High Notes, Vol 5 No 34, October 29 2004

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Tanvir Uddin and Senthil Thillainadesan for their Certificates of Commendation in the Young Writer of the Year competition. The sponsors, The Sydney Morning Herald, sent a Certificate of Encouragement to Kevin Mak. Well done also to Jack Han (11) for his 3rd. place in the short story section of the Write 4 Fun competition (6.5K entries). Big news for Keith Wong and Karl Kruszelnicki (volleyball) and Tom Miller (swimming) who are to be awarded Sydney East Blues for outstanding achievement in sport. In Mathsearch 2004 (JLWilliams Competition), Xingyu Cai (11) was awarded a Distinction, as was Vinh Pham (10). Merit Certificates went to Rowland Jiang (11) and Nicholas Ng, Senthil Thillainadesan and Alan Trieu (10). Terrific effort boys! Well done also to all those who donated to the Jeans for Genes Day Appeal. We were able to send off a cheque for $1349.

The Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award State Final
It was a pleasure to be able to attend the state final again. Tom Kaldor won this competition in 2002 and Alex Bodman in 1996. It is open to all students aged 12 to 14 years. Finalists were divided between state and independent schools. A variety of interesting 5 minute prepared speeches was presented. The standard of fluency and the confidence of all the contestants were impressive. Kelvin Yu (9) was our representative. He spoke about the truth behind environment degradation. Other topics were: the corruption of our language, short people, the effect of numbers on our society, the silent problem of mental illness, the real killers: neglected diseases, and deeds not words: the problems of aborigines and refugees in Australia. After morning tea the students were each given 5-minutes to prepare a 2 minute speech on the topic ?a light hearted look at life?. Again, finalists were able to sustain a line of argument for two minutes with very little preparation time. Kelvin urged the audience to enjoy life more and reduce their stress. Approaches to the topic by other contestants included: status anxiety in our society, a look at social capital, youth alcoholism, blondes having fun, home loans and immortality, ethnic comedy and making light of serious social issues.

The judges awarded the trophy to the Scots contestant. Kelvin was runner up and so gets another chance at the national competition. Congratulations, Kelvin!

High v Grammar
There was plenty of action in the basketball at SGS last Saturday. After a very close tussle the thirds were ahead two points at the buzzer but incurred a penalty for a foul. In a hushed gym the Grammar player calmly potted the two free throws to draw the game in extra time. Phillip Tripp high scored with 7 points. In the seconds game Grammar ran on a giant who was the difference between the two teams because he could play as well as being tall. Our boys were at a height disadvantage but kept in the game throughout due to some real hustling man on man defence. Despite a 20+ margin, the game was a good contest. Once our boys can shoot free throws we will give more teams a scare. Harry Walker was an inspiration, scoring 11 points and defending fearlessly. The Grammar first grade side looked the part with height, skill and confidence. They were unsettled by the relentless man on man defence by High. We hustled but did not convert many attacking moves but still went to the first quarter break with a slight lead. Grammar changed tactics in the second quarter and our boys were frustrated in attack, scoring only 6 points to their 17. The boys adjusted to the Grammar defensive style and settled better in the third quarter but were still trailing when they came out for the last period. Fully timed basketball games are exciting when the scores get close. Our boys gained confidence in the last few minutes of the game and Grammar became tentative and took some poor options, allowing High to wipe out their lead. Great coaching by Ben Hayman saw High switch its defence in the last two minutes with the Grammar coach stuck without a timeout left. The boys responded terrifically to the game plan and overpowered Grammar to win 78-71. Cameron Conway came of age as a basketball player, scoring 38 points. There were some very happy players and spectators, celebrating a very impressive win.

Sir Roden Cutler Memorial
The concept drawings for the proposed memorial gates to be erected to replace gate 9 on Anzac Parade have been produced by the NSW Government Heritage architects. The plans are on display in the school foyer. Three sandstone pillars will give the entrance an impressive aspect. Memorial plaques in bronze will be mounted on the pillars to commemorate the life of one of our most famous alumni. The full costing of the project is yet to be completed but I am advised that $60k will get the job done. The 75th anniversary at Moore Park appeal raised $25k so we have a shortfall to make up. I am hoping that the Old Boys Union and interested Old Boys will help to make this rather significant monument become a reality. The work can be done in three stages. I am commissioning the first stage ?the cutting and shaping of the sandstone pillars ? to be completed in December/January. Any financial help would be greatly appreciated to help honour this fine Australian.

Founders Day - 121 Years on
The School Prefects were inducted on a warm Spring Day as we celebrated the 121st anniversary of our school. Bishop King, in his occasional address, related teamwork in rugby to playing your part to your best ability in life. He compared the rigours of training paying off in tough rugby matches, to the mental preparation we need to make in the good times, to carry us through the hard times. A slightly edited version of my address follows.

?We are gathered today to commemorate October 1, 1883 when the first 46 students began their schooling at High. Our Prefects Elect are also here to become part of the official history of the school by accepting the call to a prestigious office. They have lived through a searching process of qualification and election to reach the point of induction here today. By investing School Prefects and honouring academic, sporting, spiritual and social values that unite us, this ceremony connects us to our traditions and founding principles in a very demonstrable way. Early next year the School Prefects will be asked to sign the School Prefects Book, linking them to over 50 years of leadership history.

If you were time warped back 25 years to 1979, what would you recognise about the place? Certainly you would know the buildings, except for the Study Centre and UTS Gymnasium. There would be many familiar faces: Messrs Boros, Gainford and Kourtesis might be teaching you mathematics; Mr Hannon might be helping you with history or rugby; Messrs Bennett or Smith could well be teaching you science; Mr Moody in social science, Mr Farrington in PE, Mr Fittler in Industrial Arts or Ms McGuinness in the office, might interact with you in the course of the day. As you might imagine, there is a lot of corporate history hived like honey in those people. Stability of personnel is one feature of High that supports its traditions and values.

The place of selective schools in Sydney was on the agenda twenty five years ago as it is in 2004 with the expansion of the number of selective classes and the first year of the extended writing task in the selection test. Back then, the issue was survival. The OBU and the Headmaster, Mr Outterside, made a deputation to the then Premier, Neville Wran, to secure a change of policy in respect of selective schools. The Record of 1979 published the text of a 1978 petition to the NSW Parliament, signed by 1500 people protesting the proposed elimination of selective schools. The petition said inter alia: ?We are further opposed to any action being taken to destroy the special nature of Sydney High School and its place in the community. The School through its membership of the Great Public Schools during the past seventy years - and previously through its close association with the private schools in existence at its establishment in 1883 ? has always formed a link between a great, highly developed State system of education and a number of great private secondary schools.

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray upon your Honourable House to recognise the special function of Sydney High School in the community and the need for the restoration of its former enrolment area, viz. the State of New South Wales (current between 1883 and 1928), which gave every child in this state the right to seek enrolment at Sydney High School. And further your petitioners pray that the criteria for enrolment be that of motivation to attend a special type of school which demands from its students a strong desire to participate in a rigorous scholastic, sporting and cultural programme involving the pursuit of excellence in studies, moral conduct, and behaviour in a ?six-day? school week (as opposed to the normal ?five-day? week of ordinary secondary schools), together with an assurance of parental participation well above the ordinary, in the various activities of the School needed to maintain its association with the Great Public Schools? (pp23-4).

As you all can appreciate from this example, our preoccupations have not altered much over the last quarter of a century, apart from the ironic push for re-zoning of selective schools espoused by some Old Boys. We still want boys who are attuned to our all-round excellence ethos; we still urge boys to commit themselves to Saturday team competition; we still need extraordinary parental participation to hold our own in the GPS scene; we still claim a special status in respect of the NSW Parliament; we are still fighting for selective education; and we still pursue academic rigour.

In summer sport, a snapshot of teams shows that in 2004 we have more senior cricket teams than in 1979 (5 to 4), and one less in 16s, two in 15s, one in 14s and 3 in 13s. In rowing there were two VIIIs, a junior VIII, 4 IVs, and six quads. Our current rowing program exceeds these 1979 figures. In basketball there were two open teams and not always four teams per age group. In tennis there were three open teams and age teams. Today we have more tennis, rowing and basketball, but significantly less cricket. In terms of results in 1979 the first VIII came eighth at the Head of the River and first grade basketball won one GPS game. As well as the stability of staff, we have enjoyed stability in our approach to sport over the course of our history, in lean years and joyous ones.

My point here is that despite a quarter of a century of demonstrated quality teaching and learning, and in the face of an often hard-nosed perception by some concerning the school?s so-called decline, High has remained at least as good as it ever was ? arguably better in many ways. People who support High ought to want to see it stay true to itself as an institution ? one that tried hard always to reach a high standard but at the same time understood that sport is character building and must be played in the right spirit.

Turning to our emblems of High spirit and leadership, our Prefects Elect, I trust that every Prefect inducted today perceives himself in terms of the quality of leadership at High and endeavours during his tenure of office to uphold and enhance the traditions of this fine school. Be proud to serve in an institution that has produced with such marvellous consistency, high achieving all rounders in large numbers for 121 years. One could hardly ask more of an institution. I commend to the gathering today this most worthy group of young men who embody the ideals that this school has maintained since its first October day so long ago.
Dr K Jaggar

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From Careers

Parents & Boys

Careers Views News Sheet and many other areas of Careers/Further Study - Post Secondary information are now available on the school's intranet site:
at school: boys can go to the "Careers Web-Site" icon
from home: http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/careersnet

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From the Library

The new Year 12 students should be aware that we have a range of books in the glass cabinet behind our loans desk that will assist them in their preparation for their HSC year. These books are usually for reference within the Library only ? available for photocopying or note taking. Please see Library staff for assistance.

Speculative Fiction ?

I recently had a query about speculative fiction and had to ask the student concerned to define the term for me.

This information from the State Library?s Infocus database may assist year 11 or our new year 12.

?Speculative fiction? was a term coined by Robert A Heinlein in 1941 (I am a little late hearing it aren?t I ? before my time actually) and can encompass the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. English students studying this topic can see an analysis of Frank Herbert?s Dune - this is now being ordered by the Library as are ?Science fiction: an evolution? and ?Mind and matter: finally SF wins its spurs from scientists.? When these arrive they will join many other English crits in our pamphlet files ? the filing cabinets scattered at the back of the Library.

The following websites have also been recommended by the State Library:

http://www.sfsite.com/home.htm ? The Home of Science Fiction and Fantasy. This website contains a mixture of book reviews, opinion pieces, author interviews, fiction excerpts author and publisher reading lists and a variety of other features. We are told that a comprehensive list of links to author sites, TV, movies, magazines and many other science fiction resources makes this worth investigating for supplementary material.

http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk ? Fantastic Fiction features bibliographies for more than 6000 authors and includes information on 120,000 books in various genres

http://www.isfdb.org ? The Internet Speculative Fiction Database provides bibliographic information for an enormous list of authors as well as magazines and related resources.
Mrs Crothers

Year 11 /Year 12

The Library has received and is running off practice HSC Exams called QATs in Legal Studies and Economics. They are filed in the Exam filing cabinet with the Maths and Science Exams.

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Year 7 Parent Group Meeting

Monday 8th November, 2004

6.30 pm in the Staff Common Room

Come along and meet some new and familiar faces over some nibblies.

Enquiries: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Canteen News

Farewell to Penny

It is with regret that after 8 years as canteen supervisor, Penny Griffiths needed to resign on medical grounds at the end of Term Three. We thank her for her commitment and hard work over the past years.

Not only has Penny ensured that there is always a plentiful supply of food available to our hungry boys but she has been responsible for introducing new lines of food and maintaining a cheerful and relaxed environment for staff and volunteers. Penny has been an integral part of the school community; she has kept up to date with events modifying the canteen orders accordingly, has established a terrific rapport with staff and knows a great number of the boys by name.

Penny was involved in the design of the new canteen and her ideas ensured that the refurbishment provided us with the modern, efficient and light filled space that we now enjoy.

We are lucky that Christine has agreed to take over the role of supervisor four days a week and Polina the other. Penny and Christine have been a strong team over the last eight years and Christine has done a great job filling in as supervisor as needed so we are confident that the canteen is in capable hands.

We send Penny our very best wishes for the future and hope that her health improves now that she can take it easy. We hope that Penny will be able to drop into the canteen and visit

and particularly attend some of the upcoming functions to catch up with friends.

Good luck Penny, we will miss you

From the Canteen Committee
Penny will be invited to attend: The cocktail Party, The Canteen end of year afternoon tea (26 Nov 2pm) and The Year 12 brunch (20 Dec 11am).

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1st Grade Match Report, 23/10/2004 vs Grammar

The start of the pre-season occurred last week at a rather warm Weigall Sports ground. With four members of last year's side returning, hopes were high that we could dominate a Grammar side which was decimated by the loss of five of its six members from the start of they year. Our recent preparation for this match was not ideal ? rain meant we could not work our doubles combinations through the week. In the number one doubles, Dejan Bodrozic and Hung Neo played a very controlled match against a reputable pair. Brian Ly and Peter Pereira cruised in the second doubles, and Ivan Cerecina and David Cao were gallant in a three-set loss at three.

With two doubles out of three, we needed three singles to ensure the win. Dejan overcame a wrist problem on his serve to win comfortably, Brian mauled his opponent with sheer skill, and Peter got through unscathed. Ivan has shown good signs of improvement over the off-season, and will get the results soon. David had a nightmare of a debut, but having just come back from holiday, he was excused for this performance. Special mention must go to Hung, who won his first match at his first attempt. He was nervous before it, a good sign of being focused and ready for the task, and played some aggressive yet controlled tennis to overwhelm his opponent in three sets. Finally I?d like thank our school captain, Damitha Fonseka, for making the extra effort to come and watch us play. With the 1st XI not playing he could have been at home studying for his HSC Maths exam, but he put the school before himself to watch us in action against Grammar. It is this selfless quality, among many others, that makes ?Fonz? such a fine ambassador for the school. Service to the school is not just what you do for yourself, it?s what you do for others. It is this fervent High spirit which inspires us as players to perform at the highest level. Peter Pereira

Volunteer Needed - to design a computer based format for Tennis High Notes report and enter all submissions from teams each week. Anyone interested please contact Ms Tuthill, Visual Arts Staffroom.

2nd Grade Tennis Saturday 23rd October
A mostly new team with only Zini and Martin to set the pace, as they were in 2nds summer 2004. Hieu Dang and Hai Le, fought a hard 3 set doubles, as doubles 1. Martin and Zini were in trouble down 3-6 in their first set, but cranked up to win the next 2 sets 7-6, 6-3. Paul and Henry performed well, winning in 2 sets 7-5, 6-1. In the singles Hai, Zini and Paul won their singles convincingly; with Henry narrowly missing out in three sets.

All up a very promising team, to be congratulated on their good sportsmanship and very ?engaged? attitude.

Score HIGH 9 to GRAMMAR 3

GPS Tennis Pre-Season Opens

Oct 23 Grammar HIGH WIN
3rds/6ths 2 2 draw

Congratulations to the Opens, a great start to the pre season.

Year Teams

16s/ YR9 4 0 Grammar HIGH
15s/ YR8 3 1 Grammar HIGH
14s/YR7 4 0 Grammar HIGH

NOTE: NEW: age under16 years is not allowed; instead class year is the measure of which team students are in. Hence 16s lost several year 10 students from their team. Also 15s and 14s are adjusting to natural losses to other sports. New coaches start Wednesday 27th, so we can look forward to improvement.
H Tuthill

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AGM Sydney High Rifle Club Inc.

The Annual General Meeting of SHRC Inc. will be held on Saturday 4th December 2004 at 5.30pm at the Malabar Clubhouse.
Bronwen Gordon
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Well, what a week last week turned out to be!! One thing that we can always bet on is rain on the first GPS day of competition: 3 in the last 5 years.

I have quite a few queries on why the matches were cancelled considering that Saturday last turned out to be magnificent cricket weather. There is one very simple answer and that is that due to continuous rain all week the turf pitches were saturated and couldn?t be prepared. For those who have played at Grammar before, you would know that all their pitches are turf. Of course McKay No.1 is also turf and was unable to be prepared. As the majority of matches were affected, Grammar advised High of the cancellation. I suggest to all Parents and Boys to check the school website for the appropriate telephone number to ring for unusual circumstances as happened last Saturday. Also The Sports Master, Mr. Farrington, records a message when wet weather has either cancelled games or changes are made. The Telephone/Message No. is 9361 0027.

This week competition begins in earnest and we have spent time preparing teams to represent High and we look forward to improved showing by all teams.

I have received feed-back from some of our dedicated cricket parents who advise me that our teams are suffering from lack of side line support with scoring and management. I have been aware of this since Term 1 when parental support, to say the least was non existent apart from our small group of stalwarts. But the most disappointing comments heard were criticism that some of our teams weren?t being looked after with coaches and support, and as a result discouraged further participation by allowing their sons to withdraw at the last minute without advice to anyone. This then placed the burden on the loyal team players who attended and battled on with shortages in teams.

This term each team will have a TEAM MANAGEMENT ROSTER issued, and we are asking parents to volunteer some of their time, even if is limited to one or two mornings (or afternoons) throughout the season.

If 11 players? parents all gave just one/two sessions to the team, we would only require that much of you.

I understand that scoring is a worry?.but the simple solution is that scorers always sit together, and one can copy from the other?s book and learn as you watch your son. To have managers who can tell boys when they are in to bat, assist with their pads etc allows coaches to umpire and guide the team from on the field.

I will issue all boys with the Roster Sheet on this first Saturday, so you will all know that it is coming and as most notes get lost in school bags or cricket bags?this is your advice that these have been issued and can ask for it on the return home next Saturday.

YEAR 9 Barberis Cup ? Players who wish to be considered for selection in the team to compete over 2 days in Melbourne against Melbourne High School are to Email their Expression of Interest to me by no later than next Friday 5th. NOV... We will be flying to Melbourne on a Tuesday morning flight and retuning after 2 One Day Matches on the Wednesday & Thursday and returning that evening after the Presentation of Awards. Two Officials will travel with the group. All players will be billeted in Melbourne.

For the information of all players, coaches and parents our cricket website is ?.www.sydneyboyscricket.info On our site you will find team selections that will appear on Thursday evenings when all have confirmed attendance for Saturdays, Location of Grounds (with maps), Public Transport availability, High Notes for each week, Coaching hints, Committee details, Coming Events. Most importantly the GPS Rules and By-Laws which tell you the number of overs in a match, how many overs can bowlers be used for, match timings plus results and points are all there for your information?.. Take the time to read this and I believe you will feel that you want to be a partner in High Cricket.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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State of the Arts

School Spectacular Marching Band Well done to the boys who rehearsed with the millennium marching band last weekend. Special mention goes to Francis Wong and Johan Santoso who paraded around with the sousaphones and to Robert Chen who played the quintuplet drums. (Imagine playing and marching with a whole drum kit strapped to your back!!!) Accommodation is available at Peter Board school for all band members at $5.00 per night. It is advisable for the boys to stay for the week. (This saves transport problems and you can sleep in later!) All the boys should have the medical and accommodation forms. Talent strikes again!! Simon Chadwick was selected to perform in the Manly Jazz festival and the School Spectacular Jazz Band. He also appeared on the Kerry-Ann morning show as part of the Arts Unit Jazz Ensemble. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement, Simon!!

Spring Music Concert Gates open at 5.00pm for sausage sizzle Concert starts 6.30pm Your pre-purchased ticket price will include a sausage sizzle. Soft drinks available for sale.

Ticket order form. Ticket price includes sausage sizzle

Adult $12 ___ Concession $ 9___ Family $25 ___ (number in family) _____

Student name______________________________ Roll___________

Ensemble____________________________ Instrument___________

Type of Payment: Cheque___ Cash ___ B/Card___ M/Card ___ Visa___ Payable to music committee

Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___

Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Music Tour to Italy Update Arrangements for next year?s music tour of Italy are well under way. In June 2005, 40 boys from the school will travel through Italy for almost three weeks. They leave Sydney accompanied by staff, and fly to Rome on Malaysian Airlines. The tour group will travel by bus, along with two drivers and a tour guide.

After loading their instruments and baggage onto the bus at Rome, they travel immediately to Assisi where they spend three days and perform their first concert. They then travel to Florence, Venice, Rome and Sorrento, performing concerts and enjoying the sights, before returning to Rome for their flight home.

The tour has been planned to coincide with musical festivals that run throughout the summer in Italy. A tour organiser has been engaged to arrange the performance venue, equipment hire and publicity at each town the boys visit.

Air travel, day trips and accommodation are being organised by the travel agency, Angas Travel. They will also organise the tour guide. It is likely that an Adelaide school will tour in parallel with the boys and their travel and accommodation arrangements will be quite separate.

Parents are welcome to participate in the tour but, depending on seat availability in the bus, they may need to make their own travel arrangements. If they wish, parents can contact the travel agency to organise their travel details or make their own arrangements. It would be useful to know which parents are planning to go. Parents on tour will not be responsible for the care of the boys on tour. Permission must be obtained from the teachers on tour before any boy can leave the tour group with a parent and no other boy will be allowed to accompany them without clear instructions from the boy?s parents that this is permitted. There will be certain parts of the program where parents will be asked not to accompany the boys as independent experience is considered to be one of the key benefits of the tour.

Excluding their instruments, the boys will have a limit of 11kgs for personal luggage. Boys need to remember that anything they want to bring home from Italy will also need to fit in this weight allowance. We will provide more updates as details are finalised.

Alex Burger ? Tour Committee President Ann Kurts ? Tour Committee Secretary

Introducing our new junior string ensemble tutor: Alex Pringle from The Arts Unit will be conducting the Junior String Ensemble on Monday Mornings at 7.30am in room 204. All level 1-3 string students are expected to attend. Alex is a talented violinist who performs regularly with opera orchestra. We look forward to hearing the ensemble at the string soiree on December 7th.

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Does Your Son Enjoy Playing Tennis, Cricket or Basketball?

The above sports are having a face lift to their facilities at High.

  • New retractable cricket practice nets are being built inside the Anzac Parade boundary and will have an astro turf surface as a winter play area for our boys. Approximate cost $30,000
  • Basketball players will benefit from the construction of two new reinforced concrete courts on the flat. Approximate cost $40,000
  • Tennis enthusiasts will have 4 new A grade courts fit for our fine premier athletes and saving on outside court hire fees. Approximate cost $200,000

Once completed the above facilities have the potential to generate outside income, thereby easing the need for maintenance cost to come out of school budget. The saved monies will be directed to other projects.

With your generous tax deductible donation to the Australian Sports Foundation the projects can be brought to a speedy conclusion allowing our boys full use of the facilities at the earliest possible time.

Please consider thoughtfully your response. Indicate your preferred area of support on the attached form

Thank you for making a difference

Please return this form to: Sydney Boys High School Cleveland Street Moore Park Surry Hills NSW 2010

This form is available at the following link:
http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=docclick&bid=6Return to Index


The prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter ? Issue #3

FIRST GRADE-WIN Saturday 23rd October ? High VS Grammar (Round 2). (78-71 WIN)
High and Grammar both entered the second week of the GPS competition after tough games against very strong opponents and both teams were looking for their first win of the season. Even though Grammar had a young team, they are traditional powerhouses in GPS basketball, so High travelled to Grammar expecting a physically challenging and fast game. High had an early setback with guard Pat McDonnell hurting his ankle during the warm up and so Grammar started the game very aggressively and took the lead early on against an unsettled High team. However, with strong support from the large High crowd, High were able to fight back and went into the first quarter up 21-20. Grammar entered the second quarter with new tactics involving heavy use of their towering captain Clancy Danes who picked up most of his 18 points during this period. High found themselves down 40-26 before adjusting to Grammar?s changed strategy. Then, in the space of just 3 minutes, rising star Dale Sun courageously stepped in front of two Grammar players while they were about to score transition baskets and took two excellent charges. This proved a turning point in the game as High then lifted, scoring the last 6 points of the quarter and entering the half-time break with a lot of momentum trailing by just 40-32. The third quarter saw Grammar throw everything at High. They ran all their plays, played man on man, then switched to a press, but still High stayed in contact with their score. Then, in the last few minutes of the quarter, not only did High stay in touch with Grammar?s score, but, led by captain Cameron Conway, High were able to reel in the margin and establish a 52-48 lead. Cameron was truly inspirational as he ran the floor like a guard, took on the tall players in the key with many head fakes and strong post moves and shot extremely accurately from the field. The fourth quarter was extremely intense with Grammar playing desperately to win the game. They managed to close in on High?s slender margin and with 3 minutes remaining, the score sat at 72-71 in High?s favour. However, High had not used its impressive press defence yet, and its introduction saw the Grammar offence fall apart. The press resulted in many turnovers, allowing Dustin Palana, who scored 14 points, and Cameron Conway to capitalise, taking the game beyond doubt to a 78-71 score-line. This excellent result is a reflection of the amount of effort and hard work put in by the whole team who have trained extremely hard to play at such a good level. With a little more work, i.e. on our free throw shooting, we should be able to notch up 80 to 90 points in the future, a very promising sign for such a young team in this kind of competition. It was also a great demonstration of High spirit for the game was really a fight to the death, with the lead exchanging quite a few times. Furthermore, it was great to see so many High supporters turn out for the game that they actually outnumbered the Grammar supporters! Led by 2nd Grade captain Raymond Huynh, their chants and cheers could be heard throughout the game and definitely lifted boys to their first victory of the season.
Francis Wong | 1st Grade player

SECOND GRADE Saturday 23rd October ? High VS Grammar (Round 2). (39-68 LOSS)
After coming away with a narrow loss in the first round, High Second Grade entered the match against Grammar with lots of confidence. High started the match with a few nerves and after 6 minutes, we were down by 10 points, having scored just one point to Grammar?s 11. The High defence was working well, but shots from the High boys were failing to bank. After some promising plays and solid work from the likes of Yang He and Harry Walker, High were able to close the gap, and by the second half, we were trailing by 6 points. Towards the end of the third quarter the 2nd Grade high boys were starting to tire, and the Grammar boys capitalized on this, by really hitting hard and putting a hefty lead right into the final quarter. Although the High boys lost ground considerably, they fought hard till the end, playing with High spirit and much determination. Credit goes to Harry Walker, who played very well along with the forwards, also to Chris Tran for playing with a bruised hand.
Raymond Huynh | 2nd Grade Captain

OVERVIEW How did the other teams go on Saturday?
14?s Age Group
A great day at the basketball. The standard was excellent from all Year 7 High players; drawing 1 and losing 3. We wish Mr Hayman had been there to see the A's play. The boys led by 4 most of the way, putting together some calculated offence and good defence. We finally drew 28:28 due to some remarkable pressure free throws from Grammar in the last second. It was nail biting. The B's were great with some very promising players, (A Team don't get complacent). The B's put together some excellent plays, the score would have been much closer if the baskets had dropped. Well done Year 7!
Ms Ward (Coach)

15 A?s The 15 A?s team looks promising this year with a mixture of height and skill. The starting five consists of Kartik Iyer, Michael Bock, George Lo, Daniel Campion and Daniel Simpson. Nathan McDonnel was absent from the match and would have made an impact. Grammar were an impressive outfit who had obviously been well coached. They had a press which was devastating for us in the first half resulting in a ?blow out? score in their favour. Despite the score line we are determined to improve and show ?High spirit? like the first grade did on the weekend. Our new coach George Krastev is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We look forward to an exciting season.
M. Bock (A Grade captain)

16 A?s Last Saturday was a memorable day for the 16 A?s. We started the season full of anxiety and ready to explode onto the courts and test the might of the Grammar school. The game proved to be tight in the first half with each side coming up with marvellous shots, drives and assists. Unfortunately as we headed into the second half the fitter of the teams showed and Grammar was able to pull away. In the end the score was 45-34, Grammar getting the win. The win was very controversial as players in all our teams in the 16?s age group showed frustration with what seemed like a personal attack by the referee on our players. On a lighter note many players stood out such as Alex Lee and Victor Nguyen who proved themselves with excellent shots and drives. As a whole, the team has pulled together very well and many improvements in communication and moral have been made since last season. Despite losing , the A?s will continue to strive in the following games to come and hopefully win in doing so.
M. Farhat (A Grade Captain)

RESULTS Saturday 23rd October ? High VS Grammar.

1st WIN 78-71 C. CONWAY - 38
2nd LOSS 39-61 H. WALKER - 11
3rd DRAW 29-29 P. TRIPP - 7
4th WIN 19-18 A. RANALD - 6
5th LOSS 20-42 A.TRIEU - 6
6th LOSS 8-52 T. CHONG - 4
7th LOSS 21-32 N/A
8th LOSS 18-20 N/A
16A LOSS 45-34 V. NGUYEN - 8
16B LOSS 21-15 S. WANG - 6
16C LOSS 24-11 A. WANG - 5
16D LOSS 19-15 P. MALEK - 5
15A LOSS 20-61 G. LO - 6
15B LOSS 17-34 K.LA - 6
15C LOSS 3-23 J.LU - 2
15D LOSS 2-32 R.JI - 2
14A DRAW 28-28 M. LAU - 6
14B LOSS 68-20 M. YIU - 6
14C LOSS 46-10 A. ANG - 4
14D LOSS 39-1 M. FENG - 1