High Notes, Vol 20 No 18, June 14 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

In the recent Latin and Greek Reading Competition, Nathaniel Jones (10F) won through to the finals in August. Saarangan Arvind (11E) was commended for his reading in Latin. Well done to both boys! At the NSWFA Roberta Nutt Senior Fencing Competition High fencers were successful in all weapons. Senior Foil – Lachlan Ho (11T) won bronze. In the Senior Sabre –Ming Lee (9T) won silver. In the Senior Epée – Matthew Pellen (11R) won silver and Dylan Huynh (10M) bronze. Congratulations, boys!

Congratulations to Ivan Samsonov (9F) on his bronze medal at the Australian National Judo Championships held recently on the Gold Coast. High topped the point score at the Zone athletics carnival. We had two Age Champions in Joshua Suto (9S) 14 years & Rowan Tan (10M) 15 years. We also broke 4 zone records – the 14 years 4x100m relay (Josh Suto, Mahir Bhuiyan, Jack Yoon & Nelson Cheng) with a time of 48.21; the 15 years Triple Jump Rowan Tan with a hop, step and jump of of 12.65m; the 16 years 4x100m relay (Kazi Hasan, Ratchaphak Prekpanarut, Riley So & Xenos He) with a time of 46.05; and the 17+ High Jump Raghav Ramanathan with a best jump of 1.93m. Congratulations to all our athletes and thank you to MIC Mr Rich, Ms Luu and Mr Higgins who accompanied our very large and successful team.

Interpreting Year 7 Reports – Semester One

Year 7 boys received their reports this week. Parents need to know that with scores for grades – HD (6), D (5), Credit (3) PM (2) and P (1) – boys are expected to score thirty points or 10 credits equivalent, in order to reach the school standard. Proficiency levels for future-oriented earning skills, such as problem solving and evaluating, are also reported. Parents will be able to trace the growth of their son in the five reported skills as he progresses through the Junior School. These skills are reported in their own textbox and are distributed among the Faculties. For more information on PEWCC skills reporting, go to www.sydneyboyshigh.com/curriculum/pewcc-reporting and click on Information About school Reports to peruse the skills continuum for each subject.

We understand that boys transitioning into Year 7 face many adjustment challenges. Positions in the grade will not be disclosed to Year 7 students for their first two reports. The top group of boys are acknowledged on the Academic Achievement List. Unless special circumstances preclude it, letters are sent to the parents of the boys in the Academic Support Group (those boys with scores less than 30). In Year 7 only, we send letters to parents at the score of 27 or less. Boys scoring 27 points or less may be offered a special workshop presented by an outside provider; they may join ‘Diary Club’ to learn how to organise themselves better to complete tasks and submit work punctually; they may just receive an encouraging chat from their Year Adviser; they may be referred to the Counsellor; or on very rare occasions, they may be referred to an outside agency with their parents’ consent. Some or none of these interventions might be judged appropriate in your son’s case. We want to help our underachievers using the most effective means possible. Parents are requested to talk over their son’s report with him ahead of booking Parent-Teacher interview time slots.

Winter Sport Co-Payments  

Invoices for participation in winter sports have been mailed. As usual, we ask for your support by paying them promptly. All of our winter sports depend on a timely settling of invoiced co-payments to pay coaches. Parents are reminded that all programs have to meet their budgetary obligations and cannot do so without maximum support from everyone. Our sports are delivered at a fraction of their actual cost, being subsidised by allocations from the school’s budget, parking revenues and ASF donations, along with the structural support and supervision provided by the school with assistance from the co-curricular support levy. Please attend to your son’s winter sports co-payment now.

Annual Tax Time Appeal

More and more Australians are thinking about philanthropy, about giving something back to society to help others. Donors often comment that giving something to a cause bigger than themselves is rewarding. Universities and schools are benefitting more than ever before from this growing social conscience. High is a state school trying to provide all the opportunities of an independent school. We succeed because of the goodwill and financial support of our staff, our parents and our alumni. This year at tax time, please make a donation to a SBHS project – preferably to the Sydney High School Foundation Building Fund. Our priority project this year again is The Governors Centre. This year our focus is on the Grab A Seat campaign. Buy a theatre seat in the new theatre to commemorate your son’s time at High.

I have bought a seat to remember my mother and daughter who attended Sydney Girls High. To make your donation and secure your seat go to: https://shsfoundation.org.au
Dr K A Jaggar

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