High Notes, Vol 21 No 19, June 19 2020

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From the Principal

Resumption of GPS Sport

The AAGPS Chairman, Mr Mark Ticehurst, in consultation with the GPS Headmasters’ Standing Committee, wishes to advise the following update regarding the return to GPS sporting programmes in 2020:

The designated re-commencement of sport is in Term 3, with Athletics to be held from 25 July, and all other winter inter-school sport to commence no earlier than 8 August 2020.

Details regarding the final schedule of the Athletics Championships, the schedule of all other winter sport competitions, and information regarding spectators will be released once more Government and Health guidelines are released by the relevant sources in the coming weeks. The AAGPS is committed to a safe return to sport for all students, staff, volunteers and our many friends and families in our wider communities and a return to sport will be accompanied by an AAGPS “Return to Sport Guidelines”, the details of which will be determined in consultation with the relevant authorities.

The AAGPS acknowledges that advice and the current situation has, and can change rapidly, and as the situation evolves, the AAGPS will continue to monitor, and act accordingly throughout the remainder of 2020.

Activities Allowed From Beginning Of Term 3 – Department Of Education

All school sport and activities including competitions aligned with current health advice (including those activities run by external organisations). Inter-school student events and competitions (choirs, sport, debating, public speaking, performing arts, etc…). SRE/SEE lessons. Work experience for students. P&C meetings – with a strong preference for on-line where possible. Parent/teacher meetings – where these need to take place – strong preference for online where possible unless involving serious matters that require face to face discussion Community use activities involving general adult attendance.

Embracing The Digital Classroom: Classroom Technology Project

At the end of 2018, there were 19 different learning space configurations operating in the school. This was the historical result of piecemeal upgrades as funding became available. Such diversity made it difficult for staff members assigned to various rooms with differing technologies. It hampered our move towards ‘blended’ delivery where online learning, cooperative and collaborative learning can interface. Our System Administrator, David Isaacs, proposed that the school should “provide a public education-leading environment for the purposeful integration of technologies into learning spaces, enabling twenty-first century learning in parallel to conventional teaching.” His goal was to “provide unified, simple and common access to digital classroom technologies, giving a consistent foundation on which teachers can construct lessons…” An ancillary goal was to integrate and exploit “the school’s investment in ICT resources and its broad technology device program”. We have had a BYOD policy at High for several years. We need to leverage that capacity to improve learning outcomes. The proposed budget for the program was $500,000

For maximum efficiency, the plan was rolled out in faculty home-room groups. In 2019, eleven teaching spaces were upgraded. So far in 2020, another eight have been completed. We are planning to complete another sixteen rooms this year, giving us a critical mass of 35 rooms by the beginning of 2021. We plan to complete the plan in three tranches by the end of 2021.With your financial help, we can achieve this ambitious goal – to have one single learning space configuration for all the teaching spaces in the school. Teachers will save set up time, have more confidence in the technology and be able to maximise teaching and learning activities in each lesson. Also, they will be able to support each other through common professional development activities to enhance pedagogical delivery. Please make your tax-deductible donation to the Classroom Technology Project by going to the school website http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/donations/classroom-technology-project  and making a gift.
Dr K A Jaggar

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