High Notes, Vol 5 No 23, July 30 2004

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30 July 2004

From the Principal
MS Readathon
Nominations for Old Boys' Prize
From the Charities Committee
Debating Families
Year 8 Family Get-Together
From Science
The Onion Bag
State of the Arts
SHSOBU v School Sports Day and Dinner

From the Principal

Collection of Reports
There still remain some uncollected reports from Semester 1. Parents are urged to ask their sons for reports if they have not seen one yet. We have endeavoured to catch up with all of the stragglers this week so I hope that all families have received these important documents.

The Plain English Speaking Award State Final
Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the state final of the Plain English Speaking Award at the Powerhouse Museum. Daniel Wodak was one of 6 finalists chosen from a pool representing 400+ secondary schools in NSW. The Cranbrook contestant spoke about 'crossroads' using a Woody Allen quote about life's path choices towards death or despair. A third road of equality was argued for. The Shore finalist spoke very amusingly about 'Officeworks solutions' as a metaphor illuminating the difference between truth and 'spin' in life. The Camden High School speaker investigated the area 'drugs' from the perspective of harm minimisation. Daniel's speech "The unbearable lightness of reason" was a sophisticated analysis of the social tendency to prioritise the trivial at the expense of the profound or the worthy. In her second final, the St Paul's Grammar student exposed the parallels of indecency in the US interventions in the affairs of others from Japan to Vietnam to Iraq. The final speaker from Sydney Grammar discussed 'the beauty of blame' and the political tendency to shift or avoid it. At the end of the first round I had Shore leading from High and Grammar. All the finalists had 3 minutes to prepare a 3 minute speech on the topic 'Stay in Touch' and were heard in the same order. We heard about reality TV shows and their popularity compared to news, making us out of touch. There was an argument for keeping the HIV-AIDS issue as one the world had to stay in touch with. There was an expose of politicians out of touch with the people - Latham on Big Brother, Costello and a snake on Kerri-Ann. We had a clever account of our propensity to be out of touch with reality. One raised a question of propaganda and truth with a discussion of Michael Moore's documentaries. We were finally exhorted to stay in touch with our intellects and to think. All the approaches worked but I felt Daniel's was a little better than the boys from Shore and Grammar. The judges awarded the overall contest to Ben Jenkins of Shore. It was a very enjoyable morning. Daniel was a most worthy finalist.

Resolute at Riverview
In overcast, cool weather punctuated by scurry rain, the 14A and 15A rugby boys got a lesson in power play in the land of the giants. Despite the shock and awe tactics employed against us our boys played better in the second half and showed that even these seemingly unbeatable machines from across the river could make mistakes and panic, just like us. However, we could not make them pay for it, the way they did to us. Our boys need to come up quickly in defence and commit a shoulder and body weight to their tackles. Both sides were outclassed. Back down at the soccer field the second grade struggled for possession in the first half but the only score was a dipping Riverview long shot that hit the top right hand corner of the timber and was deflected straight down. In the second half the lack of possession stopped a possible comeback with few chances created. Tim Neville was finally caught in a one on one to put the game beyond doubt. It seemed a sluggish performance from a closely marked, frustrated High team.

In first grade the typical scenario at Riverview games appeared - a goal fest. Atypically, we got away with a win - the first team to beat Riverview at home for 5 years at least! It was a very free flowing match that seemed to be played a lot more on the 'floor' than in the air, not like what we have seen in recent matches. Riverview scored first and the goals kept coming at regular intervals. It was an exciting game with great goals from Mischa Steen (2) who bounced back to great form, Mr Header (Warren Logge) and Tom Lung. The stand out performance for me was Matthew Shiner in goal. He made a one hand reflex save and a two-legged dive to deflect a shot. Both these balls were struck well at point blank range. There were several other high quality plays that really lifted our team. I thought Sen Mitsuji showed better vision by putting some long balls onto feet and directing traffic. Overall, the boys really rose to the occasion.

Our second XV played Ignatius 5th grade. Last year the Ignatius 5ths rolled our second grade by 50 points. Despite this history, our boys played like they thought they were going to win. What is even more commendable is that they did! It was a very entertaining contest of fluctuating fortunes played in persistent light rain. Our boys chose some good kicking options in the right moments and tackled with great commitment throughout the match. I was very proud of their efforts.

On our return from the soccer afternoon tea, it was suggested I take a picture of the scoreboard: High 6 Riverview 5 (after 20 minutes). It was impressive that the boys started full on as they did against St Josephs. Conditions were slippery and handling was always going to be an issue. It was a day for forwards and short passes. Despite a couple of scores against them High were right in the game at half time. The forward pack was tight and the breakaways were getting to the breakdown to put pressure on possession by Riverview. There was a 5-minute period when our focus was not as intense. Two mistakes led to turned over possession and a subsequent try that sealed the game for St Ignatius. It was an enjoyable game and another encouraging performance from our team.

English Extension Information Evening
A large number of students and parents attended our inaugural information evening for intending Extension 1 and 2 students. Hosted by Ms Ross (acting HT), the evening commenced with the playing of a video made by an HSC high achiever. It demonstrated the depth, sophistication and technical mastery needed to attain Band E4 in Extension 2. Mr Pearson outlined the Preliminary and HSC courses and explained the requirements of independent research and extended text writing with editing and re-drafting. Ms Walles provided a detailed investigation of the Extension 2 course. She then explained the structured monitoring process that the English Department intends to use for this year's candidates. Several questions from the floor were answered. The audience was invited to browse through some examples of Band E4 Extension 2 projects that former students had brought with them for the evening. The function was well received. Ms Ross and her staff deserve praise for taking a much needed initiative to demystify stage 6 English.
Dr K Jaggar
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MS Readathon

From 21st June this year students have been invited to participate in the 2004 MS Readathon via applications available outside the School Library. Students need to complete their reading list, collect sponsorship money and send in their returns after July 30th. For further information call 1300 655 415 or visit www.msreadathon.org.au.
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Nominations for Old Boys' Prize

An important Note to Year 12 and 11

The Old Boys' Prize is an important Prize given to a Year 12 student every Speech Night. Voting for this prize needs to take place before Year 12 do the Trial HSC exams.

Year 11 and Year 12 students are invited to nominate ...

A boy who was "not necessarily first in sport, not necessarily first in scholarship, but certainly first in the hearts of his fellows"

Nomination [must be a year 12 student]

Nominator [can be Year 11 or 12]

Nomination forms must be returned to Ms May ROOM 305 by WEDNESDAY 3 AUGUST
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From the Charities Committee

Youth Challenge Australia (YCA) supported by University of Technology Sydney are advertising for "International Volunteer Positions" for youth; minimum age 18 at the start of their program. The volunteer youth participants assist on overseas community development projects in Guyana, Costa Rica and Vanuatu and in conjunction with Australian Volunteers International in India, New Guinea and the Philippines. For more information phone (02) 9514-5512 or visit www.youthchallenge.com.au
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Debating Families

The annual debating dinner will be held on Saturday 11th September at The Outterside Centre, Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford. We will meet for drinks at 6:00pm and the dinner will commence at 6:30pm. Boys must wear full school uniform including blazers. The dinner is a celebration of the boys' debating achievements this year and we look forward to seeing all parents and boys on this occasion. Please note this event in your diaries. There will be more information in the coming weeks.
Megan Morgan

Keep up with the latest news re SBHS debating!
Visit the SBHS DEBATING WEBSITE: www.debating.rexlibris.net

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Year 8 Family Get-Together

Sunday 22 August, 2004
12.30 - 3.30 pm
Village Green, Bicentennial Park, Homebush

(Enter from Australia Avenue. Park beside the Information Centre, or drive on to the next Car Park area on the left, at Village Green itself)

It will be a great way for Year 8 parents to meet on a social level and a fun day for the boys as well.

Bring your own picnic lunch including (if possible) a plate of something to share, rugs, chairs, ballgames and anything else you can think of. Christine is kindly providing disposable plates and cups.

Christine Vijayakumar & Barbara Taylor
On behalf of the Year 8 Parent Group

Please RSVP by 16 August
to Christine 9746 2258
or Barbara This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0410 268 444
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High Notes Mailing List
If you would like to be added to the High Notes mailing list for a reminder that High Notes are available on the website, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

From Science

Forensic Science Camp, Armidale
On the morning of 1 June I was joined by 179 campers; each and every one of them was like me, interested in forensic science. We were all part of the TAS (The Armidale School) force and ready to solve our first "mock" crime. We broke up into groups of four and went off to headquarters to confront our first piece of evidence. Over the next few days the crime solving was intense and the labs were being used to their capacity. DNA tests were run, objects were dusted for finger-prints, fibres were being analysed, e-mails for warrants and the like were being sent, and everyone was getting involved.

There were many different cases, missing persons turned murder, arson, kidnapping, assassinations, break and entering, it was all there. The evidence we received came by the bucket load and there were some clever red herrings thrown in here and there. Yet by the fourth and last day of crime solving we cracked it and received an arrest warrant to take Mrs. Daisy Smith into custody, for the kidnapping and 1st degree murder of Mr and Mrs Knight. Still the fight wasn't over, the trial for conviction was to be held the next morning.

The court started and as leading prosecution barrister it was my job with four others to use the evidence to convict Mrs Daisy Smith. The court case took three hours and when the court adjourned even the judge was exhausted. Now was the wait for the Jury to make its decision. As it turned out we won.

Although I was the only person going that I knew, friends weren't hard to come by and soon I had many new ones. The camp was as much social as scientific and on some nights we had big social events, on others we had a quiet night of pool or playing cards in the cabin. The camp was a great experience and has stimulated my interest for forensics much further. I greatly recommended the camp for any future Year 8 interested in forensics and hope it will be as interesting and as much fun for you as it was for me.
Daniel Campion Year 8
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Cabaret Night
We have our cabaret night on 7th August. There will be food wine and dancing. So all you secret twinkle toes, book now. Organise a table of staff. Normal price $15 - only $8 for staff members (to cover catering costs).


From the Rugby Master's desk:
A dull, misting day greeted the High teams that travelled to St Ignatius last Saturday. In recent times Iggy's have become the toughest junior sides to play. They are usually big and well drilled, with the experience of several years of prep school and junior rugby behind them. I remember my first 13s side were beaten 66-0 by Riverview. Having said that, once again our players displayed the characteristics that are synonymous with High rugby - "Just have a go" and "Never give up". Some of the many highlights from the weekend were:

The 14Cs 29-5 win over Iggy's 14Fs. Last year our 13Cs lost 0-75 to Iggy's 13Es.

The gallant 13As lost 0-12. They surprised their opponents, who have swept all before them, with High's determination keeping Iggy's scoreless in the second half.

Oliver Taaffe's 90m intercept try in the 3rd XV game. Oliver ran metres from the touch line with three defenders chasing him the whole way, finally touching down under the posts making his run a 115m. effort. Well done, Oliver.

The 2nd XV 13-12 win over Iggy's 5th XV. It was a very gutsy performance from every High player, repelling wave after wave of attack late in the game as Iggy's threw everything they had at High for the win.

The 1st XV were again superb. They played themselves to a standstill and a standing ovation at the conclusion of the game.

Congratulations to Mr Gifford who had made important selection decisions for the St Ignatius game based on principles of honour and integrity. The 1st XI soccer team responded by defeating Iggy's 4-3, which according to their Headmaster was the first loss suffered by the Iggy's 1st XI on that ground since making the switch from the upper field.

For the record our results v. St Ignatius were:
  • 1sts XV lost 6-22
  • 2nd XV won 13-12
  • 3rd XV lost 14-30
  • 15As lost
  • 15Bs lost
  • 14As lost 0-61
  • 14Bs lost 5-31
  • 14Cs won 29-5
  • 13As lost 0-12
  • 13Bs lost 7-29
  • 13Cs lost 0-42

In three weeks time we play our final game at McKay against Grammar. It is the last chance the Year 12s have to lead the High spectators in support of High soccer and rugby. Let's make it a day to remember. It would be an incredible sight to have a chanting, cheering and singing crowd of 500+, dressed in brown and blue for the first grade soccer and rugby games. Organise a group, bring your girlfriends, bring your parents, bring a friend who doesn't play rugby and inspire them to play next year, bring your High spirit and make McKay shake.

Good luck to all teams this Saturday against Newington.
G Stein
MIC Rugby

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Sydney High Volleyball Report
24th July

First Grade vs Scots College

The first game of the term was against the boys from Scots. High wanted to regain some sort of form after the team went through the holidays without any training sessions.

High tried to gain dominance through some heavy serving and it worked for most of the set, but some sloppy plays by High gave away some easy points. High took the first set without much resistance.

The lack of training paid its price in the second set, some inaccurate passing and weak attacks gave the Scots boys more confidence to set a few attacks of their own. High regained some of the form of the previous term where they didn't drop a set, with Terry Ly leading the way with some great jump serves. High took the set away from Scots.

The third set saw High back into their usual aggressive stance, limiting Scots to a score below 10. Again High came away with a desirable result and is again building up to the final match against Grammar.

This week High is looking to build on the current form with a good win against Riverview next Saturday.

Scores were 25 - 15, 25 - 16, 25 - 9
Bill Zhang
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The Onion Bag

Riverview v High

2nd Grade 0-3
Always a tough fixture High second grade started very well. Holding a rampant Riverview with some ease in the first half with Tim Neville commanding his area behind a solid defence. The midfielders were stringing some good moves together and matching their opponents in all areas of the field.

In the second half High were defending the expected push from Riverview and created their best chance of the game. Unfortunately the ball was cleared and the subsequent move led to a tame shot slipping through Tim's hands into the net. From our kick off High left space unguarded at the back allowing a Riverview player to strike an unstoppable drive into the net off the underside of the crossbar. Chasing the game High threw extra strikers on but just could not find a way through the Riverview defence and conceded another on the counter attack. A strong performance which unfortunately pivoted on the missed chance and the soft goal.

1st Grade won 4-3
Scorers:Steen2, Lung, Logge
Yet again 1st Grade provided everyone with a game that had it all with end to end attacking and nerve tingling excitement.
Riverview opened the scoring very early on and it was a worrying sight to be one down in the first ten. Fortunately Warren Logge scrambled the ball home for the equaliser not too long after and the gutsy display by all on the field led to High enjoying a strong period dominated by Sen Mitsuji in midfield. High took the lead in front of a stunned Riverview crowd to go into the break 2-1 up.

After half time Riverview threw everything at High and scored thanks to a well worked corner. High were not to be out done however and chances kept coming until finally High went 3-2 up. Riverview still were not to be written off and again thanks to some slack marking at a long throw they pulled it back to 3-3. Matt Shiner was an inspiration in Goal for High repelling everything Riverview had as they searched for the winner. Then in the same goal as Tim Neville's earlier mistake the Riverview keeper allowed a simple shot to slide through his hands into his net. Maybe rough justice but High fought hard and held on to become the first side to beat Riverview in the GPS competition since 2001 when High won 1-0 at McKay.

GPS Results Round Four

1st Grade
Riverview 3-4 HIGH
Grammar 1-0 Joeys
Scots 2-1 Shore
Kings 3-2 Newington

Independent Cup
Quarter Final
Newington 4-2 HIGH

2nd Grade
Riverview 3-0 HIGH
Grammar 1-0 Joeys
Scots 1-2 Shore
Kings 0-0 Newington

13B L 5-0
A very disappointing result for the Bs made worse by the fact only 8 players were at the game on time and only 9 players turned up. A disgraceful turnout that let the school and the team down. The remaining players struggled to counter the numbers and were 4-0 down at half time. Riverview kindly lent High two players for the second half and High proved they could have matched Riverview if it had not been for the lack of their team mates, only conceding one more in the second half.

Quote of the Week
" Even if I am in a bad mood I have to smile and be nice to the fans"
Arsenal's Freddie Ljungberg on the hardships of being a highly-paid Premiership footballer.

Match Reports
14C L 2-1
The High 14Cs put up another very good performance despite losing 1-2 to a strong Riverview team. They conceded an early goal but Josh equalised with a superb goal direct from a corner kick. They continued to attack but then Riverview scored against the run of play.

The second half again belonged to the High team as the team kept on trying for the second goal to level the score. The closest they came to was when Josh's 40m shot struck the crossbar. George and Ben had many shots saved by the Riverview goalkeeper who incidentally was seen playing in other higher grade matches. Our boys can be proud of themselves for their effort and fighting spirit. Man of the match was Daniel Vijay. Better luck next time, guys.

14B D 0-0
The High 14Bs drew 0-0 against Riverview B.
The highlight of the game was the superb "miracle" save made by goalkeeper Arun. He dived full length to tip the ball over the bar from a point blank shot from a Riverview forward. In making the save, Arun hurt his left shoulder and had to be replaced.

13A L 3-2
A close game which High very nearly won. Goals were shared throughout the game and at 2-2 High had a dominant period when they created the chances to win but just could not find the finishing touch. Riverview then countered very quickly and unfortunately snatched the winner.

5th Grade Match Report
D 1-1

High welcomed new recruits Meng-Yu "Victor" Dong and Adam Mackenzie in place of Tony Lei and Shakir Ahmad. St Ignatius was a well organised and skilful side with quite a reputation, but High dominated proceedings with our trademark possession game . High's defence stood firm, led by Vice Captain Kon Moltchanski. Pavan Chandrala put in a solid and notable effort down the right flank. The ever impressive Peter Loi partnered Meng in running the midfield and their defensive and attacking natures complemented each other perfectly.

Robert Zhou moved out wide left to fill the gaping hole vacated by Tony Lei and produced the game's first real chance- rattling the post with a long range drive. Bishoy Eskander came agonizingly close with another effort minutes on, this time cleared off the line.

High finally had a goal to show for their possession midway in the first half. The break came when Ilya Zvedeniouk drilled home a Robert Zhou corner. Goal machine Willie Zhu was having an unusually quiet game; however he unleashed a venomous volley only to be met equally by their keeper. Ho Leung's subsequent chip came off the crossbar and it just wasn't High's day.

The second half was all one way traffic as High lay siege on the Riverview goal. Victor Dong certainly put on a dominating performance, but not enough to make a difference as he sent numerous shots wide of the mark, much to the despair of Eskander and Mackenzie who both kept up a relentless supply-line. Pat Chen's aerial dominance repelled Riverview's hopeful long ball counters as High searched for the killer goal.

However, it wasn't to be- with seconds left in stoppage time Riverview floated an awkward ball forward which left our defenders and their strikers bamboozled. Keeper Jason Kok rushed out but failed to clear which left an open goal for a dramatic equaliser. Riverview triumphed after being outplayed all game- but that's football and Newington must now face the ultimate backlash.
Kon Moltchanski

A great week's performances from the 15s who must have players pushing for a place in next years seconds as they did not lose a single fixture to Riverview which is a very unusual event against traditionally strong opposition.

Dolan Cup
With three games to go the top of the table is becoming congested as slip ups by the run away leaders the 14Cs have left quite a number of teams in a strong position. It is also nice to see all teams have now got off the mark and there are no teams left with zero points.

Golden Boot and Golden Glove
Each player needs to record goals and clean sheets on the notice board outside the VA Staffroom in order to take part in this competition. Especially goalkeepers who need to record name and team. Goal scoring seems to be the area the 14s excel in or is it because they are the only ones who remember to register their goals?!

The fixture against Newington is to be played at Centennial Park and MPW as well as at Newington. The Buchanan ground is inside the school and the Camdenville ovals are at St. Peters on May Street next to the railway line.

In the Independent Schools Cup on Tuesday High Lost to Newington 4-2 after being 3-0 down early on. A worrying result ahead of this Saturdays GPS fixture at the same venue. I am sure 1st Grade would love a really big support this week as Newington has been a field of broken dreams a number of times. So please try and be there to support them.

CONTACT: Match reports, etc. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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State of the Arts

Thank you to the parkers last Saturday: Katharine Deacon, Maureen Chadwick, Justin Chow (7) and Christina, Reuben George (9), Phillip Kurts (7) and Anne, Canying Sun, Wilson Wong (9) and Grace, David Fan (8), Matthew Wong (7) Roy Chen (7)

Dress for the Cabaret Night.
Boys are to wear school trousers, white shirt and any tie. Use your imagination- bow tie, cravat, flashing light tie.
There will be a BBQ for the boys from 5.30pm. Sausage and a drink $4.00. All students are to be at school by 5.30pm on this night.

GPS band, orchestra and choir.
The rehearsal will be on Sunday August 7th from 10.00am at Newington College. (Stanmore)
All students in SWE, Senior Stage Band and senior string players should be there.

Port Macquarie Band Tour is fast approaching. Final payments and forms need to be in to the music office. Year 10 students currently in the music program need to attend this camp as it will be a performance and mentoring camp for them. We have organised concert and workshops with schools and need complete ensembles. Forms are available from the music department.

An Invitation

Sydney Boys High
Italian Cabaret Night
'Soup and Jazz'

Featuring the Sydney High Pops Orchestra, Concert Band, and Stage Bands.

Put on your dancing shoes and sharp suits and get grooving!

Saturday August 7th 2004
7:00pm Great Hall

The ticket price includes Soup, bread roll and nibbles.
Drinks will be available to purchase.

I would like to purchase the following number tickets at a cost of $15.00 each. (early price before 2/8/04 $25 after)

____________(amount tickets) $___________total cost.

Name ________________________________

Type of Payment: Cheque___ Cash ___ B/Card___ M/Card ___ Visa___

Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___

Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Amount $______________ Signature____________________________
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SHSOBU v School Sports Day and Dinner



Students and Parents are invited to this fantastic day. The inaugural event was held on 13th September, 2003, and was an outstanding success. Sporting activities took place throughout that day and there was a high participation rate from Old Boys and SHS Students.

Students and Parents are being given this early opportunity to register their interest in being a participant/ coordinator/spectator in the sporting events, and/or attending the Dinner in the Great Hall from 6.00pm; a hot two course buffet with tea and coffee - $40.00 pp or $30.00 for full time students. BYO or purchase from the OBU bar. The Registration Form below should be completed as soon as possible to aid the planning for the events. If any further information is required about the sporting events or the dinner, please send an e-mail to the Sports Day Organising Committee via Jeff McLachlan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone 02-9389-2393. Updates will be provided via High Notes and posted on the School website www.sydneyboyshigh.com

The MC at the dinner will be past Headmaster, Mr Bob Outterside. A number of prominent sporting guests have been invited to attend and various high profile speakers will participate. Please ensure you book and pay early to avoid disappointment.
The deadline for payment is 31st August 2004.
SHS & OBU SPORTS DAY & DINNER - Saturday 11th September 2004

Given Name: _____________________________ Surname: ___________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Accompanied by:
Given Name: _____________________________ Surname: ___________________________________________

Please seat me/us with: _____ Year Group or on Table Name: __________________

I enclose payment for ______ Adults @ $40.00 pp ______ Students @ $30.00 pp Total: $________________

By: Cheque payable to SHS OBU or by Credit Card - Amex Bankcard Mastercard Visa

Credit Card Number: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Cardholder's Name: ________________________________________________Expiry Date: _________________

Signature: ____________________________________ Contact Phone: __________________________________

Circle below an event in which you may wish to participate or to co-ordinate during the day:

Basketball Cricket Debating Shooting Touch Rugby Volleyball
Chess Cross Country Rowing Soccer Tennis

Phone: _____________________ Mobile: _____________________ email: _______________________________

Post Payment and/or Registration Form to:
Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park,
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

OR By Fax to 02-9389-4274
(Registration and/or credit card payment)
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Daniel Ling B Com (UNSW), Exec MBA (AGSM)

Do you hate keeping track of creditors and debtors, preparing BAS, bookkeeping, managing payroll, and cash flow management?

Why not save your energy for your business or lifestyle improvement and let me handle your administration.

No matter how big or small your business, I can improve your efficiency. I am happy to work on site if required and charge on an hourly rate. I specialise in MYOB and can take your financial statements to trial balance, profit and loss, etc.

I also provide a number of services including:
  • Preparation of business plans
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  • Budgets and planning
  • Cash Flow monitoring
  • Creditor and Debtor monitoring and reporting

For no obligation enquiries please contact me on 9713 7251, 0414 825 265 or email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This is a paid advertisement and SBHS accepts no responsibility for the quality or performance of the product
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