High Notes, Vol 5 No 31, September 24 2004

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From the Principal
Debating Parking
Back-To-School Allowance
Sydney High Junior Volleyball Tournament
Raffle Tickets
State of the Arts
Fairland Pavilion
Rifle Shooting

From the Principal

The AAGPS Athletics Carnival
The major athletics event on our calendar was held in beautiful weather at the Athletics Stadium at Homebush last Saturday. Congratulations to Paul Watzlaff for his emphatic win in the open 3000m. In the U-16 shot, Roger Burrell was second. Gehan Karunaratne won the U-14 long jump. Danny Ng was 3rd in the U-14 high jump. Nelson Ridges ran 3rd in the U-13 100m. Division. My thanks go to all the boys who showed true High spirit to complete their events even when significantly behind other competitors: for example, Edward Ovadia, Yinan Zhang, Ian Kwok, Tom Kaldor and David Clayton. Well done boys. We really need to build up our technical skill and tactics in various events so that we can be more competitive overall in years to come.

My thanks are extended on behalf of the school to: Mr Devlin for his administration of athletics, to Mr Baldock for his organisation of the school-based athletics program, to the support team at the major carnivals, and to Messrs Gainford, Creer and Adams, who provided invaluable assistance to the MIC. We are looking forward to next season with some extra facilities and a streamlined structure. In the meantime students should regard athletics as a year round endeavour. Base line fitness comes from doing the kilometres each week.

Karl Kramp Debating Final
On Friday, 10 September, High took on Gosford High School in the state final of the Karl Kramp debating competition at the Power House Museum. The topic was: That the border protection policy is working. Gosford defended the proposition, taking the line that the border protection policy was keeping Australia safe and was establishing a just and fair system for all. The first speaker included the detection, detaining and processing of boat people in her definition of border protection. She asserted that the policy was fulfilling its aims because illegal immigrants were not getting to Australia and there was a lack of success by terrorists in Australia. She defended the policy on the grounds that in tumultuous times a policy of deterrence was necessary. The Australian Embassy in Jakarta had just been bombed. The policy was fair for refugees. Mandatory detention was necessary to sort out legitimate refugees. Gabriel McManus opened for the negative by claiming that terrorists came to Australia by legal means in airline seats and not on leaky boats. He claimed the border protection policy was a short sighted solution for a short term political gain. Moreover, it operated in an inefficient, inhumane manner by detaining people sometimes for years and by imprisoning innocent children. He asserted that processing procedures were too slow, that money was wasted and that our resources to protect Australia were being channelled into the wrong areas. Immigrants are concentrated in urban areas. Any terrorist threat is likely to come from the cities. He proposed an alternative, the Swiss Model, where detainees are processed in a couple of weeks and allowed into the community, where their movements are traced by a reporting system. Gosford's second speaker objected to assertions about Australia's policies as being lax and wasteful. She said that Australia only takes 2.5 months on average to process detainees and $136 per day to keep them. She claimed that the Swiss Model doesn't even work in Switzerland and that absconders in Australia would be difficult to keep track of. She alluded to the UN and its agreements on immigration, emphasising the need for careful, fair processing of claims to establish legitimacy. Tom Kaldor objected that the affirmative had overplayed the link between terrorism and refugees, reiterating the claim that legal migrants and backpackers overstaying their visas were more of a security problem than forlorn refugees in leaky boats. He claimed border policy was politicised and flawed. Detainees should not be held for so long. He referred to hunger strikes, sewing lips together and to the Nauru case of a single individual held in custody at wasteful expense. The third affirmative raised the issue of Willie Brigitte proving that the interception of illegals is working. She posed the problems on the USA-Mexico border as an example of what happens when border protection policy is lax. She claimed backpackers as people that we know and hardly a threat to Australia. William Clegg was all fired up on defence policy in general and had strong views on border protection. He slammed into the affirmative's case on fairness and justice. He demolished the notion that our border protection policy is an appropriate system in the context of their definition. He turned the Brigitte example on its head by asserting that his case proved the threat to Australia was from passengers on commercial flights not fishing boats. I really enjoyed the debate which was won well by our team. The boys worked a straightforward rebuttal and counter argument with skill. This was only our 9th. victory in the competition since its inception in 1953.

Year 12 Farewell Assembly
The Class of 2004 left in style on Tuesday afternoon. A large crowd of parents was able to share with the school in witnessing Year 12 being clapped out of the school. Sriram Srikumar and Gabriel McManus spoke insightfully about the school's perceptions of Year 12 students. Tom Miller stressed the importance of grasping the opportunities offered at High and thanked his Year for their support. Mr Prorellis, the Year 12 Adviser, spoke warmly about his relationship with the Year and about their stages of development at High. He was presented with a Senior Jersey as a memento of the occasion. Tom Hoare delivered an oration about his life's journey in the context of association with High. He tried to evoke the spirit and culture of each succeeding year at school. He touched on personalities and events that shaped his cohort's experience. It was a spirited effort of epic proportion. The presentation of the cheque for $11,450 to Father Chris Riley's Foundation "Youth Off the Streets" was a proud moment for the boys. An enjoyable afternoon tea rounded off proceedings. My farewell address is reprinted below.

This is another day of celebration for the High Family. As parents, teachers or fellow students, we take time out on this last day of formal secondary schooling for Year 12, to honour them as a group and to reflect upon what they have achieved together. It is our hope as an institution that we stood for something in the lives of our departing students - that we had an impact upon them. If the school provided nothing more than a place in which to learn and teachers to provide instruction, High would not be the school we believe it to be. This school is unique because of its combination of students, teachers, parents, old boys, curriculum and location. Each year that mixture creates its own identity within a context of the same buildings, much the same routines and many of the same teachers. Diversity of self and group expression is encouraged within a framework of common aspirations and shared goals.

The class of 2004 will be remembered for a number of outstanding achievements. I am particularly impressed by the great efforts made last week to collect money for charity as a signature effort of Year 12 as a cohort. You raised nearly three times the amount that the class of 2001 did when it pioneered this type of end of year activity. Congratulations to all boys who participated. I would like to thank the School Prefects and their executive, Tom Miller, Liam Bennett and Tom Lung for their efforts in representing the school and modelling its values.

Ivan Guo has an unparalleled record in mathematics competitions. Tom Miller placed at the national schools swimming championship, and with Barry Dubovsky won a GPS medley relay. Daniel Wodak reached the state final in public speaking and was in the state squad for debating. Ilia Zvedeniouk was the mainstay of our chess team that won the state schools title. Michael Hayes and Tim Neville delivered back to back GPS tennis premierships. Clement Lau and Kapil Khanna were involved in our 1st and 2nd grade volleyball premiership winning squad.

I would like to thank the efforts of the all rounders who combined their studies with GPS level competition in both seasons of Year 12 - a fine effort. Matthew Shiner, Ben Friis-O'Toole, Tom Miller, Ben Mitchell, Robbie Girdler, Kim Dickson, Kapil Khanna, Eric Harkins, Drew and Tom Hoare, Dominic Byrne, Clement Lau, Michael Hayes, Andrew Jacques and Hughoce Feng stand out. Solid contributions to sport in both seasons were also made by: Matthew Dwyer, Tom Lung, Liam Bennett, James Gerofi, Ben Glass, Warren Logge, Ben Shores, Fergus Ly, Jason Tan, Aman Saxena, Jacob Stott, Sheng Zhang, Yinan Zhang, Julian Chan, Oliver Lee, Benedict Lee, Allen Chen, Naga Chandrala, William Luong and Sam Samarasinghe.

The traditions of our school and the quality of its sporting and co-curricular performances are reliant upon boys like these. Thank you to all those boys who competed in both seasons of sport at whatever level. High standard performance is supported by depth of participation. You are the role models for the next cohort of boys to emulate. Our expectations are that more than a third of our Year 12 students will compete in both seasons at first or second grade level.

In many ways High boys are fortunate to have experienced such a strong culture of academic achievement, sportsmanship, involvement in the arts and languages, participation in democratic leadership and governance structures and contribution to community through school service and charity work. Your unique school history, ethos and multicultural student body, combined with your shared strong intellectual abilities, should anchor you firmly through life to the values and traditions experienced here.

Herman Hesse once observed that "knowledge can be communicated but not wisdom". You young men have acquired a lot of knowledge. Your years at High have accelerated that process of acquisition. Life experiences will teach you judgement and the value of ethical behaviour. Right thinking leads to moral decision making and to right action.

Australian society needs you to grow further in your tertiary studies and subsequent careers so that you can share in determining what kind of future Australians will make for themselves. I hope that you all grow as persons and become knowledgeable and wise. I wish you all the best of fortune in your life journeys and thank you for what you have added to the proud story of our fine school.
Dr K Jaggar
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Debating Parking


On Saturday 9th October - yes, it's Election Day and the last Saturday in the holidays - we have a parking day for debating.

We need at least 12 people to assist us at SBHS from 12:30 to 3:00pm. If you haven't done parking before, don't worry. We provide on the job training!

Please consider making this commitment for debating. Parking is the only means we have of raising money for your son's debating. The money is used to pay for coaching and entrance fees into the GPS competition and other debating and public speaking competitions.

Please contact me if you are available to help on 9667 1598 (H) or email:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Megan Morgan
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Back-To-School Allowance

The $50 Back-to-School Allowance for every child attending school in New South Wales will be paid by the Department of Education and Training and is designed to help families meet some of the costs of getting their children back to school at the start of the 2005 year.

To enable the payments to be made, schools have been asked to provide details of family and student names and addresses. The Department proposes to forward the $50 allowance from mid-January 2005 for students in Years 1 to 10 in 2005 and from mid-February 2005 for students in Kindergarten and Years 11 and 12 in 2005. The Allowance will be paid to the nominated parent or custodial guardian.

If yo have recently changed your address or family details, please contact the school office as soon as possible.
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Sydney High Junior Volleyball Tournament

The final instalment of one of the most important volleyball dates in the Sydney High Volleyball Calendar.

Plus a big thank you to all the supporters that have used the Sydney High Volleyball Noticeboard over the years, including our friends from Tacos. As a result, that noticeboard is shutting down at the end of the week. An end of an era!

Blue Team report
On Saturday 11th September we played in the Sydney High Tournament in the Year 7 & 8 division at school. We entered the tournament knowing that it was going to be a tough task playing the most experienced teams of every school.

Our first game was against our very own Year 8s (the U15s). Obviously, because of their experience (and height) they beat us in straight sets. We put all our efforts into the match but unluckily got defeated.

Our second game was against Foster 1. We showed our skills here with a lot of excellent serving from James Lee, Danny Lam, Ritam Mitra and Matthew Chan. Even with all our skill and great defence, Foster managed to break through and so we lost the deciding (third set) 13 - 15.

Our last game as a whole Blues team was against Foster 2. By now, we had gained a lot of experience and with our attacking ability we managed to beat them in straight sets. Again there was great serving from the whole team and that made sure we wouldn't come last.

Although the results weren't to our liking and we came fifth in our division, we have a very promising team for future competitions.
Danny Lam (Captain)
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Raffle Tickets


Don't forget to sell your Raffle tickets over the holidays. We need to see the new Library and Performing Arts Space become a reality.

Remember by Friday, 15th October to return your tickets and the money to the office.

Extra tickets are available from the office.

Every full book of tickets sold will give you a chance at the $200 cash prize!

Thank you to those who have already sold a book of tickets and taken another one. Well Done.

Valda Roser
Fund Raising Co ordinator

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An Athletics Program was organised for all students not in the school team selected to compete at the GPS carnival.

The students competed over five weeks in the following events:
100 metres, 800metres, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Agility

For each event a student could score 1,2, 3, 4 or 5. The maximum score would be 30.

The following results are provided:
  • House Championship (all years combined)
  • Class championships (for each year)
  • Individual Championship(all events)
  • Best efforts in each of the events

Congratulations to the students who scored 20 or higher.

Class Championships
Year 7 Year 8
1st 7E 1st 8.1
2nd 7M 2nd 8.2
3rd 7F 3rd 8.4

Year 9 (95% participation) Year 10
1st 9.3 1st 10.1
2nd 9.4 2nd 10.2
3rd 9.5 3rd 10.6

House Point Score Years 7 - 10
1st Fairland 1581
2nd Eedy 1454
3rd Rubie 1437
4th McKay 1427
5th Saxby 1418
6th Torrington 1302

YEAR 7 BEST OVERALL (score out of 30)

7E Mishu Osinski 22
Danny Lam 22
David Name 20

7M Mathew Ling 25 2nd
Roy Chen 23
Matthew Tang 20
Alex Belakopytov 20

7S Arun Krishnan 20
Maxeem Mikha 20

7F Nasnun Kayes 25 2nd
Kerrod McPherson 23
Stephen Dong 22
Richard Feng 21
Anthony Tsiailis 21

7R Razeen Ahmed 25 2nd
Leonard Teng 21
Jacky Chen 20

7T Shorson Zhang 26 1st
Tahmeed Huga 22


High Jump Long Jump Shot Put
Zile Yu 7F Joshua Bell 7E Louis Appleton 7E
Matthew Ling 7M Mishu Osinski 7E Anthony Tsialis 7F
Matthew Tang 7M Matthew Ling 7M Grigori Astafiev 7F
Samuel Wan 7M Leonard Teng 7R Alex Belokopytou Bel 7M
Nicholas Wong 7M Shorson Zhang 7T


BEST OVERALL (score out of 30)

Danny Fu 8F 25 2nd Mark Vu 8T 24 3rd
Matthew Coutts 8S 23 George Lo 8E 23
Andrew Tang 8T 22 Charles Yang 8E 22
Charles Liu 8E 21 Tan Lu 8S 22
Daniel Simpson 8E 26 1st Winson Ma 8E 21
Schuman Zhang 8S 23 Tam Mai 8S 21
Kevin Wang 8F 21 Kenny La 8F 21
Matthew Lee 8E 24 3rd David Chandrakumar 8M 23
Daniel Chiu 8M 23 Christopher Shum 8M 23
Andrew Lim 8R 22 Boros Zolotarev 8M 23
Simon Ting 8R 22 Arthur Wang 8T 22
Michael Bock 8R 21 Brian Lung 8M 21


100m 800m
Charles Liu 11.6 Danny Fu 2.42
Daniel Simpson 11.3 Daniel Simpson
Matthew Lee Johny Shih 2.37
George Lo Nicholas Lochner
Jackson Yip Brian Lung
Boris Zolotarev

Long Jump Shot Put
Daniel Simpson Jun Dai
Matthew Lee Boris Zolotarev
George Lo
Kenny La
Arthur Wang


BEST OVERALL (score out of 30)

Raymond Tran 9E 27
David Kim 9F 27 1st
Richard Miao 9M 25 3rd
Maximilian Keldourlis 9M 25 3rd
Jeffrey Xie 9E 25 3rd
Terry Ly 9E 24
Siyang Wang 9E 24
Andrew Pham 9M 24
Jacky Au 9R 24
Jamie Tao 9R 23
Joseph Lai 9S 23
Albert Ng 9R 23
Alan Tan 9S 23
Martin Liu 9R 22
Si Cui 9S 22
Phillip Heo 9M 22
Danny Wong 9F 21
David Dizon 9R 21
William Shen 9R 21
Geoffrey Zhang 9R 21
Amir Arafat 9F 21
Alexander Vulkanovski 9F 20
Raymond Jang 9T 20
Clement Lee 9F 20
Steven Yuan 9F 20


100m 800m Long Jump
Alan Tan Matthew Fetherston Alan Tan
Richard Miao Reuben George Martin Liu
Phillip Heo David Kim Jeffrey Xie
David Dizon Andrew Pham Milton Wong
Jacky Au William Shen Richard Miao
Albert Ng Raymond Tran Raymond Tran
Alexander Vulkanovski Joseph Lai Ian Tran
Maximilian Keldoulis Richard Miao Joseph Lai
Siyang Wang Jeffrey Xie Maximilian Keldoulis
Oswin Perera Alexander Vulkanovski
Wen Shi
Alan Tan

High Jump Shot Put
Martin Liu David Kim
Howard Fan Frank Jin
Kevin Lam Terry Ly
Jacky Au Jamie Tao
Terry Ly Siyang Yang
Victor Nguyen Martin Liu
Raymond Tran Wei Zhuang
Harry Walker Andrew Liu
David Kim


BEST OVERALL (score out of 30)

Alan Trieu 10F 25 2nd Quinton Yang 25 1st
Tanvir Uddin 10F 22 Gleb Zinger 10T 24 4th
Engleman Chau 10S 28 1st Bob Liu 10E 23
Augustine Ha 10F 22 Robin Chen 10R 22
Andric Leong 10M 22 Ben Chow 10R 22
Tony Zhong 10M 22 Mathew Wong 10S 22
Kevin Ho 10M 22 Peter Lieu 10S 22
Ramesh Nithiyendran 10F 22


100m 800m High Jump
Tony Chong Alan Trieu Alan Trieu
Thomas Wong Engleman Chau Greg Nguyen
Alan Trieu Tony Tan Engleman Chau
Engleman Chau Kevin Ho Andric Leong
Christopher To Douglas Chang Ramesh Nithiyendran
Douglas Chang Bob Liu 2.32 James Archer
Yo-Ha Kim Quinton Yang Robin Chen
Benjamin Chow
Quinton Yang

Long Jump Shot Put
Aaron Chan Andric Leong
Greg Nguyen Blake Angell
Alan Trieu Mstislav Nossar
Engleman Chau Douglas Chang
Samuel Chhor Philip Roser
Cong Tu Christopher Jahja
H Dang Matthew Wong
Kevin Ho Alan Lee
Christopher To Gleb Zinger
Kenny Huang
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State of the Arts

To Thomas Wilson for his achievement in the Grade VI Flute Exam.

Students are expected to attend rehearsals during exam periods, especially tour students. Lack of attendance will make students ineligible for their award scheme. Yes rehearsals are on the first week of term 4.

Grevillea Ensemble continue their 2004 Sunday Afternoon Recital Series in association with Diana Doherty, the brilliant young principal oboist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra who has gained iconic status in her field
The performance will take place on Sunday October 10th at 3pm
in the Crows Nest Performing Arts Centre, Holtermann Street, Crows Nest.
Tickets: Adults $25 Seniors $15 Students $12 Children (u.16) free
October's concert will feature a performance of Berio's rarely heard Sequenza for Solo Oboe, a virtuosic masterpiece for the instrument, combined with some folk songs settings by the same composer and songs by Dallapiccola and Respighi.
The Australian content, which has become a feature of all Grevillea programs, is provided this time by the world premiere of a work written specially for this concert by young Sydney composer Matthew Orlovich, to a text from James McAuley Diana will also introduce to Sydney audiences the evocative "Sydney Singing", a suite of movements for oboe and piano in celebration of the "Harbour City", written by Peter Sculthorpe and first performed in London only two years ago. In similar vein are three folk-songs settings by David Stanhope, dedicated to the memory of Percy Grainger This fascinating program will start and finish with two superb Mozart arias for soprano with oboe obbligato, one from the opera Zaïde and the other from The Abduction from the Seraglio. Once again Grevillea Ensemble leads the way with the innovative and skilfully planned programming which has become the hallmark of this popular recital series.
Further enquiries on 9351 1260, 92801780 or 0419 465 341
For more information visit the Grevillea Ensemble website http://www.grevilleaensemble.net.au

Free Concert
Mixed-bag concert at the Crows Nest Performing Arts Centre. (Corner Holterman and Willoughby Street)
Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 4.00 - free.
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Fairland Pavilion

The serene surroundings in which the Sydney Boys High School's Fairland Pavilion at McKay Fields, Centennial Park is set, offers a unique facility to cater for professional, commercial and family functions

Situated within 2 kilometres of the CBD, backed by a lake and surrounded by grassed fields, the pavilion facilitates both indoor and outdoor functions, and the ideal place to entertain your staff, clients, family or visitors






Your needs are our business as we aim to provide you entrée to a function that will have all relaxed and participating in an invigorating environment

Full Kitchen Facilities and serving areas Barbecue
Audio and Visual equipment Refrigeration and Freezer facility
Internal Toilets and Showers Parking Facilities



For Further details and rates contact the Centre Booking Officer, Laurie Heil
Mobile Phone 0417 497 156 during business hours or Mobile 0419 992 660 After Hours.

Note: The Fairland Pavilion is accessible from Sunrise to Sunset 7 days a week.
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As we approach the September-October School Vacation period we are mindful of the Year 12 boys leaving us to face the HSC Examinations in Term 4, and with sadness for the loss of several of our talented cricketers who have helped High over the past 2 seasons become competitive in the GPS Competition.

To all of those graduating and sitting for the HSC we in the school cricket community wish you all the best of good fortune both in the exams and as you move to your chosen career paths.

COACHING APPOINTMENTS for the 2004/2005 Cricket Season
First XI - Manager Chris KOURTESIS - Coach Mark RETTER
Second XI - Coach - Kieran LEWIS
Third XI - Coach - Hugh HOWEY
Fourth XI - To be appointed
16.A and 16.Bs - Coaches -Rob ALEXANDER and Laurie HEIL
15A and 15 Bs - Coach - Tom BOWES
14A and 14 Bs - COACH - Andrew FULLER
13A and 13Bs - To be appointed

We have some further interested coaches who will be available after the HSC and we look forward to welcoming them onboard.

Level 1 ACCREDITATION COURSE - A Level 1 Coaching Course is to be conducted at the SCG Indoor Centre in Mid October and students 16 years and over who would like to gain their accreditation and assist with School teams, can contact Laurie Heil by email at…. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and register their interest. The cost of the course is $70.00 which includes manuals and notes and the Cricket Sub-Committee will reimburse the Course Fee for those who qualify and assist with school teams. It also offers a small financial return for your support.

TRANS HARBOUR COMPETITION will commence the second Tuesday of Term 4. The School will be entering one team in the Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Competitions. Should you wish to nominate for any of these teams please email the MIC Cricket in advance of the commencement of Term.4.

Year 9 BARBERIS CUP versus MELBOURNE HIGH SCHOOL is to be conducted from Tuesday December 7th and returning on the evening of Thursday 9th December and playing 2 One Day Limited Over matches for the Trophy. The Melbourne Year 9 Team will billet players. An application will be made for students to attend this competition and selection is only available to Cricketers who play in either our GPS or Trans Harbour teams.

TEAM ROSTERS- This coming season each team will be issued with a team roster so that parents can nominate a day or days that they would be prepared to do either the manager's or scorer's role in support of their boys. If every parent gives up their time for 3-4 hours on just one Saturday, the roster would see a family only having to do it once for the whole season. I urge all parents to genuinely consider this small commitment of your time to support the team in which your son plays so that he can display his ability to you. You don't have to be a "cricket tragic" to assist the boys with their pads and help them get ready to bat as a manager, and scoring books will have "quick reference sheets" to assist scorers. Enjoy some quality time with your son, as we, as their coaches, enjoy their company and enthusiasm.

The CRICKET WEBSITE can be found at www.sydneyboyscricket.info and all coaches, players and parents are invited to use this medium to keep up to date with our busy summer season . Team selections, results, contacts. High Notes as well as coaching hints, meeting dates and current events all appear on our site.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

School mobile 0417 497 156
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Rifle Shooting


The Schools Meeting. This is the competition for the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) including Sea cadets (with a Royal Marine Cadet element), Army cadets and Air cadets. We would know these units as school based units (SBU). As well we were competing against the elite Royal Canadian Army Cadet National Rifle Team. To give some idea of the scale of the competition there were overall in excess of 1,400 competitors.

Air Pistol Match - CPL Campbell Ross 2nd, CUO Alex Muir 4th, CPL Tom Coppin 8th,
CPL Josh Scharfegger 11th, SGT Tim Shu 12th, CWOff Tait Myers 13th.
Clay Target CPL Campbell Ross 2nd, CUO Alec Muir/SGT Tim Shu equal 6th, SGT Alex Honner 10th.
.357 Magnum Gallery Rifle LCDT Zach Brown 1st, SGT Peter Henly 5th, CPL Campbell Ross/LCPL Sam Scheske equal 8th, CPL Chris Budd 14th
.22 Gallery Rifle LCPL Sam Scheske 6th, LCDT Zach Brown/CDT Ben Jesse equal 12th, CPL Campbell Ross 18th.

The Merit List in the above events stopped at 20th position. Great results in these short range events, particularly as we did not train for these events prior to arriving in the UK.

ADFC full bore results for the Schools Meeting.
All these matches were fired with the 7.62mm L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle. This is a serious bit of kit developed from the Parker Hale 1200 TX Target Rifle and the M82 Sniper Rifle. Each ADFC cadet was loaned one of these excellent rifles for the duration of the tour. Following zeroing and practice they proved to be a very accurate rifle.

The IVEAGH Match- 500 yards - unlimited entries over three days. Open to all UK school (CCF) cadets and overseas cadets. As you can imagine, there were many hundreds of scores entered. The merit list went to 100th placing:
15th SGT Tim Shu Sydney Boys High School Cadet Unit
19th LCDT Zach Brown 323 SQN AAFC
58th SGT Peter Henly Knox Grammar School Cadet Unit

The WELLINGTON Match - 300 yards - unlimited entries over three days. Merit listing to 100th placing.
9th SGT Peter Henly Knox Grammar School Cadet Unit
45th SGT Tim Shu Sydney Boys High School Cadet Unit

The VICTORIA COLLEGE TROPHY - 600 yards One entry per cadet - No coaching permitted. Merit list to 100th placing.
7th CUO Chris Napier Sydney Grammar School Cadet Unit
10th SSGT Peter Gordon Sydney Boys High School Cadet Unit
26th CUO Alec Muir The Kings School Cadet Unit

The SILENTA Trophy 600 yards Merit list to 100th placing
8th CWOff Tait Myers 306 SQN AAFC
15th CUO Chris Napier Sydney Grammar School Cadet Unit
24th SGT Tim Shu Sydney Boys High School Cadet Unit

THE SCHOOLS ONE HUNDRED Coveted NRA Schools One Hundred badges are awarded to the one hundred cadets with the highest aggregate scores in the major events of the Schools Meeting. This year two of our team members qualified:
CPL Chris Budd Sydney Boys High School Cadet Unit
SGT Michael Haigh 26 ACU

THE VICTORIA COLLEGE TEAMS MATCH 600 yards. Here, we needed to enter a four member team with all four from the one unit/school. We were competing against the best shooting schools in the UK, schools with professional full time coaches and long histories of winning, not to mention the Royal Canadian Army Cadet National Rifle Team.
Our team from Sydney Boys High School Cadet Unit, consisting of:
SSGT Peter Gordon, SGT Tim Shu, CPL Chris Budd, CPL Josh Scharfegger achieved the remarkable result of 2nd place, and was each awarded an NRA Silver Medal. A remarkable achievement.

ADFC Cadets are now taken seriously by our British and Canadian cousins! We also did very well in the Inter Services Cadet Rifle Matches (first week of Bisley) and we will post these results shortly.

Our shooting results are very satisfying. Overall, the team's motivation, presentation and behaviour attracted nothing but favourable comments from officials and competitors alike. I am proud to have commanded such a team of fine young Australians.

Richard Knowles
Tour Commandant

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