High Notes, Vol 20 No 23, August 02 2019

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From the Principal

Debating, Public Speaking, Rifle Shooting, Volleyball and Fencing Assembly 2019

"Special guest, students, staff and parents, welcome to our annual assembly which at this time each year recognises students and their achievements in debating, public speaking, rifle shooting, volleyball and fencing.

"Our debating program remains very strong. The Year 9 team won the Eastside competition. Year 10 won the FED Competition.  Aman Mohamed was runner-up n the Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition. Aman and Ryan Borges were selected in the CHS debating team. The official start of the GPS debating season is this Friday night. We hope to defend vigorously the Rutledge Louat Shield. High debating is a very big co-curricular activity with a big workload. Thank you to Madeleine Rigby who took over as MIC this year and has settled into a demanding role quickly and effectively. I would like to thank the members of the Debating Supporters Group for all their work. Shauna Wolifson served as President, with Andrew Roland as Secretary and Zerman Akarsu as Treasurer.  Thanks also to Edwina Henningham and Pamela Shi who organised suppers this year and to Yan Chen who was our Parking Coordinator. Well done to Cecily Wu for taking on the debating dinner organisation.

"Our students have been served well again by their coaches this year. Thank you to Head Coach Rachael Short and first grade coach Thomas Shortridge (SHS-2016). Thank you to Jeanette Cook who ran the FED competition and supported the PDC teams, along with Rowena Barr and Jo Curry. Thank you to our MIC of Public Speaking, Cassandra Pride who has managed the Public Speaking program this year. She hosted the Lawrence Campbell Oratory competition, which required an intense amount of work to organise. Thank you again to coach Sara Critos.  Our thanks go to Hazel Stephen who managed the Mock Trial, Legal Debating and United Nations programs.

"The Fencing program has been developed strongly under the guidance of MIC Dat Huynh who works tirelessly on behalf of the boys. I thank Dat for his efforts and Lynnea Stewart for assisting with supervision and support during Saturday competitions. Thank you to retiring first grade coach Feng Yeng for all he has done for fencing at High over many years. The coaching team - Ted Elliott (Epée), Old Boy Garry Huang and Yoongi Shim (Sabre) and Sean Chu (Foil) have been dedicated and inspiring, mentoring our students to the overall Premiership in the NSW Schools’ Fencing League Team Competition in Foil and Epée. Thank you coaches. The Fencing Committee is very active in support of our students during fencing fixtures. Thank you to Cindy Ho, Geoff Waring, Susan Mitchell, Binh Johnsun, Christina Peng and Bonne Lee.

"Our volleyball program is one of the most successful sports at High. Last Week the open team won the CHS Knockout Competition. Our first grade team are defending their premiership from 2018. MIC Michael Kay has been running the program for 20 years and has hardly missed securing a major title in any of those years. Thank you to Everett Coan, Kerryn Ibbott and Patrick Parker for their continuing support for High volleyball. Thanks again to our long-term coaches Pinyan Gao (SHS-2014) and Ryan Seong (SHS 2016), supported by Wanyu Tang (SHS-2017), Jerry Chang (SHS-2018), Jonathan Zeng (SHS-2018), Shane Chen (SHS-2017), Nathan Trinh (SHS-2018) and Ray Gu (SHS-2017) The expertise and commitment of our coaches really makes a difference to our program. Our parent supporters are of great assistance to the boys, particularly when we are on tour to Melbourne. Thank you to Le Giang and Vicki Roberto.

"Our Rifle Shooting program was managed ably this year by Daniel Comben (SHS-2003). Thank you Daniel. Thanks go to Sam Kremer (SHS-1992) for his long-term dedication to Sydney High shooting. He maintains rifles and equipment to the highest standard and dedicates a significant number of volunteer hours to the program. Thank you to Terry Fong (SHS-2013) for his effort in leading the full bore coaching and training program this year and to Jacky Yang (SHS-2012) for his many years of service in coaching and acting as range officer at our small bore programme. Thanks to our group of coaches and volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the past year to assist with the technical coaching of our students. These include Joe Banh (SHS-2006), Jeremy Chan (SHS0-2014), Desmond Chang (SHS-2015), Jason Feng (SHS-2017), Evan Han (SHS-2015), Keller Huang (SHS-2015), James Jiang (SHS-2017), Brendan Leo (SHS-2011), Wentao Ruan (SHS-2017), Tim Tran (SHS-2015), Nathan Wong (SHS-2017) and Jack Zhou (SHS-2015). Thank you to our parent supporters who looked after everyone so well during the GPS training camp. Our rifle shooting teams were very successful this year. High won the second grade GPS Competition. The first grade team won the Rawson Cup, The Buchanan Shield and the first grade GPS premiership. Frank Zhou and Jackie Wu were selected for the Combined GPS team.

"Sport is a physical, mental and ethical activity. We have seen at the World Swimming Championships recently that individual competitors are demonstrating to the world governing body FINA that they need to do more to make certain that competitions remain drug free. Mack Horton chose not to stand beside Sun Yang on the podium after the 400 metres even because he believed him to be a drug cheat. His action was controversial because while he was representing himself, he was also representing Australia as a member of the national team. Opinions are divided as to whether it is legitimate for an individual sportsperson to contravene rules or conventions to make a political or ethical point. 

"Activities we do at school are organised for fun, team building and character building. Respect for the governing rules and protocols is fundamental to the co-curricular experience. Don’t overreact if you get a bad adjudication, a bad call from a referee or linesman or if foul play is unpunished by an official. Our focus must remain on the team goals and on how contribution to them. I congratulate all our representatives honoured today. May you always compete fiercely, but fairly."
Dr K A Jaggar

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