High Notes, Vol 20 No 36, November 15 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

Three boys studying HSC Design and Technology (Dennis Cho (12F), Ben Kernohan (11S) and Jordan Whittaker (11F)) have had their projects nominated for possible inclusion in Shape 2019, the annual exhibition of a selection of exemplary Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design students. Congratulations, Dennis, Ben and Jordan! Hunar Verma (12T) has been awarded an NSWCHSSA State Blue for Cricket. He is not able to attend the presentation ceremony on 6 December as he will be in Perth playing in the U19 Australian Championships. Well done, Hunar! Congratulations to Timothy Hanna (9R), who has been selected in the Sydney Region team to compete at the NSW Schools Junior Debating Championships for stage 5 students. Well done Tim, particularly for a Year 9 student!

Values Education Survey

Students in Values Education were surveyed recently about their experiences in the Values Education program. Of 269 respondents, 59% said they enjoyed the experience while only 38% admitted that the content presented was useful to them personally. When asked about the most enjoyable aspects of schooling currently, 83% nominated friendship (which is one of the most important goals of schools as social institutions); 79% enjoyed sport, 55% co-curricular activities and 54% enjoyed the classroom learning. When asked about the most useful content in Values Education, there were 270 responses. These are being analysed and will form the basis of our annual evaluation and review of Values Education. Example of topics of interests mentioned by respondents included, peer support and mentoring (28), grit (24), ethics and philosophy (20), goal setting and time management (20) and growth mindsets (14). 

Harassment or Bullying 

Students and their parents should be aware that the school has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on homophobic harassment, sexist or racist slurs, bullying or teasing. At High we are proudly anti-discriminatory. This year, our Anti-Bullying team have developed a solid policy on what victims, ‘upstanders’ and teachers can do to combat bullying and reduce bullying behaviours in our school. There is a quick reference guide - ‘Responding to Bullying at Sydney Boys High’ - posted in every classroom. No individual should be discriminated against by virtue of his sexual identity, race, religion, philosophical or political views or cultural custom. We promote ourselves as a band of academic brothers and must put our actions where our words are. Students who discriminate against others, verbally, physically, in writing, on social media, or online, can expect strong negative consequences. Any defence based on the idea that teenage discourse customarily encompasses the use of homophobic language to the extent that it has lost its original meaning, will be disregarded. The essence of the problem is in repetition of discriminatory words or phrases and multiple perpetrators repeating them. Perpetrators and victims will engage in a restorative mediation process called ‘The Method of Shared Concern’.

‘Upstanders’ will be acknowledged by the Deputy Principal, Junior School. Reasoned argument, measured discourse and healthy debate are good for organisations. However, there is no place for harassment, discriminatory comments or racial or religious denigration or taunts. It starts with the way we speak – our tone and choice of words. Let us all be more respectful towards one another!

Scholarships Offered at High

SBHS offers only two scholarships/bursaries – the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship and the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Scholarship. All enrolled or enrolling students are eligible to apply for the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship. It is a one-year credit on the school account for $1,500. The Selection Criteria covers talented boys in an academic area or a co-curricular endeavour. Good all-rounders qualify as do students with special needs – financial or otherwise. There are many boys in the school who would make good candidates for this award. I urge them to take the trouble to download and complete the application form. The Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Inc Scholarship is a two-year award with a credit at the school account for $1,500 for each Year – 11 and 12. Only boys enrolled or enrolling in Year 11 are eligible to apply. The criteria for this scholarship are different. It has an emphasis on a prior record of service to others, to the school and / or the community. Boys with initiative, compassion, a record of school or community service and leadership skills, are invited to apply.

Look for the details on the website: www.sydneyboyshigh.com/scholarships. Do not assume that you are not worthy or eligible. Applications close on November 29.

Summer Sport Co-payments: Term 4 

The rolls for summer sports and activities have now been finalised. In many activities co-payments are levied for the season – in this case Term 4 2019 and Term 1, 2020. Other sports have a policy of fixing co-payments on a term-by-term basis. In either case, invoices have now been posted. For Years 7-10 this means that the summer invoice will be included on individual Clearance Forms. These will need to be cleared prior to boys receiving their reports. The base co-payment for sport for a season is $168 for 2019-20. Higher charges are levied by individual sports as a result of resolutions passed by the Associations or P & C Support Groups responsible for supporting particular sports. Year 11 boys have been invoiced for Term 4 or their full summer sport, too. It would help the MICs for these sports greatly if families could pay for their sports in the next ten days.
Dr K A Jaggar

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