High Notes, Vol 20 No 39, December 06 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to our first grade tennis team. The boys played in a three-day tournament in the National Schools Tennis competition, finishing a creditable sixth. Well done to Klimenty Tsoutsman (9S) who achieved first place in Russian at the NSW School of Community Languages. Our open chess team brought home the third place trophy from the Australian Schools Teams Chess Championships last week. Congratulations to Jack Keating (9R), Peter Boylan (12R), Toby Huey (7S), Justin Wayne-Lowe (11S) and Kerwin Ma (10M). Congratulations to Timothy Hanna (9R), who was a member of the Sydney Region team that won the NSW schools debating competition.

Interpreting Year 7 Reports - Semester 2

Check your son’s progress in future oriented earning skills – problem solving, evaluating, working with others, communicating ideas, creating and innovating. They are reported twice each year in their own text box on the school reports. Every Faculty has an opportunity to report at least twice on one of the five ‘earning skills’ during the six reporting periods during Years 7-9. These skills will be needed in jobs of the future. You can understand more deeply about how your son is building his capacity in the discrete dispositions that we have targeted for development as a school. The idea is that you can track your son’s growth over his three years in the Junior School. These PEWCC skills are very contextual. Hypothetically, your son might be really good at working with others in English where he is confident and comfortable but not so effective in mathematics where he is weaker, is reticent and defers to the strong mathematician in the work group. Consequently, skill growth might not be a simple progression from 1 in Year 7 to 3, 4, or 5 in Year 9 (depending on the scale in the rubric for each subject). Your son’s progress might be uniform neither across the subjects, nor across the dispositions. I look forward to an informed dialogue between parents and teachers on the individual student’s development of these important life skills. Find out more about PEWCC reporting on our website www.sbhs.nsw.edu.au/curriculum.

Some students choose not to put much effort into one of the languages they do not intend to pursue in Year 8. While this is regrettable, it is also understandable. The consequence can be that the overall achievement level, as measured by out points system, might decline. Students have their second opportunity to choose a subject when they decide on their language/s for next year. Will they do one language or two? What are the commitments if they take offline classes? Will their other activities be affected? Please discuss language choices for Year 8 with your sons.

Life Ready Skills Course - Year 10

It is very important for all Year 10 students to be in attendance from Monday to Wednesday, 16-18/12/2019. We will be running a mandatory, 25-hour Life Ready course. Workshops and presentations will occupy the entire two and a half days. We need to sign off that you have completed this course. Anyone who does not attend will have to take time out of his Year 11 studies to comply with the regulation.

Scholarship Winners for 2020

Thank you to all the students who submitted applications for the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship. The successful applicant this year was an incoming Year 7 student for 2020, Liam Nottage. Anish Joseph (11F) was awarded $500 as an Encouragement Award. Tian Yang (7E) also received an Encouragement Award for $250.

The Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Inc Scholarship was open to a Year 10 student, transitioning or enrolling into Year 11 in 2020 with a record of service to others at school or in the wider community. The successful applicant this year was Ryan Ong (10M). Ryan will receive $1500 each year for his final two years at school. Certificates recognising the award of both of these scholarships will be awarded to recipients on Presentation Night. For committed students with a social conscience in Year 9 going into Year 10 next year, don’t forget it might be you as the next recipient of this great scholarship in 2021.

The Old Boys Bursary Program

The Old Boys Bursary Program began in 2018 with the generous support of Annie & Bruce Corlett (SHS 1961). Along with Ron Schwartz (SHS-1961), Bruce set up the first group of four bursary recipients who were granted $2,500 each to support them in their involvement in school life. The rationale was that students whose families were struggling financially might have to limit the opportunities available to their sons because of the cost of participation. A powerful driver of the program was a newspaper interview of an Old Boy who remembered feeling different to others in his year because his family couldn’t afford to buy him a school blazer.

Old Boys from graduating years 1952 to 1994 have rallied around to support this cause. In 2019, we were able to fund 11 bursaries @ $2,500 each. For 2020, the program will have 22 bursary recipients, supported by donations from 38 Old Boys. Pledges to the program now total $324,000. Our target is to raise $500,000 to assist students in necessitous circumstances who have the academic ability to be a High student but cannot engage fully in school life even though they would like to, due to their personal circumstances. If you are an Old Boy (particularly from 1973,1993 or 1994) and would like to help, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will put you in contact with the Old Boy from your year who has been the trailblazer in donating to this most worthy and rewarding project.
Dr K A Jaggar

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