High Notes, Vol 21 No 7, March 13 2020

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to our Sydney East Region representatives in volleyball: Kent Gu (12F), Andrew Kim (11R), Weixuan Li (12E), Zachary Liu (11S), Billy Nguyen (11M), Oliver Yang (12T), David Zhou (11T) and Blair Zong (11E).  At the GPS Swimming Carnival 3, our 13 years 4 x 50 metres medley relay team won their event. Well done to Jason Yu (7S), Leo Zhuang (7M) Jin Shim (7E) and Stephen Li (8S). Jaden Yi (9T) placed second in 15 years 50 metres freestyle and breaststroke; Brian Ahn (8M) placed second in the 14 years 50 metres freestyle and breaststroke; Benjamin Marcellino (8R) had two second places in the 14 years 100 metres freestyle and butterfly; Justin Yi (8F) came 2nd in the 14 years 50 metres butterfly and third in the 200 metres individual medley; while Jason Yu (7S) placed third in the 13 years 50 metres freestyle. Jason Xu (8E), Brian Ahn (8M), Justin Yi (8F) and Benjamin Marcellino (8R) came second in the 14 years 4 x 50 metres medley relay. Congratulations to all our High competitors.


Our responses to the COVID-19 outbreak are evolving in line with Department of Health and Department of Education advice. Where necessary, we have acted in line with comparable institutions to minimise risk of infection to our students, staff and parents. Consequently, we have decided not to organise celebratory dinners for the end of the summer sports season. We came to this position reluctantly, but we need to prioritise our core business of education and not to expose each other to unnecessary risk. More decisions about events and spectators can be expected over coming weeks. I would like to thank our staff, parents and students for their cooperation and patience during this difficult time of adjustment to what is now a pandemic.

The Technology Levy

At High, the 2019 expenditure for technology and communication in teaching and learning was $813,263.  To support technology the Department of Education makes an annual grant of hardware. All of the current budget is paid for by parents. We are not an eT4L school. Our specifications for ICT exceed DoE standards and we support these higher standards ourselves. In 2019, parents contributed $ >200k by way of their contributions to the Technology Levy. The wages and bill for our three staff members and teacher relief was $445,000. Consequently, the Technology Levy doesn’t cover the recurrent costs of the wages to support our network.  In addition, recurring maintenance costs for data projectors, classroom desktop computers, printers, software and consumables was $61,732.  We need to upgrade ageing equipment and cabling, as well as replacing up to 50 data projectors at the end of their useful life (c. 8 years for each). Our specific network project expenditure for 2019 was $153,861. In order to support our BYOD policy and maximise learning opportunities for your sons, these works needed to be done. Our special projects expense for 2019 was $120,633 (including $87,236 for the Killip Wing electrical upgrade). We expect to spend $880,400 on technology and communication support for learning this year. Our migration to the CANVAS Learning Management System will add significantly to our recurrent costs as we move forward with our interactive teaching and learning objectives.

The plan equates to $728 for each student on this area alone. Our technology levy is requested from parents to ensure that our school can supply cutting-edge technology tools for teaching and learning. It would be very beneficial for our learning improvement if as many parents as possible supported our technology in teaching and learning program by paying their levy. Your support is very much appreciated. The wonderful support of our parents over the last 20 years contributing their technology levy has enabled us to keep upgrading our services to staff and students to be at the cutting edge of learning delivery.

Unauthorised parking on school grounds  

We have recently had a number of vehicles parked without permission on our school grounds, in some cases for multiple days. We all need to be vigilant – staff, parents and students – when driving, parking or walking through our car parks. Please report to the school office or inform a Deputy Principal if you see someone getting out of a car and then exiting the site. Commuters can save a considerable amount of money by avoiding paying for a car space in the city. Sometimes people working in our immediate vicinity try to use our grounds as their car space.  Car spaces for staff and visiting parents are already at a premium without the burden of freeloading commuters making things worse. Let’s be alert together to report strange vehicles on our site!
Dr K A Jaggar

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