High Notes, Vol 5 No 16, May 28 2004

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28 May 2004

From the Principal
From Careers
From Science
From the Library
Year 7 and Year 11 Meetings
Joint P and C Meeting
Krispy Kreme Donuts
State of the Arts
The Onion Bag

From the Principal

Armidale Visit 2004
The Armidale School turned on some great weather and warm hospitality for our contingent of 188 boys, 9 staff and a dozen or so parents, during our annual visit. On Friday night our junior boys lost a definition debate on building a better world. The senior team won their encounter. At the basketball stadium a large crowd of TAS boarders and our boys gave great vocal support to a really exciting basketball game. In a tense, low-scoring first half, the teams swapped turnovers and missed shots, due to a combination of understandable rustiness and spirited, physical, defensive plays. The crowd burst into competing school songs and war cries, firing up the participants. A last minute flurry of points from TAS brought them to within 5 points at half time. After the break, High put TAS under even more pressure, hassling the throw in and running a partial man on man defence, resulting in many turnover opportunities. Despite poor shooting, the energy of the High boys on the floor frustrated a taller, but less adaptable opposition. The game resembled rugby with a round ball at times, with a lot of physical contact. Our boys really blitzed the last 5 or 6 minutes, running away from a TAS outfit in foul trouble. Although only scoring 56 points, the boys played very well in a 'two fifteen minute halves' format, minus a shot clock. It was one of their best defensive games since the first half against Riverview. I thought Cameron Conway had a great game. Raymond Huynh was very busy and effective. Pat McDonnell took it up to them all night. It was great entertainment.

Early morning rugby games were played hard and were nearly all well matched contests. I saw our 14As and 15As play teams of about the GPS standard we will face. They showed a lot of promise and acquitted themselves well. The games turned on the efforts of a few talented TAS backs. Our forwards worked effectively for most of the games. With winning margins of 10-15 points, the contests were entertaining to watch. Third grade got up in a thriller, but the second XV were rattled from the outset by some smart TAS backline play. The boys regained their composure to put in a good second half but once again a speedy back caught High out in defence. Despite the loss, it was an entertaining encounter that was a very close tussle in the forwards. The first XV came ready to play. The TAS boys had size and speed but not the level of organisation and relentless spirit that is growing within the High team. The forwards were stiffened by the return of breakaway Daniel Thomas. The backs seemed more organised with Cameron Conway at 5/8 and Ben Friis-O'Toole at inside centre. Cameron's kicking game was "on". Our boys got to the break down well but did not overcommit players and had people on their feet ready to snuff out the pick and drive of the opposition. High scored some good team tries. The second half started disastrously with an intercept try by the TAS fullback. It really lifted the TAS effort for the next ten minutes. However, the superior rucking and mauling by High took its toll and our pack began to dominate. The score 26-7 flattered TAS. Our finishing let us down on one or two occasions near the line. The game was a good hit out for our boys who have to lift to another level to dominate sides that are at GPS seconds standard. We need a big win this week to round off our preparation before the GPS season opener against King's at McKay.

The visit to Armidale was most enjoyable. I urge all boys who could be in fixtures to make the effort to attend next year. We will move the weekend away from the year 11 exams for 2005. The school will also invest in some supplementary bedding in the form of foam rolls, in order to make the accommodation a little less crowded and competitive. On behalf of the school I would like to thank the staff who gave up their weekend for this visit and the parents who supported the boys. My family and I enjoyed the weekend very much and plan to repeat the experience in the future.

High Talent
Congratulations to the following boys on their achievements: Joshua Scharfegger (11) for his selection in the NSW quad sculls crew to go to the Henley Regatta in the UK; Anthony Chau (11) for his selection as 1st. violin with the Sydney Youth Orchestra; to Gantheepan Pasupathy (11) and Vincent So (11) for their selection to participate in the UBS Finance Academy to be held in July, 2004; to Daniel Wodak for his win in the Regional Heat of the Plain English Speaking Competition; and to all participants in the National Geographic Channel Australian Geography Competition - High finished 10th out of 815 schools Australia wide. (Let's lift our game - Scots finished 6th!)

Career Voyage Printouts
All boys in Year 12 coming to see me for their report interviews have been required to bring a print out of their Career Voyage questionnaire results. The software is available on the student network and may be accessed through the library or the senior study computer room. Essentially the survey of student likes and dislikes assigns students to one or more of 6 vocational areas. All boys should have completed level 5 (university). Some will be less sure of their post secondary futures and may select to do level 4 (TAFE / University) as a supplement. The scores produced by the questionnaire are sensitive to the Likert Scale responses provided. For example, if a person selects "strong dislike" in many areas they will be eliminated as career possibilities. Care needs to be taken when selecting alternatives on the scale. Unless you have a strong preference or aversion, select a milder response such as "dislike" or "do not mind". The results do not necessarily pinpoint a definite career but they do reveal characteristics of students and indicate areas of vocational interest. My aim is for Year 11 students to complete the questionnaire after their Preliminary examinations. Mr Watson is available to assist boys with the interpretation of their print outs.

Year 12 Report Interviews
The Year 12 students have had their attention focused on possible post-secondary destinations during their report interviews this week. I have appreciated their analytical approach to their results, their interests and abilities. Most boys have a plan, a target UAI and have expressed the desire to set and achieve their academic goals. In many cases boys are taking "insurance units". The objective of these units is that if something goes wrong in the HSC examination then they may count towards the UAI. For most boys this is old culture thinking. With the introduction of progressive assessments, performance standards, standards packages, taxonomic descriptors of expected outcomes and with the removal of norm referencing, the basic arguments for the retention of insurance units are weakened. Some boys have to retain a weak subject to comply with breadth of study rules; others have extension units that are of equal value to half of their two unit courses and so need to be retained. However, for most students the time saved by not attending classes and studying for two units (or even one) could be spent mastering the 10 units that will count in their UAI calculation. Thus any effects of "test surprise" will be counteracted by the application of increased study time over months before the examination. I am recommending strongly that students examine their pattern of study, their tertiary preferences and their vocational interests in order to make appropriate choices to maximise their achievement.

Boggabilla Visit
Students from Boggabilla Central School came for a four-day visit this week. The students enjoyed a variety of activities organised by Messrs Simmonds and Barris. They enjoyed Monty Prior's performance, the experience of surfing, the State of Origin, and a visit to the Outterside Centre. The students of our school raised $1500 as a donation towards the maintenance of a crèche at Boggabilla High to care for the children of young mothers returning to school or TAFE to complete their education. My thanks go to all the staff, parents and students who helped to make the visit a success.
Dr K Jaggar
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The 2004 Year 7 English Language and Literacy Assessment reports arrived recently. On http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/7-12assessments/ellatest.php you may also access translations of the information about ELLA. 91% (State 32%) achieved Highly Proficient in Writing, 98% (State 34%) in Reading, and 98% (State 38%) in English language knowledge.

Students were asked to:

  • Perform writing tasks that demonstrate the writing skills needed in the key learning areas of the secondary school curriculum.
  • Read and understand a range of written texts, particularly texts and diagrams that are commonly used in key learning areas of the secondary school curriculum.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of English and their use of spelling, punctuation and grammar

While recently arrived speakers from Language Backgrounds Other than English may have some influence on the lower figure for Writing - and ALL were at least Proficient by the way - it is instructive to look at the School and State means (scores, not percentages) for Writing:
  • All students: 98.2 (State 88.7)
  • Boys: 98.2 (State 87.4)
  • Girls: State 90
  • Native English Speakers: 101.1 (State 88.6)
  • "NESBT" (Students answered "yes" to question "Does anyone in your home use a language other than English?") 97.8 (State 89)
  • "NESB1" (lived in Australia four years or less and never or only sometimes speak English at home) 95.6 (State 85)

We must not be complacent, however, as more than 50% of our students were below the top 25% of the State in writing, while still "Highly Proficient."

What is of some interest is the ranking of items missed by students in order of frequency. The following language features caused problems in more than 50% of the state's students:

  • successful use of all three sentence types - simple, compound and complex
  • writing a reasonably sophisticated complication in a narrative
  • writing effective imagery, and avoiding cliché in metaphor and simile
  • achieving an effective resolution in a narrative
  • elaborating on a point with suitable references and quotations
  • having a good range of effective vocabulary
  • correct punctuation
  • writing an effective introduction in an argument or discussion essay
  • consistently maintaining tense, and shifting tense when necessary

A number of our students also had trouble with

  • correct reference using pronouns
  • correct use of prepositional idiom

Most of those issues are covered in the http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/eslhelp.html "12 Steps to Better English" or in the http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/faq.html Communities Site FAQ pages.
Neil Whitfield
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From Careers

  • All Year 10, 11 and 12 have the opportunity to use Career Voyage on the school network for free
  • Remember boys, you are supposed to complete this guidance program in each year to update and help guide you in your future choices.
Attention Year 12, 11, 10 and Parents.
Courses and Careers Expo
Wednesday June 16 2004
3.30pm - 5.00pm
at the UNSW Scientia Building.

All NSW and ACT Universities, some interstate universities and overseas represented

Organised by your Eastern Suburbs Careers Advisers Association.

Years 11/12
Year 12s have now completed their Career Interviews. Year 11 will commence their interviews this term. All Year 12s (and Year 11) are encouraged to:-

  • complete the Career Voyage Guidance program
  • attend interviews
  • attend the Eastern Suburbs Course and Careers Day 3.30pm - 5.00pm at UNSW June 16.
  • follow-up their degree choices by web-sites, open days, emails.
  • be thoroughly prepared with their UAC choices by September

ANU- The Australian National University
Representatives from the University in the faculties of Law, Arts, Commerce/Economics and Engineering IT came last week to speak to the students. Over 50 boys attended a highly successful meeting.
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The 2004 National Chinese Eisteddfod will take place from 9:00 am to 2.15 pm on Saturday 5th of June at Burwood Girls' High School. The address is Cheltenham Road, Croydon.

All participants will be required to register at least half an hour prior to this. Students may also wish to support their fellow students by attending their sections of the competition.

I do hope that your family will be able to attend the event, and look forward to meeting you there.
W Zhang
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From Science

Results of Science Quiz no.6
Questions about plants that detect land mines were again correctly answered this fortnight by Kiril Mickovski (8T), Andrew Tang (8T), Peter Luu (8S) and Bernard Fang (8T)

The questions:
"The Science show" on Radio National on 8/5/04 featured a talk about plants that could be developed to detect land mines.

(a) What type of plant is being studied?
(b) How is it being genetically modified?
(c) What is the name of the pigment that is being used?
(d) What makes the pigment change colour?
(e) How many land mines are there remaining around the world?
(f) How many victims are killed or maimed every month?
(The answers can be found on www.abc.net.au/rn)
Ian Cox
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From the Library

Big thanks to Mr Selway for his donation of Communication and Cultural Literacy. Years 11 & 12 may like to look this up in the Library.

Thanks to Mrs Kaldor, mother of Tom in Year 11 for donating Bush Sense, Steve Waugh - Never Satisfied, The best of Jackie French, Peter Collins - the Bear Pit.

The Library Z'ours Committee has a meeting this coming Monday lunchtime.

Fabulous new books
Years 11 & 12 may like to know about the Macquarie Revision Guides which are being processed right now (ask next Wednesday)
Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

We have lots of Booker Prize Novels and winners of other awards just arriving - Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, Ishiguro, Kazuo - The Remains of the Day, Ben Okri - The Famished Road, Anita Brookner - Hotel du Lac, Orson Scott Card - Xenocide, A.S. Byatt, Possession, Thomas Keneally - Schindler's Ark, V.S.Naipaul, In a Free State, James Kelman, How late it was, How Late, Iris Murdoch - The Sea, the Sea, Anton Checkov - The Steppe and Other Stories.

We have just got Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth on CD ROM.

Fun Books we have re-ordered and which have just arrived are: David Gemmell's Midnight Falcon, Ravenheart and Stormrider, Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead and Children of the Mind and Shadow Puppets, Robin Hobb's Ship of Magic, The Mad Ship, Ship of Destiny and Assassin's Apprentice, Douglas Adams, So Long and Thanks for all the Fish, Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Choke and Survivor and David Eddings, Guardians of the West and Matthew Riley's Scarecrow. These are being processed right now and should be on the new book shelves next week.
V Crothers
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Year 7 and Year 11 Meetings

Attention Year 7 parents
Year 7 parent group meeting
Tuesday June 15 2004
Staff Common Room

Year 11 Parent Meeting

On Tuesday 18th May the Year 11 Parent Group hosted an informal occasion to meet Ms Berger, who took over as Year Advisor for Year 11 early this year.

The meeting started at 6:30 pm and was well attended by more than 30 parents.

Ms Berger was open and enthusiastic about her demanding role and made many suggestions for the general welfare of our boys.

Other items of discussion included study management, selection of prefects, exam schedules and sporting and extra curricular demands.

Ms Berger was very realistic about her and the schools' expectations, and stressed a need for balance between conflicting demands. She encourages the boys to access the careers guidance programme available on the school network, to help them make decisions about their future.

Ms Berger can be contacted at school by phone or email to discuss individual concerns
M Mittelheuser

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From the Rugby Master's desk:
Sydney High rugby earned a load of respect in Armidale last weekend, especially our 1st grade. Their victory capped off a great weekend.

The 14Bs started the ball rolling in the first match of the day winning 5-0 against TAS 15Bs. In the afternoon the 3rd XV held on valiantly for a 22-20 win and our 2nd XV showed a promise of things to come with a 7-5 second half against a very good TAS 2nd XV. As 2.50pm approached the sideline support for High swelled. Many parents had made the trip to Armidale and the juniors, who usually go home after their matches, lined the sideline following the seniors lead shouting and chanting their support for the 1st XV. And the firsts responded.

On Saturday the first grade played a very committed physical game, adhering to coach Bolen's game plan, enabling them to run out deserved winners 26-7. High led at the break 12-0. Expectedly TAS tried to make a comeback in the second half, presented with an intercept try in the first minute of the half. This could have had our players drop their heads and capitulate. However, they showed composure and resolve to reassert themselves and finish the match in fine style. The firsts have again raised the bar a little higher following on from their Hurlstone performance. Another committed effort against St Pius X this weekend should set them up well for King's and the start of the GPS a week later.

I must praise and thank the players who went to Armidale for their efforts and cooperation. You made the weekend very enjoyable. Thank you also to the staff Mr Farrington, Mr Storey, Mr Codey, Mr Howey, Mr Hannon, Mr Moody, Mr Scrivener and Ms Gazzola, on behalf of myself and the boys for your efforts, both seen and unseen. The TAS trip is an important date on our calendar and would not occur without your support.

In response to an SRC request the Armidale trip next year will be a week earlier, swapping with the Family Day, to avoid the clash with Year 11 assessments. This change has been confirmed with TAS. For the record our results v. TAS this year were:

  • 1st XV won 26-7
  • 2nd XV lost 7-26
  • 3rd XV won 22-20
  • 15As lost 5-12
  • 15Bs lost 5-15
  • 14As lost 0-15
  • 14Bs won 5-0
  • 14Cs lost
  • 13As won 61-0
  • 13Bs lost
  • 13Cs lost 25-32

The highlight for me was the 70m rumble for a try by Tim "Night Train" Joo. Awarded a free kick deep in their own half the sideline support began chanting "Tim Joo, Tim Joo" and Tim didn't disappoint. Like the Sydney to Melbourne night train, Tim stopped for no-one until he planted the ball over the try line…exhausted. Well done Tim.

Again this year the McKay canteen will be running its "Cake and Coffee" service for the GPS home games. Age teams will asked to provide a cake/slice donation to this fund-raiser. The proposed schedule is:

  • 15 Years 5/6/04 v. Kings,
  • 14 years 7/8/04 v. Shore,
  • 13 years 14/8/04 v. Grammar.

I hope everyone will support this Rugby Committee initiative.

Good luck to all teams in our final trial for 2004. I look forward to the continuing development of the positive rugby we are playing.
G. Stein
MIC Rugby.

Armidale Excursion
Last weekend many of the High families made the trek to Armidale to watch our Sydney High Boys play Rugby at the Armidale School.

The Autumn weather was fabulous and the Rugby sensational!

Thank you to the First XV who played great Rugby and WON 26 - 7 against TAS.

Thank you to the rest of the boys for their entertaining games and strong vocal support.

Thank you to TAS for your wonderful hospitality and thank you to the Wicklow Motel for some great food and local Armidale Reds!

For the Year 12 parents in particular it was a weekend of shared 'High' emotion and spirit.

So don't miss it next year - it is well worth the trip.

Good luck to all our Rugby players in 2004.
From the Rugby parents
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Second Grade vs. St Ignatius, First Grade vs. St Ignatius

Second Grade
Last weekend the Sydney High 2nd Grade Volleyball made its way to Riverview for its first away game of 2004. Even with the pressure of playing in an unfamiliar environment they were able to easily secure the win in straight sets [25-10, 25-9, 25-18].

Boasting a side which has matured over the past few weeks, High started off the first set strongly against an inexperienced St Ignatius team. With immaculate serving by Hughoce Feng and Cong Tu, High was able to win most of the first set on serves. With the few occasions where Riverview were able to play the ball, High closed the points off with ease with some exceptional work at the net by Captain Phil, Kapil Khanna, Kenny Huang and Clement Lau (who played as setter for the first time).

The second set was much like the first, however with Riverview's players getting into the groove of things there were a few rallies which were mostly won by High. Excellent support play by the stand-in Libero Alex Lee and perfect sets by Ed Leong gave Sheng Zhang, Alex Chan and Clement Lau unreturnable spiking opportunities. High's strongest part of their game the serve, continued to leave the Riverview side double left footed throughout the set.

The third set saw High give Riverview a few too many points from complacency, as they believed they had the game well and truly won. Even though this was the case it will be good in future to see High play at their hardest all throughout the game, no matter what the score line is at any moment.

Overall Sydney High 2nd Grade did an outstanding job in showing the new boys on the block that High is here to stay and dominate the GPS volleyball competition. With this in mind, the team will be looking forward to this week's game against Grammar who will surely be the greatest challenge yet!
Sheng Zhang

Coach's Note:
Despite a freezing cold venue that some of the more experienced GPS players even found difficult to find, High started well. Fortunately with the team being videotaped, the moments of complacency didn't endure for too long!

I have been impressed with their solid point-making skills, which will be tested next week against Grammar. With all this hype, I hope it isn't an anti-climax.

The only downside of the match was when an unknown cricket player was found on the court masquerading as our setter, fortunately our modest writer from last week was able to step into the gap when the offending player was sent off.

With serving as our strongest weapon, I am pleased to see that the spiking is improving as their confidence grows. Sheng demonstrated why he was nominated the most improved player for 2003!

First Grade
It was the first official away game for the season, over at Riverview. High went into the match with high expectations just like all the other matches. High missed key players such as Keith Wong, Terry Ly, and Victor Nguyen for this game. So we had to borrow second grade captain Phil Yang to field a minimum 6 man team.

High dominated early on in the first set led by Fahmy Balgahom's consistent jump serves. While the Riverview boys did not have the experience of Sydney High, they had plenty of determination, celebrating every single point they had achieved in the set, which were few. The set went High's way 25-9.

The second set started in favour of Riverview, errors by High resulted in Riverview leading 2-5 at one point. The boys regrouped and came back strongly, and finally won the set 25-16; this was as close as Riverview got in this game.

In the third set, High started just like the first, relentless in the service game and also made some powerful plays. The Riverview players were amazed by the power hitting of Robert Lou from the outside and the quicks hit by Karl Kruszelnicki in the middle. The set finished 25-6.

Next week should be an interesting match between High and Grammar.

Even though High did not perform their best, the match was still won in straight sets. Next week, playing against Grammar it should turn out to be a very interesting contest.
Bill Zhang

Coach's Note:
This was our second official away match for High, as Scots use our gym for their Home games.
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Joint P and C Meeting

Promoting resilience in your gifted adolescent

Psychological research has increasingly begun to focus on the factors that contribute to resilience in children, adolescents and adults. Much of this research suggests that it is our ability to "fail well" that predicts academic, social and emotional adjustment. Perfectionism and the "fear of failure" that often characterise highly able children and adolescents can, in fact, deleteriously influence academic functioning and longer-term social and emotional functioning. Procrastination, "over-doing" or chronic underachievement can be the results of such a fear.

How can parents use this research to help their adolescent make the best choices, handle failure and cope with HSC stress?

Dr Catherine Boland, the Clinical Psychologist for GERRIC (Gifted Education Research, Resource & Information Centre, UNSW) will give an overview of the research and its implications for helping our children generally. She will also focus special attention on how this research can be used to guide gifted students to make better career choices by focussing not only on their HSC performance but also their interests and passions.

Come and hear Dr Boland's presentation

at the

Annual Joint Meeting of P & C Associations
Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Girls High School

WEDNESDAY 23 JUNE 2004 7.30 PM

Dr Boland's presentation will be followed by question time & refreshments will be served thereafter.
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Krispy Kreme Donuts


Krispy Kreme Donut Drive

JUNE 22 2004

For New Library/School equipment a P&C Initiative

YOU choose

1. FRESH DOUGHNUTS (Plain Glazed) $12.00 per Doz
(Max. 4 x 1 Doz. Boxes in each carry bag)

Redeemable for one Doz plain glazed donuts with 2nd Doz HALF PRICE!!

at any Krispy Kreme Store

(Wynard-International Airport-Liverpool-Penrith-Huntingwood)

Saves carrying home on bus or train!!

Last Orders with payment MONDAY, 7th June, 2004 (Recess)

So get busy and ask your neighbours, friends, relatives and workmates to buy a dozen or more.

The more they buy - the HIGHer we fly!!


To enable the boys to get away quickly and safely parents' help is needed for processing orders and distribution of doughnuts at the end of the school day.

Tuesday, 22nd June, 2004 from 12 Noon till 4pm.
(any time much appreciated-Need 12 people from 2.30p.m.)

Please contact Valda Roser, 9773 7167

Larger Orders
Please consider pick up by car - available from 1.00pm till 4.00pm
(Remember - 4 Dozen i.e. 4 boxes to each carry bag maximum to avoid damage)

STUDENT NAME:_______________________________ROLLCLASS:______________

I wish to order . . . . . Doz. Fresh Original Glazed Doughnuts @ $12 per Doz $…………

o order . . . . . Certificates . . . . . . . @ $12.00 per Certificate $...............
(Redeemable at Krispy Kreme stores for one Dozen Plain Glazed Doughnuts with second Dozen Doughnuts purchased for half price)

TOTAL: $_________
Type of Payment: Cheque (Payable to Sydney Boys High School) Cash

Credit Card
Card Type: Bankcard MasterCard Visa
Expiry Date: ___ / ___
(where possible please use cheque or credit card for payment)
Total amount paid: $__________

Card Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Cardholder's Name: ____________________________________________________
(Please print)
Cardholder's Signature: __________________________Bus. Phone: ____________
__ __ __ __ __ __ (office Use Only)

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State of the Arts

Congratulations to Simon Chadwick, year 12 saxophone who participated as part of The NSW Arts Unit Jazz Orchestra at the "Generations in Jazz" festival in Mount Gambia, South Australia. The band came third in their division which comprised 26 bands. There are three divisions in all. Simon was one of five players awarded the accolade as "Future Finalist" which means that he has the opportunity in the next couple of years to compete in the James Morrison Scholarship.

Sydney Boys High School
Ensembles Concert

Friday 18th June 2004 7.00pm

Featuring the

Symphonic Wind Ensemble Symphony Orchestra
Senior Concert Band
String Orchestra
Intermediate Concert Band
Training Concert Band

Tickets available from music department
Payment Slip please hand in to the music staffroom.
Payable to Music Committee.
Please include your payment with this form

Student name______________________________ Roll___________

Type of Payment: Cheque___ Cash ___ B/Card___ M/Card ___ Visa___

Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___

Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Number of Tickets Adult ($12) ___ Concession ($9) ___ Family ($25) ___

Donation for Music tour $__________

Total Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

Port Macquarie Music Camp and Italy Music Tour instalments are now due.
All students who have not yet paid need to do so this week.
This camp is compulsory for all members of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Senior Concert Band and Intermediate Concert Band.

Stop Press:
There will be a meeting for all music ensemble parents on Wednesday 9th June at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room.
This meeting is to discuss arrangements for both the June 18th showcase concert and the Port Macquarie Tour. All parents with boys involved are asked to attend.

Parking this weekend: thank-you to the parents and students who have volunteered for this. And also to the buskers who will be entertaining the parkers!

This survey is for all past and present senior music ensemble students.
Please complete this ASAP and return to the music department office. Thank you.

Senior students Music Ensemble Survey

Name _________________________________


Please circle your answer/s and explain where relevant.

Do you have regular lessons on your instrument? Yes No

Which ensembles are you currently playing in?

Symphonic Wind Ensemble Senior Stage Band Symphony Orchestra

Other __________________________________

Which ensembles are you interested in playing in?

Symphonic Wind Ensemble Senior Stage Band Symphony Orchestra

Other __________________________________

Preferred styles of music:

Rock Jazz Contemporary Classical

Other ________________________________

Reasons for no longer continuing music ensemble program (if applicable):

Sport Commitments Academic Commitments Tutoring

Other Commitments_________________________________________ (please explain)

What are your available mornings for an ensemble rehearsal?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

What are your available afternoons for an ensemble rehearsal?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Any further questions or comments?

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Program of Event for 2004
SBHS Athletics Carnival
10th June – ES Marks

Time Event
8.15 1500 M: 14 yrs & Under, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17 + yrs
8.55 Rolls Marked
9.00 100 M Heats: 12 yrs, 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17 + yrs
10.15 800 M: 12 yrs, 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17 + yrs
11.30 200 M: 12 yrs, 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17 + yrs
12.45 400 M: 12 yrs, 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17 + yrs
2.00 100 M: Finals 12 yrs, 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17 + yrs
2.15 House Relays & Roll Call

Time Field Event
9.00 17 + yrs - High Jump 16 yrs - Discus 15 yrs - Javelin 14 yrs - Long Jump 12 & 13 yrs – Shot Put
10.00 17 + yrs – Shot Put 16 yrs - High Jump 15 yrs - Discus 14 yrs - Javelin 12 &13 yrs - Long Jump
11.00 17 + yrs - Long Jump 16 yrs – Shot Put 15 yrs - High Jump 14 yrs - Discus 12 &13 yrs - Javelin
12.00 17 + yrs - Javelin 16 yrs - Long Jump 15 yrs – Shot Put 14 yrs - High Jump 12 & 13 yrs - Discus
1.00 17 + yrs - Discus 16 yrs- Javelin 15 yrs - Long Jump 14 yrs – Shot Put 12 & 13 yrs - High Jump
2.00 Field events finish

3.00 Carnival Finish

Robert Devlin: MIC Athletics
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The Onion Bag

On a beautiful warm day 1XI took on a very powerful OB unit made up from mainly 1st grade players from the last few years with one or two older ones.

The game was played at a furious tempo on the beach at McKay and both teams equipped themselves well playing some fluent passing and both teams attacking at every opportunity. The OBs went ahead early on and maintained the edge despite High's constant ability to keep grabbing one back. Tom Lung scored a cracker beating Mulroney all ends up and Bazin finished in his usual style beating the 16As keeper easily.

At 4-3 with injury time upon them the OBs looked assured of victory until a defensive mix up allowed Matt Shiner to square the ball across Nick Apoifis's six yard box where it struck the referee Evan Solomans squarely on the right boot and rocketed into the net for the equaliser. A result of 4-4 again and another tight match up went to penalties where once again the OBs were victorious and keep their stranglehold on the trophy.

The reporter unfortunately missed a bit of the game chasing a small spectator around and so cannot remember all of the scorers names but believes Tony Zaf could have scored if he had not blazed his shot over the bar aiming for the female dog walkers.
A good day out and a very strong workout for 1st Grade who were missing a number of key players through injury.

Match Reports
5th Grade Match Report
King's v. High 22/5/04

Bagging eight goals in two games prior to this week, High's 5th grade was in good spirit coming into this fixture against King's. And it showed. From kickoff, High played King's off the park with fluent passing and dominated possession. The King's defence was under immense pressure, and it was inevitable for them to finally succumb to the High offensive. Within minutes came our first goal. Wing-back George Krastev embarked on an overlap down the line, hitting a pinpoint cross for goal machine Willie Zhu to bury his seventh of the season. Our lead was further consolidated by a brilliant cracker from outside the box by Robert Zhou which curled away from the keeper's reach into the top corner. High was home and dry.

Despite King's believing they were still in with a shout, it was simply wishful thinking. Captain Ho Leung made sure of that - his dazzling ball skills overwhelmed the opposition throughout the game. His linkup play with attackers Bishoy Eskander, Tony Lei and Ilya Zvedeniouk kept the King's defence on their toes. Another searching run by our Captain late in the second half finally paid off when he ghosted past three white shirts before a neat cutback for Peter Loi to drill home our third.

High's defensive quartet of Krastev, Kelly, Chandrala, and Moltchanski was watertight with Alex Kelly displaying a man-of-the-match performance. There was only one High player who was unhappy at the final whistle - keeper Jason Kok, who remained isolated, alone and totally bored without a single touch of the ball all game.
Kon Moltchanski (VC)

14Cs v13Cs
The 14Cs beat the 13Cs by 4-1 in a keenly fought match.
Credit to the 13Cs for holding out the score to 1-1 at half time.
Scorers for the 14Cs were George, Josh, Peter and Adrian (c).
Man of the match was their midfield dynamo Alex.
Peter Lee 14Cs Coach

15As v 16As
In the game of the day the 15As out fought and pressured the 16As and very nearly staged an upset. The 15As looked an organised outfit and despite needing Ali Alsamail and Nick Poranek to keep for them still looked tight at the back and went forward with creativity and speed.

The 15As took the lead towards the end of the first 40mins after forcing a string of excellent saves from the 16As keeper. After the break the 16As, with instructions from big Matt ringing in their ears started to create far more and put Poranek under some pressure. The equaliser finally came in the final third and the sides played out an entertaining draw.

The fixture went to penalties where a remarkable save by Poranek handed the victory to the 15As. There were a number of talented players on the field which should mean a rosy future for soccer at HIGH.

Quote of the Week
"He's six years into a five-year plan"
Prospective Liverpool investor Steve Morgan on Reds boss Gerard Houllier who was sacked this week.

Saturday 29th May
HIGH V St Pius/ St Andrews

A very interesting fixture this week involving two schools as opposition. St.Pius and St.Andrews have teamed up to play HIGH in what we hope will be another regular trial fixture.

1st Grade will be hopefully playing on McKay 1 in what we hope will be the first of the new arrangements with the field marked out in front of the Rugby posts playing the same way.

2nd Grade however, will be at St. Andrews Oval at Sydney University playing St. Andrews 1st Grade as will 4ths who take on St.Andrews 2nd Grade.

HIGH 3rd Grade get a test against St Pius 2nd grade and all of our As and C's will take on St Pius As and Bs at home, while Bs meet St Andrews As and Ds play their Bs at St Johns Oval in Sydney Uni. Maps and details should be available on both St Andrews and Sydney Uni websites.

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