High Notes, Vol 22 No 10, April 23 2021

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From the Principal

Welcome Back to Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2 everyone. I trust that students and staff had a relaxing break. This term we are introducing period by period roll marking using Sentral our new student information system. Few changes will be required from a parent’s perspective but there may be a few glitches during the phasing in period. Please bear with us. This term has a strong focus on assessment and reporting, providing students and parents with feedback on progress against expected standards of achievement of subject or course outcomes. Year 12 reports will be available in early May, followed by Year 9 in week 4, Year 8 in Week 5, Year 7 in Week 6, Year 11 in Week 9 and Year 10 in Week 10.

High Talent

Congratulations to Auguste McNally (12T) and Timothy Hanna (11R) who were selected in the State Debating squad, a group of twelve from which the state team will be selected. Well done to Ryan Ong (12M) for his selection in the Australian Informatics Olympiad final selection training camp held virtually during the holidays.

Staff Development Day

Our first day back began with all teaching staff learning how to use the attendance module in Sentral as we transition to the new student information system. Creating out of class activity files was explained also. Staff then completed their online training in SCOUT, the Department of Education’s platform for data and analysis. All staff will be involved in interpreting and analysing data generated about their own students. After morning tea, teachers worked in faculty groups to integrate the numeracy progressions into their Year 7 programs and shared with other Faculties how they evaluated numeracy activities against individual numeracy progressions. The afternoon session was for faculty planning with Vivi training for teachers whose rooms were upgraded during the holidays.

Holiday Building and Grounds

There was a very large amount of work done on site during the holidays. Thank you to David Isaacs, Jim Crampton and Brett Harrison for their efforts during the break to make this all happen seamlessly. They were each managing different contractors on the site simultaneously – along with some community use bookings happening on the site!  In the buildings, rooms 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 504, 505 and the Junior Library classroom space were fitted with the double whiteboards, smart projector and Vivi software. A stud wall was constructed between 610 and 611 in preparation for a technology upgrade planned for next holidays for the two rooms. Power and AV cables were run inside the wall prior to plaster boarding. We have only eight teaching spaces left to complete this massive infrastructure project. A new oven with six-burner stove was installed in the canteen. In the grounds, a pathway was laid on the Anzac Parade side, linking the flagpole area to the Cutler Gates. We hope all boys will now use it instead of walking on the roadway into the school. On Cutler Drive, the gates into Moore Park West had a concrete apron laid to take away the perennial muddy puddle that makes access to and from Moore Park West difficult. Near 801 and aligned with the barbecue shed, two solar light poles were concreted into position to provide lighting on event parking evenings. A twelve-metre concrete slab was laid next to the rifle shooting trailer cage to accommodate our three bins and one for the Governors Centre. An apron of concrete at the corner of the basketball courts was laid, complete with an additional drainage pit with a pipe laid to run into the existing drain.  An extra border of concrete was laid around this drain. All the trees on the site were inspected by an arborist and the contractors came in during the holidays. Several trees were removed on arborist advice and many others were dead-wooded or crowned. We have dozens of trees on site, so it was a very expensive exercise lasting a week. Your great financial support during Term 1 allowed us to move forward with our plans to make the learning environment better, safer and more accessible for your sons.

High’s Monthly Giving Scheme

For new and existing parents – there is a really painless way to help the school reach its capital development objectives – the Monthly Giving Scheme. Having successfully completed building the Governors Centre, our next objective is to complete the Classroom Technology Upgrade. Once that is finalised this year, we can turn to serious fundraising for a new demountable Senior Science Laboratory. We also have to air-condition the Junior Library and make the much-needed refurbishments to the Outterside Centre. The basketball courts need to be re-surfaced. We have to complete the COLA development, including a big storage shed and power and lighting to the barbecue shack. The Monthly Giving Scheme allows you to make a deduction each month from your nominated credit card account. Deductions occur around the 15th of each month. In late June each year, the Sydney High School Foundation sends you a statement for taxation purposes including the total of your tax deductible donations for the year. I urge you to do as I do and make a regular financial investment in public education. If you are interested, please go to, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it I find that philanthropy in a public cause is bidirectional - it benefits the donor and the recipient.

Dr K A Jaggar

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