High Notes, Vol 20 No 5, March 01 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to UNSW Co-op Scholarship winners – Nishant Suriyadeepan (SHS-2018) in Computer Science and Vicknesh Ravikumar (SHS-2018) in Software Engineering. Well done to Adrian Leong (11F) on his silver medal representing NSW in the Australian Sabre Teams Championships. High retained the Joseph Coates Trophy after defeating Newington on the first innings. High was represented at the NSW Junior Athletics championships at SOPAC last weekend, winning six medals. Kane Shields (9R) won silver in both the 800m and 1500m. Eric Holmstrom (12T) secured a bronze in the U20 3000m.  Bronze medals were also won by Pico Dos Santos-Lee (12T) in the U20 110m hurdles; Rowan Tan (10M) in the 400m; and Raghav Ramanathan (12T) in the high jump. Congratulations to all our competitors at the meet!

Sydney Boys High Building fund – Special Appeal

There are two important projects being planned that we need your help to make happen. First, in conjunction with UTS, a major solar installation is being planned for the roof of the UTS gymnasium. This initiative will see 84kw of power generated daily, at its peak. In order for High’s use of the gym to be at zero cost for power, we need to contribute $30k towards the expected >$150k cost of the project. Our current power costs for using the gymnasium run to >$13,700 per annum. Thus, the investment will pay for itself in its fourth year. The expected life of the solar panels in >20 years. We had great school community support for our solar installation a few years ago. I urge parents, Old Boys and friends of High to donate to the Sydney Boys High Building Fund to help this green initiative to reduce our carbon footprint. Your donation marked ‘solar fund’ is tax deductible.

The second project involving the gym is the planned replacement of the four end-of-life backboards with state of the art armoured glass backboards with steel frames. There is considerable expense involved in mounting these frames. The project will cost $69,000. UTS is making a replacement contribution of $30,000. The Basketball Committee is making a donation of $20,000. The school is making up the shortfall, which the Basketball Committee intends to make good over a period of years. It would be great if the basketball committee had the funds as quickly as possible. Your donation to the Sydney Boys High Building Fund marked ‘basketball backboards’ is tax deductible.

2018 Budget Summary

The total income from DoE was $11,230,530. Total income from school and community sources was $4,518,095, including grants and contributions ($4,425,493), sale of goods and services ($76,422) and investment income ($16,181). Within those totals, donations to the SHS Building Fund and to the P & C were $660,800.Total payments were $15,050,966, predominantly salaries and wages for staff ($14,258,472) + on-costs ($270,237). Operating expenses were $2,967,974. Key Learning Area expenditure was $306,242. Utilities costs were $90,730. Fees for services rendered ($715,816). Other operating expenses were ($734,903).Property Maintenance costs were $301,406. Furniture and equipment ($249,746). Overall, payments as a percentage of funds available was 91%, meaning we do not build up reserves. At High, the strong reliability of our income flows from parents through donations and contributions, has allowed this very high expenditure percentage to be maintained for 19 years.

Early bird discounts have closed

Parents of students in Years 8-12 have had an opportunity to earn a substantial discount in return for paying all of the items listed in their letters. The scheme concluded at close of business on Thursday, February 28. Discounts no longer apply. Thank you to so many parents who have supported the school fully in its efforts to provide high quality facilities and resources for everyone.

Weights Room

Memberships for the Weights Room have now closed. Thank you to the many boys who value this facility and have joined for 2019. Kurt Rich can now focus on the personal preparation, training and development of all members. From now on, training session times to suit all members can be allocated.  Visits, when space is available, are unlimited throughout the year and extend to school holidays when the weights room is open but with reduced hours.
Dr K A Jaggar

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