High Notes, Vol 20 No 31, September 27 2019

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From the Principal

Last Week of Term 3

Thank you to the wider school community for all their efforts on behalf of our students this year. After the Trial HSC setting, marking, collating and reporting is complete and once all the reference forms for Year 12 leavers are done, our teachers can take a well-earned breather before another round of marking Year 11 examinations becomes a priority. Our staff – teachers and SASS - have worked with commendable collaboration to deliver all the outcomes that the term achieved. Thank you to parents and Old boys for your help in making the term so productive.

High Talent

Congratulations to all our GPS athletes who supported each other last Saturday. Anthony Vlatko won the open 400/800 double at the GPS athletics carnival. Pico Dos Santos-Lee won the Open 110m hurdles (15.24) and Raghav Ramanathan placed second in the Open high jump (1.95m). Joshua Suto (9S) won the U14 high jump with a GPS record 1.85m. He won the U14 long jump (6.01m) and was 3rd in the U14 100m and 200m. Kane Shields (9R) won the U15 800m in 1.59.35 and the U15 1500m in 4.18.44. Rhys Shariff (10S) came 3rd in the U16 400m. In the overall point scores High was ranked 6th in the Junior Division, 8th in the Intermediate Division and 7th in the Senior Division. Thank you to Mr Rich as MIC, his coaches and all competitors for their efforts on a very enjoyable day of competition. Well done to Matthew Awad, Victor Zhang and Eric Wu of Year 10, whose surreal film ’Peter’, won the junior division of V Fest.

OASIS Collection Day – Year 12

Well done to our Year 12s on collecting > $10k on their last full day at school. We received a phone call on Monday morning from the Station Manager at Edgecliff train station. He could not speak highly enough of the boys’ behaviour and attitude. They were responsible, co-operative, polite and courteous young men who are a credit to the school. Well done to all concerned.

Principal’s Farewell Message to Year 12

We said goodbye to our Year 12 students this week. My message in their commemorative programs is reprinted below:

"The Class of 2019 achieved highly in many aspects of school life. They were led ably by the Executive team of Varun, Marcus and Ryan. Initiatives were taken in peer support for senior students, a TEDx Youth event and our boys connecting to our alumni with the Industry Afternoon. The focus of recent years on social justice as an action area for our Prefects was continued in 2019. The Prefects, SRC members, the Equality Committee, the Community Services Committee and PAWS, added to the depth of the cohort achievements in 2019.

"In the summer sport season, David Goh set new school records in 100 metres butterfly and in both the 100 metres and 200 metres freestyle. He was the Open Champion in swimming and was selected in the Combined GPS swimming team. Eric Holmstrom broke the 400 metres freestyle record.

"James Appleton won three gold medals at the CHS Rowing championships at Grafton. Our open cricket team were finalists in the Alan Davidson Shield. Arvin Niranjan was a joint winner of the Tom Brooks Medal as the most valuable combined GPS First XI cricket team member and Huna Verma was selected in the U19 NSW Schools cricket team. Julian Markworth-Scott was selected in the NSW All Schools basketball team.

"In the winter, High won first and second grade GPS volleyball competitions and Samuel Yu was chosen in the NSW CHS volleyball team. Samuel, Kent Gu and Henry Han were selected in the Combined GPS volleyball team. High won the All Schools and both grades in the GPS target rifle shooting. Frank Zhou was selected in the combined GPS team. William Choi and Jevon Somanader represented Sydney East in the NSW CHSSA championships in rugby. In athletics, Eric Holmstrom won bronze in the U20 3000 metres at the NSW Junior Athletics Championships.  Pic Dos Santos-Lee earned bronze in the U20 110 metres hurdles as did Raghav Ramanthan in the high jump.

"Aryan Jani was chosen as a delegate to the National Schools Constitutional Convention. Jadon Yang won a special award for achieving four consecutive gold medals in the National Latin Examination. Aman Mohamed and Ryan Borges were selected in the CHS debating team. Marcus Nguyen represented Australia in the Tokyo Model G20 Task.

"In saying farewell, I leave you with an intellectual precept. As you graduate and move on to university, you will be exposed to many complex ideas. When we are presented with competing theories that make the same predictions and which both fit the evidence, we should choose the simpler of the two. Choose the theory that involves the least number of entities or assumptions. Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity. This is the law of parsimony, known as Ockham’s razor. The principle was popularised by Franciscan monk and theologian, William of Ockham (1288-c.1348). It alludes to a razor which was used as a tool for scraping mistakes off parchment.  We need to shave away or cut in two any unnecessary assumptions. Ockham himself did not devise Ockham’s razor. The idea is attributed to Thomas Aquinas (1225-74), however Ockham made particularly frequent use of it. In university life, remember Ockham and try to understand concepts at their most fundamental level first.

"I trust that your time here at High has equipped you with the training to wield the razor in the disciplines you enter. Thank you all for your contributions to the High story. Goodbye and best wishes."
Dr K A Jaggar

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