High Notes, Vol 5 No 11, April 08 2004

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From the Principal
Wanted: Coordinator of Learn to Row program
From Science
State of the Arts
Sydney Boys High Cricket

From the Principal

Last Week - Term 1
As the term draws to a close I would like to thank the staff, P & C sub-committees, Old Boys, sports coordinators and students for a productive start to the year. There have been big changes made to our network with the usual concomitant teething problems. Thank you to Mr Fittler and James Rudd for all their work in getting the new split network operational. Thank you to the staff for their forbearance as the school moved its ICT capacity forward. The Internal website has been developed by Mr Dowdell to the point where it has become an indispensable daily source of communication for staff and students on our new R drive. He has also produced a timetable describing scheduled morning and afternoon activities. All MICs, sports coordinators and support groups need to register their out of hours sessions with Mr Dowdell. Scheduled academic activities have precedence over any other activity. Boys ought not to be pressured to attend training sessions for sports outside of the negotiated and registered sessions appearing on the "off timetable" activities web page.

Swimming Dinner
It was a pleasure to share with the swimming team and their parents an evening of praise and support last Wednesday. The students have something to celebrate this year with a great win in one GPS relay and consistent second placing in that event. Individual swimming honours were earned by Tom Miller, Barry Dubovsky, Andrew Reis, Ellis Louie and Kenny La. Rather than having a guest speaker, Mr Ockert invited the boys to report on their season, which they did in fine style. Another innovation for the evening was an outdoors video presentation produced by Kae Yen Wong. It was a series of interviews and shots of the boys competing. The warmth of the team was displayed and the parental support was highlighted. In a nice touch at the awards presentation afterwards, the senior boys in the team were presented with a copy of the video as a memento of their time as swimmers at High. It was an enjoyable experience. I congratulate Mr Ockert on his management of the swimming program and for his enthusiastic support of our swimmers.

Attendance and Progress Review
Last week the first of our regular assessment and progress reviews was held. I asked Year Advisers to target any students of concern identified in their years. Several reviews were made at the request of parents. We see this as a valuable process to make sure that emerging problems in compliance or motivation to study do not continue without some intervention by school personnel. The most common problems that emerge are concerned with time management and organisational skills. Boys need to be reminded often about deadlines.

Year 7 Interim Reports
All Year 7 boys should be bringing home an interim report for each subject, outlining their progress in transition into secondary school. Please ask your son for his reports. Each Department devises its own report for this exercise.

Sydney Boys High Sports Development Project
We have many projects planned for facilities development this year. For example, our new tennis courts, our relocated cricket nets and our new outdoor basketball courts - all need parents and supporters of the various sports to contribute to hasten their development. Tax deductible donations can be made to directly assist these projects by donating to 'facilities development', next to the sport you wish to help. A simplified donation form has been approved by the Australian Sports Foundation. Sports development donations are now to be registered on a separate form from sports equipment and facilities development. Click here to access the Donation Forms. Please assist us in our quest to raise sports performance at High through quality sports venues and skilled sports administration.

High Talent
Our CHS swimmers in individual events and relays competed this week in the Swimming Championships at the Sydney Aquatic Centre (April 4-6) following on from the Olympic Selection Trials. Karl Kruszelnicki made it to CHS for volleyball and was chosen to officiate at the DET sponsored Anzac Day Service for schools on Thursday April 8th. Keith Wong and Karl were selected to represent NSW in the annual Trans Tasman challenge to be played in New Zealand. Congratulations, boys!
Dr K Jaggar
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Wanted: Coordinator of Learn to Row program

The Sydney High School Foundation is looking for a coordinator for the Learn to Row Program that is being run on an occasional basis at the Outterside Centre, Abbotsford. The next round of six weekly sessions on a Sunday morning will begin in mid-May. Responsibilities of the coordinator would include liaison with coaches, students, Sydney Community College (which manages enrolments) and the Sydney Boys High School Rowing staff to ensure the availability of boats. The coordinator would need to be present at the Outterside Centre between about 6:30 and 11:30 am on the days of the course.

Remuneration would be $120 per full morning session for the forthcoming six week course, with the opportunity of extension for future courses. The coordinator would be expected to have a background in rowing, with coaching qualifications or experience being a distinct advantage. For expressions of interest and further information, please contact John Kaldor, SHS Foundation
(0414 295 546) or (Kim Jaggar, SBHS 0419260877).
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From Science

Results of Science Quiz no. 4

Questions about butterflies were correctly answered this fortnight by Kiril Mickovski (8T), Andrew Tang (8T), Peter Luu (8S) and Bernard Fang (8T)

No answers this week - just the questions!
1. There is a recently released film, called "The Butterfly Effect"
(a) What is the "Butterfly Effect"?
(b) Who was the person to coin the phrase?

2. A recent study of the decline of butterfly species in the U.K. claims that the world is approaching its sixth major extinction event. When in geological history were the first five?
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State of the Arts

Anzac Day March
What to bring: Instrument polished, Lyre, Music Backing cards (they should be stuck to the music)
Wear school uniform, white shirt, and blazer - look smart for the television cameras. Be proud of your school. Date: April 25th Time: 9.30am.
Place: Chifley Square facing south. Near Hunter street (same place as last year)
Staff in attendance: Lloyd Edge (Tuba) Justin Screen (Piccolo) Tony Gibson (Euphonium) Look for these tutors as they will help you to get organised.
Make sure your name is marked off to get your award scheme prize.
On Anzac Day we are band number 26. We are after the Commandos and the Australian Army Ordnance Stores Corps (AAOC) we have an early time slot to allow the tutors to do the march again with their other band.
Bands task for the holidays - memorise as much of the music as you can. Practice marching and playing. Remember - when the staff is pointed down, stop. Double drum beat always means have a look at the staff. Enjoy. Look smart as we will be on TV.

School Concert Band Workshop
23rd Field Regiment (The Artillery Band)
Free Band Workshop for Year 9, 10, 11, 12 Students Saturday April 17th
10.00am - 12.00pm Holdsworthy Barracks (10 Battery- Coral Lines)
All Senior Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble Members should attend.
RSVP Bob Young (from marching band) on 0425 21 55 44

Training Music Camp
Thank-you to the parents of the following students:
Jack Wachsman, Christopher Evans, Alick Xie, Thomas Nguyen, James Erickson, Harry Huh and Matthew Wong for making the best spaghetti we had ever tasted.
To the parents of Daniel Adonovski, Patrick Desmond, Rafi Alam, Jacky Li, Adam Richards, Nevin Spoljaric for cooking up such a superb BBQ lunch.
And to the following: Thomas Mak, Jacky Li, Rafi Alam, Harry Huh, Nevin Spoljaric, Adam Richards and Avish Sharma for making it all possible by supplying all the food.
A big thank-you to Ms Miller, Ms Gilmore, Kathy, Sean Windsor, Jye Hong and Justin Screen for their efforts at camp. The concert was spectacular.
Rehearsals for the Training Concert Band will be on Monday mornings at 7.30am in music room 101 with Ms Miller. Remember that you need to attend all rehearsals to achieve your award and music pocket.
Thank-you to all the parents and students who have been committed to their music ensemble all term.
The 100% attendance awards go to the following boys:
Intermediate Concert Band
Ziggy Harrison-Tikisci, Albert Kim, Nathan Kwok, David Shi, Lachlan Deacon, Thomas Wilson, Matthew Tong, Ishan Bapat, Lewis Burger, Matthew Coutts, Nicholas Dimitropoulos, Dominic Bowes, Remy Ji, Shane Ponraj, Damien Tsi, Andrew Lim, Abraham Chan, Daniel Lo, Tim Siu, Matthew Chan.
Senior Concert Band
Howard Fan, James Mackay, Jeremy Luscombe, Anthony Morris, Aaron Chong, Brynley Pfull, Chung Ho, Yiming Deng, Patrick Chen, Ashwin Thomas, Matthew Wong, Louis Yang, Aaron Shuttleworth, Tim Shu, Alex Vertoudakis
Symphonic Winds
Simon Chadwick, Francis Wong
Symphony Orchestra
Julian Brynes, Romesh Abeysuriya, Alasdair Brown, Stephen Garafano, Simon Hoang, Anthony Huynh, Jack Phu, James Kang, Joon Kwon, Steven Luo, Anthony Park, Victor Sirinopakul, David Toh, Rahul Gorkan, Tony Zhong, Peter Lieu, Lachlan Deacon, Chapman Siu
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Sydney Boys High Cricket

Last Saturday Night the Cricket Dinner and Presentation of Awards were conducted in the Great Hall with some 135 guests, coaches, officials, parents and players attending. On arrival all were ushered into tasteful and outstanding blue and brown table settings, floating candles and decorated surrounds including memorabilia from our cricket past. The Great Hall looked splendid and was the setting for an enjoyable and relaxed evening. We also hosted Adair Durie and Mrs.Durie, Brynn Hibbert (Pres.Cricket Committee), Neville Walters, Paul Andrews, Hugh Howey and Sean Creer (Parking Co-ord) as our guests for the evening.

Paul Andrews, a cricket tragic, was recalled again to MC the evening and opened with a message from the Principal, Dr.Jaggar and then guided the sequence of events throughout the night, utilizing speakers, coaches and captains to assist with the Presentation of Awards.

Dinner commenced sharply at 7:00pm and at the conclusion of the main course the guest speaker, Adair Durie, was introduced by Chris Kourtesis who outlined an impressive achievement path of Adair in his sporting background. Adair spoke for some 20 minutes and addressed the pride and passion that he had experienced whilst a student at Sydney Boys High and as a member of a very successful 1st XI. His speech, illustrated with some poignant anecdotes that occurred during his cricketing career, also addressed the highs and lows of the approach to cricket and he urged the cricketers present to make the most of their opportunities whilst playing for High,. At the conclusion of his presentation, Matthew Shiner the 1st XI captain presented Adair with a pewter as a token of appreciation for the night.

The MIC cricket then called on Neville Walters and Paul Andrews to come forward and receive special tokens of appreciation, for their efforts over several years, in placing the cricket sub-committee in the strong position it was now in for the current committee. Neville and Paul responded with their thanks and pledges of future support when needed.
The Year 8 Trans Harbour Premiership team who had an outstanding victory over St.Paul's (the Northern Conference champions) were then called to the Stage and presented with the Competition and High Premiership medals. In a brief summary of the Final which was highlighted by the scores, the dominance of High in scoring 4 for 192 and routing St.Paul's for 19 runs, was acknowledged with the usual High applause.

The dessert course was then served and devoured in a matter of moments as the eagerly awaited Team Awards were to be presented at the conclusion together with the winners of the Trivia Quiz which had been distributed to all tables during the evening. Adair Durie was invited to assist with the presentations during the announcements of the Awards. and the Presentation of Awards then commenced with the Under 13 team awards supported with comments from Laurie Heil, followed by the Under 14 and Under 15 teams with Rhett Gibson and Rob Lyon outlining their seasons and presenting the Awards. Rhett also assisted with the Under 16s and the 3rd XI Awards were presented by Hugh Howey. Kieran Lewis then summarized the 2nd XI's season and called on the captain who completed an amusing word picture of each player. The 1st XI's season was summarized by Chris Kourtesis and Mark Retter and the team Captain Matthew Shiner spoke on the match results. A complete list of the Award Winners appears later in this report.

To conclude the night the MIC cricket introduced the Year 12 cricketers from the 1st and 2ndXIs who had played their final innings for High in Term 1 and Matthew Shiner, Ben Friis-O'Toole, Varun Harish, Krishnanth Shanthikumar, Nirushan Raveendiran, Sam Samarasinghe, Kavan Illangakoon, Nimilan Nadarajamoorth, Ritchie Cherian and Kapil Khanna were called to the stage and presented with pewter mementos for their dedication, efforts and loyalty to High cricket
In closing the evening Laurie paid tribute to the guest speaker Adair for his words and attendance, a special thanks to Kate Friis-O'Toole and Sharon Prentice-Davidson for the magnificent presentation of the venue and support organization, to the parents who had assisted the setting -up, also to Katherine Deacon who had progressively collected parents' email addresses throughout the evening. He also thanked all coaches, managers, scorers and parents who had assisted teams throughout the season and expressed his sincere appreciation for everyone's individual efforts.


Batting - Kent NGUYEN
Bowling - Matthew WONG
Committee - Mark LUCHITTI
Batting - Hugo RICHARDS
Bowling - Josh TASSELL
Committee - Cameron REEVES
Batting - Tasneen CHOWDHURY
Bowling - Lachlan BROWN
Committee - TBA
Batting - Rommo PANDIT
Bowling - Matthew COUTTS
Committee - Blaise PRENTICE-DAVIDSON
Batting - Nicholas LOCHNER
Bowling - Ryan SUTTON
Committee - Shreyas IYER
Batting - D'Arcy BLAXELL
Bowling - Jeremy LUSCOMBE
Committee - James MORGAN
Batting - Kevin LEE
Bowling - Albert WANG
Committee - Robbie ALCHIN
Batting - Martin LUNNEY
Bowling - Arghya GUPTA
Committee - Faraz AMIN
3rd XI
Batting - Vineeth GEORGE
Bowling - Havish SRINANTH
Committee - Peter GORDON
2nd XI
Batting - Shaheen KUMAR
Bowling - Sahaj SINGH
Committee - Rajeevan YOGANATHAN
1st XI
Batting - Matthew SHINER
Bowling - Damitha FONSEKA
Committee - Ben FRIIS-O'TOOLE


Our congratulations to all Award Winners and teams for their on-field performances throughout the season.

PARKING DUTIES Saturday 24th April 2004 (Anzac Eve) which is a heavy football long weekend we have parking duties and will require a strong turn-out of helpers both adults and players. The Waratahs vs The Brumbies commencing at 7:40pm is our assignment. A minimum of 16-20 persons are required on the night so ALL GATES can be manned. The report time is 5:00 for 5:30pm. The 1st and 2nd XIs are to provide five players from each team to assist on the night.

All volunteers please contact the MIC cricket by email to confirm attendance which will be passed onto the Parking Coordinator.

CRICKET COMMITTEE MEETING our last one for this season is scheduled for 6:00pm on WEDNESDAY 28th.APRIL 2004 in Room 901 at the gymnasium. A full attendance of Committee Members and interested persons is urged.

As we finish this season I would like to leave all players with this thought -
If you think you're beaten, you are ; If you think you dare not, you don't ; If you'd like to win but think you can't, it's almost a cinch you won't. - If you think you'll lose, you're lost ; For out in the world we find success begins with a person's will ; It's all in your state of mind. - Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster hand; but sooner or later the person who wins IS the one who thinks I CAN"
Laurie Heil MIC Cricket

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