High Notes, Vol 22 No 5, March 05 2021

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to Anay Baruah (11R) who was selected in the CHS 1st XI cricket team to play in the NSW All schools carnival. Aditya Nigul (12M) was chosen in the Combined GPS 1st XI side to play CAS XI at Barker College. Raunak Roy (10S), Chris Roussos (10M) and Xavier Nath (10E) were selected for the Combined U/16 GPS side to play the CAS U16 XI. Well done to all our representative cricketers. Congratulations to Jia Qi (Jackie) Wu (11F) who set a new coached SHSRC club record for target rifle shooting, achieving a 50.9 out of 50.10 at 600 metres. He shot all centres with nine out of ten V bulls. He was coached by Andrew Tam. I suspect his record will stand for some time. At the AAGPS Carnival 3, our 14 years medley relay team won. Congratulations to David Kim (9E), Jin Shim (8F), Jason Yu (8S) and Leo Zhuang 8M. In the individual events, Matthew (Jiazi) Chen (7T) won the 13 years 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly and was second in the 50m backstroke. Mark Yan (7F) won the 12 years 50m freestyle. Ross Zhou (10R) won the 15 years 50m freestyle and Jaden Yi (10T) was successful in the 16 years event. Well done to all our swimmers!

Backboard Replacement Appeal

Since the backboards and shot clocks in the UTS Gymnasium were replaced with state-of-the-art equipment in 2019 at a cost exceeding $80k. Friends of basketball have been donating to the Sydney Boys High Building Fund to pay off the money that the School advanced to the Basketball Committee ($23,195) for its share of the project. Thirteen donors have written off $15,161 of this amount, leaving just $8,034 to be repaid. It would be great if basketball Old Boys, parents and friends of the program could complete the fundraising this year. Make your donations to Sydney Boys High School (Building Fund).

2020 Budget Summary

The total income from DoE was $11,640,710. Total income from school and community sources was $3,670,842, including grants and contributions ($3,597,205), sale of goods and services ($61,808) and investment income ($6,580). Income from all sources was $15,311,552. Within those totals, donations to the SHS Building Fund and to the P & C were $551,918. Total payments were $14,658,030, predominantly salaries and wages for staff ($11,379,974) and operating expenses ($3,278,056). Key Learning Area expenditure was $268,760. Utilities costs were $80,666. Other operating expenses were ($702,713). Property Maintenance costs were $373,345. Furniture and equipment ($251,452). Funds available were $16,763,997. Overall, payments as a percentage of funds available were 87.43%, meaning we do not build up reserves beyond a carried forward operating balance. At High the very strong reliability of our income flows from parents through donations and contributions has allowed this very high expenditure percentage to be maintained for 21 years. Maximum bang for your buck!

Early Bird Discount

Reminder to parents that there are just five school days left to take advantage of the early bird discount by paying the school invoices in full. Early bird discounts must end on Sunday 14 March. This end date includes a two-week extension of time because of a glitch in the DoE system in the first two weeks of school which made sending out invoices impossible. As well as receiving a substantial saving you will also be really helping out the school in a stressful financial environment. Having c. 55% of all our families pay all their invoices in full at an early date to receive the discount helps us to purchase the resources and services near the beginning of the year to maximise the benefit gained by all students throughout the year. It also helps us to make timely payment of invoices for textbooks, resources or capital works that we have organised to be ready for student use at the beginning of the school year. If any parents are experiencing financial difficulties, I urge them to contact me by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Funds Held for the Benefit of High Boys

The Sydney High School Foundation holds funds for the benefit of the school. The SHS Advancement Fund enables tax-deductible donations to be made for the purposes of school buildings, scholarships and student support by way of bursaries. The Endowment Fund is designed to hold monies from non-tax deductible sources – bequests, trusts, gifts and the like. Accounts for the Foundation show that as of January, 31, 2021 there were the following balances within the Endowment Fund: $112,078 for the Ethel Killip Memorial Fund; $128,714 for Prizes; $108,774 for the Phil Day Memorial Scholarship Fund; $64,948 for the Student Support Fund and $9,084 for the Mitchell Seow Memorial Prize. In total, SHSF manages $423,598 in funds for the school. Usually, half of the interest earned on these funds is donated to the School for uses as determined by the Fund Deeds. However, due to a sustained period of very low interest rates, interest has been retained 2014-21, in the interests of maintaining the real capital value of the funds. The Seow Fund is a specific prize commemorating the sudden death from unknown causes of a much-loved student who had just completed his HSC. The Student Support Fund supplements the DoE Student Equity Funds with direct financial help to students in necessitous circumstances. The Phil Day Memorial Fund finances an annual scholarship, worth $1,500, in memory of an Old Boy and long serving teacher, Head Teacher and Swimming MIC. The Prizes Fund helps to pay for some of the >$30,000 worth of prizes awarded each year to students. The Ethel Killip Memorial Fund pays for the replacement and upkeep of honour boards, memorabilia of Old Boys, photographs on walls and the school artworks collection. The Ethel Killip Memorial Fund purchased >$35k (2014-19) of indigenous artworks for our Na Ngara collection in McDonald Wing. We are always seeking donations for any of these fund purposes. If you would like to help, contact 96629300 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Dr K A Jaggar

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