High Notes, Vol 5 No 35, November 05 2004

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From the Principal
Fundraising Raffle
From the School Counsellors
State of the Arts
Islamic Society

From the Principal

High Talent
Tom Mittelheuser and Jeremy James (Year 11) spent over 2 terms doing the Gaudi style mosaic in the McDonald Wing courtyard. Their dedication to complete the project in their spare time is significant and has definitely transformed the area into a lively escape especially when teamed with Marcia Shepherd and Marianne Cradock’s amazing garden. When the grounds look this great the students should begin to take pride in their surroundings. I hope boys will be more careful with rubbish. Thank you to parents and staff who got behind the project and brought tiles in. There are lots left in Art for any group who'd like to keep the mosaics going.

Grammar Game Great Escape
The first XI had a thrilling win over Sydney Grammar School by the slimmest of margins in a match reduced to one day and 50 overs each, due to rain the previous weekend. Batting first, our boys lacked a little patience and sacrificed their wickets playing across the line. Nick Bull (Year 11) got his head down and tried to play in the V in front of the wicket. In a disciplined knock he top scored with 28 in what was a meager total in the end. The day was sunny, the pitch was playing a bit low but coming onto the bat, and there was value for shots on a relatively quick outfield. Neither side had any real excuses for the low scoring but the bowling was tight. At the fall of their 9th wicket with 14 runs to get I thought it was all over but the Grammar pair held on with a few singles, then a four, then a three. It looked like they were going to take the match but in an attempt to score the necessary runs with one great shot, the Grammar boy advanced down the pitch and was judged LBW playing across the line. Damitha Fonseka (School Captain elect for 2005) was the match winner for High taking 5 wickets for 10 runs. It was an exciting game.

Seminar on Islam
The Islamic Society of Sydney Boys High is holding its second annual Seminar on Islam. This event was well attended last year and I hope it will be again this year on November 16. The subject mater this year will concern the main Islamic beliefs and the Islamic view on terrorism and its affects on society. This seminar is being held in another attempt to demystify the Islamic culture and to promote intercultural understanding.

Why you should play sport on Saturday
90% of school leavers in Singapore have myopia (short sightedness). People with myopia have 3 times the chance of contracting glaucoma and twice the chance of having cataract problems later in life than normal sighted people. Urban rates of myopia are 3 times those of urban rates in adolescent children. By late teenage life 35-40% of Sydney children will contract myopia to some degree. The Sydney Myopia Study has been commissioned to find out the incidence and the causes of this concerning public health issue. Environmental and lifestyle factors seem to be the cause for a generalized increase in myopia in the population. Too much time is being spent by teenagers indoors focused on screens, close viewing. Intense activity of this kind accelerates eye growth causing a premature lengthening of the eye, leading to refractory problems for children’s eyesight when they reach the teenage years. A balanced lifestyle can slow down or inhibit this growth tendency. The eye needs to practise long focusing. Time spent outdoors helps. A great way for your son to possibly avoid the early onset of myopia AND to get fitter and healthier, is to engage in Saturday sport.

Raffle Ticket Buyers Support High
So far the support for our raffle of a plasma screen TV and surround sound system has been excellent. Ms Roser and Ms Crothers sold 130 tickets at Revesby Shopping Centre last Saturday – a great effort. We are assured of a healthy profit from this raffle venture thanks to efforts like theirs. You could help by letting us know where the busy places are in your area so we can contact the management to try to arrange a day to set up our stall. Email the school or Ms Roser with the details and we will take it from there. Please sell your assigned tickets or return the unsold ones to the school as soon as possible. By law we must account for all tickets printed – sold or unsold. The prize winners will be drawn on December 7 at our ‘Thank You’ party and Visual Arts Exhibition. If, like me, you have an interest in a largish number of tickets, you might like to be there on the night to see if you have won!

Monitoring student absences
High has a new attendance monitoring policy which has been operating for some months. We are asking all parents to let us know if their son is away by telephoning the school between 0830 and 0930 each day. Callers may be asked personal details just to confirm their identities. If the telephone line is busy, parents can email reasons for absence. Later in the day support staff will contact the parents of all absent boys in Years 7 and 8 for whom the school has no explanation for their absence. Depending on the cooperation of parents and carers, we hope to extend the intervention to Years 9 & 10 in the near future. The purpose of the exercise is to eradicate unexplained absences from the junior school. We want all our boys to be where they should be all the time. If this trial is successful, we plan to extend the call up service to all unexplained absences, every day.

Dr K Jaggar
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Fundraising Raffle


THANKYOU to all who have returned your raffle tickets and money.
All running costs of the raffle have been covered and close to $5,000 has been raised thus far towards the Library/Performing Arts Centre.

Well Done All.

Please ask your contacts outside the school to donate to our Library/Arts project via the raffle. This eases the strain on the school family.

A reminder that Name, Address and Phone Number are required on the ticket butt. Please check ALL tickets are filled in prior to return.

Extra books are available from the office.
Please thoughtfully consider your involvement
Valda Roser -Fund Raising Co-ordinator
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In the past week a blog (Web Log) http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/ has replaced the High Notes Plus page. Aside from looking better, the blog gives access to everything you might need all from one page. There is also a facility to add your comments after each posting. Check often, as it will be added to frequently.

Ms Crothers and I are planning to make space here, or elsewhere on the site, for book reviews. Any SBHS students who care to write one email it to me (see http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com for the address) or give it to me as a Word file. We are looking for reviews 100-300 words long.

A report in last Friday's Sydney Morning Herald is so true: Excess teacher talk swamps children. "Teachers talk too quickly and bombard students with excess words, leaving them struggling in a 'sea of blah' and possibly contributing to unnecessary referrals for behaviour disorders... Boys, in particular, are treading water in this 'sea of blah', a phrase coined by educational psychologist John Edwards. Evidence last year to a federal parliamentary inquiry into boys' education noted that the ears of boys, from as young as four, process sounds more slowly and provide less information to the brain than the ears of girls... 'This is not rocket science. It's what teachers were taught years ago,' [Dr Rowe] said." See http://smh.com.au/articles/2004/10/22/1098316864889.html?oneclick=true

This issue is magnified when students come from a language background other than English, especially for those whose experience of English is comparatively short. A few relevant points from the UTS Scaffolding Project also need to be kept in mind:

  • Students prosper best in an environment of MESSAGE ABUNDANCE. That is, as many channels of communication as possible are used to support a variety of learning styles.
  • Teachers of students from language backgrounds other than English cannot take too much background English language/cultural knowledge for granted.
  • Key terms should always be written up on the board, shown on overhead or in some kind of presentation program, and carefully defined and demonstrated in context.
  • Much use should be made of diagrams, flow charts, mindmaps and other means of visualising concepts.
  • Group and pair work should be used frequently as this gives more opportunities for contingent scaffolding, for students to articulate ideas for themselves, and for handover to take place.

Neil Whitfield
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Permission to use your sons photos in publicity
Thanks in advance to parents who have received and will return permission slips to use the photos of your sons for our future prospectus and current newspaper advertisements
Mrs Crothers
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From The School Counsellors

Raising Boys
(Adapted from Michael Gross Parenting Ideas. 1998)

Boys generally hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. According to some figures boys experience greater health problems, are more likely to have behavioural problems and experience more learning difficulties than girls. A significant factor in raising boys is to be aware that they are different from girls and need to be treated accordingly. Healthy development of boys is also linked to involvement with adult males including fathers, members of their wider family, school and community.

Helpful suggestions to develop healthy, well-adjusted boys:

  • Help boys develop the skills of independence so they learn to care for themselves.
  • Compliments from mothers about their sons’ appearance can boost their self-esteem at a stage when many boys feel unsure about the way they look.
  • During puberty fathers need to be visible, as boys are looking for both role models and gentle guidance about many issues that may be bothering them. Provision of role models outside the immediate family may help when fathers are not available.
  • Provide boys with information about the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. They will find out lots of information from their peers but they often need parents to filter and verify the ‘facts’ they receive.
  • Provide adolescents with special challenges so they can test and express their emerging masculinity in safe ways. Sport and outdoor activities can provide boys with the physical challenges that many of them need.
  • Make reading a part of your son’s day. A wide variety of reading material should be available including novels, non-fiction, magazine and newspapers to capture their interest.

If you have concerns about your son please do not hesitate to contact the school and make an appointment to meet with one of the School Counsellors.
S Plummer and E Harman – School Counsellors

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There will be an important Rugby Committee meeting held on November 24th at 6pm in Room 901. The main topic for discussion and resolution will be the fundraising ability of the Committee and the distribution of those funds in 2005 and beyond. The funds are raised by the Committee through the efforts of parents at the BBQ/canteen, parking and other activities.Therefore it is important that the parents or their representatives have input into such decisions.

I look forward to seeing you on the 24th of November at 6pm in Room 901.
G Stein
MIC rugby

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1st Grade Match Report, 30/10/2004
vs Riverview

High entered this match without any expectations for two reasons. Firstly, we were not sure how many players Riverview lost and secondly, our own preparation was hindered by poor weather conditions through the week. Surprisingly, Riverview lost four of their players from last year, meaning much of their side was new. However they are always well-drilled and Saturday was no different. Essentially the differences between the two sides were the level of preparation and strategy on the day.

The doubles provided some interesting results. Dejan Bodrozic and Hung Neo squandered a first set lead but came back well in the second set and subsequent super-breaker to win, Brian Ly and Peter Pereira lacked direction on the return and at the net, while Ivan Cerecina and David Cao were beaten by bigger players.

Barring Dejan, nobody looked convincing in the singles matches. He was short on match practice and was forced to slow the game down and grind, which he did exceedingly well. Brian’s performance wasn’t impressive but good enough to win. Peter was tactically outdone, Hung suffered from a very long doubles match, Ivan was outsized, and David lacked the consistency needed at six.

I feel the 6-3 loss is a fair indication of our progress this pre-season. We have a lot of work to do, especially in the doubles. However it isn’t time to panic just yet. In the last two pre-seasons we won two and one matches respectively, and turned it around in the season proper. It is my experience that these losses only serve as an incentive to strive for higher performance levels, and we will aim to produce a more convincing performance against Kings’ this Saturday.
Peter Pereira

2nd Grade
2nd grade result was very disappointing after our win last week. However it pointed out the need for more serious training and for strategies to be developed as to thinking on the court and communicating ideas to your doubles partner when you can see him doing something wrong.

All players were a challenge to Riverview; their consistency was what made it too hard to win. Hai Le and Hieu Dang are working well as doubles partners, new combinations of 3-6 will be tried this week.

3rds – 6ths Tennis
High vs. Iggies is always a tantalising affair, across all sports, and none more so than in tennis. Stiff rivalry has prevailed over the recent years, and this year was no exception. Nevertheless participation is the key to our success; we need all the boys to come to games for us to have a chance of winning. For the boys who did manage to turn up, sense of glee was evident on their faces, as they were in close proximity to the all conquering first-grade premiership side. But like more skilled counterparts, many of the boys were underdone and in need of a good tune up. The day began with the show-piece event, the number 1 doubles of the thirds. David Yang and Daniel Ong faced a formidable Riverview combination. The View boys came out all guns firing, but in true High spirit, the boys rallied and lead 4-3 with a break, however were awfully unlucky to go down 7-5. This fighting example fuelled up hope for the High boys against their more skilled opponents. 4ths No. 1 Doubles provided High success with Thomas and Nelson Wong continuing their good run of form with another 6-3 win. The other doubles triumph came in 5ths No.2 doubles with Jerry Wang and Matthew Wong winning 6-4. The ‘blue ribbon’ event, 3rds No.1 singles produced an exciting and rather elongated match with David Yang taking his rival into the tiebreak and once more losing rather unluckily. Thomas and Nelson Wong backed up from their early victory, with compellingly wins at 4ths No.1 and 2 respectively, as did Edward Leong at 5ths No. 2. Overall, 4th Grade managed to produce a victory, and as High had to forfeit most of 6ths, the remaining boys can hold their heads up high, again producing their best, which was unfortunately not good enough on the day. Special, mention must go to Jimmy Fan, playing his first game for High, he was unlucky to go down 6-2 in both singles and doubles, he is a rare talent, who exemplified the fighting High Spirit and will only progress with experience. Next Week we host Kings, and see what little, if anything they have to offer. To those boys who didn’t bother to turn up, remember this was one less opportunity you have now lost of donning on the precious blue and brown, which will eventually, in time, cease, as many of the senior boys have now come to realise. There are many passionate boys gunning to seize your valuable spots in the team.
Manager: Daniel Ong

JUNIOR TEAMS 30 .10 . 04

Manager Mrs Klocker
Won by    SIG     6
          SBHS    0
Won by     SIG    6
           SBHS   0
Won by     SIG    6
           SBHS   0

D’s   by   SIG    4
           SBHS   2   

Best score of the match

Jourdan Hsiao    4 – 6

Doubles Amadeus & Roger
                 5 - 6

Robin Chan       4 – 6

Eugine Stadnik   6 – 3

Manager Mrs Nesbitt

Won by    SIG     5
          SBHS    1
Won by    SIG     5
          SBHS    1 
Won by    SIG     4
          SBHS    2   
 Draw     SIG     3
          SBHS    3         

Simon Lee          6 -2

Ben Diep           6 – 5

Doubles Tim &Kent  6 -3

Simon Hoang        6 - 1

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The prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter – Issue #4

Saturday 30th October – High VS Ignatius (Round 3).

High and St Ignatius both entered the third week of the GPS competition brimming with confidence after both teams won tough close wins against strong opponents (Grammar and Joeys). St Ignatius has always put together a very strong, tall and physical 1st grade team so High travelled to Ignatius expecting nothing less than a competitive battle. Again Victor Domni did not suit up as he failed a medical on his broken nose.
Iggies, still undefeated after two rounds of the GPS, came out in the first quarter the better team and took the initiative and led at quarter time. Ignatius pushed the ball up court and set the pace they wanted to run and dictated play. This resulted in easy fast break lay-ups and easy open looks which was a telling factor in the first quarter and basically throughout the whole game. Also they were able to crash the offensive boards and convert on easy put backs which also proved a major factor as the game progressed. However High were able to keep in striking range of their opponents due to influential play from Captain Cameron Conway and point guard Dustin Palana who hit 7 points in the first quarter. Cameron hit his first 4 shots of the game, with his trademark fall away jump shot and strong post moves. However, two key players Tom Mainprize and Dustin Palana were saddled with foul trouble early, both receiving three personal fouls each in the first quarter which forced changes to the line up and both spent long periods of time on the sideline. This was a telling factor as it stopped High’s momentum and game flow. The second quarter saw High stay in contact with Ignatius, with Francis Wong and Victor Wei who came off the bench and played aggressive and strong basketball. Francis ran the point well, running through the plays whilst Victor crashed the boards and banged with the big guys down low courageously. However High played in spots and spurts and lacked consistency and did not really chip into the Ignatius lead at halftime. High entered the third quarter rejuvenated and confident after the halftime break. High dug deep and kept chipping away at the Ignatius lead. However in the middle of the third, key point guard Dustin Palana received his fifth and final foul and was fouled out for the rest of the game. With one key player out, it would prove a difficult task for the High team to claw its way back and win this match.
In the end the margin proved too much and High was defeated 83 to 58. However many positives have come out of this game. Young guns, Francis Wong, Dale Sun and Victor Wei who scored ten points stepped up to the competition and provided inspirational play and showed High spirit throughout the game as did the rest of the team. The team’s attitude throughout the game was very encouraging and is a credit to all the players on the team but I guess it was not our day. Also Captain Cameron Conway led team scorers again with 16 points of his own. On behalf of the 1st grade team I would like to thank the High faithful who either stayed and supported 1st grade or travelled to Ignatius (yes I’m looking at you guys, you know who u are!) to support us. It is very encouraging to have support in the crowd and with peers from Sydney Boys coming to watch and support their team. Looking forward to this week against Kings at home, we love a challenge! Come and support 1st grade basketball and cheer us on to another victory. We would like to see our home game packed with High supporters so if you are able to come please come and cheer us on.
in a nutshell!
Score: 61 - 39 (Loss)
Top Points: A. Walker 25
Second Points: Y. He 12

Dustin Palana | 1st Grade player

Saturday 30th October – High VS Ignatius (Round 3).

High entered the third week of the GPS competition against the tough and always fitter Ignatius side. Usually being a very fit man-to-man side, High had prepared all week against full court presses and tight man defences.
Early on in the game High showed signs of anxiety as they were pushed out of their usual structured game and Ignatius took advantage of this and came up with a continuous string of points ending the first quarter 21-7 in their favour. Showing much High spirit, the High 2nd Grade boys played on and started to show signs of well structured plays and started to cut the deficit. The four High Guards were all on four fouls at the end of the second quarter. The half time score was looking promising as the deficit was cut down to 9. Early in the third quarter the second grade captain was fouled out and the High boys really needed some leadership. Youngster and future leader Harry Walker stepped up his game and led the High boys to within three points of the tough Iggy’s side. With a solid third quarter the High boys stayed positive and entered the fourth quarter down by 8. The last quarter showed great signs of hope as Yang He shot many great three pointers and Harry Walker sinking three pointers from every side of the court. The game ended in a very tough and intense battle between two very good GPS schools but in the end Ignatius College prevailed with the scoreline in their favour 61-56.
Throughout the game, the forwards, including Roger Burrell, Chris Tran, Eugene Wong and Kenny Huang, played very well to get the High boys rebounds. Showing signs of a future star Harry Walker scored 28 points and Yang He scored 11.
Raymond Huynh | 2nd Grade Captain

How did the other teams go on Saturday?

16 A’s
Playing at Riverview meant we were up for a long journey and a tough game. Being beaten by 25 points last season and missing Victor Nguyen and David Dizon we were quite pessimistic. We were relieved, although, when the always exciting Si Yang Wang played for us.
The whole game was neck and neck but we managed to organise our defence in the second half and offensively draw some fouls. With a lead of three points with one minute left the official called a foul saying that we apparently set an illegal screen which is something we wouldn’t even know how to do if we were trying. Holding our breaths, the opposition stepped up to the line and missed both shots. We inbounded the ball and held it successfully ending the game winning by three. We are very excited by the win and attribute it to determination, improved coaching and practice during the holidays.
M Farhat (A Grade Captain)

MR HAYMAN’S players who can turn the game in our favour…
Top players at High. Based on average points per game.

CAMERON CONWAY : 27ppg (1sts)
HENRY WALKER : 16.5ppg (2nds)
DUSTIN PALANA : 14ppg (1sts)
PETER MALEK : 7ppg (16D’s)
PHILLIP TRIPP : 6ppg (3rds)

Players of the week:

Good work guys!

Saturday 30th October – High VS Ignatius.

1st LOSS 83-58 C. CONWAY (16)
2nd LOSS 61-56 H. WALKER (25)
3rd LOSS 22-37 T.CHAN, K.WONG, P. TRIPP (5)
4th LOSS 20-27 A. RANALD (6)
5th LOSS 8-31 P.ROSER (4)
6th LOSS 8-35 J.PHU (6)
7th (Results not emailed by coach)
8th LOSS 15-22 (Top scorer not emailed by coach)
16A WIN 25-22 M. FARHAT (16)
16B LOSS 14-20 C. WONG (6)
16C WIN 38-17 A.WANG (8)
16D WIN 22-15 P. MALEK (9)
15A LOSS 65-12 K.IYER (4)
15B LOSS 45-10 K.HUANG (4)
15C LOSS 38-16 Charles.YANG (8)
15D LOSS 27-16 C.YANG (6)
14A LOSS 16-44 M. LAU, S. ZHANG, B. LAU (4)
14B LOSS 6-57 M. YIU (6)
14C LOSS 13-52 K.LIM (8)
14D LOSS 6-38 W.SZET (4)
These results are a big improvement on Grammar-keep up the good work.



All ‘A’ grade captains need to email their report from the game by Monday lunch to Mr Hayman. Any other team captain is also encouraged to write a report. Ask your coach for the email address.
Shootin’ Hoops brought to you by Bennett Wong (10M)
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What a start to the 2004/2005 season for the High Teams on what turned out to be an incredible Saturday for results. Grammar certainly felt the pain inflicted by three of our five senior teams with the First XI coming from the jaws of defeat, with a sensational victory. The Third XI, not to be outdone posted a great win defending a sub-100 score to win by 27 runs and the “Fighting Fourth XI” completed the hat-trick for our third win.

1st.XI at McKay Oval produced a match full of twists and turns and a knife edge finish which saw High beat Grammar by just 3 runs. High batted first and were all out for 91 with Nick Bull top scoring with 28 and Matt Fetherston making 17 as the major contributors with the bat. Grammar took the crease in the belief that High did not have enough runs to win but our bowlers had other ideas. With the score at 6 for 62 Grammar had victory in sight but in a determined approach to bowling, coupled with tight fielding throughout the innings, magnificent spells by Damintha Fonseka who took 5 wickets for 10 runs (off 10 overs) and Adrian Jeyendra 3 for 18 (off 10 overs) Grammar capitulated to be all out for 88. High held their nerve and secured a great victory
A separate Match report will appear herein

2ndX1 In a nervous start to the season full of expectations, after solid lead-up training. High were all out for 98 batting first against Grammar. Contributing to this were 4 soft dismissals as batsmen played away from their bodies and paid the price with easy catches to the opposition. Main scorers for High were Suren Wickramasinghe 17, D’Arcy Blaxell 15 and Shehan Karunaratne 15 runs. Grammar then batted and declared at 3 wkts for 163. Suren Wickramasinghe taking 3 wickets for 50 runs off 14 overs being the best of the High bowlers When High commenced their second innings they had overcome the early nervousness of the first innings and were 1 wkt for 62 at stumps with Gajaba Manamperi on 26 not out and Manush Samaraweera making a sound 18. Grammar won on the first innings

3rd.XI Batted first on the docile Reg Bartlley Oval pitch and were all out for a creditable 99 runs, which on other grounds is worth 130 -140 runs. The run scorers were Sayanthan Prabakaran 20, Ravi Vadali 15 and Dinuka Gunasekera with 13 runs contributing the bulk of the score with our innings concluding one over short of our allocated of 32 overs. Grammar then took the crease with the High attack restricting their scoring as well as taking regular wickets with Sayanthan ending with the sensational bowling figures of 3 wickets for 6 runs from his allocated overs. Ravi also chipped in with a handy 1 for 2 and Grammar was all out for 70. High victorious by 29 runs.

4th XI also recorded a satisfying win over Grammar to complete our trifecta of 3 from 5 in the Senior Teams.
No report was available at the time of printing.

16As had to chase a formidable total of 187 scored by Grammar who batted first. Rommo Pandit took 2 wickets for 24 (6 overs) and Adnan Husaini 2 for 23 (6 overs) the pick of the bowlers In reply High were all out for 108 with Louis Yang on 48 not out and Adnan Husaini contributing 24 in an otherwise disappointing batting performance from a very competitive team

The 16A, 16 B, 15a, 14A,and 14B sides all were first innings losers in their matches

CRICKET SUB COMMITTEE MEETING will be held on Tuesday next 9thNovember 2004 at 60pm in Room 901 in the gymnasium. Items on the Agenda include the Five Highs Carnival, Melbourne Year 9 Trip, visit by Brisbane Grammar in December and allocation of Grants to touring teams.

MATCH RESULTS: All team coaches or captains are to phone the team scores through, stating the best batting and bowling figures to Tel (02) 4276 1776 and leave a recorded message at the completion of each day's play. An alternative is to Email them, to … This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Our next assignment with all teams is at Kings and we look forward to throwing down a challenge to the fancied top teams for this season

Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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State of the Arts

Summer Student Soirees
All students are invited to perform in the instrumental soirees. Forms are available from music
December 1st Woodwind
December 7th String
December 8th Brass

Music Awards Dinner and Tutors Concert
Keep this date free. Sunday December 6th.
This is the night for the boys and their parents.
Celebrate the achievements of our musicians, hear your music tutors perform in concert.
Best Musician 2004, Training Concert Band most improved, guitar ensemble commitment award, senior band best musician stage band commitment, intermediate band best musician. These are some of the awards that will be received at the annual music awards dinner. There are awards for every ensemble.
Students must be in attendance at the dinner to be eligible for an award
Sunday December 5th Great Hall - All students involved in the music ensemble, and vocal program and their parents are expected to attend.

Help Wanted
The music committee would be grateful for the assistance of a parent who has an accountancy qualification and is willing to audit the committee's books for us. If you can help please contact the music staff.

Minutes of Music Committee Meeting
Monday October 25th

1. Attendees. Wendy Bull, Maureen Chadwick, Christina Chow, Katharine Deacon, Kathy Jackson, Ann Kurts, Lawrence Mackay, Rita Miller,
Marilyn Mittelheuser, Cindy Siu
2. Apologies. Grace Wong.
3. Treasurer's Report. Maureen Chadwick advise of a closing balance at end of September of approximately $23,594.00. It was noted that the accounts need to be audited for the AGM
4. Teachers report. Reminder for people to get State of Arts contributions to Kathy Jackson by 5PM Tuesdays for inclusion in that weeks High Notes. Kathy advised meeting that bulk musical instrument servicing has been arranged and will begin about 9/12/2004. Congratulations to Adam McKenzie on being nominated for Encore. Congratulations also to Simon Chadwick for participating in Manly Jazz Festival, being on the Kerry Anne Show, & School Spectacular
5. Remaining Y2004 planning.
Music Committee AGM is planned for 15/11/2004 at 6PM in Combined Staff Room. To be followed by a “normal meeting” on same evening.
The Showcase Concert is planned for Saturday 6/11/2004 between 6 and 9 pm. Entertainment comprising 3 x Jazz Bands, 3 x Concert Bands, 1 Rock Band, 1 x Symphony Orchestra. The venue will be outdoor in quadrangle till dark, then move into the Great Hall. Italy Tour committee to provide BBQ / sausage sizzle & soft drinks for sale. BYOG. Tickets to be set at $12 per head which includes sausage on roll.
Year 7 Orientation Day 23/11/2004. The music department is organizing bands to play in Great Hall. Music department will have a display stand.
The annual Schools Spectacular is being held at the Entertainment Centre on the last weekend in November (27th & 28th). High will be heavily involved in this production with up to 40 boys contributing.
The 2004 annual Music Awards Night is to be held on Sunday 5/12/2004 in the Great Hall.
6. Y2005 Planning Y2005 Budget
Wendy Bull tabled the Y2005 budget. AK moved to accept & LM seconded.
Term 1 & 2 - 2005
2/4/2004 Junior Music Camp
25/4/2004 ANZAC Day marching band
Winter Concert Performance Event – Date to be advised
Term 3 - 2005
22/8/2005 GPS music
Cabaret Night Concert Performance Event – Date to be advised.
Term 4 - 2005
The School Spectacular about Nov 2005
Soiree series also about Nov 2005
Picnic Day Outdoor Spectacular Concert – Date to be advised
7. Other Business. The recording studio is to be converted into a storage room for sheet music.
8. Meeting closed 8:30PM
9. The next meeting is to be held on 15th November 2004 in the staff common room after AGM

Sydney Boys High
Music Department
Invites you to the Spring Spectacular 2004
Saturday November 6th 6.30pm Great Hall
Featuring the Choral Students, Senior, Intermediate and Junior Concert Bands, Senior, Intermediate and Junior Stage Bands, Symphony and String Orchestra

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The above sports are having a face lift to their facilities at High.

New retractable cricket practice nets are being built inside the Anzac Parade boundary and will have an astro turf surface as a winter play area for our boys. Approximate cost $30,000

Basketball players will benefit from the construction of two new reinforced concrete courts on the flat. Approximate cost $40,000

Tennis enthusiasts will have 4 new A grade courts fit for our fine premier athletes and saving on outside court hire fees. Approximate cost $200,000

Once completed the above facilities have the potential to generate outside income, thereby easing the need for maintenance cost to come out of school budget. The saved monies will be directed to other projects.

With your generous tax deductible donation to the Australian Sports Foundation the projects can be brought to a speedy conclusion allowing our boys full use of the facilities at the earliest possible time.

Please consider thoughtfully your response.
Indicate your preferred area of support on the attached form

Thank you for making a difference

Management of BKK Shopping Centre in Evans Street Eastlakes are generously supporting the New Library/Performing Arts Centre project by permitting the sale of raffle tickets on Saturday 13th, 27th November and 4th December.

To spread the load it issuggested that two teams of 2 people commencing
8-8.30a.m till noon or 1.00 pm depending on sales and volunteer time constraints.

All equipment available.

131 tickets were sold over a 3 hour period at Revesby 30th October.
Thanks to our Librarian Veronica Crothers for giving her time on the day.

Contact Valda Roser 9773 7167 e-mail valda_roser @hotmail.com
with your offer of date and times to support this worthwhile project.


Adult man power will be required for the sale of raffle tickets


Required for Serving light refreshments and light conversation to any Old Boy or interested person who wishes to come.
“Back to School for Tea and Tour” 23rd November,
11.30 till 1.00 p.m. in the Board Room
Essential – Smile
Desirable – Ability to make a mean cup of tea ,ability to wash-up with minimal breakage

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Sydney Boys High School
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Islamic Society of Sydney Boys High

The Open Seminar 2004
WHEN: Lunchtime, 16th November
WHERE: Great Hall, SBHS

A presentation of what is it to be a Muslim, and an insight into Islam’s view on terrorism.

Have all your questions answered!
What do Muslims believe in?
Suppression of freedom and oppression of women ? ...not at all...
How do Muslims live their lives?

The ‘Five Pillars’.

Find out more at the seminar.
Free Food and drinks will be available
The Islamic Society of Sydney Boys High presents...
Islam and peace are seldom mentioned in the same line. Yet the word ‘Islam’ means peace. At this seminar...
Renowned speaker to speak on this topic.
Find out about what Islam really says about the biggest issue in our society.

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