 28, which in any other context would have been worth 50 plus.

Lunch was taken and the boys could sense that we were not even considered a chance. In the eyes of many, we had lost the game. However, we used this notion to drive us further, to work that much harder, and to make up for all the ground we had lost through our batting.

We went onto the field with a realisation that if we were to win the game, we would have to do it in the first 30 overs. So we put the spinners away for another day and placed responsibility on the pacemen. From ball one, the determination within the team could be felt by all, particularly the Grammar batsmen. The grit in our teeth could be heard between every single ball. The bowlers worked harder than I`ve ever seen and, rightfully so, we picked up 2 quick wickets. With consistently applied pressure, they were 4/40 at tea needing 92. After tea, the arrival of our High support group of students from Year 11 helped us to stay committed to our goal. Every time a match-winning partnership looked to be forming, we took a crucial wicket. It would have seemed things were looking their way at 6/72, but we never gave up. Each wicket a collective and grinding effort from bowlers from both ends and fielders.

If there was a time heads were dropping, Adrian Jeyendra soon fixed it up with a couple of moments of brilliance, taking two quick wickets towards the end. Suddenly Grammar were 9/77 needing 92 for victory. A risky single here, an edge for four there, up they crept towards the total. Rajeevan Yoganathan was bowling an incredibly tight line and length. Finally, with a thud of the pad, a roaring appeal, from the team as well as the support group on the boundary, the umpire raised his finger. Grammar all out for 88. Sydney High winning a thriller by just 3 runs. Damitha Fonseka with 5/10 off 10 and Adrian Jeyendra with 3/18 off 10

I couldn't have been more proud of the team for displaying the skill and determination they did at a time when extreme measures were required. To the boys: let` s look to take these strengths which we know we possess into the King's game, as well as every game, because what we have done now is show all the GPS schools, all the players, all the supporters, that we are a real force this season and nothing will stop us from reaching the premiership if we want it enough.

Damitha Fonseka

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From Rowing

The pre-season training period for rowers is now almost over and the racing will soon begin in earnest. With all crews now fully involved, the boatshed is a blur of activity on Saturday mornings. The Normanhurst regatta this Saturday will be followed by the Head of the Parramatta River the following week. The GPS season will begin early this year with our own High regatta scheduled for November 27 [th]. All other GPS school regattas will be held in term 1 next year.

Many kilometres have already been rowed, especially by the senior crews who were training way back in September. Most crews have now been selected, though some changes and seat swapping may yet occur. After the senior selections are made the rowers themselves determine who will be their leader with the result that Karl Kruszelnicki has been elected Captain of Boats for the 05 season. Congratulations to Karl, who is already doing a great job representing the rowers and helping with organisation and duties around the boatshed.

The highlight of the pre season thus far was undoubtedly the St Kevin`s exchange trip to Melbourne in October. Senior crews enjoyed the hospitality of the St Kevin` s families and managed to win 4 from 6 races held on the unfamiliar Yarra River. Thanks again to the adults who made the trip possible - Mr Barris, Dave Luscombe and Mark Prater.

Quite a few training camps have already been held for Seniors and Year 10 rowers. Junior camps are scheduled for later this term. One aspect of the camps is the need to supervise the boys overnight. This is done by volunteer fathers who must have a current CPR (resuscitation) Certificate of Competency. The school is providing a CPR course free of charge to parents on the 20 [th] November at Abbotsford at 9 am. Fathers who have been rostered to stay over on a camp will need to attend this training day. Others are most welcome. Please let me know ASAP if you will be attending at .

The High Regatta on Saturday November 27 [th] will be a big event. It will be the first GPS regatta of the season and consists of a full programme of races. The Rowing Committee hosts the event in Bayview Park while Mr Barris and the rowing staff are engaged in the conduct of the races. Many volunteer helpers are required to sell drinks, cakes, burgers etc. at our stalls. Please help out if you can. Parents can expect to be contacted directly in the coming weeks. All rowing families are asked to donate a cake or other items that might be sold on a cake stall. Bayview Park is a wonderful spot on a Saturday morning and our own regatta usually inspires the boys to perform at their best.

Steve Tiedgen for the Rowing Committee

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Networking - Go for courts Issue #1

First Grade
A few changes occurred for this match with Brian Ly and Dejan Bodrozic swapping at 1 and 2, and Ivan and David Cao switching at 5 and 6. Brian and Peter Pereira were more dominant at the net and scored a good win at 1, Dejan and Hung Neo showed their formidable doubles ability at 2, and Ivan and David played with more confidence at 3. The highlight of the singles was Ivan`s performance. He has gained some pace on his serve and more flight off the ground, and one felt he would soon break his drought. Playing at 6 there was pressure to perform, and he handled this in a consistent and controlled manner. The confidence that comes with this win will hopefully result in further strong performances in the next few weeks. Mention must also be made of David who won his first set in 1st Grade. He is improving mentally and using his physical presence well and his efforts should pay dividends in the near future. Finally I` d like to mention the Old Boys who watched us for some time. They weren` t aware of our of our playing at Kingsford but they instantly recognized the High badge on our shirts. Such support genuinely lifts us as it makes us realize just what we are representing and it re-affirms our famous line- you can`t buy spirit.
Peter Pereira - 1st Grade Captain

Second Grade
At last High tennis has some depth! All players on the day were impressive. Hai Le as No 1 had a formidable opponent, who took him to 3 sets. However Hai can recognize what is happening in his stroke by stroke playing and sets to change what is necessary. (win 6/4/6) Hieu has gained stability and demonstrated a convincing win 7/5 6/4 Perhaps the rebel of the match was Zini (with an aside to Peter Pereira that he would win 6/0 6/0 in his singles and went ahead and did just that!) Martin Nguyen was not much behind, with strong ground strokes and accurate serves 6/3, 6/1. Paul has been making a comeback from reserve to no 5 and winning 6/4, 6/4.
The most gruelling match was Henry Liu`s SINGLES WHICH HE WON IN THREE- 6/4, 2/6, 6/3. A well deserved win that was backed by serious effort all through the 16s and 15s in previous years. Doubles were a new combination, with Martin & Paul 6/3,6/2. Zini and Henry had a very challenging match; a loss outcome, but a win on great cooperation especially as it was the first occasion they`d been a doubles pair.

This team is demonstrating some fine tennis. Some will even be challengers for the 2NDS positions if they keep up the good play. Daniel Ong is doing a great job as manager. All players are expected to keep to the uniform rule and report each Friday at recess to Ms Tuthill, room 704, to finalise the team for Saturday.


Parklands Under 13s Competition See Ms Tuthill for details. Great prizes including tickets to games, t-shirts and more! So if you are not 14 yrs up until January 2005 you are eligible. Entries close Friday 19th November. You can ring Parklands Tennis 96627521 for times and further information and registration. Registration with Tennis New South Wales is essential but Parklands can fix that also (cost of registration $9.00, which will cover all tournaments for 2005).Think about it as a cheap way to improve your game

Dejan Bodrozic, Brian Ly, Michael Hayes & Tim Neville, GPS Champions & CHS Champions 2004,will be in Bendigo to compete in the National School Boys Championships next week! Good Luck Champs!

16s A`s
0 - 6
0 - 6
1 - 5
3 - 3
Jourdan Hsiao 3-6
Roger/Amadeus 3-6
Victor Liu 6- 4
David Wong 6- 1
15s A`s
6 - 0
6 - 0
5 - 1
5 - 1
Cary Cheung 6- 2
Matthew Rusli 6- 4
Simon Ting 6- 6- 2
Nicholas Hayes 6- 1
14s A`s
1 - 5
1 - 5
2 - 4
0 - 6
Dbls Danny/Justin 6-5
Dbls Hao/Tahmeed 6-4
Jeremy Ireland 6- 5
Ting Gao 4- 6
3/6ths 3RDS
3 - 3
3 - 3
3 - 3
3 - 3
Andrew Leung 6 - 3
Thomas/Nelson Wong 6 - 1
Ed Leong/Dawei Qi 6- 2
Chris Jahja 6- 1

Next Da Silvas courts, with Joey's. Come and see the 2nds, some of whom will play in the 1STS next week!

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State of the Arts

Spring Music Spectacular
The weather was perfect, the BBQ was hot and the bands were pumping.
After Jazz in the Courtyard, the concert bands, orchestra and choir performed in the Great Hall.

2004 School Spectacular.
Congratulations to Raj Kumar, Adam McKenzie and Tom Norrie who were successful in obtaining a position in the symphony orchestra.
Tickets are available through www.ticketmaster7.com.au

Ensembles 2005
Auditions for the 2005 music ensembles will be conducted during the instrumental soirees on December 1 [st] (woodwind), 7 [th] (string) and 8 [th] (brass) Music Awards Dinner and Tutors Concert

Keep this date free. Sunday December 5 [th].
This is the night for the boys and their parents.

Celebrate the achievements of our musicians, hear your music tutors perform in concert.
Best Musician 2004, Training Concert Band most improved, guitar ensemble commitment award, senior band best musician stage band commitment, intermediate band best musician. These are some of the awards that will be received at the annual music awards dinner. There are awards for every ensemble.
Students must be in attendance at the dinner to be eligible for an award. All students involved in the music ensemble, and vocal program and their parents are expected to attend.
Sunday December 5 [th] Great Hall 6.00pm

Please return this slip with your payment to the Music Staff before November 23 [rd] 2004.
I would like to purchase the following number of Music award Dinner tickets at a cost of $30.00 each. (students need to pay)

(early bird sales before 23/11/04 after that $35.00ea)

____________(amount tickets)      $___________total cost.

Student name______________________________ Roll___________


Type of Payment:      Cheque___      Cash ___ B/Card___       M/Card ___ Visa___

Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___

Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

Please indicate the people you would like on your table (max 10)




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Starlight Children's Foundation Australia

Watch Olympians, sporting legends & celebrities at the Qantas Starlight Cup



Tickets for the hottest tennis tournament in town are now on sale!
The 2004 Qantas Starlight Cup, Australia's largest pro-celebrity tennis tournament, will be battled out on Sunday November 21 at the Sydney International Tennis Centre, Sydney Olympic Park.
This year a stellar line up of sporting legends including Grant Hackett. Alisa Camplin. Kieren Perkins, John Newcombe, Tony Roche, Ken Rosewall and Wally Masur will team with celebrities, including Glenn Robbins from The Panel.Matthew Johns from the Footy Show and Triple J's Adam Spencer. Pat Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt, Kirn Clijsters and Cathy Freeman are just a few of the big names who have played at past Starlight Tournaments. There will be plenty of fun for the whole family, with loads of entertainment on offer. By popular demand the celebrity autograph booth will be back, where fans can pose for a photo with their favourite celebrity.

Starlight's mission is to brighten the lives of all seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families throughout Australia. Over 600,000 children will be hospitalised across Australia over the next 12 months. All funds raised from the 2004 Qantas Starlight Cup will go towards reaching as many of these hospitalised children as possible through a range of entertainment programs within and outside the hospital environment.

General admission tickets for the 2004 Qantas Starlight Cup are available through Ticketek on (02) 9266 4800. Adults $29, Children $14, Family ticket (two adults and two children) $69, Concessions $24. Group bookings are also available. (All ticket prices are inclusive of GST and booking fees will apply.) Gates open at 8.30 am


For more information contact:
Jenni Zeiler Ph: 8425 5916 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Amanda Rankin Ph: 8425 5931 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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