High Notes, Vol 21 No 3, February 14 2020

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From the Principal

High Talent

Zenith is a Student Opportunity Handbook that has been emailed to students and placed on the student portal. It is a comprehensive compendium of activities that students at High have access to. It is entirely a student conceived and executed initiative. Thank you to Harry Wu (11R) and his editorial team for all their work – Ryan Ong (11M), Yifei Wu (11E), Ashwin Rao (11M), Teodulfo Jose Reyes (11S), Dean Nguyen (10S), Anson Chan (11T), Yu Ming Lee (10T) and Abrar Chowdhury (9F). Thank you to Ms Pride for her mentoring of the boys during this project. At the 2020 Sydney Olympic U15 Cup, Oscar Shi (8s) won a bronze medal in sabre. Great job, Oscar! Kieran Guan (12R) represented Australia at the Winter Youth Olympic Games held last month in Lausanne, Switzerland. Kieran was the only short track speed skater from Australia qualified for the competition. Kieran competed in two events 1000m and 500m. His final ranking was 14th out of 32 for the 1000m.  Congratulations, Kieran, on your efforts as an Australian Youth Olympic representative!

At the first GPS swimming carnival our High team had some great results. Peter Zhao (9T) won the 14 years 50m freestyle Division in 28.41. Fraser Wait (9S) won the 15 years 50m freestyle Division in 26.80. Brian Ahn (8M) won the 50m breaststroke in 36.35 and came 2nd in the 14 years freestyle Championship in 28.12. Jaden Yi (9T) won the 15 years 50m freestyle in 26.65, placed second in the 15 years 50m breaststroke and came 3rd in the 100m freestyle. Leo Zhuang (7M) won the 13 years 50m breaststroke in 39.39. Ike Matsuoka (11M) came 2nd in the 17+ 400m individual medley and 3rd in the 800m freestyle. Jasun Xu (8E) was 2nd in the 14 years 50m breaststroke. Benjamin Marcellino (8R) placed second in the 14 years 100m freestyle. Brian, Benjamin, Peter and Jasun teamed up to win the 14 years 4x50m freestyle relay. Jaden, Fraser, Edward Brownlie (9M) and Edwin Cho (9S) won the 15 years 4 x 50m relay.

Weights Room for 2020

High’s weights room offers exceptional value for money. The room has appropriate equipment for preparing the bodies of teenage boys and crucially, it is constantly supervised. When handling weights technique is vitally important, and boys need to learn the correct way to lift. Kurt Rich, our Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, is a well-credentialed and experienced trainer. His presence ensures that the boys are training safely and sensibly. So, as well as getting gym facilities, members have a trained supervisor and adviser to help them during their unlimited visits. The Weights Room operates much more effectively if all boys get their training in how to use the various pieces of equipment and in proper lifting technique, as soon as possible. Kurt Rich provides this service at the beginning of each year and can tailor individual programs for members after the introductory sessions. Having a fixed clientele makes his job more productive and leads to a better training experience for members and better strength outcomes for participants. Hence, we decided to close off memberships by the end of February each year. Boys who have not paid by that time can no longer attend the weights room.

Costs for this service are held down to a minimum and reduced by boys taking out a full year’s membership. For 2020, a full year Weights Room membership costs just $258. Boys wishing to have full year membership must register and pay by Friday 28 February, 2020. There will be no extensions of time. MICs or coaches wanting to enrol a team or squad in the weights room after 28 February may negotiate with the Principal.

Appreciation for Doing The Right Thing.

I received the following email last Friday.

‘By chance yesterday I found myself travelling from Surry Hills to Central on the light rail. It was a little after school had finished for the day, so the carriage was full of boys. As I entered two of your boys stood, without any encouragement, left their seat and asked me to take it. While no doubt I look old to young boys I am only in my early 60s, fully mobile and thus their actions were not necessary. I was surprised, being used to typical student behaviour on other lines, and very impressed - they are great young gentlemen. You and your team are doing a wonderful job if those boys are typical of your school. Best wishes to you, your team and your boys…’

I commend the students concerned and hope that every High student travelling by bus, train or light rail, would behave in the same way. Be mindful of others when on public transport.

Summer Sports Assembly

Our special guest, Peter Nevill shared with the assembly his story of persistence, disappointment and eventual success as a professional cricketer. His key message was to persevere against the odds if you have a dream. Peter had to leave Victoria when his contract was not renewed and move to NSW in 2009 for a fresh start. Ultimately, he played test cricket for Australia 2015-16, taking 61 catches and making 468 runs @ 22.3. He was proud to have been able to live his dream and realise his goal, no matter how long it took. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

‘Turning to our other focus for this morning’s assembly, summer sport, I extend a warm welcome to our special guest Peter Nevill, NSW Blues cricket captain. I want to acknowledge our teams on their term 4 efforts in 2019 and encourage them to work hard together for the rest of the season. Our cricket program is being led again by David Smith as MIC and cricket Coaching Coordinator and Darius Visser first XI coach. Thank you to all our coaches and to the members of the Cricket Committee for their work. In basketball, MIC, Coaching Coordinator and first grade coach, Ben Hayman, has again managed a successful program. The Basketball Committee members are as tireless as ever in their support. Thank you to everyone involved! In sailing, I want to thank MIC Matt Cotton for his efforts again this year. His relationship with Woollahra Sailing Club is strong. The boys have their own coaches. I would like to recognise the work of Sailing Committee in raising funds for sailing through their catering for school events. Thank you to Jessica Millar, MIC of Water Polo for her efforts this year. Peter Loizou is continuing as MIC of Swimming. Thank you again, Peter. I trust school support for the GPS carnival will remain strong. Well done to Kurt Rich has managed tennis very effectively as MIC of tennis and to David Deep, our Coaching coordinator and Head Coach. We have high hopes for the GPS competition this year. I congratulate all boys selected in GPS teams this season.  Remember, automaticity in skills can only evolve from sustained, deliberate, intense and purposeful practice. I wish you all well.’
Dr K A Jaggar

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