High Notes, Vol 21 No 27, August 28 2020

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From the Principal

The Governors Centre Update

Several site inspection visits in the last month or so have shown how much progress has been made in the construction of the building. In July and August most of the windows were set in place. The Equitone and Colorbond cladding was set in place. A rough-in of services was completed. Ceiling and wall sheeting was installed. Most of the external works except for landscaping were finalised. In September, it is planned that the gyprocking and most of the painting will be done. Services and amenities will be installed. The complex audio-visual and IT communications installation will begin. Some items, eg the internal lift, will be commissioned. The solar power generating system will be connected and some landscaping commenced. The Operating Committee which will manage TGC under the Joint Use Agreement, has been meeting to solve the myriad design and installation decisions necessary to set up a building for use by school students. I want to acknowledge and commend James Rudd and David Isaacs, our software and systems gurus, for all the effort they have put into  mastering the design and specifications details for the AV, IT and telephony required for the building to function optimally. Their wise counsel, along with the astute oversight of the processes by John Prorellis, has helped me to get my head around the technical aspects of the project.

Year 10 Subject Selection Interviews

This week a team of staff members have been interviewing all Year 10 students prior to their subject selections for Year 11, 2021. Most of the cohort took the process seriously. It required them to complete a form which asked questions about their strengths and weaknesses, probed their awareness of possible careers and university courses, tested their research into ATARs and pre-requisites required, and canvassed their dispositions in respect of assessment preparation and lifestyle balance. The teacher mentors discussed these responses and analysed progress results for Year 10 and chosen courses for stage 6 in Years 11 and 12. Our intention was to promote a structured interview process to raise the level of awareness of what the tertiary sector offers and how best to fit interests and abilities of individuals into future study in that sector. Our hope is that personal subject and course selection will be informed better. Our intention is to keep a record of participation in the process and to follow up individual cases where more support is necessary or where participation was not evident or inadequate. The impact of the process will not be measurable until the end of 2022, when we may be able to track satisfaction with course selection through reduced movement between courses and student exit survey responses.

Wear it Purple Day – 28 August 2020

Founded in 2010 after several suicides of young people victimised by discrimination, Wear It Purple Day has been celebrated as a movement of young people in support of the principle of inclusivity for LGBTIQ youth in our community. Sadly, 80% of LGBTIQ teenagers are being bullied in our schools – just for being different. Wear It Purple Day is a demonstration of solidarity behind the moral principle of individuality – we all have a right to be proud of who we are as individuals. Respect, acceptance and inclusion are worthwhile values we would claim for ourselves. On Wear It Purple Day let us contemplate how well, during this latest year we have been true to those tenets of equality in our interactions with others. Coincidentally, the Department of Education has released an updated version of its policy in relation to inclusive education this week. It reiterates its commitment to making children feel welcomed in its schools and capable of learning to their fullest capacity. The same claims to a right to be treated fairly apply to students with a disability as to LGBTIQ students. If only we could all just take people as we find them and cherish our fortune to live in a civil society where individual expression of identity is not merely possible but proudly fostered.

Traffic Control

The School will continue to provide Parking Attendants for traffic control on Tuesday afternoons until the end of Term 3. This costly service is provided solely to make life easier for our students and their families. Notwithstanding that we allow parents on our site for drop-offs and pick-ups, the privilege should not be abused by individual drivers failing to follow the signals or instructions by staff. Also, we ask again that parents comply with Department of Health Guidelines and stay inside their vehicles at all times while on school grounds.
Dr K A Jaggar


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