High Notes, Vol 21 No 17, June 05 2020

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From the Principal

Easing of Restrictions on Sport

As from 13 June, community sports facilities and gyms can re-open, while following Department of Heath guidelines. Community sport competitions can resume as of July 1. The AAGPS has released a proposed program for Term 3, commencing with Trials on 25 July, followed by the GPS Athletics carnival on 1 August. Thereafter, the rugby and football competitions will continue until 19 September.

Sydney High School Old Boys Union- 2020 Student Medical Mentoring Webinar

Next Monday, 8 June at 6pm, SHSOBU is hosting a webinar for senior school students. This webinar is a first in a series of three planned for this year, with the aim of raising the awareness of current students about the professions and the world of study and work, through the eyes of Old Boys who have shared similar experiences at school to our current students.  Eric Wong (SHS-2000) and his colleagues, have been working for many years to bridge the gap between school-university and work by calling on the expertise and experience of many Old Boys to come back to the school to share what they have learned with current students. The SHSOBU’s seminars and in-school chats, have become an important feature of our vocational education program at High. Four alumni from 1982-2011 will talk about different fields within the study and practice of of medicine, explaining the varied nature of careers available. They will share their personal journeys. Details of how to register can be found in this week’s High Notes. I urge students in Years 11 and 12 to take advantage of this unique vocational learning opportunity.

Caught Doing the Right Thing

I received this email from a Community Engagement Officer, Customer Support, Customer Service, Sydney Trains. I am sharing it (name withheld) to encourage students to continue to do the right thing and to congratulate those parents who have inculcated the values in their sons that supported this spontaneous positive behaviour.

“You may be aware that Sydney Trains recently introduced green dots on seats to notify passengers where to sit to ensure social distancing while on trains, this allows a safe number of passengers to board each carriage while adhering to social distancing. Today I was travelling on a service from Central station and a large number of your students also boarded this service, upon entering the carriage I heard a student say let’s all sit here (6 seats without green dots) together to leave the green dot seats for other passengers.

As we know school students have been given priority on public transport and social distancing isn’t necessary for them when travelling together so for your students to show such courteous and thoughtful behaviour to other customers should be commended. I must also mention I was not in uniform, so these students were unaware I work for Sydney Trains. Please pass on my thanks to your students for helping us during this difficult time.”

Buses on Cleveland Street 3:15-3:45pm

Students and parents are reminded that the bus services heading towards Central on Cleveland street in the afternoon are NOT for use by students. Dedicated school bus services are supplied from Anzac Parade directly to Central every afternoon directly after school. Students are not permitted to use any other service while special services are being provided. After the last bus leaves from Anzac Parade at around 3:40, students may catch any available service.

Tell Them From Me Survey

The Learning Bar works with the Department of Education in NSW to provide the TTFM survey, platform, training and helpdesk support to members in government schools across NSW who are taking part in the survey. 

Sydney Boys High School has signed up again for the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) student survey. Next week, we are surveying Year 8 – 11 students.  Year 12 students have their own exit survey later in the year. Due to COVID-19, Year 7 students have had little regular exposure to school life. We are gathering data for use in the formulation of a new School Plan 2021-2024. We ask for your participation in the TTFM survey.

Students will be completing the survey in class time next week. Parents and students are reminded that this a voluntary survey and that logging on by students implies parental consent to engage in the survey. Information given is confidential and will not be used in any way that identifies a person or the school. The data from the TTFM reports have been useful for the school executive as sources of student and community voice on matters affecting experiences at or with SBHS. It will help us considerably during our next external validation. Additional information for parents, including translated consent forms and parent FAQs, can also be found on the CESE website at: http://surveys.cese.nsw.gov.au/information-for-parents. The permission note for parents is on the Parent Portal. If you DO NOT want your son to be involved, please download and complete the form and send it to school with your son.

Students who participate will be rewarded with Student Award Scheme points. For students, the process is the same as for previous surveys

  1. Log into the Student Portal
  2. Click the “Student Survey 2020: Tell Them From Me” link in the Portal Services menu
  3. Click the “Access the Survey” button to start the survey

Dr K A Jaggar

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