High Notes, Vol 5 No 20, June 25 2004

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From the Principal

Strategic Planning Committee
At its last meeting the School Council adopted a strategic planning process proposed by Mr Harkins and amended after discussion at several meetings. The purpose of the policy is to be guided by a blueprint for strategic planning and to consider such planning as an ongoing process. The meeting passed a motion to establish a Strategic Planning Committee composed of nominees from Council constituents. I will chair the committee. It would meet no more often than once a term. The idea is that people with an interest in strategic planning might serve on the committee or have an input into its deliberations. The committee will raise areas of interest to be discussed by the School Council. Starting with the school's documents - the strategic plan 2004-6, the management plan 2004, the site development plan 2000-2010, the Sports development Plan 2004-6, the schedule of works in progress 2004 and relationships - the committee will propose modifications, insertions, deletions or corrections to existing documents or plans in progress. I am asking for two modes of input. First, we need volunteers from OBU, Staff, P & C and students to serve on the committee. Second, we need interested School family members to give us philosophy, values, data, articles, suggestions or preferred futures arguments to establish areas for discussion and recommendation. These inputs need to be contextual to Sydney Boys as a selective, GPS school. We would be focussing on the years 2007-9. If you are interested, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

School Athletics carnival
Great weather made the day even better at ES Marks stadium recently. Mr Devlin organised his first carnival very well, supported by staff and students. Despite some early delays caused by equipment not being supplied, the carnival ran smoothly. I was impressed with the participation rates in the 800 and 400 metres. It seemed like more of our boys are prepared to get in and have a go rather than messing around in the stand as spectators. I think that is a good sign. I urge all parents to support our efforts to get more of our boys physically fit and to inculcate in them good habits of mind towards regular, sustained exercise.

Ensembles Concert
On Friday evening the Music Committee put on an ensembles concert that was very well attended. I thought the quality of the music was high, particularly in the performance of the HSC pieces by Year 12 students. It was great to see the participation by Sydney Girls, Tutors and Raisa Dobrinsky accompanying the boys in their performances. The big junior ensembles played with gusto.

Judgement at Joeys
As always, going to Joeys is an awesome experience for us in winter sports. It is always a day for finding the positives among negative experiences. In a good,

hard match our 15As came up against their strongest competition this year. Once our boys discovered the opposition were only human, they got stuck right in and acquitted themselves very well. The forwards acquitted themselves very well and the backs supported each other in defence to limit the Joeys scoring opportunities. The final score did not reflect the quality of the game. A thirty point margin at Joeys is very respectable work. Our boys took away a lot of pride from the encounter. In first grade the first twenty minutes were played hard and tight in the forwards. In the stands the spectators were surprised and impressed by the stubborn resistance and competitive attitude of our team. Joeys finally broke the shackles and scored out wide. Despite being down by 19 points at half time, the High team had done a fine job. A couple of runaway tries at the very beginning of the second half sealed the game for Joeys. Thereafter they spread the ball wide and backed up to score several more tries against a tiring but gallant defence. The highlight of the first half was a solo blind side try from 25 metres by Drew Hoare. I was informed that he is the first High player since 1997 to score a try against Joeys - what a great effort!

Third grade soccer had an impressive 3-1 win over Joeys. Second grade was a see-sawing affair with neither side able to gain the ascendancy. The pitch has improved and was not a factor in the game. Despite some skilful play and sharp running, our finishers could not quite get their passes and crosses to find their targets at critical moments. In the end a draw was a fair result. Joeys first grade was a well drilled outfit. The team came out to play soccer rather than the usual Joeys out-run out-muscle tactics. The contest in the air was indecisive, with a swirling west-south westerly making judgement difficult. Fierce defence resulted in several yellow cards being given. High lost a man with 15 minutes to go and went a goal down after a defensive error. The second half was a much better effort from High. The 10 men gradually got on top of Joeys in the break out and were rewarded with an equaliser. Joeys responded with some good chances. High missed a penalty. It was a drama charged period of football. Again, I felt that a draw was a fair reflection of the game, with neither side controlling in attack.

The Reporting Process
Students in Years 7, 10, 11 & 12 have been issued with their reports. Year 9 interviews will be held today (Friday) and next Thursday. (The reports of boys interviewed on Thursday will be held at school so that parents can pick them up before Parent Teacher interviews.) Reports for Year 8 will be completed and discussed with students by Wednesday next week. Parent Teacher evening is on Thursday. All parents are invited to book times to see their son's teachers. In addition, some teachers can be emailed. Alternatively, more extended individual appointments can be negotiated. The objective of Parent Teacher night is for you to touch base with teachers and to briefly discuss the reports issued. Any concerns raised that require a prolonged discussion should be reserved for a personal appointment with teachers, Head Teachers, Deputy Principals or me. The school is providing an extended period of time next Thursday to accommodate the demand for appointments. We do not see this as a once-only annual exercise but one stage in an ongoing communication between parents and the school. As a consequence, I request that you keep your discussions to the allocated time of 5 minutes.
Dr K Jaggar
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2004 ESL Annual Survey
This monster task is on again, but this year there is a new definition of "Language Background Other than English": "A student from a language background other than English is one who speaks a language other than English in the home OR whose mother/guardian or father/guardian speak(s) a language other than English in the home." Consequently, I have to conduct a quick survey of the school to collect accurate data as earlier data reflected the old, wider definition. You can expect some drop in the LBOTE component of the school as a result.

Fun and/or Profit

Internet Use (following from the last Welfare Committee meeting)
"Although you may not realise it, when you launch yourself into cyberspace for the first time you are not simply learning about technology, you are about to experience the culture of the Internet. But just because the net is a new culture it doesn't mean that you can leave your manners at home in real time.

"Anytime you join a new organization, start a new school, or begin a new job, you expect to spend some time working out the culture of your new place, and cyberspace is no different. It has its own myths, its own set of rules, its own history, that's all part of the fascination.

"And just like everywhere else, on the net good manners and consideration for other make for a more pleasant time for all. As a newbie it is up to you to work out the rules. Luckily there are many guides, like this one, on becoming a good netizen of cyberspace."

That is the introduction to a Victorian Department of Education site http://www.sofweb.vic.edu.au/internet/netiquet.htm on Netiquette - A Whole New Culture, which I strongly commend to everyone. Those with a desire for depth on some very relevant issues may also like to visit http://www.netsafe.org.nz/downloads/conference/netsafepapers_grahambassett_duty.pdf "A school's duty of care for students to whom it gives access to cyberspace" by Graham Bassett BA Dip Ed M InfoTech LLB (Hons).

The internet is not a toy. It involves various responsibilities. For example, anything published on the net is PUBLISHED: that is, you must take care that what you write is something you are happy to be held accountable for.

The guest book on the Communities and ESL site has a filter, so that nothing can appear in public until I have vetted it. I try to be as liberal as possible, and rarely have received anything truly objectionable. The down side is that there may be a delay of a few days if you ask me a question, but I have resolved to check the guest book every two days to minimise this. Last week a student with a good question had to wait four days -- sorry! Your questions can be asked anonymously.

The email address for that site is protected by a script which so far has kept spam away. Any mail to the site is stored in case at some time in the future someone wants to review it. Anonymous mail is ignored; of course by definition such mail cannot be answered any way.

Please make use of the two means of feedback the site gives you. Or see me in person.

I take responsibility for any content I write myself for this site. Links to outside sites are always checked, but I take no responsibility for their accuracy or content, except so far as anything really useless or offensive is unlikely to be mentioned on the Communities site!
Neil Whitfield
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From the Library

The Library has just been examining its statistics to see whether the $10 deposit for the use of the Senior Study has made any difference to Library usage and borrowing.

The short answer is "not a lot". Last year's average daily Library usage was 820 users per day. This year's average is 832 users per day. Last year's loans for the same period were 9409, including computer loans. This year the library has loaned 10113 items including computer loans.

One interesting point about all of this is that it is obvious that as many Seniors chose to use the Library to study last year even when they had a less expensive choice of using the Senior Study.

The second interesting point is that Library loans appear to be bottoming out. Since 2001 Library loans have been climbing by quite large amounts. Now it appears we have as many users as we are going to get.

Student loans 2001 - 4680
Student loans 2002 - 10,845
Student loans 2003 - 23,959
Student loans 2004 - so far 10,113

Notice to good readers - We bought our Fiction late this year and many new books are making it to the shelves right now. Keep an eye on the new book shelves and use the new fiction 2004 list and the new wide reading 2004 list on the catalogue computer to choose the newest additions. You are very welcome to ask any of the Library staff to print out one of these for you to keep to chase books.

The Premier's Reading Challenge - The Library encourages any student who are interested in entering this challenge to ask us to sign your entry forms to say that you have borrowed the requisite 20 books.

MS Readathon Would students putting in entries for this charity readathon please take your entry forms directly to the office where they will be mailed for you.

Heralds from the Library
- Daily Heralds will cost $13.20 for term 3; bring the correct change. Please pay at the office and show Library staff your receipts or the paper will not be ordered for you. Please pay this term.

More new books coming onto the shelves next week!!

Just in time for holiday borrowing we are putting lots of new books out onto the new book shelves.

Some favourite authors have been topped up - Robin Hobbs fans may like Fool's Tale, Isabelle Carmody - The Winter Door, several Phillip Pullmans including The Tin Princess and Tiger in the Well, several John Marsdens - including The Ellie Chronicles, Grim Tuesday - Garth Nix, the new Booker prize winner - Vernon God Little by Australian author, DBC Pierre, the replacement of Eoin Colfer's Benny & Omar, James Maloney's Book of Lies, Kate Forsyth - several (as requested) including The Skull of the World, Terry Brooks, Jarka Ruus, several Anthony Horowitz's as requested including Groosham Grange, Terry Pratchett - The Amazing Maurice, Kate Grenville - Bearded Ladies and Celia Dart Thornton - The Battle of Evernight and plenty of others.
V Crothers
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A huge thank you to all who have kindly lugged heavy tiles into school for Year 11 Art Students, Tom Mittelheuser and Jeremy James, to create a mural in the canteen courtyard. The mural is progressing slowly and Tom and Jeremy are dedicating long hours to ensure the task gets completed. The work should provide the canteen area with vibrant colour and energy.

From the Archives

Old Boys Contact and rare copy of the Record
Australia and Sydney Boys High certainly have some sons in significant positions in the world. We were delighted to receive the following from Lord May of Oxford last week.

Professor Herbert Huppert FRS, Chair of the Royal Society working group on detecting and decontaminating chemical and biological agents.

Detecting the malicious release of a chemical or biological agent against civilian targets such as key landmarks, transport hubs and strategic facilities and subsequently decontaminating the affected people or buildings involve many technical and organisational challenges. During the production of this report it became clear that there is considerable expertise in the UK to deal with these challenges. This expertise is spread across local and national Government, emergency services, the military, academia and industry. It was also clear that this expertise is not currently being fully exploited to the country's best advantage. Consequently, the working group paid particular attention to how this expertise can be better utilised, recommending that a new centre is established to co ordinate and direct the necessary research, evaluation and information sharing.

There are many researchers working in areas that could provide valuable new technologies and equipment for detection and decontamination who are not aware of the potential of their work, and are not used to working on security or military related projects. One aim of this report is to raise awareness amongst the wider scientific community of this potential, so that the country can benefit from it.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed evidence to the working group, which forms the basis for the report, the members of the working group, who contributed their own expertise and considered the evidence so carefully, and the secretariat who worked so diligently to bring the report together.

Lord May of Oxford OM AC Kt PRS, President of the Royal Society.

The Royal Society has a long standing interest in countering the threat from biological weapons. This report highlights the valuable contribution that a wide range of scientific disciplines can add in making the UK safer from the threat of a malicious release of a chemical or biological agent.

The political and security climate has changed since we published our previous report on biological weapons in July 2000. However, science, engineering and technology continue to play a vital role in reducing the threat of chemical or biological agents, or minimising the negative impact if the worst does happen.

I am grateful to Professor Huppert, the members of the working group and the secretariat for their efforts in producing this thoughtful and informative report.

I recommend this report to local, national and international policy makers, researchers working in areas that could be applied to detection and decontamination, and to emergency services staff.

After our email of acknowledgement Lord May sent us some very interesting information about the numbers of Lennie Basser's (obviously a very successful former High Science teacher) ex-students who are members of the Royal Society. He is sure that 7 or 8 Old Boys have been elected to the Royal Society.

Sydney Boys High School Archives would like to thank Mrs Lorraine Chapman for some very valuable material which has now filled a hole in our history. Our Archives did not have any copies of the 1932 or 1933 Record. Thanks to the Chapmans we now have these.

Thanks to Arthur George Chapman's love of Sydney Boys High his wife has had the thoughtfulness to send us these valuable documents.

Some of the aspects of Sydney Boys High in 1933 are a real inspiration to us today. For example they had a 94.7% average daily attendance rate. The OBU was raising money to put dressing sheds in on the McKay Oval in Centennial Park. The school produced an annual play, "Thark" and another play and 600 attended the Jubilee Ball.
From The Speech Day Program Jubilee Year 1933.

Our Archives are proving valuable in the research for books and even University Architecture Assignments. In the last week Dr Tracy Rockwell from the Faculty of Education and Social Work has spent a morning researching Water Polo and the history of the CHS for a book which she may get together in the next few years and one of our ex-students has spent 3-4 days researching our historic school buildings.

We now have three seniors who have volunteered to work in the Archives until an Archivist is again employed. So anyone who needs Archival Displays for reunions please let the office know.
Mrs Crothers (Library and Archives)
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From the Rugby Master's desk:
It was an interesting day's rugby at Hunter's Hill last Saturday. One has to admire the pace at which St Josephs plays the game, punishing the smallest error made by the opposition for maximum reward. A familiar sight for their 1st XV supporters, I'm sure. Not so familiar would have been the sight of their team on the back foot, under pressure, making mistakes in the face of a committed, physical opponent. This was the case in the first 20 minutes of the 1st grade game. Congratulations to Drew Hoare (GPS rep) and his courageous team. Again the 1st XV match was a source of pride for all the High supporters.

Congratulations also to the 14Bs and 14Cs who won their respective matches as well as the 15Cs who were impressive in their first match of the season. To the 13As who had their first loss of the season, sometimes we learn the more important lessons from our losses than our wins. To the 14As the message, from those who have watched you play this year, hang in there as that elusive victory is very close. Have faith in your enormous talent. I saw a glimpse of that talent from Frank Jin on Saturday. Special players have thought, courage and skill. That is, the ability to think of what should be done, the courage to do it and the skill to make it work. In the 14As match a Joeys winger made a break on the halfway line. Everyone from both sides didn't think to chase him, expecting a try to be scored. Everyone except Frank. He turned, chased and caught the winger on the 5m line. As good Joeys players do, he laid the ball back for his supports. Frank got to his feet first, claimed the ball, beat one defender then kicked the ball out over the 25m line. Thought, courage and skill.

For the record our results v. St Josephs were:

  • 1sts XV lost 5-69
  • 2nd XV lost 5-36
  • 3rd XV lost 0-32
  • 15As lost 0-32
  • 15Bs lost 0-32
  • 15Cs lost 7-29
  • 14As lost 0-38
  • 14Bs won 15-0
  • 14Cs won 29-0
  • 13As lost 12-37
  • 13Bs lost 0-48
  • 13Cs lost 17-29

To all players, enjoy the next few weeks off. I hope you return after the holidays well rested and eager to take up the challenges of the remaining GPS matches. Finally a pair of boots (Adidas size 8-9, excellent cond.) has been donated by Andrew Lim 13Bs, enquiries to Mr Stein. Thank you Andrew.
G Stein
MIC Rugby

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GPS Volleyball Report 19th June
GPS Champions!! The win over a revitalised Newington team, gives Sydney High 3rd Grade the Championship (for the third grade)!!!. We hope that the other grades will be able to live up to this fine standard.

As this goes to press, the First Grade are playing in the CHS Knockout Finals at Olympic Park. They moved into the final eight with a win against Glen Innes. Unfortunately Westfields have stopped High getting to the final four.

A source reports that High has a win against Temora, and they have a shot at coming 5th. More news on this next week. Stay tuned!

Third Grade Report
The win was obviously too much for Raj. He has been unable to submit his report on time.

Second Grade
Following an undefeated first round in GPS volleyball '04, High entered round two with High morale and boasted a fully matured side. Even with High's star hitter Alex Chan awol, 2nd Grade were still able to defeat Newington in straight sets [25-14, 25-10, 25-14].

With Newington deciding to hold the 2nd and 3rd grade matches at the same time it meant Mr Kay was given the privilege of coaching the 2nds while Mr Parker rallied the 3rds. As usual High began the first set strongly aided by the team's excellent serving by the likes of Kong, Ed and Hughoce. However, High was surprised after a few rallies to see Newington had a refurbished side which had drastically improved in their passing and hitting. Seeing Newington throw down the gauntlet in the first set, High lifted their game with GPS (global positioning satellite) guided spikes by Phillip Yang and Kenny Huang, hence taking the set comfortably.

The second set saw the standard of the game once again lift. With warmed shoulders from the first set, David Dou, Clement Lau and Sheng Zhang were able to punish Newington from perfect sets by Ed Leong and Hughoce Feng. Hughoce also showed Newington how Jump Serves were really done. With the team at its best High easily took out the set.

The third set saw Mr Kay, still filling in for Mr Parker, placing the troops in a new attack formation to confuse the opposing side. With one setter and 5 potential hitters, Newington would have been annihilated if not for some points won due to confusion among High's own team relating to the new formation. Nonetheless Libero Sam Chhor (who was now playing outside hitter) and the rest of the team accustomed themselves to the new formation and won the set.

Overall, 2nd grade played a strong game. Practising the new formation at school will be interesting, as it will mean High will have an even stronger team with more combos to run in game. This should produce the strongest 2nd grade volleyball team ever seen in GPS history.
Sheng Zhang

First Grade
On Saturday 19th June, SHS First Grade encountered a much improved Newington side.

As usual SHS got off to a shaky start. However, we still managed to take the first set. In this set, Newington managed some competent spikes. This was due to the lower net height. Some excellent hitting from Yaegan Doran assured us the set 25-16.

Some bad serving from High gave Newington some hope of taking the second set. However, High again managed to take this set 25-18, due to hard and accurate hitting from Terry Ly. Halfway into the set, Yaegan was forced to do a spectacular dive to keep the ball in play. The dive really impressed two of the Newington substitutes as they had obviously never seen anything like it before.

By the third set, High had truly broken Newington's spirit and easily took it 25-6. Mr Kay decided to try out Anisul Islam as a libero player, coming in for Karl Kruszelnicki in the backcourt. This turned out to be a good decision as Anisul managed some spectacular saves. Our serving, which had been poor in the early stages, picked up in the last set, as indicated by our final score. Jump serves went in from all five of our serve specialists, Terry, Yaegan, Robert Lu, Victor Nguyen and Fahmy Balgahom.

This match was our last practice session with the CHS finals coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.
Robert Lu
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The Onion Bag

Joeys v High
2nd Grade 0-0
In very blustery conditions High 2XI went out to wipe out the memory of last weeks disastrous performance against Scots. Missing key players Michna Popescu and Gantheepan it was a new midfield that took to the field and dominated early exchanges.

High's possession was good and with Jongha leading the line with his tireless running 2XI had the better of the opening 15 minutes. Joeys looked strong on the break especially down the left but High certainly enjoyed most of the first half creating a number of chances which were thwarted by a very well drilled Joeys defence.

The second half became more and more even with both sides counter attacking but High were forced to play much of the ball in their own half due to the wind which made clearing the lines difficult. It was good to see 2XI fighting for all possession and passing the ball around with confidence the result was probably a fair one especially considering the effect of the wind in the second half.

1st Grade Drew 1-1
A game that proved why Association Football is the world's number one code. This game had it all with end to end attacking, missed opportunities and no small degree of atmosphere and excitement.

High started well passing the ball around on an excellent surface until in the fifteenth minute Sen Mitsuji was dismissed from the field for a second yellow card offence for a late tackle. The first was awarded for the rush of blood that led to Sen throwing the ball away after being fouled.

With the man down and High hoping to hang on til half time Matt Shiner in the High goal spilt a cross into the path of a Joeys striker who accepted the gift happily.

At half time High were reorganised and told to fight for each other everywhere on the field and that is exactly what they did against a numerically stronger Joeys. High began to create chances and when Dominic Byrne slotted in from six yards the Joeys contingent went quiet. The game then went from end to end with Phillip Zhang using his pace to get behind the Joeys defence time and time again until they were forced to push him in the back and we were awarded a penalty. Ali Alsamail stood up and struck the penalty well but the keeper dived across to his right and kept the ball out. Joeys had a couple of good chances straight after this drawing at least one top class save from Shiner in the High goal. The game continued at a frantic pace but neither side could find the winner. High should feel proud of the way they acquitted themselves despite being the man down for most of the game and Joeys will certainly see it as a game they should have won.

With the other results making the premiership look like a two horse race 1stgrade are in an interesting position having to play the top three in their final four games.

GPS Results Round three
1st Grade
Joeys 1-1 HIGH
Riverview 3-0 Scots
Grammar 3-0 Kings
Shore 2-1 Newington

2nd Grade
Joeys 0-0 HIGH
Riverview 2-0 Scots
Grammar 2-1 Kings
Shore 2-0 Newington

Next Fixture
Riverview (A) 24th July

Congratulations to our GPS representatives for 2004
Sen Mitsuji 1XI
Ali Alsamail 2XI
Matt Shiner 3XI
Kim Dickson 3XI (c)
Tom Lung 3XI

Quote of the Week
"There's such a fine line between defeat and losing"
Gary Newbon ITV

Match Reports
14C W 6-0
The High 14C team thrashed the Newington team 6-0.
Alex opened the scoring in the 2nd minute. Then Ben Lee added the second with an opportunist goal. Josh scored the third goal from a 30m free kick just before half time.

George scored two powerful goals in the second half and Josh added the sixth to bring the score to 6-0.

Man of the match is goalkeeper Nathan who has kept a clean sheet in the last two games.

Once again, the boys played a very fast and attractive game of soccer.

16D L 0-2
The first half was a tight half but St Pats caught us on the counter attack and scored due to some slow defence to get back in position.

The second half proved a much better effort as some positional changes proved extremely effective. High was able to dominate the entire second half. Andrew and Tony Chong made several breaks through the middle, and Lun kept probing down the flanks. We were unable to convert our half dozen half chances in front of goal however and conceded a frustrating goal when the ball was chipped over our keeper who had run out to try close the gap on a run.

5th Grade Match Report 19/06/04
Joeys 0 High 3 (Robert, Peter, Willie)
High Fifths came in to the game fresh from a win against 2nds in training. Flashbacks to the 15Bs clash many moons ago were rife throughout the team, where some members had taken part in an 8-0 demolition of Joeys.

High showed their class right from the kick-off, slipping into a slick passing game. The ball-starved Joeys launched rash tackles, resulting in their own man injuring himself. Despite High's attempt at fair play, the opposition displayed immense confusion at this concept and the referee told High not to bother. More clumsy tackles ensued, resulting in a free kick 35 yards out. Robert Zhou stepped up to produce an absolute peach, curling the long-range effort around the wall and under the bar to put High in the driving seat.

High piled on the pressure and another set-piece led to the second goal. High won a corner and keeper Jason Kok ventured into the Joeys box in a desperate attempt to be involved. Controversial midfielder Tony Lei crossed for Peter Loi to glance home a header from a seemingly impossible angle. Our keeper's presence must have been keenly felt.

With halftime approaching, star striker Willie Zhu was brought down at the edge of the box only for Robert to crash the resulting free-kick against the post much to the relief of Joeys' despairing coach.

The second half began with the conditions deteriorating rapidly. However, our talismanic No 9 was not to be denied. Willie Zhu received a pinpoint through-ball and drilled home the final nail in Joeys' coffin. The goal revitalised High as Captain Leung and Ilya Zvedeniouk displayed some much appreciated tricks and flicks before the ref's whistle ended Joeys' hopes of a possible comeback.
Alex Kelly

We continued our winning streak defeating Joeys 6-0. Starting with only 10 players we scored an early goal from Tom Lindeback shielded by Kartik Iyer. Through excellent teamwork Daniel Campion and Daniel Chiu both scored before halftime.

In the second half the ball hardly ever crossed the halfway line due to High's solid backline defence. With excellent crosses from Alistair Taylor, Daniel Campion and Ivan Cercina, High bagged three more: Tom Lindeback 2 and Daniel Chiu 1. Thanks to Jeremy Ireland from the 13As for helping us. The boys played very well and deserved their win.

We had our first win with a goal in the opening minutes to Nick Lindeback before he soon retired hurt attempting another goal. At the end of the first half we were up 1-0. The second half was even better with our hardworking midfielders setting up inspiring goals by Jeremy Ireland, Kent Nguyen and a final goal with Sam Burnham dribbling round the keeper. Despite our solid defence for the whole game, Joeys scored a goal into the top of the net from a free kick in the dying seconds of the game. Final score 4-1: a wonderful win to High.

Dolan Cup
Leaders the 14Cs and 14As are really mounting a strong challenge for the domination of year 8 as despite good wins by their closest rivals they still increased the gap with a six goal thrashing of Newington.

Golden Boot and Golden Glove
Each player needs to record goals and clean sheets on the notice board outside the VA Staffroom in order to take part in this competition. Especially goalkeepers who need to record name and team.

Standings are as follows and it is funny to see Alistair failed to add to his tally in the 6-0 win for the 14As but it is understood his assists in this game would have easily made up for it.

CONTACT: Match reports, etc. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Sydney Boys High Cricket

For the information of all cricketers and those contemplating playing the great game in Term 4. (2004) and Term 1 (2005). The cricket Website www.sydneyboyscricket.info is now updated with the proposed pre-season selection dates, clinics and courses listed for players and proposed meeting dates for the Cricket Committee and parents. Click on "Calendar" and "High Notes" for current information.

All teams will be subject to selection trials from the 1st XI to the Under 13 teams and players will also have options to consider in respect to participating in teams.

All players nominating cricket as their summer sport will have the opportunity to participate in either the Trans Harbour Competition for Years 7 to 9 conducted from 3:45pm to 5:45pm on Tuesdays after school hours, or the GPS Groups A & B Competitions on Saturdays. Players will be able to play in one or the other of the competitions with preference given to players not competing in GPS teams to play in Trans Harbour teams and ensure all young cricketers enjoy a recreational activity and enjoy their sport. All GPS Group A & B cricketers who qualify in the Trans Harbour age groups can also seek selection in vacant positions in Trans Harbour teams.

All teams will be "age teams" to ensure players train and play on an even playing field throughout the season, as well as assisting in achieving balanced teams.

The YEAR 8 Trans Harbour Trophy - won by us in 2003, (to which the YEAR 9 Trophy should have been added this year) was won by another school. It is now required to be returned to the successful YEAR 8 team!! Just one problem - we are having trouble locating the trophy, which was last seen at the 2003 Cricket Dinner. Would the captain of this season's Year 9 team contact me to assist in locating the trophy, so that we can exchange it for the YEAR 7 trophy which they have and we won this year.

Parking Dates - the dates we are allocated are important to the cricket community in large. We have budgeted for covers, portable nets, country tours, trophies and our Cricket Dinner but we cannot achieve this without parent and senior students' assistance. Mrs. Katharine Deacon has taken the vacant role as our Parking Coordinator and I wish to express our thanks on behalf of the Cricket Committee. I would like to see a few more volunteers assisting to support the regular group who always come to our aid. One parking duty per season from many is better than half a dozen regulars doing all.

The Fairland Pavilion - situated in a relaxing location surrounded by well-kept grounds in Centennial Park has been upgraded to cater for a variety of social, commercial and professional functions. The Pavilion has kitchen facilities, function room, showers and change rooms as well as an ideal outside setting. A discounted Special Hire rate has been made available to parent groups within the school. Should you have a family party planned or family get-together, this is an ideal setting and location. Bookings are now available and can be made by phoning Mobile 0417 457 156 for further information and costs. Christmas bookings are now being taken and current indications are that all dates will be reserved by the end of July. Don't miss out, book early!!
Laurie Heil

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University of New South Wales School of Psychology
Substance Use Development Study

Sydney Boys High School has been approached by the University of New South Wales to participate in a research project.

The research project is called SUDs (Substance Use Development Study) and is concerned with investigating factors that protect adolescents from substance use, as well as factors that place adolescents at increased risk for the use of substances.

This research has been developed in conjunction with the UNSW School of Medicine's National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and the NSW Department of Education and Training, and has the approval of the Human Ethics Research Committee at UNSW as well as the NSW Department of Education and Training.

Sydney Boys High School believes this to be a worthwhile research project that will yield important information for the school as well as for the community at large. In addition, experience of a comprehensive research project of this nature will be of educational value for students anticipating tertiary studies and has the potential to forge important links between the school and UNSW in this and related areas.

The research is anonymous and confidential, and will be conducted within school time. The school encourages students to participate. Consent forms will be issued to students at school and must be signed by a parent or guardian in order for students to participate. Additional Consent forms may be collected from Ms May.

A note from SBHS: students who participate are performing a community service which will be considered for the Award Scheme. Be sure to include your roll call class on the consent form please. Have award scheme form signed on the day of the survey. The survey will be conducted early in term 3.

State of the Arts

Sydney Boys and Girls High Music Departments present:
Musicians On Tour.
A joint performance with the renowned New Zealand Band and Orchestra from Westlake Boys and Girls Schools.
Monday June 28th 6.30pm.
MPH Sydney Girls School
Admission $2
Pre show BBQ from 5.15-6.15pm if you are hungry

Monday Workshop and Concert day with Westlake Girls and Boys Schools (from New Zealand)
The Sydney Boys and Girls High Schools will be rehearsing and performing with these two prestigious schools. Boys from the Symphonic Winds, Senior Concert, Senior Stage, and Symphony Orchestra will be performing.

Years 11 and 12 students who have left the music program due to studies have also been invited to perform. Take your instrument out, blow off the dust and have a great day of music with this group. The two guest conductors will be Steve Williams from the Arts Unit and Tom Woods from the Opera Orchestra.

The rehearsal will commence on Monday from 10.00am at the Girls school. Students will be dismissed for sport training.
After a BBQ dinner, the concert will commence at 6.30pm and should last about one hour.

Ensembles Concert. Thank you to the music committee, the music tour committee and music tutors for their help on Friday evening. It was our best concert ever. Especially thank you to Alex Burger for organising the BBQ to feed the hungry boys before the concert.

Cabaret Night. August 7th 2004
Introducing the New Sydney High Pops Orchestra. This orchestra will be setting the mood for our cabaret night.

This orchestra will be rehearsing on Friday mornings from 8.30am in music room 201. Attendance is expected by all Symphony Orchestra members.

The stage bands will then jive the night away. This is an excellent opportunity to kick up your heels and put on your dancing shoes. Organise your tables now.
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Old Boys Prize 2004

Years 11 and 12
Nominations are now being taken for the Old Boys Prize. This is a prize for a Year 12 student who is "not necessarily first in sport, not necessarily first in scholarship, but certainly first in the hearts of his fellows." Years 11 and 12 students may nominate a Year 12 student they believe fits these criteria.
Nominations close: Wednesday Week 5 Term 3
Nominations box: Room 305 [Welfare Room] and library

The Years 11 and 12 student body will then vote. The student awarded the Old Boys Prize receives the Prize at Speech Night.

Tear along dotted line and place in nominations box in library/welfare room

Years 11 and 12
Nomination Form
Old Boys Prize

Awarded since 1902 to the boy who was "not necessarily first in sport, not necessarily first in scholarship, but certainly first in the hearts of his fellows."

Nomination [must be a Year 12 student] _________________________

Nominator [can be Year 11 or 12] ______________________________

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Fairland Pavilion




Fairland Pavilion situated in the serene setting adjacent to the McKay Fields in Centennial Park is the idyllic location surrounded by gardens and ponds for your business conference, seminar, meeting, lecture or simply for a children's party, family reunion or get-together.
The Pavilion offers: Function Hall Kitchen Facilities Shower and Change Rooms TV Video DVD Overhead Projector Screen
Music and Microphone system Patio Covered area Adjacent outdoor games area Parking

Bookings available 7 days - Monday to Sunday

  • 1st May to 30th September between 9-00am and 5-00pm
  • 1st October to 30th April between 9-00am and 7-00pm

We have - Casual 3 Hour - Half Day - Full day - Weekly - Monthly Bookings

Competitive booking rates.
Special Rate for School Families.


........................................................................................................................(Cut along dotted line )

For Further Information phone the Booking Officer on Mobile 0417 497 156 or complete the return slip below and return to The Booking Manager, Fairland Pavilion, Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park , Surry Hills 2010.

NAME ...........................................................................

ADDRESS ......................................................................................


TEL ............................ (Home) ................................... (Work) .......................................... (Mobile)

DATE REQUIRED ......................... TIMES .....................................

SIGNATURE ................................................................... DATE ..........................................
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Tax Deductions

Contributions to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund are Tax Deductible!!

A New Library and area for the Performing Arts is proposed as THE major project for the school's 125th Anniversary.

Take advantage of the tax break and donate before 30th June.

Please make cheques payable to Sydney Boys High School Building Fund or provide credit card details below.

Thank you for investing in the future of our young gentlemen.



Type of Payment: |__| Cheque (Payable to Sydney Boys High School Building Fund ) |__| Cash |__| Credit Card

Card Type: |__| Bankcard |__| MasterCard |__| Visa

Expiry Date: ___ / ___

Total amount paid: $__________

Card Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Cardholder's Name: ____________________________________________________

(Please print)
Cardholder's Signature: __________________________ Bus. Phone: ____________

Sport Donations can be made using the forms available for download from this site: Donation Forms
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