High Notes, Vol 22 No 40, December 16 2021

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to our Year 10 debaters who are contesting the state final of the PDC against Smiths Hill. The team comprises – Abrar Chowdhury, Octavio Carbajal Zapata, Agastya Govind and Landrie Zuo (all from 10F).

End of Term 4

As we come to the end of a very busy, complex and uncertain term at High, I want to thank the teaching and support staff for all their efforts on behalf of our students this term and during this very particular year. Much has been achieved this year, despite all the obstacles thrown in our way. The positive spirit, cooperation and dedication shown by everyone have been inspirational.

The Record 2021

Despite COVID disruptions and cancelled activities and events, Ms May and her team have once again produced an impressive account of the things we did at High this year. The Record has a great many photographs of students’ projects, participation, art works and activities. It is very comprehensive, despite the limitations imposed by ongoing public health orders. It has significant coverage of COVID related or affected events. It will be an invaluable future resource for what it is like to live through a pandemic. It has been distributed to Years 7-11 and was available for Year 12 to collect at their farewell/graduation assembly. The school is proud to invest $25 per student so that everyone can have a lasting memento of 2021.

Year 12 Farewell/ Graduation Assembly

"Good afternoon Year 12, staff and parents via live stream. Welcome to our Farewell/ Graduation Assembly for the Class of 2021. What a year of disruptions it has been! I congratulate all Year 12 students and their teachers for their resilience and perseverance. We have had again to improvise in this second pandemic year in order to retain some of the customary end of Year 12 celebration activities. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event happen.

"One hundred and seventy students completed six years at High. I tried to capture some of the qualities of character and dispositions that Year 12 students showed this year in my Principal’s Message printed in the Year 12 Farewell Booklet, which you have today, along with some notable results by Year 12 students. Without recounting what I have said there, this year group has been triumphed over ongoing adversity. I will leave you to read the message if you wish.

"I want to thank publicly the senior leadership group for their leadership of their cohort. Jivan, Billy and Rhys faced a totally unique leadership challenge – how to inspire 213 students, not on site, for long periods of time, not knowing when things would return to ‘covid normal’. I was proud of the way they rose to the occasion with online activities to preserve morale and build companionship. Our Prefects stepped up and upheld their oaths of office. Thank you to all of our departing student leaders – SRC, Community Service, PAWS, Equality, Social Justice, Environment – their volunteers and committees.

"I want to recognise and honour the ten scholar-sportsmen who competed in two seasons of GPS Saturday sport and earned 99.5 ATAR or higher in the Trial HSC. Due to the cancellation of the athletics season, nobody was able to achieve three GPS sports in Year 12 (2019-13, 2018-13).  I want to thank the 84 Year 12 boys (2020 - 91, 2019-77, 2018-95) who showed such great pride in their school and represented High in at least two GPS sports in their last year. Another 21 played one sport (2019-63, 2018-63). In this COVID-19 year, 49.7% of the cohort showed their commitment to our ethos right to the end (2019-73%, 2018-75%). These statistics again affirm that even in their most demanding and stressful year at school, our students valued participation in school sport and our scholar-sportsman ethos. I applaud them all for their dedication.

"Congratulations to the most committed Year 12 students who represented the school at the highest levels in multiple GPS sports this year. There were 28 boys from Year 12 (2019 – 29, 2018 – 24, 2017 – 17) who competed in GPS first or second grade in two seasons of sport this year. Our ‘Double Firsts’ competitors were Thomas Brcic, Dean Casarotto, Andy Danis, Stanley Hou, Jeffery Lee, Zachary Liu, Justin Lum, Mihir Marathe, Ike Matsuoka, Rhys Shariff, Andrew Tam, Ryan Tan, Adrian Wong and Blair Zong. Our ‘One-Two Club’ comprised Ghazi Arasyid, Joseph Dar, Sen Giang, James Liu, Andrew Kim, Jivan Naganathan, Justin-Lee Nonis, Alec Ryan, Harry Wu and Daniel Zheng. This year our ‘Double-Twos’ were Antoine Nguyen, Gilbert Win, Liam Withrington and Lachlan Wu. Thank you all for your commitment to the values of our school – dedication and integrity – combined with the pursuit of excellence.

"I wish you all the best in your HSC results and I hope and trust that you will be all successful in gaining entry to your chosen tertiary options. It has been an enduring honour and my great pleasure to serve as your Principal."
Dr K A Jaggar

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