High Notes, Vol 5 No 29, September 10 2004

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From the Principal
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Year 12 Parent Get Together
Great Winter Sports Gear Round Up
Working Bee
Year 7 Parents Social Evening
State of the Arts

From the Principal

Inaugural GPS Music Festival
It was a most impressive occasion last Saturday night at Newington for the first GPS combined concert. Over 300 students from eight of the nine GPS schools performed in front of a very large and appreciative audience. Unfortunately High was unrepresented in the concert band which opened the show. A dozen of our boys sung in the choir (altos and basses) for its three pieces. We were not represented in the stage band but did have 7 performers in the orchestra which played the 4th Movement of symphony No 9 by Dvorak. A special feature of the evening was an appearance by the composer of RPM, Matthew Hindson, who enjoyed the orchestra's rendition of his composition. The concert concluded with the Hallelujah chorus from Messiah by Handel. I was saddened by the thin representation from High of senior musicians, considering how much talent in music this school possesses. I expect a greater level of support next time for what will become an annual fixture and highlight for performers of quality.

Parent Information Evening
Last Monday evening, Mr Dowdell's comprehensive presentation to parents of students in Years 8 and 10 provided information on how the school organises, selects and schedules classes in Years 9 and 11. The school does not seek to limit student choices. Decisions on what classes to run are based upon what students want. There were questions about the school's elective offerings in Year 9 and about what support there was for the teaching of languages other than English. I stated the school's policy in respect of curriculum support. In Year 9 I will support students of Latin and Classical Greek no matter how small the classes, in line with the school's perceived role as a promoter of Classics since 1883. Modern languages needed to attract viable numbers of students to form classes. A music elective class will be allowed with very small numbers. The popularity of Commerce as an elective was discussed as was the inclusion of history electives. The feeling of some people is that such electives may inhibit the chances of more traditional and/or rigorous electives from being chosen. The school is comfortable with its policy of letting the students decide.

The information for parents of boys going into Year 11 was more complex, given the requirements of the Board of Studies and the Universities Admissions Centre are different. I am interested in due diligence and sustained effort by students, particularly in respect of tasks and experiences provided by teachers. Students who do not complete these tasks nor engage in these experiences, cannot expect to be deemed by the school to have completed the course satisfactorily. Students entering Year 11 ought to be aware that outside their obligation in respect to the
published Assessment Policy for each course, they also have a parallel obligation to "complete" the course. The first obligation is regulated by the Board of Studies, the parallel obligation is enforceable by the school. Teachers have the power to send warning letters to students about their attendance, failure to complete Assessment Tasks, failure to complete tasks set by the teacher and for failure to engage in essential experiences of the course. In 2005, students ought to be aware that I am expecting a higher level of compliance with teachers' requirements before I will be prepared to sign off a document stating that stage 6 courses have been completed satisfactorily.

What courses will run in Year 11, 2005? Again, Mr Dowdell's message to parents was clear - the boys' selections determine the matter. I will support small numbers in Greek and Latin, Music, one modern language and visual arts. All other courses have to attract viable numbers in order to run. I am going to restrict the number of English Extension classes to 6 (144 students). The classes will be graded. Two English classes will be available for students who want to do mathematics extension but do not want to do English extension. One 2-unit mathematics class will run on this line. Students should be aware that inherent in these combinations is a requirement for 2 or 3 periods per cycle off-line: one morning per week, possibly Monday.

Wearing school uniform
Now the season has changed boys are starting to become too casual with their dress. High aspires to the dress standard of other GPS schools where dress codes are strictly enforced. We have always prided ourselves on doing voluntarily what other schools have to do compulsorily. It is the foundation attitude that builds High Spirit. It is our strong expectation that our students wear full school uniform at all times. Students need to get used to the dress codes that apply in the corporate and government world. I have had occasion to remind many boys to tuck in their shirts, button their collars and pull up their ties. Teachers are asked to assist in reminding boys of their obligations. Repeat offenders should have negative consequences applied to them. Feel free to email the Deputy Principals or me with the names of boys you have reminded at least twice before about their school uniform. We will be happy to invite them to early morning meditation sessions at school to contemplate the efficacy of their persistent non-compliance.

The Raffle for the Library
Now is the time to launch into Spring fundraising. Families have been sent a book of tickets each. There is plenty of time for all 1200 books to be sold by December. I urge boys, staff members, Old Boys and parents to get behind our raffle. Take a book of tickets yourself to sell to your friends or at a local community event. Get in the draw for the prizes or the cash for ticket sellers. If you have bright ideas about where raffle tickets for such a worthy cause may be sold, contact the school or our fundraising coordinator, Valda Roser. Let's keep in mind what a wonderful school asset we are going to build through our cooperative efforts!
Dr K Jaggar

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From the Library

Students and Staff
We have available in the Library a very good resource relating to fiction and English where boys are able to obtain lists of fiction reading that relate to particular units of study., i.e. if your class/year is undertaking a unit on Adolescence, Childhood, Good and Evil etc. there is a list of fiction reading that relates to that subject. We cannot guarantee that every book will be in our Library, but most fiction will be accessible from local libraries.
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From Drama

Year 12 Drama successfully completed the practical component of their Drama HSC on Friday August 27. The performances were greatly enhanced by the use of the lighting and the opportunity to develop and refine their performances in an equipped and upgraded Drama space.

Thank you Dr Jaggar and the Executive for your support in providing Drama with the lighting and curtaining which has transformed Room 204.

Year 12 would also like to thank Ron Goldstein for giving up hours of his time to help set up the lights and the Year 10 and 11 students, Yeou-Kang Shaw, Kevin Kim, Steven Tran, Vincent Ng, Arun Skariah, Chuanji Yong, and Toby Chan who were an impeccably behaved and enthusiastic audience. Simon Zevin from Year 11 Drama as the lighting technician was invaluable in working with each Year 12 Drama Student to create their vision of the completed performances.

A special thank you to Neil Patterson our General Assistant who as usual was of great assistance.
Colleen Walles
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Year 12 Parent Get Together

We hope to organise an informal post HSC dinner/drinks at a venue close to the school during Schoolies Week in November. Preliminary numbers are needed. After 6 years of High functions this is one just for you!! Please let us know if you are interested in coming.

Call Paul or Maree Girdler on 96607173, 0402 113 600 or 0402 113 200
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Great Winter Sports Gear Round Up

  • Footy boots too small?
  • Don't need the headgear?
  • Any used footy boots, socks, shorts, shin pads, shoulder pads or head gear can be added to our clothing pool to assist players.

Please return to Mr Stein in PDHE
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Working Bee

The P & C
& Environment Committee







Parents, students, friends of Sydney Boys High School

Please come along with your shovels, spades, secateurs, wheelbarrows brooms gloves etc.

We are hoping to complete work on the CANTEEN COURTYARD to have it ready for final planting. No gardening experience is necessary. Participating students can put their efforts towards the awards scheme.

Morning Tea will be supplied

See you there.

Paul Girdler
Marcia Shepherd

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Year 7 Parents Social Evening

The Year 7 Parent Group are planning a Social evening for the end of Term 3.

When: Friday night 24th September, 2004 (last day of term 3)

Venue and time: Restaurant to be determined - watch this space!

RSVP by email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Friday 17th September, 2004.
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High/Scots Invitational Carnival
Conditions at the carnival last Saturday were absolutely perfect for the athletes. Our team showed up in numbers and recorded some very pleasing results.

Leading the way in the 1500m and the 3000m, Paul Watzlaff (Opens) is starting to come into his own with some very good runs against strong opposition. Paul came first in the 3000m with a competitive time of 9m19s. Roger Burrell (U16s) came1st in the shot with a put of 15m. Roger is closing in on the school record so let's wish him the best in the coming weeks. Our good form continued into the Under 16 age group with Attila Szabo (U16s) posting a competitive time of 2.08 in the 800m, Chris Tran (U16s) came 2nd in the Long Jump with 6.09 and Dakshika Gunaratna (U15s) came 4th in the same event with a jump of 5.53. It is great to see Louis Yang (U14s) posted personal bests each week.

Three junior relay squads ran for the first time and performed well. 16s, 17s and opens relay squads are expected to post competitive times this weekend in time for the GPS - the Athletics Captain will ensure this will happen. Thirteen athletes hurdled at the weekend carnival. This is an extremely hard event so very well done to all those athletes who participated. They were: Alasdair Brown, Kent Nguyen, Lachlan Street, Danny Ng, Mark Spencer, Thomas Lindeback, Dakshika Gunaratna, Andrew Reis, Joel Kamerman, Edward Pham, Jeremy Yuen, Jacob Stretton and Liam Bennett. Hurdles are an area that we will be developing in the future. Over 75 athletes participated this weekend so I apologise now for not mentioning all the great performances from our team. We need to build up our performance by getting to all the trainings and keeping up the intensity within these sessions.

Of course, Invitational Carnivals can only operate with a large number of volunteer officials. The school community and myself are very thankful for the help of parents and staff - Mr Gainford, Mr Codey, Mr Watzlaff, Mr Brown, Mr Burrell, Mr Evans, Mr Kamerman, Mr Adams, Mr Luscombe, Mrs Kaldor and Mr & Mrs Taylor. The School Captain Tom Miller with prefects Liam Bennett, Matt Shiner, Ben Friis-O'Toole, Tom Hoare, Eric Harkins, Mian Wang and Jimmy Van all gave up their Saturday to help out and we are very grateful for all their help. A special thanks to Mr Creer as he always gives his time, support and first aid expertise to High's Athletics team.

There is a Convenors Carnival at E S Marks on this Saturday (11/9/2004). We need the full team to go out and have a run, jump and a throw. This will be a very big event, as all GPS schools will be attending because Sydney Athletics centre is being used by CHS. Come, participate and support Sydney High Athletics before we go to the GPS Final on 18 September. On Monday 13 September the Athletics Assembly will take place in the Great Hall. All parents are invited to attend and sit in the first two rows of the hall.
R Devlin MIC Athletics
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Rowing Report for High Notes : 10 September 2004


Rowing has continued to 'tick over' in the off season with a range of activities and events and, most recently, the organisational warm up for the season ahead.

During Term 2 the Learn to Row Programme continued to make our sheds and equipment available to members of the public who want to give rowing a go for a small fee - thanks largely to the efforts of recent Old Boy Oliver Wilson. Sydney High was once again represented at the post season Parent's Regatta hosted by Grammar on Iron Cove. This year the enthusiastic parent crew were very ably coached by Tim Glass and coxed by Tom Mittelheuser. After a 6 week preparation they finished 3rd in the C race (yes, there was a D race) after some memorable heat races against a hefty all Dad crew from Kings.

The big off season competitive news was the selection of Joshua Scharfegger (Best Sculler in 04) in the Sydney Rowing Club Under 19 Quad Scull crew to compete at the Henley Royal Regatta in the UK. This regatta is regarded as the de facto world club championships and something of a Holy Grail for rowers - the equivalent of Lord's for cricket or Wimbledon for tennis. Josh's crew finished a very close 2nd in the final after a gruelling series of elimination races from 36 of the world's best crews. After this mighty effort, Josh went on to join the High Rifle team who were touring the UK at the same time.

Senior rowers have been sculling on both Saturday and Sunday for some time now in preparation for A and B senior selection trials. In recent weeks Year 10 rowers have started to get used to the sweep oars and bigger boats of their approaching season. While the coaching arrangements for the upcoming season are yet to be finalised, we are already most fortunate to have the services of Mark Prater and Dave Luscombe again this year to continue the great work of last season with our 1st and 2nd VIIIs.

The AGM of Sydney High Rowing was held on 3 August which brought about the retirement of many key personnel from the Rowing Committee. The simultaneous retirement of President Jeremy Glass, Treasurer Steve Mitchell, Catering Coordinator Nerida Newbigin and all round rowing stalwart, benefactor and electrical repairman John Gerofi have left an enormous hole in the organisational framework of High rowing. Each one of these former Committee members have devoted hundreds of hours of their time to support the boys. Words cannot express our thanks. We hope to see you all as regular visitors to the sheds and races - you are welcome anytime.

The new Rowing Committee consists of President - Steve Tiedgen,

Treasurer - Liz Hurrell,

Vice President - John Kaldor,

Secretary - Selim Stamati,

Roster Coordinators - Marilyn and John Mittelheuser,

Parking Coordinator - Srian Abeysuriya,

BBQ Coordinator - Josephine Hui.

One major position left vacant and requiring a volunteer urgently is that of Camp Catering Coordinator. This position, formerly occupied by Nerida, involves purchasing supplies for the senior camps and occasional liaison with Camp cooks. Please contact any member of the Committee if you enjoy shopping and your son is a senior (Year10 and up) rower.

Our first major social event of the season will be a Triple Boat Naming on the first Saturday of the next school holidays - 25th September. Retiring President Jeremy Glass, committee members Nerida Newbigin and John Gerofi will be honoured for their contributions to rowing. Year 10 coach Bronwyn Opferkuch and Rowing Master Con Barris will also be honoured in what should be a most enjoyable ceremony - beginning at 11 am at the Outterside Centre. All parents and supporters of Sydney High rowing are welcome to attend for a light luncheon and refreshments as guests of the Rowing Committee.

Finally, congratulations to Ms Opferkuch, from everyone associated with rowing, on the birth of her beautiful daughter Emma.
Steve Tiedgen for the Rowing Committee
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The cricket season is nearly upon us and over the past months and now the last few weeks I have been meeting with prospective coaches to ensure that we can provide weekly team coaching for most teams and have coaches available on Saturdays. However it is not just the coaches who are needed on Saturdays, but parents supporting their boys, and participating in team rosters throughout the season to lighten the load on those who continually put in. To be available for one or two games during the season, together with others taking a turn is not only enjoyable, but also means that your boys are well managed.

To assist this season I have proposed a Rules Interpretation night and Umpiring considerations and a Scorers Session, which will introduce "an-easy-check-list-for-scorers"

Now for some information that all players should place in their diaries to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in competitive teams.

Next Cricket Committee Meeting/Rules/Umpires and Scorers Night is to be held on TUESDAY 21 SEPTEMBER commencing at 5-30PM. (Note the earlier start.) The Rules and Scorers sessions will be held concurrently until 7:00pm and the Cricket Committee will meet from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

We look forward to a good attendance as we have guest presenters for both training sessions.
At the conclusion of the night, tea, coffee and biscuits will be available until 8:30pm. We require additional committee members and parents are encouraged to attend and help provide support for the teams for this season

The Opens Cricket Camp for those seeking selection in the First, Second and Third XIs will be held on Saturday 25 - Monday 27 September 2004 and will be a Live-In Camp at the Outterside Centre. Details of the camp are coming together and a handout (as well as website information and contacts) will be provided to all participants and nominees.

TEAM SELECTION TRIALS for Under 15s, 16s, 4th XI and 3rd XIs will be held on WEDNESDAY 15 September from 3:00pm to 5:30pm at the school nets. THURSDAY 16 September for Under 13s and Under 14s from 3:00pm to 5:30pm at the school nets A selection panel will be in attendance for the grading of players. Players are required to bring their own bats, batting gloves and protectors. In the event of wet weather Trials will be moved to the SCG Indoor Nets. Final Trials will be held on the following Wednesday 22 and Thursday 28 September.

Players are advised to visit the cricket Website www.sydneyboyscricket.info and read through the Selection Policy prior to attending Trials so that they are aware of the selection criteria for all "A" Teams in each age group. The Policy also indicates that boys who do not play in the GPS Competition Teams on Saturdays will be ineligible for selection in representative teams.

BRISBANE GRAMMAR SCHOOL is sending their Under14As and Under 15As to Sydney to play High on Saturday 4 December and Sunday 5 December. High will meet the challenge and our squad will be put into training in Mid October. HIGH Under 14As and Under 15As will travel to Brisbane in MARCH 2005 for return matches.

A YEAR 9 REPRESENTATIVE Team will travel to Melbourne in December to play MELBOURNE HIGH SCHOOL for the BARBERIS CUP, which we lost to them last year. A selected team will commence training in Mid October for the Melbourne Trip to get the Cup back to Sydney.

Players are advised to check the Website for details of a cricket Clinic to be held during the School Vacation as well as a proposed Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Course for students 16 years and over.

We are still seeking an additional 4 coaches for our junior teams on Saturdays who can provide one training session each week. A small remuneration is available to suitable Level 1 coaches. If you are interested and can assist, contact Laurie Heil via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please note a new Mobile Phone contact for all cricket enquiries on Sports days and all day Saturdays. The Mobile No 0417 497 156. The existing mobile number has been allocated to another source.
Laurie Heil MIC Cricket
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State of the Arts

Congratulations to the following musicians who received outstanding results on their recent AMEB exams.

Nevin Spoljaric Trombone Grade I
Anton Jurisevic Euphonium Grade II
Shreyas Iyer Trombone Grade III
Lachlan Deacon Trombone Grade IV
Francis Wong Trombone Grade IV
Matthew Wong (yr 7) Piano Grade V
Phil Kurts Trumpet Grade V
Jeremy Ireland Piano Grade VII

On Saturday 4 September the assembled audience was privileged to attend the inaugural Combined GPS Concert at Newington College.

Over 300 selected musicians from eight GPS schools came together in a spirit of artistic co-operation for this one fantastic performance.

The concept was warmly endorsed at a GPS Headmasters meeting as too often our schools are seen as linked only to sport whereas there are many fields of achievement in which our students can excel.

The concert was a celebration of musical excellence and commitment. It was the culmination of just a few workshops held to enhance the performance of our best musicians expressed in Concert Band, Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Stage Band and Orchestra. SHS students were involved in the Choir and the Orchestra.

The Orchestra featuring around 75 musicians, first played Matthew Hindson's 'RPM', a stirring contemporary piece, with the Composer present in the audience.

This was followed by a scintillating rendition of the 4th movement of Dvorak's Symphony No 9.

The choir was over 150 strong and created an aural treat that brought tingles to the spine with a rich mixture of both ancient and contemporary repertoire.

The choir and orchestra completed the evening with the Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah which had the audience on their feet in awe of the great musicianship. It is hoped that this opportunity can become an annual event.

These are the High boys who gave their time to be a part of this great event and enjoyed the experience of working with other GPS musicians.

Choir: Nicholas Hayes, Nathan Kwok, Daniel Vijayakumar, Chong Shao, Edward Hibbert, Daniel Guo, Tim Burston, Eric Martini, Tim Zhong, Lawrence Png
Orchestra: Savva Dobrinsky, Nick Bull, Francis Wong, Thomas Mittelheuser

Schools Spectacular 2004

'The Mask of Zorro" Marching Band
Our marching band has been asked to participate in the Schools Spectacular 2004 at the Entertainment Centre.

The rehearsals and performances will take place in the week of November 23rd - 27th.

Boys need to be available for this.

There will be a marching rehearsal late October for non marching boys.

Boys who would like to participate need to see music for an application form. Places are limited. All intermediate, senior and SWE concert band members are welcome to apply.

Music parking coming up
Keep these dates free
September 18th & 25th

String Power
Well done to the following string players who performed for the Adult Education seminar on Wednesday. (Special mention to Stephen for his outstanding question at the science lecture.)

Anthony Chau, James Kang, Victor Sirinopakul, Jack Phu, Anthony Huynh, Joon Kwon, Jeffrey Leung, Chris Jahja, Stephen Garafano, Julian Brynes and our outstanding cellist Eugene Wong
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