High Notes, Vol 5 No 33, October 22 2004

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From The Principal
From the Library
State of the Arts
P&C Minutes

From the Principal

GPS season opener
High had its first taste of what the 2004-5 home and away season is going to be like – in a word, tough. The second grade boys muscled up against a tall, skilful outfit that had the moves. High refused to be intimidated and played a strong man-on-man defence, keeping in their faces, restricting shot options, forcing turn overs and generally frustrating their opponents. When we had the ball it was brought up the court strongly and moved around but getting passes to inside men was difficult. Conversion rates were low. We missed a couple of gettable baskets and dropped off our intensity in defence for just a few minutes – and that was the ball game. I was really pleased with the attitude of the team and their fitness. More work on communication and offensive plays will see them improve in confidence and get their scores into the 50s. Congratulations to Vince Salomon (2000) for his work to prepare the boys so far.

First grade played the hot Newington team with a couple of representative players, plenty of playmakers and lots of height. Our boys really hustled and frustrated the flow of the Newington attack. Our attack lacked a little variety and Newington double teamed our shooters. Our boys showed great fitness and spirit to stick with Newington right to the end. A few late baskets blew out the score. To be competitive both teams have to land the easy shots and to raise their free throw shooting percentages above 50. I watched two enjoyable games.

The Sydney High Sailing Team commenced its racing season on Saturday. The boys rigged and launched 9 boats to take on the sailors from Cranbrook, Scots, Riverview, Grammar, St Catherine’s and SCEGGS. At the pre-race briefing, Rory Pearson and Rahul Rajar were presented with prizes for their placing in the Woollahra Sailing Club Championship for 2003-4 for Pacers. Oliver Pickles was placed in the full rig Laser Division. The racing commenced in beautiful sunny conditions with a drifter of a breeze. Patient, watchful sailing was required to pick wind shifts. There were a few rusty efforts but getting points on the board for places is the first objective.

Library Project update
Following disbursements from the Centenary Building Fund and the second instalment of the P & C donation of $10k, the Sydney High School Building Fund now has funds to invest in two term deposits – an existing $60k and a second $39k to be deposited soon. Our first milestone has been reached! What we have to do now is to keep the momentum going to reach $250k by the end of 2005.

The Raffle – good progress so far
Thank you to all those families who have returned their raffle tickets and money. Old Boy Mr Mathew Webb bought 10 books of tickets to kick the raffle along! Adnan Husaini (9R) has sold six books of tickets! Phillip Roser (10M) and James Eriksson (7S) sold four each. We have had 334 families return books and money. Of these, 76% have bought $40 of tickets, 20% have bought some of the tickets and 4% have bought multiple books of tickets. Twenty-four books were returned unsold, representing 7% of the books returned. We have more than covered the projected costs of the raffle. All sales from here on in will generate profits going directly to the new Library Project! I encourage families to let us know of any busy venues where they have contacts or where permission to sell tickets can be obtained. We need members of the public to buy tickets now.
If you still have your book of tickets please start selling them and return the stubs and money as soon as possible.

Parking Requirements
Next week there will be a meeting for all those interested in how the parking system works. Program Managers, MICs and Coordinators ought to be finalising their budgets and planning justifications for the amounts of money they feel they need to claim from the parking pot to run their programs. Sports budgets will need to balance. Committees with high expectations from parking need to have alternative sources of fund raising under consideration in case they do not meet their targets. MICs and Committees should note that preferential treatment in parking allocations will be shown to those committees with Sports Development Plans for 2005-7. A reminder again that proceeds from parking allocated in December will be frozen until proof of a financial statement for bank accounts from committees, together with a list of current volunteers to be registered, is received by a member of the P & C Executive.
Dr K Jaggar

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It is interesting to read the educational philosophy of The Actors Centre http://www.actorscentre.com.au : “Our paradigm for learning is high challenge matched with high support produces high performance.” Why is this interesting? See http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/scaffolding.html and read about the 2001-2003 UTS Research Project on scaffolding Language Background Other Than English learners: exactly that philosophy emerges from that project.

Unfortunately support for LBOTE students at Sydney Boys High School will not be quite so strong next year (have we been too successful?) as we will have only one day a week available for ESL support. This means that support will even more be the task of mainstream teachers, with data about students and advice on support being available from the ESL teacher, who will also from time to time be able to interact with groups of students or individuals. However, such interaction will clearly be limited.

This in turn makes the web site at http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com even more vital. On that site you will find help and explanations, models for writing, and much more. Much that is there is suitable for any student, whatever the background. Do explore it.

I am pleased that usage of the site in September was almost as high as in August – that is between five and six hundred visits in each of those two months, twice as many as the previous record.
Neil Whitfield

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From the Library

Attention all those Chinese language students – we now have in the Library copies of Tintin and Harry Potter written in Chinese. They will be a wonderful opportunity to brush up on your language skills. They are located in the separate LOTE section down near the Dictionaries. Normal two week borrowing.
V. Crothers

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There will be an important Rugby Committee meeting held on November 24th at 6pm in Room 901. The main topic for discussion and resolution will be the fundraising ability of the Committee and the distribution of those funds in 2005 and beyond. The funds raised by the Committee are through the efforts of parents at the BBQ/canteen, parking and other activities, therefore it is important that the parents or their representatives have input into such decisions.

I look forward to seeing you on the 24th of November at 6pm in Room 901.
G Stein
MIC rugby

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The prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter – Issue #2

Saturday 16th October – High VS Newington (Round 1).

High entered the first week of the 2004/2005 AAGPS basketball season confident and relaxed after a very encouraging pre-season. During the week leading up to the game, High’s big man, Tom Mainprize showed great signs of improvement, but shooting guard Victor Domni failed a medical and was ruled out for 6 weeks with a broken nose.
High’s first opponents, Newington, were the favourites in the competition this year, with a virtually unchanged side to the one that was just beaten in last season’s title decider. High had several players making their 1st grade debut and it showed early on for it was an overwhelming experience to represent the school at such a high level with an intense atmosphere. High started the game well, with the same fighting spirit they showed against Cranbrook during the pre-season and the teams matched each other point for point during a tight first quarter.
The second quarter was also a close affair, with Newington taking the lead through their star forward Igor Hranisavljevic who top scored with 27 points, but High stayed in contact with both Cameron Conway and Dustin Palana playing influential roles, scoring 19 and 15 points respectively. Pat McDonnell once again played outstanding defence, limiting Newington’s shooting guard captain, Justin Bosilkovski to only 8 points.
The third quarter saw High fall behind as High played a more conservative zone defence that saw Newington counter effectively, giving their shooters several three pointers. However, High remained in touch with the Newington score through some inspirational play by Chuanji Yong (CJ) and accurate shooting from Tom. CJ was everywhere on the court, screening, passing, rebounding, bringing the ball up the court, making steals, scoring and giving plenty of assists. Meanwhile, Tom was on fire, hitting jump shots from all over the key, ending up with 10 points.
Newington started the 4th quarter a lot more impressively than High did and High were left stranded 47-75. However, High were able to stage a small comeback in the last few minutes and were able to reel in the margin to 78-59, a respectable 19 points against an excellent Newington outfit.
Even though High were defeated, it was an encouraging performance to start what is shaping up to be a very promising season for High. Credit must go to the High faithful, for their support helped lift High and sparked the small comeback. It is really a great feeling to play with High students, parents and other supporters cheering in the crowd and hopefully, more will turn out to support High in future games.
By Francis Wong

Saturday 16th November – High VS Newington (Round 1).

On the first GPS Saturday of sport, High 2nd grade came out looking for their first win against a physically stronger and larger team of Newington boys.
Learning from the mistakes made in the previous Cranbrook pre-season game, the High boys decided to come out hard with a very tight zone defence. The opening few minutes saw both sides very unsettled, and the first points came in the third minute of the quarter. Throughout the game the Newington side’s biggest lead was 11 points, but accurate shooting from the likes of Yang He gave High signs of hope. Solid drives once again, coming from Lewis D’Avigdor, enabled High to pull within 5 points in the last minute of play.
In the end, Newington was able to hold onto their game, and succeeded with a 9 point victory. If High had made all their free throws they would have won. This first game showed very promising signs of many more great games to come from Sydney High 2nd Grade Basketball.
Raymond Huynh (2nd Grade Captain )

to last week's issue.

A correction is made to the Second Grade teams list. Phillip Tripp is not on the squad. He was mistakenly placed in the list whilst Michael Levy was left out. Apologies to Michael and Phillip.

How did the other schools go on Saturday?

First Grade Second Grade
Newington 78 Vs. High 59 Newington 47 Vs. High 38
Shore 75 Vs. Kings 50 Shore 52 Vs. Kings 39
St Ignatius 75 Vs. Grammar 59 Grammar 26 Vs. St Ignatius 21
St Josephs116 Vs. Scots 51 St Josephs 58 Vs. Scots 34

Saturday 23rd October – High VS Grammar.

GPS Season kicks off for Age Groups this Saturday, with Grammar being the first team to take on. Grammar have always been tough opponents for High, winning 2nd Grade last season, but the game looks promising for High 1st Grade, with a strong team and vigorous preparation from Mr Hayman. This game is extremely important, as we are quite evenly matched on paper.

First Grade are playing at Grammar at 11:15am; and Second grade are playing at 10:00am (As per usual).

Support Your School!

Opposing team fixtures for Term 4.

Sat Oct 23 Grammar
Sat Oct 30 St Ignatius
Sat Nov 6 The Kings School
Sat Nov 13 St Josephs
Sat Nov 20 Shore (SCEGGS)
Sat Nov 27 Scots College

Shootin’ Hoops brought to you by Bennett Wong (10M) & Francis Wong (10S). Thanks to Mr Hayman.

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Help needed to man ticket sales stall

Who: Everyone – especially locals of Revesby, Padstow, Panania, Milperra etc.

Where: Revesby Woolworths

When: 30th October
20th November

Time: Set up 9.30 a.m.

Duration: 4-5 Hrs Come for a couple of hours

* Generate funds from outside the School Community towards our goal of a New Library and Performing Arts Centre.
* Students gain service award points (Boys please wear school uniform)
* Increase your chances for $200 cash prize for full books of tickets sold.<

Boys need to be in the company of an adult.
ALL equipment supplied.

Contact: Valda Roser 9773 7167
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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State of the Arts

Congratulations to the following musician for his outstanding exam results.
Saxophone Grade V Dominic Bowes
Grade VI Kevin Kim
Grade VII James Mackay
Flute Grade IV William Chan

Music committee and tour meeting
Will be held this Monday October 25th at 6.00pm in the Staff Common Room.
This is for all music parents and music tour parents.

Performances coming up:

Spring Spectacular 2004
November 6th at 6.00pm
The following ensembles will be involved:
Senior Band, Senior Stage Band, Intermediate Concert and Stage Band, Junior Concert Band, Junior Stage Band, Guitar Ensemble, Choral Students, All String Ensembles and Symphony Orchestra.

String Soiree
Tuesday December 7th at 4.00pm.

Brass Soiree
Wednesday December 8th at 4.00pm.

Italy Music Tour Performances.
Italian Music Festivals
The Italy Touring band will be performing in the following concerts in Italy for the Annual Summer Music Festivals:
Rome, Florence, Assisi, Sorrento, Venice.
These concerts are part of the Summer Music Festival conducted throughout Italy from July to September.

End of year musical instrument services
All school instruments need to be serviced by the end of this year. To make it easier we have enlisted the services of a quality repairer.
All school instruments need to handed in to the music staffroom by Wednesday December 8th
All students using a school instrument must use this method. We have organised a group discount and the repairer is certified.
The basic cost for the service for the following instruments is $66.
Flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone.
Students need to bring in this money to the music staff before they receive their school report.

Name ______________________________

Instrument __________________________ (serial number)_________
Enclosed is $66 for instrument service.
(Tuba and euphonium is $88)
(percussion $55)

Private instruments
If you wish to have your private instrument serviced then you should leave contact details in the case and you will be billed separately.
Instruments need to be handed in no later than Wednesday December 8th.
Payment needs to be in before students receive their school report.

School Spectacular 2004
The School Spectacular is the biggest variety show in the southern hemisphere. It is an excellent opportunity for all the state school to show their talent. Sydney Boys High has been asked to participate in the ‘Mask of Zorro’ presentation. This will involve the students playing and performing a marching display not unlike the one that opened the Sydney Olympic Games. This is a very prestigious event and it is televised. The boys will be performing to an audience of approx 8,000 people per show.
Tickets and more info for the school spectacular are available through: www.pau.nsw.edu.au

The following boys have been selected to perform: Chapman Siu, James Mackay, Brynley Pfull, Victor Wei, Patrick Chen, Wilson Wong, Louis Yang, Joshua Freiman, William Chan, Robert Chen, Reuben George, Lachlan Deacon, Yiming Deng, Francis Wong, Johan Santoso, Peter Lieu, Samuel Chhor
If any other boys are interested they may be placed on the reserve list.

Rehearsals. All boys should have a rehearsal schedule:
Most rehearsals are at the Peter Board High School: Corner of Wicks Rd and Epping Rd, North Ryde.
There is accommodation available at Peter Board school for band members. For all the details please see the website www.pau.nsw.edu.au and search for marching band, school spectacular.

Tuesday November 23rd 9.00am
Wednesday November 24th 8.15am
Thursday November 25th 9.00am
Friday November 26th Dress Rehearsal, schools performance, evening performance
Saturday November 27th 1.00pm Matinee
6.30pm Evening performance

A CD recording and practice copies of the music are available from the music staffroom

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P&C Minutes

Sydney Boys High School Parents’ & Citizens’ Association
Minutes of the September General Meeting
Wednesday 15th September 2004

Meeting Opened: 7:35 pm

Present: Paul Girdler, Marilyn Mittelheuser, Jeffrey Tripp, Katherine Deacon, Gabriele Klocker, Suzanne Harkins, Colin Sherwood, Vikki Angell, Kim Jaggar

Apologies: Barbara Taylor, John Harkins, Sue Levy, Valda Roser

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Actions Arising: The minutes from the P&C General Meeting of 18th August 2004 were distributed and accepted with minor corrections. Motion: Gabriele Klocker, Second: Paul Girdler. Action: Jeffrey Tripp to amend and post on the website.

Treasurer’s Report: As per the Executive Meeting of 6th August 2004, our account balance stands at $53,820. Of this, $10,000 is committed for the Library Fund and is due for payment in October. It was agreed that a further $10,000 be paid immediately to the School for Grounds Refurbishment, as per our approved 2004 Budget. This amount is specifically a contribution toward a $16,000 invoice presented for Amphitheatre ground works. Action: Sue Polis to raise a cheque.

Principal’s Report: Dr Jaggar brought us up to date with several School projects and activities.

Library Fund – Suggested a concerted approach from all School groups to petition Clover Moore for funding support.

Student Selection – The process for student selection utilising the new scoring tool worked well. A high calibre of students were chosen. There were four appeals who have not yet been interviewed.

Music Survey – Results have finally been received. There were only 75 respondents in total, including few Seniors.

Athletics Facilities – Development Application approval is expected before the end of term for a long jump pit and shot put ring to be installed next to the cricket nets and Girls’ tennis courts.

Raffle – Year Groups are encouraged to get behind and support the sale of tickets outside the School family. Valda has invested in equipment (folding table, chairs, locked box) which can be set up at shopping centres, clubs and community functions to promote the raffle. Tickets will be on sale at Orientation/Induction Day. We need to sell half the tickets printed to clear $10,000.

Canteen – Penny resigned today on medical grounds. Christine is going to work four days per week.

Prefects – Kim gave out badges today to acting Prefects. They will be officially announced on Founders Day and names published in High Notes.

Registration of Support Groups and Sub-Committees: All groups must register their annual reports and audited accounts with the P&C Coordinator – Suzanne Harkins. Failure to register will result in financial sanctions, ie- loss of parking days. Action: Paul Girdler to e-mail registration forms to Kim Jaggar for distribution to Masters-In-Charge.

Groups should also advise their Contact Lists for inclusion in P&C/School Supporter Cocktail Party invitations.

In 2005, Groups will be scheduled to present to P&C General Meetings, perhaps 3 or 4 per session.

School Signage: Coordination of this project is being handled by Sue Levy on behalf of the P&C and Gayl McLachlan on behalf of the School.

OBU Sports Day: Colin Sherwood gave us a run-down on the event, which saw the OBU winning 4 of the 7 events contested. The dinner was attended by about 150 guests who were entertained by the String Quartet, Stage Band, broadcaster Norman May and Peter Crittle of the Australian Rugby Union. The auction/raffle raised $1000. Next year’s function has been scheduled for 20 September 2005.

Strategic Plan 2004 – 2006: John Harkins is organising a professional facilitator to assist School Council develop the Strategic Plan.

Foundation: Next week’s meeting will consider the Tennis Court Project Business Plan.

Parking: A spreadsheet summarising historical parking receipts by event will be provided to Parking Coordinators and Sean Creer to assist efficient scheduling of volunteers in future. Action: Paul Girdler.

Next P&C General Meeting: 20th October 2004 at 7:30 pm in the Common Room.

Next P&C Executive Meeting: Monday 1st November 2004 at 6:00 pm in the Board Room.

P&C Annual General Meeting: Wednesday 17th November 2004 at 7:30 pm in the Great Hall.

P&C/School Supporters Cocktail Party: Tuesday 7th December 2004 at 5:30 pm in the Great Hall

Meeting Closed: 9:40 pm

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