High Notes, Vol 20 No 8, March 22 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to our Combined GPS tennis representatives: Antonio Li (1), Samuel Yu (6), Hikaru Ikegami (7) and Andre Putilin (14). Well done to Joshua Lam (11F) on his Local Sporting Champion grant ($700) from the federal government, presented by Hon. Matt Thistlethwaite MP.

Year 10 – Life Ready Stage 6 Course 

There is a mandatory 25-hour Life Ready Course that has to be delivered to all students in stage 6 in state schools. Some of the topics for this year are: breaking down depression and building resilience; safe driving; mental fitness; safe partying; mindfulness; breaking the Man code Workshop; sexual harassment and assaults; and online learning materials. Outside presenters are delivery several of these learning experiences. They cannot be repeated for absent students next year. Alternative arrangements will be made involving free periods for Year 11 students who have not experienced this course. For these reasons, and to conserve important teaching time in Year 11 in 2019, it is most important that Year 10 students attend school Monday 16th through to Wednesday 18th of December.

Change to Winter Sports

This week was the last one for summer sports. All students should have indicated their winter sport choices online. It helps our administration a lot if you do and you get a bonus Awards Scheme point. You should check on the student portal next week to see if you have been credited with full participation points for training, trial and competition fixtures for your summer sport. 

Year 7 Progress Reports

Parents should have been notified about our Year 7 Progress reports. These reports are aimed at giving parents an understanding about how their sons are transitioning into high school. The emphasis is on socialisation and how boys are coping with the work. Their ability to get organised and meet their commitments is being assessed also. They are dispositional, and socio-emotional in content, rather than academic reports. Faculties have varying styles of reports and methods of communication to parents. Ask your son about when he will receive his Interim Report and what form will it take.

High’s Monthly Giving Scheme

For new and existing parents – there is a really painless way to help the school reach its development objectives – the Monthly Giving Scheme. Our school’s highest priority is to commence construction of the Governors Centre during Q2 2019. The Centre will greatly increase the school’s capacity to hold lectures, drama productions, musical recitals, examinations and receptions. In a Joint Project with SGHS, we have raised the $10.6 million necessary for completion of the first stage of the building. The funds were raised entirely by the two school communities. To fit out the building to achieve the architect’s vision and the needs of the two schools, an extra $1.5m will be needed quickly. It is much better and cheaper to do the full fit-out while the building is under construction than to try and retrofit it later. The Monthly Giving Scheme allows you to make a deduction each month from your nominated credit card account. Deductions occur around the 15th of each month. In June, the Development Office sends you a statement for taxation purposes including the total of your donations for the year. I urge you to do as I do and make a regular financial investment in public education. If you are interested, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Philanthropy in a public cause is bidirectional - it benefits the donor as well as the recipient.

Dr K A Jaggar

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