High Notes, Vol 20 No 26, August 23 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

At the Year 9 Latin Reading and Art Competition organised by the Classical Languages Teachers’ Association of New South Wales, held at Cranbrook School in Bellevue Hill, Yu Ming Lee (9T) earned the People’s Choice Award in the Rosemary Davies Art and Design division for his clever creation of a version of Monopoly with a Classical World theme. He received a Gold medal, a Certificate and a perpetual Trophy. Dean Nguyen (9S) achieved third place in the Solo Verse Reading for his rendition of the verse from Virgil’s Aeneid. The Year 9 group was awarded a special prize, the “Orpheus Award” for their excellent presentation in Choral Reading. Congratulations to all the boys concerned!

At the first GPS Invitational athletics Carnival last Saturday, our most successful athletes were: Justin Lee Nonis (1st in 100m U15, 2nd 200m U15); Raghav Ramanathan (1st in U17 high jump); Joshua Suto (1st in U14 high jump); Kane Shields (2nd in 3000m); Pico Dos Santos-Lee (2nd in 110m hurdles); Rhys Shariff (2nd in U16 800m); Ashwin Barrett (2nd in 800m U14); Jonathan Tran (3rd in 1500m) and Caden Ma (3rd in U15 100m hurdles). Congratulations to our place winners and all our competitors.

Athletics Importance

At High we believe in athletics because there ability is fundamental to capacity in other sports. For many years we have run speed and agility sessions on Monday afternoons and more recently a Friday morning Runners Club. We provide these services at no cost because we want to encourage improved health and fitness in our students. Our official GPS athletics season is short (4-5 weeks) and free. Once again, our policy is to provide venues, coaching, training and supervision free of charge, to encourage participation. I am gratified that in recent years so many boys are participating in athletics during the athletics season. Our seasonal investment for these services exceeds $50k.

It is an honour to represent your school at any sport but particularly athletics, because anyone can run and jump. Hence, the competition in this sport is truly state wide. High competes in both the CHS carnivals midweek and the GPS carnivals on Saturdays. The best things is that our representatives get to compete as teams, not just as individuals. At CHS boys compete for points as a team for the Kippax Cup and at GPS for the Junior, Intermediate and Senior trophies. I expect all boys who are successful at our school athletics carnival to offer themselves for selection in CHS and GPS representative teams. I call upon all students to develop the athletic gifts they inherited and turn them into talented performances.

Keeping Offseason Fitness

At various forums, I have written and spoken of the need for our boys to maintain their offseason strength and fitness. Some boys pursue a high level of performance in one sport but then do not compete with the same intensity during the next season. Many of our boys become ‘detrained’, that is to say, their level of strength and fitness falls below their in-season capacities. This means that summer season coaches inherit detrained boys from winter sports. Our performances overall are limited by fitness levels at the beginning of a season. The rationale for having only full year memberships for the weights room included the idea that boys would train all year because it was paid for already. There are three remedies. First, the school should enforce the

Sports Policy so that all sports do two intense, meaningful training sessions each week. The top two teams in each sport should have three organised sessions. Second, boys should do off season sessions of their own e.g. rowers could do an erg session each week in the off season in their own time. Third, boys should want to compete for the school at the highest level that they can during each season, for their own pride in performance and to help their teammates.

As the winter season ends and the athletics season commences, there is a six-week gap where those not in GPS Athletics or a first/second grade team, are in danger of losing whatever level of physical fitness they have acquired during the winter season. Every year we give up a fitness advantage to other GPS schools at the beginning of the summer sports season. The coaches are forced to concentrate on fitness and strength before they can get on with the job of fashioning their teams into skilled units. I urge all boys to maintain a regular routine of physical fitness if they are among this large group of boys that I have described.
Dr K A Jaggar

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