High Notes, Vol 5 No 13, May 07 2004

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From the Principal
Debating and Public Speaking
Boggabilla Cultural Exchange
Year 8 Parent Meeting
Year 11 Parent Meeting
Cross Country Team

From the Principal

Rugby at Trinity
Bright sunshine, lush fields and a swirling breeze made for a great season opener at Trinity Grammar School last Saturday. I was most impressed with the attitude shown by all teams. Our boys came to play, did not appear intimidated by their opponents, knew what to do and apparently enjoyed their rugby. There were at least 20 boys playing rugby for the first time. The games were well matched in the main. With so many novices we did not know how well our boys would go. By and large they exceeded our expectations. High teams won 6 of the 8 contests. The venue was very good and the hospitality friendly. We hope to make a fixture with Trinity one of our annual events from 2005.

The 2nd XV were enthusiastic in their strong win. In the 1st XV game a defensive lapse in the early minutes let in a soft Trinity try. Our boys recovered their composure and had the better of the rest of the half territorially, despite playing into the wind. A series of penalties to High late in the half resulted in sustained pressure being applied to the opposition line. Unfortunately, the boys went to oranges a converted try down. Two crucial errors at the opening of the second half lost us the momentum built up in the first. Nevertheless, the forwards kept working hard and some better tactical kicking into the leeward corner of the field led to a try. Late in the game a 17 all draw looked like a fair result, until Ben Mitchell pounced on a loose ball and ran like a centre for a try under the posts. The boys thought the game was won. In an extended second half, Trinity used the remaining time in a desperate bid for an equaliser. After a push over try that was converted with a good kick, a 24 all draw looked like a reasonable outcome. It wasn't to be. Another converted try by Trinity in the dying seconds of the game saw them snatch an unlikely victory. Our boys had a lot to be proud about. Three bad plays cost them a victory. For well over an hour they played strong rugby. I look forward to their next run against Cranbrook.

High Talent
What a great effort from school captain, Tom Miller, to win the All Schools 50m. freestyle championships. Tom has been selected in the NSW team to compete in the national championships. The lead up CHS meet was a successful one, too. Andrew Reis won the 200 IM and the 100 breaststroke. Tom Miller won the 17-19, 50 freestyle. Kenny La won the 13s breaststroke. At the CIS meet Andrew Reis won the 15 years 100 breaststroke. Well done again to our star swimmers. A belated congratulations to the rowers who competed at the CHS regatta in the last week of Term 1. The championship men's VIII was a 1-2 to High again this year. Well done to Messrs Wrench, Tiedgen, Mitchell, Grimm, Polis, Scharfegger, Steen, Bennett and cox, Tan. Liam Bennett and Joshua Scharfegger backed up to win the championship pair. Messrs James, Doran, Kruszelnicki, Mitsuji and cox, Mittelheuser, won the championship men's IV. Dominic Grimm won the U-17 single scull. Mischa Steen, Troy Polis, Alex Tiedgen and Liam Bennett took out the championship men's quad sculls. James Tiedgen, Joel Kamerman, Blake Angell and Sandy Cunningham won the U-16 quad sculls. Congratulations to all crews! High boys were placed 19 times at the regatta - a great effort!

The Fairland Pavilion
Great work by Laurie Heil, Ben Ingle and the Rugby / Cricket / Soccer committees has given the Fairland Pavilion a new lease of life. New tiles on the outdoor areas, a new first aid room, a new storage shed, a new freezer, exhaust fans, additional fire safety equipment, new carpet and a paint job, have combined to produce a facility we can be proud of. The facility will be ready for our first home game of soccer against SCEGGS on May 15. The Rugby Committee is holding a family day and barbecue on Saturday 15/5. We will use the occasion to have a "re-opening celebration" for the Fairland Pavilion after the first grade soccer game at 1400 on May 15. I invite all interested parents and committee members to join us.

Staff Development Day
On the first day of term the staff viewed a video and discussed the NSW Model of Pedagogy. The model was developed by a team from the University of Newcastle funded by a DET grant. The three dimensions of the model are: intellectual quality, quality learning environment and significance. Intellectual quality is a broad concept that goes beyond 'rigour'. The learning in classes should focus on deep understanding of important concepts or skills. Elements of 'intellectual quality' are: deep knowledge and understanding, problematic knowledge, higher-order thinking, metalanguage and substantive communication. The dimension quality learning environment is broader than resources and structures to support students in their learning. The desired pedagogy employed nurtures 'positive relationships' in classrooms. The elements of this dimension are: explicit quality criteria, engagement, high expectations, social support, students' self-regulation, student direction. Significance relates to pedagogy designed to make learning more meaningful and important to students. It focuses on drawing 'clear connections with students' prior knowledge and identities'. Its elements are: background and cultural knowledge, knowledge integration, inclusivity, connectedness and narrative.

During the year, staff will be familiarising themselves with the 'metalanguage' of the model and investigating strategies that might be applied to their pedagogy. The model is at its most powerful when used as a rubric or template for teachers writing programs or units of work or in the daily process of devising lesson plans. The model does not proselytise but seeks to honour and build on existing practice. Our goal is to raise the quality of our teaching and learning incrementally as a result of understanding and then applying the model in our teaching methods.

Schools Expo
Next Saturday and Sunday 15/16 May, Ms Crothers and her team will be showcasing our school at this important Expo. Anyone who could help in this worthy cause is asked to contact the school. Our objective is to raise the image of High and to differentiate us from other selective high schools - particularly in respect of sport and student welfare. We want more applicants to put High No.1 on their list of preferred schools. It is all about making sure people know what we stand for so that the right 'fit' between students /families and school ethos can be promoted.

Boggabilla Appeal
We are holding a $2 mufti day in week 4 to raise money for the crèche that has been established at Boggabilla High School. Our contribution will help keep the centre running. Eight Aboriginal young mothers have returned to schooling as a result of this initiative. Our target is $2000 minimum. Please support us in this most worthy cause that is making a difference to young lives.
Dr K Jaggar
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Debating and Public Speaking

Important meeting: The Debating Supporters Group [DSG] meets this Tuesday, 11 May in the Common Room at 6.30pm.This meeting is vital for parents to attend to maximise the debating opportunities in the school.

Armidale trip: Any students who want to debate at Armidale [21-23 May] should see Mr Selway.

Social Debate: Friday 28 May vs. Trinity College. Coaches will select trial teams for this debating evening. There are social debates for four Friday nights in a row starting on 28 May this term.

All social debates this term are trial debates for the GPS season-the first seven Friday nights in Term 3.

N.B. : Any debater who is a candidate for the GPS teams MUST be available for ALL seven Friday nights in Term 3.
Michael Selway
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Check my timetable on the website: http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/tt.html. Remember that I am also in on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, so sometimes classes that appear on Tuesday or Friday may be visited on those days instead. These two extra half days give me more flexibility to attend to the needs of any students who may want to see me (seniors especially). Remember, if you feel your English language is costing you marks in any subject, I may be able to help.

Make use of the http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/eslhelp.html "Twelve Steps to Better English page." You may find it solves your problems. This page is suitable for all students.

Now a couple of items I collected during the holidays, mainly for staff, interested parents and very advanced senior students.

http://education.guardian.co.uk/tefl/story/0,5500,1191127,00.html "Grammar should be a friend, not an enemy" in The Guardian (Thursday April 15, 2004) is not your average diatribe about the young not knowing Grammar, by which most often the complainant has in mind a finite number of parsing and analysis. Colin Hall and Mark Pegrum quote some alarming statistics on linguistic ignorance or naivety on the part of UK university students: for example, "Another clear advantage of English is to be found in the fact that 'we only have one word for thing[s].' It seems to have passed this observer by that - thanks to waves of invasion of England and subsequent waves of invasion by England of everywhere else - English has arguably the richest and most synonym-laden vocabulary of any language ...

"Students' needs are at least threefold. Firstly, they need to know what their choices are and the social consequences these entail. Secondly, they need some access to a literate version of the language in which they can attain an accuracy and clarity of expression that will afford them the chance of being taken seriously by a wider, educated audience, whether their views concur with or differ from those typical of dominant discourses. Thirdly, they need to understand the differences and valorise the richness of language used in other contexts, whether among the kids on the next block or in "txt msgng" and chatrooms. There is a place for difference and standardisation; for badges of identity and clarity of communication; and for choosing appropriate modes at appropriate moments..."

I recommend this next one for advanced students, or anyone who values language and thought: http://www.apsanet.org/PS/march98/king.cfm "Battling the Six Evil Geniuses of Essay Writing" by Charles King, Georgetown University, USA.
http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/week_1b.html Last Term's column.

http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/week.html Online version of this column. It gets added to and updated.
Neil Whitfield
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Boggabilla Cultural Exchange

Boggabilla Central School/ Sydney Boys High School
SRC Cultural Exchange
23.05.04 to 28.05.04

In week 5 of this term our school will be hosting Boggabilla Central School in a cultural and social exchange. This follows the very successful visits last year where BCS students visited and attended the State of Origin Rugby League and on our visit we experienced life in a remote community.

Our school has undertaken to fund the newly created Creche at Boggabilla which has been formed so that former and current female students may return to school and TAFE once they have had children. Our role would be to fund certain utilities at the Creche. One of the first initiatives is to have a Mufti Day on next Wednesday May 12 where all students will contribute $2 for Mufti. The SRC will administer this day.

So two things are required almost immediately

  1. Money for Mufti Day on Wednesday12 May so that we may present them with a cheque during their visit.
  2. Billets required for 3 nights on Monday 24 May and following. If interested please contact Mr Barris. The billets, however, need to be in pairs and some are girls.

Below is an anticipated itinerary for their visit that is very much subject to change.

Sunday 23 May
Travel to Sydney departing Boggabilla at 7.00am. Accommodation in Maitland.

Monday 24 May

11.00 am Arrive at Sydney Boys High School. Meet with students and orientation. Sausage sizzle by SRC SBHS and then meet billets. Tour of the school. Game of touch with billets
1.30pm Join with Year 7 and the talk/story on Aboriginal traditions by Monty Pryor in Great Hall.
3.30pm Make way home with billets.

Tuesday 25 May

9.00am Meet at school for City Tour and then return to school to meet billets for coastal walk. either - Bronte to Bondi or Bronte to Coogee or Coogee to Bronte BBQ on Beach (weather permitting) bring swimmers, billets to accompany the students from Boggabilla.
5.00 pm Boggabilla students go to their host families

Wednesday 26 May

Morning Meet at school 8.30 am go to Souths training/Powerhouse Museum/Sydney Aquarium/Skating etc. Fox Studios??.
5.00pm Meal in school courtyard then bus will take students to Central for train trip to Telstra Stadium and State of Origin.
9.30pm Billets go home with hosts.

Thursday 26 June

9.00am - 10.45 am BCS students go to classes with host students. The rest of the days activities as per Wednesday
5.00pm travel to Outterside Centre for Overnight stay with own teachers.

Friday 27 June
9.00am Sydney Boys High - Farewell formalities Return to Boggabilla
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Desperately seeking tiles and crockery

A group of Year 11 Visual Arts students are in the process of developing a mosaic mural in the canteen courtyard. ANY tiles [whole/broken] or crockery that your family can part with would be very gratefully accepted.

Please bring to the Welfare Office as soon as possible.

With many thanks, J May

Year 8 Parent Meeting

Attention Year 8 Parents
All Year 8 Parents
are invited to hear
Mr Ockert -
Year 8 Advisor
speak to the Year 8 Parent Group
on Monday 24 May at 6:30pm
in the Staff Common Room.

For more info and to put items on the agenda contact
Barbara Taylor - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Toni Lindeback - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Year 11 Parent Meeting

To Year 11 Parents
Ms Berger, who has recently taken over as Year Advisor for our boys during Years 11 and 12, has kindly agreed to an informal meeting with Year 11 parents on TUESDAY 18TH MAY at 6:30pm in THE COMMON ROOM

If you would like to come along please reply to Marilyn Mitttelheuser at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel: 9747 3390, by FRIDAY 14/5/04
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From the Rugby Master's desk:
The 2004 rugby season kicked off in fine fashion last Saturday with a new fixture against Trinity Grammar School at Trinity. Both schools were evenly matched across the grades and it appears that this fixture will become a regular part of our rugby calendar in the future.

There were many pleasing aspects to Saturday's games, as well as an unfortunate feeling of déjà vu.

The most pleasing aspect was the fact that High fielded 25 rugby debutants in the different grades. My congratulations go to them for taking that first step. Attila Szabo scored two tries on debut including the first "High" try for the season. In the 14s Lachlan Deacon also scored his maiden try. Hopefully other students will follow their lead and give rugby a go.

There has been talk of fielding a third team in some of the age groups. It would be a great achievement if we could field three teams in an age group for the season and something we are aiming for. It requires, however, 20 players/team making a commitment for the entire season. Recent history is against us in this regard as we have let down ourselves and our fellow GPS schools in the past by committing to a certain number of teams only to find we were unable to fulfil our commitments towards the end of the season. Having said that, a new season brings with it a renewed sense of optimism and we will endeavour to arrange preseason matches for any extra teams that may emerge.

For the record the results last Saturday against Trinity were:
1st XV lost 24-31
2nd XV won 22-0
15As won 10-5
15Bs won 29-0
14As lost 14-24
14Bs won convincingly
13As won 25-0
13Bs won 26-12

In two weeks time, Saturday 15th May we have a bye and the Rugby Committee has arranged a family touch football and BBQ day to welcome the new parents and build on the High spirit so evident against Trinity. The day will go from 10am to 2pm, at McKay. A flier will be circulated this week to get an indication of the number of parents and players who will be attending. This will help with the organisation of the touch football and our catering needs. Please ask your son for the flier, complete the form and return it to his coach by next Saturday's game v. Cranbrook. I encourage everyone to come along and become part of the High rugby family. I look forward to seeing all our rugby parents on the 15th.

The 2004 rugby season brings with it a change in the McKay No1 playing schedule. Our 1st and 2nd grade soccer teams will be playing on McKay No1, after the 9am 15A match and prior to our 1st and 2nd grade rugby matches. This hopefully will give our senior soccer teams a better quality surface on which to play.

In light of the reorganisation needed to accommodate the switch from rugby to soccer and back to rugby, the need to keep rubbish off McKay No 1 and maintain the excellent surface that currently exists on McKay No 1 as well as improving the safety of spectators on the sidelines there will be a new requirement for spectators on McKay 1 to observe this year. Spectators will be requested to watch all matches on McKay No 1 from outside the post and rail fence. The only people allowed onto McKay No 1 will be the coach/coaches of the current match in progress, the nominated reserves (in playing gear), first aid officers, staff members of SBHS and the visiting school and match video staff.

Rugby Committee meeting summary
The second meeting of the SBHS Rugby Committee for 2004 was held on 28/4/04.
The following is a summary of the meeting:

  • Attended: G Stein, T Hoare, S Creer, J Mittleheuser, J Evans, E Morgan, J Bull.
  • Apologies: S Bolen, L Heil.
  • S Creer still investigating the Melba photo donation.
  • G Stein still to investigate School Service credit for students assisting with McKay grounds, and extra parking days for rugby.
  • After paying for coaching courses, new fridge/freezer, new signs at McKay, payment advance for 1st XV coach and High Store purchases the current account balance is $5,826.69.
  • J Mittleheuser to contact volunteers for McKay. List to be provided by G Stein.
  • McKay canteen for Cranbrook game to be staffed by parents, as a trial.
  • Rugby Gala Day touch football and BBQ on 15/5/04. From 10am to 2pm at McKay. S Bolen's proposals discussed. Format dependent on response from parents and players. Flier and return slip to be provided to teams as soon as possible. Free BBQ, drinks sold at minimal cost.
  • Home game lunches and after match function to be discussed by S Hoare and M Girdler. Organisation dependent on volunteer availability.
  • 3rd Open grade team discussed. Delighted if possible, however 20 players/team is a minimum requirement for a viable team.
  • McKay set up - the spectator rope will only be placed along the sidelines, set up for soccer and moved once for Open rugby.
  • Questions regarding McKay were raised. The height of the grass for #1, combined rugby/soccer field? Installation of corner post sleeves on #2 and #3? Can McKay grounds man accept a canteen delivery?
  • Meeting conclude at 7.10pm.
  • Next meeting is on Wed. 26th May, 6pm in Room 901. Everyone is welcome to attend.

G. Stein,

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Cross Country Team

2004 School Cross Country Team
CHS Competition Eastern Suburbs Zone
25th May 2004
No. Age Name
1 12 Nicholas Dimitropoulos
2 12 Alasdair Brown
3 12 Jeremy Brown
4 12 Plini Roessler
5 12 Anton Juresevic
6 12 Christian Katsikaros
7 12 Simon Hong
8 12 Josh Tassall
9 12 Alec Xie
10 12 Mike Zhang
1 13 Cameron Reeves
2 13 Edwin Montaya
3 13 Nelson Ridges
4 13 Lucian Tan
5 13 Razeen Ahmed
6 13 Patrick Locke
7 13 Roy Chen
8 13 Jacky Ly
9 13 Nathan McDonnell
10 13 Nick Lindebach
1 14 Quan Nguyen
2 14 Alistar Taylor
3 14 Matt Fsadni
4 14 Daniel Campion
5 14 Louis Yang
6 14 Anthony Morris
7 14 Kenny La
8 14 Tom Lindebach
9 14 Daniel Okeefe
10 14 David Kumagaya
1 15 Sandy Cunnigham
2 15 Joel Kammerman
3 15 Riet Rotherman
4 15 Jeremy Luscombe
5 15 Andrew Reis
6 15 Harry Walker
7 15 Arron Shuttleworth
8 15 Eugene Stadnik
9 15 James Tiedgen
10 15 G Monaperi
11 15 Rowan Leach
1 16 Paul Watzlaff
2 16 Attila Szabo
3 16 Raymond Huynh
4 16 Lewis d'Avigdor
5 16 Quinton Yang
6 16 Jong-Ha Lee
7 16 Adam Palmer Farrow
8 16 James Chan
9 16 Francis Wong
10 16 Sam Gribble
11 16 Dale Sun
1 17 Jeremy James
2 17 Jason Tan
3 17 Andrew Jaques
4 17 Drew Hoare
5 17 Tom Hoare
6 16 William Clegg
7 17 Edward Ovadia
8 16 Josh Sharfegger
9 17 Damitha Fonseka
10 17 Ibrahim Dakdouk
11 17 Mani Shibu
12 17 Nick Bull
13 17 Yinan Zhang
1 18 Nadeeka Jayarathna
2 18 Michael Hayes
3 18 Eric Harkins
4 18 Steven D'Souza
5 18 Liam Bennett
6 18 Anson Pang
7 18 Mian Wang
8 18 Ben Mitchell
9 18 D Yang
10 18 David Park

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