High Notes, Vol 5 No 15, May 21 2004

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21 May 2004

From the Principal
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From the Principal

Windy midweek rugby at Hurlstone Ag
Travelling to Hurlstone Agricultural High School to play rugby is always a challenge. Last week was no exception. Rock hard grounds, a 30 knot chilly south-westerly and some strong, well-drilled teams to play, combined to test all our teams. Our second XV played Hurlstone's 16As. In the first half our boys had the disadvantages of a late arrival and limited warm up time, but were outpaced in the backs, where a few tries were run in. The High boys regrouped and put in a much better second half to run off losers 10-24. In the wind, handling was affected badly, particularly in back line movements and line outs. On the second field, the 14As had a win. The 15As put on a very businesslike display to run in enough tries in the first half against the wind to have the game in control. 5 or 6 players were rested in the second half run with the wind. The cohesion was maintained and the boys looked like they really wanted to play. The trial was a good hit out for our boys. The first XV ran with the wind in the first half but squandered several opportunities to kick to the corners and maintain pressure. William Kwok scored a neat try which was converted but a defensive lapse in the backs let in a soft Hurlstone try. The boys were pressed on a few occasions by a speedy Hurlstone fullback - centre combination, forcing several try-saving tackles. The team was looking in trouble with the score 7-5 at half time. The wind was colder and stronger as the second half commenced. What followed was the most consistent and disciplined second half of football that I have seen from one of our teams in a long time. The forwards kept up the pressure with pick and drives and strong rucking. Most penalties were taken as taps, retaining possession and wearing down the opposition. The team effort was rewarded with three good tries in very difficult conditions against a bigger pack and speedier backline. The game ended in a 22-10 victory and was a very useful trial for TAS this weekend.

Volleyball Victors
The High first grade team played against Scots in the UTS Gym. The accurate serving of Karl Kruszelnicki and the running serves of Yaegan Doran overpowered the shell-shocked Scots boys in the first set. The High boys relaxed more in the second set which included one or two decent exchanges over the net. High still won comfortably, with several players using the points buffer to practise their running serves. Good setting and obviously well drilled defence showed through in High's win. In the final set, players were rotated out and Scots took advantage of the situation to string a few points together and go to the lead. Their revival was short lived as High refocused and stormed home for another easy set win in a 3-0 whitewash. Our boys did not raise a sweat. I look forward to seeing them against stronger opposition in the future.

Saturday Soccer v SCEGGS
I was sent over to see the powerful 14As play on CP5 instead of watching second grade last Saturday. Unfortunately, SCEGGS had a skilful, close-marking style of play that frustrated our attack. They took the chances that came their way to knock in three goals by half time. There were some quite entertaining passages of play from both teams. The High boys seemed to focus better in the second half and stifled more of the SCEGGS attack. A skilful cross set up High's solitary goal of the game. SCEGGS emphatically asserted their win with a huge kick from the centre circle that cleared our goalkeeper. I enjoyed the game but not the result. In the first grade, High showed considerable attacking flair to set up several good chances on a dusty McKay 4. The experiment with Paul Watzlaff as sweeper worked. High failed to convert and did not look particularly hungry up front. After a revving up from coach Gifford the boys put more zip into their work in the second half. Their pressure was rewarded with a slick finish from Thomas Lung, returning from yet another injury / illness. There was better communication and more players running into space to present themselves to receive passes. SCEGGS had a couple of creative, quick players who returned some heat at times but the second half was really one way traffic as High sealed their victory with another goal. I felt that the boys were running themselves into some form at last with better communication in defence evident and more combination passing in attack. I have to say again (as I do each year), soccer premierships will not be won again by skilful players who are not fully fit. I recommend that fitness training should be undertaken a couple of times each week by firsts and seconds as a squad. We need boys to believe that places in first grade cannot be taken for granted.

Tennis Court Development
All tennis players and their families should be please to know that preparations for tendering the project will soon commence. In order to manage the process professionally, the school will need to spend around 10% of the project cost in fees (say $25k.). We are therefore requesting parents and old boys to help us by donating to the Australian Sports Foundation to assist the school to fund these charges. The school will gain 10 years of access to a redeveloped facility with lights and four championship courts. The project will be financed by a proponent to the tune of some $300k. We need your help now to ensure the process starts immediately. Please go to Donation Form. You can choose to download either of two donation forms. Select 'equipment / facilities' and fill in 'tennis-facilities'. Donations to the Sydney Boys High School Sports Development Project are tax deductible.

Staff computers and groupwise email
The school has decided to make a personal PC available to all staff members. At the end of the year, the P & C has agreed to buy out the lease residuals on the existing staff computers. Additional equipment will need to be purchased. Terminals and LCD screens will be required in some congested staffrooms. The exercise will be costly but beneficial. Once access is assured, the majority of communications in the school will be switched from paper to electronic formats. Internal and external communication will be facilitated. Teachers and school assistants will save small amounts of time each week which will add up to be used for better support for student learning. Speed and accuracy of communication flows should improve school administration.
Dr K Jaggar
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From the Counsellors

EAS SCHEME - Educational Access Scheme for HSC Students
Most institutions that participate in the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) have an EAS for applicants who have experienced long term educational disadvantage. To qualify applicants must demonstrate that their educational performance during Years 11 and/or 12 or equivalent has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond their control.

If you think your son may be eligible, it is necessary for him to contact the School Counsellor to gain more information and discuss the individual situation confidentially. Ms. Plummer and Mrs Harman, the School Counsellors, are available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They are located in the McDonald Wing.
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From Careers

  • All Year 10, 11 and 12 have the opportunity to use Career Voyage on the school network for free
  • Remember boys, you are supposed to complete this guidance program in each year to update and help guide you in your future choices.

Attention Year 12, 11, 10 and Parents.
Courses and Careers Expo
Wednesday June 16 2004
3.30pm - 5.00pm
at the UNSW Scientia Building.

All NSW and ACT Universities, some interstate universities and overseas represented

Organised by your Eastern Suburbs Careers Advisers Association.
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Krispie Kreme Donuts

P & C

Krispie Kreme

Donut Drive

is on its way

June 22 2004 Delivery

Funds For Library/

School Equipment

Watch this space


next week's
(May 28 2004)
High Notes

for details

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P and C Minutes

1. Welcome, Apologies, Attendance
Apologies : J. Tripp, K. Deacon, S. Harkins
Attendance: K. Jaggar, T. Meakin, P.Girdler, W. Bull, S. Polis, K. Tong, K. Frils,. L. Evans, S. Leung, J. Harkins
2. Minutes of 18th February 04 meeting & business arising
In abeyance
3. Correspondence
In abeyance
4. Principal's Report
  1. The minutes of the Principal's report on a comparison of SBHS HSC results against other schools had been misreported. It was too complicated a subject to be simplified and summarised.
  2. An approval was being sought to use the Building Fund to pay $25k in legal fees for the Foundation.
  3. The Foundation has reduced its costs for insurance and had increased revenue from a rowing programme. A Booking Officer is to be appointed.
  4. A 600m length of bitumen road had been laid at the Gym to assist with traffic flow.
  5. Approval has been given by the Australian Sports Foundation for the development of the tennis & basketball facilities. The costs are tax deductible
  6. The Great Hall has to have a final inspection as a Place of Public Entertainment.
  7. A sign is to be displayed showing of a map of the school grounds
  8. Name tags are to be discussed with staff as a security measure.
  9. The tennis court development is now awaiting approval to proceed to tender. The courts could be in operation for next season. It has taken 3 years to reach this point.
  10. Sports Committees need to be self funding. Funds come from the school budget plus ASF donations, co-payments & fund raising including parking fees. Other activities such as concerts need to be considered.
5.Treasurer's Report
There was a balance of $13,923 at the ANZ.
Expected revenue over the next 12 months included $25,000 from the canteen, $4,000 contributions & $20,000 from parking.
School funding requests included a contribution to the $300,000 library fund, new
cricket nets at $15,000, basketball courts at $50,000, refurbishment of a schoolroom & $25,000 repayment to the Foundation for the canteen.

The government only provides funds for the library to bring it up to an acceptable standard & for maintenance. It was planned to complete the new library by 2008.
The library fund total is now only $25,000
$20,000 had been invested to construct the Cutler Drive. The Department of Commerce has sandstone that can be used for construction. Paul Girdler advised that the executive will consider the following recommendations:

  1. Repay $25,000 to the Foundation
  2. Provide a compactus for the Music Room ( $7,500)
  3. Ask sports committees to raise funds that will be matched by the P & C up to a certain limit.
  4. A May library fund contribution of $10,000.
  5. A 50/50 P&C & Foundation contribution to school projects & a $5,000 contribution to the Foundation's overheads.
  6. P & C discretionary projects such as enhancements to the Great Hall to be advised by Paul Girdler.
  7. Two parents had offered to raise funds

6. General Business
  1. The Badges Committee is to make recommendations to resolve conflicts & discrimination over music awards.
  2. The meeting asked Dr. Jaggar to intervene in the management of the affairs of the English Department to ensure that teachers were available for Year 12 students. Parents were concerned about the turnover of staff & absences on leave that were occurring at such a critical time in their boys' preparation for the HSC. Dr. Jaggar was asked to report on progress to parents.

Next Meeting: 19/5/04 7.30pm.
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Third Grade vs. Newington, Second Grade vs. Sydney Tech, First Grade vs. Scots

Only the first grade match was the official GPS match on the day.

Third Grade
The week before last, the 3rds had won against Newington. Pocketing that win, the 3rds this week came in ready and had high (no pun intended) expectations for another win. The fact that we were playing Newington added to those expectations. However, the Newington team were down 2 players last week, and so we had to lend them some of our players. As such, the 3rds played with vigour and extra concentration knowing that this game was going to be harder than last weeks.

The first set was played well, with the 16s on court and Vincent Ng and Anisul Islam on the opposing team. Some well played points early in the match, gave Newington a boost in confidence. However, excellent serving from Weiping Lu brought us a convincing win at 25-6.

The second set however saw a lapse of concentration on our part. Still well played and the set was extremely close, as the Newington boys picked up their game with Jamie Tao and Sam Chhor now on their side. Some long rallies led the 3rds to a compromising position where we were even 'threatened' with laps by Mr Parker. But luckily, a not so good serve gave us the win at 25-23.

The final set was played better by the 3rds, due to our close last set. Good sets and hits along with increased calling gave us a flying head start. However, Newington gained some points mid set, but could not delay the inevitable, even with some good saves by Sam and Jordan Luong on the opposing team. The final score came at 25-10.

Newington played much better last week, but then again, so did we.
David Yang

Coach's Note: High played Newington for the second time because Scots only has a First grade team, so fortunately to get match practice Newington volunteered to play again.
Third Grade badly lost concentration in the second set, fortunately the threat of court sprints refocused their attention.
With Newington noticeably strengthened, the Thirds played much better volleyball this week, even to the extent that some played better when they were in the opposing team. Vincent Ng had some awesome serves, unfortunately for the Thirds they were for Newington.

Second Grade
Last weekend the second grade volleyball team was arranged to play the First grade team from Sydney Technical High school. However, only two players from STHS showed up and we had to add some of our first grade players to form the opposing team.
Overall, the second grade finished in stylish fashion in a drawn game (26-24, 9-25). The third set was called off as most of the First players had to leave and/or were tired from their match against Scots.

The first set was played well by High due to the consistency in serving (especially from Cong Tu and Ed Leong ), and also some great passes from the backcourt. Without one of our key players in our team, Kapil Khanna, High was still able to execute some brilliant spikes in the game. There were also a few crucial blocks and spikes from our captain Phillip Yang.
The game (and luck) was going our way but careless mistakes (especially lack of communication) had driven us to defeat in this tight set.
Personally, I could not believe that the 2nd grade could win by such a great margin in the second set.
This set was one of the best sets played by the second grade in the GPS volleyball history. In fact, this was the first time the 2nd grade beat the 1st grade in a set. Again, High served and passed very well throughout the game, which allowed the setters to put up more sets for our hitters. Alex Chan did some of the most critical and powerful spikes in the game, which left the opponents' mouths wide open!!!
Hughoce Feng made a lot of consistent and powerful jump serves which forced the opponents to back down.
It made us feel like the underdogs when playing against the first grade and STHS. Our opponent's performance was almost perfect in all aspects of the game, especially their spikes. .However, this game should be celebrated and remembered as we manage to win one set to draw the game in the end.
Alex Chan

Coach's Note: Good to see that Alex can write so modestly!
I was very impressed with the Second's performance. Everyone stepped up a grade and played consistently well. This leaves us in good stead for playing against Grammar.
Apart from those already mentioned:
Clement Lau and Sheng Zhang have certainly shown considerable improvement and consistency this year. Kenny Huang was also in excellent form during the match. David Dou's serve was very impressive.
Alex Le filled in for Sam Chhor by playing libero. His court coverage was fantastic contributing to the setters being able to do their job well. He showed great versatility by playing as setter as well in the Third Grade match.

First Grade
It was the first away game for the season. High went into the game hoping for a 3-0 victory.
High started the match in a dominating fashion. Karl Kruszelnicki contributed to High's dominance with 15 consecutive serves. High were just too strong for Scots, taking the first set 25-5.
High began to get a little complacent in the second set and started to miss serves, giving Scots an inch of hope. However, just as in the first set, High proved to be the better team by taking the set 25-10.
After taking the first two sets convincingly, High went in with a change for the court, putting Victor Nguyen (the team's youngest ever first grade player) as the outside hitter. This set was the time for a few experiments! Such as quick balls and back court attacks. This proved to be successful. The match finished with High taking the final set 25-11.
Throughout the match High played consistently well and took the match 3 sets to nil. The performance showed that High will be the dominating team of the GPS for 2004.
Fahmy Balgahom

Coach's note:
You still have Grammar to play!
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Rowing Report for High Notes No 14 2004: 14th May

A happy prelude to the last Rowing Committee meeting for the '04 season involved the swapping of photos taken at the Head of the River and CHS Championships by the parents in attendance. It was great to see the photographic evidence of another happy and successful season. Many of the photos were of our crews standing on the winner's platform of the Olympic podium at SIRC after the CHS regatta.

Dr Jaggar's report in last week's High Notes recognised the performances of our winning crews and the 19 crews or individuals who stood on the podium over the two-day regatta. We won the Men's VIII, IV, Double Scull, Quad Scull, the Under 17 Single Scull (Dominic Grimm) and the Under 16 Quad Scull. Of the many 2nd places, perhaps the most noteworthy was that of Joshua Scharfegger in the Mens Single Scull, losing by a short half canvas to a competitor who most likely had only trained as a sculler all season. Josh, of course, was a member of the 1st VIII and spent most of the summer working with one oar. Robbie Girdler and James Gerofi came very close to a win in the Mens Pair while our 2nd IV and 2nd VIII 'kept out' the opposition by finishing close to our 1st crews in their races. High was the dominant school at the regatta as well as the co-hosts with Sydney Girls.

At the CHS Rowing dinner, held in our Great Hall, life membership of the CHS was conferred on three Sydney High teachers. The citations were all equally impressive. Mr Con Barris for 20 years service as Rowing Master at High, Mr Mark Gainford for some 30 years as a coach and Ms Bronwyn Opferkuch for her performances in the sport as a competitor, coaching and stewardship of CHS rowing during her time as Convenor. All three were typically modest about their immense contributions to the CHS, rowing and Sydney High. Each received a thunderous round of High applause, much to the amazement of guests from other schools.

While Rowing is officially in recess, planning and activities continue throughout the winter. The very successful Learn to Row program continues on Sunday mornings raising money for the Foundation, promoting the sport and ensuring the year-round operation of the sheds. Recently, a Parent's VIII have begun to train for the upcoming Parents' Regatta, also making a financial contribution. On the subject of money, the Rowing Committee Appeal for contributions to the Building Fund has been spectacularly successful in its first year of operation. Entirely voluntary, the Appeal was announced late in the season calling for a donation of $200 per rower per season. To date $11,200 has been donated representing over 50% of rowing families. This donation is fully tax deductible and the Committee Treasurer, Mr Steve Mitchell, will be only too happy to process more donations in advance of the end of financial year.
Steve Tiedgen for the Rowing Committee
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There have been a number of major changes to the athletics schedule this year. Usually our carnival is over a day and a half but this year it is a day and therefore the program is revised to reflect this change. Everyone participating in athletics will need to familiarise themselves with the carnival program and the athletics calendar. The CHS athletics season will start ten days after the carnival, so the team must be selected from the carnival. In the past there have been training sessions prior to the carnival (through PE & Mr Tiedgen). Unfortunately this cannot happen this year because we are in the middle of the Rugby and Soccer season.

Another change to the calendar is that there is an exclusive athletics season. The season commences at the start of week five of Term 3 and ends with the GPS finals at Homebush at the end of week nine, Term 3. During this period all students will undertake athletics training. Athletics training will commence for the GPS team at the start of term three.

We welcome Mr W Baldock back to High. He was Deputy Principal and MIC of Athletics during the 1990s. Mr Baldock will run a comprehensive athletics program helping our students gain the skills they need to be competent athletes. Also he will identify any athlete who should be in the GPS squad. Mr Baldock comes to this position with a wealth of experience and expertise. We are very fortunate to have Mr Baldock and I hope that all members of the school community will welcome him back.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Mr Stein, Mr Farrington and Mr Ryan for the help they have given me over the last couple of months and to the enormous contribution Mr Tiedgen has made over the last five years.

I look forward to the upcoming season and working with staff, parents and most importantly the athletes. I hope that the whole school community will embrace the above changes and the student body will find athletics a rewarding and fun sporting pursuit. Athletics would be grateful for any feedback or thoughts on future directions.
Robert Devlin: MIC Athletics
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If you have recently changed your address the school needs to know. Please ask your son to obtain a change of address form from the Main Office and also change forms for travel. Your son's travel passes will be affected if he does not have the correct address. Failure to complete these forms may result in your son not having a travel pass.

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Prorellis, Mr Beringer or Mr Dowdell before 8:55am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by parent or guardian with the name date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up the white laminated leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal Dr Jaggar stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

Remember at all times the Principal must verify all leave applications.

State of the Arts

Congratulations to the following students who all passed their fifth grade music exams last week. Thank-you to their teacher Mr Justin Screen for preparing them so well.
Clarinet: Brynley Pfull
Saxophone: Marco Sun, Richard Xu, William Wu, Michael Shen, Martin Liu

A note about ensembles. If you are learning from a school tutors then you must play in one of the major school ensembles. There are fifteen different ensembles at school and every student is expected to attend at least once per week.
There are a few vacancies for music tuition in Clarinet, Viola, French Horn and Trombone. If you would like to learn any of these instruments, please see music dept.

Music Talent
Lewis D'avigdor of year 10 has been selected to participate in the World Piano Accordion Orchestra Championships in Innsbruch, Austria early June. We would all would like to congratulate Lewis on his commitment and hard work which ensured his place on the tour and wish him the best of luck for the competition.

Tours: Instalment money for both the Port Macquarie and Italy Music Tour is due in to the Music Department this week.

Coming Up On the Music Calendar
Ensembles Showcase Concert.
The following ensembles will be performing at the Ensembles Showcase Concert on June 18th at 7.00pm.
Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Senior Concert Band, Intermediate Concert Band, Training Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Senior String Ensemble, Junior String Ensemble, Training String Ensemble.

The Stage Bands will have a separate Cabaret Night on August 7th after their Jazz Workshop.
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Discovery Youth Leadership Program (Advertisement)

4th - 10th July, 2004

The Discovery Youth Leadership Program is a unique 7-day residential program for the 13 - 17 year
age range to assist them to grow in their personal, academic and professional life. This is the original teenage success program with over 10,000 graduates since 1987. The program provides youth with the skills of accelerated learning; clear and effective communication, leadership and a variety of tools and strategies to assist them become more effective within their families and in the world.

There are three primary areas of skill development which are addressed in the program:

Discovery empowers teenagers to look at how they are 'being' in their family and community and teaches skills to deal with a rapidly changing world. The program is also designed to:

  • increase or develop personal responsibility
  • change patterns of behaviour
  • explore attitudes, values and beliefs
  • manage internal dialogue and discover new ways of dealing with challenges
  • enhance self esteem, self acceptance and self confidence

Through a diverse range of interactive activities teenagers have the opportunity to look at how they relate to others in their life and to learn a variety of tools and strategies for communication, negotiation and conflict resolution. We explore relationships with:
  • Parents
  • Peers
  • Teachers
  • Employers
  • And the opposite sex.

Student Success Skills
Discovery teaches teenagers 'how' their brain works and helps them to discover their best learning style. Many teens say that Discovery makes learning fun and that their marks at school increase dramatically. Teenagers learn:
  • Speed reading
  • Mind mapping and
  • Memory techniques.

The seven day residential is followed up with a nine week seminar series in which leaders in their field share advanced strategies and techniques with the teenagers. These include topics such as relaxation techniques, leadership development, creative writing strategies, dealing with strong emotions, how to have fun the safe way and public speaking.

You are Invited to a Free Preview Evening
Monday 24th May in Crows Nest 6:30pm - 8:30pm
This is the last preview before the July program. Find out how Discovery can benefit not only your teenager but your whole family. Contact Discovery Australia TODAY on 02 9557 1224 to reserve your place or visit www.discoveryaustralia.org.au for more information.

This is a paid advertisement and SBHS accepts no responsibility for the quality or performance of the products

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The Onion Bag

Both 1XI and 2XI produced very strong performances to see off the challenge of the rebuilding SCEGGS Redlands sides. 1XI dominated the first half without taking advantage of the possession they had, but made the chances count in the second half where SCEGGS dropped of the pace and failed to threaten an assured HIGH defence.

2XI worked hard and put in a strong performance that had SCEGGS struggling from the offset with Popescu hitting the bar and another string of chances going close. SCEGGS did create the best chance of the half but Neville produced a brilliant triple save to keep the clean sheet. Wong opened his 2XI account with a back post header which proved to be the difference in the end. Changes to the line up due to call ups to 1XI dampened High's momentum but they never looked like losing their first win of the trial season.

The Opens completed a rout of both SCEGGS and Cranbrook and Cranbrook will be glad they do not have to play HIGH again this season.

The 15As fought a tough battle with their counterparts and despite the quality of their football went behind. They exhibited a fighting spirit to redeem the situation with nearly the last kick of the game.

15Bs proved far too strong for their opposition crushing them with a very dominant performance winning comfortably 2-0.
The 14As got a bit of a shock with a 3-1 drubbing which in front of the sports master and Principal included a goal by SCEGGS which was chipped from the halfway line into the roof of the net.

The only team to have filed a match report are the 14Cs. The 14Cs scored their second win today thumping SCEGGS by 6-0. They led 3-0 at halftime. the scorers were George (2), Charles (2), Josh (1) and Vijay (1). Man of the Match was George who nearly got his hat trick if not for the post. Thanks to their dedicated parent and coach Mr. Peter Lee.

The 13As struggled going down 3-1 but the 13Bs and Cs did well in overcoming their opposition 2-0 and an excellent 7-0.
Coaches and players are reminded to register their scores as soon as possible on Monday or Tuesday in order to meet the deadline for High Notes and Captains can send in match reports for inclusion by the same deadline.

CONTACT: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Quote of the Week
"We would get more for Robinson if we sold him in the Leeds Weekly News. "
John Boocock, chairman of the Leeds United Supporters' Trust after Paul Robinson's cut-price transfer to Spurs.

Saturday 22 May
A reduced fixture card this week with only 3XI to 7XI in games against Kings and Riverview.

This means the annual Old Boys game will be taking place on McKay 4 at 11am on Saturday. Many of the Old Boys are coaching at the school this season and so it is an ideal time for any of the players who have not seen their coaches play to see if they know what they are talking about in training! They would love to see you there cheering the 1XI on against them and a good turnout would help in charging the atmosphere for what is normally a strongly fought game that ever since anyone can remember has finished so tightly that penalties have been required to separate the teams.

Our new Director of Coaching is also sure to be there exhibiting the killer instinct in front of goal a Keeper learns from being at the back all of the time.

Soccer Committee
Many thanks to the Parents and Players who gave up their time for the Parking on Mothers' Day. It was very successful and the Parking Coordinator was very pleased with the support of all of our Parents who volunteered to such an extent that not all were required this time.

The money raised is aimed at improving the level of Coaching the Boys receive as well as providing the best in training equipment.

This year it is already helping to provide a Director of Coaching, Coach training, Coaches for all teams and Balls, Bibs, Cones, Hurdles, Fast Foot Ladders, Slalom Poles, indoor balls for all teams and is ear-marked for Indoor goals for the Gym. Please support the development of Soccer at HIGH in any way you can so we can continue to improve.

HIGH V St Pius/ St Andrews
An interesting fixture next week with the combined St Pius and St Andrews games. The St Pius 1XI and A teams will be playing our A teams and the St Andrews 1XI and A teams will be playing our B teams and so on. This means everyone should be getting a hard run out before the first GPS round the week after.

It does however cause a number of logistical problems for some of our coaches as they may have two teams in different places at the same time. We would be grateful if Parents could contact the coaches and let them know they are willing to assist with team management at the grounds if the coaches are unable to be in two places at once. This will mainly affect the Bs, Ds and Es.

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