High Notes, Vol 20 No 25, August 16 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

Volleyball established itself as our highest performing winter sport with another dominant season. A large crowd gathered at UTS gym for what was to be the premiership decider for most grades. Mr Kay coached his players to championship performances in first grade and in the inaugural second grade GPS title. High’s depth was highlighted by premiership wins in 3rd grade, 16As, 15As, 15Bs and 14Bs. Congratulations to all players and their coaches! At the AJ Rae School Teams Competition for fencing, High won gold in both junior and senior sabre, gold in senior epée and silver in both senior and junior foil. Congratulations to the students and to Dat Huynh and his coaches.

Back to McKay Day

High hosted the GPS cross-country final at McKay last Saturday. A large crowd gathered for the events. Kane shields won his 16s race very comfortably. Our team had to settle for second in the open GPS competition, behind SGS. For the first and second XI football matches against Grammar, a heartening number of spectators spread along both sidelines to cheer on our boys. Although we lost both fixtures, our teams played with great spirit, always believing in the possibility of victory. For the first and second XV matches, more than 100 Old boys and many students and parents came to support our lads. The tunnel for the first XV match stretched all the way from the Fairland Pavilion to the half way line on McKay 1. Great passion and grit was shown by both sides in each fixture. However, unfortunately for us, SGS held on to win both grades. Dual international rugby Old Boy Craig Wing (SHS-1997), came to McKay to present jerseys to the boys before their matches. He stayed for the after game function in a jam-packed pavilion. Paul Harapin (SHS-1983), President of the Sydney High School Old Boys Union, addressed both teams and thanked the High and SGS supporters for their attendance and recognised all the volunteer parents. The Union and the High Rugby Association organised the event. My thanks to the SHSOBU and to all the volunteers who provided the food and beverages for what was indeed a memorable day.

IT Pedagogical Skills Leader and CANVAS Learning Management System

CANVAS is an advanced Learning Management System used in many schools and universities. It has all the functions of MOODLE but adds more interactivity to the platform along with hosting other applications. High will be moving onto the CANVAS platform during the next 12 months. Our ICT will drive the systems and software. To embed the system into teaching and learning, we have employed Mr Brett Jackson from our Social Science faculty as our Pedagogical Skills Leader. His role will be to liaise with teachers and the IT staff to integrate elements of the platform into teaching and learning programs and classroom pedagogy. He will be supported by Faculty Leads, who will be the champions of the transition to the new platform within their faculties. With subscription fees, training, professional support and allowances, this exercise in pedagogical enhancement will require an investment of c$30k over the next twelve months. Our determination is to provide all the resources necessary to make this change impactful on learning outcomes.

Student Leave Requests

Too many parents are ignoring or pleading ignorance about the school policy on Student Leave of Absence – Extended Leave Travel requests. This applies to leave that is five school days or more in duration. Parents are reminded that as a matter of policy leave will not be processed or approved unless four weeks’ notice has been given. Also, cogent reasons for travelling during school term need to be supplied. The effect of this decision is that all leave requests that involve that last four weeks of term must be lodged with me for approval by the end of week 6, each term. If you are planning to travel during the school term you need to download, complete and submit the form for my approval by the closing date.

Winter Sports Reports

It is that time again when captains of teams write up reports for their season. It is important that this tradition is maintained and that as many reports as possible appear in The Record. Ms May, our editor, works exceptionally hard to produce a high quality compendium of the great things that occur during the year here at High. She cannot do her job unless you do yours. For the sake of your teammates and for your own slice of history, complete and submit your report on winter sport. If you have access to any good action shots of your team send them in also. Parents, please remind your sons to submit their reports if they captained a team in winter sport.
Dr K A Jaggar

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