High Notes, Vol 5 No 17, June 04 2004

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From the Principal
Substance Abuse Research
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Year 7 Parent Meeting
Joint P and C Meeting
Annual Old Boys v School Sports Day
The Onion Bag
State of the Arts
Krispie Kreme Donuts
Sydney Yoga Space (Advertisement)

From the Principal

Athletics Arrangements 2004
As the GPS athletics season has been moved to the end of the football season, new arrangements for the administration of athletics need to be made. After discussion, it was decided that athletics would be offered to all students at High for the 5-week season. The educational aims are to improve the general fitness level of our students, to provide experiences in field events, to inculcate some skills in athletics among junior students, and to offer flexible alternatives for senior students. On Wednesdays, students in the school's athletics squad (Years 9-11) will train at ES Marks or McKay. Students in Years 9 & 10 will remain at school. They will be organised into 10 groups of approximately 30 students each. Teachers will supervise activities at 10 stations in the grounds or in the gym. Performances at each station will be recorded. At a given signal, students will move with their group to the next station. We are planning to offer sprints, middle distance events, high jump, long jump, shot put, hurdles and some team ball games at the various stations. Venues will be dependent on us gaining DA approvals and completing appropriate ground improvements. On Thursdays a similar routine will apply for Years 7 & 8. The coordinator of the school-based program will be Mr Wayne Baldock. Year 11 students will go to McKay Sports Grounds for their Wednesday sport for five weeks. At present we plan to run a series of sprints on McKay with 400m and 800m time trials around its perimeter. In addition, it is proposed that six groups of boys will play each other at AFL. During the games, small groups will be called to run their time trials on McKay 1. We would really appreciate any input or assistance from senior boys, old boys or parents in setting up our athletics season in this experimental first year.

High v two saints
Last Saturday the first grade volleyball played their strongest opponent, Grammar. Unfortunately, Grammar did not field their best team and a hard fought contest turned into a romp for High. Although Grammar improved with each set, they were no match for the big serving, well organised High team. Communication was good. Young players were given a run. In a close final set, there were a few entertaining rallies. It was a convincing win by our team.

In the soccer, our opponents were St Andrews and St Pius X. Our third grade drew 1-1 with St Pius X second grade in what was a strong performance. Both sides had opportunities but the bane of soccer coaches, fitness and finishing, costs either side a victory. Not so the second grade who played St Andrews first grade and recorded a victory. Our first grade side played twenty minutes of strong football, dominated possession and field position, but converted only one opportunity of many. Our weakness in the centre when defending against a break out after attacking the opposition goal allowed the Pius No 14 to chase down several through balls, out sprint the defence and take on our goalie one on one. A frustrated side at half time had trouble realising why they were down 1-3. In the second half High controlled the ball a lot of the time but were denied scores by a solid back three who blocked attacking raids, forcing shots to be taken hastily or from too far out. The St Pius team had the advantage of height all over the park. They defended their lead and forced another error from our side. We have to rethink our midfield and get fitter if we are to be a force in the GPS season.

At Oxford Falls, the St Pius X home grounds were in ideal condition for fast football. As I arrived our third grade was getting a footballing lesson from a powerful St Pius outfit. They kept trying but were soundly beaten. The second XV played strong football in a close contest with another bigger faster side. Historically, High boys combat size and speed with superior discipline and technical rugby in the forwards. After applying great pressure the High boys scored. They then defended resolutely against a persistent St. Pius counter attack aided by a string of penalties for breaches by High. Several times our line was crossed but the defenders managed to hold up the attackers. This first half effort took its toll. After twenty minutes of stout resistance, High started to weaken. Our boys stuck gamely to the task but were beaten two tries to one in an enjoyable contest. The first XV were fired up but let themselves down again by a knock on from the kick off. The sustained pressure that resulted led to a St Pius early score (a familiar pattern in our first 10 minutes this year so far). From the kick off the ball did not go 10 metres, resulting in a scrum to St Pius on half way. That was all the head start our side gave them. The boys focussed on their game and worked together well in the forwards to engineer a try. Our reshuffled back line (two out injured ) coped well in defence and High started to get on top. The team went to half time looking like they could go on with the job. Pressure early in the second half gave Ben Friis-O'Toole kicking opportunities. High clung to its lead in the second half with two more good forwards tries and a perfect goal kicking effort from Ben. St Pius came back strongly in the last quarter of the game scoring a couple of tries. Our team defended really well and kept their heads. Danny Thomas had a big game, scoring tries and making heavy 'hits'. A late try by St Pius was converted but our boys played out the last few minutes to earn a deserved victory 27-24. We will need to reduce our unforced error rate to avoid demoralising poor starts in the GPS games ahead.

Update your contact details
In order to avoid embarrassment, we would appreciate all boys updating their contact information. The school needs accurate details about current addresses, parent contact numbers, emergency contacts and necessary medical condition information. Mrs McGuinness has reported frequent difficulties when contacting families because the students' details were inaccurate. Please write, email or telephone any amendments to your details.

Mrs Roser appointed as Fundraising Coordinator
Mrs Valda Roser has accepted the part time casual position as Fundraising Coordinator for SBHS. She will be working a couple of days a week to set up a fundraising program. The primary role of the Fundraising Coordinator is to research and recommend to the Principal fundraising schemes and to implement approved fundraising strategies. A secondary role is to liaise with and assist school family organisations in their fundraising efforts. As you know, our medium term objective is to raise money for a new library. Mrs Roser will be focusing her efforts on that objective. Suggestions for fundraising would be most welcome. She has started with the Krispy Kreme donut drive. We hope to have a very big raffle with a major prize. We are working on a goal kicking competition in soccer. We have some details about a possible car boot sale. We need your support. Our goal is to raise $1.25 million dollars before 2008. We have $35,000 so far. Anyone who could donate time, goods or services to the cause would be very welcome. Please contact the school and Valda will get back to you.

Monitoring student absences
High has a new attendance monitoring policy. We are asking all parents to let us know if their son is away by telephoning the school between 0830 and 0930 each day. Callers may be asked personal details just to confirm their identities. If the telephone line is busy, parents can email reasons for absence. Later in the day support staff will contact the parents of all absent boys in Years 7 and 8 for whom the school has no explanation for their absence. Depending on the cooperation of parents and carers, we hope to extend the intervention to Years 9 & 10 in the near future. The purpose of the exercise is to eradicate unexplained absences from the junior school. We want all our boys to be where they should be all the time. If this trial is successful, we plan to extend the call up service to all unexplained absences, every day. A written explanation for absences is still required.

Australian Sports Foundation -Tax deduction opportunity!
June is here! If you are thinking about making a sports donation, now is the time! Forms are published in High Notes and can be downloaded from our website. Please go to Donation Form. You can choose to download either of two donation forms. Our push right now is for three sports. The tennis court facilities development needs support ($20k.). We are about to sign up with the Department of Commerce to develop the courts through public tender. We have to pay project management costs. The new cricket nets need support ($20k). We have submitted a Development Application to relocate and refurbish the nets. We need two new basketball courts for junior games ($70k.). You can make a difference to your son's sporting facilities. Do as I do and make a tax deductible contribution to the sports program!

High Talent
Nigel Panagopka, recent Old Boy who took up an AIS scholarship, has been selected in the senior squad of the Australian Volleyball team. The men's team narrowly qualified for the Athens Olympics. Nigel will be an Olympian. What a wonderful effort!
Dr K Jaggar
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Substance Abuse Research

A note to Parents Years 7 - 10

Substance Abuse Research Project
University of NSW and Sydney Boys High School

Sydney Boys High School is encouraging all students from Year 7 to 10 to participate in this important research project during their weekly student welfare lesson. Consent forms and further information will be coming home over the coming week.

Please allow your son to participate by signing the consent form he should be bringing home this week. The consent form mentions "investigators". This refers to the researchers at UNSW and you do not need to have this signed.
J May
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From Careers

  • All Year 10, 11 and 12 have the opportunity to use Career Voyage on the school network for free
  • Remember boys, you are supposed to complete this guidance program in each year to update and help guide you in your future choices.
Attention Year 12, 11, 10 and Parents.
Courses and Careers Expo
Wednesday June 16 2004
3.30pm - 5.00pm
at the UNSW Scientia Building.

All NSW and ACT Universities, some interstate universities and overseas represented

Organised by your Eastern Suburbs Careers Advisers Association.

Year 10 have been issued with their UAC Year 10 Guide (University Admission Centre - Guide) Entry Requirements 2007.

This booklet is invaluable for students and parents in guiding students for subject selection towards HSC and University.

The contents include:-
What is the UAI, How it is determined
HSC Subjects and Courses
View of Tertiary Study
Participating invitations
You are advised to read this document fully
R Watson
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Year 7 Parent Meeting

Attention Year 7 parents
Ms Vicki Ross, Year 7 Advisor
will be in attendance at the
Year 7 parent group meeting
to be held on
Tuesday June 15 2004
6.30 pm
Staff Common Room

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Joint P and C Meeting

Promoting resilience in your gifted adolescent

Psychological research has increasingly begun to focus on the factors that contribute to resilience in children, adolescents and adults. Much of this research suggests that it is our ability to "fail well" that predicts academic, social and emotional adjustment. Perfectionism and the "fear of failure" that often characterise highly able children and adolescents can, in fact, deleteriously influence academic functioning and longer-term social and emotional functioning. Procrastination, "over-doing" or chronic underachievement can be the results of such a fear.

How can parents use this research to help their adolescent make the best choices, handle failure and cope with HSC stress?

Dr Catherine Boland, the Clinical Psychologist for GERRIC (Gifted Education Research, Resource & Information Centre, UNSW) will give an overview of the research and its implications for helping our children generally. She will also focus special attention on how this research can be used to guide gifted students to make better career choices by focussing not only on their HSC performance but also their interests and passions.

Come and hear Dr Boland's presentation

at the

Annual Joint Meeting of P & C Associations
Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Girls High School

WEDNESDAY 23 JUNE 2004 7.30 PM

Dr Boland's presentation will be followed by question time & refreshments will be served thereafter.Return to Index


From the Rugby Master's desk:
Our pre-season wound up last Saturday with a very competitive fixture against St Pius X College, Chatswood, against whom we had not played since 1968. During the after match function both the St Pius Headmaster and rugby MIC indicated they would be very happy for this fixture to become an annual event. Hopefully this will be the case.

For the record our results v. St Pius X were:

  • 1sts XV won 27-24
  • 2nd XV lost 5-10
  • 3rd XV lost 0-33
  • 15As won 23-3
  • 15Bs won 14-12
  • 14As lost 17-22
  • 14Bs won 29-0
  • 14Cs won 35-17
  • 13As won 22-12
  • 13Bs drew 10-10
  • 13Cs won 32-5

Season 2004 saw a reorganisation of the trial match schedule for the GPS, CAS and ISA schools. From a High perspective, the architects of the revised draw should be congratulated. We played 45 matches against Trinity, Cranbrook, Hurlstone, TAS and St Pius for 24 wins, 3 draws and 18 losses. With the exception of a couple of lop-sided results, the games have been very close contests allowing our players to develop their skills in an appropriate competitive environment. Congratulations go to the 14Bs and 13As who have remained undefeated during the pre-season.

We begin the GPS season this Saturday with a tough first up assignment against Kings. The challenge facing our teams in the GPS, especially our A teams, should never be underestimated. However, we should concentrate on achievable goals. If teams remember their results from last year, the goal for this year should be to reduce a losing margin or increase a winning margin by 10%. If we achieve this, then we can confidently say we have improved. If individuals try to improve their personal play by making every "first up" tackle, by passing to a player in a better position or by holding on to the ball in a contact situation, we will be able to exert pressure on the opposition. This pressure, in turn, will cause our opponents to make mistakes, on which we can capitalise and create scoring opportunities making the above 10% margins very achievable.

Good luck to all teams this weekend. Good luck also to our soccer teams, hopefully the 1st grade soccer will start the official competitions off on a winning note.

Rugby Committee meeting summary
The third meeting of the SBHS Rugby Committee for 2004 was held on 26/5/04.
The following is a summary of the meeting:

  • Attended: G. Stein, T. Hoare, J. Evans, E. Morgan, Paul Girdler.
  • Apologies: None
  • A request to C. Barris has been made for Rugby to be included in the next Parking allocation.
  • Rugby Family Day/BBQ was a success. E. Morgan suggested that team training sessions could be organized from 10.00 - 11.30am, then Touch football and BBQ. This would encourage more players and families to attend. Committee viewed this suggestion very positively and will adopt for 2005.
  • McKay 1 set-up. Soccer field will run the same direction as rugby field. Rugby dimensions 100m x 70m. Soccer dimensions 90m x 60m. As rugby field has 5m lines inside goal lines and sidelines existing lines should be used to minimize player confusion and increase player safety. Motion: Existing rugby lines to be used for soccer lines to minimize player confusion and increase player safety. T. Hoare/ J. Evans - Carried.
  • Pre-season Treasurer's report will be tabled next meeting. Family Day/BBQ raised $134 despite food and drink give away to rugby players and their families. Coffee to be increased to $3/cup at the suggestion of the operator.
  • TAS visit and Family Day/BBQ weekends in 2005 may be swapped to avoid a clash with Year 11 assessments.
  • Rugby Committee contact list updated.
  • $2600 in parking money raised so far this year to be transferred to School's rugby account.
  • Preparations for 2004 GPS season are in hand. Age teams to provide cake for coffee/cake fundraiser on designated Saturdays. Canteen to be run by parents. In 2005 age team parents will be rostered on to the canteen. Each age group doing one weekend. Similar to current junior netball/rugby/rugby league practices. Lunches to be provided for GPS home games. Two course meals - Hearty soup/roll, dessert, tea and coffee. For pre-season home games 2005, BBQ vouchers to be provided for visiting staff. Crowd control of angled spectator rope on McKay 1, signs and PA system will be trialled against Kings.
  • Meeting conclude at 7.00pm.
  • Next meeting is on Wed. 30th June, 6pm in Room 901. Everyone is welcome to attend.

G Stein,

For all the latest information regarding High Rugby, check the website www.sydneyhigh.org.au/rugby/

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Sydney High Volleyball Report
This is a bumper edition with news on
  • Combined High Schools (CHS) Volleyball: High makes it through to the next round of the CHS Knockout;
  • Recent GPS match against High;
  • Volleyball Australia and High's Favourite Sportsman.

CHS Knockout Volleyball Report
After an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Sydney Technical High School (STHS) during 1st term, High faced being knocked out at the regional level of the CHS Knockout for the first time in many years.

Luckily for High, STHS and Belmore High School (BHS) had complained that the tournament had all the strongest teams on one side of the draw. These schools requested that the playoff for the second team to represent Sydney East, at the regional level, be chosen through a round robin of the schools that had been knocked out, rather than the usual, that being the loser of the final.

Not complaining, High hosted the playoff, which saw some very poor volleyball from all teams. High went into both matches against Tempe High School and STHS with very little intensity, and almost paid for it, with passing, serving, setting and spiking, bearing the full brunt of laziness.

Despite this High won both matches in straight sets, but it did not come without some pressure. In the first set against STHS, High trailed at one stage 20-13, but with some fantastic serving by Keith Wong and nail biting spikes by Terry Ly, High managed to claw their way back in, winning 25-23. High then went on to win the round robin and can rightfully say the second best team won.

High now has three weeks to prepare for the final round of the State Knockout, at the Sydney Indoor Sports Centre in Olympic Park. If we can manage to push our unforced error rate down, we believe High has a good chance of becoming CHS champions.
Yaegan Doran (Captain of Volleyball)

GPS Volleyball Report 29th May 2004
High vs Grammar

Second Grade
Following last year's underestimation of Grammar's volleyball team, High's 2nd grade approached this match with caution. The match had been highly anticipated, as it was expected that Grammar would pose the greatest threat to High's dominance in volleyball. Sleep was lost (with Hughoce Feng experiencing horrific nightmares), and star players scared off (Alex Chan and Kapil Khanna). However, these fears were unfounded. Grammar produced an unexpectedly inexperienced and (relatively) undersized team, and High readily won in straight sets - 25-7, 25-7, 25-12.

As normal, High began the first set strongly. The majority of points were won through strong serving, and reliable, well-honed returns. Kenny Huang unleashed his hidden fury from the beginning, with devastating serves to open the game, and powerful and accurate spikes later in the frontcourt. Solid passing in the backcourt by our ever-reliable Libero Sam Cchor meant that High lost points only from stray serves and failed (forgivable) spiking opportunities.

The second set sparked the beginning of Hughoce and Cong Tu's unofficial serving competition, with Hughoce opening the set with ten straight winning jump-serves, followed shortly by Cong's attempt to break the record. David Dou and Clement Lau provided imposing blocking attempts leading to rash returns from the Grammar frontcourt, whilst Ed Leong's accurate setting allowed Sheng Zhang to instil fear into the opponents through unexpectedly powerful spikes (as opposed to his usual high pitched warcry).

Captain Phil Yang's second appearance as Libero came in the third set, allowing Sam to play in the front court. At the request of the coach, High attempted to run difficult combos, with little success. Despite this, High still won convincingly 25-12.

Overall, 2nd grade played well, despite the absence of past MVPs. The team has matured and gained in skill and experience over the past few weeks, and will be ready to tackle upcoming challenges, and the real season, in the weeks to come
Clement Lau

Coach's Note:
This is the real season, a canny Volleyball MIC/GPS Convenor made sure that it was a double round robin!

With the somewhat anti-climatic performance by Grammar, we know we haven't seen the end of Grammar yet. Grammar has a habit on the last match of producing a hitherto sight unseen team. So the last match of the competition is usually the best!

First Grade
Saturday saw Sydney High's volleyball team cruise to another one-sided victory against what was thought to be a challenging match against Sydney Grammar.

It was a good finish to High's GPS round 1, as consistency was the issue and we managed to keep the opponents at bay and seal off a convincing straight set win.

Both Karl Kruszelnicki and Terry Ly remained in rock solid form, gaining valuable points through heavy hitting. Yaegan Doran and Bill Zhang gave High the surge of points with their penetrating serves. Victor Nguyen and Fahmy Balgahom also aided in the win with a wondrous display of setting, providing us with the base for our attack.

Although Sydney High finished the first round in dominant fashion, there is still a lot to be achieved and the team has yet to reach its full potential. I would like to congratulate the 2nd and 3rd grade team also on their minor-premiership as they have evidently grown into an improved side and have worked well together this season.
Keith Wong

Coach's Note:
First Grade had a lot to thank Keith for his consistency in the match, especially in the third set where it looked that they might have let Grammar back into the match.

Volleyball Australia - The Road to Athens and beyond
All eyes were on the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Tokyo in Japan for the World Olympic Qualification Tournament for Athens. The winner of this 8 team tournament and the top Asian team qualifies for the 2004 Athens Olympics.
The teams competing are France (World Ranking 4), Korea (7), Canada (10), China (17), Japan (19), Iran (24), Algeria (30) and Australia (21).

Of more interest was High's favourite volleyball player Nigel Panagopka

Australian results
v France (22/5): 0-3 (18-25, 28-30, 26-28)
v Algeria (23/5): 3-0 (25-17, 25-21, 25-16)
v Japan (25/5): 3-2 (21-25, 25-17, 25-14, 19-25, 15-13)
v Canada (26/5): 3-0 (25-19, 25-19, 26-24)
v Korea (28/5): 3-1 (25-21, 25-15, 21-25, 25-19)
v China (29/5): 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-19)
v Iran (30/5): 0-3 (19-25, 24-26, 23-25)

Australia's mens volleyball team has NOW qualified for the Athens Olympics and not like in 2000, where Australia was in the Olympics because they were the Host Nation.

Australia only needed 1 set in the match against Iran to clinch the spot, but lost 3-0. However their superior points ratio to China got them through. Even winning against China was evidence of Australia's emergence as a volleyball nation.
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Annual Old Boys v School Sports Day

It's on again





Sporting events will be run throughout the day followed by the Annual OBU Dinner commencing at 6:00 pm in the Great Hall.

Program and costings are still being finalised.

Please watch this space for updates as they become available.

Last year was a huge success. Keep this date free.

All welcome.
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The Onion Bag

HIGH V St.Pius

A disappointing result for HIGH 1XI aginst a fit and well drilled St.Pius side. HIGH dominated the first 15 minutes and led by a superb 24 yard effort from Sen Mitsuji. They however got caught by three quick break away goals from St.Pius and despite having the bulk of possession HIGH seemed to lack the creativity in the middle to pull the game back. St.Pius struck again to leave first grade on the end of a poor 4-1 thrashing.

2nd Grade took on a strong St Andrew's First Grade and matched their counterparts in all areas of the field creating far more chances and never looking like they were going to concede. Jongha Lee capped a bright first 15 minutes with a sublime finish and could have added another shortly afterwards but his shot swerved across the goal towards the corner flag. Matt Dwyer had a chance towards the end of the half but his chip went too high and wide. In the second half HIGH fought for everything and won a number of corners but just couldn't find the second to kill St Andrew's off. With the defence strong St Andrew's were left to attempt to shoot from outside the box and never looked like troubling Tim Neville in goal. A strong morale boosting 1-0 win.

Match Reports
14C v St Pius B
Our boys, the 14 Cs were held to a 1-1 draw by St Pius in a very cold and frosty morning. Alex scored an early goal and they piled up the pressure in the first half but were unlucky not to score more goals. Against the run of play, Pius got their equaliser. Man of the match was Alex and excellent performance from Joshua and Ryan.

14E v St Pius C
In the second match, our 14Es drew 1-1 with St Pius C. The boys showed gutsy attitude to come back from 1 goal down to score the equalising goal in the second half.
Congratulations to the High Boys!

5th Grade Match Report
High v St Pius 3XI

Four convincing wins in a row had an under strength High 5th grade relishing the challenge of playing St Pius 3rds. The game promised to be a tough, physical encounter and it proved to be so from the very start. St Pius were organised, communicated well and dominated the game early on. High slowly got into their stride, regaining control of the midfield and created their first real opportunity late in the first half when Willie Zhu had his well taken shot met by an equally impressive save. The second half restarted in much the same way as the first with St Pius again taking control early on and threatening to break through the make-shift defence employed by High in the absence of our defensive rock - sweeper Kon Moltchanski. The game was very much stop-start with strong tackles coming in thick and fast.

With the game deadlocked at nil-all, High needed a moment of inspiration. Captain Ho Leung duly obliged. 'Van Der Leung' won a tackle just inside the opposing half and set out on a glorious run down the left flank. Beating one man with sheer pace, our Captain sidestepped two more challenges before nut-megging a fourth defender to be through on goal. A desperate lunge from the St Pius sweeper failed to break Ho's stride as he completed his solo effort with a clinical finish inside the far post. One-nil High and what a goal it was.

High was subjected to intense pressure in the final minutes as St Pius chased an equaliser but it was too little too late. High stood firm to taste a sweet victory over very strong opponents. Five wins in five - the perfect way to prepare for what will no doubt be a memorable GPS season.
Bishoy Eskander

High 16Cs v St Pius 16Bs
Being the last game of the trials, the 16Cs really wanted to win and even said that they would do 3 laps around the field if they didn't win. The game started of slowly and neither team really took advantage of their own possession. However, it was clear that High was the stronger team. In the second half, High started taking some shots, with both Kevin Ho and Henry Liu coming close. Only St Pius' goalkeeper and the crossbar kept them in the match. But then, the wind assisted clearance of the St Pius keeper made its way into an uncomfortable position for the High defence and an untimed clearance sailed over Arghya Gupta's head and into the goals. And so, St Pius won the game without having a single shot on goal.

SBHS 3rds Vs St Pius 2nds (SCORE 1-1)
Put under pressure from the outset by having no subs, the boys displayed their versatility and commitment with some playing makeshift positions, but still playing as a cohesive unit. Leading 1-0 at the end of the first half, courtesy of an example of Dave Wang set piece magic, they relinquished a goal in the second half but closed ranks to preserve a draw at full time.

At no time did the boys give up and were robbed of a goal by the crossbar and several quality attempts and persistent attacking meant that they were a chance right till the end. Every player played above themselves and earned the respect of their coach and supporters from both sides. WELL DONE!

HIGH V Kings

The first round of the GPS begins this week with First Grade playing on McKay 1 for the first time, while we have five other grounds in use so we can host all of the King's School. Due to the lack of commitment from the 15Fs who have failed to turn up to fixtures this season we have had to collapse and cull the team into the 15Es.

It is a great shame we have had to collapse teams but it is important that all players realise it reflects badly on the School if opposition are there ready to go and we only have four players. ALL players MUST be at grounds for at least half an hour before Kick Off.

This week there are five sets of nets to be put up plus posts to be moved and nets to be organised on McKay 1. It will be an interesting day and thanks to all Parents, OBs, Coaches and Players who make it possible to happen in the most smooth way it can.

CONTACT: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Quote of the Week
"I have to pick myself. I was outstanding - honestly!
Kenny Sansom on picking himself at left-back in his all-time Arsenal XI

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State of the Arts

Sydney Boys High School
Ensembles Concert

Friday 18th June 2004 7.00pm

Featuring the

Symphonic Wind Ensemble Symphony Orchestra
Senior Concert Band
String Orchestra
Intermediate Concert Band
Training Concert Band

Tickets available from music department
Payment Slip please hand in to the music staffroom.
Payable to Music Committee.
Please include your payment with this form

Student name______________________________ Roll___________

Type of Payment: Cheque___ Cash ___ B/Card___ M/Card ___ Visa___

Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___

Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Number of Tickets Adult ($12) ___ Concession ($9) ___ Family ($25) ___

Donation for Music tour $__________

Total Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

An Invitation
To all students, parents and friends.
To attend the performance recital of our very talented oboe tutor
Michelle Forbes.

When: Friday June 18th 2004 at 12.00pm
Where: Sydney Conservatorium Recital Hall West

Our Jazz Band Director: EMANUEL SCHMIDT TRIO
emanuel schmidt / guitar, pete hohlhoff / bass, adam pache /drums
Sunday 6 June 2004
170 Menangle Road, Menangle Park
entry from Racecourse Road
11:00pm to 3:00 pm (four sets)
Jabboq Jazz performances every Friday 4:30 to 7:30 pm

Friday 4 June: Toni Randle (voice) and Emanuel Schmidt (guitar)
Friday 11 June: Richard Maegraith (saxophone), Pete Kohlhoff (bass) and Emanuel Schmidt (guitar)
Friday 18 June: Emanuel Schmidt (guitar) and Pete Kohlhoff (bass)
Friday 25 June: Toni Randle (voice) and Emanuel Schmidt (guitar)
Friday 2 July: Emanuel Schmidt (guitar), and Pete Kohlhoff (bass)
Friday 9 July : Emanuel Schmidt (guitar) and Pete Kohlhoff (bass)
Friday 16 July: TBA (voice) and Emanuel Schmidt (guitar)
Friday 23 July (*to be confirmed): Richard Maegraith (saxophone), Pete Kohlhoff (bass) andEmanuel Schmidt (guitar)

Parking. Thank you to the following people who helped out at the parking last weekend.
Muhamed Yr 8 & Selma Mehmedbasic, Adele Burke, Francis Wong Yr 10, Gil Amilbangsa, Katharine Deacon, Adam Farrow-Palmer Yr10 / John Palmer, James MacKay Yr9 / Maria MacKay, Lewis Burger Yr8 / Alex Burger, Dominic Bowes, Yr 8 Feng Yang, Daniel O'Keefe Yr 8 Phillipa & David Luscombe Vesna & Branko Cerecina, Jeremy Ireland Yr 7 / Paul Ireland, Daniel Andonovski Yr 7 / Yana , Canying Sun

Music Committee
Meeting for all parents with boys involved. There is a meeting this Wednesday June 9th at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room. We will discuss arrangements for the upcoming Ensembles Concert and the Port Macquarie Music Camp. All parents input are required to make this a success.

Music camp
For the following Ensembles Intermediate Concert Band, Senior Concert Band and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Instalments are now due. Please pay to the music office.
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Krispie Kreme Donuts

Krispy Kreme Donuts


Krispy Kreme Donut Drive

JUNE 22 2004

For New Library/School equipment a P&C Initiative

YOU choose

1. FRESH DOUGHNUTS (Plain Glazed) $12.00 per Doz
(Max. 4 x 1 Doz. Boxes in each carry bag)

Redeemable for one Doz plain glazed donuts with 2nd Doz HALF PRICE!!

at any Krispy Kreme Store

(Wynard-International Airport-Liverpool-Penrith-Huntingwood)

Saves carrying home on bus or train!!

Last Orders with payment MONDAY, 7th June, 2004 (Recess)

So get busy and ask your neighbours, friends, relatives and workmates to buy a dozen or more.

The more they buy - the HIGHer we fly!!


To enable the boys to get away quickly and safely parents' help is needed for processing orders and distribution of doughnuts at the end of the school day.

Tuesday, 22nd June, 2004 from 12 Noon till 4pm.
(any time much appreciated-Need 12 people from 2.30p.m.)

Please contact Valda Roser, 9773 7167

Larger Orders
Please consider pick up by car - available from 1.00pm till 4.00pm
(Remember - 4 Dozen i.e. 4 boxes to each carry bag maximum to avoid damage)

STUDENT NAME:_______________________________ROLLCLASS:______________

I wish to order . . . . . Doz. Fresh Original Glazed Doughnuts @ $12 per Doz $…………

I wish to order . . . . . Certificates . . . . . . . @ $12.00 per Certificate $...............
(Redeemable at Krispy Kreme stores for one Dozen Plain Glazed Doughnuts with second Dozen Doughnuts purchased for half price)

TOTAL: $_________
Type of Payment: Cheque (Payable to Sydney Boys High School) Cash

Credit Card
Card Type: Bankcard MasterCard Visa
Expiry Date: ___ / ___
(where possible please use cheque or credit card for payment)
Total amount paid: $__________

Card Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Cardholder's Name: ____________________________________________________
(Please print)

Cardholder's Signature: __________________________Bus. Phone: ____________

__ __ __ __ __ __ (office Use Only)

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Sydney Yoga Space (Advertisement)

Level 3, 63 William Street
East Sydney, NSW 2010
02 9360 0577

The Sydney Yoga Space teaches yoga in the tradition of BKS Iyengar.

"Iyengar Yoga" is a particularly precise and systematic approach to the study of yoga.
"Iyengar yoga" is practical in orientation and non-sectarian, non-dogmatic in approach.

From this perspective, yoga develops a perceptual clarity beneficial to physical, mental and emotional functioning. Through regular practice, students typically experience enhanced energy levels coupled with greater calmness and composure. On a physical level, we would expect students to develop both strength and flexibility as well as a more balanced and integrated structure. We would also expect students in mid-teens to experience significantly higher concentration levels and improved academic results as a by-product of their yoga training.

The Sydney Yoga Space offers:

  • Regular classes, seven days a week, for new and experienced students
  • Lunchtime yoga classes, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Afternoon classes for new students on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • One-day introductory workshops for anyone interested in trying yoga for the first time, or to get a feel for the school. held on the last weekend of each month

We're happy to answer your questions or give you more information. You can contact us by:

  • telephone - 9360 0577
    e-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    our website - www.sydneyyogaspace.com

Peter Thomson
Director/Principal Teacher

This is a paid advertisement and SBHS accepts no responsibility for the quality or performance of the products
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