High Notes, Vol 5 No 32, October 15 2004

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From the Principal
From the Library
Da Vinci Decathlon
Uni summit 04
State of the Arts
Raffle Tickets Due Back
Back-To-School Allowance

From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 4
I hope all staff and students have returned refreshed after their vacation. We welcome back from leave Mr Day (Head Teacher Social Science), Ms Shepherd (Head Teacher English), Mr Jones (English) and Ms Opferkuch (Mathematics). Mr Codey returns from leave next week and Mr Dolan goes on leave until the end of the year. Mr Moody is replacing both of these teachers. Thank you to Ms Ross and Ms Bryden for their joint leadership of the English Faculty for the past two terms. Their work was much appreciated. Thank you also to Mr Dolan for his running of Social Science while Mr Day was on leave. It is with regret that I have to announce that Mr Tom Donnellan, teacher of mathematics at High (1988-2000), passed away last Sunday. Tom was an erudite, well-spoken man with a great general knowledge, an interest in public affairs and an abiding affection for this school and its people. He will be remembered as an interesting person, a gentleman and as a warm colleague.

Building Fund Advisory Group
The Building Fund Advisory Group is comprised of the heads of the school governance bodies - School Executive, P & C, School Council, OBU and Foundation and the Foundation Treasurer. It meets to consider capital expenditure requests from the Centenary Building Fund. It also allocates disbursements according to the agreed formula. At last Tuesday's meeting, October balances in the CBF were: future expenditure ($29,900), current capital maintenance ($38,450). It was felt that no further action needed to be taken in respect of these balances as they were not significantly greater than those presented for consideration at the June meeting. The Foundation Treasurer agreed to authorise the following disbursements: transfer to Sydney Boys High Building Fund (Library Project) $28,281; school account $10,000 for the Fairland Pavilion upgrade; school account $13,481 for the Room 204 drama space. A figure of $10,000 has been set aside to provide for capital maintenance for the Outterside Centre. The question of paying building/ directors liability insurance from the CBF was deferred until the December meeting. The Fairland Pavilion earned $2000 net hiring income during the period. The P & C President pledged a final payment of $10,000 to the Sydney Boys High Building Fund (Library Project).

Suggestions for capital expenditures
One important role of the BFAG is to call for and assess School Family applications/suggestions for capital expenditure items for 2005. All such proposals are now encouraged. Please submit them by email or fax attention the Principal. In 2005 the gross amount within the CBF available for capital maintenance projects is unlikely to exceed $40 000. All proposals for capital expenditure need to be submitted by December 1 to be considered by the Building Fund Advisory Group.

Works in progress
Excavation work for the new cricket nets occurred over the holidays. A large amount of sand and soil was distributed around the Flat. Once the area is watered and trodden down to form a firmer base, we will even out the surface and lay turf in the area around the amphitheatre. Boys are requested to respect the temporary fencing delineating the construction area. A significant retaining wall is going to be erected along the excavated embankment area. The next stage is to lay retaining walls and prepare the area for a concrete slab.
The McDonald Wing garden has had a complete facelift. Thanks to Ms Shepherd, Mr and Mrs Cradock and the gardening team, the area is nearly complete. The mosaic wall feature is a highlight. Once some final painting has been done and a tap installed, we only await some old boy sculpture to complete the project. Again, I trust that boys will respect the efforts of our volunteers who are trying to improve the aesthetics of our learning / working environment.

Respect for our grounds
I am concerned about the signs of reduced respect for our grounds and facilities. The grass in the cloisters is being degraded by boys taking diagonal short cuts across it. Please keep off the grass. On special occasions and assemblies we allow some traffic on the grass, but like all public areas, the cloisters are supposed to be a showpiece of what we value. Further holes have appeared in the tennis court fences. Boys are wearing out the grass in the reserved area between the tennis courts and the main building. Again, pure laziness is the cause. There are more than enough designated access points. Please use them. Staff are requested to report transgressors to the Deputies for morning detentions to spend time contemplating the value of preserving public spaces in our school.

Respect for our uniform
The onset of summer tends to coincide with a decline in the standard of student uniform compliance. Boys ought not to be allowed to pass by in the corridor or enter classrooms with shirts hanging out and ties unsecured or reefed away from their necks. We are a full uniform school and any staff member can email or contact the Deputies with the names of boys who do not cooperate about school uniform when requested to do so or who are recidivist in their non-compliance. Please do not be hesitant about enforcing the school dress code.

High Talent
Congratulations to Adam McKenzie whose HSC musical composition was selected for Encore. Well done also to the 10 students who have made it through to the next round of judging in the Write4Fun, Poetry and short Story Writing Competition. I hope to hear more good news about our writers!

Getting behind the raffle
This Friday was the date for the return of the first round of raffle ticket books. We are asking all boys to return their tickets and money to the office as soon as possible. We have had a good response so far with $6000 of ticket sales. Now we have to follow through and get the general public behind our cause. Thank you so much to the 20 boys or so who have come back to get more books of tickets. You are the dedicated people who will make this promotion a success. Don't forget if you have a local venue or shopping centre where hundreds of people pass by, we might have a possible place for our travelling ticket selling set up. Mrs Roser and Phillip sold quite a few books outside Revesby Woolworths. I would love to hear from other entrepreneurial people to help. The more tickets sold, the sooner we can get our new library!

New Library Plan
A proposed expanded new library concept has been displayed in the foyer. Thanks to Simon Chan & Associates we have an exciting two-storey library concept comprising 450 sq.m. of floor space. This will give the school community one approach to a $1.5m. project.

The Australian Sports Foundation
Thanks to Laurie Heil we now have an approved DA to develop the site the way we want to. All School Family members who would like to see new cricket nets, two new basketball courts, four new tennis courts, field event facilities for athletics and new sandstone gates on Anzac Parade, please make your tax deductible donation to the Sydney Boys High School Sports Development Project and select the sport you wish to support by checking the 'facilities development' box. Let's work together to make this school a genuine alternative to private schooling in the eastern suburbs!

Dr K Jaggar
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From the Library

The Library has just applied for borrowing privileges from Macquarie University Library. If you live in the area and you like doing homework or assignments in a studious atmosphere please make use of Macquarie University Library. You can also borrow but you need to get a permission form from me as you do with UNSW and Fisher Library. See the Library noticeboard for their newsletter.
Mrs Crothers
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Da Vinci Decathlon

The Year 8 Sydney High Ockertaine (Mr. Ockert's idea of course), consisting of Jason Cohn, Albert Kim, Lucian Tan, Sean Lee, Anthony Ho, David Fan, Peter Luu and me, Richard Hua, arrived promptly at Knox Grammar School on an early Wednesday morning. Here we would represent our school in a competition of wits! Our first challenges during the morning consisted of an Engineering Challenge, Art and Poetry, Science, and English. Anthony Ho was the leader of the Engineering Challenge, which was to build a catapult, and when it was finished, well, let's just say there was a lot to be desired. Lucian and I worked on the poetry, which was on quests, and Sean Lee did a stunning artwork of a knight holding a sword and standing at the end of a tunnel where light came through. In the Science department were Albert and Peter, who were a bit tight on time but managed to finish their poster about why, if we were able to change the water to melt at six degrees Celsius, we shouldn't. Their presentation was extremely good but I'm not sure about the contents. Jason Cohn was the leader of the English, where we worked on spelling, word origins and definitions. It was harder than we thought. We then had recess after what we thought was a satisfying first session.

Our next session was made up of the Creative Producers and Forensic Sleuths challenge, Games of Strategy, and Mathematics. Jason happily sat down and demolished the Games of Strategy, figuring out all the chess stuff and acing the Mastermind he was presented on the computer. He, however, met his downfall when he tried to play Connect Four against the computer, losing two games to one. I swear that computer had a mind of its own! Still, we came first in Games of Strategy, with Jason Cohn alone doing it! Peter Luu and David Fan were onto the Maths, and I contributed a bit here and there. We were the only school to get full marks for it! Maybe half the team was on the intriguing Forensic Sleuths including a baffling puzzle, an intriguing maze and a difficult problem where we had to piece together the countries of South America without any Atlas. The puzzle was impossible, but Peter Luu, after he had finished the Maths, managed to puzzle it together without difficulty. That guy is such a genius! Sean Lee, using his amazing geography skills, managed to piece the countries together. I, by this time, had made a methodical attempt at the maze, eliminating small branches and passages, but soon gave up. Albert took up where I left off, but we had a laugh when he eliminated all the passages, rendering the maze impossible. After a while, we gave up on it. Now, many could laugh and say 'A maze?? Come on, it can't be that hard!!!' Yes, it could be. We tried working from the middle, but it still, frustratingly, didn't work!!! In the Creative Producers, year 8 had to make an ad promoting the 'All New Igloo Heater'. Sean, Lucian and I did an ad where we changed the words of 'We will rock you' into 'We will heat you'. Of course, I could lie and say that we did terrifically well, but no, I won't. We then had lunch, after a mind-numbing second session. It was pizza, delivered by Dominoes. The pizzas were tiny, but we were allowed three slices each. Suspiciously, slices seemed to disappear off the pizza.

The third and final session began with a sheet being handed around with a picture of a crime scene. We had to memorise the contents. The sheets were then taken away and a new sheet was handed around with questions. We got everything except one question right. Then, we had a movie played twice, where in each scene we got clues to a particular person, and we had to write the name of each famous person on a sheet. I reckon we did okay. We also had a general knowledge sheet where we had to identify people and places by pictures, and where we were asked questions. We did fairly well on that sheet. Finally, there was code breaking. Jason Cohn was the leader, and we had figured out all except two codes. I soon figured out one code, and together we figured out the final one, which was based on an ancient Roman code. We learnt a valuable lesson here. In a code, when there is a one letter word, it is either 'I' or 'a'. In the end we had figured out all the codes, but got one wrong, leaving us in tied second place.

Finally, the people at the Da Vinci wrapped it up by showing us the best three ads of both Year 7 and Year 8. Out of the six ads, two in Year 7 were Brand Power ads and one in Year 8 was 'Alaska Power'. Very creative, but, we couldn't do any better.

Overall, it was a good day, and worth it by far. The Year 8 High Ockertaine came 10th overall out of 35, but no worries, we'll get 'em again next year! If you want to know how we went in detail, go to: http://www.knox.nsw.edu.au/img/pdfs/flyers/04decathlon_y8.pdf
Richard Hua
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Uni summit 04 at Melbourne University written by Gary Fong

On the first three days o the holidays, I was at Uni summit 04. This program is run by the University of Melbourne that allows 100 Year 11 students from all around Australia to come together and critically explore the theme: "Sport in an Olympic Year, Politics, Terrorism and the Media". In small groups, we attended lectures and meetings to learn about this theme and this culminated with our 'dynamic' presentations at Victoria's Parliament House in Spring Street. But this was only the formal aspect of the program.

Informally, it was just fun, discos, room parties, Lygon St Dinner, Trivia night among others. Overall, I found the most rewarding aspect of this "Melbourne Experience" was meeting new people from all over Australia. Some people think Uni Summit 04 is just a tacky promotion of the Uni. Maybe, but it was organised so well that to be cynical about it - is absurd.
Gary Fong
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The cricket camp was held from Saturday 25th to Monday 27th of September at Abbotsford Rowing sheds with a squad of the top 26 boys in the school accompanied by coaches Mark Retter, Keiren Lewis, Callum Hockey and parents John Bull and Rob Fetherstone. Our training was done at Battersea Park and Gladesville Indoor Sports Centre on the Saturday afternoon, while Sunday and Monday were both spent on the familiar soil of McKay and the school cricket nets. Amongst a mix of bowling and batting, fielding skills, and fitness, the intensity and attitude displayed by the players was something very positive to see from the point of view of a senior player. The boys should be highly commended on their successful transition into the highest level of GPS sport. Having been involved in 1st grade teams before I can say that I have not seen such positive physical and mental preparation so early in the preseason.

The camp was not only about polishing our skills for the field, but also about building trust, and learning to work together when fatigue and doubt kicked in. It has been a stepping stone to reach the stage we want to be as a squad by the start of the season.

Thank you for all the support given by the parents who made it all possible. John and Wendy Bull, Rob and Judy Fetherstone, Michael and Caroline Blaxell, Agith Karunaratne, Palitha Manaperi, Sunil Vithanage, Angela Frazi, Adele Burke, Brynn Hibbert, Priyantha Kariawasam, Wijey and Vajira Samarasinghe, Upali Samaraweera, your help was greatly appreciated by all of us at camp. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your involvement with the team. The camp could not have gone ahead without the stability that was provided by your help in preparing food and transport. If such help remains available in the coming years, we look to make the training camp an annual event. We also extend our thanks to the rowers for making us feel welcome at the Abbotsford rowing sheds.

Thank you to the coaches, who not only motivated us, but taught us to motivate ourselves, not accept mediocrity within our performance, and strive to take that extra step which we have seemingly failed to do in the past seasons. Not because we were unable, but because we were not aware that it was there to be taken. I have seen crucial catches dropped, missed opportunities, matches that could so easily have gone our way but didn't. This season we look to turn all of this around by taking that final step.

Congratulations to the boys on a successful camp. Keep driving yourselves, and each other, so that we can clear each hurdle as we approach it, each GPS game, in order to fall nothing short of our ultimate goal, the premiership.
Damitha Fonseka
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Thank you to Phillip Roser for donating his shoulder pads back to the school. If other players have outgrown their old rugby gear, please think about giving it to the school so players next season may get some use from it.
G. Stein
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The prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter - Issue 1

Launch of the Sydney High Basketball Newsletter.

Welcome to the first issue of Shootin' Hoops, the prestigious Sydney High Basketball Newsletter. Throughout the GPS Basketball season, we will bring to you the best stats, player updates, and intriguing match reports. Watch this space!
Note: If you have any criticism or suggestions for Shootin' Hoops, please contact Bennett Wong of 10M.

7th October 2004 - High Vs Cranbrook

During the holidays, 1st Grade continued their strenuous pre-season training, with long sessions on several days. On Thursday 7th October High played a full strength Cranbrook outfit to cap what has been a very long pre-season. On previous occasions, Cranbrook had come to High with a complacent attitude and been dealt severe lessons, and this time they were taking no chances. They arrived with an extremely tall team and a very talented shooting guard, who plays in the Australian Under-18 side, Ben Conguista.

Though Cranbrook had a very well trained team, High were not intimidated and, led by their great baskets from Captain Cameron Conway and excellent defence by Pat McDonnell on Conguista, powered to an early 9-2 lead in the first quarter. Despite High's early success, they were unable to pull away from Cranbrook due to some very accurate shooting form Conguista, who hit a three from just inside the halfway line and High went into the first break with a one point lead 14-13.

The second quarter saw Cranbrook overtake High and establish a strong lead of their own after deploying an effective trap, which caused the High guards to panic. High rallied hard in the third quarter with Tom Mainprize playing great defence on the their big men, slowing Cranbrook's scoring rate and High were able to string together some great team moves and lessen the margin to within a few points and set up a tight last quarter.

However, High were disappointing in the last quarter, especially in the last five minutes where they allowed Cranbrook too many transition baskets and the margin blew out to a massive twenty three points, 81-58. This concluded a disappointing but promising game for High, who showed that, with the right attitude, they could compete with the best of teams, for Cranbrook came third in the competitive King's Cup, which features most of the GPS teams. Hope can also be drawn from the fact that Conguista scored 29 points, the difference between the two teams. However, High also realised that it is essential that they keep their concentration up throughout the game.

Nonetheless, there were standout performers for High throughout the game. Captain Conway led from the front scoring 23 points. Dustin Palana controlled the pace of the game well and scored 18 points of his own. Credit also goes to Tom Mainprize for great defence on Cranbrook's 6'8" centre and Pat, who did an excellent job of marking Conguista. However, the bench needs to contribute a lot more, as they only scored 8 points between them.

During the second week of the holidays, a basketball clinic was held to encourage and develop young basketballers at High. The boys had lots of fun and had the chance to improve their ball skills and teamwork. All boys who attended received expert coaching and were awarded with a free basketball and a meeting with Brett Wheeler, an important player in the Sydney Kings line-up (NBL Champions 2003-2004). Sydney Kings tickets were also presented to boys who performed well.
Francise Wong

7th October 2004 - High Vs Cranbrook

With the morning showing great weather on the 7/10/2004, High 2nd grade basketball were well prepared and looked ready to grab their first pre-season win against a non GPS school, Cranbrook. Going into the match we had a solid squad of 12 players who all had good preparation with the previous day full of vigorous training.

The match opened up quite dismally with Cranbrook capitalising on every defensive rebound and going 'all the way' on every fast break. After playing man-to-man for the first quarter, we scored just 3 points to Cranbrook's 11. It was very disappointing and we changed our defence to zone. The second quarter showed many signs of hope left for High as our big men (Roger Burrell, David Greenup, Eugene Wong) crashed boards and gave High many offensive rebounds. With a cut on the Cranbrook lead we were all excited 6 minutes into the quarter, but towards the end we lost concentration and Cranbrook once again extended the lead back out to 9. Half time saw the score board at High 13-24 Cranbrook but after a half time talk with our exciting new coach Vince Salomon, we were eager to fight back with high spirit. The third quarter saw many great takes by the likes of Lewis d'Avigdor and our youngest player Harry Walker. Although we were outscored in the third quarter we had some great moments of defence and offence. The end of the game saw High Second Grade put in some great spirit, and hassle hard in defeat. This game was well played by both sides, but at the end of the day Cranbrook were too good and won.

16th October - First and Second Grade

First and Second Grade will be playing GPS favourites Newington this Saturday at High Gym. First Grade will be playing at 11:15am, and Second Grade will be playing at 10:00am. If you're not doing anything this Saturday, please turn up and support High!

Squad selections for 2004

First Grade:
  1. Cameron Conway (Captain)
  2. Tom Mainprize
  3. Dustin Palana
  4. Victor Domni
  5. Joshua Kraindler
  6. Dale Sun
  7. Francise Wong
  8. Victor Wei
  9. Patrick McDonnell
  10. C.J.
Coach: Mr. Hayman (Supercoach)
Second Grade:
  1. Raymond Huynh (Captain)
  2. Lewis d'Avigdor
  3. Patrick Tung
  4. Chris Tran
  5. Philip Tripp
  6. Kenny Huang
  7. Yang He
  8. Eugene Wong
  9. Roger Burrell
  10. Harry Walker
  11. David Greenup
Coach: Vince Saloman (Class of 2002)

Shootin' Hoops brought to you by
Bennett Wong 10M and Francise Wong 10S
Thanks to Mr Hayman

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State of the Arts

Encore Nomination
Congratulations to Tom Norrie of Year 12 who received an encore nomination for his HSC performance exam. Thanks to Dennis Kasza his Violin tutor for his work in preparing him for this.

Congratulations to the following musicians for their recent AMEB exams.
Clarinet Grade V Jeremy Ireland, Matthew Wong, Nathan Kwok
Saxophone Grade IV Anthony Ho
Grade V Victor Wei, Hong-Wei Li
Grade VI Richard Xu
Concerts coming up
Spring Spectacular 2004
November 6th at 6.00pm

The following ensembles will be involved
Senior Band, Senior stage Band, Intermediate Concert and Stage Band, Junior Concert Band, Junior Stage Band, Guitar Ensemble, Choral Students, All String Ensembles and Symphony Orchestra.

String Soiree
All string players keep this date free: Tuesday December 7th at 4.00pm. You will be performing at a solo soiree

Schools Spectacular 2004
The following boys have been selected to perform in the Arts Unit Schools Spectacular band at the Entertainment Centre in November. Look out for them on the television coverage. Tickets and more info for the school spectacular are available through: www.pau.nsw.edu.au

French Horn Nick Bull
Tuba Peter Gordon, Joshua Freiman, Johan Santoso
Percussion Jason Cheung, Thomas Mittelheuser, Francis Wong, Victor Wei, Patrick Chen, Peter Lieu, Robert Chen.

There may be some more places available in the band.
Boys should see music if they are interested.
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Raffle Tickets Due Back

Hope holiday time was a good opportunity to sell your raffle tickets to friends and relatives.

Keep up the momentum.

Each student is asked to take responsibility for selling just ONE book each - the result of this action could be $20,000 to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund for the construction of the New Library and Performing Arts Space.

EXTRA ticket books available at the office.
Each full book sold gives you a chance at the $200 cash draw.
So get a wriggle on and be part of making a difference.

Valda Roser Fund Raising Co-ordinator

Volunteers needed

Parents and students

Any area

Saturday or Sundays during
October November

For Sale of raffle tickets at your local supermarket

Attract school service award points and win a chance in $200 cash draw

Pair up with a friend and catch up!

All equipment supplied

Contact Valda Roser 9773 7167
e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Back-To-School Allowance

"The $50 Back-to-School Allowance for every child attending school in New South Wales will be paid by the Department of Education and Training and is designed to help families meet some of the costs of getting their children back to school at the start of the 2005 year.

To enable the payments to be made, schools have been asked to provide details of family and student names and addresses. The Department proposes to forward the $50 allowance from mid-January 2005 for students in Years 1 to 10 in 2005 and from mid-February 2005 for students in Kindergarten and Years 11 and 12 in 2005. The Allowance will be paid to the nominated parent or custodial guardian.

If yo have recently changed your address or family details, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

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