High Notes, Vol 5 No 30, September 17 2004

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Year 7 Parents Social Evening
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Great Winter Sports Gear Round Up
Athletics Report
Sydney High Junior Volleyball Tournament
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From the Principal

High Talent
Prize winners in the Australian Business Studies Competition were: Tom Hoare and Pat McDonnell. High Distinctions were awarded to: Ben Au, Julian Chan, Bishoy Eskander, Michael Wong, Kevin Zhang, Senthil Thillainadesan and Patrick Chen. Prize winners in the 2004 Australian Economics Competition were: Ericson Ho, Krishna Shanthikumar and Senthil Thillaindesan. High Distinctions were awarded to: Kon Moltchanski, Rajeev Muralitharan, Phillip Thai, Jimmy Van, Pu Shen Xin, Patrick Chen, Ronald Yu and Karl Kruszelnicki. Congratulations also go to our fencers for their 3rd. place in the Senior Boys Foil Teams Division B competition hosted by the NSW Fencing League at Newington last Saturday. Well done to: David Chen, Patrick Duffy, Amadeus Klocker and Yu Lin. Placegetters in the final invitational athletics carnival before the GPS annual event were: Roger Burrell (U-17 & U-16 shot), Joel Ninyo (U-17 discus), Chris Tran (long jump), Matthew Fsadni (U-14 400m) and Nelson Ridges (U-13 200m.) Congratulations to all our boys and good luck for Saturday!

Acting Prefects
This week the Acting Prefects were given their badges and briefed about the expectations of their role. There were many deserving boys who were not able to join the ranks of the fortunate 39. I would like to congratulate those boys who qualified for election to the office. You have proven your dedication to the school. To those who were named, your probation period runs in two stages. From now until your formal investiture at the Founders Day Assembly, your performance will be monitored. Thereafter, until the signing of the register in term 1 next year, indiscretions may lead to withdrawal of appointment by the Principal. The school expects high standards of conduct, involvement, dress and attendance.

OBU Sports Day and Dinner
Last weekend's Sports Day and Dinner was enjoyable for participants. Seven sports were contested, with the Old Boys winning 4. Let's hope next year on September 10, the school redeems its reputation and rallies players to defeat the Old Boys. Better communication between the parties will broaden participation on the day. The dinner was well attended, thanks largely to the efforts of the energetic organising committee led by 1964 Old Boy Jeff McLachlan, assisted by Gayl. Valda Roser coordinated the setting up of the hall and tables. The venue was very attractive. Sean Creer was a tower of strength. David Wills ran the bar. Mark Livingston and John Ponting kept the function moving. Gayl and Robyn Meakin ran the raffle. Bob Outterside interviewed Norman May and Peter Crittle. The food was good and the entertainment interesting.

In responding to the toast to the school, I posed five questions. Do you believe that Sydney High should remain a GPS school? The whole school community needs to think about how they would answer this question as we come towards our 125th year. Will we still be competitive in GPS events in another 25 years? The way the community acts now, will determine the answer. I believe a great majority of us strongly support our GPS involvement. Sports administration is far more costly than ever before because of legal requirements about duty of care and supervision of games. The continuing support of staff, parents and Old Boys is critical to the maintenance of our place in this elite group of schools. What help is required to realise our vision? The short answer is 'your time or money'. Schools are made great by great school communities. High needs to extend its network of active supporters. What obstacles do we face? Broadening support is difficult in a state school. Politically, we are in a state electorate that neither of the major parties is resourcing. Our economic problem is that there is not the same culture of giving in state schools (with some exceptions) as there is in private schools. That culture needs to be nurtured. In social terms we are not a local community school. We are a school for all postcodes. Community spirit and fund raising efforts are more difficult to build. We do not have a spiritual connection with our families the way that independent schools do. The moral or service arguments have less force in our context. What are our strengths? High has a great tradition. Despite obstacles the school has always managed to stay in the game. High spirit is no myth. Our boys struggle heroically because it is so hard to succeed. Our School Family reinforces that spirit through its voluntary support of the boys in their endeavours. Our school governance structure - the School Council, the P & C and its Sub-Committees, the Foundation, OBU and the staff-parent school committees - provides unmatched opportunities for parents and friends of High to have a say in the conduct of its affairs. A sense of ownership, of connectedness is fostered through participation in school governance. High has a great location. We need to exploit our location beyond parking and hall hiring. The school has historical assets that need to be worked harder. These assets include The Outterside Centre, the Fairland Pavilion, the buildings and the grounds. What are we doing now? Even though the context of our operations is tough, we are unwavering in our resolve to build a better High each year. The Cutler Memorial, the cricket nets, the basketball courts, the tennis courts, the room refurbishments and the 125th. Anniversary Library Project - our community today is getting on with the job. However, we are going to need help from a wider range of people to maintain our position as an elite school. We should stop seeing ourselves as a poor relation in the GPS fraternity. We are a very viable state alternative to elite private education. To assure our future we have to encourage optimism and gather together our supporters - not in a 'coalition of the willing' but rather in a cooperative of the convinced, working to keep High safe and strong.

Last week of term
On Thursday of this week most Year 12s were collecting for a worthwhile cause as their end of school activity. Next week is a special time. Year 12 boys are concluding formal lessons and discussing their final reports. They are finalising reference commitments and some are preparing scholarship applications. On Tuesday they have their Farewell Assembly. Other Years will be dismissed early on that afternoon. All other Years are expected to carry on normally with their school routine. The Flat is out of bounds all week for all Years. Any boy found on the Flat will be assumed to be there for an anti social purpose. We are determined to have a civilised and responsible conclusion to Term 3.

Athletics Assembly
Guest speaker, Steven Adams, an Old Boy who has been helping us out with the athletics program, addressed the boys on the themes of opportunity and egalitarian enterprise. In my address I focused on individual effort and scientific training.

This year has seen major changes in athletics administration. Last year the GPS Heads took the decision to change the athletics season to Spring, as it used to be some years ago. Originally, the season was moved to between summer and winter sports because there was concern that senior students were not participating in athletics. With the introduction of the new HSC, major works and projects had their submission dates moved back to allow reporting of HSC results before the end of term 4, instead of in January. I was very supportive of the change of season because it allowed winter sport to be completed before the Trial HSC was underway. In our case, we trust that senior boys who are athletes will want to stay involved with the athletics program in Term 3, despite the upcoming HSC. To show our determination not to let this end of term season to be marginalised, the school is attempting to support athletics as never before. Training sessions at E.S. Marks, new facilities at school and coordination of Wednesday/Thursday activities, are aimed at skill building on a broader basis than has been attempted before. The aim is to provide an environment for boys to develop confidence in the various athletics disciplines, so that the depth of our participation in GPS athletics will increase.

Today we are assembled to honour the members of our athletics team who are to compete in the annual GPS carnival on Saturday. Like rowing, an athletics season is determined by performances on one day. This makes participation both high stakes and stressful. However, the key is participation. We need a decent sized team to earn points in the contests for senior and junior championships. Our boys have done the work to prepare themselves. For those of you who aspire to better athletic performance, now is the time to start for next year.

Potentially good runners are a function of population. Australia has always been disadvantaged by its remoteness from international competition and by its small population. However, as our famous coaching character Percy Cerutty demonstrated, with dedicated athletes, you can reach Olympic finals. He practised what he preached. Despite serious health problems in his middle age, Cerutty used his own training philosophy to prepare for competition in long distance races at the age 47. He was the Victorian marathon champion in 1946 with a time of 2 hours 58 minutes at age 51. He ran 100 miles in 24 hours and sixty miles in 5 hours 20 minutes.

Cerutty practised an early form of visualisation. He felt he could take on the spirit and character of creatures in nature through his imagination as he moved. He often impersonated other runner's styles to attempt to gain insight into their psychological makeup. He studied the training schedules of elite athletes. He studied race horses and aborigines to discover the most economical style for running. His credo was simple: Man was born to run. Run with intelligence. Run hard. Run often. Only the fit are fearless.

"I welcome, in my philosophy, pain and suffering. This is the way: the ONLY way to the top and I have found it". The idea was to conjure up the 'flight or fight' response to psyche up before a performance. "To race superlatively one has to feel extreme ferocity. That this is directed against ourselves is the sublime part. Champions delight in flat out effort. They engage in soul searching effort for its own sake. You've got to toughen the organism. Nature only adds strength or ability through painful effort".

From his shacks at Portsea, Victoria, Cerutty attracted future champions like Les Perry, Don Macmillan, John Landy and the great Herb Elliott. Diet, 'speed play' in sand hills, running along beaches and around ovals, swimming and lifting weights, comprised the daily schedule. Cerutty's athletes showed remarkable reductions in their competition times after a few months under his training regime. Cerutty was ahead of his time in the use of sports psychology, weights, endurance training, diet, visualisation and training periodisation. Self-discipline and advanced training methods can give you the edge in athletic performance. At High we need to ask ourselves: have we worked hard enough to maximise our physical performances? Are we prepared to challenge ourselves to do the training necessary?

Success in sport results from mental toughness. Harness passion to mental preparation and your performances will improve. I congratulate all the boys who have made the commitment to train and represent High at the GPS carnival. Good luck on Saturday!
Dr K Jaggar
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Parent Information

About Study Skills, Time Management and Exam Preparation
As students progress through High School, the demands upon their ability to manage their time effectively and efficiently continually increases.

One of the ways we are helping our students develop these skills is by providing them with a series of worksheets that address time, exams and study skills. These worksheets are looked at in Character Education classes and students are expected to keep booklets as a resource for the future.

Parents will get great ideas from these booklets on how to maintain the motivation and equip them with strategies to handle organising time, setting goals, breaking down assignments and staying focussed.
J May
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New History Syllabus

The New History Syllabus Launch
On Friday 3rd September, James Morgan and I visited the War Memorial in Hyde Park for the launching of a new aspect of the Modern History syllabus. The Premier Bob Carr and Education Minister Dr Andrew Refshauge were present. After meeting Mr Carr and Dr Refshauge, they explained the new syllabus to the press. This addition to the syllabus allows students to learn about what life was like for all Allied and German soldiers in the wartime. Students can also learn more about relatives who fought in World War I and link it with their studies.

My great-grandfather, Albert Maurice Webb, fought in the 3rd Battalion of the AIF in World War I. He served at Gallipoli and Lone Pine, as well as the Western Front in France. He was gassed in France and returned to Australia in 1917. The change to the syllabus allows me to learn more about my great-grandfather, such as where he served exactly and what life would have been like for him in the battlefields. It will be good for students to study the Modern History course with a relevant source like a relative to link it to, making it easier to empathise with the soldiers and what they went through. The function was a great experience for James and myself, and gave us our first insight into the interesting world of politics!
Stephen Burke
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From the Library

Library hours
The Library will continue to open at 7:30 Wednesday and Thursday and to open at 7:45 on Monday Tuesday and Friday. However the Library will no longer be open after 3:40 on all weekdays. The reason is that mornings see over 90 students using the Library but only 6 or so arrive in the afternoons. It is too expensive to pay staff for so few. We gave after school hours a good trial.
Mrs Crothers
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Safety Around Electricity Substations


As part of Energy Australia's commitment to public safety and accident prevention, we would like to remind school children to stay safe during the upcoming school holiday break.

Electricity is part of our daily lives and is safe when used correctly. But places like substations can pose significant risks to people not specially trained to enter them.

Energy Australia asks for your assistance in sending this important reminder to students warning them of the potential hazards of unauthorised entry into substation perimeters. It is critical that students remain alert and actively aware of these dangers.

Our 'Electricity and Safety Kit' provided to schools is a valuable resource for outlining safer practices children should adopt around electricity. For further information to assist you in informing your students, please go to the EnergyK section of EnergyAustralia's website at www.energy.com.au

If your parents or staff see children playing or any suspicious activity, please call EnergyAustralia's emergency line on 13 13 88.

Public safety is a top priority at EnergyAustralia. We greatly appreciate the role that you and your staff play in encouraging greater community safety and responsibility.

Yours sincerely,
Managing Director
Energy Australia
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For an extended version, see http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/week.html New look too.

8 September 2004 Korean Student Forum at Sydney Institute of TAFE
This very valuable day was organised by the Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea, the NSW Department of Education and Training, the Australia-Korea Welfare Association, and Korea-Australasia Research Centre (KAREC) at UNSW. In his opening remarks, Dr Chung Suk Suh from the University of NSW set the task: to identify issues concerning Korean students and to begin exploring collaborative strategies to address these issues. The day was characterised by great openness and frankness. Dr Chung memorably reminded us at one point that diversity is not a problem to be solved, but a rich resource to be tapped.

Other speakers included Ms Park In-soon from the Korean Consulate-General, Mr Qeefaa An (a community information officer), Mr Keith Lee from the Australian-Korea Welfare Association, two Year 12 students, one UNSW student, the Acting Commander of Eastwood Police, and the Principals of Killara and Carlingford High Schools and of the Saturday Community Languages School. Workshop sessions in the afternoon came up with suggestions that will be codified and distributed later. An ongoing network has been established. Many of the issues and ideas raised apply also to students of other backgrounds.

In 2003 there were 2800 Korean and Korean-Australian students in NSW state schools, with at least 1000 more, many of them overseas fee-paying students, in private schools. At Sydney Boys High we currently have 38 students who identify Korean as their first language.

Good thought space
"I would like to stress that any terrorist activity, no matter who does it and for what purpose, is the greatest blow to peace, democracy, humanity, and all religious values. For this reason, no one-and certainly no Muslims-can approve of any terrorist activity. Terror has no place in one's quest to achieve independence or salvation. It costs the lives of innocent people." - Fethullah Gülen - one of Turkey's most well-known and respected scholars. http://www.fethullahgulen.org/
Neil Whitfield
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Year 7 Parents Social Evening

When: Thursday night 23 September, 2004 (second last day of term 3)
(please accept our apologies for the change in date but the Restaurant is not available on the last day of term)

Venue: Casapueblo (South American Restaurant) 474 Cleveland St
Time: 7:30pm

RSVP by email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Friday 17 September, 2004
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From Science

Results of Science Quiz no. 12
Question about M.R.I. were asked this fortnight. Answers were submitted by Andrew Tang (8T), Bernard Fang (8T) and Peter Luu (8S).

1. What does M.R.I. stand for?

2. Explain what happens to the nuclei of the atoms in the brain when subjected to a strong magnetic field

3. The brain is then subjected to pulses of radio waves. What does this do to the atoms?

4. How does this help build up a picture of the brain?
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Year 12 Parent Get Together

We hope to organise an informal post HSC dinner/drinks at a venue close to the school during Schoolies Week in November.

Preliminary numbers are needed. After 6 years of High functions this is one just for you!!

Please let us know if you are interested in coming.

Call Paul or Maree Girdler on 96607173, 0402 113 600 or 0402 113 200
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Working Bee

The P & C
& Environment Committee






8.30/9am ->12.30/1.00pm

Parents, students, friends of Sydney Boys High School

Please come along with your shovels, spades, secateurs, wheelbarrows brooms gloves etc.

We are hoping to complete work on the CANTEEN COURTYARD to have it ready for final planting. No gardening experience is necessary. Participating students can put their efforts towards the awards scheme.

Morning Tea will be supplied

See you there.

Paul Girdler
Marcia Shepherd

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Great Winter Sports Gear Round Up

  • Footy boots too small?
  • Don't need the headgear?
  • Any used footy boots, socks, shorts, shin pads, shoulder pads or head gear can be added to our clothing pool to assist players.

Please return to Mr Stein in PDHE
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Athletics Report

This week began with one of the highlights of the school calendar. The school assembled for the presentation of the athletics team and the address by Old Boy Steve Adams (1978). Dr Jaggar explained the importance of Athletics in the school program while Steve spoke passionately about the value of Athletics to the school and the individual. Many thanks to Steve for providing us with so many valuable insights. As Drew Hoare and Roger Burrell introduced the Senior and Junior teams respectively some names were unfortunately omitted. My apologies go to the following athletes for not being mentioned for their dedication to training sessions and performance at invitational carnivals: Chris Evans, Matthew Wong, Denis Stojanovic, Eugene Stadnik, and Chong Shao. By an oversight Gary Fong, our division 16s hurdler and 4X100m relays, was not called to the stage.

Newington Invitational
The last Invitational of the season produced some encouraging results and times ahead of the Championships this Saturday.
Nelson Ridges (U13 200m) is getting competitive at the right end of the season by coming second with 25.8.
Matthew Fsadni (U14 400m) came 3rd with a time 59.1.
Roger Burrell (U16 Shot) came 2nd with a great throw of 13.84m
Karl Kruszelnicki (U16 Shot Put) also threw a great put of 10.39m
Hung Neo (U17 400m) ran a good race with 56.5

The team lost Suren Wickramsinghe one of our best 100m runners to injury this week. This is a great pity and hopefully he will be well enough for next season.

The GPS Championships: Sydney Athletic Centre, Homebush, September 18th 2004
All parents and school supporters are invited to the Championships this Saturday. Boys in school uniform are admitted free of charge while adult admission is $12, children $2. Parking is available and it is not necessary to pre-book tickets. We have reserved 250 seats for our supporters. The Championships are a great GPS tradition with all the spectacle and school spirit of events like the Head of the River. Come along and cheer for High school. Competition starts at 10:00 am.
Robert Devlin: MIC Athletics
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Sydney High Junior Volleyball Tournament

September 11 2004
This is the annual fundraiser for Sydney High Volleyball, which also provides valuable court time under tournament conditions for our junior teams as they prepare for the National Championships in Melbourne.

This year saw the usual teams from Forster and Nowra competing against SHS's finest.
In the Girls draw, Sydney Girls were also up against the top (girls) volleyball school, Baulkham Hills.

The Boys competition saw two divisions: Years 7 & 8 and Years 9 & 10. High had three teams in the 7 & 8 division (two Year 7 teams and a Year 8 team) and the State Champions, Sydney High's U16s in the older division.

The tournament would not have been successful as it was without the invaluable help of the First Grade team under the direction of Yaegan Doran (tournament director). Fahmy Balgahom, Dominic Grimm, Karl Kruszelnicki, Anisul Islam, Robert Lu and Bill Zhang helped out with refereeing.

Match Reports
Year 7 RED team

On Saturday 11/09/04 a team of six dedicated volleyball players turned up to play in the Sydney High Schools Cup. It was always going to be a tough task, knowing that many of our opponents were a year older than us.

Our first match was against Nowra. We were slightly shell shocked at the size of their players. Some sloppy serving in the first set gave the set away 25 - 11. The second set was well anticipated with Stephen Dong doing a few spectacular jump serves. However we lost the set 25 - 17. In our second match against Forster, the first set was hotly contested with some great serving from both sides. However High took the upper hand, winning the set in spectacular fashion. The second set was a training session. Great setting by Daniel Shan and some excellent spiking by Shorson Zhang secured our first win (against the NSW State Cup Runners Up).

With this victory we stormed into the semi finals with HIGH expectations against none other than the legendary Year 8 team.

The semi final was all one way traffic, going all in favour of the Year 8s. Some excellent backcourt coverage by Steven Ke and Thomas Nguyen kept us in the set, but the game was out of reach. Some encouraging words from our coach kept us neck and neck until Warren, from the Year 8s, stepped up with his jump serve and won 7 consecutive points. Ouch! We went down 25 - 10.

The Third and Fourth play off was against Forster again. This was the last match of the day and we were all fatigued. The Red team borrowed some players from the Blue team and formed the Purple team (this was Danny Lam, Matthew Chan and Edward Luu). We confidently won the first set in spectacular fashion with consistent serving from Matthew and Stephen Dong. The second set was more of a challenge as we soldiered on with only 5 players. We played well and went down fighting 27 - 25. The third set was neck and neck all the way. However Forster gained confidence and then finally finished us off with a score of 16 - 14.

We may have finished 4th overall, but we are still the premier U14s team!
Thomas Nguyen (Captain)

U15s Match Report
On 9/11, the U15s Year 8 of Sydney High entered the Sydney High Tournament with a team of 7. These superstars were Johnny Shih, Ben Lee, Ivan Cerecina, Ping Du, Daniel Chim, Zid Mancenido and myself. Having had a lot more training, we were fairly confident of at least coming second.

The day started off rather easily with us beating the U14s Blue team in straight sets. Nothing spectacular there, just great sets from Johnny and Zid and solid returns by everyone. Next up was our match versus Forster. In the last game at the Metro Schools, they just beat us and now we had sweet revenge on them and caned them 2 sets to 0. Consistent "precision" serving by Ivan gave us easy points to victory.

After that, we had our game against the U14s Reds and also beat them in straight sets. Great spiking by Ben Lee and Daniel Chim boosted our points. In our final game we played against Nowra, the dairy farmers….. It was a close game and Nowra just managed to beat us in straight sets. There were many great spikes by Ping Du, Daniel Chim and myself but our inconsistency in receiving led us to lose some major points.

All in all, it was a great day with our team coming 2nd in the tournament.
Warren TRAC

U16s Match Report
Last Saturday, in the gym, Sydney Boys High held its very own volleyball tournament, kicking the Old Boys' basketball game to the dodgy courts outside. The under 16s team entered the tournament with High hopes. We had won the last tournament we had entered and planned to win our own. After all we did have a home court advantage and our own little cheer squad of High supporters.

There were three other teams that had entered in our division. Two of which came from Nowra and the other from Forster. Our first game was against Nowra team 2. They consisted of short scrawny players, none of which looked like they had any idea of the sport. We played around, had some fun, and then pulverised them to the ground.

David Dizon played well with consistent serving and great overall play and then had to leave.

Our second game was against Nowra team 1. They had a massive height advantage and a state player who was, at the end of the day, recruited to play for the UTS team. Some beautifully hit spikes from our newly elected captain Jamie Tao and outside hitter, Terry Ly, showed Nowra the game was not all about height and brute strength. Though, some memorable pick-ups from the whole team, mainly Wei Ping Lu with his dives that look like they did more damage to him than good, were just not good enough to defeat Nowra team 1. They beat us 11-21 and 15-21.

Our third game was against Forster. They had beaten Nowra team 2 so we thought that we might have a challenge. The brutal jump serves from our two setters Alex Le and Victor Nguyen were just too good for our opposition. Some good hits from Jordan Leung finished the game off.

For the finals we had to face off with the man-child again. We were all pumped up for this game. Especially after we ate Turkish kebabs for energy boosters during lunch. The first set was pretty much domination from the man-child who served as a one-man team. Second set though there was an unlikely hero. Sam Chhor, our centre blocker, had a string of massive serves that were untouchable. We drew level and hung on before getting beaten right at the end. The end result was 14-21 and 17-21.

For me, the highlights of the day were when I had gotten the first, and I think only ace of the tournament and the crazy pass I had done from an awesome Nowra jump serve. We came second and got our medallions. Well played from the whole team and thanks to the supporters who stayed and watched.
Alexander Lee
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The Open Trials for the selections for the 1st and 2nd XIs have been conducted over the past three weeks on Tuesdays and Sunday mornings and strong support has been seen with an average of 30 players at each session. This week the squad moved to the indoor nets at the SCG for an uninterrupted batting and bowling session.

The Open Squad will move into a 3-day camp on Saturday 25th September for its final preparations prior to team selections and trials.

The GENERAL MEETING and INFORMATION NIGHT on TUESDAY 21st September to be held in Room 901 in the Gymnasium at 6:00pm is open to all parents, prospective managers and scorers who are prepared to support our teams during the season on either a full-time basis, or part time on team rosters. Too often our young cricketers have performed well on the field and deserve some recognition from the sidelines but only have one or two parents in attendance, which is disappointing to them.

The committee meeting will be limited to 15 minutes and a session for Scorers, to simplify the task of scoring, and a Session on The Laws of Cricket will be presented by visiting officials. At the conclusion of the meeting at 7:30pm Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be available.

All coaches are requested to attend and will address which teams they will be handling for the season for the information of our supporter group.

TEAM SELECTION TRIALS for next week will be held on Wednesday 22nd Sept for Year 9, U16, 3rd and 4th XIs and Thursday for Years 7 and 8 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on both days, to ensure all players have the opportunity to have substantial batting and bowling stints in the School nets. Teams will be promulgated for publication on the Cricket Website www.sydneyboyscricket.info by Friday 24th September. Players who have their own bats are requested to bring them to the trials together with their batting gloves and protector.

LEVEL 1 COACHING ACCREDITATION A course is being promulgated in the South Eastern area, for those who would seek attaining their Level 1 Coaching Accreditation. The course is 12 hours in duration, and can be 3 x 4 hour session, or 4 x 3 hour sessions or 2 x 6 hour day sessions to qualify. All course content is practical work and is hands-on and attendees present a short skills lesson at the end of the instructional sessions. Any senior student who would be interested in coaching a school team should contact Laurie Heil by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and register their interest. Details will be forwarded with dates, location and times. Coaches must be 16 yrs of age and over. Those who qualify and are prepared to support a school team will have their Course Fee paid by the Cricket Sub-Committee. This qualification is great to have and in future years can also be a source of income.

Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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The GPS debating season for 2004 has concluded and the Debating Support Group would like to thank the following people for their support throughout the year.

  • Michael Selway, Jocelyn Brewer, Glen Davies and Betsy Berger for assisting the boys and transporting them to their debates.
  • The previous DSG Executive : Barry Bennett, Jo Wodak and Amal Wijeyaratne who have been invaluable in sustaining the DSG over the past years.
  • Jega Surendran and John Evans who accepted the positions of Secretary and Treasurer for 2004.
  • Sathy Surendran for creating the debating database.
  • Raymond Roca for creating the debating website.
  • Valda Roser, Mary Sinclair, Rebecca and David Coutts, Edward and Katherine Morgan for assisting with the organisation and set up for the Debating Dinner.

Finally, we would like to thank Dr Jaggar for his continuing support for debating and public speaking at SBHS.

Megan Morgan
Debating Support Group


On Saturday 9th October - yes, it's Election Day and the last Saturday in the holidays - we have a parking day for debating.

We need at least 12 people to assist us at SBHS from 12:30 to 3:00pm. If you haven't done parking before, don't worry. We provide on the job training!

Please consider making this commitment for debating. Parking is the only means we have of raising money for your son's debating. The money is used to pay for coaching and entrance fees into the GPS competition and other debating and public speaking competitions.

Please contact me if you are available to help on 9667 1598 (H) or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Megan Morgan
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Raffle Tickets




OCTOBER 2008 will mark the 125th Anniversary of SYDNEY BOYS HIGH SCHOOL

A tangible reminder of this significant milestone will be the construction of the


This project will directly benefit every student and the wider school community.

To attain this goal, in addition to any funds available from the Education Department, effective supplementary fundraising will be necessary over the next few years and commencing with a MAJOR RAFFLE run as a whole of school project initiated by the Headmaster, Dr Kim Jaggar.

You are invited to support the generation of funds towards the new Library/Performance Arts Space by SELLING raffle tickets.
Each family is asked to sell one book of 20 tickets, valued at $2.00 each, to workmates, neighbours, friends and relatives. Naturally, extra books will be available for families who have a larger custom.

With each student and his family embracing the selling of tickets, a projected amount of $25 000.00 should be expected.

The Raffle will be drawn on 7 December, 2004 at the combined P&C President's/Headmaster's Cocktail Party coinciding with the School's Art Show.
Please embrace this project with enthusiasm and make the NEW LIBRARY/PERFORMING ARTS SPACE a reality!!

Stop Press: First sold books already returned, great work. Thank you to these enthusiastic students, keep up the good work.
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