High Notes, Vol 5 No 25, August 13 2004

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From the Principal
Report on the 2004 IMO in Athens
Writing Competition
Parking Forum
Selection Panels
P and C Meeting
Canteen Paid Assistant
Fathers Day
SHSOBU v The School Sports day and Dinner
The Onion Bag
State of the Arts
Debating Dinner

From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our volleyball teams. In the open division High teams were undefeated premiers at the end of the season in both first grade and second grade. Our wins against Grammar are very pleasing as SGS is the only other GPS school to have taken volleyball seriously so far. Volleyball is slowly growing in status as a GPS sport. Our under 16s team qualified in the 'honours' division for the national titles in December. That result is a sign of a classy team.

Use of the Weights Room
Regular weights training for upper body and/or leg strength is a necessary part of any sportsman's preparation to compete in GPS competition. High provides an area in the gym for all boys to work on their strength and fitness. The maintenance and supervised use of the weights room are whole school responsibilities. The costs of supervision and equipment leasing are borne by the sports budget. All sports groups are paying for the facility. Individual sports will no longer be responsible for rebates. Teams wishing to use the weights room can do so without charge as long as qualified supervision is arranged. The school will provide such supervision via Ignite Health for the casual rate of $2 per head per session. What we need now are more customers. Individuals sign up for a ten-week program by paying $60 to the office and getting on the register. Once they have completed a supervised training program designed to address their personal needs, they can get the details signed off by the weights room supervisor and claim a $30 rebate from the office. Those who do not complete the program (unless excused by illness or injury) do not qualify for the rebate.

New Website operational
John Fittler has worked hard negotiating with DET to allow us to host our own website. It is now up and running on our own server. The layout work and data transfer has been done by Old Boy David Isaacs, our resident webmaster. Our data are two years old. I urge all Head Teachers program managers, parent sub-committee members or MICs to log on to our website and go to the pages that they are responsible for contributing to. Highlight any sections of the text that need to be updated and copy them. Open MS word and create a new file. Edit -paste onto the new file. Copy the section again in the new file. Amend one of the sections. Email the file as an attachment to David Isaacs on Groupwise. He can then readily update the particular web page. Our aim is to allow editing rights to responsible program managers and they will be able to update their own pages.

Years 11 and 12 general service contributions
At this stage of the year we have had our usual great response from most years. I have to say that I am disappointed at the level of contributions from Years 11 and 12. These years are by far the heaviest consumers of school resources. I urge all parents not to delay making their contributions. Our four-year average compliance for full contributions is over 85%. This means that over 90% of families are making their voluntary general service contributions at least in part. I trust that 2004 will see an even greater response than usual from our senior school parents.

Sensational against Shore
The 15A rugby team is having a strong year. Their performance against Shore was very disciplined and courageous, given that they were weakened by injuries to key players. The defence near the High line was ferocious. The two sides slugged it out for the full game. There were opportunities for both sides that were not finished off. The difference between the two sides was that the Shore boys were more penetrating out wide. One missed tackle led to the only score of the game. Shore won 5-0 but there was literally nothing in it. Over at the 13As the boys were starting in their customary robust style. They were working well in the forwards to contain a bigger Shore pack. Some smart work in the backs led to several penetrating forays, keeping Shore on the back foot. The pressure was turned into points and the boys were 15-0 up at half time. They held on to win the game 20-0, proving to themselves and others that once High boys know how to play the game and have confidence in their abilities, they can succeed. The 2nd XV was weakened by supplying replacements for first grade and were overmatched against a very physical Shore fifth grade. In first grade High started very strongly as it has in its previous three games, this time not converting the pressure into early points. The Shore pack were very strong, having pushed back every scrum they have packed down against this season, according to Dr. Wright. Drew was under pressure getting the ball away from a retreating scrum with defenders coming up to the advantage line. Shore were very disciplined in the ten metre attacking zone, scoring a couple of push-over tries. Our boys started to move the ball wide, for once trusting their backline. High scored a converted try to go to half time 7-19 down. For the first 15 minutes of the second half the pattern of the game continued, with Shore on top in the forwards. Shore progressed to 38 points and seemed to have won easily. However, a great finish by High saw a fight back to 38-21 with Cameron Conway (playing his best ever game for High) held up over the line. The Shore boys were feeling the pressure and High finished very strongly. All the backs played well and Pat McDonnell's kick return game was very good. It was certainly the best performance by a back line that I have seen at High.

Second grade soccer was weakened by sending two replacements up to first grade. There are a handful of Year 10 boys in the team, gaining experience. Jeremy Luscombe of Year 9 made his debut in open company and acquitted himself well. The boys tried hard but were outclassed on the day. Who would be a first grade Soccer coach? After dropping our bundle at Newington, we had two key players on suspension. I thought our season was over. Playing in front of their home crowd at McKay the boys lifted and played some of their best attacking soccer of the season. Matthew Shiner had another great game in goal. Ali Alsamail came to play, scoring some good goals and Mischa Steen harassed the defence in his usual tireless fashion. The Shore boys were awarded a penalty and took it well but that was one of only three or four genuine chances that they had in the game. Our boys were creative in attack and scrambled well in defence to record a very satisfying 4-1 victory.

Debating on a roll
Last Friday SBHS hosted Newington for the third round of the GPS debating season. I saw a very lively 7A debate on the subject: 'that the internet hinders school education'. Christian Katsikaros, Christopher Evans and Stephen Garofano were affirmative. They talked about the choice overload, complexity and lack of accuracy of internet information. They asserted that students were confused and could not make reliable judgements about material they discovered. They complained about the plagiarism that becomes an overwhelming temptation to procrastinating boys. Newington countered with a catchy line: 'the world wide web prepares you for the wide world ahead.' They relied on the ease, convenience and time saving arguments and outlined various useful IT skills that would be used in later life. Our boys alluded to the fact that most of these skills were not taught in schools but acquired at home. They needed to make the point that schools were seen to be becoming obsolete and that perception was hindering their effectiveness in some areas of education. It was not the happiest topic to be given affirmative to argue and the Newington boys did enough in rebuttal and establishing the future application of skills angle to be awarded the debate.

In first grade High was opposing the proposition: 'that parents should have the right to screen their embryos for genetic disorders'. Newington proposed that the screening process was not unlike using ultrasound or other tests to determine if an embryo (defined as 0-12 weeks) had a disorder such as spina bifida or multiple sclerosis. They felt that parents then had the right to decide to terminate before this 'life' became a 'human life' with rights. Tanvir Ahmed was scathing in his rebuttal. He accused the affirmative of doing what's best for potential children by killing them. The negative argument was that human life is degraded when 'pick and choose' parents can allow only certain embryos to become children. Daniel Wodak attacked the idea of the affirmative creating a 'crypto-Nietzschean' world order. Gabriel McManus focused on the moral and monetary costs of the screening process. It was a very polished performance, arguably the best team effort I have witnessed in GPS debating by any High team. They won well.
Dr K Jaggar
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Report on the 2004 IMO in Athens

The 45th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), which was held in Athens this year, ran from the 9th to the 18th of July. Coincidentally, Athens is also the host city of the 2004 Olympic Games. I was selected as part of the Australian IMO team which consisted of six students. four of us were from NSW while the rest were from Victoria.

Prior to the competition, the team arrived in Rome on 3rd July for preparations. Apart from fine tuning our exam techniques, the stay also gave us time to adjust to the grilling summer and the eight hours time difference. We stayed at the Pensionato San Paolo, a popular motel for tourist groups. Our practice exams were done at the Roma Tres University. The Schedule involved a 4.5 hours practice exam in the morning and a free afternoon for rest and some sightseeing. We visited the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the Trevi and other various fountains. We did set foot in the Vatican but sadly didn't have the chance to get a closer look at St. Peter's Basilica. We learnt pieces of history as we stepped through these landmarks and the general preserved areas from the Renaissance period. Our team leader left us for Athens a few days earlier to attend the Jury meetings in which the exam papers were finalised. We left Rome for Athens on the 9th, and checked in at the newly built, 4-stars, President Hotel. We were stripped of our mobile phones and any other forms of communication to prevent our leader from contacting us (they have already seen the exam paper at this stage). The opening ceremony was held on the 11th at the Athens Concert Hall. There were speeches by the President of the IMO Advisory Board and the Prefect of Athens (equivalent to a mayor). In his speech he made sure that everyone knew about Greece's heroic (yet highly fortunate) triumph in the European Soccer Championship. The ceremony also included a "parade" of each team walking onto the stage, the highlight being the Mexicans and their enormous hats. There were musical performances of ancient Greek instruments Hydraulis (some variation of an organ) and Chalkeophone (cymbals). The proceedings concluded with some lively Greek traditional dances with fancy costumes. It was a good presentation of the Greek culture.

The actual competition took place over the next two days. It featured two papers of 4.5 hours, each having three questions. Each question was worth seven marks. I'm sure you can all work out that it comes to a grand total of 42. Some teams liked to get over confident right after the exam by boasting that they got 42, and made us feel bad. Well there is always the good old New Zealanders to look down on. We decided to get our minds off it by catching a movie, Spiderman 2. Luckily it was in English with Greek subtitles.

During the next three days, various excursions were organised for us. We visited the Greek parliament where the Prime Minister made a warm welcome speech. We also had a brief look at the outside of the Olympic installations and made trips to landmarks such as Sounio (the temple of Poseidon), Mycene (setting of the Trojan War), Fortress of Palamidhi and Epidaurus (an ancient Greek theatre). The highlights included the amusing acts (ranging from reciting poems to singing drinking songs) performed by various tour guides and students on this ancient stage. While we are out having fun, our leader and deputy leader were going through our papers and scavenging every mark they could. They then discuss (to put it nicely) with the official coordinators in order to reach an agreed score for each question.

At the same time there were plenty of opportunities for us to meet other teams. We mixed better with the English speaking teams, namely the Kiwis and the Irish. Our accommodation lived up to its 4-stars reputation, but a few leaks were found, as shown by the rooftop pool one night. The top few floors were partially flooded and the sight of water shooting out of some bathrooms resembled those in the movies. The hotel management staff did well to fix the situation by the next day. Another interesting moment was when the New Zealanders snuck up and cheekily said:"We would like to express our deepest condolences to the Australians on the loss of the Bledisloe Cup." Laurie Field replied in an innocent yet spiteful tone: "the WHAT?" "The Bledisloe Cup, the rugby." "So .... what's your point?" The Kiwis were dumbfounded by his lack of rugby knowledge, but there is an obvious explanation: Laurie is from Grammar.

After three days of coordination, the results were finally decided. Approximately half of the 500ish contestants received a Bronze Medals or better, one quarter received Silver Medals or better, and one twelfth received Gold Medals. Those who did not get a medal but solved one question completely received an Honourable Mention. This year Australia received one gold, one silver, two bronzes and one Honourable Mention. On the unofficial ranking, Australia was 27th out of 85 countries (New Zealand was 58th). I was awarded a Gold Medal with the score of 32 out of 42. On 17th July my medal was presented to me by the Prefect of Athens at the closing ceremony. Unfortunately they did not have those nice platforms to stand on while the national anthem is played. Still it was quite an honour to received one of only 45 Gold Medals.

There was a banquet/after party held at a golf course following the ceremony (which we won't go into too much detail about). Sadly we had to leave the beautiful city the next morning, to catch our 20+ hours plane trip back to Australia. This Olympiad was, overall, well organised by the Greeks; hopefully the same will happen in the Olympics. Finally I would like to thank Dr. Jaggar and the school for sponsoring this trip. The IMO was a wonderful experience with memories that will last for a life time.
Ivan Guo
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Writing Competition

Writers wanted for Writing Competition of 2004!

Students from all over Australia are invited to enter their short stories or poems and battle it out for the great cash prizes on offer. This year there is no theme!! Let your imagination run wild and write on ANY TOPIC and in ANY STYLE.

Enter online at http;/www.write4fun.net.

Entry is FREE and all entries must be in by August 31st, 2004

Only one entry per student-either a Poem or Short Story
Entries to be typed or neatly handwritten.
Poems must not exceed 16 lines and Short Stories must not exceed 500 words.
Entries must be in by 31/8/04
Entries must be the original work of the author.
Co-written entries will be disqualified.

Alternatively, mail entries to:
PO Box 8041, Bundall, Qld, 9726
FAX(07) 5510 3896
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Parking Forum

Parents have raised $143,750.00 through parking this year!
Fourteen different sporting and cultural groups plus the P&C have benefited from this income.
Can we improve on this?
What are the best strategies for parking?
Do we need fewer volunteers on some days?
What are the best ways to contact volunteers?
A special meeting for parking co-ordinators and volunteers to share ideas and review fundraising through parking.
Wednesday 18th August 7.30pm
Staff Common Room.
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I am happy to say usage of the Communities and ESL web site has doubled since last week to an average of twenty hits a day. Not all of those visitors are us: 75% are from our time zone, with another 10% being American and the rest of the world making up the full 100%.

I have rearranged items on http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/teach.html in a more logical order and added some more links that should serve mainstream teachers well as they inevitably deal with LBOTE/ESL issues in their classes.

We must be careful, I feel, that in ramping up our programming to develop higher order skills we do not overlook developmental issues and the time for reflection that is needed in order to scaffold ESL learners. For example, two new items on this teacher page are as follows:
  • ESL Support Material from the Victorian Department of Education is invaluable. Leads to material in all subject areas.
  • "Helping ESL Writers Grow" by John M. Green - originally published in Crosscurrents (Issue No. 3, January 1998), the journal of the Writing Across the Curriculum program at Salem State College. Very sound.

"Before making formal correctness our primary concern, we should help our students learn to develop, express, and organize ideas in English. To do this, we need to find the middle ground between overcorrection and undercorrection, and -- above all -- to encourage students to keep writing and growing ... Understanding the ways that second language learners develop can likewise help us determine what kinds of assistance will be useful to students at different stages. But although we have been talking about students in general terms, it is not in general terms that our students enter our classrooms and take their seats. In moving from conceptual models to specific cases, from principles of development to developing learners themselves, a great deal will depend on our own sensitivity and judgment, and on our ability to see our students as individuals." - John M. Green.
If students have high challenge with high support, they will prosper; if they have low challenge and either high or low support they will become bored; if they have high challenge and low support they will flounder. High challenge with high support requires time and flexibility.
The equivalent of this column at http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/week.html offers many more features than are possible here. It is now called "Informer: High Notes Plus!"
Neil Whitfield
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Selection Panels

Parents have an important role on panels to select new staff members for positions of Head Teacher and above. To join a panel, parents must first attend a short training course run by the local District Office. There will be two courses this year.
Two other important panels meet once per year. These Selection Panels choose new Year 7 students and new students for Years 8,9,10 and 11. Both of these panels require parent representatives and no training is required.
Any parent interested in participating in staff or student selection should contact Jeffrey Tripp - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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P and C Meeting

Wednesday 18th August 7.30 pm

There are only two meetings this term.
Join us for informative discussion ......
A lot of time and money has been spent on preparations for four new tennis courts. Can the new tennis courts now go ahead?

What will the boys use for recreational basketball?

How can we pay for all the school's requests?
Is parking to be our only source of discretionary income?

You pay $33 each year for your son to apply for membership of the Old Boys Union. After spending $198, what really happens?

Join us on Wednesday night. We will even supply tea and bikkies.
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Canteen Paid Assistant

Canteen Paid Assistant
4 days
14, 17, 21st & 24th September
6.30am - 3.pm
If interested contact
Penny or Christine
Please ring 9360 4021 to arrange paid training day as soon as possible

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to attend our
ENQUIRIES 9529 6123


From the Rugby Master's desk:
Last Saturday our 1st XV finished the game with two scintillating tries against the highly rated Shore 1st XV, whose only loss in the GPS was to Joeys a week earlier. Cameron Conway was at his attacking best taking on the line creating numerous opportunities out wide, from which Ben Mitchell and Ian Kwok posted five pointers. This will give High the perfect platform going into a classic finish to the season against Grammar. However, we will need a start like Newington, a defensive effort like Riverview and a finish like Shore to secure our first GPS win in three years. It will take concentration, commitment and courage. The characteristics Drew Hoare and his men have shown all season and Saturday will be no different.

If you enjoy watching good football, cheering for the underdog, if brown and sky blue blood course through your veins, then you need to get down to McKay on Saturday. Arrive at 9am, watch the 13s, 14s, 15s, have a delicious "High" hamburger from the barbeque, cheer the 1st XI soccer and stay for the 1st XV match at 2.55pm.

A rugby ball signed by the 1st XV will be given away at half time of the 1st XV game.
Be there, be part of the crowd.

Good luck to all teams this Saturday against Grammar.

For the record our results v. Shore were:

  • 1sts XV lost 21-38
  • 2nd XV lost 0-34
  • 3rd XV lost 0-39
  • 15As lost 0-5
  • 15Bs lost 5-29
  • 14As lost 7-37
  • 14Bs lost 0-31
  • 14Cs lost 5-20
  • 13As won 20-0
  • 13Bs lost 10-34
  • 13Cs lost 7-27

If any one is interested the Irish Schools are playing NSW Schools at Cranbrook on Sunday 15th August at 2pm. Admission free.

G Stein MIC Rugby
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The CHS Stan Jones Cup State Finals will be played August 17 and 18 at White City, Paddington. Sydney Boys High School team for this event is: Dejan Bodrozic, Brian Ly, Peter Pereira, Ivan Cevecina, David Cao

16 regions will meet to compete; the winning team will be required to play against the winners of the Catholic and Independent School on Thursday August 19.

We wish the boys the best of luck in this challenging event.

Trials for gaining a position in 1sts or 2nds Teams for the 2004-05 season will be Week 7 this term. Notice outside Visual Arts Staffroom.
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High vs Grammar


1st Grade Match Report
First Grade are still pretty stoked that they beat Grammar in three sets [unlike 2003], so much so that their report will appear next week!

2nd Grade Match Report
This was it! The most important match in the GPS fixture was ahead of High last Saturday. It was the ultimate showdown against Sydney Grammar, our only true adversary. The 2nd Grade team held high hopes and expectations, ready to go 'all out' and give it our best shot, knowing if we overcome Grammar, then we would be crowned as GPS champions [though officially only Premiers Undefeated]. Of course, 2nd grade's nail-biting five sets win last year was still lingering in our minds.

High was warmed up and fired up and went into the first set full of confidence. We were able to make some set plays and the serving generally was proficient. Our captain, Philip Yang led the way with some solid spikes and blocks, as did our Libero Alex Le with his great passing. It was a close encounter but High took the set without too much resistance.

We became exuberant and gained momentum in the second set. High's effort was helped along by Edward Leong's and David Dou's consistent serving. Grammar's downfall caused partly by their own inept passing. Once again High wrapped up the match quite comfortably.

The third set saw a sloppy start from High and thus gave Grammar a handy margin. High's problem was compounded by the lack of linesmen and unfamiliar playing positions. High played catch-up for the rest of the set, and nearly did thanks to some 'strategic' tips from Clement and impressive hitting from Kenny.

Determined not to let Grammar back into the game, High adopted an aggressive attitude and were able to capitalise on Grammar's faults. Tensions were mounting and the stakes were high. Both sides were eager to succeed but High managed it better. We gained an early lead and took the set despite repeated threats from Grammar.

It was a hard-fought match just as anticipated and High could not be more pleased with the final outcome. In the end we outplayed, outclassed and outlasted Grammar, thus proving we were the more superior team. It was good to see all our practice and training finally paid off. Thanks to all the players for contributing to the game and making it a day to remember, especially Alex and Jamie Tao.

Final scores were: 25-20, 25-15 , 23-25 , 25-20 (3:1)
David Dou

Coach's Note:
Phillip set the tone for the match with his superb jump serving in the very narrow free zone provided by the Grammar gymnasium.

With Hughoce injured, Ed was given a chance to shine as the main setter - and shine he did! His sets clearly allowed High to dominate in attacking. He was man of the match, narrowly over Phillip.

I must take some blame for the third set loss with the removal of the Libero player, but I was impressed with the way they took an eight point deficit in the early part of the set and brought it back to 23-23. A loss of concentration let Grammar back in and they took that set.

With Sam on church camp, Alex Le stepped in as Libero and provided necessary support in passing. Jamie Tao also stepped up and provided strong serving and attack shots.

Sheng, Clement, David, and Alex played consistently well, determined to make sure that Second graders would be allowed to get the line on the blazers - a rumour abounded that we had to go undefeated in order to get the line. Who would do such a thing?
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Fathers Day


We've Got the answer !!!

To add to the sense of occasion and promote school spirit in conjunction with



All products are in either school colours or have school crest
Please give your support by Pre-Ordering and Pick up from High Store
Products will be gift wrapped.

Folding Chair $50.00 Golf Umbrella $27.50 "High" Cap $20.00 = $97.50
Special $80.00 Save $17.50

Old Boys Tie $27.50 Pen $8.00 Cuff Links $15.00 Letter Opener $6.50 = $57.00
Special$45.00 Save $12.00

Pack of Playing Cards $14.00 Coffee Mug (Choice of White or Blue) $8.80 (Please indicate preferred colour on order form)
Crested Tea Spoon$ 5.50 = $28.30 Special $20.00 Save$8.30

CARSTICKERS $4.50 each
An inexpensive way to promote the school far and wide!!
Purchase one for Dad's car and one for Grandpa too.
Easy to send through the mail.

Individual items available for purchase at stated prices.

Students Name: ....................................................Class: .......................

Item to be purchased: ............................................................. How Many .......... Cost $ .......

Item to be purchased: ............................................................. How Many .......... Cost $ .......

Item to be purchased: ............................................................. How Many .......... Cost $ .......

Cheques Payable to: S.B.H.S. High Store

Type of Payment: Cheque (Payable to Sydney Boys High School) Cash

Credit Card
Card Type: Bankcard MasterCard Visa

Expiry Date: ___ / ___

Total amount paid: $__________

Card Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Cardholder's Name: ____________________________________________________
(Please print)

Cardholder's Signature: ________________________Bus. Phone: ____________

__ __ __ __ __ __ (office Use Only)Return to Index

SHSOBU v The School Sports day and Dinner


Dear Parents and Students,

Sporting activities will take place throughout the day and there is going to be a high participation rate from Old Boys and SBHS Students; the sports programme is now available for participant's/spectator's perusal. Guided School Tours and Memorabilia Displays have been organised from 5.00pm and the Dinner will commence at 6.00pm. Over 200 guests are expected to attend the Tours/Dinner and time is running out to book for the Evening's activities.

Please book NOW for the Dinner in the Great Hall from 6.00pm; a hot two course buffet with tea and coffee - $40.00 pp or $30.00 for full time students. BYO or purchase from the OBU bar. The Dinner Booking Form should be mailed/faxed before 31st August. Organise a table of 10, or come in a smaller group.

If any further information is required about the sporting events or the School Tours/Dinner, please send an e-mail to the Sports Day Organising Committee via Jeff McLachlan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone 02-9389-2393.

The MC at the dinner will be past Headmaster, Mr Bob Outterside. Special guests will include Dr. Kim Jaggar, SBHS Principal, and various distinguished visitors. The emphasis of the Evening will be INFORMALITY. We guarantee an entertaining evening for all members of the SHS extended family.

The deadline for payment is 31st August 2004.

SHS & OBU SPORTS DAY & DINNER - Saturday 11th September 2004

Given Name: _____________________________ Surname: ___________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Accompanied by:
Given Name: _____________________________ Surname: ___________________________________________

Please seat me/us with: _____ Year Group or on Table Name: __________________

I enclose payment for ______ Adults @ $40.00 pp ______ Students @ $30.00 pp Total: $________________

By: Cheque payable to SHS OBU or by Credit Card - Amex Bankcard Mastercard Visa

Credit Card Number: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Cardholder's Name: ________________________________________________Expiry Date: _________________

Signature: ____________________________________ Contact Phone: __________________________________

Mobile: _____________________ email: _______________________________

Post Payment and Booking Form to:
Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park,
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

OR By Fax to 02-9389-4274
(Booking Form and credit card payment)

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The Onion Bag

High V Shore
2nd Grade 0-3
High second grade again fought hard but were comprehensibly beaten by a fitter and stronger side. Shore began strongly and put High under a great deal of pressure with a string of corners which finally brought dividends for Shore in the tenth minute. Poor marking left a Shore player with a free header and he connected with it perfectly to send it flying into the net. High battled but failed to really trouble the Shore defence in the first half. After half time High played a much more direct game and began to put pressure on the Shore backline, however Shore capitalised on High pushing forwards and scored two counter attack goals by attacking quickly down the flanks. It has been a season of learning for the Second Grade players who have conceded a great deal to their opposition in speed, size and fitness.

1st Grade 4-1
Scorers: Alsamail 2, Lung,
First Grade ran onto the Main Oval determined to avenge last weeks defeat at Newington despite having two players out due to suspensions. Alsamail made it evident he was going to run the show and soon had High on the front foot with his running and by taking the Shore defenders on. Shore did not seem to know what had hit them as High pressed forwards and were soon 2-0 up.
The second half started much the same as High pushed attack after attack at Shore and when Lung fired in from 20 yards it seemed it was all over. But credit to Shore they lifted and started to play some very adventurous football putting Shiner under intense pressure in the High Goal. A number of top class saves including a superb one handed fist from a well struck free kick kept Shore out. They did snatch one but High soon restored their three goal cushion. Shore had many chances but could not find the finish with the ball often passing agonisingly past the wrong side of the post and when they did find the target Shiner stood firm.

It ended at 4-1 although how Alsamail failed to finish with a hat trick is hard to imagine in a game where each side had the chances but it was High who stuck them away and Shore will rue the opportunities they had to stay in the game. Another success on the Main Oval but it will need an extra special performance this week to stay unbeaten at home this season as High play hosts to the run away premiers, Grammar who have a 100% record this season and are looking to be crowned Champions

GPS Results Round Four

1st Grade
Grammar 3-0 Riverview 0
HIGH 4-1 Shore
Kings 2-2 Scots
Newington 1 Joeys 0

2nd Grade
Grammar 0-0 Riverview
HIGH 0-3 Shore
Kings 4-1 Scots
Newington 1-0 Joeys

This week's Fixtures
Joeys V Kings
Scots V Newington
Shore V Riverview

High Next Fixture
Grammar (H) 14th August

A good start with a well set up early goal to High turned into a tense struggle to be one all at half time. Both teams had chance to take the lead but in the end the pressure got to High and they went down to Shore 2-1.

Great team play led to an easy win over Shore with even the backs scoring goals. Goals to Vasadni, Taylor, Lindeback, Simpson & clean sheet to Street. Thanks to the rugby cheer squad for your support. High won 4-0.

Quote of the Week Part 1
"Money isn't the issue. Picking the right players is the issue. It could be a very interesting season because Chelsea have a new manager, while myself and Arsene Wenger are becoming the old fuddy-duddies of the league."
Fergie tries to wind up new Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.

High 14C won 11-0
The High 14Cs won 11-0 against SHORE on a perfect Saturday afternoon. Once again, they played a fast, attractive and exciting brand of soccer. George Lo increased his total to 13 goals by getting yet another hat trick. High led by 3 goals to nil at half time. They blitzed the Shore goal in the second half and thumped in eight goals to bring the full time score to 11-0.
The Shore boys tried very hard but they were just blown away. The scorers were George Lo (3), Daniel Vijay (3), Charles (2), Adrian (2) and Alex (1). The defence was rock solid with superb performance from Cary, Ryan, Toby and Nathan. Josh was again outstanding in midfield. Peter, Ben Lee and Aswin provided the thrust and penetration in attack and as utility. A fantastic win. Well done 14Cs! Bring on Grammar.

16C W 4-0
High started the game with all the possession, and Shore had no idea what hit them. Numerous shots either hit the crossbar or were well saved by their keeper, until Francis was finally able to put our first away. Following this however, the captain Augustine was forced from the game, and High lost some of their concentration. Late in the half, we were awarded a penalty and Kevin Ho stepped up and calmly put it away. This spurred on the lads, and with only seconds remaining in the half, Jason Lu got his name on the scoresheet as well. The second half continued just as before with Arghya seeing very little of the ball between the sticks at the other end, and with 5 minutes remaining in the game, he came on as forward. We were only able to add one more in the second half, however, it would surely be a challenger for goal of the year by Kelvin. And so the game finished 4-0, when it could have as easily been even more! Man of the match was Francis.

Quote of the Week Part 2
"If you go back a few months in the Champions League, Porto, with 10% of United's budget, beat them. So he's absolutely correct. Money buys players but not a team."
Mourinho responds.

16D 5-1
The 16Ds were coming from the back of two losses and desperately needed some more wins before the season ended. The team answered beautifully with a game plan focused exclusively on attack, as the team had great confidence in our hero keeper Victor Wei keeping the team out of trouble.
We scored within the first five minutes as a beefed up and impressive mid field played with confidence. It was very shattering to unfortunately be scored against in an apparent own goal bungle by one of the backs.
We were determined to move on and get on with the game however, and proceeded to score two more before half time.
Throughout the entire 2nd half 16ds dominated and restricted Newington to only about five instances where they were able to have a decent run at our own goals in the second half.
Newington seemed more composed in the second half in their backline by adding another defender to their defence but it was only able to hold on for so long before we scored two more goals.
Michael Zhou was especially solid in defence and even former keeper for the first half of the season Adrian was able to make some nice runs and challenges.
Some quality through balls by Anthony, sharp
sprints down the wings by Andrew and excellent
finishes by John provided a very entertaining and fun game to watch.

5th Grade Match Report
High v Shore
1-0 (Bishoy)

Numbers were tight as High were missing several influential attackers, and illness had struck down sweeper Kon Moltchanski. With exactly eleven players, High knew it was going to be a tough match.

Many watched on, including our very own Mr Dowdell, as High put in a showpiece Otto Rehhagel would be proud of. It was a tenacious blood and guts performance as High battled for every inch on Moore Park West.

Peter Loi led by example as High drove Shore into their own half and kept them there for the entire game. High challenged fiercely for every ball and came out evidently on top. A pinpoint pass from inspirational Captain Leung still left Bishoy with plenty to do- but our Egyptian star cheekily flicked the ball past his marker before unleashing a brilliant curler to put High with a goal to the good.

The first half was called to an early close by the ref due to the fact he arrived late. And he forgot his whistle.

Gritty performances were put in by High's players. Both George and Pavan pulled off some entertaining slow-motion nutmegs, and Adam in particular toyed with Shore with some nifty footwork. Pat and Alex were immovable in defence and Willie continued to stake his claim in both the Golden Boot and Glove charts.

Ilya came close to doubling the advantage and Ho came even closer with another shot flying inches wide. Robert tried his luck with a fizzing drive but High was a happy to keep our clean sheet. High defended from the front with Ho, Bishoy and Adam unshy of relentless tackling. Credit goes to all players who came out and fought so well for their team, and triumphed against the odds.
Alex Kelly

CONTACT: Match reports, etc This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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State of the Arts

From the Music Committee
Saturday 7th August was a special day for Sydney High Music - we had our first ever "Soup and Jazz" Cabaret night and judging by all the fabulous feedback it won't be the last!
The boys excelled themselves, the quality of all the bands was outstanding and believe it or not we had the dance floor full during the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Stage Band sets.
The evening started casually with the Trumpet Trio, Dixieland Band and Year 8 Rock Band setting the mood as parents and friends warmed themselves with some delicious home made soups and fresh bread rolls.
The cabaret theme continued and we listened to some great swinging numbers from the Symphony Orchestra and Senior Wind Orchestra, Simon Chadwick and Co's jazz pieces and the SBHS Busking Team.
Throughout the night we were enthralled by a couple of dancers who twirled themselves across the stage and around the dance floor... they were everywhere.
A wonderful atmosphere was developing and by the time we got to the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands, they had us hooked.
Not only did we have a fantastic night but funds raised will go towards the 2005 Italy Music Tour.
Thank you to the SBHS Music Staff, Parents for making soup and plates of nibbles, Music and Tour Committees for turning the Great Hall into an atmospheric Cabaret venue (without the smoke) and the Boys for playing such great music.

What a memorable night!
Wendy Bull
President of Music Committee

New rehearsal Schedule
Wednesday morning is now free of all senior classes and sport practice so the Senior Boys can participate in the music ensemble program.
The new times for the Senior Bands are:

7.15am Senior Stage Band
8.00am Senior Winds
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Debating Dinner

WHEN: Saturday 11th September 2004

WHERE: The Outterside Centre, Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

TIME: 6:00pm for drinks 6:30 pm for dinner

COST: $30 Please pay at the SBHS Office

DRESS: School uniform and blazer

All debating boys and families are invited to attend our annual dinner to celebrate SBHS debating achievements for 2004


Payment may be made at SBHS Office by cash, cheque or credit card.

Please complete the following:


Roll Class:

No. of tickets at a cost of $30 each

Method of payment: Cheque_________ Cash__________ B/Card______________ M/Card_________ Visa___________

Name on Card_______________________________ Expiry date_________/_________

Card No. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Amount $_______________________ Signature_________________________________
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