High Notes, Vol 5 No 18, June 11 2004

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Immunisation program 2004
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Years 7, 8 and 9 Dance
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Annual Old Boys v School Sports Day
Music Tour to Italy 2005
Athletics Season 2004
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From the Principal

GPS Season opener against King's
What a great result for the 13As to start the season with a narrow win! There were some spirited contests in the 14s and 15s too. The boys looked liked they knew what they were doing, were not overawed and were enjoying their rugby. Second grade soccer on McKay 4 was a real struggle. King's dominated in the air, High on the pitch. Close marking by both sides made shooting opportunities infrequent. At the end a goal each was probably a fair indication of the way the match was played. Neither side could make its mark and take control of the game. History was made as the portable soccer goals were erected in front of the rugby posts. In less than 10 minutes the ground was converted into a soccer field. A good crowd was in attendance to see our first XI run onto McKay 1. The boys were fired up and played entertaining football for the first 15 minutes. Tom Lung scored a well engineered goal. High's defence was noticeably tighter than it has been in recent matches. Good communication at the back was a feature of most of the half. The boys lost a bit of intensity in the last 10 minutes of the half, allowing King's to create a few opportunities, forcing some competent saves by Matthew Shiner. The team had it all to play for in the second half. They absorbed a lot of King's pressure and applied their own. Neither side could take control in the second half. The High boys hung on to record a good first up win on their new home ground.

Our second XV rugby boys played King's 5th Grade. The team started out applying sustained pressure to the King's pack. Nearly the entire first half was played in King's territory. Disappointingly, they could not convert their efforts into points. The second half was another arm wrestle. Our boys were right in it and felt themselves let down not to get away with a win after so much effort. The first XV ran out on McKay 1 with a point to prove - that they had developed into a competent football side. They ripped into King's for the first 10 minutes and fashioned a very good try. The ground was buzzing with delight at the start the boys made. King's were matched in the forwards and started to move the ball wide. They had success with good forays by the fullback and inside centre. Poor handling cost them points but eventually a try was posted and converted. The High team fought back and were rewarded with another converted try. The momentum of the game swung King's way and they ran in a couple of tries and had a couple of successful penalty shots. Those who thought King's would run away with the game were surprised by the strength of the High last 10 minutes. The boys rallied well and were unlucky not to score another try in the corner. High lost the game three tries to two. The King's 5/8 kicked 6 from 6 to seal the match. The game was entertaining. There was a lot of bruising defence and some skilful attack in patches. I thought our boys acquitted themselves admirably.

High Talent
Congratulations to the 83 Year 7 boys who came to school every day in semester one - a great effort! Daniel Wodak has been selected in the NSW Debating Team and has qualified for the semi final of the ESU Plain Speaking Competition - well done! Congratulations to the boys who recited at the Chinese Eisteddford. They won all three individual prizes in the junior division! In the group competition our team won a trophy for third place. Thank you to Ms Zhang for all her training sessions with the boys and for her attendance on the day of competition. Thank you to Mrs Krastev, our honorary architect, for her work in preparing documents and drawings for our major Development Application. Great work by Sandy Cunningham who showed all boys the benchmark for fundraising by lining up sales for nearly 20 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.

Winter Sports Assembly
Recent Old Boy and assistant rugby coach, Todd Ollivier, received a standing ovation after an impassioned occasional address at the Winter Sports Assembly last Friday. The occasion was a light hearted affair with teams being introduced by Captains more than willing to make jokes at the expense of their team mates. It was all in good fun and received in the right spirit. I enjoyed the occasion. Below is the text of my speech to the GPS teams representing our school. [I apologise to all swimmers. GPS swimming was the latest addition to the list of official GPS sports - 2004. ]

Welcome to the 2004 winter sports assembly. We are here in the presence of parents, staff, coaches and students to honour those boys who have been selected to play in GPS teams for winter competition. On behalf of the school I extend a special welcome to our guest speaker this morning, Todd Olivier. He is an Old Boy with a great commitment to the school.

This morning I would like to take the opportunity to talk briefly about evolution of games governed by the Athletic Association of the Great Public Schools. The GPS competition has adapted slowly to historical changes in Australian sport. Rugby and cricket competitions commenced for senior school boys in 1892, followed the next year by cricket and rowing. This year the target rifle shooting competition will be 100 years old . Comparative newcomers are tennis (1972) and basketball (1975). More recently, cross-country and soccer were added (1988). Unofficial contests in water polo and volleyball are now conducted under the guidance and management of the AAGPS. These sports will always be unofficial while schools from CAS or ISA play in them, due to the fact that the AAGPS is unable to exercise control over members of those associations in respect of rules for the administration of the sports and codes of conduct for players and spectators. Nevertheless, we support the importance of school representation equally, no matter what your chosen sport may be. Although a very conservative institution, the AAGPS is capable of measured adaptation. Some of our traditions at High also need to adapt to changed circumstances.

This year an historic experiment is to be attempted for winter sports competition. McKay No.1 will host first grade competition for both rugby and soccer. This gesture is more than symbolic. It is a genuine attempt to demonstrate parity of esteem among major sports in the school. We have three times as many soccer players as rugby players - an imbalance that I hope our recent GPS Heads arrangements for High teams will redress over the next five seasons. We hope that rugby players will support our soccer teams and vice versa. We are all trying our best to succeed in a very tough competition and we need to support each other. I urge all supporters of sports to embrace this fixtures experiment and to cooperate to make it work successfully.

Our teams face three formidable forces beginning with S - size, strength and speed. These forces are the building blocks of successful sports performances. At High we have our own advantages - high combined intelligence, high spirit and high self-discipline. If we build upon these advantages in our approach to competitive sport, we will lessen or negate the physical superiorities of our opponents. Team ball sports are about possession. The team that infringes least maximises its share of possession. Unforced errors are often due to nervousness or over excited reactions to big occasions. The team that has the self-discipline to reduce unforced errors maximises its share of possession. Patterns of play in attack or defence rely upon individuals playing their parts. Teams made up of individuals who have the commitment, self-control and perseverance to resolutely play their roles in attack or defence, utilise possession profitably or minimise the effects of its absence. Your individual job is to get fit and stay fit, no matter what sport you play. You can improve your strength by signing up for a 10-week professionally designed and supervised weights program at our gym. As a reward for sticking it out, we refund half of the cost. You cannot improve your speed very much but you can increase your stamina so that you can run for an hour non stop.

I have composed a contrived little acrostic (High School) to sum up my expectations of all sportsmen in our school: H- heed the coach's instructions, I - inspire others by your example, G- give 100% of your concentration for the whole game, H - help your team mates. S- start with a positive outlook, C- convince yourself that together you can do it, H- have one or two personal goals for the game, O -offer encouragement to others, O -opt for the highest percentage play, L- last the distance. High school can win premierships. Last winter season we won rifle shooting and volleyball. Technique and team work are vital in those sports. We had advantages in both. Combined with a fierce determination to win, these advantages were decisive. I exhort you all to try to build self-belief. It has to be founded on a base of high physical fitness and a willingness to leave your ego on the sideline and devote yourself to the common cause - a higher standard of team performance.

My warm congratulations are extended to all boys who made GPS teams. I know that for some boys the training has lasted for months. The trial games gave us a chance to fit our personnel to positions and to try out our combinations and plays. We face a stern test this year first up against King's. We will have something to prove against King's for quite a while, given our recent history. Let's go out and show them what High can do. Try to abide by Horace's aphorism: When things are steep, remember to stay level-headed. I have been proud of the efforts I have seen so far. Good luck to all teams for the winter season!

GPS Heads Meeting
At the recent GPS Heads meeting it was decided to stiffen the Code of Conduct by amending the provocation statement to read: "Verbal provocation or vilification of any sort is unacceptable". It was agreed that GPS summer competition rounds would be played on January 29, 2005 because of the early Easter. GPS sport will continue to be based on age groupings, calculated as at January 1 each year. Basketball is to have a trial Term 4 competition.
Dr K Jaggar
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Immunisation program 2004

Following the success of the Meningoccal C vaccination program in schools last year, this year our school is participating in the NSW Adolescent Vaccination Program

This program will offer free Hepatitis B vaccination to all Year 7 students and diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis[whooping cough] vaccination to Year 8 and 9 students initially and to all other years later in 2004.

Meningoccal C vaccination will also be offered to year 7 students and to any students who missed last year's clinic.

Eligible students will receive a separate Consent Form for each vaccine and must return a signed consent form if they wish to be vaccinated

The first round of vaccinations will begin on Friday June 25 when a team of specially trained registered nurses will be visiting our school to administer

  • Hepatitis B vaccine to Year 7 students, and
  • diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis[whooping cough] vaccine to Years 8 and 9

After the boys have been vaccinated they will be given a Record of Vaccination to take home so that you can keep their immunisation records up to date.

During the next week parent information kits will be distributed to all boys in Years 7, 8 and 9. If you would like your son to be vaccinated, please complete the Consent Form in this kit and return it to the collection boxes in the Main Office as soon as possible.

Some translated material for parents about the program is available at www.health.nsw.gov.au

If you have any queries, please contact Mr Beringer.
J Beringer
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Chinese Eisteddfod
The 2004 National Chinese Eisteddfod took place on last Saturday at Burwood Girls' High School. More than 3000 candidates aged from 4 to 18 participated in this year's Eisteddfod. This annual event was a poetry and prose-recital competition that provided students with the opportunity to use their acquired Chinese language skills and also to appreciate Chinese literature. Our school participated in both individual and group competitions with 30 individual entries and 3 group entries with a total of 42 students this year. Although the competition was very tough, our participants showed great enthusiasm and strength and achieved excellent results.

Congratulations to Chamberlain Zhang who received 1st place in 13-15 years old individual group with his outstanding performance. George Zu and Jefffrey Xie won 2nd and 3rd prize in 13-15 years old individual group. 15 boys from Year 8 Chinese community classes, Jun Dai, Howard Gu, Richard Hua, Sean Lee, Jack Lu, Ruiwen Liu, Simon Liu, Tom Sun, Simin Yang, Caly Yang, Arthur Wang, Kevin Wang, Phil Wu, Schuman Zhang, George Zu, won 3rd prize in 13-15 years old group competition.

Congratulations to all boys who took part in this event, it was certainly very rewarding after 7 weeks of intensive training. Thanks also to parents and grandparents who gave immense encouragement and support to our boys. It was great to see families being so involved. I hope you enjoyed the eisteddfod as much as I did.
W Zhang
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Obviously there is a nexus between ESL teaching and issues related to multiculturalism. There are times when students from language backgrounds other than English and their teachers come up against various cultural issues. The Multicultural Programs Branch offers useful resources such as http://www.racismnoway.com.au/ Racism No Way, and on our own Communities Site you will find quite a lot of material related to cultural diversity -- for example http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/diversity3.html -- Sydney Boys High School Communities and ESL: Links to Multicultural Resources -- and to some now rather famous past controversies in this school. There is of course much more to this than "racism" -- in fact, there are possibly times when we should be cautious about using that word. See, for example, http://www.vuw.ac.nz/yfp/papers/ethnicity.html "Forming a cultural identity: what does it mean to be ethnic?" -- a paper from New Zealand, but quite relevant to us.

On Tuesday of last week the SBS program http://www.sbs.com.au/insight/# Insight had a thought-provoking hour on the subject. Those interested may care to look at the transcript. Greg Noble from the University of Western Sydney was rather wise, I thought: "By and large, people just get on and live their lives and live them in very complex worlds in Australia and they move happily between different groups or communities, or whatever you want to call them. And most migrants and their children quite happily participate fairly well in the mainstream institutions of Australian society, and yet, also keep attachments to their forms of cultural identity. We shouldn't oppose those things. People manage to keep them together at the same time." It is indeed a highly politicised area, all the more so since 2001, but one we need to think about carefully.

I have been looking out for the perfect English Grammar to recommend to students. The quest is actually quite difficult, as there is some difference between grammars designed for learners of English and grammars designed for native speakers. A rather good example of the former is "Collins Cobuild Active English Grammar" (2003) which has the advantage also of being pocket-sized. In between is Annette Harrison, "Basic English Grammar", Macquarie Student Guides 2003. Parts of this are very good, other parts could be clearer, but in general I would recommend it. Steve Moline, "A Student's A to Z of Grammar, Usage and Style" (Melbourne OUP 2002) is good for Years 7 to 10. The best approach I have seen to senior writing tasks is from UTS and the Centre for Research and Education in the Arts (2000): Terry Morley-Warner, "Academic Writing is..." While the target audience is at university level, it certainly overlaps with concerns Year 11 and Year 12 students have -- and they will be at university soon anyway, won't they?

Meanwhile, you really can't do much better than follow the links on our http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/eslhelp.html 12 Steps to Better English page.
Neil Whitfield
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From Debating

We have set up a website for SBHS Debating at: www.debating.rexlibris.net
Congratulations to Daniel Wodak who was selected as part of the NSW Debating Team for 2004.

Trial Debate at SBHS 11th June Vs SHORE.
Topic Area = The Media. Year 7/8 topic = That the Media promotes the selfish society.
M Selway
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Years 7, 8 and 9 Dance

SGHS Monday 21st June

All boys in Years 7, 8 and 9 at SBHS have been invited to the SGHS Disco to be held in the Sydney Girls High School Hall on Monday 21st June from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

Full details have been circulated in a separate letter to students in these years.

Tickets will be on sale at Lunchtimes in the SBHS Canteen from Tuesday 15th June.
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From Science

Results of Science Quiz no 7
Questions about Elephants, Penguins and Chameleons were correctly answered this fortnight by Andrew Tang (8T), Peter Luu (8S) and Bernard Fang (8T).

The questions
Three animals are in the news are in danger for different reasons
(a) Identify the danger for each animal.
(b) Describe what is being done (if anything) to help them.
(c) Compare the features of African and Asian Elephants.

(The answers can be found on the window of lab 302)
Ian Cox
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Year 7 Parent Group

Attention Year 7 parents
Ms Vicki Ross, Year 7 Advisor will be in attendance at the
Year 7 parent group meeting to be held on
Tuesday June 15 2004
6.30 pm
Staff Common Room

From Year 7 Parent Group
Year 7 Contact List
If you were not present at the Year 7 Parent Welcome Party at the beginning of the year and you could not make the initial Year 7 Parent Group Meeting that was held in May, chances are that we do not have your contact details. Also, if you were present at any of these meetings and you have not yet received an email from me, your email address on the current list may be incorrect. If you wish to be part of the Year 7 Parent Contact List and get regular updates of up and coming events and receive minutes from the parent group meetings, you can email me your contact details at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Looking forward to hearing from you.

Year 7 Parent Group Social Event
A Year 7 Parent Group Family Picnic at McKay Oval on Sunday 27th June has been suggested. It would be a great way for Year 7 parents to meet on a social level and it would be a fun day for the boys as well. Could interested parents email me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , so that I may determine whether it would be worthwhile organising. I look forward to hearing from you.
Vera Dimitropoulos
On behalf of the Year 7 Parent Group
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From the P and C

Many of you will probably be aware that parent groups exist within the school family from years 7-11.

These groups meet on occasion, (or meet online) and discuss issues relevant to their sons' year and also provide a forum for the airing of views, gathering of information and to have social gatherings.

This hopefully encourages people to feel welcome and relaxed as part of the school community, take advantage of many of the opportunities to become a volunteer and enjoy the experience of being a High parent. The boys are encouraged to embrace the wider school experience and the work of parents is essential in this role.

Volunteers are needed to help in the school canteen; ( a great way to collect information)
With parking to raise funds for your sons' sporting group, or P&C; music or debating, attending meetings and becoming part of the decision making process, working on committees to help run your sons' sporting group or other activities etc.etc etc etc etc!

There are many ways that you can help to enhance your sons' education. This is a request for those people who have not already done so to contact their Year Group Co-ordinators to have your details added to the email list so that you can be kept informed. The school is not able to pass on personal information without permission.

Year 7 Parent Group
Vera Dimitropoulos: 9785 0452 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Year 8 Parent Group
Barbara Taylor: 9665 4357 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Year 9 Parent Group
Gabrielle Klocker: 9523 7898 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Year 10 Parent Group
Antoinette Farrow: 9427 0586 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Year 11 Parent Group
Marilyn Mittelheuser: 9747 3390 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

M Mittelheuser
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Annual Old Boys v School Sports Day

It's on again





Sporting events will be run throughout the day followed by the Annual OBU Dinner commencing at 6:00 pm in the Great Hall.

Program and costings are still being finalised.

Please watch this space for updates as they become available.

Last year was a huge success. Keep this date free.

All welcome.
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Music Tour to Italy 2005

The fundraising effort for the music tour to Italy in 2005 was "kick-started" last Sunday by a spirited busking performance before the Sydney Swans vs St Kilda match. The performance had the approval of the Centennial Park Trust and the boys acquitted themselves very well. Thanks to Lewis Burger (drums), Calum Martin (trumpet), Dominic Bowes (sax), Daniel O'Keefe (bass clarinet), Lachlan Deakin (trombone) and Ivan Cerecina (guitar) who entertained fans with "Cheer the Red and the White" and "When the Saints come marching in". The boys had a lot of fun and earned $175 in an hour, so if we can repeat this on 10 occasions between now and the tour we can make a great contribution. However we need MORE MUSICIANS - not everyone is available for every game - and we could do very well with two groups capturing crowds at different ends of the ground as well as making a bigger sound. If your son is going on the tour and would like to be involved, or if you have other ideas about how to raise funds, please contact Catherine McMahon ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / ph. 9427 4272 evenings) or Kathy Jackson at the school.
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From the Rugby Master's desk:
In the movie "The Castle", actor Tiriel Mora, playing a solicitor in court, spoke to the judge about the "vibe" of the Australian Constitution. "It's the vibe of the thing, your Honour", he said.

Last Saturday at McKay there was a "vibe". It started with the 13As victory, continuing with the 14Bs 10 all draw, the first half performance of the 14As and the second half performance of the 3rd XV. It gained more momentum with the 1-0 win by our 1st XI soccer team followed by an outstanding display from the 2nd XV. By 2.55pm there was a crescendo of noise and anticipation as the 1st XV ran through a cheering tunnel of support, which erupted as Cameron Conway scored the first five pointer of the GPS season. At the end of the day High came up a little short on the scoreboard paying dearly for some unfortunate errors, as the King's goal kicker turned in a faultless display. Along the way, however, High made their opponents look very ordinary at times and reinforced their fierce "never say die" reputation built during the preseason. I, like the several hundred other spectators who lined the sideline last Saturday, look forward to watching the 1st XV in the coming weeks.

The interesting aspect of last Saturday, for me, occurred during the 13As game. Apparently, the Kings team was awarded three penalties very close to the High posts but declined the easy points, opting for a tap kick on each occasion. Theory being that seven points is better than three, showing little respect for the opposition defence. Each time the Kings attack was repelled. The final score High 10, Kings 7 with the High defence earning some well deserved respect. Good on you. Keep knocking them down.

For the record our results v King's were:

  • 1sts XV lost 12-30
  • 2nd XV lost 0-7
  • 3rd XV lost 5-27
  • 15As lost 0-17
  • 15Bs lost 5-21
  • 14As lost 0-24
  • 14Bs drew 10-10
  • 14Cs lost 7-17
  • 13As won 10-7
  • 13Bs lost 0-17
  • 13Cs lost 0-39

Congratulations to all teams for last week's effort. We have not had such a closely contested fixture with King's in a long while. Make your last week's performance the standard for future matches. Good luck to all teams.

Finally a request for any reusable rugby gear that players have grown out of - boots, football jumpers, shoulder pads, we would like to offer them to other players to reduce the cost of playing. If anyone has any gear they would like to donate they can see
Mr Creer in the Fairland Pavilion on home game Saturdays or Mr Stein in the PDHPE office at school.
G Stein
MIC Rugby

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Athletics Season 2004

Week and Term Event and Date
Week 7, Term Two School Carnival 10th June - ES Marks
Week 9, Term Two 21st June - Zone Athletics
Week 3, Term Three 2nd - 3rd August - Area Athletics
Weeks 5 to 9, Term Three Training at MPW for House Teams GPS team train Wednesday & Thursday: E S Marks or McKay Oval
Week 5, Term Three 21st August - SGS Invitational athletics E S Marks
Week 6, Term Three 8th August - WC Invitational athletics E S Marks
Week 7, Term Three 4th September - TSC/SHS Invitational athletics E S Marks
Week 8, Term Three 11th September - Conveners Invitational athletics E S Marks


Week 8, Term Three CHS 9th, 10th & 11th September - CHS Finals
Week 9, Term three GPS 18th September - GPS finals Home Bush


Robert Devlin: MIC Athletics
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The Onion Bag

High v Scots

2nd Grade
High 2XI started a bit flat and found them selves on the end of very sustained Kings pressure. Kings scored within the first 10 minutes when their striker was gifted time on the edge of the box allowing him to turn unopposed to crash the ball low past Tim Neville's near post.

High then began to play with much more composure and after near misses by Matt Dwyer and Tyson who hit the Bar, early replacement Gantheepan came on and dazzled the Kings defence with his footwork before striking a left footed drive into the net.

After Half time Kings again started brightly but High were a great deal tighter at the back not allowing the time around the box or in midfield. They played some enterprising football and a draw seemed a fair result for both schools.

1st Grade
The momentous occasion finally arrived as Ali Alsamail led his players onto McKay 1 for the first time in the GPS competition. 1XI had already played on the field in the Independent Schools Cup the previous Thursday smashing All Saints 8-2.

Wanting to maintain their 121 year old, one hundred percent record on McKay 1, High started very brightly against a very good Kings outfit. Both sides squandered chances early on until Tom Lung popped up to head in a near post corner.

The rest of the half was well fought with Sen Mitsuji, Ali Alsamail and Dominic Byrne shining in midfield in front of the GPS selectors.

The second half however turned out to be a different story as Kings applied the pressure looking for the equaliser and Highs midfield disappeared from the game in any defensive capacity. Kings attacked time and time again but Highs back four Paul Watzlaff, Aman Saxena, Warren Logge and Kim Dickson somehow repelled everything Kings had to throw at them.

So a good first outing at McKay 1 and a result that may be put into greater perspective when Kings take on some of the other schools.

5th Grade
Both teams started the season in the worst possible fashion with High produced their laziest performance thus far. Without controversial midfielder Toney Lei, the first half seemed somewhat uneventful. The only highlight in the first half was Bishoy Eskander's first ever goal in the world game's rich history. Willie Zhu's shot was too hot to handle for the Kings' keeper and Bishoy pounced to put High ahead one-nil.

The second half restarted with High lifting their performance and dominating the Kings outfit. After finally getting into our passing game, the High backline heroes Kon, Pavan, George and Alex were camped on halfway.

If breaking his scoring duck wasn't enough, Bishoy found his second goal after a neat exchange of passes with Willie, coolly tucking the ball inside the far post. Our third came minutes later- Willie connected to an Alex Kelly cross with a rising volley into the roof of the net. Kings were dead and buried but Willie wasn't through with them yet. Our talismanic no.9 wrapped up the game with another clinical finish in off the post.

It was a day for records as keeper Jason Kok hit a personal milestone- taking his season tally of times-he's-touched-the-ball to a grand total of five. High should have added more to the scoresheet, with Ho, Shakir and Peter all coming close. The final result remained 4-0, with Fifths stretching their streak to six wins in six.
Ho Leung (Capt)

The 14C's recorded another win on Saturday beating Kings by 6 goals to 1.

The match was played at a very fast pace on a near perfect soccer pitch.

Charles scored two superb goals, Adrian with a stunning header and George a sublime goal in the first half. Kings pulled one back early in the second half before Peter and Michael scored to end the match at 6-1.

Another fine win and Man of the match was Charles.

Earlier on, Daniel and George played for the 14Bs who beat Kings by 3-1.

The 14Es began the game slowly conceding an early goal to the larger and taller St Pius players to trail 1-0 after two minutes. After the early mishap, High began to concentrate and work harder to repel the constant attack of the St.Pius forwards. Harry Chen made several great saves to deny any further goals and the defenders and midfielders showed great spirit to hold out and frustrate the St Pius forwards.

The 14Es began the second half with renewed confidence making several long raids into the St Pius red zone. The constant pressure finally paid off with High levelling the score with a terrific goal by Mihir, after some fantastic lead up work from the midfield and forwards. Special mention goes to Paul who made some magnificent and skilful runs with the ball. Following this goal both sides had chances but great defence from teams saw these opportunities denied.

The 16Cs began their GPS campaign very slowly in the first half against King's, not really troubling the King's goal. However, with Kelvin Qiu receiving a game ending injury late in the half, meant that the C's went into the second half more determined to win. Thomas Wong came especially close to scoring in the second half. But it just seemed that it was not going to be High's day, with Kevin Ho also receiving a game ending injury. Luckily, however, King's scored an own goal. And so 1:0 for the first GPS game, with Mirun man of the match.

GPS Results Round one
1st Grade
HIGH 1 - 0 Kings
Newington 2 - 4 Riverview
Scots 1 - 4 Joeys
Grammar 6 - 0 Shore

2nd Grade

HIGH 1 - 1 Kings
Newington 1 - 1 Riverview
Scots 0 - 1 Joeys
Grammar 2 - 0 Shore

This weeks Fixtures
Riverview v Joeys
Kings v Shore
Grammar v Newington

Dolan Cup
Again the Schools internal competition kicks off with the first round of GPS fixtures. With 3pts a win, 1pt a draw, 1pt for each two goals scored and 1pt for each clean sheet.

Early leaders are the 14As with their 8-0 thrashing of King's while last years winners (15Ds) the 16Ds are on five points.

Golden Boot and Golden Glove
Each player needs to record goals and clean sheets on the notice board outside the VA Staffroom in order to take part in this competition.

Junior Soccer Clinic
Players in both the As and Bs of the 13s, 14s, and 15s, need to book their places as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed. Remember the aim of this clinic is for all As and Bs to take part especially as it will form part of their preparation for the difficult second half of the season commencing with Riverview away.
Forms will be available for all students in next week's High Notes, so As and Bs must book now!

Scots College v HIGH

Another history making fixture with HIGH 1XI playing on Scots main Oval at 9am while 2XI are at ES Marks at noon. All players remember you are required to be at venues AT LEAST 30 minutes before kick off.

Most of the other games are in Centennial Park on the grounds behind the McKay ovals and cp 7 is on what they call the Brazilian fields in the centre of Centennial Park. The nearest road is Parkes Avenue in the centre of the Park.

Lyne Park is just off New South Head Road in Rose Bay, which means a bus from Edgecliff train station. It is located behind the Imperial Peking, a floating restaurant.

The Grammar games for the 15Es and 14Es are located in the Grammar School grounds - again a bus from Edgecliff station is the quickest way to get there.

Last Year
Scots were the last game of the season and for most of our sides a nice little warm down with plenty of comfortable wins in a season when we played them three times. This year it is a whole different ball game as we do not know what to expect and neither do they.

CONTACT: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Quote of the Week
"As with every young player, he's only 18."
Sir Alex Ferguson about Cristiano Ronaldo.
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State of the Arts

Tutor Talent
We would like to welcome back our violin and string ensemble tutor Ann Horton who has been overseas. Ann and her string quartet won the world chamber music competition for the second year in a row and has also been busy playing at the royal wedding in Copenhagen. The school is very lucky to have such talented music tutors. Also Julia Sharratt, our flute tutor,
Jye Hong our violin tutor are members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Graham Nicholls who is a member of the
Opera Orchestra has just been selected to perform in Wagners Ring Cycle in Adelaide later this year.

Silver String Sextet
Is available for your next function. They perform classical chamber music and are suitable for weddings, dinners and cocktail parties. For details contact Anthony (9314 0858) or Tom (0401 181 041)

Sydney Boys High School
Ensembles Concert

Friday 18th June 2004 7.00pm
Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra,
Senior Concert Band, String Orchestra,
Intermediate Concert Band, Training Concert Band
Tickets available from music department

Performance uniform.
The Sydney Boys High performance uniform is school trousers, black shoes, black or grey socks, white shirt with school tie and Blazer.

Boys are to be at school by 6.00pm to set up and tune up.

Boys are reminded to bring a plate of savouries for interval. Sushi, mini quiche, baby sandwiches etc.
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Sydney Yoga Space (Advertisement)

Level 3, 63 William Street
East Sydney, NSW 2010
02 9360 0577

The Sydney Yoga Space teaches yoga in the tradition of BKS Iyengar.

"Iyengar Yoga" is a particularly precise and systematic approach to the study of yoga.
"Iyengar yoga" is practical in orientation and non-sectarian, non-dogmatic in approach.

From this perspective, yoga develops a perceptual clarity beneficial to physical, mental and emotional functioning. Through regular practice, students typically experience enhanced energy levels coupled with greater calmness and composure. On a physical level, we would expect students to develop both strength and flexibility as well as a more balanced and integrated structure. We would also expect students in mid-teens to experience significantly higher concentration levels and improved academic results as a by-product of their yoga training.

The Sydney Yoga Space offers:

  • Regular classes, seven days a week, for new and experienced students
  • Lunchtime yoga classes, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Afternoon classes for new students on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • One-day introductory workshops for anyone interested in trying yoga for the first time, or to get a feel for the school. held on the last weekend of each month

We're happy to answer your questions or give you more information. You can contact us by:

  • telephone - 9360 0577
    e-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    our website - www.sydneyyogaspace.com

Peter Thomson
Director/Principal Teacher

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