High Notes, Vol 21 No 18, June 12 2020

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From the Principal

High Talent

Recently, a national linguistics coding competition, code named Ozclo, was held online. Our team ‘ozclo280’ consisting of Ryan Ong (11M), Harry Wu (11R)), Nathan Jones (11F) and Nicholas Arvanitellis (11T), came second nationally in the competition. The winner was SGHS on 82, followed by SBHS on 78. The next highest state score was from Victoria with 77. Congratulations, boys!

SZapp Funded by the P & C

In May of 2019, Daniel and Binh Johnsun presented a business case to the P & C to trial SZapp for mobile phones. SZapp offers parents the possibility of receiving targeted message content that is relevant for them. The P & C supported the idea and paid the setup costs and the first year’s subscription. The fencing participants were contacted by Dat Huynh, using the app. Notification of the publication of High Notes was pushed out through the app. The Sports Council was briefed on the app, MIC’s were presented with demonstrations and by Term 4 rowing, rifle shooting and tennis parents installed the app after subscribing to SBHS. This year parents in music and debating got involved. Currently, there are 1,039 subscribers from 1207 enrolments (minus siblings). Daniel & Binh surveyed users who rated access to event reminders, and links to the school calendar as ‘important /very important’. Some advantages for staff in using the app and encouraging subscribers might include no cost sending of urgent messages v the cost of SMS messaging; suitable forms being stored in the ‘forms and documents’ section of the app that parents can download and complete in hard copy ID required by the school; and permission slips for excursions or events that need to be retained by excursion organisers. This service could prove to be beneficial in terms of reducing costs to the school and to parents. I urge parents to subscribe so that the effectiveness of the app is increased. Staff members could make use of the app to speed up and target communications to parents.

Governors Centre Update

At our latest Project Control Group meeting the building works were reported to be proceeding as per schedule, with a completion date still by the end of November this year. The builders were instructed to include the landscaping works in the contract (+$70k).  There is a significant lag in the supply chain in this area, necessitating placing orders in June.  It is anticipated that our portion of extra funding for the contract is now $300,000.  We have these funds available.  In addition to what is funded in the contract, the full fit-out needs plug-ins of necessary equipment, foyer furnishings and equipment, white goods for the kiosk and servery and ancillary items.  We will need to purchase examination desks and chairs also.  Approximately $120,000 extra is needed to finalise this wonderful project.  Our final Governors Centre fit-out appeal closes on June 30.  Grab a brick ($1,000) or secure a seat ($3,000) to claim your tax-deductible donation this financial year. If you would like to know more or how to donate, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Sydney Boys High Student Research and Resources (Public Library) Fund 

The Sydney Boys High School Student Research and Resources Fund is a fund to resource our two school libraries. Purchases of books, e-books, subscriptions to magazines, databases, audiobooks and streaming services such as Clickview, as well as library furniture and minor equipment, are paid for from the Fund. In addition, the wages of 0.8FTE of a second Librarian and SAS staff employed to extend library hours and run Library archives, are paid for from the Fund. As contributions to the Fund are tax deductible, it provides a very cost-effective way for parents and Old Boys to help fund an important and growing area of school life – online learning. There are 40 boys in our Online Learning elective in Year 10 accessing these facilities. As well, more than 200 boys can enjoy the library facilities simultaneously. The opening balance for the Fund in 2019 was $32,180. Total receipts during the year were $133,205. Expenditures included: wages for Library and archive staff; physical and electronic resources; furniture; ‘Clickview’ and magazine subscriptions and maintenance. Total payments were $139,196. Balance carried forward was $26,189. I commend the Student Research and Resources (Public Library) Fund to all parents and ask for your financial support in the form of tax- deductible donations by the end of the financial year.
Dr K A Jaggar

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